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Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 • Vol XI, Edition 130

Big step toward rebuilding

First building application received after deadly Sept.9 explosion and fire
By Heather Murtagh On Monday, a permit application Development Director Aaron Those thinking of rebuilding are
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF was submitted to rebuild the home Aknin. encouraged to contact a city planner
where Teddy and Marie Bernardo The application is to build a two- early to help the process go more
The Bernardos, who lived at 1710 lived before the blast that destroyed story, two-car garage house that’s smoothly.
Claremont Drive in San Bruno, 38 homes and killed eight people. about 2,600 square feet, a little big- Although reached by phone, the
were the first to submit an applica- The city has approved numerous ger than the original house, said Bernardos declined to comment on
tion to rebuild since the Sept. 9 permits for smaller projects in the Aknin. Aknin expects similar appli- the rebuilding process.
explosion and fire in the Glenview last four months but this is the first cations to be submitted within the
neighborhood. for a total rebuild, said Community next month. See REBUILD, Page 31

savings found
in fire proposal
San Carlos accepting pitches
for contracting its fire services
By Michelle Durand frozen and the inclusion of the haz-
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF ardous materials unit.
“Those numbers are amazing.
San Mateo County could save up This is jaw dropping,” said San
to $650,000 annually by partnering Carlos City Vice Mayor Andy Klein,
with San Carlos for fire service who also sits on the fire board and
through a longer work week, shared said he expected savings but maybe
equipment and salary freezes, not quite as much as stated.
according to a contract proposal San Carlos currently spends $6.3
released Friday. million for fire, including a 20-
The county, which partners with member staff. In a bid to save
Phil and Anne Pflager, left and center, perform at the Friday evening kickoff of the 25th annual Labor Heritage money, the city is dissolving the
Festival in Burlingame.The night’s festivities featured an arts exchange with songs and poetry. Cal Fire for its service, has several
Belmont San Carlos Fire
preliminary contract options rang-
Department come October and

Celebrating art inspired by labor ing from $3.8 million to $5.7 mil-
lion per year, depending upon the
size of the staff, whether salaries are
looking to outsource similarly to its
See PROPOSAL, Page 31

Unions holding weekend festival in Burlingame

By Heather Murtagh
recording of “Strange Fruit” is just
one example of that. It’s also the
she said. Coming together to
explore the creative outlets people
Another garbage
rate hike in works
central topic in a documentary to be have found to express those frustra-
“Southern trees bear strange fruit, shown at the 25th annual Labor tions can create a new understand-
blood on the leaves and blood at the Heritage Festival held in ing for new points of views while
root,” lyrics made famous by blues Burlingame this weekend. reinvigorating people to face the
singer Billie Holiday in the late “Folks who work for a living are day-to-day challenges, Kessler said. Burlingame to vote on 17 percent increase
1930s. under siege,” said Shelley Kessler, “It’s a deepening of people’s By Heather Murtagh effect Feb. 1.
It wasn’t the poetry that caught San Mateo County Central Labor experience,” said Kessler. DAILY JOURNAL STAFF The Burlingame City Council will
people’s attention, but the message Council executive secretary treasur- Saturday kicks off with registra- consider the increase at its Jan. 18
of struggle and challenges, death er. tion at 9 a.m. and the first set of Burlingame residents have until meeting. Letters of protest must be
and clashing cultures. Picket lines Issues of pension, pay, hours and workshops from 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 the end of a public hearing Tuesday received by 5 p.m. Tuesday or deliv-
and protests are often associated conditions come up while employ- a.m. featuring Maurice Turner (of night to protest a 17 percent rate ered during the public hearing to be
with problems, but struggles that ees are pitted against one another the Mississippi duo hike for all garbage and recycling counted. As of Jan. 13, 11 protests
spur those actions are often cele- for various reasons. Those frustra- that, unless successfully protested
brated in creative ways. Holiday’s tions should bring people together, See ART, Page 23 by enough customers, will take See GARBAGE, Page 31
2 Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 FOR THE RECORD THE DAILY JOURNAL

Quote of the Day Snapshot Inside

“The Redevelopment City Scene
Agency is basically saying Time to
that developer profits are more get a Clue
important than schools, public See page 21
safety,libraries and other core services.”
— Lou Paulson,California
Professional Firefighters president
“Redevelopment agency allocates $930M,” see page 5

Local Weather Forecast Wall Street

Saturday: Mostly sunny. Patchy dense fog
Banks take stock
in the morning. Highs in the upper 50s.
Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph. indexes higher
Saturday night: Partly cloudy. Patchy fog. See page 10
Lows in the upper 40s. Northwest winds 5
to 15 mph.
Sunday: Partly cloudy. Patchy fog in the REUTERS
morning. Highs in the upper 50s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 People wearing costumes perform on a street during New Year celebrations
mph. in the Ukrainian village of Vashkivtsi in the Carpathian mountains,some 550
Sunday night: Partly cloudy. Lows in the upper 40s. km (342 miles) southwest of the capital Kiev,Ukraine.
Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.

Lotto This Day in History Thought for the Day

A U.S. Air Force radar tower off the “I refuse to accept the idea that the ‘is-ness’
Jan. 12 Super Lotto Plus
11 21 26 27 44 21
Mega number
Daily Four
6 8 8 5 1961 New Jersey coast collapsed into the
Atlantic Ocean during a severe storm,
killing all 28 men aboard.
In 1559, England’s Queen Elizabeth I was crowned in
of man’s present nature makes him morally incapable of
reaching up for the ‘ought-ness’ that forever confronts him.”
— Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968)

Jan. 14 Mega Millions Daily three midday Westminster Abbey. Birthdays

2 15 17 33 35 8 0 1 9 In 1777, the people of New Connecticut declared their inde-
Mega number
Daily three evening pendence. (The tiny republic later became the state of
Fantasy Five Vermont.)
9 9 1 In 1844, the University of Notre Dame received its charter
6 9 12 14 27 from the state of Indiana.
In 1929, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was born in
The Daily Derby race winners are Hot Shot,NO. Atlanta.
3,in first place;Gold Rush,No.1,in second place;
In 1943, work was completed on the Pentagon, headquarters of
and Lucky Charms No.12,in third place.The race
the U.S. Department of War (now Defense).
time was clocked at 1:48.95. Actor Mario Van Actor Chad Lowe Actor Eddie Cahill
In 1947, the mutilated remains of 22-year-old Elizabeth Short,
Peebles is 54. is 43. is 33.
who came to be known as the “Black Dahlia,” were found in a
State . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
vacant Los Angeles lot; her slaying remains unsolved. Actress Margaret O’Brien is 74. Actress Andrea Martin is
Opinion. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 In 1967, the Green Bay Packers of the National Football 64. Actor James Nesbitt is 46. Singer Lisa Lisa (Lisa Lisa and
Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11-17 League defeated the Kansas City Chiefs of the American Cult Jam) is 44. Alt-country singer Will Oldham (aka “Bonnie
Nation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8,18 Football League 35-10 in the first AFL-NFL World Prince Billy”) is 41. Actress Regina King is 40. Rapper/reg-
Weekend Journal. . . . . . . . . . . . . 19-23 Championship Game, retroactively known as Super Bowl I. gaeton artist Pitbull is 30.
Comics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25-30 dleweight title five times. cowboys in reference to gathering cattle
World. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18,31 *** together before a cattle drive.
Do you know what boxer the movie ***
“Raging Bull” (1980) is about? Can you The famous shopping are on Rodeo
Publisher Editor in Chief name the star that portrayed him? See Drive in Beverly Hills is only three
Jerry Lee Jon Mays answer at end. blocks long. *** ***
During the annual run- In the action comedy movie
Phone: . . . . . . . . . . . . (650) 344-5200 Fax: (650) 344-5290 ning of the bulls in “Beverly Hills Cop” (1984)
To Advertise:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pamplona, Spain, the Detroit detective Axel Foley,
Classifieds: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . bulls run along a narrow played by Eddie Murphy (born
Events: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . street with people running 1961), investigates his friend’s
News: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . in front of them for half a murder and discovers an art gallery
Varieties of peaches are classified in two in Beverly Hills is being used as a
Delivery: . . . . . . . . . . . . . mile. They run into a bull
categories, determined by how firmly the front for a drug kingpin.
Career: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ring where they are kept for
flesh attaches to the stone or pit. ***
800 S. Claremont St., Ste. 210, San Mateo, Ca. 94402 bullfights.
Clingstone peaches are firmly attached to Eddie Murphy was the voice of the
the pit. Freestone peaches are easy to *** donkey in the animated movie
remove from the pit. In a professional bull rid- “Shrek” (2001) and he did the voice
by Mike Argirion and Jeff Knurek
*** ing competition, a bull of the dragon Mushu in the movie
Unscramble these four Jumbles, The state of Georgia produces the most rider has to stay on the bull, “Mulan” (1998).
one letter to each square,
peanuts, pecans and peaches in the coun- holding on with hand, for at ***
NEW BIBLE Jumble Books Go To:

to form four ordinary words.

try. least eight seconds to earn a A male donkey is called a jack. A female
HEWIG *** score. donkey is called a jennet or jenny.
The official state song of Georgia is *** ***
©2011 Tribune Media Services, Inc. “Georgia On My Mind,” made famous Concussions are the most Answer: “Raging Bull” is based on
All Rights Reserved.
by Ray Charles (1930-2004) in 1960. common injury of profes- the life and career of boxer Jake
ETTIL *** sional bull riders. The LaMotta (born 1921). Robert
most common surgery DeNiro (born 1943) played the self-
Professional boxer Sugar Ray Leonard
that bull riders under- destructive boxer. The movie was
(born 1956), born Ray Charles Leonard,
go is for shoulder based on the middleweight
HARMIO was named after his mother’s favorite
injuries. champ’s autobiographical book of
musician, Ray Charles.
*** the same name, published in
Typical rodeo events 1970.
Sugar Ray Leonard gained worldwide
REDOWP are bull riding, bare-
fame when he won the gold medal in back riding, team rop-
Now arrange the circled letters
to form the surprise answer, as boxing at the 1976 Olympics in ing, barrel racing and
suggested by the above cartoon. Montreal, Canada. He won his first pro- Know It All is by Kerry
steer wrestling. McArdle. It runs in the week-
A: fessional fight the next year. *** end and Wednesday
(Answers Monday)
*** The word rodeo is editions of the
Jumbles: LEGAL DANDY SQUALL NAPKIN Boxing legend Sugar Ray Robinson Spanish. The word Daily Journal.
Yesterday’s Questions?
Answer: Although the bachelor owned a large farm, (1921-1989) won the welterweight means to surround
the girls said he was — “UNLANDED” Comments? E-
championship title in 1946 and held it for or round-up, and mail knowitall@smdailyjour-
five years. In the 1950s, he won the mid- was used by Spanish or call 344-5200 x114.
THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 3
Police reports
Rape of vitamin seller brings 19 years prison
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF REPORT Mendez reportedly attacked a 19-year-old Mendez faced up to 30 years and eight Howling mad
woman he knew from an adult school months months in prison. While the sentence was less A disgruntled neighbor pounded on his
A Redwood City man convicted of sexually earlier. On May 28, the married woman went than the maximum, it is still a sharp contrast neighbor’s wall and howled like a dog on
assaulting a young woman who he invited to to Mendez’s home because he wanted to buy to the six-year deal offered by the court and Valota Road in Redwood City before
his home to sell vitamins was sentenced the Herbalife vitamins she sold. After dis- the 12-year term offered by prosecutors if he 12:56 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 4.
Friday to 19 years and four months in prison. cussing the items for sale, Mendez allegedly had pleaded no contest prior to trial.
Jurors deliberated two days in November asked her to look at vitamins he already Mendez was also ordered to register as a sex
before convicting Ricardo Zaragoza Mendez, owned located in his bedroom. Once there, offender, undergo HIV testing, pay restitution
61, of the felonies forcible rape, forcible oral prosecutors say Mendez raped the woman to the victim and reimburse the Redwood City
copulation, sexual penetration, assault with until she was able to grab a flashlight and Police Department $700 for the sex assault Grand theft. Tools were stolen off a truck
intent to commit rape and false imprisonment. strike him several times in the head. exam. on the 300 block of Chapin Lane before 2:42
He was also convicted of misdemeanor The woman ran to a friend’s residence and Mendez has been in custody in lieu of p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 5.
assault. contacted police. $200,000 bail. Suspicious circumstances. There were
some people picketing with anti-government

CPUC sets deadline for scrutiny of gas lines signs and harassing people as they went into
the post office on the 200 block of Park Road
before 10:52 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 4.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS needed to respond by Feb. 1. the CPUC board at its meeting Thursday in San Suspicious circumstances. A male suspect
The National Transportation Safety Board is Francisco. “This commission has failed the peo- attempted to take money from a victim’s
SAN FRANCISCO — California regulators still probing what caused the Sept. 9 explosion, ple of California, especially the residents in my hand on the 700 block of California Drive
are giving Pacific Gas & Electric Co. two which sparked a gigantic fireball that killed district, by your culture of complacency.” before 7:41 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 4.
months to make sure its gas pipeline records are eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. CPUC President Michael Peevey called Hill’s Burglary. A laptop computer and clothing
accurate and up-to-date, in light of concerns The board said last week that if PG&E can’t comments “contemptible” because the lawmak- were taken from a vehicle on the 100 block
about the company’s record-keeping after the figure out safe pressure levels using old records er didn’t mention the commission’s investiga- of Lorton Avenue before 8:55 a.m. Thursday,
deadly San Bruno gas line explosion last year. or drawings, the utility should perform high- tion into its own potential internal shortcom- Dec. 30.
The California Public Utilities Commission pressure water tests. Assemblyman Jerry Hill, ings. Hill has introduced a bill that would Theft. More than $80 in cash and two check-
on Thursday ordered the utility to follow feder- who represents the city of San Bruno, told com- require utilities to prioritize repairs to pipelines books were taken from an unlocked vehicle
al directives to identify all transmission lines missioners they were not acting quickly enough near earthquake fault lines, share their emer- on the 100 block of Lorton Avenue before
that haven’t undergone testing for safe operat- to ensure residents were protected. gency plans with police and fire departments, 12:43 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 30.
ing pressures by March 15. The commission’s “I do not have the confidence that this com- and install valves that could automatically seal
executive director had previously said PG&E mission will do its job,” Hill, D-San Mateo, told off a ruptured line. REDWOOD CITY
Gun shots heard. Gun shots were heard on
Former medical manager imprisoned for tax evasion 10th Avenue before 4:55 p.m. Thursday, Jan.
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF REPORT able income to the medical practice’s payroll On March 2, 2010 a federal grand jury Trespassing. A transient was sleeping on
processing company. In 2006, she received indicted her on five counts of tax evasion and private property on Woodside Road before
A Los Altos woman who once managed a approximately $250,699.73 in addition to her she was arrested 13 days later in San 8:16 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 6.
medical practice with offices in San Mateo wages. She used that money to pay her per- Francisco. On Wednesday, Reyes pleaded Vandalism. Two vehicles were keyed on
and Palo Alto was sentenced to 24 months in sonal credit card debts and, on April 16, 2007, guilty to one count and was sentenced to 24 Madison Avenue before 10:25 a.m.
prison for failing to report more than a half- filed an income tax return reporting only months in prison. She must also spend three Wednesday, Jan. 5.
million dollars of income on her tax forms. $16,638, according to the U.S. Department of years on supervised release, including six Suspicious person. A subject was sitting
Federal prosecutors say Maria Virginia Justice. months of home detention and pay restitution across the creek and under a bridge shooting
Reyes, 61, used her position as a general man- Federal authorities did not disclose which in the amount of $141,815. at seagulls with a BB gun while he was feed-
ager to evade paying proper taxes between medical practice employed Reyes but said she A judge could have sentenced Reyes to as ing ducks on Veterans Boulevard before 1:26
2003 and 2007 on an income of $502,796. She began as a front desk manager before moving much as five years in prison and a $250,000 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 5.
was also accused of underreporting her tax- to the general manager position. fine.
4 Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

Sidney Thomas Garrett Jr. Obituaries

Sidney Thomas Garrett Jr., born June 23,
1938 at Community Hosptial in San Mateo to his father’s last surviving sister Virgina Garrett
Sidney Thomas Garret Sr. of San Mateo and Kinney, of San Jose, and a host of loving fami-
Irene Cole Garrett of Hollister died Jan. 12, ly and friends.
Sid, as he was known to many and Chinky as Robert Leonard Lewis
he was known to his family — a shortening of Robert Leonard Lewis, born March 15,1925,
Chinquapin, the fruit of the chestnut tree — died Jan. 10, 2011.
attended Lawrence Elemenatary School, was in Lewis was born and raised in Sacramento.
the second graduating class at College Park His parents were Manuel and Anna Lewis from
Junior High School and San Mateo High the Azores. Bob was always proud of his
School. Portuguese heritage and also being a Democrat.
In high school, Sid was active in football, During World War II, he joined the Navy and
basketball and track. He, along with his 1956 served in the Pacific. Following the war, he
basketball team, was inducted into the school’s graduated from UC Berkeley and moved to San
Sports Hall of Fame in 2006. Francisco where he met his future wife
Sidney became employed at age 14 by Maureen Sweeney at Old St. Mary’s Center. In
American Home Assurance company which 1965, they moved to San Mateo and became
has become AIG. He worked there until gradu- active parishioners at St. Bartholomew Church.
ation and left that employment to serve honor- Predeceased by Maureen in 1993, Lewis is
ably in the U.S. Air Force as an Airman Second survived by his daughter Maura Lewis and son
Class. After serving his country, he returned to Robert (Dottie) and grandchildren Jodie and
work for AIG until retiring after 43 years. Jason.
His father, Sidney Garrett Sr., preceded him A memorial mass will be celebrated 11 a.m.,
in death in 1952. He leaves to mourn his moth- Monday, Jan. 17 at St. Bartholomew Church
er Irene Cole Garrett, brother Fred Garrett, his (corner of Alameda de las Pulgas and Crystal
sister-in-law Patricia Jackson Garrett, niece Springs Road in San Mateo). Donations to St.
Tracy Garrett and grandnephew Ricardo Barth, Vincent de Paul preferred.


GOVERNMENT • The San Carlos Transportation and
• SamTrans is in Circulation Commission will consider a
the process of con- request to install a red curb on Arundel Road
ducting an online sur- at Phelps Road. A resident near Arundel
vey to determine the School requested the installation which is
best way to deliver also supported by city staff. Property owners
information to cus- within 300 feet have been noticed; the red
tomers and to understand their reasons for rid- curb area will not be located in front of any
ing the countywide bus system. properties.
Through Jan. 28, customers can take the The commission meets 7 p.m. Tuesday,
brief survey by visiting the transit agency’s Jan. 18 at City Hall, 600 Elm St., San Carlos.
website at and clicking • The South San Francisco and San
on the survey link on the main page. Bruno city councils will have a joint study
Participants will be entered in a drawing to session to discuss the water quality treatment
win one of two SamTrans Monthly passes plant capital improvement program.
by filling in the optional information at the The councils will meet 6:30 p.m. Tuesday,
end of the survey; only one chance per cus- Jan. 18 at the Municipal Services Building,
tomer. community room, 33 Arroyo Drive in South
San Francisco.
THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL/STATE Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 5
Around the Bay
Redevelopment agency allocates $930M
By Jacob Adelman within project areas. That money is
Renovated Palace of Fine
Arts reopens in San Francisco
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS “The Redevelopment Agency is basically saying that then reinvested in other projects as San Franciscans are celebrating
developer profits are more important than schools, long as officials can demonstrate the the return of one of the city’s most
LOS ANGELES — The city rede- work is needed to counter blight. beloved landmarks after a $21 mil-
velopment agency voted Friday to public safety,libraries and other core services.” Fearn said the Los Angeles lion renovation.
allocate $930 million for hundreds agency needed to keep improving The 95-year-old Palace of Fine
of projects — Lou Paulson,California Professional Firefighters president neighborhoods and boosting Arts is reopening to visitors Friday
before it is pos- employment but feared the state after a seven-year overhaul that
sibly dissolved was necessary after Brown pro- Los Angeles City Council, since the would redirect the tax money to
posed eliminating local redevelop- city would receive the funds and included seismic upgrades of its
under an austeri- other parts of California.
ment agencies and diverting the tax complete the projects on behalf of 1,100-foot-wide rotunda and
ty budget pro- “There’s no means of assuring
money to other uses. the agency. restoration of the surrounding
posed by Gov. that the money gets returned to the
Brown spokeswoman Elizabeth Ed Johnson, a spokesman for city of Los Angeles” under Brown’s lagoon.
Jerry Brown.
The funding Ashford said in a statement that the Councilman Herb Wesson, who proposal, Fearn said. The project was funded by a com-
for infrastruc- governor’s office hoped the agency chairs the council committee that Brown has recommended using bination of city and state funds and
ture, affordable was “going to spend this money would likely consider the proposal, the tax money for police, fire, private donations from over 1,200
Jerry Brown housing and now to create jobs for Californians had no immediate comment. schools and other county and local donors.
cultural facili- during this difficult recession and Wesson and five other council mem- services. The palace is the only original
ties was expected to be generated by they are not squirreling money away bers signed a resolution earlier this Agency staff had originally rec- structure left over from the 1915
taxes from agency projects through for an indefinite future when our week in support of the redevelop- ommended that the board allocate Panama Pacific International
the fiscal year ending in 2016. schools, police and firefighters are ment agency. $885 million at Friday’s hearing, Exposition. Architect Bernard
Community Redevelopment in need of this funding.” Redevelopment agency budgets but commissioners added an addi- Maybeck designed it to resemble a
Agency board chairman Kenneth The move by the redevelopment come from retaining a portion of tional $45 million during the meet- Roman ruin reflected in a lake.
Fearn said the hastily called vote agency requires the approval of the taxes generated by improvements ing. It was previously rebuilt in the
1930s and again in the 1960s before
the latest renovations began in 2003.
New California attorney general UC sees another big jump Gunman sought in brazen
speaks at annual MLK breakfast in undergrad applications By Terence Chea Sue Wilbur, director of undergradu-
S.F. coffee shop killing
Police are looking for the gunman
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS top law enforce- who chased a 29-year-old man into a
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ate admissions. “With the increase in San Francisco coffee shop and
ment post. She applications, campuses will be chal-
LOS ANGELES — California’s was joined by gunned him down in front of
SAN FRANCISCO — Despite lenged to accommodate this appli-
newly elected attorney general Los Angeles employees and customers.
big tuition hikes, the University of cant pool, but we are committed to
spoke briefly Friday to more than Mayor Antonio finding a space for everyone” who is Sgt. Michael Andraychak says the
California again received a record
500 Los Angeles County workers at Villaraigosa and academically eligible. UC-eligible victim died Thursday afternoon after
number of undergraduate applica-
an annual breakfast recognizing the other elected students who are not accepted at being shot multiple times inside the
tions for the fall, driven in part by
legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., officials. sharp increases from out-of-state their school of choice will be offered Jebena Coffee and Tea Company in
pledging to shift limited resources Harris, the and international students, school a spot at a campus with space, most- the city’s Tenderloin district. The
in hopes of preventing crime and Kamala Harris state’s first officials said Friday. ly likely at Merced, Wilbur said. shooter then ran away.
reducing the state’s prison popula- female attorney They said the number of applica- The university system reported a The medical examiner’s office on
tion. general and the first minority to hold tions rose 6.1 percent to more than modest 3.6 percent increase from in- Friday identified the victim as Terry
The speech was one of the first the job, told the crowd the focus on 142,000, with a 5.7 percent increase state freshman applicants, while the Turner of San Francisco.
Kamala Harris has given since she crime should be moved toward pre- in freshman applicants and a 7.3 per- number of applications rose 10.7 Andraychak says Turner appeared
edged Los Angeles County District venting crime through school pro- cent increase in transfer applicants. percent for out-of-state students and to be the unidentified gunman’s
Attorney Steve Cooley in grams and ensuring that nonviolent “The University of California a 22.5 percent for international stu- intended target. No one else in the
November’s election for the state’s offenders stay out of trouble. experienced record demand,” said dents. coffee shop was hurt.
6 Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

T Local briefs
he San Mateo-Foster City Homework Tonight!” a fundraising
School District will conduct event celebrating 13 years of giving
community workshops focus- back to the community. The Friday,
ing on critical information regarding March 4 event at the Congregational
RWC fire ready to celebrate 150 years
funding for schools in California and Church of San Mateo, 225 Tilton The Redwood City Fire Department might need its own
funding for the district. The workshop Ave. in San Mateo, starts with a 6 p.m. services to extinguish the 150 candles slated for its birthday
series will be held at the SMFC cocktail reception with hors d’ oeuvres cake.
District Office, 1170 Chess Drive, and silent action followed by a 7 p.m. The department celebrates 150 years in 2011, beginning
Foster City, starting at 7 p.m. on the program and dessert. There will be with several city events highlighting the long history.
musical entertainment. The event is The department began in 1861, six years before the city was
following dates:
complimentary but guests are invited incorporated, and provided service for a community of less
• Monday, Jan. 24 — funding and
to make a donation. All proceeds help than 2,000 people. Today, the department has five fire stations
expenditures in San Mateo-Foster
Homework Central, a San Mateo non- housing five engines and one truck, and more than 70 staff
City. members including firefighters, firefighter/paramedics, cap-
• Monday, Jan. 31 — challenges fac- profit that offers free tutoring help to
tains and battalion chiefs, fire prevention staff, training staff
ing the San Mateo-Foster City School students after school.
and administrative staff.
District. Guests are asked to RSVP by Feb.
will autograph her books and attendees The department’s sesquicentennial will include a commem-
Anyone interested in attending 26. To RSVP by return mai write to orative badge exchange for all city firefighters and a showcase
will have the opportunity to meet her. HWC, P.O. Box 6687, San Mateo, CA,
should RSVP to Ana Almen at aal- of historic equipment, photos and videos at the Fourth of July
Breakfast will be at 9 a.m. including 94403, by e-mail to hwcexecdirec- parade and festival, Movies on the Square, family events on
bagels, muffins, fruit, juice, coffee and, or by telephone at 343-
*** the Square and on Theatre Way, the 9/11 Memorial Stair
hot chocolate. Tickets are $10 per fam- 3423. For more information about
The San Mateo County Reading Climb, National Night Out in August and the December
ily or $5 for an individual. For more Homework Central visit www.home-
Association is holding an author’s Hometown Holidays. There will also be a Sesquicentennial
information contact Julia King, John
breakfast 9 a.m. Feb. 5 at John Muir Firefighters Ball Aug. 13 at the Fox Theatre.
Muir School, 624-3160. Please mail
School, 130 Cambridge Lane, San The city will kick off the festivities 11 a.m. Monday, Jan. 24
checks to Caroll Webster, 1749
Bruno featuring author and illustrator in front of fire station nine at 755 Marshall St.
Carleton Court, Redwood City CA Class notes is a twice weekly column ded-
Christy Hale. Hale, a local artist of
many talents, will explain how a book
icated to school news. It is compiled by
education reporter Heather Murtagh. You
Beaches and bluffs to be closed for Mavericks
develops from an idea to a finished can contact her at (650) 344-5200, ext. 105 Fans of big-wave surfing will find it a lot more difficult to
Homework Central presents, “No
product. Her books will be sold, she or at get a firsthand look at the Mavericks competition in Half
Moon Bay this year, as viewing spots on coastal bluffs and
beaches will be closed to public access.
Representatives from the Half Moon Bay Surf Group, which
is organizing this year’s Jay at Mavericks Big Wave
Invitational, joined an array of public safety agencies at a
meeting this week to announce the closures and discuss the
logistics of protecting the public, the environment and com-
petitors at the event.
More than 40,000 spectators have converged on the area
You had a team working around Princeton-by-the-Sea to watch the contest in previous
right beside you? years, often jamming on to fragile cliffs and overcrowding
beaches to get a view, San Mateo County sheriff’s Capt. Mark
“We’ve taken a lot more initiate action to keep people from
UBC combines TaeBo® fitness, resistance
training along with an easy to follow nutrition
going onto that cliff,” Hanlon said of this year’s event.
plan for amazing results. We team you up with In 2010, 13 spectators were injured and three hospitalized
a group of people who are committed to the
same results as you. Then you work with your
when a rogue wave crashed into a crowded viewing spot set up
coaches through a complete fitness evaluation on the beach.
to measure your current fitness level; a level
we’ll say good bye to over the next ten weeks.


