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Each participants will receive these items :

Become a Productivity Ninja in just 2 1. Stress Less Achieve More Workbook –
days - Worry Less, Achieve More and 2.
Productivity Ninja Badge for each delegate
Inbox to Zero Workbook
Love What you Do!!! 4. Inbox to Zero Badge for each delegate that achieves Inbox
Zero during the program or after the program.
5. Email Etiquette - Do’s and Don’ts Handout –
6. Email Etiquette - Thinking About Email Etiquette Worksheet
7. Productivity Ninja 3 Year Plan Worksheet -
16th - 17th November 2015 8. Case Studies

Singapore The three winners of the fun test will each receive a
copy of the best-selling book, authored by Graham
Allcott titled : How to be a Productivity Ninja”

Major Benefits Of Attending – You Will Be Able To:

z LEARN how to overcome “information overload” and stress – by managing attention, not time
z EXPERIENCE the power of mindfulness and relaxation.
z GET in control of your workload – and develop a “second brain” to make it all easier
z LEARN practical tools to manage and reduce interruptions
z GET email under control. Implement the structures to help manage email volume and keep your inbox clear
z CHANGE the way you think about email – forever.
z DISCOVER your own bad email habits and how they annoy your team
z DISCUSS and CLARIFY steps that you need to take to improve the email culture of your business or team

Why you Should Attend? Who Should Attend?

CEOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, Senior Managers,

Stress and overload are some of the highest priority Managers, Executives, Dept. Managers, and Supervisors in
concerns in businesses today. Learning to become a the following departments:
Productivity Ninja will give you the awareness, knowledge,
tools and techniques to help yourself and those around IT
you. Increasing workplace productivity improves Operations
employee retention and satisfaction. Being “on top” of Customer Service
what you do, managing your attention and being able Sales & Marketing
to focus again will change your life forever. Purchasing
Project Teams
Business Development
Human Resource
Employee Relations & Communications
Employee Engagement
Organizational Development

From across all industries

Organized by:


Workshop Overview
We’re all overwhelmed with “too much to do”, in too little time, and what’s more, a constant sense of “information
overload”. This course is for anyone whose role involves independent decision-making and organising information (as
opposed to manual or automated jobs) – from the CEO and senior team right through to entry level roles.

This fast paced 2 day program will turn you into a Productivity Ninja. Based on the book “How to Be a Productivity Ninja”
by Graham Allcott and facilitated by Graham’s head Productivity Ninja in Asia Pacific, Matt Cowdroy, this 2 day event is
definitely a “must do”. The course will start by focusing on the individual and then move outwards to discuss the broader
environment, our teams, our companies and our customers.

On Day 1, we’ll discuss how to deal with interruptions, paperwork, creative ideas, information and unmanaged
commitments and how to define, organise and stay in control of the important actions. We’ll show you how to reduce
stress by eliminating those nagging feelings of doubt, guilt and “overload panic” and replace them with a playful,
purposeful and productive momentum. Every delegate will develop a Productivity Ninja second brain to help manage
their overloaded “to do” lists.

Day 2 will be more focused on Emails. We’ll start by getting YOUR Inboxes to Zero and help you develop a system to
manage email better. We’ll then discuss and explore Email Etiquette and develop an Email manifesto for you and your
team. We will create the space to think about how our emails affect others and discuss practical steps to improve the
“email culture” around us.


