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I. The following passages have not been edited. There is one error in each line. Point
out the errors and make corrections.
I entered a second class compartment a. _________ __________

and take a corner seat. A few minutes b. _________ __________

late a large, noisy family rushed c. _________ __________

to and spread themselves all over the d. _________ __________

compartment. The parents arrange and e. _________ __________

rearranged the belongings in the f. _________ __________

luggage racks. A suitcase fell on g. _________ __________

grandmother’s feet but she shouted to them. h. _________ __________

Art and culture has always a. __________ ___________

been integral with Kerala. The b. __________ ___________

pluralist aspect reflected at the c. __________ ___________

art forms of the state in rooting d. __________ ___________

in the rituals of its indigenous e. __________ ___________

people. Most dance forms have f. __________ ___________

evolved of ancient customs. g. __________ ___________

II. Rearrange the following words or phrases to form a meaningful sentence:

1) a. love / of others / good manners / and / win the / young

b. when / best / they can / one is / be learnt / young
c. saves us / turns away / soft answer / anger and / a / a pitfall / from many

2) a. inside / grandeur / the palace hall / it was / all

b. interwoven / pearls / were / flower garlands / sparkling / with
c. wooden stage / painted backcloth / the / decorated / with a / was

I. In the following passage one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing
word along with the word that comes before and after it. The first one has been done as
an example.
1) Before Missing After

Buddha taught people many a. people in many

different ways. He taught children telling b. _____ ______ _____
stories. He gave detailed explanations the c. _____ ______ _____
path to the wise. To others, taught without d. _____ ______ _____
speaking any words all. He always e. _____ ______ _____
talked with kindness and love. f. _____ ______ ______
2) Before Missing After

Bees are flying insects related to a. insects closely related

wasps and ants, and known for their role b. _____ ______ _____
in pollination and producing honey and beeswax. c. _____ ______ _____
There are nearly 20,000 known species bees. d. _____ ______ _____
They are on every continent except Antartica. e. _____ ______ _____

II. Complete the given passage with the options given below:

1) In today’s modern world, (a) _____ contemporary youth has better opportunities (b)
_____ better lifestyle, but unfortunately some youngsters have associated better lifestyle
(c) ______ fashions. They (e) ______ be stooped from ruining (f) _______ lives.

(a) (i) a (ii) an (iii) the (iv) and

(b) (i) but (ii) and (iii) or (iv) so
(c) (i) with (ii) for (iii) from (iv) to
(d) (i) this (ii) these (iii) that (iv) those
(e) (i) can (ii) ought (iii) must (iv) will
(f) (i) your (ii) there (iii) our (iv) their

2) Animals (a) _____ been helpful to man (b) ____ many ways. They help us in crushing
oil, drawing water. (c) ______ carrying load. They have been actively involved in
transportation (d) _____. They have been (e) _____ part of lives of human beings, (f)
_____ had always been dependent on animals in one way or the other.

(a) (i) has (ii) have (iii) had (iv) head

(b) (ii) in (ii) for (iii) from (iv) with
(c) (i) but (ii) and (iii) or (iv) so
(d) (i) to (ii) too (iii) for (iv) two
(e) (i) an (ii) a (iii) the (iv) on
(f) (i) which (ii) where (iii) whom (iv) who
I. Convert the following sentences into passive:

1. You eat bread.

2. I have read a book.
3. I read a book
4. I was reading a book.
5. I had read a book.
6. I shall is read a book.

II. Complete the following passage by choosing the correct passive forms of the
verbs in brackets from the alternatives given below the passage:

1. It (a) _____ (hope) that the Metro Rail System in Delhi will prove a boon to the Delhi-
ites. The transportation problem for the daily commuters (b) _______ (solve) to a great
extent. But it will be a success only if it could (c) _____ (complete) by connecting
efficient road transport.

(a) (i) was hoped (ii) had hoped (iii) is hoped (iv) has hoped
(b) (i) is solved (ii) was solved (iii) will be solved (iv) would be solved
(c) (i) be completed (ii) have been completed (iii) had been completed
(iv) complete

III. Change the following sentences into Indirect speech:

1. The teacher said to students, “The earth rotates round its axis.”
2. Mohan said to me, “I will do my homework.”
3. The servant said to the master, “I have finished all my work.”
4. Sheela said to Sarla, “Why are you so happy today?”
5. He said to her, “Do you want to go home?’’
6. The teacher said to the boys, “Take out your books and read them silently.”
7. Prashant said to me, “You should stop gossiping.”
8. The captain said to his soldiers, “Get ready to open fire at the enemy.”
IV. Read the dialogue and complete the paragraph:

Kumar: Where are you going now?

Gulab: I am going to look after my grandfather.
Kumar: What has happened to him?
Gulab: He has been suffering from high fever.

Kumar asked Gulab (a) ____. Gulab replied that (b) _____. Kumar further asked him
(c) ____. Gulab told him that he has been suffering from high fever.