Local board president will co-chair state panel
All coaches and instructors are specially Stephen Rogers, San Mateo Union High School District
trained to make sure you are performing all
techniques with proper form. Board of Trustees president, was selected to co-chair a new
state panel designed to make it easier for public schools to
build energy efficiency into every construction project,
remove regulatory barriers and identify potential funding
Created by new State Superintendent of Schools Tom
Unless you’re a pro-athlete no one rewards Torlakson, who announced the initiative Friday, the “Schools
you for being in shape. Well, we do!!! The of the Future” team will consist of education, state, labor and
people with the biggest body transformations
are entered into the national contest for a business leaders. The other co-chair is Cesar Diaz, legislative
chance to win a Caribbean cruise, cash or director of the State Building and Construction Trades
other great prizes!!!
Council of California.
Starts this month!!! The team will also make recommendations on the California
Department of Education’s role in the process, including iden-
Dojo USA World Training Center tifying best practices and providing technical assistance to the
731 Kains Ave. San Bruno 650.589.9148 state’s 1,053 public school districts.

Enjoy fun time with Mom, Dad or your favorite grown-up. The across clues are for kids and the down clues are for adults.

Double Your Fun with W

Kids Across 9. If it makes sense to 3. An employee’s joy, it’s

1. Finished in first place spend your time doing the promise of Friday
2. What your pencil is something, it’s ______ 4. Cleaver father (or
made of 12. A grownup’s leather hospital room for
4. What Little Miss money holder multiple patients)
Muffett ate with her 13. A bike has two, a 6. Rapidly developing
curds skateboard has four Clinton controversy
5. What you make when and a giant truck has 7. Lather up a Labrador This Week’s Solution
you blow out the many more or a Lamborghini
candles on your 14. A globe is a replica of 8. High-flying brothers
birthday cake the _____ who glided into fame
6. A dandelion or other in the early 1900s
unwanted plant that 9. For a housekeeper, it’s
pops up in a lawn Parents Down a pane
7. A happy puppy will 1. Landscaper’s cart with 10. Mighty mammals of
___ its tail one wheel the Mediterranean Sea
8. The color of a 2. Give a sponge a 11. Ubiquitous source of
marshmallow twist clean power Visit to join the KAPD family! 1/23/11 © 2011 Jan Buckner Walker. Distributed by
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8 Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 LOCAL/NATION THE DAILY JOURNAL

GOP ousts Steele, Ariz.shooter posed in G-string with gun


By Liz Sidoti
TUCSON, Ariz. — The suspect in the mass
shooting in Arizona posed for photos with a
gun, dressed only in a bright red G-string, and
Lawmakers resume meetings
OXON HILL, Md. — The national By Cristina Silva gatherings similar to the “Congress on Your
had the film developed on the eve of the ram-
Republican Party, coming off huge election and Shannon McCaffrey Corner” meeting where Giffords was shot
page that killed six people
victories but facing a $22 and gravely injured Rep. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS through the head. The events, they said,
million debt and an inter- Gabrielle Giffords, would send a message: Violence will not
nal war over identity, authorities said Friday. LAS VEGAS — Rep. Shelley Berkley keep us from meeting face-to-face with our
ousted chairman Michael The most detailed time- threw open the doors of her congressional constituents at supermarkets, hardware
Steele Friday and chose line of Jared Loughner’s office Friday, inviting constituents to stop in stores or anywhere else.
Wisconsin party chief busy 11 hours before the to ask questions, lodge complaints or plead “This country is based on democracy, and
Reince Priebus to lead in shooting was released by for help. democracy didn’t just fall into our laps,” said
the run-up to the 2012 the Pima County Sheriff’s There was no metal detector, no pat- Carrie Matt, a casino accountant who came
presidential race. Office. It begins with downs. People had only to fill out a card to to talk to Berkley about student financial aid
The embattled Steele Jared Loughner Loughner dropping off see the congresswoman. and health care. “It was hard-fought, and no
Reince Priebus dropped his re-election The open house was much the same as the one is going to deter me from accessing my
the 35mm film at a
bid halfway through an Walgreens at 11:35 p.m. Jan. 7, the night event held by Arizona Rep. Gabrielle democracy.”
afternoon of balloting when it became clear before the shooting. He checks into a motel Giffords a week ago, except for one thing: In At Giffords’ outdoor event on Jan. 8, a
he could not win another two-year term after about an hour later and at 2:19 a.m. Jan. 8 he Las Vegas, five patrol cars idled in the park- young man asked where the congresswoman
a first marked by verbal missteps and finan- picked up his developed photos. ing lot. was, and aides asked him to get in line.
cial woes. A law enforcement official who spoke on At least a half-dozen lawmakers around Moments later, he shot her and 18 others.
“We have to get on track. And together we condition of anonymity because he was not the country met with constituents Friday at Six people were killed.
can defeat Barack Obama in 2012,” Priebus, authorized to do so confirmed the details of
the chairman of the Wisconsin GOP, said in a the photos, including that Loughner posed Arizona Game and Fish Department officer, At 9:41 a.m., a cab driver picked him up
brief victory speech, pleading for unity with- with a Glock semiautomatic pistol, the same but he was let go. He wasn’t acting suspicious from a convenience store and drove him to the
in the fractured 168-member Republican one authorities said was used in the shooting. and there was no reason to search the vehicle, supermarket where Giffords was holding her
National Committee. Loughner posted “Goodbye friends” on his the agency has said. Loughner returned home “Congress on Your Corner” event. The cabbie
“We all recognize that there’s a steep hill MySpace page at 4:12 a.m., then bought bul- about two hours later and was confronted by and Loughner went into the Safeway to get
here ahead of us, and the only way that we’ll lets and a backpack-style diaper bag at his dad when he removed a black bag from the change for the fare, authorities said.
be able to move forward is if we’re all togeth- Walmart at 7:27 a.m., according to authorities. family car. His father chased after Loughner, At 10:10 a.m., he opened fire, authorities
er,” Priebus said. Three minutes later, he was pulled over by an but he disappeared into the desert. said.

Woman, 89, staves off foreclosure The university, however, has yet to decide Pregnant woman jumps
whether it will accept the CUP, said NDNU
Eighty-nine-year-old Pauline Reade will spokesman Richard Rossi. from window to escape fire
remain in her Pacifica home after fighting off NDNU sought more use of Koret in exchange A pregnant woman escaped a fire at an
foreclosure proceedings on a loan she was for letting youth sports groups use the field, apartment complex in Belmont early Tuesday
tricked into signing by a scam artist who has which the current CUP does not allow. morning by jumping out of a second-story
since fled the country. window into the arms of her significant other,
Reade faced foreclosure on the home she Fire donations to be issued Belmont-San Carlos Fire Chief Doug Fry said.
has lived in since 1951 after Fetuu A tiered-system will be used to distribute The woman, who is 25 weeks pregnant, was
ing allegation among others.
Tupoufutuna, a scam contractor, tricked her Tupoufutuna is thought to have fled to either most of the money donated to San Bruno after one of dozens of people trying to flee the two-
into signing loan documents in the sum of New Zealand or Australia. the Sept. 9 natural gas explosion and fire alarm fire, which was reported shortly after 3
hundreds of thousands of dollars with various while the remaining money will be used for a.m. at 2515 Carlmont Drive, Fry said.
banks and mortgage entities, according to Council finalizes extreme and unexpected needs. Her significant other ran out through the
Reade’s attorneys. On Tuesday, the San Bruno City Council flames down to the parking area below where
“I’m so relieved,” Reade said Wednesday. “I
conditions for NDNU field use voted unanimously to quickly start notifying he caught her when she jumped out the win-
should have known better.” The Belmont City Council approved a less residents affected by the Sept. 9 blast of the dow, Fry said.
In March 2010, the San Mateo County restrictive conditional use permit for Notre process for distributing the $395,000 donated The man suffered ankle injuries while
District Attorney’s Office issued an arrest war- Dame de Namur’s Koret Athletic Field to the city. The donations came in after the breaking her fall, and was taken to a hospital
rant for Tupoufutuna and he faces up to nine Tuesday night by allowing it to use the turfed natural gas explosion and fire which killed to be treated for his injuries, Fry said. The
charges in the elder abuse case including elder field an extra 30 minutes a day and six extra eight people, destroyed 38 homes and dam- pregnant woman was also taken to the hospi-
fraud by a caretaker, forgery and a great tak- Sundays a year. aged 62 others. tal for observation, he said.

Buddhist Congregational Methodist Non-Denominational

Jodo ShinshuBuddhist OF SAN MATEO - UCC Sunday Worship 10:00 AM To know Christ and make him known.
(Pure Land Buddhism) 225 Tilton Ave. & San Mateo Dr. Sunday School • Childcare • Drama 901 Madison Ave., Redwood City
(650) 343-3694 Choir • Handbells • Praise Band (650)366-1223
2 So. Claremont St. Sunday October 24, 2010 CSUMC will
San Mateo Worship and Church School be starting a new Samoan language Sunday services:
(650) 342-2541 Every Sunday at 10:30 AM ministry which starts at 12:00pm. It will 9:00AM & 10:45AM
Sunday English Service & Coffee Hour at 11:45 AM be led by Tapuai Louis Vaili Certified
Dharma School - 9:30 AM Nursery Care Available Lay Speaker. Everyone is welcome to join us!
Reverend Ryuta Furumoto 2145 Bunker Hill Drive San Mateo • (650)345-2381 Synagogues
Church of Christ PENINSULA
Non-Denominational TEMPLE SHOLOM
525 South Bayshore Blvd.
San Mateo LUTHERAN CHURCH Church of the
(Member UAHC)
1655 Sebastian Dr, Burlingame
(650) 343-4997
Bible School 9:45 AM 600 W. 42nd Ave., Highlands (650)697-2266
Services 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM
Wednesday Bible Study 7:00 PM
San Mateo “A community of caring Christians” Fri. Shabbat Services: 7:30pm
First Friday of month: 7:00pm
1900 Monterey Drive
Minister J.S. Oxendine
Pastor Eric Ackerman (corner Sneath Lane) San Bruno Saturday Lay Minyan: 9:30am
Worship Service 10:00 AM Adult Worship Services:
Congregational Friday: 7:30 pm (singles)
Baptist Buddhist Sunday School 11:00 AM Saturday: 7:00 pm
FOSTER CITY Sun 7, 8:30, 10, & 11:30 am,
PILGRIM BAPTIST CHURCH LOTUS ISLAND UNITED CHURCH Child care provided in the nursery. 5 pm
Dr. Larry Wayne Ellis, Pastor
Youth Worship Service:
(650) 343-5415 BUDDHIST CIRCLE Foster City's
only three-denomination Church Hope Lutheran Preschool For high school & young college
217 North Grant Street, San Mateo (Rissho Kosei-kai of SF) Methodist, Presbyterian (U.S.A.), admits students of any race, color Sunday at 10:00 am
Sunday Worship Services at 8 & 11 am 851 N. San Mateo Dr., Suite D and United Church of Christ and national or ethnic origin. Sunday School
Sunday School at 9:30 am San Mateo
1130 Balclutha Drive (at Comet)
License No. 410500322. For adults & children of all ages
Website: Sunday at 10:00 am
English Service: 4th Sunday at 10 AM Worship/Child Care/Sunday School
at 10am
Call (650)349-0100 Donald Sheley, Founding Pastor
(KFAX 1100 on the AM Dial) Study: Tuesday at 7 PM All are Welcome! Leighton Sheley, Senior Pastor
Every Sunday at 5:30 PM Call (650) 349-3544
THE DAILY JOURNAL OPINION Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 9
Recology working to resolve garbage issues
By Mario Puccinelli Guest routes while decreasing work-related
accidents by significantly reducing
Lies upon lies
heavy lifting. arah Palin was credited with the “Lie of the Year
perspective 2010” when she launched an attack upon “end-of-life

espite the significant time and However, adjusting to this new equip-
effort put into preparations for ment and route changes necessitated by counseling” included in the Affordable Health Care
the rollout of new collection the service change slowed our drivers Act, to reimburse doctors for that service. She labeled that
important program information. down during this initial period. This “death panels” and the lie sweeping across the country caused
services starting Jan. 3, Recology San We are pleased to report that while
Mateo County is the first to admit that was compounded by the record vol- that provision to be withdrawn from the bill. You did a great
call volumes remain high, the added umes of material set out and collected disservice to the aged, Sarah!
we were not satisfied with the results. lines and representatives are fully serv- last week during the holiday season. By the way, Sarah, that is not the first or last thing you
While the vast majority of our cus- icing the call volume and we have little Due to the hard work of all our have been wrong about. You
tomer’s transition went smoothly, we to no wait times for callers. Now, the should know, there are
understand that is of little comfort to employees, we have made the adjust-
majority of calls are about service ques- ments necessary and have already already death panels in our
those of you who experienced service tions, not missed pickups. country, but not in govern-
issues. begun to see considerable improve-
ments. While we still have work to do, ment. They are called insur-
We want you to know that we have Missed pickups ance companies, the ones that
put the full resources of the company we are making great progress and fully
In a limited number of instances, expect that to translate to your service. decide when to deny cover-
into resolving these issues. age or drop the severely ill
Recology failed to service customers on
What now? off of their rolls when cover-
Customer service their expected service day. In those
age gets too expensive. Got
cases, we have quickly resolved the The status of the roll out has greatly that, Sarah?
We have added call lines and cus- issue by sending out service vehicles improved from last week. We have no Well, let me tell you, Sarah,
tomer service representatives to address within 48 hours. In most cases, these doubt that it will continue to show that lie will follow you. I was
the overwhelming number of calls we missed pickups are the result of new improvement going forward. Rest getting that very same “last-
received in the first few days after the routes and new drivers not being famil- assured that we won’t be satisfied until minute” counseling at bed-
rollout started. Some of these calls iar with the service area. you are.
were about service issues such as side as I lay in terrible shape
We would like to ask one thing of our for two weeks in December
missed pickups and special pickup New automated service customers to assist us in pickup: please at the Mills-Peninsula
instructions, and for that we do apolo-
gize. Many of the calls were about how vehicles and new routes set carts out curbside with wheels Hospital. Actually, I didn’t need that because I had already
against the curb, or roadside with about taken care of those decisions in an Advance Directive, but I
the new CartSMART collection pro- The new collection services in the two feet of space between each cart. We could not help thinking about those who hadn’t taken care of
gram works. While extensive efforts RethinkWaste service area (Burlingame appreciate your patience as we continue that or had been unable to afford such counseling.
were made in public education and out- to East Palo Alto) is a proven success in with this process. But why should that surprise me? I recall Republican Tom
reach, we realize we need to continue other nearby communities and through- DeLay, the disgraced former House of Representatives power,
our efforts to be sure all of our cus- out California. Each vehicle has an before his conspiracy trial in Texas was reported as answering
Mario Puccinelli is the general manager
tomers are confident about their service automated collection arm which allows a sympathetic fan who remarked there was only one declared
day, correct cart set-out and all other drivers to be more efficient in their of Recology San Mateo County.
Republican on the panel of jurors, “That’s fine! I’ll get more
‘empathy’ then.”
That saves me a whole column about why I have always
been so negative on right wing conservatives. Does anyone
Letters to the editor recall in the final House debate on the health care reform bill
— while the Democrats were telling heart-breaking stories
about those who were suffering from lack of coverage — any
single one of the Republican representative saying one word
Put Dimitre out to pasture how the hell does she know who finds someone a second chance after such a about those innocents who had fallen through the coverage
what “credible.” I must have missed major downfall.’’ crack and had been suffering? Just one word? Of course not.
Editor, that poll. Then she goes on to say the Now Mr. Vick says he wants another Or did they come up with an alternative plan to help those
It’s time to put this demented soul out books are “hype.” So, I assume she read dog. fellow citizens? Of course not. A lot of sympathy for the
to pasture (“Reading is believing” col- them. Does that mean she found them Society would never allow a child insurance companies, and cost, of course, but not one word
umn in the Jan. 8 edition of the Daily credible? molester or a very violent person to for the human beings involved, the human beings who stand
Journal). Who the hell is this person to Later in this column she refers to us adopt a vulnerable child, so we should in the way of profits.
criticize the rest of the nation because as becoming a nation of “nitwits.” She never be in favor of allowing as severe Unable to change the channel while in my hospital bed, I
they don’t think the way she does? Her is absolutely right and people like her an animal abuser as Vick is to adopt a suffered through repeats of a commercial by Mike Huckabee,
thinking is the reason the nation is are leading the charge. What a political vulnerable animal. Michael Vick has former Republican governor of Arkansas, and, perhaps, one
divided. If you don’t do as I do, you’re hack! Can’t you find some other left admitted to forcing dogs to fight to the of the more qualified candidates for the presidency, as he
a fool. wing nut to take her place? She makes death, and being responsible for or per- solicited help for the repeal of the Affordable Health Care
She refers to President Bush as Keith Olbermann look intelligent. sonally hanging, shooting and drowning Act.
“Dubya,” and in other columns she gentle dogs who were unwilling to Huckabee has been an ordained minister, but I waited in
can’t understand why people refer to fight. That was his way of punishing an vain to hear him present some alternative legislation to help
President Obama in derogatory terms. David Waldo innocent being who did not live up to those estimated 35 to 50 million poor unfortunates — per-
She’s a hypocrite of the highest order. San Carlos his expectations or demands. It would haps some in his own previous congregation — if his hoped-
This idiot accuses President Bush of be far too dangerous to trust a vulnera- for repeal succeeds. He needs to be dragged, kicking and
having “slaughtered” tens of thousands ble dog with him should he lose his screaming, back into Christianity, as do so many others of his
of people and rails against the right for Keep Michael Vick away from dogs temper, because the puppy or dog did political brethren.
vitriolic hate speech. Editor, not follow orders or displeased him. One thing is not clear to many: insurance companies are
It’s not hard to see that Dorothy has President Obama recently phoned the Our responsibility as animal guardians not the medical system. They are an overlay to administer the
not returned from OZ when refering to Philadelphia Eagles coach, Jeffrey is to protect other species, not purposely medical system and the Affordable Health Care Act is intend-
people who have read President Bush’s Lurie, and commended him for giving put them in harm’s way. ed to make the insurance companies, private profit enterprises
book as “people who haven’t looked Michael Vick a “second chance.” When Vick throws a football thou- — for certain — fairer for all U.S. citizens, in lieu of not hav-
beyond Dubya’s superficial demeanor.” sands cheer. That has to be enough. ing universal coverage, as do all of the other advanced indus-
According to reports, Lurie said Mr.
Does she read only books from authors Leave the animals alone. trial countries of the world. It is protection for citizens from
Obama was “passionate about it,”
the obvious abuses of the insurance companies and HMOs
she agrees with? Also, she is dismayed adding that the president said “it’s never entrusted with that administration.
that so many people across the country a level playing field for prisoners when
Daylight Chapon Once enacted, of course, it is now subject to corrections
“must” find those two books (“speaking they get out of jail. And he was happy and adjustments as experience dictates, as in all legislation.
of Bush’s and Palin’s book”) credible that we did something on such a nation- San Francisco It is the Republican propagated “lies” about the legislation
and that leads me to the question of al stage that showed our faith in giving that has caused so much of the unrest that has plagued the
land, even to this day. The repeal of the body of the act is
OUR MISSION: highly unlikely as provisions kick in and voters begin to real-
It is the mission of the Daily Journal to be the most ize the benefits that are accruing for them and for those previ-
accurate, fair and relevant local news source for ously unable to medically qualify or afford coverage.
those who live, work or play on the MidPeninsula.
By combining local news and sports coverage, I continue to believe the government mandate for all to pur-
Jerry Lee, Publisher BUSINESS STAFF: analysis and insight with the latest business, chase health insurance may be the Achilles heel of the act,
Charlotte Andersen Mark Aspillera lifestyle, state, national and world news, we seek to unlikely to pass through the conservative five of the Supreme
Jon Mays, Editor in Chief Jennifer Bishop Gloria Brickman provide our readers with the highest quality Court under the provisions and practices of interstate com-
Charles Clayton Gale Green information resource in San Mateo County. merce regulation. Of course the need for such a mandate is to
Nathan Mollat, Sports Editor Our pages belong to you, our readers, and we
Jeff Palter Shirley Marshall
Kris Skarston choose to reflect the diverse character of this broaden the financial base of the insurance pool to cover all.
Erik Oeverndiek, Copy Editor/Page Designer
dynamic and ever-changing community. Otherwise, individuals will be able to wait until they are sick
Nicola Zeuzem, Production Manager INTERNS, CORRESPONDENTS, CONTRACTORS: and then demand the legislative guarantee of insurance cover-
Brad Baker Jack Brookes SMDAILYJOURNAL.COM age. The entire structure could collapse under such a possibil-
Kerry McArdle, Marketing & Events Jenna Chambers Diana Clock
Michael Costa Emily DeRuy ity.
Michelle Durand, Senior Reporter Follow us on Twitter and Facebook: However, what may save the mandate is that some insurers,
Philip Dimaano Darold Fredricks
Miles Freeborn Brian Grabianowski apparently seeing a boom of millions more of subscribers, are
Julio Lara, Heather Murtagh, Bill Silverfarb Nick Rose Andrew Scheiner lobbying the Republicans in Congress to keep hands of that
Alex Shamis Michelle Sibrian
Susan E. Cohn, Senior Correspondent: Events Jeremy Venook Online edition at provision.

Letters to the Editor • E-mailed documents are preferred. No attachments Correction Policy
Should be no longer than 250 words. please. The Daily Journal corrects its errors. Keith Kreitman has been a Foster City resident for 25 years. He
Perspective Columns • Letter writers are limited to two submissions a If you question the accuracy of any article in the Daily
Should be no longer than 600 words. month. Journal, please contact the editor at is retired with degrees in political science and journalism and
• Illegibly handwritten letters and anonymous letters Opinions expressed in letters, columns and advanced studies in law. He is the host of “Focus on the Arts”
will not be accepted. perspectives are those of the individual writer and do or by phone at: 344-5200, ext. 107
• Please include a city of residence and phone number not necessarily represent the views of the Daily Journal Editorials represent the viewpoint of the Daily Journal on Peninsula TV, Channel 26. His column appears in the week-
where we can reach you. staff. editorial board and not any one individual.
end edition.
10 Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 BUSINESS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Dow 11,787.38 +55.48

Nasdaq 2,755.30 +20.01
10-Yr Bond 3.3330% +0.0320
Oil (per barrel) 91.54
Stock indexes higher
By Matthew Craft
Wall Street
S&P 500 1,293.24 +9.48 Gold 1,360.40
and David K. Randall
Big movers
Financial companies gained the most, 1.7 Stocks that moved substantially or traded
NEW YORK — JPMorgan Chase & percent. heavily Friday on the New York Stock Exchange
The Labor Department reported that and Nasdaq Stock Market:
Co. and other banks drove stock indexes NYSE
higher Friday. The Dow Jones industrial consumer prices rose 0.5 percent last JPMorgan Chase & Co.,up 46 cents at $44.91
average rose to its highest level in two and month, the largest increase since June The bank said it will raise its dividend after
a half years. 2009. However, 80 percent of the increase approval from regulators, and quarterly profit
was due to higher gas prices, meaning topped analyst estimates.
JPMorgan rose 1 percent after reporting American International Group Inc.,down $3.19
that its income soared 47 percent in the that the risk of widespread inflation at $54
fourth quarter. The bank set aside less remains low. The insurer repaid the Federal Reserve and the
money to cover bad loans and said it “Prices of oil, corn and wheat are all Treasury plans to sell its 92 percent stake in the
way up,” said Tom di Galoma, head of company over the next two years.
expected to get permission from the Patriot Coal Corp.,down $1.96 at $24.52
Federal Reserve to raise its dividend. fixed-income trading at Guggenheim An analyst downgraded the coal company’s
Wells Fargo & Co., Bank of America Partners in New York. “But at the end of investment rating after the recent surge in its
Corp. and other large banks also rose on the day, if the unemployment rate is at 9.4 stock price.
percent, there’s not enough demand to Borders Group Inc.,up 24 cents at $1.06
hopes that they too would be able to raise A news report said the bookseller chain is close
dividends. Banks slashed their dividends drive inflation higher. People just aren’t to securing the financing it needs to stay afloat
during the financial crisis to conserve spending that much.” from GE Capital and other lenders.
cash. Investors have been urging banks to Without food and energy costs, con- NASDAQ
sumer prices increased only 0.1 percent Coinstar Inc.,down $15.45 at $41.50
raise their dividends now that many of The vending machine operator lowered its
them are making money again. for the second straight month. This “core” earnings estimate for the fourth quarter
The Dow Jones industrial average inflation rate has gained just 0.8 percent because of weak sales at its Redbox DVD-rental
gained 55.48 points, or 0.5 percent, to in the past year. In a separate report, the kiosks.
Commerce Department said retail sales Corinthian Colleges Inc.,up 34 cents at $5.06
11,787.38. It was the highest close for the An investment analyst upgraded the troubled
Dow since June 25, 2008. rose in December for the sixth month in a education company, saying the return of its
The Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose row, driven by gains in automobile and former CEO would help turn it around.
9.48, or 0.7 percent, to 1,293.24. The furniture sales. Applied Materials Inc.,up $1.07 at $15.31
Treasury prices fell slightly. The yield The chip equipment maker, an Intel supplier,
Nasdaq rose 20.01, or 0.7 percent, to may benefit from the chip giant’s plan to boost
2,755.30. on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note capital spending by more than 70 percent.
Gains were spread across the market. rose to 3.32 percent from 3.30 percent JA Solar Holdings Co.,down 50 cents at $7.17
Consumer staples companies were the late Thursday. The yield is used by An investment analyst downgraded the
lenders to set interest rates on mortgages Chinese solar cell maker because he said
only one of the 10 company groups that dropping prices would hurt its earnings per
make up the S&P 500 index to fall. and other loans. share in 2011.

