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To empower women to succeed in business personally and professionally through networking and education while building key relationships and having fun!

Education Is The Most Important Thing
That was what my father always told me. “Education is the only thing that matters. I don’t care about anything else but to see you get an education.” I cannot tell you how many times my father said this. Needless to say, I was the first in my family to obtain a college degree. My father was very proud but of course, always encouraged me to continue with my education. Eventually I obtained my Masters degree – my father was ecstatic! The one thing I will never forget my father telling me was “education is the only thing that no one can take away from you”. It’s true – think about it. You can lose a job, money, your house, etc. However, once you obtain an education (of any kind), you have it. It’s yours – no one can take it from you. This is why education is so powerful! Think of all the education you have, think of all the classes you have taken, even the cooking class you took one summer. Remember the time that you took out of your personal life to study or take exams. It’s hard work and takes time but remember the feeling of accomplishment after passing an exam, getting an “A” or receiving your diploma? There is nothing better than that feeling! And it’s yours – forever. The WLN is going to start presenting educational programs that the ABWA has created for us. We plan on presenting one in the fall and one in the spring and hope to add to these programs. Since I was little, education was important to my father. Now that I am a business owner and mom, I can admit that yes, he was right. I now too have this same belief that education is the most important thing in life (yes, my boys are in trouble!). This is why I am making this educational programming my top priority. I think we naturally search for more information and education. We are always wanting and yearning for more. So with this, I want to offer these programs to our members. I want our members to grow their businesses but along the way obtain tools and ideas that can assist them in doing this better, smarter and more efficiently. We can always learn a new technique or learn to master one that we already know. Unfortunately, in school, you learn a lot of business but they rarely teach you the “soft” skills. Most of the time, you learn these skills as you go or as “on the job training”. We hope that these programs will make it easier for you to run your business or do your job. We encourage you to take advantage of this member benefit. With this programming, you will also obtain education credits through the ABWA. The ABWA compiles and tracks your credits on your behalf. It is my hope that you attend these programs and we continue to educate our members. Remember, no one can ever take education away from you!

From Our President - Pat Kolodziej

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Jackie Prehn T.R.I.M. Designs, Inc.

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Monthly Meetings

2nd Wednesday of each month

Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiono 1542 Randall Road Algonquin, IL 60102 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
$35.00 (includes dinner)


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Members and guests enjoying dinner and networking at the August Meeting!

Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.

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More of her gre at training

Don’t miss out on the networking, training and fun! Plan on making the next meeting. We’ll see you there!


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Wine Tasting Event - Au

gust 17th


Spot ht lig

“Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.”
George Sheehan

Jackie Prehn T.R.I.M. Designs, Inc. and JP Greetings

design. I learned so much from each of these positions and feel that all of these experiences have played a roll in getting me to where I am now. T.R.I.M. Designs, Inc. started out as a source for cards and awards for leaders within the direct sales industry. It has since expanded into a graphic design source for small business marketing materials and newsletters. I also create awards and motivational items for managers to present to their staff and for volunteer organizations. JP Greetings is the “not business as usual” portion of my professional career. Everyday greeting cards, customized invitations and announcements are available. How did you get involved in WLN? Any success stories? I was introduced to WLN through Pat Kolodziej, my accountant and neighbor. Doreen Langereis, from Cruise Planners and also a neighbor, has encouraged me to join as well. Since joining just a few short months ago, I have been working

with Norine Wiebmer designing her marketing pieces for her business, Image with Impact. I am excited for not only the potential business relationships ahead, but also for new friendships. When I was with Tastefully Simple, we had many meetings and conferences - all designed to keep us trained and motivated. Once I left that environment, I really missed that feeling of community - a great group of women all working for the same goals. With WLN, that feeling can once again be had! What keeps you ahead of your competition? I pride myself on outstanding customer service! The importance of this has made it my focus. I also feel that the customizing of my products and services in addition to the low quantity options make T.R.I.M. Designs, Inc. a perfect source for a small business who may have a limited marketing budget.
You can reach Jackie at: (847) 289-8007 or

T.R.I.M. Designs, Inc.
Train ß Recognize ß Inform ß Motivate

Artistic Computerized Creations Graphic Design Desktop Publishing

JP Greetings


Tell us a little about your background and your current business. I have been a business owner since 1999. First, as a Tastefully Simple Consultant for 5 years, and now as the Founder/President of T.R.I.M. Designs, Inc. and JP Greetings. Before owning my own businesses, I worked as a commercial interior designer for 7 years and then helped my husband run his commercial custom woodworking business as the Office Manager. My education background is in art and

Never Give Up
Sir Winston Churchill took three years getting through eighth grade because he had trouble learning English. It seems ironic that years later, Oxford University asked him to address its commencement exercises. He arrived with his usual props. A cigar, a cane and a top hat accompanied Churchill wherever he went. As Churchill approached the podium, the crowd rose in appreciative applause. With unmatched dignity, he settled the crowd and stood confident before his admirers. Removing the cigar and carefully placing the top hat on the podium, Churchill gazed at his waiting audience. Authority rang in Churchill’s voice as he shouted, “Never give up!” Several seconds passed before he rose to his toes and repeated: “Never give up!” His words thundered in their ears. There was a deafening silence as Churchill reached for his hat and cigar, steadied himself with his cane and left the platform. His commencement address was finished.

Board Members
President Day Phone Email Pat Kolodziej PK Tax Services (847) 858-5074

Dates To Remember
Monthly Meeting: September 12, 2007 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM, Biaggi’s in Algonquin Come and network with the wonderful women of the WLN! Progressive Dinner including dessert. We’ll learn about each other as we progress through a three course meal. Run for the Bear: September 30, 2007, 8:45 AM Algonquin, Illinois This is a great opportunity for us to unite as and give back to help children who are less fortunate. September 20-22, 2007 ABWA National Conference in Greensboro, NC Leadership Event: For Board Members and Ambassadors at Richardson’s Farm Cornmaze. September date TBD. Monthly Meeting: October 10, 2007 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM, Biaggi’s in Algonquin Jennifer Jeffries-Work Life Balance with Humor (Published author and coach from Australia) Coming at the November Meeting - Part 2:Invest in Yourself and Improve Your Skills Stacia Skinner is the owner of Creative Training Solutions, Ltd. a franchise of DEI Management Group. She has over 20 years of sales and training experience and brings a very upbeat and enthusiastic feel to all her trainings. The series will wind up in January with Part 3: Selling Skills and The 10 Characteristics of World-Class Salespeople.

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Membership: Siree Sandberg Bakakos and Susan Skawinski Visitor Welcoming: Norine Wiebmer Events: Kathy Glink, Wendy French and Deirdre Reishus Programs: Terri Williams Marketing: Jackie Prehn Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador? If so, please contact Pat Kolodziej at (847) 608-6451.

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