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Thank God for 2010!

We want to God has in store for us in 2011. Please pray for:
thank God in We have been presented with a unique opportu-
this issue for a nity to volunteer as DJs at a local radio station
wonderful 2010. in Davao City called Edge 104.3. They are a ♦ Our New Radio Ministry
We had a great Christian radio station with a focus on youth on EDGE radio 104.3 FM
year of ministry, and contemporary Christian music. Emily has
and a great year been given a Tuesday night show called “Girlz in Davao City, Philippines
of firsts. We on the Edge.” I will be the host of “The Cutting
Advancing the kingdom of
hosted our first Edge” on Saturday nights. Please pray that we
god conference 2010
touch the lives of those who will listen.
♦ Our Upcoming trip to the
conference. We
got the first car of our marriage. I got to preach We are also excited that my spiritual father, Dr. Visayas with Dr. Jack
openly at a mall for the first time, and Emily got Jack Tuls is returning to the Philippines in Feb-
ruary. Emily and I will travel with him for two
to be on the radio for the first time.
We are so thankful for those of you who prayed weeks as he teaches Bible seminars and plants
for us and financially supported us in 2010. We new Bible colleges in the Visayas (central Philip- ♦ Our continued financial
could not have done any of these things without pines). Please pray for a powerful, anointed
your help. time, a safe trip, and for the extra finances support.
We are so excited and looking forward to what needed to travel.
Praise Reports:

Our first conference ♦ Thanks to your donations,

In November we and Brenda Naska we bought our first car of
hosted our first led praise and our married life.
ever “Advancing worship. The
the Kingdom of conference was
God Conference.” explosive and The ♦ Our first “Advancing the
Local pastors, Holy Spirit really Kingdom of God Confer-
leaders, and missionaries from all over Davao moved in a pow- ence” was a great success.
attended the power-packed event. We did not erful way. During the conference almost
charge a registration fee so everyone includ- everyone who received prayer went down in
ing the youth could attend. We also provided the power of the Holy Spirit and much
good meals for everyone who came. Power- prophecy went forth. It was an awesome
ful guest speakers Preston and Sharon Sykes move of God and those that attended are
came all the way from Mesa, Arizona to teach already asking for us to host another one.
and minister. Anointed worship leaders Peter
“Go therefore

Confused Youth Transformed and make

of them was even wearing lipstick. I was given disciples of all

the opportunity to preach a salvation message to
open the retreat and the entire church re- the nations,
sponded to the altar call. We also had sessions
on inner healing and deliverance. The deliver- baptizing them in
ance sessions were the most dramatic I have
ever seen. Demons manifested and we cast
the name of the
We were recently connected through our weekly demons out of about twenty people all after-
prayer meeting to a pastor with a unique prob- noon until evening.
lem. His church had many homosexual young After the deliverance sessions, one of the young father and of the
men attending, but he did not know what to do men testified, “Now I know that God doesn’t
with them. Our prayer team responded by orga- want me to be gay, but He wants me to be a son and the holy
nizing a three day retreat for the church. Out of Man!” Another of the young men testified that
the church members who attended, seven of he was actively working as a male prostitute spirit”
them were actively homosexual young men. before God saved him at the retreat.
When they arrived, all seven of them were By the time they left the retreat all of them were
openly displaying effeminate behavior and one saved, delivered, and filled with the Holy Spirit. —Matthew 28:19
Extreme Missions news January 2011

Skateboarding Outreach
We were recently whole day. The highlight of the event for me was when
invited to be the they gave me the opportunity to preach the Gospel to
emcees of a skate- the skaters, BMX riders, and hundreds of spectators. I
boarding competi- proclaimed that Jesus shed His Blood for their sin on
tion hosted by a the cross and described the suffering that He endured
local Christian for their sin. I told them that the only way to be saved is
rad io s ta tio n to repent of their sins and confess with their mouth and
called the Edge believe in their heart that Jesus Christ is Lord and that
Emily and I Emceeing the Grindin’ 104.3 FM. God raised Him from the
180 Skate Event
The event was dead. I had those that listened
held at the covered parking lot of the NCCC mall of pray the prayer of salvation
Davao. Hundreds of people were spectators as scores of with me. It is hard to estimate
young skateboarders and BMX riders came to compete how many people truly ac- Great Worship at the
and show their skills. cepted Jesus at that event, but conference
The great thing about this event was it was all created I’m so thankful to God that
for the purpose of sharing Jesus with this subculture. they had a chance to hear the
The Edge Radio continuously played testimony videos Gospel. I’m also thankful that I had a dream fulfilled of
from professional skateboarders who have given their preaching openly at a shopping mall.
life to Christ while Christian rock bands performed the

“Ask of Me and I
We are so thankful for our Car!
will give the
Emily and I want to grocery store has improved for us. While we are thankful to
express our heartfelt the wonderful missionary who lets us borrow his cool mo- nations as an
thanks to God and torcycle, Emily can now arrive
everyone who prayed somewhere without helmet hair
for us and made and can wear a skirt when she inheritance for
donations for us to wants to. We even have air condi-
purchase our car. tioning for the humid 90 degree you and the ends
We were able to buy a 1978 Chrysler-Mitsubishi Lancer and weather. We also can stay dry
it’s the first car of our married life together. It’s in nice when it rains. Some of you may of the earth for
condition and only needed a few repairs to be roadworthy. have noticed that it looks like a
It was very challenging to find a good used car in the Philip- cool vintage car. The truth is it’s really cool to us Ameri-
pines. Due to the poverty here, many people often don’t cans. Most Filipinos don’t value vintage cars, and culturally your
repair their cars properly. You often see many questionable consider it an “old car.” Thankfully, this mindset helped us
repairs done with inferior parts. I looked at about a dozen get this car for an affordable $1,600. Every other used car possession.”
cars and my trusted mechanic rejected them all until he gave (even old taxis) start at $2,300 plus.
the thumbs up on this one. Having this car changes our We praise and thank God for our cool “old car.” It’s brand
standard of living immensely and makes us more effective. new to us and we are so thankful for God’s blessing in our —Psalms 2:8
Everything from going to a ministry event to going to the lives.

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