Launch of iPad newspaper is delayed

By Andrew Vanacore
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS IPad newspaper delay
NEW YORK — News Corp. is push- STOP THE PRESSES: News Corp. is Corp.Chairman Rupert Murdoch and
ing back the launch of the world’s first pushing back the launch of the Apple CEO Steve Jobs were
iPad-only newspaper. world’s first iPad-only newspaper. A scheduled to attend a launch event at
The company declined to comment on person familiar with the matter said the San Francisco Museum of
why. But a person familiar with the mat- the holdup will be a matter of weeks, Modern Art.
ter, who spoke on condition of anonymi- although the company declined to WHAT IT IS: The company has staffed
ty because the person was not authorized comment on the reason for the delay. bureaus around the country and has
to disclose details, said Friday that News WHAT WAS PLANNED: A formal already been producing mockup
Corp. and iPad maker Apple Inc. have announcement about the new editions.The Daily will cover general
decided to delay the launch while they publication, called The Daily, had news,culture and entertainment and
Industrial production rises by work on the technology involved in pro-
viding subscriptions.
been slated for Wednesday. News will include video.

largest amount in months This person said the holdup will be

weeks and not months.
A formal announcement about the
producing mockup editions. The Daily
will cover general news, culture and
entertainment and will include video.
a fraction of what it does in print, and
few publications have been able to suc-
cessfully charge readers for online
By Jeannine Aversa
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS new publication, called The Daily, had Since going on sale last year, the iPad access to stories.
been slated for Wednesday. News Corp. has kindled new hopes for professional News Corp. has revealed few details
WASHINGTON — Industrial production rose in December Chairman Rupert Murdoch and Apple journalism in the digital age. about The Daily. It has not said, for
by the largest amount in five months, providing the economy CEO Steve Jobs were scheduled to Traditional publishers are betting the instance, what it will charge readers, if
with solid momentum heading into the new year. attend a launch event at the San iPad and its imitators can help provide anything. But the company has been at
Activity at the nation’s factories, mines and utilities Francisco Museum of Modern Art. new sources of advertising and sub- the forefront of efforts to get subscrip-
increased 0.8 percent last month, the Federal Reserve said The delay was reported earlier by The scription revenue. tion fees for digital content.
Friday. Industrial production was up in every month but one in Wall Street Journal, which is also owned And many of them need it. The eco- The Wall Street Journal’s website has
2010. by News Corp. nomics of news on the broader Web have required a paid subscription for 14 years
Overall industrial activity has risen 11 percent since hitting The company has staffed bureaus been brutal for print publishers. Space and the newspaper charges for its iPad
its recession low in June 2009. But it is still 6 percent below around the country and has already been for Web advertising typically sells at just app.
its peak reached in September 2007.
Factory production, the biggest slice of industrial output,
rose 0.4 percent, the sixth straight monthly increase. Makers of
computers and electronic products, clothing and leather, chem-
icals and other products were among the industries seeing
Holiday spending ‘record’not as good as it looks
By Ellen Gibson clear $478 billion to signify spending counts early, while December was a lit-
gains. But auto production dipped. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS was back to pre-recession levels. tle weaker. But stores didn’t have to
“Manufacturing looks like it is doing its job and moving the That’s not all. slash prices as Christmas approached the
economy ahead,” said John Silvia, chief economist at Wells Holiday spending reached the highest The population of the U.S. has grown way they did in 2009, and many mer-
Fargo. level on record last year, but that news by 8 million people since the previous chants reported strong growth.
isn’t as good as it sounds. record was set. That means there were This past season’s revenue marked a
Other economic reports: The $462 billion in holiday spending millions more shoppers in stores this 5.7 percent increase over holiday 2009.
• Retail sales rose for a sixth consecutive month in reported by a trade group on Friday Christmas, driving up the sales total. But That’s the strongest gain since 2004.
December, the Commerce Department said. Sales are 13.5 per- handily tops the $453 billion peak the average spending per person is still While encouraging, that doesn’t mean
cent above the recession low hit in December 2008. reached in 2007, before the economy lower than it was a few years ago, sug- shoppers have recovered from the loss
• Consumer prices rose 0.5 percent last month, the largest took a nosedive. Take a closer look, gesting consumers are still slower to pull of $11 trillion in household wealth.
increase in 18 months and a reflection of rising gas prices, the though, and you’ll find these figures out their wallets. From consumers’ perspective, the econ-
Labor Department said. But outside of energy costs, there was don’t tell the whole story. “Everyone is talking about great holi- omy hasn’t improved dramatically from
little sign of widespread inflation. Core inflation, which strips Just because Americans spent more day sales, and it’s undeniable that the last year, as credit remains tight, unem-
out volatile energy and food, was up just 0.1 percent in this holiday season doesn’t mean they consumer mood has improved. But even ployment hasn’t budged below 9 per-
December. bought more. That button-down shirt if spending surpassed its previous peak, cent, and home values are still
• U.S. businesses added to their inventories for an 11th con- you bought your father in 2010 probably the population has been growing, so depressed. Consumer confidence is hov-
secutive month in November as sales posted another strong cost more than it would have three years we’re still catching up,” said Chris ering at the same level as a year ago and
increase, Commerce said. ago. But the government figures on Christopher, senior economist at IHS well below the point that signals a stable
Jeffrey Lacker, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of which the National Retail Federation Global Insight. economy.
Richmond, said in a speech Friday that recent economic activ- bases its holiday sum do not take into The holiday season is defined by the Michelle Lee, an administrative assis-
ity suggests the economic recovery is through its soft patch. account rising prices. Although inflation NRF as the two months starting Nov. 1 tant in Queens, New York, gave herself a
He said he expects stronger growth this year, between 3.5 per- has been tame over the past few years, and ending Dec. 31. November revenue tight budget for Christmas shopping this
cent and 4 percent. holiday spending would have had to was strong as retailers rolled out dis- year and did not go a penny over.
Weekend, Jan. 15-16, 2011

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• A’s close to signing pitcher Balfour, page 17

M-A wins
Colts take down rival Bay soccer
By Nathan Mollat

Skyline guard Richard Azure, more often

By Julio Lara
than not, will be the smallest player on the DAILY JOURNAL STAFF
floor whenever he plays.
But all you need to know about the 5-foot- Round one for soccer supremacy in the
5 freshman out of Lincoln High in San Jose is Peninsula Athletic League’s Bay Division was a
this: He was the Most Valuable Player of the hard-fought, heated, physical contest between
Bone Game — the annual Thanksgiving Day Burlingame and Menlo-Atherton.
football game between Lincoln and San Jose Landing the first proverbial blow and therefore
high schools. taking the upper hand in the season battle: The
“He told me that about a month ago and I Bears.
just said, ‘What?’” said Cañada coach Peter Maybe the only thing better than a great fight
Diepenbrock. between two soccer heavyweights is the thought
Azure may be small in stature, but he had a of the rematch. So take our word for it, if you’re
big game against rival Skyline Friday night in free February 9 at 4 p.m., you’ll definitely want
San Bruno as he scored 19 points — includ- to head over to Burlingame high for the round
ing four 3-pointers — in the Colts’ 76-58 win two.
over the Trojans. Despite a second half that can only be
“In games, he’s hit one or two (3s),” described as a frenzy by the Panthers (3-1 Bay
Diepenbrock said. “Today was definitely his Division), M-A (3-0-1 Bay Division), behind two
best game of the year.” first-half goals by Edgardo Nolina, held on to win
Azure needed to have a big game because the game 2-1. For their efforts, the Bears sit all
Skyline did everything in its power to shut alone atop the PAL Bay division.
down Cañada’s two main scorers: Peter “As far as importance (it’s the best win of the
Pappageorge and Izzy Tueta, who were held year),” said Menlo-Atherton coach Jacob
to a combined eight points. Pickard. “We’ve had better performances, but it’s
“I thought we did a fantastic job of [shut- a quality opponent, so yes, it’s certainly up there.”
ting those two down],” said Skyline coach For those that circled this game on their calen-
Justin Piergrossi. dars at the beginning of the season, the match-up
The rest of the Colts, however, picked up did not disappoint. Burlingame came in at a per-
the slack. In addition to Azure’s 19, Steve fect 3-0 while the Bears suffered a hiccup in
Sanders added 19 as well. game two of their season when they drew against
Perhaps Skyline was too worried about Terra Nova.
Pappageorege and Tueta and forgot about the The Panthers came out the aggressors, taking it
other Colts’ players. After staying close early, to the Bears in their house and owning the first
the Trojans trailed by 14 at halftime. Despite five minutes of the game. But seemingly on their
cutting the deficit to six points in the second heels, M-A showed how quick and dangerous it
half, the Trojans just couldn’t get over the can be offensively, especially with the speed of
hump. Nolina up front.
“Offensively, we were not very good,” In the sixth minute, Gerry Cruz played a terrif-
Piergrossi said. “We weren’t very patient. We ic lob from just before the centerline deep to
didn’t have good shot selection. We didn’t get Nolina, who seconds before had turned on his jets
up the floor fast enough. Plus, we missed and was now behind the Burlingame defense.
some free throws.” Skillfully the striker settled the ball, made his
Skyline (0-3 Coast Conference North, 8-8 way on goal and beat the Burlingame goalkeeper
overall) had good intentions early in each half with a clinical finish for the score to stun the
— the Trojans worked the ball inside to their Panthers.
post players — but after some early success, “I just did what I could do,” Nolina said of his
the Colts forced Skyline to play from the goal. “That’s what we all came to do today — do
what we can do to win.”
Despite defensive pressure from Skyline’s Art Fodor,left,Cañada’s Steve Sanders knocks down
See COLTS, Page 14 this shot for 2 of his 19 points during the Colts’76-58 win over the Trojans. See BEARS, Page 14

El Camino girls outlast Carlmont

By Julio Lara ters, shooting 18 percent from the
“Doesn’t matter,a W
game’s first period, the Scots only The three-point lead would stay
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF floor and turning the ball over 19 led by four going into the second intact with Carlmont continuing to
times in the game. is a W. No matter quarter. struggle from the floor despite dom-
The great thing about wins is that “Doesn’t matter, a W is a W,” said And perhaps the game was lost inating the glass. Rachel Kaiser, the
they don’t have to be pretty to feel El Camino head coach Erin what the score is.” there. Carlmont managed three senior center, played tough in the
good. Oliveira. “No matter what the score — El Camino coach Erin Oliveira points in the second, failing to hit a paint for the Scots and pulled down
Just ask the El Camino girls bas- is.” shot in the frame. The Colts, behind 12 rebounds.
ketball team. In a season where the wins have by a Carlmont team that went stone some great transition baskets by Despite their struggles, Carlmont
The Colts beat Carlmont 32-28 been scarce, the victory on the road cold after the first quarter, shooting Mariangelica Maurille, erased the continued to battle and stepped it up
Friday night despite scoring a lone must have felt stupendous. 6 of 45 from the field. Despite eight deficit and built a three-point lead
field goal in two of the four quar- El Camino was aided in large part points from Natalie Leist in the going into halftime. See GIRLS, Page 14
12 Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Stanford’s Shaw a chip off the old block

By Janie McCauley “The receivers started coming to what this profes- place I’ve ever coached,” Willie receivers because I was always the
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS me and saying: ‘Coach, your son, he sion does to peo- Shaw said of Stanford. “It’s so guy who was hard on them with their
knows what we’re doing. He watches ple and their rewarding to see this happen 18 years splits and their depth and their
STANFORD — Willie Shaw what we’re doing in meetings, how families?”’ later. Now I’m thinking, I didn’t get it routes,” David Shaw said.
remembers when he first took his we’re putting in plays and he asks Shaw’s dad before, maybe that was why. This is “I had this itch. Once we start we
teenage son to Lions training camp. questions about it,”’ said Willie became emo- even more rewarding than if I had can’t do anything else. We dive into
David Shaw, in junior high at the Shaw, always a defensive coach him- tional Thursday gotten it back then. I’m really so it. We sleep in our offices and work
time and an aspiring receiver, stayed self. “After that, he would come to for other reasons proud.” insane hours. Our passion for the
in the dormitory with his father, training camp every year and I knew — namely the David Shaw wound up a receiver at game and for the guys we coach, it
shagged balls for the wideouts and he was probably going to go into David Shaw pride he felt see- Stanford, where he received his soci- comes to a point where you can’t
even sat in on their position meetings. coaching because he was around it so ing his son step ology degree and initially had plans hide it.”
much. I’ve got pictures of him when into the top job at Stanford at age 38. of working in the financial world. He Shaw takes over after Harbaugh
He spent about three weeks work-
This family has come full circle on played for the Cardinal from 1991-94 departed last Friday to become coach
ing behind the scenes for Detroit that he was 3 years old and I was coach-
The Farm, where Willie Shaw was a
summer of 1985. It was then when ing at Stanford and he was on the under Green and Walsh. of the San Francisco 49ers. A big
finalist for the head coaching job in
Willie Shaw — a longtime NFL and practice field.” When Shaw learned of a coaching bonus for Shaw: Orange Bowl MVP
1992 — with his son then on the
college assistant — realized his son Still, when David Shaw broke the team — when the late Hall of Fame job at Western Washington quarterback and Heisman Trophy
might one day have the coaching news to his mother, Gay, that he did coach Bill Walsh decided at the last University in Bellingham, Wash., he runner-up Andrew Luck is returning
bug, too. indeed want to coach, she could bare- minute to return for a second stint took the leap. for another season rather than declar-
Two and a half decades later, ly take the news. Her son was follow- coaching the Cardinal. And he realized it was the right ing for the NFL draft.
David Shaw is Stanford’s new coach, ing in his father’s footsteps in a pres- Willie Shaw instead went to the move “the first day of practice.” “It’s nice not having to learn a new
promoted from offensive coordinator sure-packed profession. Vikings as the defensive backs coach Clearly, this is in his blood. playbook, to be able to hit spring ball
to replace Jim Harbaugh and keep “’Haven’t you seen what has hap- under Dennis Green. “My father had a huge influence on running like you were just on the
this program rolling on the heels of a pened in our lives?”’ David Shaw “I coached here twice. This place is me getting into coaching. My last field in the bowl game,” Luck said. “I
12-1 season and Orange Bowl victo- said, repeating his mother’s words still in my heart. It’s my favorite two years (as a player) I was referred think that definitely helps in terms of
ry. and reaction. “’Don’t you understand to as coach Shaw by the younger making a smooth transition.”

Golden State
Your Local Newspaper Supporting beats Clippers
The Community with late run
By Antonio Gonzalez

As your local San Mateo County newspaper it is important to the Daily Journal to be involved OAKLAND — The most important stretch of games for the
Golden State Warriors this season is starting to produce the kind of
in the community, support local charitable organizations, fundraising events and local events. results they’ve been looking for.
Monta Ellis scored 30 points, Stephen Curry had 23 and the
Warriors pulled away late for a 122-112 victory over the Los Angeles
Clippers on Friday night in their second game of a huge home stretch.
“The next week and a half will really tell our season,” Ellis said.
“Being in the West, we can’t fall back two games. Two games is like
Events supported by the Daily Journal in 2010 four or five in the West.”
Vladimir Radmanovic hit a pair of 3-pointers during the key 10-0
Jan. 18 MLK Freedom Train, San Mateo July 31 American Cancer Society Relay for Life, Millbrae run in the fourth quarter that sealed the win. He finished with 13
Jan. 23 Millbrae Health & Wellness Faire, Millbrae August 1 Tour de Peninsula, San Mateo points and David Lee added 19 points and nine rebounds for the
Feb. 27 Burlingame Community for Education Fundraiser, Burlingame August 21 Mutt Strutt, San Mateo Warriors.
March 9 Art in Action Luncheon, Menlo Park August 28 Senior Showcase, Menlo Park Blake Griffin had 28 points and 13 rebounds, and Eric Gordon
March 19 So. San Francisco Senior Health Fair, So. San Francisco August 28 Fire Department Chili Cookoff, San Mateo- scored 28 for a Clippers team that failed again to piece together a four-
March 21 NAACP Luncheon, Burlingame August 29 Paint Burlingame, Burlingame game winning streak. Los Angeles was trying to win four in a row for
April 3 Eggstravaganza, San Mateo August 31 Taste of San Bruno, San Bruno the first time since the beginning of the 2007-08 season after a big vic-
April 10 Master Gardeners Plant Sale, San Mateo Sept 4-5 Millbrae Art & Wine Fair, Millbrae tory over Miami earlier this week.
April 10 San Carlos Rotary Club Fundraiser, San Carlos Sept 10 San Carlos Park & Recreation Golf Tournament, San Mateo “We can’t let down just because we lost this game,” Gordon said.
April 11 Peninsula Humane Society Fashion for Compassion, Burlingame Sept 13 Community Gatepath Golf Tournament, Stanford “We have some big games coming up. This is a lesson. We just have
April 17 Community Gatepath Gala, San Mateo Sept 18 Disaster Preparedness Day, Menlo Park to get back to playing basketball like we were.”
April 24 Sunshine Gardens Elementary School Sept 18 So. San Francisco Day in the Park, So. San Francisco The Clippers’ neighbors to the north weren’t about to become the
Walk – A – Thon, So. San Francisco Sept 19 San Mateo Rotary Fun Run, San Mateo milestone marker.
April 25 Pacific Coast Dream Machines, Half Moon Bay Sept 19 Neighbors for Neighbors, San Bruno Radmanovic broke a 106-all tie on a 3-pointer with a little more
April 26 Mills Peninsula Women’s Luncheon, Burlingame Sept 22 San Mateo Business Expo, San Mateo than 3 minutes remaining. He followed up with another, and Lee and
April 27 San Mateo Area Chamber Taste of San Mateo, San Mateo Sept 24 Gary Yates Golf Tournament, San Mateo Ellis hit layups to help Golden State go in front by double-digits for a
May 1 Samaritan House Fundraiser, San Mateo Sept 25 Taste Desserts for Literacy, Menlo Park much-needed win after a demoralizing, last-minute loss to Kobe
May 4 CORA Spring Awakening, Menlo Park Sept 25 Burlingame Pet Parade, Burlingame Bryant and the Lakers on Wednesday night.
May 7 Hiller Aviation Golf Tournament, San Mateo Sept 25 San Mateo Senior Fair, San Mateo The game was just the second in a long stretch of home games for
May 12 Victory Over Stroke, Millbrae Oct 2 CRUSH Make-A-Wish Fundraiser, San Carlos Golden State that includes playing 13 of 14 at Oracle Arena. The
May 15 Senior Showcase, Burlingame Oct 7 One Book One Community Kick-off Event, San Mateo Warriors will need a strong showing during this part of their schedule
May 16 Green Fair, Burlingame Oct 8-10 Chocolatefest, Belmont — which started with the loss to the Lakers — to have any chance to
May 22 NDNU Presidents Gala, Belmont Oct 9-10 San Carlos Art & Wine Faire, San Carlos jump into the playoff mix.
May 22 Redwood City Pet Parade, Redwood City Oct 21 Community Gatepath Possibilities Breakfast, Burlingame “We got to build this momentum. We got to get this thing moving,”
May 23 San Carlos Rotary Fun Run, San Carlos Oct 23 Peninsula Oktoberfest, Redwood City Warriors coach Keith Smart said. “It’s like moving a rock up a moun-
May 24 Peninsula Humane Society Golf Tournament, San Mateo Nov 5-7 International Latino Film Festival, Redwood City tain. We have to keep pushing that rock and take advantage of this
May 27 Victory Over Stroke, Palo Alto Nov 5-7 San Mateo Library Book Sale, San Mateo time here, because you don’t get these opportunities that often.”
June 5-6 Foster City Art & Wine Festival, Foster City Nov 12-14 Harvest Festival, San Mateo This one was just their type of game, too.
June 6 Posy Parade, San Bruno Nov 19 Senior Showcase, Foster City The offensive outpouring gave fans looking for fantastic finishes at
June 11 HIP Housing Luncheon, Redwood City Nov 29 So. San Francisco Fun Run, So. San Francisco the rim all they could handle. At the center of many of them, of
June 12-13 Burlingame Art in the Park, Burlingame Nov 27-Dec 4 Peninsula Ballet Nutcracker, San Mateo course, was the high-flying rookie.
June 12-21 San Mateo County Fair, San Mateo Dec 3 Night of Lights, Half Moon Bay Griffin took off for a dunk just inside the free throw line on his first
June 13 Tour de Cure, Palo Alto Dec 4 Hometown Holidays, Redwood City attempt only to be fouled by Andris Biedrins and miss. No matter,
June 19 Hiller Aviation Museum Vertical Challenge, Belmont Griffin converted an alley-oop dunk from Baron Davis on the next
June 25 Downtown San Mateo Wine Walk, San Mateo Central Park Music Series, San Mateo possession and had a pair of other slams in the opening quarter — and
June 27 Ryan’s Ride & Burlingame Criterium, Burlingame San Mateo Main Library Film Series, San Mateo many others on this night — to put the Clippers ahead 39-35 after a
July 10 Bike for Breath, Foster City Hot Harvest Nights, San Carlos period in which they shot 70 percent.
July 17-18 Connoisseurs Marketplace, Menlo Park San Mateo Police Activities League The Warriors clamped down and found their rhythm with an 11-0
July 23-24 BluesFest, Redwood City spurt in the second quarter capped by Radmanovic’s 3-pointer. They
July 25 Festa Italiana, San Mateo To inquire about Daily Journal event sponsorship would go ahead by 13 points but went into halftime leading only 69-
July 31 Cars in the Park, Burlingame call (650)344-5200 x114 62.
Neither team could take a big lead for most of the game, which had
15 lead changes and 13 ties. The Warriors went ahead by six with
more than 6 minutes remaining, then Griffin delivered perhaps his
most acrobatic move of the night: a spinning reverse layup that
bounced high off the glass and in — and got the foul on Lee for a
three-point play.
THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 13

Jets’coach ratchets up hype for showdown

By Dennis Waszak Jr. “Certainly the stakes are week. should stop yapping and focus on playing.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS much higher than they Ryan kicked things off by praising “That’s his opinion,” Ryan said. “We’re
were the last time,” Brady Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning, say- always going to be who we are. Reggie Jackson
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — As if this thing said, referring to the ing no one studies the game quite so hard, even is always who he was. We could use Reggie’s
needed more hype. Patriots’ 45-3 rout last though Brady thinks he does. Then, Ryan said bat this week.”
Rex Ryan said this about the New England month. “Each can execute, the game was “personal” between him and To their credit, the Patriots stayed mostly
Patriots during his final news conference before certainly, at a very high Belichick. Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie quiet — under orders from Belichick, of
Sunday’s AFC divisional playoff: level against great compe- took things to another level of nastiness when course, who rarely gets into verbal confronta-
• The Jets respected them but didn’t fear tition and that’s going to be he called Brady a dirty word, while he and his tions with other teams through the media.
them; Rex Ryan part of the reason why coach accused the Patriots quarterback of But after Patriots owner Robert Kraft told the
• The game ranks right behind the Broadway there is going to be mil- showboating and pointing at their sideline after Associated Press he won’t judge the Jets and
Joe Super Bowl win in 1969; lions of people tuned in for the game on a late touchdown. prefers his team does its talking with its play,
• And, yes, the Jets would win. Sunday.” Jets wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery said the wide receiver Wes Welker made several refer-
No expletives. That these teams clearly don’t like each other Patriots spread their arms out like planes — the ences to feet in his news conference Thursday.
— at all — would be another. touchdown celebration some New York players It was apparently a dig at recent foot-fetish
“I think it’ll be huge,” the coach said Friday.
“One thing I can tell you right now,” Ryan use — after an interception in the last meeting. reports involving Ryan.
“This one will probably be the second-biggest
said, “we have plenty of respect for them up
in the history of the franchise.” “When you have a rivalry like this, things are “I think this is a huge rivalry-type game and
there, but we don’t fear them. I can promise
Following a ho-hum week of name-calling, going to come out,” Cotchery said. “People anything goes,” Ryan said, brushing it off. “I
you that. We do not fear them. We respect them
accusations and challenges, New York is look- and we’re going to win the game. That’s our shouldn’t be surprised by any of this. This is a can take it. I’m not going to discuss it, but I can
ing to get past the Patriots and reach the AFC message. It’s our message every week.” contact sport, though, and it’s going to be set- take it.”
championship game for the second straight sea- There have been plenty of other messages tled out there on the field in the end.” But, were Welker’s comments out of line?
son. But Bill Belichick and Tom Brady might sent to and from New York and Boston during Hall of Fame slugger Reggie Jackson, known “I’m not getting into that,” he said.
have something to say about all of that. On the the last few days, making for an interesting to spout off at times during his playing career, “It’s clever,” Cotchery said. “I don’t know if
field, that is. said during a radio interview that Ryan’s guys he intended it or not, but it was clever.”

Cutler a playoff rookie Starks adds wrinkle

to Packers’ backfield
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS last week behind a memo-
rable touchdown run by
LAKE FOREST, Ill. — If Jay Cutler is nervous Marshawn Lynch and a
heading into his first playoff game, it was hard to superb effort by Matt
tell this week. It actually was hard to tell anything Hasselbeck. By Chris Jenkins November, the Falcons certainly don’t plan to
about the strong-armed quarterback’s mindset The three-time Pro Bowl THE ASSOCIATED PRESS allow some rookie to have a big performance
heading into the postseason. quarterback threw for four in Saturday’s playoff game at the Georgia
This time, Cutler avoided the deep route. touchdowns as the Seahawks GREEN BAY, Wis. — The Atlanta Falcons Dome.
“Guys are business as usual,” he said. stunned the Saints 41-36 at were just as surprised as most of the fans sit- “When you can run the ball and pass the
The Chicago Bears will make their first playoff Jay Cutler Qwest Field. Now, he’ll be ting at home. Until this week, they’d never ball, that makes you that much more danger-
appearance in four years when they host the making his club-record 11th heard of Green Bay Packers running back ous,” Lofton said. “They tried to run the ball
Seattle Seahawks in a divisional game on Sunday, postseason start. James Starks, either. against us the first time, and we shut it down.
and Cutler will get his first taste of the postseason. “As a player, it’s the stage that you love to play Before Sunday, Starks was a sixth-round So that’s what we’re looking to do again.”
So it wasn’t exactly business as usual around on,” Hasselbeck said. “It’s so much fun. It’s a pick out of Buffalo who had struggled to get Packers coach Mike McCarthy said Starks
Halas Hall on Friday. blast. I’ve been fortunate to get the opportunity to on the field because of injuries and inconsis- has earned a bigger role in the offense.
Not since the 2006 team made the Super Bowl play in a bunch of playoff games, and you never tent practice habits. Then he rushed for 123 “He’ll have opportunities in Atlanta,”
have the Bears (11-5) been working this late, but forget them.” yards in Green Bay’s 21-16 playoff victory at McCarthy said. “How many, the game will
they’re here thanks to a dramatic turnaround that He remembers feeling “no anxiety” when he Philadelphia. dictate that. He has earned that opportunity
led to the NFC North championship and a first- made his first playoff start in 2003. “He came out of nowhere,” Falcons middle based off his performance this past week.”
round bye. Cutler, meanwhile, is leading a winner The Seahawks were playing his former team linebacker Curtis Lofton said. “I’d never heard Starks says he’s ready.
for the first time since his senior year in high Green Bay for the second time that season and
of Starks. I’d never seen him on film until the “If you love this game, you love having the
school. Hasselbeck learned a lot about playing in the post-
past two weeks. But he’s a talented back.” ball in your hands,” Starks said. “I would love
Now, the Bears are staring at a team that slipped season. He wound up with 305 yards, but Green
Bay won 33-27 in overtime when Al Harris And after smothering the Packers’ running to have that but I’m grateful for whatever I can
into the playoffs with a 7-9 record and knocked off
returned an interception 52 yards for a touchdown. game when the two teams played back in get. I’ll take whatever I’m offered.”
defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans
14 Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

goal was one of pure hustle. On a ball good chances to score.

