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Formato para el reporte y guia de prácticas

MAESTRO: Jesus Manuel Tarin Fontes

tuto Tecnológico de
Ing. Mecatrónica

Formato para reportes de tareas, prácticas y/o proyectos

Deberá incluir la siguiente información, como mínimo, en los trabajos que realice.
1. Portada.
 Nombre(s) del Alumno.
 Número de Control.
 Nombre de la Materia.
 Nombre del Maestro.
 Nombre del trabajo.
2. Índice.
3. Objetivo.
 Describir de manera clara cual(es) es (son) el (los) objetivo(s) del trabajo.
4. Antecedentes
 Describir los antecedentes del trabajo y/o los conceptos teóricos necesarios para desarrollar su
5. Desarrollo
 Describir de manera formal su trabajo fundamental. Incluir en el reporte de sus prácticas y proyectos
la lista de materiales utilizados, diagramas y la descripción de los pasos de su desarrollo.
6. Pruebas y/o Conclusiones
 Describir sus experiencias en la realización del trabajo (tarea, práctica y/o proyecto).
 Describir las dificultades que se le presentaron (falta de conocimientos, equipo, etc.).
 Describir sus posibles aplicaciones del trabajo.
 Describir su visión sobre el tema desarrollado.
 Si el trabajo fue en equipo, describir la participación de cada integrante del equipo.
7. Bibliografía.

EXPERIMENT 8: Batch Mixing

Utilizing PLC Counters

I. Objectives

To familiarize students with the operating mode of PLC counters in real world applications.

II Experimental Work

Exercise #1 -- Filling the Batch Mixing Tank

From the Simulations Menu at the top of the screen, Select the Batch Mixing Simulation.

Controladores Lógicos Programables

tuto Tecnológico de
Ing. Mecatrónica


Using your knowledge of PLC counters, design a program to meet the following requirements:

o When the Start switch (I:1/0) is pressed, pump P1 will be energized and the tank will
start to fill. The pulses generated by Flowmeter 1 should be used to increment a counter.

o When the count reaches a value where the tank is approximately 90% full, the pump is to
be shut-off and and the control panels FULL light is to be energized.

o The filling operation is to halt immediately if the stop switch is pressed.

o While testing, utilize the "Reset Simulation" and the "Reset Timers and Counters" entries
in the Simulations menu to re-start your program.

To make it a little easier to see what is happening with the counter, you might want to add the
following rung to the end of your program.

Controladores Lógicos Programables

tuto Tecnológico de
Ing. Mecatrónica


If correctly entered, the TOD (To BCD) instruction will take the integer value in the counters
accumulator, convert it to Binary Coded Decimal, and then move (copy) this BCD value to the
control panel LED display (O:4). The TOD instruction can be located in the Compute/Math
group of instructions in the Edit Panel. Be sure to alter the Source entry to match the counter
number you are using.

 Exercise #2 -- Emptying the Batch Mix Tank

Modify your program so that it meets the following additional requirements:

o The mixer will run for 8 seconds once the tank is full.

o When the mixing is complete, drain pump P3 is to be started and the tank is to be
drained. Flowmeter 3 will be employed to decrement the existing counter, and draining
will be allowed to continue till the counters accumulator reaches zero.

o Once the tank is empty again, pressing the Start switch will cause the sequence to

 Exercise #3 -- Continuous Operation

Modify your program so that the filling and emptying sequence will repeat continuously once it
has been started by the initial pressing of the Start switch.

o Ensure that the RUN light is energized when the mixer or either pump is running.
o The STANDBY light should light and the process should halt when the Stop button is

Controladores Lógicos Programables

tuto Tecnológico de
Ing. Mecatrónica

o The process should restart where it left off if the the Start button is pressed following a

A Programmable Batch Mixing System

Exercise #4 -- Single Batch Mode of Operation

Controladores Lógicos Programables

tuto Tecnológico de
Ing. Mecatrónica


Using your knowledge of PLCs, design a program to meet the following criteria:

o When the 3 position Selector Switch is in position "A". the batch mixing process will run in a single
batch mode. The operator may start the batch mix sequence by momentarily pressing the Start Switch.

o Once a batch sequence has begun, the sequence may be stopped and resumed at any time using the
Stop and Start switches.

o The tank is to be filled with a mixture obtained from the separate fill lines utilizing fill pumps P1 and P2. A
counter will track the quantity of product obtained from Line 1 (P1) while the remainder will come from Line
2 (P2). The mixture ratio of the product will be controllable by adjusting the counter's preset. The tank is to
be filled to the point where the Hi-Level sensor goes true.

Controladores Lógicos Programables

tuto Tecnológico de
Ing. Mecatrónica

o When filling is complete, the Full light will turn On. Heater O:2/04 and Mixer O:2/00 will
be started allowing the mixture to begin heating. Thermostat I:1/02 will be employed to
control the temperature.

o The mixer will continue to run for 4 seconds after the mixture reaches the desired
temperature. When the mixer stops, pump P3 will be used to drain the product from the
tank. The tank will be drained to the point where the Lo-Level sensor trips.

o Once emptied, a new single batch sequence may again be started by pressing the Start
Switch while the Selector switch is in position "A".

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1. Entrega de trabajo en tiempo y forma.

2. Problema completo.

3. Resultados correctos.

4. Grafica completa

5. Orden y limpieza.


Participantes Facilitador

Ing. Jesús M. tarín

Controladores Lógicos Programables

tuto Tecnológico de
Ing. Mecatrónica

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