Day 1 Day 2


z Getting to know each other z Learn the power of batch processing
z Set outcomes for the course z Learn to distinguish “connectivity” from “productivity”
z Define Workplace Productivity z Combat email distraction
z Change the way you think about email – forever
z Mindfulness MODULE 6 – INBOX TO ZERO – PART 2
z Recognising the present moment z (Note: you will need your laptops and access to emails
z The downside of stress for this section)
z Short relaxation exercise z Hands on time – getting your Inboxes to Zero
z Discuss current productivity challenges and desires
MODULE 2 – THE PRODUCTIVITY NINJA z Audit your own individual email use
z 9 Ninja characteristics z Discover your own email habits and how they effect
z Attention management others
z Knowledge work and how to succeed z Discuss how you and your team use email, and the
z Introduction to the Productivity Ninja “Second Brain” impact of poor email communications
z Learn how to write clearer, more effective emails
z (C) Capture and Collect MODULE 8 - EMAIL ETIQUETTE – PART 2
Š Includes “Brain Download” exercise z Discuss and clarify steps that you need to take to
z (O) Organise – develop a trusted system to work improve email culture in your business
smarter z Develop and action plan to reduce company reliance
Š Projects vs Actions on email, reduce the volume of email and increase
Š Discuss apps and tools productivity as a result
Š (Note: you will need your laptops for this section) z Develop an “Email Manifesto” for you. You can share
this with your business or team after the course
(z R) Review CLOSE
Š The power of checklists z Discussion – Back to “self” and integration of learnings
Š Unlocking the benefits of CORD z Develop a 3 Year Productivity Ninja Plan
Š Weekly reflection and planning z Making it stick
z (D) Do z Moving beyond today
Š Rituals and habits of Productivity Ninjas
Š Eat the Frog (there will be chocolate !!!) FEATURED CASE STUDIES
Š Relentlessness – the power of saying no z Case Study #1: Workflow and Organisation: sorting
Š Proactive Attention management actions from information
z Case Study #2: Stress – the silent assassin
z Case Study #3: Email –the power of Inbox Zero and
financial implications
Course Facilitator
Matt Cowdroy
Productivity Ninja
Think Productive, Australia
Contact Willy Kwan (SGA 01003)
Direct Line: (65) 6825 9674
General Line: (65) 6825 9579
General Fax: (65) 6776 2120

Matt Cowdroy is a Productivity Ninja and the owner of Think Productive Australia.

Having spent the first 20 years of working life in the corporate world, Matt has first hand knowledge and
experience to understand the pressures faced in todays fast-paced environment.

Matt’s formal qualifications are in Business and Marketing. He is passionate about people - understanding
what motivates them, their wants and their needs. He also has qualifications in Yogic Studies and Meditation.
This provides a broad perspective when discussing productivity, stress management, mindfulness and working

Matt’s style has been described as “Engaging and present”,

“Professional yet relaxed”, “Confident but not cocky”. program schedule
08:30 Registration
In 2014 Matt was managing the North Asia region for a market 09:00 Morning Session Begins
leading Australian Health and Wellness business. At Sydney 10:40 - 11:00 Refreshments & Networking Break
Airport, enroute to Hong Kong, he bought a copy of “How to 12:45 Luncheon
Be a Productivity Ninja” by Graham Allcott. In Matt’s words, 14:00 Afternoon Session begins
“I found the book insightful, down to earth and relevant to 15:30 - 15:50 Refreshments & Networking Break
todays intense work pressures. My Inbox is now Zero and I 17:00 Course Ends
enjoy the workflow approach to achieving more and stressing

Partial List Clients

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation the Cabinet Office (UK)

Vodafone American Express
Volvo The National Trust
Worldpay GlaxoSmithKline
eBay SecondBite (Aust)
Barclays And many others


“Matt was an excellent facilitator, everything was able to be absorbed really well. Positive feedback from the
team about your energy and the content”
(Colin Taylor, Managing Director, Active Edge Promotions Pty Ltd)

“I got sooo much work done yesterday. It felt like I got through 4-5 times as much as usual.”
(Kerri O’Connor, Director, Saunders Lynn & Co)

“I made it to (inbox) zero! I’m very excited by this process as I think it will help me be proactive instead of
being reactive with my emails….Thanks for all your help and I hope to do some more training with you in the
(Rachel McDonald, Technical & Innovations Manager, Complementary Medicines Group, Australia)

“It’s been incredibly valuable for the whole team to participate together. It will enable us to support each
other, share and generate ideas and improve practices. It will make a big difference”
( Elaine Montegriffo, CEO, SecondBite Australia)

“The Inbox to Zero workshop with Matt was life changing.”

(Peter Drinkwater, CEO, House of Brand, Australia)