Ravens, Steelers BEARS Continued from page 11

cleared deep by the M-A defense,
Nolina sped to the ball as it bounced
near the Burlingame 18. After it hit the
turf once, Nolina caught up to it and
Burlingame was finally rewarded in
the 70th minute on another great play
started by Bonomo. It was his through
ball that found Mark Lopez, who fired

meet for 3rd time

flicked it over a crashing Burlingame
“We were able to use him as a great defender and keeper. He then turned a shot from the left side that beat the
attacking weapon,” Pickard said. “He and basically chaperoned the ball into M-A keeper, struck the crossbar and
was able to use his speed, get forward the net for the 2-0 lead. went straight down into the turf. Farley,
and put the ball in the back of the net.” Up by two, and with Burlingame who had continued his run, then
By Alan Robinson the last four games was decided by Burlingame continued to pressure cleaned up and put Lopez’s shot into
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS three points. The combined score since possessing some potent firepower of
the Bears and almost equalized in the their own, M-A knew they were in for the back of the net.
2003 is Ravens 302, Steelers 302. 20th minute on a brilliant through ball
PITTSBURGH — Looks like anoth- Still, the Ravens are 0-2 in the post- a battle in the game’s latter 40. But it was too little, too late for the
by Stefano Bonomo that found Stewart “I think both teams were really up
er winter classic in Pittsburgh. season in Heinz Field, where new sod Farley. But the M-A keeper was up to Panthers — but it wasn’t for a lack of
Some NFL rivalries are manufac- was put down amid a series of snowy for this game,” Pickard said. “We both effort. As far as finishing is concern, it
the task to preserve the 1-0 lead. knew the importance of it. We definite-
tured. Some ebb and flow depending days that followed the NHL’s Winter just wasn’t their afternoon.
Back and forth the sides went, ly were more focused than we have
on the teams’ records. Then there’s Classic between the Capitals and
exchanging some hard tackles in the been, but I thought it was a great per- “I just really wanted these guys not
Ravens vs. Steelers, one that is as real Penguins on Jan. 1. That was hockey in
midfield, most of which did not go formance.” to give up,” Sharabi said. “They
as it gets. The the rain. This will be football with snow
called by the head referee, much to the The Panthers came out firing — in showed their heart, they showed
games usually are flurries, temperatures in the 20s and chagrin of Burlingame head coach
meaningful, with emotions that will be super heated. the opening minute Bonomo ripped a they’re not going to back down, they’re
Mike Sharabi. shot from 30 yards out that almost not going to pushed around. We fought
an intensity that Former Steelers linebacker Joey
isn’t faked and a Porter proved that when he tried to Not one to hide his discontent, shaved the M-A crossbar. It was the hard. It was a tough road game and,
physicality that Sharabi would be booked later in the sign of things to come. you can’t win them all, and we’re
climb aboard the Ravens’ bus and fight
caused Pittsburgh half. Burlingame pressed, coming close going to move on and we’re going to
Lewis in 2003. So did Plaxico Burress
wide receiver and James Trapp when they fought on Adding to this angst was the speed to pulling one back on a number of win the next game. The next time we
Hines Ward to the field in 2002. So did the Ravens, of Nolina, who scored once again, this occasions. For the half, the Panthers see these guys at our place I think it’s
label it the Black who stood mocking an oft-sacked Ben time in the 32nd minute. His second got off 11 shots, eight of which were going to be a different result.”
Ray Lewis and Blue Bowl. Roethlisberger in 2006. Perhaps that discrepancy, it was the Colts who put the nail in the Trojans’ coffin.
The eighth meeting in three seasons
between AFC North rivals that are alike
in makeup and personality will leave
the winner one victory short of the
wasn’t a good idea; Roethlisberger is 6-
0 against them since then.
“We’re similar styles, we’re physical
and we try to impose our will on each
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always seemed to get the crucial
“We never finished the posses-
After making a majority of his shots
from the perimeter, Azure received a
pass on the wing, drove the baseline
sion,” Piergrossi said. “We’d get the and spun a shot up and in, drew the
Super Bowl. The survivor of Saturday’s other,” Steelers nose tackle Casey contested shot and give up the foul and nailed the free throw for a
AFC divisional game meets the winner Hampton said. “I think both teams try “I thought after we made those offensive rebound.” three-point play and a 69-54 lead
of Sunday’s Jets-Patriots game in the to see themselves as bullies.” couple of runs, we’d drop the ball in with 5:30 left in the game.
Cañada (2-1, 13-2) held a slim 24-
AFC championship game on Jan. 23. For the Ravens, perhaps there’s a the post, or miss free throws,” 21 lead with 8:59 to play in the first
Yes, another big Ravens-Steelers tinge of envy that the Steelers always Piergrossi said. “We were able to play our game a
half before the Colts pulled away
game, only a month and 10 days since seem to gain the upper hand when it Cañada, on the other hand, did a little more than they played their
with a 14-3 run to close the half
the last. Yet many in Baltimore and matters; they are 2-8 against good job of getting production from game,” Diepenbrock said.
with a 38-24 lead.
Pittsburgh couldn’t wait for it. Roethlisberger. Ravens quarterback Joe both their frontcourt and backcourt. Skyline opened the half with a 7- Skyline was led by Simon
“Both sides know when the whistle Flacco, who threw two touchdown Cañada forward Josh Tueta scored 0 run to cut its deficit to eight, 38- Enciso’s 14 points, but he was the
blows, you’re going to get what we got passes in a 30-7 wild-card dismantling all eight of his points in the first half 30, and after Deonte Smith made lone Trojan to score in double fig-
and we’re going to get what they got,” of Kansas City last weekend, is 0-5 from within eight feet of the basket. one of two free throws with 12:07 to ures.
said Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, when he starts against Roethlisberger. “We try to be a balanced team play, the Trojans were down just six,
whose renowned nastiness fits perfect- While Baltimore is 7-3 in road play- offensively,” Diepenbrock said. 50-44. “We didn’t do a whole lot well,”
ly into a rivalry where emotions run off games, Pittsburgh is 8-0 — zero
high and scores run low. “So, once The Colts did an excellent job on Once again, the Colts made a late Piergrossi said. “We’ve played 16
losses in 40 years — when it meets a the boards as well, out-rebounding charge to put the game away. They games and this is in the bottom one
again — I love to use this — here we division rival in the postseason.
go again.” the Trojans 32-28. While not a huge were down 12, 66-54, when Azure or two (performances).”
“Some stats you keep up with, some
The Ravens and Steelers tied with rebounded once again by Kaiser.
12-4 regular-season records, but
Pittsburgh earned a first-round bye
based on its superior division record —
you don’t care about,” Lewis said. “I
don’t care. We can’t pack a bag with 40
years on it and say, ‘Hey guys, look
what we haven’t done in 40 years.’
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Unfortunately for Carlmont, they
were unaware that they were out of
timeouts and mistakenly called one
one made possible by its improbable Forget it.” to stop the clock. After the score-
13-10 win in Baltimore on Dec. 5. The The Ravens rebounded from last
defensively in the fourth quarter. books were consulted and it was
Ravens were within a couple of first month’s loss to win their last five, with
While they held the Colts to a single confirmed that they were indeed out
downs of securing a 10-6 win, but Pro Heap — who missed nearly all the
field goal, they’ll look back and see of stoppages, the Scots were called
Bowl safety Troy Polamalu caused a Dec. 5 game with a hamstring injury —
that their 13 second-half turnovers for a technical foul and the Colts
Joe Flacco fumble that led to Ben making 10 catches against Kansas City.
most likely did them in. iced the game from the line for their
Roethlisberger’s winning 9-yard touch- Ray Rice was held to 52 yards in the first league win.
down pass with 2:51 remaining. two regular-season games, but is the
Just like that, a season flipped. But Still, with 10 seconds left on the
only opposing back in 50 games to run clock Carlmont was only down two
Steelers coach Mike Tomlin cautions for more than 100 yards against the
the Ravens are capable of “flipping the points. Having no choice but to foul, Julio Lara can be reached by e-mail:
Steelers’ league-leading rushing they sent Maurille to line for a 1- or by phone:
script” in a series that’s so close, each of
defense. and-1. Maurille’s shot was short and (650) 344-5200 ext. 109.
THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 15
15 16 17 18 19 20 21 WHAT’S ON TAP NBA GLANCE NHL GLANCE
vs. Blues
7:30 p.m.
at Phx
1 p.m.
at Van.
7 p.m.
Boys Basketball
CSN-CAL CSN-CAL CSN-CAL Bellarmine at Serra,7:30 p.m. Atlantic Division Atlantic Division
Boston 30 9 .769 — Philadelphia 28 11 5 61 152 118
TUESDAY New York 22 17 .564 8
Boys Basketball Pittsburgh 27 14 4 58 143 107
vs. Nets vs.Pacers vs.Kings Philadelphia 16 23 .410 14
Toronto 13 26 .333 17 N.Y.Rangers 26 16 3 55 128 109
1 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. Crystal Springs Uplands at Woodside Priory, 6:30
p.m.; Sacred Heart Prep at Menlo,TBA New Jersey 10 29 .256 20 N.Y.Islanders 13 22 7 33 101 140
Southeast Division New Jersey 12 29 2 26 83 135
W L Pct GB Northeast Division
Girls Basketball Miami 30 11 .732 — W L OT Pts GF GA
LOCAL SCOREBOARD Menlo Atherton at Burlingame,Aragon at Mills,San
Mateo at Terra Nova, Half Moon Bay at Carlmont,
3 1/2
4 Boston 24 12 7 55 130 98
Oceana at El Camino,South San Francisco at West- Charlotte 15 22 .405 13 Montreal 24 17 3 51 109 105
GIRLS’BASKETBALL Genignanai 1 0-0 3,Yu 4 0-0 8,Lyons 2 1-2 5.Totals moor,Capuchino at Woodside,Hillsdale at Jefferson Washington 10 27 .270 18 Buffalo 19 19 5 43 118 126
Sequoia 41,Woodside 32 15 5-9 37. (all double-headers), 4:30 p.m.; Sacred Heart Prep Central Division Toronto 18 21 4 40 113 130
Woodside 8 4 12 8 — 32 Hillsdale 53,Terra Nova 32 at Menlo,6 p.m.;Crystal Springs Uplands at Mercy-
Sequoia 14 7 10 10 — 41 W L Pct GB Ottawa 17 22 6 40 101 139
Hillsdale 11 14 7 21 — 53 Burlingame,6 p.m. Chicago 26 13 .667 —
WOODSIDE (fg ftm-fta tp) — Rhodes 0 3-4 3,Lucas Terra Nova 3 11 11 7 — 32 Southeast Division
2 1-2 5,Verdiano 5 2-3 12, Michaels 4 1-3 9, Ruiz 0 TERRA NOVA (fg ftm-fta tp) — P.Titchener 1 0-3 2 Indiana 16 21 .432 9
1-2 1, Aguilar 1 0-2 2. Totals 12 8-16 32. SEQUOIA Spaholz 1 0-0 2 Mailangi 1 1-2 4 Rocafer 1 0-0 2 Girls Soccer Milwaukee 14 23 .378 11
Detroit 13 26 .333 13 Tampa Bay 26 14 5 57 133 142
— Albin 1 0-0 3,Alo 1 0-4 2,Matiatoga 5 4-8 14,G. Vargas 0 2-2 2 Marhsall 1 0-4 2 Manessis 3 0-0 6 J. Carlmont at Aragon, Burlingame at San Mateo, Washington 24 14 7 55 128 120
Prieto 1 0-0 2,Serrano 0 2-2 2,Woo 6 2-3 18.Totals Titchener 2 2-7 6 DeSouza 0 2-2 2 Virgin 2 0-2 4 Westmoor at South San Francisco, Capuchino at Cleveland 8 31 .205 18
14 8-17 41.3-pointers — Woo 4,Albin (S).Records Total 12 7-22 65. HILLSDALE — Pagano 1 0-0 3 Jefferson,3 p.m.;Mills at El Camino,3:30 p.m.;Menlo Atlanta 22 17 7 51 142 145
— Sequoia 1-1 PAL Lake, 10-6 overall; Woodside
S.Cecil 1 0-0 2 G.Cecil 1 0-1 2 Houston 2 0-0
5 Mahoney 10 2-2 26 Vuatalevu 3 0-0 6 Bautista
Atherton at Terra Nova, 4 p.m.; Hillsdale at Wood-
side,Sequioa at Half Moon Bay,5:45 p.m.
Jefferson 45,Capuchino 33 1 5-6 7 Taylor 1 0-0 2 Mikhail 0 0-2 0 Totals 20 Southwest Division
Jefferson 12 7 12 14 — 45 7-11 53.3-pointers — TN- Mailangi H- Mahoney W L Pct GB
Capuchino 7 9 11 6 — 33 4,Houston,Pagano
San Antonio 34 6 .850 — WESTERN CONFERENCE
CAPUCHINO (fg ftm-fta tp) — De La Torre 1 0-0 2, Records — Terra Nova (3-7, 0-2 PAL Ocean), Hills- Boys Soccer Dallas 26 12 .684 7 Central Division
Lewis 3 0-0 8, Alonzo 4 2-4 10, Brazil 0 2-2 2, Guer- dale (9-5,PAL Ocean 1-1) Aragon at Carlmont, Mills at South San Francisco, New Orleans 24 16 .600 10
rero 2 0-1 5, McDaid 0 0-4 0, Misculin 2 0-0 4, Sacred Heart Prep 74, Eastside 33 El Camino at San Mateo, Capuchino at Hillsdale, Memphis 18 21 .462 15 1/2 W L OT Pts GF GA
Sanchez 1 0-0 2.Totals 13 4-11 33. JEFFERSON — Sacred Heart Prep 18 21 22 13 — 74 Half Moon Bay at Jefferson, 3 p.m.; Menlo-Ather- Houston 17 23 .425 17 Detroit 27 11 6 60 151 126
Ocenada 1 2-4 4, Delara 7 4-5 17, Morales 2 0-0 4, Eastside 8 13 7 5 — 33 ton at Terra Nova, 4 p.m.; Westmoor at Sequoia, Northwest Division Nashville 23 14 6 52 113 101
Martinez 2 2-2 8,Eison 2 0-0 4,San Juan 3 2-5 8.To- SACRED HEART PREP (fg ftm-fta tp) — McConnell Burlingame at Woodside,5:45 p.m.;Serra at St.Fran- W L Pct GB Chicago 24 18 3 51 142 124
tals 15 10-16 45. 4 4-6 16,M.McNamara 0 2-2 2,Bruni 1 1-2 3,P.Mc- cis, 3:15 p.m.; Menlo at King’s Academy, Crystal Oklahoma City 27 13 .675 — St.Louis 21 16 6 48 117 124
Mercy SF 29,Sacred Heart Prep 19 Namara 2 0-1 4, C. McConnell 5 0-0 13,Terndrup Springs Uplands at Priory, Sacred Heart Prep at Utah 27 13 .675 —
Eastside Prep,TBA Columbus 21 20 3 45 113 136
Sacred Heart Prep 6 1 5 7 — 19 5 2-2 13,W.McConnell 7 2-2 16,O’Donnell 2 0-0 4, Denver 22 16 .579 4
Mercy SF 11 8 2 8 — 29 A.Baloff 1 1-2 3,Totals 27 12-17 74. Portland 20 20 .500 7 Northwest Division
SACRED HEART PREP (fg ftm-fta tp) — Gannon 3 EASTSIDE — Walker 1 3-4 5,Baldwin 0 1-2 1,Carter Boys Basketball Minnesota 10 30 .250 17 W L OT Pts GF GA
1-2 8,Suzuki 1 0-0 3 Sheridan 2 3-4 7,Donahoe 0 1- 1 0-0 3,Walton 2 0-2 4,Van Hook 5 0-0 10,Bishop 4 Pacific Division Vancouver 29 9 6 64 149 105
2 1 Total 6 5-8 19. MERCY SF — Chen 3 0-1 7, 0-2 8,Gray 1 0-0 2.3-pointers — R.McConnell 4,C. Menlo-Atherton at Burlingame, Aragon at El
Camino, Half Moon Bay at Carlmont, Hillsdale at W L Pct GB Colorado 23 16 6 52 148 143
Mariano 1 2-2 5, Haight 1 0-0 2, Masoli, 3 2-4 8, McConnell 3,Terndrup 3 Mills, Jefferson at Terra Nova, Capuchino at West- L.A.Lakers 30 11 .732 — Minnesota 21 18 5 47 109 127
Sabahi 3 1-2 7 Total:11 5-9 29. Records — Sacred Heart Prep (12-2,4-0),Eastside moor,Oceana at San Mateo,South San Francisco at Phoenix 17 21 .447 11 1/2
3-pointers — SHP - Gannon, Suzuki. MSF - Chen, Calgary 19 20 5 43 120 131
(5-10,0-5) Woodside (all game double-headers), 4:30 p.m.; Golden State 16 23 .410 13
Mariano Carlmont 50,Mills 43 L.A.Clippers 13 25 .342 5 1/2 Edmonton 14 21 7 35 108 143
Serra at Sacred Heart Cathedral,7:30 p.m. Pacific Division
Mills 11 12 7 13 — 43 Sacramento 9 28 .243 19
BOYS’BASKETBALL Carlmont 7 19 8 16 — 50 W L OT Pts GF GA
Capuchino 56,San Mateo 34 MILLS (fg ftm-fta tp) — Wong 1 0-1 3,Lew 2 2-3 6, Girls Soccer Friday’s Games Dallas 26 13 5 57 127 118
Capuchino 18 15 18 5 — 56 Chew 4 2-4 11,Aristakessian 5 2-2 15,Lam 1 0-0 2, St.Francis at Notre Dame,3:15 p.m. Chicago 99,Indiana 86 Phoenix 22 13 9 53 126 124
San Mateo 8 10 5 11 — 34 Rognerud 1 0-0 2,Berkovatz 2 0-0 4,Totals — 16 6 Philadelphia 95,Milwaukee 94
CAPUCHINO (fg ftm-fta tp) — Macareag 2 1-2 6, -9 43.CARLMONT — Wyatt 5 3-4 16,Faulkner 0 1- Anaheim 24 18 4 52 124 127
Detroit 101,Toronto 95
Arzadon 1 2-3 4, Baker 8 2-2 23, Luttrell 2 0-2 4, 2 1,Testa 6 10-11 25, Crawford 2 2-2 6,Todd 1 0-0 Boys Wrestling Boston 99,Charlotte 94 Los Angeles 23 19 1 47 127 111
Afeaki 2 3-6 7, Khotz 5 2-2 12. Totals 20 10-17 56. 2. Total 14 16-19 50. 3-pointers — Mills - Aris- Bellarmine at Serra,7:00 p.m. Sacramento 93,New York 83 San Jose 21 19 5 47 123 127
SAN MATEO — Yamauchi 2 0-0 5, Wong 1 0-0 3, takessian (3), Chew (1),Wong (1). Carlmont - Testa San Antonio 101,Dallas 89 Two points for a win,one point for overtime loss.
Trujillo 2 0-0 4, Leung 1 0-0 2, Fong 2 0-0 4, Strat- (3),Wyatt (3).Records — Mills - (0-2, 9-7),Carlmont
hearn 2 0-0 4,Erlick 2 0-0 5,Skelton 1 1-2 4,Collins
1 1-2 3.Totals 14 2-4 34.
Burlingame 59,El Camino 52
NFL PLAYOFF SCHEDULE New Orleans 110,Houston 105,OT
Utah 121,Cleveland 99 Friday’s Games
Golden State 122,L.A.Clippers 112 Columbus 3,Detroit 2,SO
3-poitners — Baker 5, Macareag (C); Yamauchi, El Camino 11 13 12 16 — 52 DIVISIONAL PLAYOFFS L.A.Lakers 100,New Jersey 88
Wong, Erlick, Skelton. Records — Capuchino 2-0 Burlingame 15 17 12 15 — 59 Saturday,Jan.15 Phoenix 115,Portland 111 Vancouver 4,Washington 2
PAL Lake,11-4 overall; San Mateo 1-1. EL CAMINO (fg ftm-fta tp) — White 8 4-4 22,Knight Baltimore at Pittsburgh,1:30 p.m.(CBS) Saturday’s Games Calgary 3,Ottawa 2
Woodside 70,Aragon 37 3 0-0 6,Mathiesen 2 2-2 6,Santos Jr.0 3-4 3,Tuason Green Bay at Atlanta,5 p.m.(FOX) Houston at Atlanta,4 p.m. Philadelphia 5,Atlanta 2
Aragon 4 10 11 12 — 37 6 1-1 15, Eclavea 0 0-1 0, Totals 19 10-12 52. Sunday,Jan.16 New Orleans at Charlotte,4 p.m. New Jersey 5,Tampa Bay 2
Woodside 16 25 12 17 — 70 BURLINGAME — Bailey 1 0-0 2, DeQuant 1 0-0 3, Seattle at Chicago,10 a.m.(FOX) Toronto at Washington,4 p.m.
WOODSIDE (fg fta-ftm tp) — Castillo 1 1-2 4,Cnan- Grotz 8 2-2 21,Johnson 1 0-0 3,Ferrari 3 0-2 8,Puli- Colorado 4,Minnesota 1
N.Y.Jets at New England,1:30 p.m.(CBS) Sacramento at Detroit,4:30 p.m.
delor 6 0-0 15,Rodriguez 2 0-0 4,Beck 1 0-0 3,Hoffer ceno 5 1-1 11,Loew 0 1-2 0,Shaffer 5 0-0 10,Totals Saturday’s Games
Miami at Chicago,5 p.m.
2 0-0 4,Ricks 1 0-0 2,Cviska 2 0-0 4,McRae 1 0-0 2, 24 4-7 59. 3-pointers — White 2, Tuason 2; De- CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS Dallas at Memphis,5 p.m. Pittsburgh at Boston,10 a.m.
Ennis 5 2-2 18, Kelly 7 0-1 14. Totals 28 3-5 70. Quant, Grotz 3, Johnson, Ferrari 2. Records — Sunday,Jan.23 Orlando at Minnesota,5 p.m. Calgary at Toronto,4 p.m.
ARAGON — Franker 3 2-2 8, Etu 1 0-0 2, Ng 1 1-3 Burlingame (12-3,2-0),Mills (9-6,1-1). NFC,noon(FOX) Cleveland at Denver,6 p.m. N.Y.Rangers at Montreal,4 p.m.
3,Agua 1 1-2 3,Cheng 1 0-0 3,Liebergesell 1 0-0 2, AFC,3:30 p.m.(CBS) New Jersey at Portland,7 p.m. Buffalo at N.Y.Islanders,4 p.m.
16 Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Past champs chasing Dungey in Supercross

By John Marshall Chase Field. “You’ve got to put it wrist, an injury that knocked the two- Dungey, this one’s shaping up to earned by a staggering winning per-
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS behind and let it go and focus on the time Supercross champion out of the become a wheel-to-wheel four-man centage of 93 percent in races he does
next challenge that lies ahead.” outdoor season as well. battle every week. not wipe out. He has won 36 of the 62
PHOENIX — Ryan Dungey rode The next challenge might be filled Ryan Villopoto, another up-and- “We’re got a really stacked field,” races he’s entered and has been beat-
his way into history last season, with a few more ruts. comer, gave Dungey a good run after Dungey said. “I think it’s good for the en just three times in races where he
becoming the first rookie to win the When Dungey made his record- those former champions went down, fans, good for our sport and we’re didn’t go down.
AMA Supercross and 450 Class breaking run last season, he did it winning seven races, but also sus- going to put on a show.” But Stewart has been forced to
titles. with two of the sport’s best riders on tained a season-ending injury. Stewart certainly figures to. withdraw due to injuries in three of
So how does the 21-year-old from the sideline. Reed and Stewart are healthy and The 25-year-old from Bartow, Fla., the six seasons he’s competed, leav-
Belle Plaine, Minn., try to top such Australian Chad Reed, a two-time motivated to reclaim their places atop has been the circuit’s fastest rider ing the door open for Reed’s two
success? Supercross champion and the sport’s the sport. Villopoto is ready to take since joining the Supercross feature titles and Dungey’s last season.
Maybe he doesn’t. third-winningest rider, went out with the next step in his development, class in 2005. Stewart’s wrist injury last season was
“I’ve got to look at in the way that a broken hand in Phoenix and missed showing he’s still a force by holding The problem has been staying on particularly frustrating because he
2010 is over and what’s done is the first races of his career. off Dungey at the Supercross opener his bike. initially thought he’d only be out a
done,” Dungey said before Saturday’s The next week at Anaheim, James last weekend in Anaheim, Calif. Stewart is known as a rider who few weeks and it never seemed to get
second Supercross stop, at Phoenix’s Stewart went down with a broken After last season’s runaway by either wins or crashes, a reputation better.
THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 17

San Mateo’s A’s agree to terms with RHP Balfour

Fleming wins By Janie McCauley
The A’s are boost-
ing their already tal-
ented pitching staff a
several different bullpen slots.
Right-hander Rich Harden is back with
the A’s, his original team, for 2011 likely as

bobsled race
OAKLAND — The Oakland Athletics month before pitchers a reliever. The fifth starter job will be open
have agreed to terms with free agent right- and catchers report to to competition this spring. Brett Anderson,
handed reliever Grant Balfour on an $8.1 spring training in Dallas Braden, Trevor Cahill and Gio
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS million, two-year deal. Phoenix. Gonzalez are penciled in for the rotation.
A person with knowledge of the situa- The 33-year-old It’s been quite the busy winter for
IGLS, Austria — American pair Shauna Rohbock and tion confirmed the deal to The Associated Balfour went 2-1 with Oakland general manager Billy Beane,
Valerie Fleming won their first women’s World Cup bobsled Press on Friday but spoke on condition of Grant Balfour a 2.28 ERA in 57 who has made several significant upgrades
race of the season Friday. anonymity because the contract will not be appearances for the to his roster in hopes of contending in the
They were third after the opening run finalized until Balfour passes a physical. A Tampa Bay Rays last season, his seventh AL West in 2011. They were runner-up in
before posting the fastest second-run time formal announcement could come as soon year in the big leagues. the division to the AL champion Texas
to finish in an aggregate 1 minute, 48.50 as Monday. Balfour will provide depth to a bullpen Rangers last season.
seconds and beat Anja Schneiderheinze- Balfour is set to earn $3.75 million next already featuring 2009 AL Rookie of the Japanese slugger Hideki Matsui
Stoeckel and Christin Senkel of Germany season and $4 million in 2012. The deal Year closer Andrew Bailey. While his role received a $4.25 million, one-year contract
by 0.09 seconds. will be determined by manager Bob Geren
includes a $4.5 million club option for last month to give the A’s a power bat in the
Fabienne Meyer and Hanne Schenk of come spring training, Balfour could fit into
2013 with a $350,000 buyout. middle of the order.
Switzerland were another 0.11 back in
Sandra Kiriasis and Stephanie
Valerie Fleming Schneider of Germany remained atop the
standings with 1,061 points. Cathleen
Martini and Romy Logsch of Germany followed with 1,003,
and Rohbock and Fleming are in fifth with 805 points.






18 Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 NATION/WORLD THE DAILY JOURNAL

Help in short supply Around the world

after deadly Brazil mudslides
TERESOPOLIS, Brazil — Fernando
Perfista dug out the body of his eldest child
ety aimed at the billionaire
businessman, who has
become Italy’s longest-
Give me back my sign!
from the mud, then searched for the 12-year-
old’s three siblings. He sheltered the boy’s
serving postwar leader
despite corruption trials,
Horoscope readers atwitter after Zodiac shift
remains in a refrigerator to keep dogs at bay. international gaffes and By Jocelyn Noveck and Chris Williams
Unable to find the others, the 31-year-old political infighting. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS “I believe it’s a zodiac
ranch hand built a gurney of scrap wood, car- The latest allegations scam....I’ve known myself
ried his son’s body down a mudslide-wrecked come at a moment of par- Sofia Whitcombe began her day with the
mountain slope before dawn Friday and
Silvio ticular vulnerability for startling realization that she might not be exact- to be a Sagittarius,I believe,
buried him in a homemade coffin.
the blunt-speaking, high- ly who she thought she was. since I was born.So to come
Then he waited with a crowd in the rain out- living prime minister. “My whole life, I thought I was a Capricorn,”
side the Teresopolis morgue for a chance to Berlusconi has been politically weakened in the 25-year-old publicist said. “Now I’m a
up now with some new
plead with officials for help him continue his recent months by a challenge from an-ex ally, Sagittarius? I don’t feel like a Sagittarius!” It sign? It’s unacceptable!”
search. He clutched plastic-covered pictures while a law shielding him from two unrelated felt, she said, like a rug had been pulled from — Jose Arce
of his three other children: a chubby 1-year- trials in Milan was significantly watered down under her feet.
old and two smiling girls, ages 6 and 10. Thursday by a ruling of Italy’s Constitutional “Will my personality change?” she mused. heed to horoscopes, Torpey said she was
“My children are in there, in that river bank, Court. “Capricorns are diligent and regimented, and thrilled to discover that she may have always
under that mud,” he said blankly. super-hard-working like me. Sagittarians are been a Scorpio, after all.
Survivors of mudslides that killed at least Pope John Paul II moves more laid back. This is all a little off-putting.” “You have no idea what relief and joy I felt
537 people in a mountainous area north of Rio a step closer to sainthood Countless people reacted on social networks after hearing the wonderful news of the zodiac
de Janeiro streamed into the center of Friday to the “news” that the stars have shifted changes,” wrote the 43-year-old mother of two
Teresopolis on Friday, pleading for their loved VATICAN CITY — During Pope John Paul
II’s 2005 funeral, crowds at the Vatican shout- alignment, astrologically speaking. No matter from Willow Grove, Pa., in an e-mail, tongue-
ones to be rescued, or for their bodies to be that the astronomy instructor who started it all in in-cheek to be sure. “Up until now, I felt like
recovered. Many were disheartened by the ed for him to be made a
saint immediately. “Santo a weekend newspaper interview said it was an my whole life has been a lie!”
response. Rescuers resumed efforts after old story — very old; 2,000 years old, actually Astrologers across the country reported a
morning rains, but Perfista and others said subito!” they chanted for
one of the most important — and that astrologists were insisting it would- wave of calls, e-mails or website hits from con-
there clearly was not enough manpower or n’t change a thing. The story had traveled around cerned clients. “People are more attached and
resources. and beloved pontiffs in his-
tory. the blogosphere like, well, a shooting star. loyal to their signs than they thought,” said Eric
Some people seemed angry. “I believe it’s a Francis, editor of, who said he
Italy’s Berlusconi in His successor heard their
zodiac scam,” said Jose Arce, a 38-year-old had had 25,000 hits on his site since midnight.
call. On Friday, in the
prostitution probe fastest process on record, from Fort Lee, N.J., who runs a body shop. “It’s interesting how many people are panick-
ROME — Prosecutors are investigating Pope Benedict XVI set “I’ve known myself to be a Sagittarius, I ing their sign is wrong.”
whether Premier Silvio Berlusconi paid for John Paul II believe, since I was born. So to come up now Astounded by all the kerfuffle was the man
May 1 as the date for John
sex with an underage girl from Morocco and Paul’s beatification — a key step toward with some new sign? It’s unacceptable!” who started it, astronomy instructor Parke
then abused his power in trying to cover up Catholicism’s highest honor and a major But others weren’t so ready to curse the stars. Kunkle. In an interview Sunday in the Star
the encounters, officials said Friday. morale boost for a church reeling from the Kathy Torpey always felt like she was “a Tribune of Minneapolis, Kunkle had explained
Berlusconi dismissed the case as “absurd” clerical sex abuse scandal. Scorpio trapped in a Sagittarian body” — emo- that the Earth’s wobbly orbit means it’s no
and said the prosecutors were just jealous they He set the date after declaring that a French tional and creative, she said, more than com- longer aligned to the stars in the same way as
weren’t invited to his home for dinner too; the nun’s recovery from Parkinson’s disease was petitive and intellectual like Sagittarians. when the signs of the zodiac were first con-
teenager has said she dined at the premier’s the miracle needed for John Paul to be beati- So on Friday, even though she pays little ceived, about 5,000 years ago.
Milan estate but didn’t have sex with him. fied. A second miracle is needed to be canon-
“At least my lawyers are happy,” Berlusconi
quipped in an audio message to his supporters
late Friday. “They’re sure that with me they’ll
ized a saint.
Benedict himself will preside at the May 1
ceremony, which is expected to draw hun-
Report: Women should be
never be out of work.”
The investigation escalated a long history of
accusations of sexual and financial impropri-
dreds of thousands of pilgrims to Rome for a
precedent-setting Mass: Never before has a
pope beatified his immediate predecessor.
allowed in combat units
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Commission, established by Congress two
years ago. The panel was to send its proposals
WASHINGTON — Women should finally to Congress and President Barack Obama.
be allowed to serve fully in combat, a military It is time “to create a level playing field for
advisory panel said Friday in a report seeking all qualified service members,” the members
to dismantle the last major area of discrimina- said.
tion in the armed forces. Opponents of putting women in combat
The call by a commission of current and question whether they have the necessary
retired military officers to let women be front- strength and stamina. They also have said the
line fighters could set in motion another sea inclusion of women in infantry and other
change in military culture as the armed forces, combat units might harm unit cohesion, a sim-
generations after racial barriers fell, grapples ilar argument to that made regarding gays.
with the phasing out of the ban on gays serv- And they warn Americans won’t tolerate large
ing openly. numbers of women coming home in body
The newest move is being recommended by bags. Those arguments have held sway during
the Military Leadership Diversity previous attempts to lift the ban.
A taste of
something different

An open mind,
an open palate
By Philip Dimaano

he culture of
every country has
its own set of
unique traditions and cus-
toms with the native food
being one of the best ways
to experience it all. There
are times when the ingredients might
seem too foreign to the uninitiated, but a
willingness to try new things is critical in
experiencing cultures in ways that would
be impossible otherwise.
It is understandable for people to be
hesitant or unwilling to try or experience
things unfamiliar to them. Only through a
little bit of risk-taking can a person realize
the positives that coincide with keeping an
open mind.
As with all risks, there is always the possibility that the
experience may turn out to be less than memorable. The
important thing to remember is to not let such an event act as
deterrence toward trying other new foods in the future. With
the forgettable meals also come the memorable ones that
serve as the epitome of the cultural experience.
I kept this in mind during my adventures in Italy as my
family and I explored the cities of Rome and Florence several
summers ago. My adventures visiting the Pantheon, Vatican
City, the Spanish Steps and the Coliseum were certainly
unforgettable, but in the beginning I still felt as if there was
more that I could do to experience the melting pot of cultures
that swirled around me.
Acting upon this, my father and I decided to explore the
many restaurants that surrounded Roma Termini station just a
few blocks away from our hotel. The many travels of Anthony
Bourdain seemed to inspire us as we decided to venture into

Pratfalls mask infidelity

By Jake Coyle lunatic with a strange reser- motivation speaker.
this hole-in-the-wall restaurant where the bold aromatics
wafted out toward the busy streets. It happened to be a small
Turkish eatery and, even though I could not decipher the writ-
ing on the signs, I pointed to the meal that was the most
prominently displayed on the menu and decided to try it.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS voir of undying confidence, Add now to Vaughn’s As I took a seat to wait, I let my senses immerse me in
peculiar sensitivity and the canon the blissful image of what life must be like for a local Roman citizen. The sounds
of the busy traffic and construction outside mixed in with the
What gonzo enthusiasm kind of morality that insists him using a makeshift blow- chatter of the locals inside who were likely regulars at the
Vince Vaughn brings to on “earmuffs” for a child’s torch on a suburban block, restaurant. The hot Italian sun in the early afternoon blanketed
movies. From “Swingers” screaming, “I’m going to
the city with its intensity and entered the room through the
to “Wedding Crashers,” he ears while a frat party is open door. The relatively dim interior held only a handful of
has been an irresistible planned. He’s like an burn your face off!” plastic chairs and tables, but the adventure in trying out a
earnest, comically deranged See DILEMMA, Page 20 See CULTURE, Page 20

Prune with the best series 2 p.m.Sunday with The Awful generated.In the process,he offers the
Best bets Visitation of the Angel of Death — Living interpretation that disease altered the
Can you lend a hand? Help prune San and Dying in Early America. course of the nation’s history.
Mateo Central Park’s Rose Garden 101 Ninth Ave., San Mateo.
Svanevik,a regular speaker a Cypress For more information call 550-8811 or visit
Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon. No Lawn,discusses the primitive nature of
experience necessary. Volunteers from Living and dying in Early America
the San Mateo Arboretum Society are early American medicine,the devastating .Cypress Lawn Memorial Park,located at
Popular history professor and writer effect of contagious diseases on an 1370 El Camino Real,Colma,can be
on hand to show beginners what to Michael Svanevik inaugurates the 12th
do. Dress warmly and bring pruning unsuspecting population and the panic reached by SamTrans bus routes 130,390
Annual Cypress Lawn Foundation Lecture that the so-called “dying season”
shears and gloves. Heavy rain cancels. and 391.Light refreshments served.Free.
20 Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 WEEKEND JOURNAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

Five most accomplished Ron Howard films

By Christy Lemire Richard Nixon, Howard great indicator of his versatility. As tortured Michael Keaton are an ideal odd couple as a
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS has taken Morgan’s script math genius John Forbes Nash Jr., Crowe’s neurotic morgue attendant and his new hot-
and opened it up organi- transformation is stunning — reminiscent of shot co-worker, respectively, who turn their
LOS ANGELES — Ron Howard has cally. “Frost/Nixon” is the one he pulled off two years earlier in “The place of business into a brothel. Hilarious and
carved out an eclectic career behind the cam- talky and weighty as it Insider,” but even more effective because weird but ultimately sweet, this is a great
era over the past 30-plus years, from political digs into the details of Nash’s story is so much more personal. showcase for Keaton’s myriad strengths as a
dramas and historical thrillers to romances Vietnam and Watergate, comedian: his energy, unpredictability and his
and fantasies and everything in between. but it moves with a fluidity “Apollo 13” (1995): likability, especially when he’s doing some-
Many of his films are good — and some of that keeps it constantly An all-star cast led by Tom Hanks, Kevin thing dangerous and slightly wrong. They’re
them are even great. Ron Howard engaging. Morgan’s script Bacon and Ed Harris tells the gripping tale of not pimps — they’re love brokers.
This week, he returns to the genre he made also contains a healthy the doomed 1970 Apollo moon mission,
his name in, comedy, with “The Dilemma,” amount of dark humor, which is a good thing, which nearly left three astronauts stranded in “Splash” (1984):
starring Vince Vaughn and Kevin James. So because the tension starts percolating early space when an oxygen tank exploded.
and only grows. Nominated for five Academy It’s about as high-concept as you can get: A
here’s a look at the five best films Howard has Mission Control must find a way to save them guy falls in love with a mermaid — and the
directed: Awards, including best picture. from thousands of miles away. There’s a sense script actually earned an Oscar nomination for
“A Beautiful Mind” (2001): of nostalgia for the long-ago idea of heroism longtime TV comedy writers/producers
“Frost/Nixon” (2008): that existed then, but beyond exploring Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel. Hanks’
Howard’s finest film is one of his most A four-time Oscar winner, including best grandiose ideas, Howard’s film offers a rivet- first film with Howard was a real charmer, one
recent. Michael Sheen and Frank Langella are picture and best director. Here, Howard ing attention to detail. Nominated for nine of his earliest opportunities to establish the
excellent in reprising the roles they originated achieves the balance that had eluded him for Oscars, it won two, for its film editing and likable everyman persona he’s now cemented.
years in directing sappy, feel-good movies sound. Hanks and Daryl Hannah are lovely together
in Peter Morgan’s Tony Award-winning stage
such as “Cocoon” and “Parenthood.” He man-
production, but you never feel like you’re in this light, warm romantic comedy, which
watching a play on film. In depicting the 1977
ages to evoke genuine emotion from the audi- “Night Shift” (1982): also features plenty of salty supporting stars
ence without schmaltz. It also features one of
interview sessions between British TV per- One of Howard’s earliest comedies still (Eugene Levy, John Candy) to keep the pro-
Russell Crowe’s strongest performances; it’s a
sonality David Frost and former President holds up beautifully today. Henry Winkler and ceedings from turning too gooey.

Beth, Ronny stumbles upon Geneva cheating marital disfunction reaches an apex when

Continued from page 19
on Nick with a younger, fitter man (Channing
Tatum), an awkward situation made all the
more so because Ronny and Nick are on the
‘The Dilemma’
Director:Ron Howard
Ronny gives a cynical toast at the 40th
anniversary party of his future in-laws. In
another clever sideways glance, Howard visu-
cusp of a breakthrough with their business. Cast: Vince Vaughn,Kevin James, ally represents Ronny’s outlandish lies when
Their pitch to Dodge (one of the movie’s Jennifer Connelly,Winona he claims he got a bad rash from “street
His act, maybe, isn’t as fresh as it once was, many overt product placements) is that they Ryder,Channing Tatum plants.” It’s a gag that Howard should have
but Vaughn still puts a charge into movies. want to create an electric car that matches a Rated: PG-13 for mature thematic made more consistent.
Around the time he turns pyromaniac, “The muscle car’s brawn. elements involving sexual The trust theme is the best thing about the
Dilemma” has a pulse. Ron Howard’s comedy content film, but the problem with “The Dilemma” —
It’s an interesting trend among the movies
begins and ends in hokey cliche, but for a brief Grade:
that deign to give their characters actual work- written by Allan Loeb (“Wall Street: Money
period in the middle, it carries a slight hint of
ing lives: whimsical, enviro-friendly occupa- Never Sleeps”) — is that it seems unsure of
Billy Wilder, playing uncomfortable stuff for
tions. We should ready ourselves for a charac- committing to it.
not entirely dumb laughs.
“The Dilemma” opens on two couples out ter who wants to solve global warming with a Unfortunately, Ronny and Nick’s bromance
having dinner together: Ronny Valentine Wii game. takes over, and James has neither the comedy
(Vaughn) and his girlfriend Beth (Jennifer Their presentation goes well, though, and But it gets more interesting when Ronny chops or wildness to keep up with Vaughn.
Connelly), and Ronny’s best friend and busi- with Queen Latifah playing their excitable learns that Nick, too, has been unfaithful, and Meanwhile, the talented Connelly is left
ness partner Nick Brannen (Kevin James) and supervisor, the pair — Nick is the engineer, that Geneva’s indiscretions aren’t without a almost entirely on the sidelines. Ryder, who
his wife Geneva (Winona Ryder). The conver- Ronny the salesman — are under pressure to reason. recently reappeared in “Black Swan,” is excel-
sation turns to whether you can ever truly produce a working engine. Faced with the dif- Ronny’s detective work proves a descent lent and keeps Geneva hard to pin down.
know someone, and the following action ficult prospect of informing Nick of his cheat- into an unhappy side of married life, where But sports metaphors proliferate until “The
serves to upend appearances of easy, content- ing spouse, Ronny does not want to harm their infidelity is so rife that he reveals his brother- Dilemma” sinks into them, finally concluding
ed love. friendship or their livelihood. in-law’s cheating completely by accident. in a senseless scene on an NHL hockey rink.
While scouting a location to propose to Filled with blaring music and aerial shots of Howard’s light but thorny examination of It’s a missed opportunity: If only Howard had
Chicago, it’s a set up for a basic sitcom plot. kept his eyes on the puck.

The wait was relatively short and my order ents combined to form a sandwich that I con- we appreciate other cultures and their cuisine

Continued from page 19
came out as an assortment distributed across
several plates with the centerpiece being the
meat that was cooked on an upright open
tend to this day to be one of the best I have
ever eaten.
A memorable experience such as the one I
both in their distinct nature and chances for
unforgettable memories.

rotisserie right behind the counter. It came had in Italy would have never come about if I
along with fresh bread, onions, tomatoes, let- had not taken a chance on trying out some- Philip Dimaano is a senior at Aragon High School.
place far off the beaten path was a good
Student News appears in the weekend edition. You
change of pace from the tourist menus that tuce and several kinds of sauces that were thing new from a culture with which I was can e-mail Student News at news@smdailyjour-
marked my previous days in Italy. both savory and spicy. The various ingredi- unfamiliar. Only through such a mindset can
THE DAILY JOURNAL WEEKEND JOURNAL Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 21
Sunday news shows
ABC’s ‘This Week’ 8 a.m.
Town hall discussion from Tucson,Ariz.
CBS’‘Face the Nation’ 8:30 a.m.
Sens.Kirsten Gillibrand,D-N.Y.,Chuck Schumer,D-N.Y.,and
Tom Coburn,R-Okla.; Al Sharpton.
NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ 8 a.m.
By Susan Cohn Gillibrand; Reps.Debbie Wasserman Schultz,D-Fla.,and
DAILY JOURNAL Jeff Flake,R-Ariz.; Gov.Ed Rendell,D-Pa.; former New York
SENIOR CORRESPONDENT City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Square by square and secret passage CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ 3 p.m.
by secret passage, the colorful charac- Reps.Tim Murphy,R-Pa.,and Grace Napolitano,D-Calif.
ters of Boxcar Theatre’s Clue conduct
their search for a murderer as the bod- ‘Fox News Sunday’ 8 a.m.
ies pile up in this delightful live version
of the 1985 cult movie based on the clas- Gov.Chris Christie,R-N.J.; former Gov.Tim Pawlenty,R-
sic board game. Minn.
The audience in the 44-seat theatre peers
down from an elevated platform encircling PETER LIU People in the news
a life-sized game board, watching the One of them is a killer, but which? Is it (left to right, front row) Miss Scarlet (Sarah
events unfold in the isolated mansion on Savage), Mrs.White (Michelle Ianiro), Mr. Boddy (Adam Simpson), Mrs. Peacock (J. Doctors amputate Zsa Zsa Gabor’s right leg
the requisite dark and stormy night, wait- Conrad Frank), The Stage Manager (Stephanie Desnoyers), (back row) Colonel
ing to find out … was it Colonel Mustard LOS ANGELES — Zsa Zsa Gabor’s right leg was
Mustard (Nick A. Olivero), Yvette (Linnea George), Mr. Green (Peter Matthews), amputated Friday in a life-saving sur-
in the billiard room with the wrench, Miss Wadsworth (Brian Martin) or Professor Plum (Justin Liszanckie)? Find out at Boxcar
Scarlet in the ballroom with the candle- gery that doctors called successful.
Theatre’s production of Clue,through Feb.19. Gabor, who turns 94 on Feb. 6, was
stick, or …???
Familiarity with the board game is a Smirnoff-Skyy. Frank, who was named Johnny “V” has played guitar with being watched carefully, but there were
must and a recent viewing of the movie is Best Drag Act, 2008 (San Francisco Bay Chicago guitarist Luther Tucker, no complications, doctors at the Ronald
helpful in appreciating the in-jokes and Guardian), regularly appears at Martuni’s Sunnyland Slim, Rock & Roll Legend Reagan UCLA Medical Center said
sight gags that pepper the production. 90 Bar in San Francisco. www.russianop- Chuck Berry, Steve “Guitar” Miller, Greg after the surgery.
minutes without intermission. Adapted Allman, George Thorogood, Charlie “The surgery today went well, howev-
and directed by Peter Matthews and Nick *** Daniels, Commander Cody & the Lost er, she is in frail health so we will con-
A. Olivero. Through Feb. 19. Adam Simpson, who recently portrayed Planet Airmen and Elvin Bishop. Get a tinue to monitor her closely,” said Dr. Zsa Zsa Gabor
the somber George Tesman in Off preview at For informa- David Rigberg, associate professor of
CAST: Broadway West’s Hedda Gabler, plays one tion, visit or vascular surgery.
soon-to-be-killed Clue character after call (415) 292-2583. Gabor, who had an infection in her leg for several
J. Conrad Frank (Mrs. Peacock), another, from cook to blackmailer to ***
Michelle Ianiro (Mr. White), Justin months, was hospitalized on Jan. 2 after efforts to save her
stranded motorist to sheriff. See how many Marsh Theatre holds a two performanc- leg with antibiotics failed.
Liszanckie (Professor Plum), Peter you can count. es benefit of Brian Copeland’s hit show
Matthews (Mr. Green), Nick A. Olivero Gabor broke her hip and had replacement surgery in
Not a Genuine Black Man. 1062 Valencia July, and has been hospitalized several times since for
(Colonel Mustard), Sarah Savage (Miss A CLUE FOR YOU: St. at 22nd Street. 8 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 27
Scarlet), Brian Martin (Wadsworth), swelling in her legs and blood clots throughout her body.
Check out the flowers in the planter just and 5 p.m. Saturday Jan. 29. Parking at Publicist John Blanchette said the wounds wouldn’t heal,
Linnea George (Yvette), Adam Simpson New Mission Bartlett Garage on 21st St.
(Mr. Boddy, et al.) and Stephanie outside Boxcar Theatre’s front door. so doctors had no choice but to operate.
There’s a hidden message in them. Can (between Mission & Valencia.) The near-
Desnoyers (Stage Manager). est Bart Station is 24th & Mission streets.
you figure it out?
Tickets: $25-50. For information visit
CBS stands by Charlie Sheen and his hit sitcom
STAGE DIRECTIONS: PASADENA — The top entertainment executive at CBS
Boxcar Theatre, 505 Natoma St. (at
COMING ATTRACTION: or call (800) 838-3006.
said Friday the network is concerned about Charlie
Sixth Street). There is street parking along Boxcar’s next offering is Little Shop of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts pre- Sheen’s off-camera behavior but it hasn’t affected his work
with private and public parking lots, Horrors, opening in May. Step outside (lit- mieres Jess Curtis/Gravity’s provocative as the star of television’s most popular comedy.
including a garage at Fifth and Mission erally) onto Skid Row at Natoma and Sixth Dances for Non/Fictional Bodies, a per- “We have a high level of concern,” said Nina Tassler,
streets. Streets as Seymour and Audrey dream of a formance–based project challenging wide- CBS entertainment president. “How can we not?”
better life somewhere that’s green. But ly-held ideals of beauty based on socially The actor’s messy personal life has included a wild night
TICKETS: blood begins to flow when a rare, exotic, imagined perfections of form that rarely that left a New York hotel room in shambles and sent
man-eating plant from outer space myste- exist in actual bodies. Bay Area choreog- Sheen to a hospital, and a guilty plea last summer to
$25 - $30. Wednesdays to Saturdays at 8 riously appears on the scene.
p.m. or (415) 776- rapher Jess Curtis gathers an all-star team assaulting his wife in Aspen, Colo. Sheen filled gossip
1747 or from six countries for solo as well as col- pages again by spending last weekend partying in Las
CITY SCENE: laborative performances that challenge Vegas.
OH,AND DID YOU KNOW?; Johnny Vernazza & The Knockouts play standard forms of dance. Opens Feb 3. For Tassler said she has given a great deal of thought to
Thursday, Jan. 20 at Biscuit and Blues, more information visit or call Sheen on a “human level,” but the situation can’t be
San Mateo native J. Conrad Frank is 401 Mason St. 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. $15. (415) 978-2787 viewed simplistically. The actor does his job reliably well
best known as Russian opera diva Katya
on “Two and a Half Men,” she said.
22 Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 WEEKEND JOURNAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

S.F.’s Chinatown a feast for all five senses

By Michelle Locke
of San Francisco’s Chinatown, Portsmouth Ornamental gateway located
Square is a kaleidoscope of sounds, smells intersection of Grant Avenue and Bush
and colors. The cadence of Chinese dialects Street.Main thoroughfares are Grant
fills the air and splashes of red and gold glow Avenue and Stockton Street.By public
from shop windows to banners strung across transportation,take BART to Powell
the narrow streets. The rich smell of roast Street,then take the Powell-Hyde or
duck curls out of hole-in-the-wall eating Powell-Mason cable cars to Chinatown.
places, blending with the faint smell of
incense burning on modest shrines. CHINESE NEW YEAR PARADE:
Hard to believe that only a few blocks away
lie the designer boutiques and gourmet coffee Feb.19,5:15 p.m.-8 p.m.,Market and
shops of a cosmopolitan Western city. Second to Kearny and Jackson.
But that’s what it means to visit San
Francisco’s Chinatown, a magic carpet of a TIN HOW TEMPLE:
destination that can take you from West to 125 Waverly Place.Free admission.
East in zero to 60 steps. Donations accepted.
“What’s really significant about San
Francisco’s Chinatown is that it has survived GOLDEN GATE
for over 100 years. Despite the hardships FORTUNE COOKIE FACTORY:
early on, the community is still here,” says
Sue Lee, executive director of the San 56 Ross Alley,parallel to Grant Avenue
Francisco-based Chinese Historical Society and in between Washington and Jackson
of America. streets.Free admission,although a sign
And not just survived, but thrived, she adds. asks 50 cents for pictures.
Although many of the original inhabitants
have moved out to other areas of the city as GREAT CHINA HERB CO.:
well as suburbs, this is still a starting point for 857 Washington St.
many new immigrants from Asia. With the Year of the Rabbit beginning Feb.3,a visit to San Francisco’s Chinatown is a great way
“It’s a shopping district; it’s a residential to experience Chinese-American culture. CHINESE CULTURE CENTER:
neighborhood and it’s a tourist destination. 750 Kearny,(415) 986-1822,
And that’s not by accident.” San Francisco’s Chinatown is the district Place. Climb a few flights of stairs to find the Walking
With the Year of the Rabbit beginning Feb. that almost wasn’t. After the 1906 earthquake, small temple dedicated to the Goddess of Tours,Tuesday to Saturday,at 10 a.m.,
3, a visit to San Francisco’s Chinatown is a city leaders pressed for relocating the Chinese Heaven. Pause to admire the ceiling, a blaze noon and 2 p.m.,$30 adults,$25 under
great way to experience Chinese-American to the city outskirts. But Chinatown business- of hanging red lanterns that commemorate the age 15,free for children under 5.
culture. And the best way to experience men pointed out that getting rid of the dead.
Chinatown is by foot, so it’s no surprise there Chinese immigrants would also mean losing Tucked into narrow Ross Alley, the Golden CHINESE HISTORICAL
are a number of walking tours available. the rents and taxes they paid. Gate Fortune Cookie Factory is the kind of
At the Chinese Culture Center, tours begin They came up with a plan to rebuild the place you smell before you see — the sweet, SOCIETY OF AMERICA:
with a look at art exhibits at the center, which area and make it a tourist attraction that would sugary scent of baking cookies floats out the 965 Clay St.,(415) 391-1188,
blend contemporary and traditional works. bring more money to the city. American archi- door. It’s a tiny place where workers fold
Then it’s a short stroll to Portsmouth tects were hired to create the new district, and cookies by hand. You can buy a bag of your
Square, where you will find dozens of resi- pagodas were slapped up just about every- own for a few dollars. even designer purses.
dents playing mah jongg and other games or where along with generous helpings of red, Everywhere you turn there are things to see, There are glimpses of the past, like the East
just sitting and talking. gold and dragons. Chinatown’s outward like the markets on Stockton Street that have West Bank branch office (743 Washington
With housing space at a premium in appearance may be more picturesque than all manner of foods still swimming, clucking St.), a green-and-red marvel of curved eaves
bustling Chinatown, the square is “like a liv- authentic, but what goes on behind the color- and croaking. There are plenty of places to eat plunked down between two resolutely Western
ing room” for area residents, explains ful facades is the real deal. in Chinatown, from hole-in-the-wall noodle structures. The building was once the home of
Fengyuan Ji, deputy program director of the At the Great China Herb Company, herbal- shops to dim sum palaces. A popular spot, the telephone exchange, where Chinese opera-
Chinese Culture Foundation. “This is where ists carefully weigh out intriguing-looking albeit one on the outskirts of Chinatown, is tors were required to speak multiple dialects to
they play chess, they play poker, they talk.” bundles of this and that aimed at restoring City View Restaurant (662 Commercial St.). serve the diverse population.
vitality, restoring digestion and Also in abundance are the stores that sell And there are signs of the future, the new
generally curing what ails you. paper replicas of worldly possessions immigrants who come to find their fortune in
They also sell high-quality gin- designed to be burned for the dead so they can California just like generations did before
seng which comes from that arrive in the afterlife fully equipped. You can
exotic locale Wisconsin. buy the basics — furniture, food, money. And
East, West, past, future — all here. “What’s
Incense is the signature of the you can go way beyond that with replicas of
so fascinating about Chinatown,” says Lee, “is
Tin How temple on Waverly computer equipment, fast cars, fine liquor and
it’s so multifaceted.”
THE DAILY JOURNAL WEEKEND JOURNAL Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 23

Man used Facebook to SATURDAY, JAN. 15

Dog Adoptions. 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
ples of his award-winning cheeses
and discuss his dairy farm. Free. For

hack women’s e-mails

San Mateo Petco, 3012 Bridgepointe Martin Luther King Jr. Day more information e-mail
Parkway, San Mateo. Dogs were Celebration and Freedom Train.
saved from death in high-kill 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Downtown
Southern California shelters and driv- San Mateo Train Station, 385 First Jazz in January and Millbrae
en to Northern California for adop- Ave., San Mateo. Join 1,500 Freedom Library Community Open House.
tions. For more information visit Train riders bound for San Francisco 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Music, refreshments
By Don Thompson Investigators found 172 e-mail files contain- to join in a march. For more informa- and children’s crafts program.
tion e-mail Millbrae Library, 1 Library Ave.,
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ing explicit photographs of women when they South San Francisco Baseball Millbrae. For more information call
searched Bronk’s computer in September, League Signups. 9 a.m. to noon. Live Music by Nob Hill Sound. 6:45 697-7607.
Municipal Services Building, 33 p.m. to 10 p.m. Burlingame Woman’s
SACRAMENTO — In a cautionary tale for according to a court affidavit. They were able Arroyo Drive, South San Francisco. Club, 241 Park Road, Burlingame. Wine Innovator Jean-Charles
users of social-networking sites, a California to track his victims to England, Washington, Registration for baseball leagues for Free dance lessons from 6:45 p.m. to Boisset To Speak at Notre Dame de
D.C., and 17 states: Alabama, Arizona, children ages 5 to 10. For more infor- 7:30 p.m. and then open dance until Namur University. 6 p.m. Ralston
man has admitted using personal information mation or to print out registration 10 p.m. $8 members, $10 guests. For Mansion, 1500 Ralston Ave.,
he gleaned from Facebook to hack into California, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, forms visit more information call 342-2221. Belmont. For more information call
women’s e-mail accounts, then send nude pic- Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, 508-3469.
Spring Semester of Italian Classes TUESDAY, JAN. 18
tures of them to everyone in their address New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Registration. South San Francisco Small Works. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. 320 John Cruz. 8 p.m. Fox Theatre, 2223
book. Virginia and Washington. Adult School, 825 Southwood Drive, California Ave., Palo Alto. Gallery Broadway, Redwood City. Hawaiian
South San Francisco. The School of House presents an exhibition of singer songwriter John Cruz is going
The California attorney general’s office said “He is a sick individual,” said 22-year-old Italian Language and Culture is a small-scale works by Bay Area to California this month to do a brief
Friday that George Bronk, 23, commandeered Danielle Piscak of Parkland, Wash., one of nonprofit educational organization, artists. Exhibit runs Tuesday through club tour before heading into the stu-
and offers beginning, intermediate Sunday until Feb. 5. For more infor- dio to continue working on his new
the e-mail accounts of dozens of women in the Bronk’s victims. and advanced language courses. $160 mation e-mail album.
U.S. and England. He then scanned the Piscak said one of her friends alerted her that per person. For more information
contact Mr. Leo Pagani at 574-3089. Toy Story 3. 3:30 p.m. Main San FRIDAY, JAN. 21
women’s “sent” folders for nude and seminude nude photographs she had sent privately to her Mateo Public Library, Oak Room, 55 Bowditch Middle School presents
photos and videos, and forwarded any he husband were posted on her Facebook page Help Prune Central Park Rose W. Third Ave., San Mateo. Come see ‘Back to the ’80s ... The Totally
the Disney movie ‘Toy Story 3’ on Awesome Musical!’ 7:30 p.m.
found to all the women’s contacts, prosecutors last fall. Facebook removed the photos the next Garden. 10 a.m. to noon. Central
our big screen. For more information Bayside Performing Arts Center,
Park Rose Garden, San Mateo. Learn
said. day. or share expertise on how to prune call 522-7838. 2025 Kehoe Ave., San Mateo. $10.
Bronk coerced one woman into sending him “I have a network of like 1,500 people, so roses while helping take care of the
For more information visit bowditch-
Central Park Rose Garden. Shears
more explicit photographs by threatening to they all saw my pictures. So my graduating and gloves not provided. Free. For Basic Microsoft Word 2007. 10:30
distribute the pictures he already had. One vic- a.m. Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda Vienna, City of My Dreams. 8 p.m.
class of 2007 saw that. I’m in the military, so more information call 579-0536, ext.
de las Pulgas, Belmont. Learn the San Mateo Performing Arts Center,
tim told authorities the intrusion felt like “vir- 3.
all my army friends saw that,” Piscak said. basics of word processing. For more 600 N. Delaware St., San Mateo.
tual rape.” information contact Concert will feature orchestral mas-
She had to explain the embarrassing situation Morningstar Online. 10:30 a.m. terpieces from such composers as
Bronk, who lives in the Sacramento suburb Woodside Library, 3410 Woodside
to her family and husband, from whom she is Road, Woodside. Research stocks Schubert, Mozart and Strauss and a
of Citrus Heights, pleaded guilty Thursday to separated. and mutual funds using Morningstar San Bruno Community Blood fully costumed and choreographed
Drive. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Donor Viennese Ball by the Academy of
seven felonies in Sacramento County Superior Piscak used a different e-mail account to Investment Research Center.
Coach in Lunardi’s Parking Lot, Danse Libre. Pre-concert lecture
Previous computer basics and word
Court, including computer intrusion, false contact the person who had hacked her page. processing or equivalent suggested.
2801 San Bruno Ave., San Bruno. For begins at 7 p.m. $38 for general
more information go to www.blood- admission, $32 seniors, $20 students.
impersonation and possession of child pornog- “I said, ’Why are you doing this?’ and he Free. For more information call 851-, sponsor code For more information visit peninsu-
raphy. 0147. SanBrunoBD.
said, ’Because it’s funny,”’ Piscak said in a
Prosecutors are seeking a six-year prison telephone interview. The Associated Press David Gilhooly: Recent Work, San Carlos Children’s Theater SATURDAY, JAN. 22
term when Bronk returns for a sentencing eval- Assemblage Paintings. Peninsula presents San Carlos Middle Dog Adoptions. 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
does not identify victims in sex cases as a mat- Museum of Art, 10 Twin Pines Lane, Schools, Tri-School production of San Mateo Petco, 3012 Bridgepointe
uation March 10. ter of policy, but Piscak gave permission for Belmont. For more information call ‘Music Man Junior.’ 7 p.m. Central Parkway, San Mateo. Dogs were
His attorney, Monica Lynch of Roseville, her name to be used. She also said she has
594-1577. Middle School Auditorium, 828 saved from death in high-kill
Chestnut St., San Carlos. $12 Southern California shelters and driv-
called her client a “23-year-old boy going on La Honda Winery Wine Tasting. 11 en to Northern California for adop-
agreed to tell her story on a nationally tele- General admission, $7 students. For
15.” a.m. to 4 p.m. La Honda Winery, more information call 594-2730. tions. For more information visit
vised talk show. 2645 Fair Oaks Ave., Redwood City.
“He’s accepted full responsibility. It’s a trag- Pouring many delicious wines
ic situation,” she said. Piscak said she fears the postings could Teen Gaming. 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Photoshop Elements. 9:30 a.m.
including Sauvignon Blanc, Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda de
Lynch said she will argue for less than a six- harm her future in the military and her plans ‘Sequence’ Pinot Noir, ‘Salinian las Pulgas, Belmont. Come play Woodside Library, 3410 Woodside
for a career in criminal justice, though most Block’ Cabernet and from the ‘older Nintendo Wii, board games and enjoy Road, Woodside. Learn how to crop,
year sentence. vintages’ wine vault ... our multiple- snacks at the library. Free. For more edit and retouch images using this
Prosecutors said Bronk would scan women’s people who saw the photos were understand- medal winning 2005 Napa Valley information e-mail photo-editing program. Previous
ing. semi-sweet Viognier. $10 per person computer basics suggested. For more
Facebook accounts looking for those who for wine tasting. Free to all LHW information call 851-0147.
posted their e-mail addresses. He would then A second victim, Stephanie, 24, of Los Wine Members and one guest. For South San Francisco Baseball
Angeles, said she, the FBI and other authori- more information call 366-4104. League Signups. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Volunteer Recruitment Open
study their Facebook postings to learn the Municipal Services Building, 33 House at Filoli. 9:30 a.m. Filoli
answers to common security questions like ties tried for seven hours to remove an album Job Seeking Skills. 1 p.m. Atherton Arroyo Drive, South San Francisco. Center, 86 Canada Road, Woodside.
their favorite color or father’s middle name. of 10 photographs that Bronk posted on her Library, 2 Dinkelspiel Station Lane, Registration for baseball leagues for Attendees will have the opportunity
Atherton. Joan Tabb, career coach, children ages 5 to 10. For more infor- to learn about the many, varied ways
He contacted the women’s e-mail providers account before Facebook took it down. will discuss how to use networks and mation or to print out registration to volunteer at Filoli in areas such as
and used the information to gain control of “Then he wrote just crass, racist, disgusting impress interviewers. Free. For more forms visit House and Garden Docents, Visitor
information call 328-2422. Services, Hospitality, the
their accounts. He also often gained control of comments on people’s walls that I was friends Gluten-Free Cooking and Baking. Ambassador Program, the Art
their Facebook accounts by hijacking their with,” said Stephanie, who did not want her The School of Rock: Tribute to The 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. New Leaf Committee, the Café and the Garden
Who. 2 p.m. Level 236, S. B St., San Community Market, 150 San Mateo Shop. For more information call 364-
passwords, then posted compromising photo- last name used for fear the story could harm Mateo. For more information call Road, Half Moon Bay. Join The 8300.
graphs on their Facebook pages and other her career. She said she felt violated, “kind of 347-3474. Family Chef Amy Fothergill for a
Internet sites. a rape-like situation.” cooking class and tasting where she Habitat Restoration Day. 9:45 a.m.
Steve Krause at Club Fox. 8 p.m. will show you how to prepare some to noon. Stone Pine office park, 120
“This case highlights the fact that anyone Stephanie said she originally had sent the Club Fox, 2223 Broadway, Redwood delicious dishes that are all about fla- Stone Pine Road, Half Moon Bay.
with an e-mail account is vulnerable to identi- private photos to a boyfriend, only to have City. Steve is an award-winning Bay vor and technique without gluten. Join us for a of trash cleanup and
Area singer/songwriter, and has been $20. Pre-registration required, regis- non-native plant removal near and for
ty theft,” Attorney General Kamala Harris said them seen by her college professors and co- compared, lyrically and vocally, to a ter at or call 831-466- a talk about how we can continue to
in a statement announcing Bronk’s guilty plea. workers. young James Taylor. $8 in advance, 9060 ext 126. ensure the protection of open space in
$10 at the door. For more information Half Moon Bay. For more informa-
visit ‘Go Green’ Speakers Series. 6:30 tion call 726-5056.
workshops kicking off at 10:30 a.m. featuring

p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Foster City Council
Catherine Powell, “How to capture and pre- SUNDAY, JAN. 16 Chambers, 620 Foster City Blvd., Organic Rose Care. 10 a.m. to noon.
Farmers’ Market Sundays. 9 a.m. Foster City. Case Study of a Creative Kohl Pumphouse in Central Park,
serve your union’s history” and peace and to 1 p.m. South Caltrain Parking Lot and Clever Re-User: How One 101 Ninth Ave., San Mateo. Speakers
anti-war song workshop. At the same time, on El Camino Real, Belmont. Get Person Simplified Her Life and Terry Lyngso and Alane Weber will
Continued from page 1 attendees can choose to watch “Contrary
fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and pas- Bought Nothing New for a Year. Free. discuss how to care for roses and the
tries, flowers and more. For more Reservations suggested. For more environment with organic rose care.
Warrior: The Life and Times of Adam information visit information or to RSVP e-mail Free. For more information call 579-
M.U.G.A.B.E.E.), David Solnit (puppet work-
Fortunate Eagle,” a first-person account of the Reception for Chinese Artifacts 0536, ext. 3.
shop) and Brigid O’Farrell (Eleanor Roosevelt life and work of an American Indian activist, from the Tang Collection. 1 p.m. to An Evening with Author Erica For more events visit
book). Another will be held at 11 a.m. featur- artist, ceremonial leader and author. At 2 p.m., 4 p.m. Peninsula Museum of Art, 10 Miner. 7 p.m. Belmont Library, 1110, click Calendar.
Twin Pines Lane, Belmont. For more Alameda de las Pulgas, Belmont.
ing media workers, a talk and slide show by attendees can watch the 30-minute film information call 594-1577. Miner will read from her new novel
Bobbie Rabinowitz called Visions of Cuba or “Come Unto Me, The faces of Tyree Guyton.” ‘Murder in the Pit,’ followed by a
Butte, America with Edwin Dobb. Lastly, Reception for Daivd Gilhooly: reception with wine and cheese. For
The story features Guyton, an artist, who Recent Work. 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. more information e-mail
workshops — featuring La Peña workshop; beautified the streets and abandoned houses in Peninsula Museum of Art, 10 Twin
culture and organizing behind prison walls; Pines Lane, Belmont. For more infor-
his Detroit neighborhood. mation call 594-1577. Kindergarten Open House. 7 p.m.
“The Jazz Rebellion” a lecture/symposium A tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. featuring to 8:30 p.m. St. Timothy Catholic
with Avotcja; “The Smart Meme,” getting the Jimmy Collier and Elise Bryant will take The Crestmont Conservatory of School, 1515 Dolan Ave., San Mateo.
Music Students Recital. 2 p.m. and Learn more about St. Timothy’s full-
word across for progressive groups; David place after lunch, 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. 3:30 p.m. Crestmont Conservatory, day kindergarten program. For more
Bacon, “Document your struggle in photo- The night, and festival, ends on an uplifting 2575 Flores St., San Mateo. Recital information visit
graphs” — will be held from 3:30 p.m. to 5 at 2 p.m. features piano and guitar,
note with a benefit concert from 7 p.m. to 9 recital at 3:30 p.m. features piano.
p.m. p.m. at the Machinists Hall. The concert, a Free. For more information call 574- THURSDAY, JAN. 20
Two films will be shown Saturday. “Strange 4633. Reverse Mortgage for Home
benefit for cultural worker and labor activist Purchase Workshop. 10 a.m. to
Fruit,” a documentary exploring the history Anne Feeney, features a number of performers The School of Rock: Tribute to The noon. Coyote Point Yacht Club, 1820
and legacy of the Billie Holiday classic begins including Turner from M.U.G.A.B.E.E., Los Who. 2 p.m. Level 236, S. B St., San Coyote Point Road, San Mateo. A
Mateo. For more information call realtor, attorney, and housing special-
at 9:30 a.m. “Locked Out,” a film about a Soneros del Este, Avotcja with Modúpue, 347-3474. ist will discuss how to be secure in
union in the Mojave Desert town of Boron Sandi Poindexter, Yancie Taylor, Avotcja, the financial future through reverse
locked out of work in 2009 after rejecting a Pamela Priest Naeve Artist’s mortgages. Free. For more informa-
Bernie Gilbert; Elise Bryant, Jimmy Collier Reception. 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. The tion or to register e-mail stor-
drastically reduced contract, starts at 10:45 and Festival Chorus. Wine Bar, 270 Capistrano Road, Half
a.m. Moon Bay. A native of Ohio, gradu-
ate of Northwestern University and San Mateo AARP Chapter 139
Lunch will be followed by performances by The event, which started Friday night, is self-taught artist, this Bay Area resi- Meeting. Noon. Beresford
five choruses before all join in song. Music held at Local 1781 of the I.A.M., 1511 Rollins dent’s work is in collections in the Recreation Center, 2720 Alameda de
U.S., England and France. For more las Pulgas, San Mateo. There will be
performances will also be featured after din- Road in Burlingame. Tickets are $65 for the information call 726-0770. a business meeting and then the
ner. Elise Bryant and the D.C. Labor Chorus weekend, $40 for Saturday only and $15 to installation of officers for 2011. For
will perform from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. with Meditation, Chanting and Yoga more information call 345-5001.
$25 for the concert. No one will be turned Philosophy. 7 p.m. Yoga at Change,
excerpts from “Forgotten: The Murder at the away for a lack of funds. For more informa- 400 Ben Franklin Court, San Mateo. Meet the Cheese Maker. 4 p.m. to 6
Ford Rouge Plant,” a jazz musical by Steve Yoga at Change is a nonprofit organ- p.m. New Leaf Community Markets,
tion visit ization that gladly accepts donations 150 San Mateo Road, Half Moon
Jones. to support our center. Free. For more Bay. Jerry Jeimerl, owner of Saxon
Sunday’s events have a later start with ml. information call 340-9642. Homestead Creamery, will offer sam-
24 Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 COMICS/GAMES THE DAILY JOURNAL

SAtuRDAy, JAN. 15, 2011 stand an excellent chance of finding out what people are
really like, behind their masks. If you don’t, you can be fooled.
Even though Capricorns don’t wait for luck because they
make things happen, there’s a good chance many of you are CANCER (June 21-July 22) - Try to avoid all forms of over-
in a benefic cycle in which you should be able to acquire indulgence regarding what you eat or drink, because you’re
some of the material things you’ve always wanted to have. likely to be far more susceptible at this time. To keep your
waistline trim, don’t gratify fatty whims.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) - Don’t associate with
individuals who lack drive, initiative or purpose just because LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - If you attempt to employ flattery to
your ambitious urges are at low ebb. Unfortunately, you’ll only further your purposes, you are likely to be labeled a shallow
diminish them further. person by the very people whom you want to impress. Don’t
let yourself come off in such a manner.
AQuARIuS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) - How you behave socially
will cause others to perceive you in either a good or unflatter- VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) - Putting on airs or affectations
ing way. Be very careful about your behavior, and don’t put will dull your image, not enhance it in the eyes of others. If
your foot in your mouth. you want to make an impression, simply be your pleasant,
easygoing self around everybody, no matter who they are.
PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) - Although others might want
you to think so, there are no perfect people. When mixing in LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) - Instead of looking at situations
an unfamiliar group, keep your expectations realistic, your realistically today, you could color the facts to suit your needs
head out of the clouds and your pie out of the sky. and desires. Unfortunately, these tactics will keep you out of
the winner’s circle.
ARIES (March 21-April 19) - If you ask a friend to do you a
favor, you had better be very explicit about the details, such SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) - There aren’t any free rides
as how you want it done and when. If you aren’t, it might only to easy street, so if you don’t want to be disappointed, don’t
create additional problems for you. expect more than what you know you’re legitimately entitled
tAuRuS (April 20-May 20) - Subdue an inclination to spend PREVIOuS
lots of money just to show off or impress another. Any accep- SAGIttARIuS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) - What you believe to be
tance by others that is predicated on how much you’re worth a harmless flirtation in order to get the attention of another is SuDOku
is likely to be phony and insincere. likely to be perceived as anything but to your one-and-only.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) - By starting out believing that

Be mindful of his/her feelings. ANSWERS
everybody is equal and nobody is better than the rest, you Copyright 2011, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

Want More Fun and Games?

Jumble . . . Page 2
La times Crossword Puzzle . . . Classifieds
Drabble & Over the Hedge Comics . . . Classifieds
kids Across/Parents Down Crossword Puzzle . . . Family Resource Guide

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

12 13 14

15 16 17

18 19 20 21

22 23 24

25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

33 34 35

36 37

38 39 40 41

42 43 44

45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52

53 54 55 56

57 58 59

60 61 62


PEARLS BEFORE SWINE© 1 Vampire’s tooth
53 Forty-niner’s find
(2 wds.)
5 Boathouse item 56 Frolic
8 Like most radios 57 Grimace
12 Scope 58 —’wester
13 Impress deeply 59 Marquette’s title
14 Steakhouse order 60 After which
15 Thicken, as cream 61 Hamilton’s prov.
16 Not succeed 62 Tibetan oxen C E L L B E L A P I E
(2 wds.) S K A T E D N E S T S
18 Copier ink DOWN M A X Z I P
20 Baby fox 1 Sure thing I S L E S B E L I E F S
21 Yes, to Angus 2 Woody’s son S T A R T E R S L A R A
22 Relies 3 Diner sign A UG EM I T OR A L
25 Cat hair 4 Like many estates Y D S S U E Y GN U
28 Sheet of stamps 5 Lummox 1-15-11 ©2011, United Features Syndicate
29 Pound sound 6 Rise and shine
33 Missed a syllable 7 Do a brake job 27 Improvises 45 The brass, for short
35 Exaggerated 8 Comic-strip bark 30 Blue-pencil 46 Bear of little brain
36 Jockey Cordero 9 Actress Powers 31 Pale-green moth 47 Paste
37 Tankards 10 Wear at the edges 32 Senor’s coin 50 Kind of collar
38 Job to be done 11 Dole out 34 Hockey feint 51 Adventure
39 Voucher 17 Soho co. 35 Make a sound 52 Looks closely
41 Eastern philosophy 19 Ward off 37 RSVP word 54 Comfy spot
42 Shoulder ornament 23 Mattress extra 39 Tenor Enrico 55 Well-known pharaoh
45 Car buyer’s concern 24 “Auld Lang —” 40 N.Y. river
48 Fort near Monterey 25 Stunt 43 Bean hull
49 Ransack 26 Arm bone 44 Wobbly
THE DAILY JOURNAL Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 25

104 Training 110 Employment

The San Mateo Daily Journal Classi-
fieds will not be responsible for more
than one incorrect insertion, and its lia-
bility shall be limited to the price of one
insertion. No allowance will be made for
errors not materially affecting the value
of the ad. All error claims must be sub-
mitted within 30 days. For full advertis-
ing conditions, please ask for a Rate

106 Tutoring

Spanish, French,
Certificated Local
All Ages!
The Daily Journal is looking for in-
terns to do entry level reporting, re-
107 Musical Instruction search, updates of our ongoing fea-
tures and interviews. Photo interns al-
so welcome.
Music Lessons
Sales • Repairs • Rentals We expect a commitment of four to
eight hours a week for at least four
Bronstein Music months. The internship is unpaid, but
intelligent, aggressive and talented in-
363 Grand Ave. terns have progressed in time into
So. San Francisco paid correspondents and full-time re-
(650)588-2502 porters. College students or recent graduates
are encouraged to apply. Newspaper
experience is preferred but not neces-

sarily required.
110 Employment
Please send a cover letter describing
your interest in newspapers, a resume
and three recent clips. Before you ap-
ply, you should familiarize yourself
with our publication. Our Web site:
2 years

experience Send your information via e-mail to

Wanted: Independent Contractor to provide serv- or by reg-
ice of delivery of the Daily Journal six days per required. ular mail to 800 S. Claremont St #210,
San Mateo CA 94402.
week, Monday through Saturday. Experience Immediate
with newspaper delivery required. Must have Placement
valid license and appropriate insurance coverage on all assignments NOW HIRING for Live-in Caregiver
to provide this service in order to be eligible. CALL (650)777-9000 SIGN ON BONUS!!!
Recruiting for San Mateo, San Francisco
and Santa Clara areas. We offer excel-
lent benefits!
Papers are available for pickup in San Mateo at *Medical / Vision / Dental / Life Ins.
3:00 a.m. or San Francisco earlier. * 401K/Credit Union * Direct Deposit
* 1 yrs experience * Own Vehicle
Please apply in person Monday-Friday only, 10am Mid Peninsula CNA’s * Car Insurance * Valid Drivers
* Good Communication skills.
to 4pm at The Daily Journal, 800 S. Claremont St Hiring now!
Call today to set up an interview:
1-800-417-1897 or 650-558-8848
#210, San Mateo. Hourly & Live-ins or send Resume to
Call Mon-Fri 9am-3pm.
Reliable Caregivers. PRODUCTION ASSISTANT,
(415)436-0100 GRAPHIC DESIGN
Must have knowledge and experience
with Quark, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustra-
tor, Mac OS X, OS 9
CAREGIVERS Page layout, ad design, some trouble-
We’re currently looking for shooting, social media, interface with
experienced eldercare aides-- sales department.
CNAs, HHAs & Live-ins Be organized, self-starting, reliable and
with excellent references to coolunder pressure.
join our team!
Extra Credit for Flash, web design skills,
Good pay and Mac tech experience.
excellent benefits!
Drivers preferred. or email to:
Call Claudia at
The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking
for ambitious interns who are eager to
EXPERIENCED jump into the business arena with both
LIVE-IN Housekeeper/Nanny wanted. feet and hands. Learn the ins and outs
San Mateo area 510-552-2817 of the newspaper and media industries.
This position will provide valuable
HOME CARE AIDES experience for your bright future.
Multiple shifts to meet your needs. Great Fax resume (650)344-5290
pay & benefits, Sign-on bonus, 1yr exp email
Matched Caregivers (650)839-2273,
(408)280-7039 or (888)340-2273 127 Elderly Care
Putnam Auto Group GUIDE
The San Mateo Daily Journal’s
Buick Pontiac GMC twice-a-week resource guide for
$50,000 Average Expectation children and families.
a must… Every Tuesday & Weekend
5 Men or Women for
Career Sales Position Look for it in today’s paper to
find information on family
resources in the local area,
• Car Allowance including childcare.
• Paid insurance w/life & dental
• 401k plan
• Five day work week
Top Performers earn $100k Plus!!
Bilingual a plus
Paid training included 150 Seeking Employment
Call Mr. Olson
1-866-788-6267 CAREGIVER - I am an LVN. Will live-
out. References available, Salary nego-
tiable. (415)350-0425
26 Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 THE DAILY JOURNAL
Over the Hedge Over the Hedge Over the Hedge Drabble Drabble Drabble

203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 303 Electronics
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME NOTICE OF APPLICATION months from the hearing date noticed John C. Fitton, Clerk, by (Secretano, per)
STATEMENT #242088 STATEMENT #242726 above. You may examine the file kept by T. Judd, Deputy (Adjunto) condition. $400. (650)261-1541.
The following person is doing business Date of Filing Application: Jan. 13, 2011 the court. If you are a person interested Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal
The following persons are doing busi- To Whom It May Concern: in the estate, you may file with the court January 15, 22, 29, February 5, 2011
as: Mancora, 2319 South El Camino Re- ness as: E B T, 817 N. Humboldt St.
al, SAN MATEO, CA 94403 is hereby The Name(s) of the applicant(s) is/are: a Request for Special Notice (form DE- COMSWITCH 3500 - used for fax, com-
registered by the following owner: San- #308, SAN MATEO, CA 94401 is hereby HOP T ON 154) of the filing of an inventory and ap- puter modem, telephone answering ma-
registered by the following owner: Eli The applicant(s) listed above are apply- praisal of estate assets or of any petition 210 Lost & Found chine, never used, $25., (650)347-5104
dra Mejia, 61 E. Hillsdale Blvd., SAN MA- ing to Department of Alcoholic Beverage or account as provided in Probate Code
TEO and Felipe Valenzuela, same ad- Ben Tov, same address. The business is Control to sell alcoholic beverages at: section 1250. A Request for Special No- MISSING GREY MALE CAT named CRAIG 13” COLOR TV - cable ready,
dress. The business is conducted by a conducted by an Individual. The regis- 116 W. 25TH AVE. tice form is available from the court clerk. “Biscotti”. Last seen 12/4 on Aviador remote control, high resolution color, with
General Partnership. The registrants trants commenced to transact business SAN MATEO, CA 94403-2208 Attorney for Petitioner: Ave. in Millbrae. 12 years old, 12 lbs., clock timer, very good condition, Burlin-
commenced to transact business under under the FBN on Type of license applied for: Joe Della Santina, 2704 St. James Road, strong athletic build. Domestic short game, $35., (650)347-5104
the FBN on /s/ Eli Ben Tov / 41 - On-Sale Beer and Wine - Eating REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063, hair, solid grey including nose,
/s/ Sanra Mejia / Place 415-342-5500 DEWALT HEAVY duty work site radio
This statement was filed with the Asses-
This statement was filed with the Asses- San Mateo Daily Journal Dated: 01/07/2011
neutered,declawed front paws. Micro-
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo chip #985121004140013. Please call charger in box $100. (650)756-7878
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo January 14th, 2011 Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal Home Again lost pet service at 888-466-
County on 11/29/10. (Published in the County on 01/11/11. (Published in the on January 8, 15, 22, 2011. 3242 with any info. Thank you! “FALLOUT 3” for XBox 360. $10.
San Mateo Daily Journal, 12/25/10, San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/15/11, (650)520-4535
01/01/11, 01/08/11, 01/15/11). 01/22/11, 01/29/11, 02/05/11) STATEMENT OF ADBANDONMENT
OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS JVC VHS recorder - Like new, $15.,
295 Art (650)367-8949
The following person has abandoned the PAINTING "jack vettriano" Portland gal-
use of the fictitious business name: PANASONIC TV 21 inch $25., (650)637-
lery 26 x 33. $55. (650)345-1111. 8244
STATEMENT #242225 DALY CITY, CA 94015 The fictitious (CITACION JUDICIAL)
The following person is doing business TO SELL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES business name referred to above was CASE NUMBER: CIV 498088 PICTURE WITH Frame Jack Vettriano
Date of Filing Application: Jan. 6, 2011 filed in County on 9/18/09. The business NOTICE TO DEFENDANT: (Aviso Al De- with light attached $90. (650)867-2720 SANIO CASETTE/RECORDER 2 way
as: Class Glass, 3344 Melendy Dr., SAN Radio - $95.obo, call for more details,
CARLOS, CA 94070 is hereby registered To Whom It May Concern: was conducted by: Wendy Tu. mandado): Mia Lary and Does 1 through
by the following owner: Martha C. Ross, The Name(s) of the applicant(s) is/are: /s/ Wendy Tu / 20, inclusive. You are being sued by
same address. The business is conduct- Ramesh Ramasubramanian This statement was filed with the Asses- plaintiff: (Lo esta demandando el deman- 296 Appliances
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo dante): Robert Hofmann SONY RADIO cassette recorder $25
ed by an Individual. The registrants com- Andrea Marie Kuduk County on 1/4/11. (Published in the San NOTICE! You have been sued. The 4 BURNER cook top commercial lifetime black good condition. (650)345-1111
menced to transact business under the The applicant(s) listed above are apply- Mateo Daily Journal, 1/08/11, 1/15/11, court may decide against you without burner $22., (650)756-6778
FBN on 11/06/2010. 1/22/11, 1/29/11). TV - Big Screen, $70., ok condition,
ing to Department of Alcoholic Beverage your being heard unless you respond (650)367-1350
/s/ Martha C. Ross / within 30 days. Read the information be-
This statement was filed with the Asses- Control to sell alcoholic beverages at: AIR CONDITIONER - slider model for
low. TV 5 inch Black and white good condition
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo 601 Old County Rd. NOTICE OF PETITION TO You have 30 calendar days after this narrow windows, 10k BTU, excellent
condition, $100., (650)212-7020 in box $10. (408)249-3858
County on 12/06/2010. (Published in the San Carlos, CA 94070-3208 ADMINISTER ESTATE OF summons and legal papers are served
San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/01/11, Type of license applied for: Nancy Levitt on you to file a written response at the TV SET 32 inch with remote and stand
Case Number 120764 court and have a copy served on the
01/08/11, 01/15/11, 01/22/11). 41 - On-Sale Beer And Wine - Eating To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con-
$30. (650)520-0619
plaintiff. A letter or phone call will not pro- CHANDELIER NEW 4 lights $30.
Place tingent creditors, and persons who may tect you. Your written response must be (650)878-9542
San Mateo Daily Journal otherwise be interested in the will or es- in proper legal form if you want the court 304 Furniture
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME tate, or both, of: Hon. Nancy D. Levitt,
STATEMENT #242440 January 8, 15, 22, 2011 to hear your case. There may be a court CHOPPERS (4) with instructions $7/all.
Mayor, City of Belmont, California; Nancy form that you can use for your response. (650)368-3037 2 END Tables solid maple '60's era
The following persons are doing busi- Dawn Levitt; Nancy D. Levitt; Nancy Lev- You can find these court forms and more $40/both. (650)670-7545
ness as: 1) Maximilian Human Resource itt. A Petition for Probate has been filed information at the California Courts On- PORTABLE GE Dishwasher, excellent
Agency, 2) Rjaviniar Tutorial Place, 401 NOTICE OF APPLICATION by: Kathryn Gegenfurtner in the Superior line Self-Help Center condition $75 OBO, (650)583-0245 3 PIECE COFFEE TABLE SET: $100.
Briarfield, Belmont, CA 94002 is hereby TO SELL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES Court of California, County of San Mateo. (, your (650)787-8219
registered by the following owners: 1) Date of Filing Application: Dec. 10, 2010 The Petition of Probate requests that Ka- county law library, or the courthouse RADIATOR HEATER, oil filled, electric,
Maximiliano Cruz Diaz & Rowena J. Cruz thryn Gegenfurtner be appointed as per- 4 STURDY metal dining chairs $20/each.
To Whom It May Concern: nearest you. If you cannot pay the filing 1500 watts $25. (650)504-3621 (650)756-6778
Diaz, 419 Hazelwood Drive, So. San sonal representative to administer the fee, ask the court clerk for a fee waiver
The Name(s) of the applicant(s) is/are: estate of the decedent. form. If you do not file your response on
Francisco, CA 94080. The business is SHOP VACUUM rigid brand 3.5 horse BED BRASS single trundle $100 nice
conducted by Husband and Wife. The DT MCKEE PETROLEUM CORP The petition requests authority to admin- time, you may lose the case by default, power 9 gal wet/dry $40. (650)591-2393 and clean. (650)854-3235
registrants commenced to transact busi- The applicant(s) listed above are apply- ister the estate under the Independent and your wages, money, and property
ing to Department of Alcoholic Beverage Administration of Estates Act. (This au- may be taken without further warning BLACK LEATHER office chair with 5
ness under the FBN on N/A. thority will allow the personal representa- STOVE TOP 4 burners with electric grill
/s/ Rowena J. Cruz Diaz / Control to sell alcoholic beverages at: from the court. commercial grade $50., (650)756-6778 rollers $25. (650)871-5078
tive to take many actions without obtain- There are other legal requirements. You
This statement was filed with the Asses- 743 MARSH RD ing court approval. Before taking certain may want to call an attorney right away. BOOKCASE - $25., (650)255-6652
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo MENLO PARK CA 94025 very important actions, however, the per- If you do not know an attorney, you may
County on 12/21/10. (Published in the Type of license applied for: sonal representative will be required to want to call an attorney referral service. VACUUM CLEANER $50 (650)367-1350 CABINET - wood, $70., (650)367-1350
San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/08/11, 21 - Off Sale General give notice to interested persons unless If you cannot afford an attorney, you may
01/15/11, 01/22/11, 01/29/11) they have waived notice or consented to be eligible for free legal services from a CABINET DOORS Oak with arch-style
San Mateo Daily Journal the proposed action.) The independent nonprofit legal services program. You WASHER/DRYER “MAYTAG” - Brand top. Four different sizes, good condition.
January 8, 15, 22, 2011 administration authority will be granted can locate these nonprofit groups at the new with 3 year warranty, $850. both, $300 all. (650)871-7200
unless an interested person files an ob- California Legal Services Web site (650)726-4168
jection of the petition and shows good (, the Califor- CHANDELIER WITH 5 lights/ candela-
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME cause why the court should not grant the bre base with glass shades $20.
STATEMENT #242734 NOTICE OF APPLICATION nia Courts Online Self-Help Center
297 Bicycles (650)504-3621
authority. (, or by
The following persons are doing busi- TO SELL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES A hearing on the petition will be held in contacting your local court or county bar
ness as: Impuestos y Mas, 3127 Middle- Date of Filing Application: Jan. 11, 2011 this court as follows: February 1, 2011 at association. NOTE: The court has a stat- BICYCLE "MAGNA" 24 inch wheels COCKTAIL AND end table brass and
field Rd., REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063 is To Whom It May Concern: 9:00 a.m., Dept: 28, Superior Court of utory lien for waived fees and costs on purple, $40., San Mateo,SOLD! glass top $65. (650)854-3235
hereby registered by the following own- The Name(s) of the applicant(s) is/are: California, County of San Mateo, 400 any settlement or arbitration award of
ers: Nora Alicia Cabrera Mendoza, 260 County Center Drive, Redwood City, CA COFFEE TABLE - $60., (650)367-1350
LOURDES LEON LOPEZ $10,000 or more in a civil case. The BICYCLE - Sundancer Jr., 26”, $75. obo
Farrell Ave. Apt. 278, GILROY, CA. The 94063. If you object to the granting of court’s lien must be paid before the court COFFEE TABLE light brown lots of stor-
The applicant(s) listed above are apply- the petition, you should appear at the (650)676-0732
business is conducted by an Individual. will dismiss the case. age good condition $90. (650)867-2720
The registrants commenced to transact ing to Department of Alcoholic Beverage hearing and state your objections or file AVISO! Lo han demando. Si no re-
Control to sell alcoholic beverages at: written objections with the court before sponde dentro de 30 dias, la corte puede GIRL'S BIKE HUFFY Purple 6-speed
business under the FBN on the hearing. Your appearance may be in good cond. $35 - Angela (650)269-3712
/s/ Nora Cabrera/ 160 VISITACION AVE. decidir en su contra sin escuchar su ver- COMPUTER DESK $70. (650)367-1350
person or by your attorney. If you are a sion. Lea la informacion a continuacion.
This statement was filed with the Asses- BRISBANE, CA 94005-1561 creditor or a contingent creditor of the
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo Type of license applied for: decedent, you must file your claim with
Tiene 30 dias de calendario despues de 298 Collectibles CREDENZA - $25., (650)255-6652
que le entreguen esta citacion y papeles
County on 01/12/11. (Published in the 41 - On-Sale Beer and Wine - Eating the court and mail a copy to the personal legales para presentar una respuesta por DINING CHAIRS (6) $100/all. (650)854-
San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/15/11, representative appointed by the court 2 VINTAGE COFFEE CANS - empty,
Place escrito en esta corte y hacer que se en- Hills Bros. red, 1922-45, HillsBros , early 3235
01/22/11, 01/29/11, 02/05/11) San Mateo Daily Journal within four months from the date of first tregue ena copia al demandante. Una 80’s, $25/both, (650)347-5104
issuance of letters as provided in Pro- carta o una llamada telefonica no lo pro- DINING ROOM table $100. (650)854-
January 14th, 2011 bate Code section 9100. The time for fil- tegen. Su respuesta por escrito tiene 3235
ing claims will not expire before four que estar en formato legal correcto si de- 28 RECORDS - 78 RPMS, Bing Crosby, DRAFTING TABLE 30 x 42' with side
sea que procesen su caso en la corte. Frankie Laine, Al Jolson, many others, all tray. excellent cond $75. (650)949-2134
Es posible que haya un formulario que in book albums, $90. all, (650)347-5104
usted pueda usar para su respuesta. END TABLE marble top with drawer with
Puede encontrar estos formularios de la 49ER REPORT issues '85-'87 $35/all, matching table $70/all. (650)520-0619
corte y mas informacion en el Centro de (650)592-2648
Ayuda de las Cortes de California ENTERTAINMENT CENTER - Oak
(, wood, great condition, glass doors, fits
en la biblio teca de leyes de su condado large TV, 2 drawers, shelves , $100/obo.
o en la corte que le quede mas cerca. Si 6 GALLON "red wing" Crock $100 RWC (650)261-9681
no puede pagar la cuota de presenta- (650)868-0436
cion, pida al secretario de la corte que le MATTRESSES (2) single, single nice
de un formulario de exencion de pago de 8 VERY OLD BOTTLES - most used for and clean $100.(650)854-3235
cuotas. Si no presenta su respuesta a medicines, whiskey, milk, root beer, all in
good condition, $55. all, (650)347-5104
tiempo, puede perder el caso por incum-
plimiento y la corte le podra quitar su su-
eldo, dinero y bienes sin mas adverten- BAY MEADOW coffee mug in box In San Mateo
cia. SOLD! Bedroom Express
Hay otros requisitos legales. Es reco-
mendable que llame a un abogado inme- Where Dreams Begin
diatamente. Si no conoce a un abodado, PACKAGED IN PLASTIC CASE.- 2833 El Camino Real
puede llamar a de servicio de remision a $25/ofr. (650)588-5991 San Mateo
abogados. Si no puede pagar a un abo- 184 El Camino Real
gado, es posible que cumpia con los GLASSES 6 sets redskins, good condi- South San Francisco
requisitos para obtener servicios legales tion never used $25/all. (650)345-1111
gratuitos de un programa de servicios le-
gales sin fines de lucro. Puede encon-
trar estos grupos sin fines de lucro en el JACK TASHNER signed ball $25. Ri- OFFICE DESK - $25., (650)255-6652
sitio web de California Legal Services chard (650)834-4926
Web site (, en PICNIC TABLE round $25. (650)854-
el Centro de Ayuda de las Cortes de Cal- MERCHANT MARINE, framed forecastle 3235
ifornia, card, signed by Captain Angrick '70. 13 x
( 17 inches $35 cash. (650)755-8238 ROCKING CHAIR - Traditional, full size
o poniendose en contacto con la corte o Rocking chair. Excellent condition $100.,
el colegio de abogados locales. AVISO: POSTER - framed photo of President (650)504-3621
Por ley, la corte tiene derecho a reclamar Wilson and Chinese Junk $25 cash,
las cuotas y costos exentos por imponer (650)755-8238
un gravamen sobre cualquier recupera- ROCKING CHAIR for nursing mother or
cion de $10,000 o mas de valor recibida grandmother $75. (650)854-3235
VASE - with tray, grey with red flowers,
mediante un acuerdo o una concesion perfect condition, $30., (650)345-1111 ROCKING CHAIRS - (2) Great for family
de arbitraje en un caso de derecho civil. with new born baby, $50. each or $75.
Tiene que pagar el gravamen de la corte for both, (650)588-5991
antes de que la corte pueda desechar el 300 Toys
caso. SHELVING - 2000 square foot of shelv-
The name and address of the court is: RADIO CONTROLLED Beetle Buggy ing, $500. obo, (650)212-6666
(El nombre y direccion de la corte es): car new in box $10. (408)249-3858
Superior Court of the State of California SMALL TABLE good for displaying
County of San Mateo 302 Antiques plants, beautiful design, blue and white.
400 County Center $35. (650)867-2720
Redwood City, CA 94063 1912 COFFEE Perculater Urn. perfect
The name, address, and telephone num- condition includes electric cord $85 TV STAND good condition beige lots of
ber of the plaintiff’s attorney, or plaintiff storage $45. (650)867-2720
without an attorney, is: (El nombre, direc-
cion y numero de telefono del abogado ANTIQUE SOLID mahogany knick-knack TWO END tables: $35 or $20 each.
del demandante, o del demandante que (650)787-8219
no tiene abogado, es): or bookshelf with 4 small drawers, good
John McBrearty/Andrea L. Ware condition, $95. 650-726-5200 WOODEN KITCHEN China Cabinet: $99
McBrearty & Ware (great condition!), (650)367-1350
3454 East Anaheim Street CHINA CABINET - Vintage, 6 foot,
Long Beach, CA 90804 WOODEN QUILT rack with kitty designs
solid mahogany. $300/obo. on end excellent condition, SOLD!
(562)494-4454 (650)867-0379
Date: (Fecha) Aug. 20, 2010
THE DAILY JOURNAL Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 27
306 Housewares 310 Misc. For Sale 310 Misc. For Sale 322 Garage Sales 380 Real Estate Services 470 Rooms
"PRINCESS HOUSE" decorator urn "COUNTRY KITCHEN" pot rack with NEW GAIAM Yoga P.M. Tape & CD
"Vase" cream with blue flower 13 inch H down lights. Retailed at $250 $10. 650-578-8306 THE THRIFT SHOP REDWOOD CITY
$25., (650)868-0436 New in box $99 (650) 454-6163
NEW LIVING Yoga Tape for Beginners COATS & JACKETS Sequoia Hotel
CANDLEHOLDER - Gold, angel on it, 12 PIECE jewelry display $30 (650)592- $8. 650-578-8306 50% OFF 800 Main St.,
tall, purchased from Brueners, originally 2648 Thursday & Friday 10:00-2:00 $600 Monthly
$100., selling for $30.,(650)867-2720 PACHIRA PLANT 3ft. H. (Money plant) Saturdays 10:00-3:00 $160. & up per week.
13 PIECE paint and pad set for home with decorative Pot $30. (650)592-2648 (650)366-9501
Episcopal Church
HAMILTON BEACH Mixer, vintage, .juic- use $25., (650)589-2893
er & bowl, beater. $30/obo(650)576-6067
PRECUT MILK cartons great for school 1 South El Camino Real (650)279-9811
5 NEEDLEPOINT sets still in package projects 24/bag $8/bag. (650)871-7200 San Mateo 94401
OASIS COUNTERTOP water cooler dis- $10/each, (650)592-2648
SLEEPER BLANKET (3) size 4T Soft (650)344-0921
penses cold and luke warm water $50., $7.50/each. (650)349-6059
ANGEL WITH lights 12 inches High $12.
Room For Rent
SNOW CHAINS - 3 complete sets, sizes Travel Inn, San Carlos
REVEREWARE, 1,3.4 qt. pots, 5",7" (650)368-3037
pans, stainless steel w/copper bottoms,
fit rims 13” & 15”, great condition, $40. $49 daily + tax
all, Burl, (650)347-5104
excellent cond., $60/all. (650)577-0604 ARTIFICIAL FICUS Tree 6 ft. life like, full
branches. in basket $55. (650)269-3712
SOFT BONNET hair drier "Con Air" $20.,
GARAGE SALES $294 weekly + tax
Clean Quiet Convenient
Cable TV, WiFi & Private Bathroom
VACUUM RIDGED wet and dry 16 gal-
lons 5 horse power in box accesso-
ries included $65., (650)756-7878
BARBIE BEACH vacation & Barbie prin-
cess bride computer games $15 each,
SPANISH GUITAR 6 strings good condi-
ESTATE SALES Microwave and Refrigerator
950 El Camino Real San Carlos
tion $80. Call (650)375-1550. Make money, make room! (650) 593-3136
307 Jewelry & Clothing SUIT/COAT HANGERS (14) sturdy good
BEADS - Glass beads for jewelry mak- quality hardwood unused $1/each or all List your upcoming garage
49ER'S JACKET Child size $50. ing, $75. all, (650)676-0732 $10. San Bruno 650-588-1946 sale, moving sale, estate 440 Apartments
BLACK VELVET evening jacket w/silver Beveled Mirrors 34" diameter $75 ea Jer- TRIVIAL PURSUIT GAME - genus edi- sale, yard sale, rummage BELMONT - Prime, quiet location, view,
tion, used a few times, no missing new carpets, balcony-patio, dishwasher,
sparkles, Sz 20W, $10. (650)712-1070 ry San Mateo 650-619-9932
pieces, $22. SOLD! sale, clearance sale, or covered carports, storage, pool. No pets. Don’t lose money
BLACK VELVET pants, Sz L, $7. BETTY BOOP perfume 3.5 ounces $8.
WALNUT CABINET- on rollers 26 W x
whatever sale you have... 1 bedroom $1350 and up. 2 bed/2 bath
on a trade-in or
(408)249-3858 $1650. (650)592-1271 Days or (650)344-
(650)712-1070 20 D x 34.5 H $35. (650)341-5347 in the Daily Journal. 8418 Evenings. consignment!
HOLIDAY WEAR, barely worn: Macy's CABINET OAK, fits over toilet water
tank, like new $25. (650)341-5347 WETSUIT - Barefoot, like new, $40.,
black sweater set, Size M, wool w/gold
metalic stripes, $15 set. (650)712-1070
(650)367-8949 Reach over 82,500 readers FURNISHED ROOM Sell your vehicle in the
CANDLE HOLDER with angel design,
tall, gold, includes candle. Purchased for WIDE-BODIED VASE -- Colorful, Perfect from South San Francisco for Rent Daily Journal’s
JEWELRY DISPLAY 12 piece SOLD! condition, nice design, $25 (650)867- Sequoia Inn
$100, now $35. (650)345-1111
2720 to Palo Alto. Rate starts at $45 + tax Auto Classifieds.
LADIES BRACELET, Murano glass.
Various shades of red and blue $100 COLLAPSIBLE PICNIC cooler comes in your local newspaper. WEEKLY AVAILABLE.
Quiet room & great location.
Daly City, no return calls. (650)991-2353 with utensils, glass and plates $15. 311 Musical Instruments Private Bath, FREE WiFi, Just $3 per day.
LADIES GOLD Lame' elbow links gloves DOG CAGE/GORILLA - folding
2 ORGANS, antique tramp, $500 for
Call (650)344-5200 Microfridge, Premium Cable & more.
large dog cage good condition, 2 door 526 El Camino Real
size 7.5 $15 New. RWC. (650)868-0436
with tray, $75.,(650)355-8949 both. (650)342-4537 (650)369-6736 ext. 0
Reach 82,500 drivers
LIZ CLAIBORNE black evening jacket KEYBOARD CASIO 3 ft long $50.
from South SF to
DOOM (3) computer games $15/each 2
Sz. 12, acetate/polyester, $10. (650)712-
1070 total, (650)367-8949 (650)583-2767 Palo Alto
PIANO VINTAGE - Upright, “Davis & 335 Garden Equipment Call (650)344-5200
SHEER PURPLE tunic, Sz XL, w/em-
broidered design & sequins, $10.
DOUBLE PANE Windows 48"wide X 34"
Tall W/screens perfect condition vinyl
Sons”, just tuned, $600., (650)678-9007
BROGMANSIA TREE $40 needs plant-
312 Pets & Animals
SILVER SEQUIN shirt-jacket Sz 12-14 -
very dressy, $15. (650)712-1070
$75. OBO 650-619-9932
DOUBLE PANE Windows 48"wide X 34" AUSTRALIAN SHEPARD - Champion
ing. (650)871-7200

TABLE - for plant, $30, perfect condi-

SMALL JEWELRY cabinet - 17” H, 12”
Tall W/screens perfect condition white vi-
nyl $75. 650-619-9932
blood lines, $1000., (831)245-7876 tion, (650)345-1111
1 bedroom, 1 bath The following repossessed vehi-
cles are being sold by Patelco Credit
W, 2 glass doors, plus 2 drawers, very
pretty, $35., (650)592-2648 ENGINE HOIST, 2 ton almost new $95
quality, SchH3 VA AKC, $1800-$2500.,
345 Medical Equipment in senior complex Union on January 18th, starting at
8am --- 2004 BMW 330 I #M05770,
TOURQUOISE BLUE party dress, cov-
Burlingame. SOLD! (510)651-8140 POWER CHAIR - “Rascal 600”, new
(over 55). 2005 Lincoln Navigator #J17283,
2004 Nissan Sentra #839745, 2002
ered w/sequins, sz 14, $15. (650)712-
ETAGER over the toilet water tank - wal-
nut, $25., San Mateo, SOLD!
KITTY LITTER box enclosed with swing-
ing door and handle $10., (650)592-2648
Close to Ford Explorer #B62283, 2004 Mer-
cedes Benz C320# 471429, 2006
FIRE BOWL- new in box, 13 x 32 379 Open Houses downtown. Chevrolet Cobalt #825328, 2003 Lin-
308 Tools $50.obo, (650)592-9141 MALTESE PUPPIES purebreds m/f Gated entry. coln Navigator #J16647, 2003 Jeep
Grand Cherokee #512010, 2003 Lin-
$800 available Feb 10. (650)421-3924 coln Navigator #J24199, 2004 BMW
CLICKER TORQUE wrench 1/2 inch
530I #064677, 2006 Chevrolet Cor-
drive 20-150 LBS reversible all chrome
$40. 650-595-3933
29"high, antique brass, folding doors,
sliding mesh screen, damper
316 Clothes OPEN HOUSE Move in vette #132980, 2007 Toyota Sienna
#003030, 2002 Lincoln
Navigator#J14346. Sealed bids will be
DOLLY - Heavy Duty, Dual Use 54" hgt.
Upright-Push Cart South City $99.OBO
(415) 410 - 9801
controls. Like new. $100., (650)592-2047
FRONT END Dash Board from '98 Sono-
JACKET - Large, water proof, new, $35.,
LISTINGS Special. taken starting at 8am on 01/18/11.
Sale held at Forrest Faulknor & Sons
ma Truck $50. (650)871-7200 Auction Company, 175 Sylvester
830 Main Street, RWC Road, South San Francisco. For
BOOTS - 2 pairs purple leather, size 8.
One is knee length, other is ankle length, List your Open House more information please visit our web
condition, $350., (650)926-9841 venture, current authors, some large type $150.obo, (650)592-9141 in the Daily Journal. (650)367-0177 site at
SPEEDAIR AIR COMPRESSOR - 4 gal- print, $3.00 each, (650)364-7777
lon stack tank air compressor $100., JACKET (LARGE) Pants (small) black
HARD COVER mystery and adventure Velvet good cond. $25/all (650)589-2893
books (12) latest authors $3/each. Reach over 82,500 SAN MATEO - 2 bedroom, 2 bath. Next AUTO AUCTION
TABLE SAW 10", very good condition
$85. (650) 787-8219 LADIES DOWN jacket light yellow with
potential home buyers & to Central Park. Rarely available. Pres-
tigious Location & Building. Gated ga-
The following repossessed vehi-
KIDS GUITAR for 6 years and Up $40, cles are being sold by Meriwest Credit
TORO LEAF BLOWERS, Power Sweep call (650)375-1550
dark brown lining RWC $35. (650)868-
renters a day, rage, deck. No Pets. $, Union-2004 BMW 325 I #P84178,
(650)948-2941 2009 Mazda 5 #330727, 2004 Pontiac
+ 850 Super Blower, Electric like new
$40. pair South City (415) 410-9801 LEAD FILM BAG Protect film from x- LADIES NYLON stockings new $1/per
from South San Francisco Bonneville #178541, 2006 Nissan
rays, Ex. cond. SOLD! pair size 11 (2 dozen) call evenings. to Palo Alto. 442 Studios
Frontier #433761, 2006 Ford F250
#D34611. The following vehicles are
309 Office Equipment LOUNGE CHAIRS - 2 new, with cover &
in your local newspaper. being sold by The San Francisco
plastic carring case & headrest, $35. REDWOOD CITY- Large room with Public Administrator—2004 Buick Le-
each, (650)592-7483 LADIES ROYAL blue rain coat with zip-
CALCULATOR - Casio, still in box, new, pered flannel plaid liner size 12 RWC kitchen and bath. RENTED! sabre #200896, 1984 Peugot 505
#359758. The following vehicles are
$25. (650)867-2720
MASSAGE DEVICE with batteries $8 in $15. (650)868-0436 Call (650)344-5200 442 Cottages being sold by The United States
DELL PHOTO 924 all in one with 2 ink box, (650)368-3037 Bankruptcy Court – 2008 Toyota FJ
LADIES SHOES- size 5, $10., (650)756-
cartridges $40 obo. (650)290-1960 6778 Cruiser #004836. Plus over 100 late
METAL CABINET - 4 drawers, beige model Sport Utilities, Pick Ups, Mini
OFFICE LAMP new $8. (650)345-1111 16.5 inches W x 27 3/4 H x 27 inches D. COTTAGE WANTED - Vans, and luxury cars ---INDOORS---
$40., San Mateo, (650)341-5347 I would like to rent a 1 Charity donations sold. Sealed bids
OFFICE WATER COOLER Hot - Ex Hot MEN'S PAJAMA set by "Dockers" size 380 Real Estate Services
Large new in box $15. (408)249-3858 bed/1bath home or cottage. will be taken from 8am-8pm on
,Cold - Ice Cold Like New South City MUSIC CASSETTES (200) popular 01/17/11 and 8am-5pm on 01/18/11
$99. OBO (415) 410 -9801 songs $40/all 650-873-4030
MEN'S SHOES - New, size 10, $10.,
Preferably Atherton through Sale held at Forrest Faulknor & Sons
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC World book (650)756-6778 Palo Alto area. I have no Auction Company, 175 Sylvester

310 Misc. For Sale of Religion still in package $35. pets, non-smoker. Road, South San Francisco. For
(408)249-3858 MEN'S SUIT almost new $25. more information please visit our web
650-573-6981 (650)328-2505 site at
FULL BAG of plastic containers. SOLD!
NEW BANQUET table 6ft x 30. $50. Call
MENS SLACKS - 8 pairs, $50., Size
36/32, (408)420-5646

317 Building Materials

SALES 470 Rooms BMW ‘06 325i - low miles, very clean,
loaded, leather interior, $20,000 obo.,
Bank Foreclosures. GARDEN MOTEL
various sizes, half moon, like new, $10.
and up, (650)756-6778
$400,000+ 1690 Broadway BMW 540I ‘03 - Excellent condition,
loaded, leather, SOLD!
Redwood City, CA 94063
SCREEN DOOR 36 inch slightly bent Free list with (650)366-4724
Low Daily & Weekly Rooms
CADILLAC ‘03 Deville. Excellent condi-
tion, garage kept, SOLD!
$15. (650)871-7200
SLIDING SCREEN door 30 inch good
pictures. Free HBO + Spanish+Sports+Movie
Channels, Free Internet CHRYSLER '07 300 Touring, sedan,
condition $25. (650)871-7200 Daily $45+tax Nite & up
Weekly $250+tax & up
3.5L V6, silver, 38K miles, $17,892.
#P7H682180 Melody Toyota, Call 877-
318 Sports Equipment Free recorded message 587-8635. Please mention the Daily
2 GOLF CLUBS - Ladies, right handed,
putter & driver $5/each (650)755-8238
1(800)754-0569 HIP HOUSING CHRYSLER ‘01 PT Limited Edition, 98K
ID# 2042 Non-Profit Home Sharing Program
miles, black, SOLD!
BOGNER SKI SUIT [blue] Ex cond. FORD ‘85 VICTORIA - Original owner,
hardly used, size medium. Orig $400+. Dolphin RE San Mateo County 43K miles, automatic, all powered. Very
Asking $65. SOLD! (650)348-6660 good condition. SOLD!
28 Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 THE DAILY JOURNAL

620 Automobiles 620 Automobiles 625 Classic Cars 630 Trucks & SUV’s 640 Motorcycles/Scooters 670 Auto Parts
HONDA '06 Civic LX, red, $11,891. # TOYOTA ‘09 Camry, hybrid, silver, 34K FORD '06 F-150, SuperCab, gray, auto, HARLEY DAVIDSON ‘83 Shovelhead - CHEVY S-10 ‘97, 49000 mi. American
FA1656EW Melody Toyota, Call 877- miles, auto, $18,792. PR9U105912Melo- $15,494. # P6KA81180 Melody Toyota, special construction, 1340 cc’s, Awe- Racing rims & radial 15-8, New. $3800
587-8635. Please mention the Daily dy Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the some!, $5,950/obo. Rob (415)602-4535. OBO (650)481-5296
Journal mention the Daily Journal Daily Journal
HONDA ‘98 Civic EX coupe red, man- TOYOTA ‘09 Camry, sedan, gray, 25K HONDA '07 CR-V EX-L, silver, auto, 645 Boats used $800. (650)921-1033
ual, $4,893. # TWL120399 Melody miles, $17,994. P9U819487 Melody $17,692. #P7C022018 Melody Toyota,
Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men- Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men- Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the PROSPORT ‘97 - 17 ft. CC 80 Yamaha
tion the Daily Journal Daily Journal. Pacific, loaded, like new, $9,500 or trade, EL CAMINO '67 - parts (Protecto top)
tion the Daily Journal $95., (650)367-8949
HONDA CIVIC ‘99 EX sedan 4-door, TOYOTA ‘09 Corolla, silver, 26K miles, SATURN ‘02 VUE V6 SUV, silver, 83K
excellent mechanically, very good body, $14,591. #P99065545 Melody Toyota, FORD ‘73 Maverick/Mercury GT Comet,
$3,400. (650)325-7549 Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the
miles, $6,991. T2S804347 Melody Toyo-
ta, Call 877-587-8635. Please mention
650 RVs Drive Train 302 V8, C4 Auto Trans.
Daily Journal the Daily Journal. Complete, needs assembly, includes ra-
REXHALL ‘00 VISION - 53K mi., Ford diator and drive line, call for details,
LEXUS '08 ES 350, silver, auto, $26,994 Triton V-10 engine. 29 feet long, no pop
#P82202515 Melody Toyota, Call 877- TOYOTA ‘09 Corolla, white, 31K miles, TOYOTA ‘00 Camry, sedan, green, $1250., (650)726-9733.
$15,892. #P9Z130355 Melody Toyota, outs. Excellent cond. $20,000 OBO,
587-8635. Please mention the Daily 135K miles, $6,991. TYU744223 Melody (650)670-7545.
Journal Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men- FORD ‘93 250 flat bed, diesel, 100-gal-
Daily Journal tion the Daily Journal lon gas tanks $2500. Jim Deisel
MERCEDES ‘01 E-Class E320, sedan, 670 Auto Service (650)678-8063/Joe (650)481-5296. (Or
silver, 76K miles, $9,992. T1B288567 TOYOTA ‘99 AVALON sedan, silver, TOYOTA ‘04 4Runner, SUV, silver, 84K trade Chevy F10 Truck)
Melody Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. 174K miles, $5,991. TXU339241 Mel- miles, $15,392. P40018553 Melody
Please mention the Daily Journal ody Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please
mention the Daily Journal
Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men-
tion the Daily Journal
C3 FIX CAR HEAVY DUTY jack stand for camper or
SUV $15. (650)949-2134
TOYOTA ‘03 Camry Solara, white, 69K
miles, $9,994. T3C602658 Melody VOLKSWAGEN ‘01 New Beetle GLS GRAND OPENING!
1.8L Turbo, green, 69K miles, $6,991. TOYOTA ‘04 RAV-4, blue, 94K miles, TRUCK RADIATOR - fits older Ford,
Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men- $12,994. P40022323 Melody Toyota,
tion the Daily Journal T1M408000 Melody Toyota, Call 877-
Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the Oil Change & Filter never used, $100., (650)504-3621
587-8635. Please mention the Daily 630 Trucks & SUV’s Daily Journal Up to 5 QT Synthetic Blend
TOYOTA ‘03 Corolla, silver, 82K miles, Journal
ACURA MDX 3.5L w/Touring Pkg, 4WD $19.95 + Tax 672 Auto Stereos
$9,492. #P3C150154 Melody Toyota, TOYOTA ‘06 RAV-4, white, 26 Kmiles,
Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the VOLVO ‘00 V70 XC AWD SE, blue, Auto, blue, $18,491. #T5H534016. Melo-
$18,794. P65022899 Melody Toyota,
Plus Waste Fee
Daily Journal 122K miles, $7,594. TY2719581 Mel- dy Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please MONNEY CAR AUDIO
ody Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the Daily Journal. Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the
mention the Daily Journal Daily Journal Four Wheel Alignment We Repair All Brands of Car
TOYOTA ‘08 Camry, hybrid, while, 39K
miles, auto, $18,792. P8U044749 Mel- $55.00 Stereos! iPod & iPhone Wired
ody Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please TOYOTA ‘07 Tacoma, truck access cab, Special prices apply to most cars + to Any Car for Music! Quieter
mention the Daily Journal
625 Classic Cars silver, auto, 27K miles, $15,891.
light trucks Car Ride! Sound Proof Your
T7Z352191 Melody Toyota, Call 877-
DATSUN ‘72 - 240Z with Chevy 350, au- 587-8635. Please mention the Daily Car! 31 Years Experience!
TOYOTA ‘08 Corolla CE, re, 41K miles, tomatic, custom, $5800 or trade. 609 So. Claremont St. 2001 Middlefield Road
$11,491. #P8Z956435 Melody Toyota, Journal
(650)588-9196 Redwood City
Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the
TOYOTA ‘08 Camry, LE V6, gray, 32K
San Mateo
Daily Journal
PLYMOUTH ‘72 CUDA - Runs and miles, $16,891. P8U071507 Melody (650)343-3733 (650)299-9991
TOYOTA ‘08 Prius Touring, sedan, red, drives good, needs body, interior and Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men-
33K miles, $19,894. P83339376 Melody paint, $12k obo, serious inquiries only. tion the Daily Journal
Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men- (650)873-8623
tion the Daily Journal TOYOTA ‘09 Tacoma, truck access cab, 680 Autos Wanted
TOYOTA ‘08 Prius, sedan, silver, 44K
OLDSMOBILE ‘69 F-85 - 2 door, power
front disc, $2,800., with 71 running parts
gray, auto, 23K miles, $18,891.
T9Z615723 Melody Toyota, Call 877- SMART CARE
miles, $17,594. P83321845 Melody car with console, buckets. (650)851-4853 587-8635. Please mention the Daily 400 El Camino Real Don’t lose money
Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men- Journal (1 block north of Holly St.)
tion the Daily Journal on a trade-in or
San Carlos
TOYOTA ‘10 Highlander Limited, V6, consignment!
TOYOTA ‘08 Yaris, Hatchback, gray, SUV, 3,287 miles, $35,992. (650)593-7873
41K miles, $11,991. P85174835 Melody #PAS024027 Melody Toyota, Call 877- Hours: M-F, 8a-4p, Sat. 8a-5p
Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men- 587-8635. Please mention the Daily
See Our Coupons & Save! Sell your vehicle in the
tion the Daily Journal Journal
Daily Journal’s
TOYOTA AVALON ‘01 - Silver, 61K TOYOTA ‘10 Tacoma V6 truck double Auto Classifieds.
miles, perfect condition, best offer, cab, gray , auto, 23K miles, $31,991.
(650)307-7089. PAZ708253 Melody Toyota, Call 877- 670 Auto Parts
587-8635. Please mention the Daily Just $3 per day.
Journal 2 SNOW/CABLE chains good condition
fits 13-15 inch rims $10/both San Bruno
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle 635 Vans 650-588-1946 Reach 82,500 drivers
from South SF to
CHRYSLER '06 Town and Country van,
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis blue, 64K miles, $9,492. R6B718466 880 AUTO WORKS Palo Alto
Melody Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Dealership Quality
ACROSS 59 Frost lines? 31 Alaskan island 38 Attending Please mention the Daily Journal Affordable Prices Call (650)344-5200
Complete Auto Service
1 Its leaves are 60 Inventory site 32 Bygone Persian 40 “Oh, ri-i-i-i-ght!” DODGE ‘10 Grand Caravan SXT, pas-
Foreign & Domestic Autos
used as a heart title 41 “The Merry senger van, 3.8L V-6, silver, 28K miles, 880 El Camino Real
$18,792 #RAR100262 Melody Toyota,
stimulant DOWN 33 PA system Widow” hero Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the
San Carlos
Tax Deduction, We do the Paperwork,
10 More than 1 Mulligan, e.g. essential 42 “8 Mile” rapper Daily Journal. Free Pickup, Running or Not - in most
comfortable? 2 White Rabbit’s cry 34 The Tony Martin 43 Workbench cases. Help yourself and the Polly Klaas
NISSAN ‘01 Quest - GLE, leather seats, Foundation. Call (800)380-5257.
14 Manhattan clam 3 Rabbitt’s “You hit “There’s No gadgets sun roof, TV/DVR equipment. Looks
new, $15,500. (650)219-6008 CAMPER/TRAILER/TRUCK OUTSIDE
chowder feature and I” duet Tomorrow” is 46 Schisms backup mirror 8 inch diameter fixture/in- Wanted 62-75 Chevrolets
structions included $30. Novas, running or not
15 “The Aviator” partner based on its 48 Exultant yell 640 Motorcycles/Scooters 650-588-1946 Parts collection etc.
actor 4 Derby-wearing melody 50 Goblet feature BMW ‘03 F650 GS, $3899 OBO. Call
So clean out that garage
Give me a call
CHEVY RADIATOR - Like new, $60.,
16 Nanny’s Addams 35 English Channel 52 Not very edgy 650-771-4407
(650)367-8949 Joe 650 342-2483
challenge 5 Water testers resort 56 Lifeguard’s skill,
17 Disco family 6 Neosporin target 36 Pitch target? for short
name 7 Rodeo twirlers
18 Like the Ford logo 8 Sees through ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE:
19 2/9/2010 victory 9 Sealy competitor
parade honoree 10 Cleaning aids
20 Lemming 11 1950s Irving
predator Berlin campaign
21 59-Across song Bath Cabinetry
element 12 Modern storage
23 The Lean One, in aid LEADING
“Peer Gynt” 13 Sultry Cuban
25 Directional suffix dance RENOVATIONS
26 “... __ we 14 Jim with 589 1 Day Bath Remodel!
Bay Area’s exclusive installer of
extinguish sight lifetime homers Luxury Bath Systems products
and speech”: 22 Luminous with Microban.
Browning 24 Locals (888)270-0007
27 Kennedy 28 Savanna stalker
associate 30 NYC home of
29 Nitrogen Dali’s “The
compound Persistence of
31 Lupe’s “Later!” Memory” 01/15/11
32 Van Helsing’s
33 Serving
36 Imaginary
37 Certain Honshu
38 Exotic smoothie
39 Lennon love song
40 Arens of Israel
41 Part of HUD:
44 Logical tips?
45 Mom’s dinnertime
47 Pundit
49 Handbook list,
51 Otherwise
53 Spanish cordial
54 Latin I word
55 Dramatic
57 Somewhat, with
58 Some tree By Brad Wilber
sculptures (c)2011 Tribune Media Services, Inc.
THE DAILY JOURNAL Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 29

Cleaning Construction Electricians Handy Help Hauling Landscaping


SERVICES ELECTRICAL “Specializing in Any Size Projects”
$25 OFF First Cleaning (Your Current Connection) •Painting •Electrical
• Commercial - Residential Two Man Operation, Specializing
(we also clean windows) in Recessed Lighting. •Carpentry •Dry Rot
• Good References • 15 Years Exp. All Phases of Electrical 40 Yrs. Experience
• FREE Estimates Lic.#767463 & Bonded Retired Licensed Contractor
(650) 867-9969 (650)759-0440 (650)871-2900


Gardening Steve’s
Handyman Service
JOSE’S COMPLETE Prompt, Tidy, Friendly
GARDENING Stephen Pizzi
and Landscaping (650)533-3737
Full Service Includes: Lic.#888484
Free Tree Trim Insured & Bonded
Free Estimates
(650)315-4011 Moving
Hardwood Floors
Specializing in:
Gutters KO-AM Homes, Apts., Storages
HARDWOOD FLOORING Professional, friendly, careful.
PATRICK PRICE GC •Hardwood & Laminate Peninsula’s Personal Mover
Installation & Repair Commercial/Residential
New, Repair, Roof Repairs Fully Lic. & Bonded CAL -T190632
•High Quality @ Low Prices
Free Estimates
Call 24/7 for Free Estimate JUNK KING Call Armando (650) 630-0424

Lic. # 910421 408-979-9665 RELEASE THE Painting
Lic. #794899 CLUTTER

Furniture Disposal. GOLDEN WEST

Appliance Recycling.
Decks & Fences
Garage Clean-out. PAINTING
Concrete Attic Clean-out. Since 1975
Construction Hauling Commercial & Residential
E.A. CONCRETE Free Estimates! Excellent References
In Business Since 1976 We Do All The Work! Free Estimates
•Patios •French drains We Recycle!
•Walkways •Stamped (415)722-9281
•Driveways •Brick Lic #321586
•Retaining Walls •Stone Call
Free Est. & Affordable Rates 1-800-995-Junk-King
Lic. #598762 (650)871-5308 (5868)
Interior Design PAINTING
Handy Help Interior & Exterior
Admirable Drywall & Handyman Hunter Douglas Gallery
Services- Drywall, Painting, Free Measuring & Install. Free Estimates
MARSH FENCE Interior/exteriror,Carpentry, Moldings, 247 California Dr., Burl. (650)368-8861
& DECK CO. Water Damage, , Plumbing, Electrical. (650)348-1268 Lic #514269
State License #377047 No Jobs Too Small! 200 Industrial Blvd., SC
Licensed • Insured • Bonded (800)570-7885
Fences - Gates - Decks 24 Hr. On Call Services!
Stairs - Retaining Walls
10-year guarantee (650)575-1599 Plumbing
Quality work with reasonable prices Ask For Anthony
Call for free estimate (650)571-1500


Bay Area Local Hauler CLEANING ONLY $45
MORALES Carpentry, Cabinets, Wainscot
Haul Any Kind of Junk
Residential & Commercial
Free Estimates!
1091 Industrial Road
Suite 185 - San Carlos
Unclog Any Drain w/Outside Cleanout
w/90 day Warranty
Paneling, Moulding, Painting, Senior and Military Discounts
HANDYMAN Drywall Repair, Dry Rot, Minor Call Joe
10% Off and guaranteed LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED!!!
Fences • Decks • Arbors
Plumbing & Electrical & More! (650)722-3925 completion for the holidays. (650)949-4575
Contractors Call now
•Retaining Walls • Concrete Work Lic# 931633/Insured VISA/MAST/DIS
• French Drains • Concrete Walls 650-631-0330
CALL DAVE (650)302-0379 Lic./bond/Ins#794331
•Any damaged wood repair CHEAP HAULING
•Powerwash • Driveways • Patios
• Sidewalk • Stairs • Hauling and demo Landscaping
• $25. Hr./Min. 2 hrs. HANDYMAN REPAIRS $70 and up! Tile
Free Estimates & REMODELING Call Mike @ KIOA
20 Years Experience • Carpentry • Plumbing
• Kitchens • Bathrooms
(650)630-2450 LANDSCAPING
Landscape • Concrete CUBIAS TILE
• Dry Rot • Decks • Pavers Installation & Service
(650)921-3341 Priced for You! Call John Eco-Friendly Free Estimates
(650)296-0568 (650)773-3592
Free Estimates
Lic. #955492
Mario Cubias
Light moving!
ALL ELECTRICAL Haul Debris! (650)784-3079
PAYLESS 650-583-6700
650-322-9288 Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels
Electrical, All types of Roofs.
Fences, Tile, Concrete, Painting,
SAME DAY SERVICE RCA VACUUM tube manual '42 $25.
for all your electrical needs Plumbing, Decks Refuse Removal (650)593-8880
All Work Guaranteed Free estimates VACUUM CLEANER Oreck-cannister
Reasonable rates
ELECTRIC SERVICE GROUP (650)771-2432 No job too large or small
type $40., (650)637-8244

Call Rob Notices

California law requires that contractors
Quality, Dependable taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor
or materials) be licensed by the Contrac-
Handyman Service THE DUMP MAN tor’s State License Board. State law also
requires that contractors include their li-
• General Home Repairs cense number in their advertising. You
• Improvements 650-888-9504 can check the status of your licensed
contractor at or 800-
• Routine Maintenance Anything Anytime 321-CSLB. Unlicensed contractors taking
jobs that total less than $500 must state
(408) 979-9665
Free Estimate
$30 and Up
in their advertisements that they are not
licensed by the Contractors State Li-
cense Board.
30 Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 THE DAILY JOURNAL

Attorneys Dental Services Food Food Health & Medical Massage Therapy
* BANKRUPTCY * Bradley L. Parker DDS DON PICOS BRUNCH FREE Consultation for Grand Opening!
Huge credit card debt? 750 Kains Avenue, San Bruno The Original Mexican Bistro $10. Off 1-Hour Session!
Job loss? Foreclosure? Crowne Plaza Laser Treatment
650-588-4255 $20. Any Bottle of Wine 1482 Laurel St.
Medical bills? Emergency Catering (415)531-5008 1221 Chess Dr., Hwy. 92 at (650)347-0761 San Carlos
YOU HAVE OPTIONS ------------------
461 El Camino Real Foster City Blvd. Exit Dr. Richard Woo, DPM (Behind Trader Joe’s)
Call for a free consultation Call Now To Get Your Foster City 400 S. El Camino Real Open 7 Days/Week, 10am-10pm
This law firm is a debt relief agency
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Law Offices of Peter T. Chiang DENTURE Restaurant & Bar
Top-notch DUI defense lawyer GODFATHER’S
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DMV & criminal proceedings Dental Lab Technician On-Site Gourmet American meets
Call for free consultation Dentures Made In One Day the European elegance
Just $7.95! Every Time
Free Follow-up Advisement 1240 El Camino Real 61 East 4th Avenue
(650) 558-0068 (650)366-3812 ....have you experienced it yet? San Carlos 1250 El Camino Real -- Belmont Downtown San Mateo Roos Dental Care Reservations & take out (650)596-8400 945 El Camino Real --
(650) 637-9257 South San Francisco
1500 El Camino Real 15 24th Avenue -- San Mateo (650)348-2151
FRIENDLY SMILES Belmont, CA 94002 1222 Broadway -- Burlingame
Know your rights. ORTHODONICS BAR & GRILL
Free consultation Suresmile Technology 14 large screen HD TVs
Serving the entire Bay Area
Law Offices of Timothy J. Kodani
Since 1985
Benson Wong, DDS
931 W. San Bruno Ave., #3 GOT BEER? Full Bar & Restaurant
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San Bruno
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1819 El Camino, in
Burlingame Plaza
Employment - Sexual Harrassment - $3. Pints M-F, 4-6 pm INSURANCE Needlepoint!
Housing - Landlord/Tenant Steelhead Brewing Co.
Eric L. Barrett,
General Dentistry for 333 California Dr. THE FOUNDER of CLU, RHU, REBC, CLTC, LUTCF
Fiesta Shopping Center
Adults & Children Burlingame Roti Indian Bistro has Barrett Insurance Services
Beauty (650)344-6050 done it again! (650)513-5690 747 Bermuda Dr., San Mateo
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DDS It’s the Grand Opening of
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Martial Arts & Tae Bo Training Based primarily on equity
Legal Services
Homes• Mixed-Use
Cemetery Commercial
Food 731 Kains Ave, San Bruno LEGAL DOCUMENTS
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Divorces, Living Trusts, Salaried, Self-Emp, or Retired We offer more than just tacos!
CEMETERIES Free Roundtrip Limo Pickup 11617 San Carlos Ave., SC Health & Medical
Corporations, Notary Public
Archdiocese of San Francisco (94010 zipcode) (650)551-1400 Investors welcome since 1979
Live, Ride, Dine in Style 1123 Burlingame Ave., Burl
Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery 1400 Broadway, Burlingame BALDNESS IS One Option... “I am not an attorney. I can only pro-
Colma & Menlo Park (650)340-1300 Or Consider Modern Hair
vide self help services at your specific
(650)343-9333 direction” Wachter Investments, Inc.
Transplantation Surgery Real Estate Broker #746683
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Millbrae’s Finest Dining Restaurant
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CA Dept. of Real Estate Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner

2009 1st Place Winner Come Sing Karaoke
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Best Crepes Sat. Night 9 pm-12 am Gorrin Surgical GET MORE BUSINESS
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Collectibles San Bruno
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OPen 10am-10pm daily San Carlos (650)596-3489
Massage Therapy


New San Mateo Address:
117 N. San Mateo Dr.
San Mateo 94401
Open 7 days, 10 am -10 pm
Walk-ins welcome!
633 Veterans Blvd., #C
1828 El Camino Real #405
Burlingame 94010 (Same Location)
Redwood City
(650)556-9888 Villa
(650) 259-8090
Caring for Seniors with
dementia & memory
MASSAGE loss since 1988.
Hypnosis Makes it Easy 119 Park Blvd. 1117 Rhinette Ave.
Guaranteed Millbrae -- El Camino
Call now for an appoint- Burlingame
ment or consultation
Open 10 am-9:30 pm Daily
888-659-7766 (650)871-8083 (650)344-7074


Now Available!
Single Room - Male or Female
Shared Room - Male or Female
Age Range 60+ Independent Living
Quarters Available
Call Today (650)474-CARE or
Lic.# 415600256
1424 Hopkins Ave., RWC
THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL/WORLD Weekend • Jan. 15-16, 2011 31

Tunisians drive leader from power in mass uprising

By Elaine Ganley widely believed for years to be a place where
and Bouazza Ben Bouazza the regime’s opponents were tortured.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS With clouds of tear gas and black smoke
drifting over the city’s whitewashed buildings,
TUNIS, Tunisia — After 23 years of iron- Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi went
fisted rule, the president of Tunisia was driven on state television to announce that he was
from power Friday by violent protests over assuming power in this North African nation
soaring unemployment and corruption. The known mostly for its wide sandy beaches and
ouster, virtually unprecedented in modern ancient ruins.
Arab history, sent an ominous message to “I take over the responsibilities temporarily
authoritarian governments that dominate the of the leadership of the country at this difficult
region: Even strongmen can be overthrown by time to help restore security,” Ghannouchi said
the power of the street. in a solemn statement on state television. “I
Tunisians buoyant over Zine El Abidine Ben promise ... to respect the constitution, to work
Ali’s ouster immediately worried, however, on reforming economic and social issues with
about what’s next: the caretaker leadership of care and to consult with all sides.”
the prime minister who took control, the role The prime minister, a longtime ally of the
of the army in the transition, and whether Ben president, suggested that Ben Ali had willing-
Ali’s departure — to an as-yet unconfirmed ly handed over control, but the exact circum-
location — will be enough to restore calm. stances were unclear.
The upheaval followed the country’s largest In a string of last-ditch efforts to tamp down
protests in generations and weeks of escalating the unrest, Ben Ali dissolved the government
unrest, sparked by one man’s suicide and and promised legislative elections within six
REUTERS months — a pledge that appeared to open at
fueled by social media, cell phones and young
people who have seen relatively little benefit A protester hits a policeman during a riot in downtown Tunis,Tunisia. least the possibility of a new government.
from Tunisia’s recent economic growth. leave. that. Before his removal of power was announced,
Thousands of demonstrators from all walks of The government said at least 23 people have On Friday, police repeatedly clashed with he declared a state of emergency, including a
life rejected Ben Ali’s promises of change and been killed in the riots, but opposition mem- protesters, some of whom climbed onto the curfew that was in effect Friday night and was
mobbed Tunis, the capital, to demand that he bers put the death toll at more than three times entrance roof of the dreaded Interior Ministry, to be lifted at 7 a.m. Saturday.

doesn’t include money to replace vehicles or frame until the Oct. 12 dissolution of the costs or the hazmat unit.
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facilities, according to a summary prepared by
County Manager David Boesch and Deputy
County Manager Peggy Jensen.
Belmont-San Carlos Fire Department and
ongoing concern by legislative leaders and
significant opposition from local labor organ-
In contrast, the county’s inclusion of the
hazmat piece could be a key consideration.
San Carlos leaders began last year outsourc-
Over the last five fiscal years alone, the izations. ing departments to close a $3.5 million budg-
county general fund has funneled more than The county offer is different because it is et deficit and a decade of ongoing cuts. The
police department. $3 million into its fire fund. between it and the city, not Cal Fire and the council has already handed off payroll and
On Friday, Jan. 7, the city received a $5.9 The county estimates saving $300,000 from city, said Cal Fire spokeswoman Janet Upton. parks maintenance services to contractors. In
million proposal from Redwood City that did sharing command, staff, training and On Jan. 7, Redwood City also submitted a October, it followed with the entire 32-mem-
not include the hazmat component. advanced life support. Another $350,000 in proposal which included a hope that San ber police department which was contracted
The county also indicated its interest in pro-
savings could come from transferring two of Mateo would partner with Belmont and some- to the Sheriff’s Office. The decision was divi-
posing a contract but told San Carlos officials
the three Cal Fire staff to Station 16 in San day they and other cities like Foster City sive in the community but maybe not as much
a supervisorial subcommittee must first vet
Carlos to operate a “quick attack” vehicle. would merge into one regional department. as this current push to shake up fire service.
the idea. The county sent the proposal to the
city on Friday and the Finance and Operations Cal Fire used a 72-hour work week sched- The idea has the support of Firefighters Local After the council voted last year to begin the
Subcommittee with discuss the idea next uled, requiring only 17 employees for the Union 2400, which has been quite public with 18-month dissolution process, critics like the
Tuesday before moving forward. If the com- same level of service San Carlos provides its criticism of San Carlos’ decision to disband firefighters’ union cried foul and some
mittee greenlights the idea, it will provide the with 20, according to Cal Fire. its fire joint powers authority and believes city Belmont leaders essentially told its partner
city a full proposal by the extended Feb. 7 The preliminary contract options to be pre- leaders are purely focused on a contract with good riddance.
deadline. sented Tuesday are: the state fire agency. The city suggested breaking up the partner-
Carole Groom, president of the Board of • $3.8 million — 17 staff paid at the top step The three-year Redwood City proposal calls ship after Belmont declined to tweak the fund-
Supervisors, hadn’t seen all the details as of of the Cal Fire pay scale; for two fully-staffed advanced life support ing formula used to bankroll the department.
Friday but expects to bring a lot of questions • $4.3 million — 20 staff paid at the top step companies and reduced costs by reducing the While Belmont has a fire protection district
to Tuesday’s meeting. of the Cal Fire pay scale; positions of fire chief, three fire battalion which collects money for fire service, cash-
“I’m intrigued by the idea I hear of a group • $5.03 million — 17 staff with total com- chiefs, the fire marshal, two fire inspectors strapped San Carlos used its general fund.
of cities working to put together a regional pensation frozen at the San Carlos pay scale; and administrative staff. Those numbers are While the contract is important for city cof-
department,” Groom said. “I’d like to know and currently in conflict, with Redwood City esti- fers, which agency responds to emergencies
what a contract with San Carlos would do • $5.7 million — 20 staff with total com- mating no positions to be dropped and the city isn’t the main priority for residents, Klein
with that. How close are they? Would this put pensation frozen at the San Carlos pay scale. saying 12. City staff, however, thinks the kink said.
it on hold?” Hazmat would add an extra $19,800 to the can be ironed out, Assistant City Manager “No one cares as long as someone shows
Considering the potential savings to both price tag for 11 staff at the Cal Fire scale or Brian Moura wrote in a Jan. 14 memo to the up,” he said.
sides, Klein said he “can’t for the life of me $71,000 at the frozen San Carlos level. City Council.
see how the board will not ask for a full pro- The county’s interest struck some as sur- Moura and city staff will meet with The Board of Supervisors Finance and
posal.” prising because, on Nov. 18, Cal Fire sent the Redwood City officials next week to further Operations Subcommittee meets 2 p.m.
San Mateo County is also looking to trim its city a letter specifically stating it would not discuss the proposal. Tuesday, Jan. 18 in the County Manager’s
fire budget since it needed to subsidize fire submit a proposal. The letter by Acting The contract would not cover fire station Conference Room, First Floor, 400 County
services $1.05 million this fiscal year which Director Ken Pimlott cited the short time upgrades, equipment replacement, transitions Government Center, Redwood City.

staff report written by Nava. Atherton residents are on the highest end erty has a Hillsborough street address and

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In the protest letters, customers disapprove
of the increase for a variety of reasons like
recycling generates revenue that should go
of the spectrum with a 38.9 percent proposal
and Menlo Park has the lowest at 9.4 percent.
In between, the proposals include 32.6 per-
access but the land is actually in Burlingame,
which the owner, Maurissa Hefferan, has
noted causes problems when there are calls
toward lowering rates, they see few advan- cent in Hillsborough, 23.3 percent in San for emergency services. Hefferan is request-
tages to the new services and additional Mateo, and 29.5 percent in Foster City. ing the land become part of Hillsborough to
were attached to the staff report released last strain to an already stretched income.
week. If less than a majority of rate payers Earlier this week, Redwood City approved avoid future confusion. Such a change will
Burlingame’s proposed rate increase is an 18 percent increase. The Foster City result in a decrease of property tax and storm
protest, the council can then vote on the among several considered by Peninsula cities
increase which would go into effect Feb. 1. Council will hold its second public hearing drainage revenue to Burlingame of about
in part because of new provider Recology $3,000 annually. Both cities must sign off on
Although it was unclear how many protests Jan. 18 on its proposal. San Mateo is in the
that began its contract Jan. 1 with the South such a change. A June 2 letter from City
would be needed to block the increase, there middle of the 45-day protest period.
Bayside Waste Management Authority. Attorney Gus Guinan to Hefferan’s lawyer
are thousands of accounts. Finance Director SBWMA, also known as RethinkWaste, Recology has faced a difficult transition
Jesus Nava, however, said it was clear the let- period with many reports of missed pickups expresses that staff does not recommend the
broke with former provider Allied Waste to change due to the financial loss.
ters gathered thus far didn’t come close. contract with Recology for the next decade. since it rolled out service this month. In
Burlingame’s rate increase is based on sev- The change has brought new bins and new response, the company has committed more
eral factors including an 11 percent cost of personnel for customer service calls and The council meets 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 18
service but also new pricing for member at City Hall, 501 Primrose Road.
solid waste collection and disposal; 1.4 per- agencies like Belmont, Burlingame, East increased pickups until its personnel is used
cent increase due to customers using smaller Palo Alto, Foster City, Menlo Park, Redwood to the changes.
containers with less revenue potential; and City, San Carlos, San Mateo, Atherton, At the same meeting, the council will con-
4.6 percent increase to pay Allied’s final bill Heather Murtagh can be reached by e-mail:
Hillsborough, San Mateo County and the sider a request to de-annex 1125 Jackling or by phone: (650)
under the expiring franchise, according to a West Bay Sanitary District. Drive to the town of Hillsborough. The prop- 344-5200 ext. 105.

hood with red- or yellow-tagged homes, like giving the authority for such a permit. Proposals within city guidelines are still

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the Bernardos, who would like to rebuild.
Traditionally, a use permit is required for
property owners proposing to build a new
Those seeking to rebuild in the Glenview
neighborhood still need a use permit, howev-
er, the Architectural Review Committee,
reviewed through the building division. The
process for these projects in the Glenview area
will remain the same.
home or add to a new home exceeding city-set rather than the Planning Commission, would
In November, the council gave the go-ahead limits. This requires review by the give final approval. The committee meets
Heather Murtagh can be reached by e-mail:
in zoning changes to expedite the building Architectural Review Committee and weekly rather than monthly. Aknin said the or by phone: (650)
process for those in the Glenview neighbor- Planning Commission, with the commission Bernardo’s permit would be heard this month. 344-5200 ext. 105.
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