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9th Grade


PART A : Answer the questions below by choosing the right answer between a, b, c, or d

1.  Johan : Hi, Yudi, the weather is cloudy. Do you think it will rain soon?
      Yudi   : I think so, I am ... It will rain soon.
a. Sure
b. Not sure
c. Certainty
d. Doubtful

2.   Mr. James : If I don't have certificate showing ownership of property for guarantee, will the
bank lend me some money?
      Mr. Chang : I can't say that for sure.
      The underlined expression is used to express ....
a. Disappointment
b. Disagreement
c. Uncertainty
d. Dislike

3.   Luna  :    What do you think about Titi?  Will she come tonight?
      Maya :    I don't think she will come.
     From the dialogue above, we know that...
     a.   Maya feels sure that Titi will come.
     b.   Maya feels uncertain that Titi  will come.
     c.   Maya doesn't like Titi.
     d.   Maya tries to think about Titi.

4.   Andi   :  Is this your ruler, Toha?

      Toha   :  No, it isn't. That one is mine.
      Andi   :  May I borrow it?
      Toha   :  ......
      Andi   :  Thanks.
      a.   No, thanks
      b.   No, way
      c.    I am not sure
      d.   Certainly. Here you are.

5.   Susan   :  Oh, I have lost my pen. May I borrow yours, John?
      John     :  .....Here you are.
      a.    You are welcome
      b.    I am sorry.
      c.    Thank you.
      d.    Yes, certainly.

6.   Dedy      :  Are you sure that she will come to my party  tonight?
      Mizwar  :   I'm sure about that.
      The underlined sentence is used to express ......
a. Asking for certainty
b. Respond of certainty

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9th Grade
c. Disagreement
d. Suggestion

7.   Mrs. Diah   :  Can Dewi operate the computer?

      Nelly          :   May be she can, but ...., I have never seen operate it.
a. I'm afraid she can
b. I'm surprised to know what ....
c. I doubt it
d. I'm sure about it

8.   Miss Dina    :   Do you think that the headmaster will be here at 7.30 tomorrow morning?
      Miss Ati      :   ....he will. He always gets here before seven.
a. I doubt
b. I'm sure
c. I'm afraid
d. I can't stay

9.  Bobby   :  I'm sure Fredy  has forgotten to come here.

     Herman :  ....he always keeps his promises. I know him well.
     a.   I doubt
     b.   I'm sure
     c.   I'm sorry
     d.   I agree with you

10. Your friend  :  Will you come to my house?

      You             :  .....
      a.   Certainly
      b.   No, I'm not
.     c.   No, I won't
      d.   Yes, I do

PART B : Answer the questions below by choosing the right answer between a, b, c, or d
1. Anton : Hello, can I speak with Bowo?
Bowo's Mother : Sorry, I didn't catch you said. Can you repeat again, please?
The underlined is showing....
a. Certainty
b. Agreement
c. Repetition
d. Hesitation

2. Which the following sentence is asking for repetition?

a. Sorry, I'm not sure.
b. Well, That's all right.
c. Sorry, I beg your pardon, sir?
d. Really?

3. Which the following sentence is the respond asking for repetition?

a. Do you understand?
b. What did you say?
c. Ok. Listen it well.
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9th Grade
d. Really?

This dialogue below is for number 4 and 5

Kesya : Hello, Resty. Look at my purse. I made it my self.
Resty : Hello, Kesya. Hey that's nice. Isn't that your older purse? The one that we bought
one year ago?
Kesya : Yup, That's right.
Resty : How did you do that?
Kesya : Sorry, what did you say?
Resty : .......................................(5) , Kesya?
Kesya : Oh. Well, first, I just added some colourful buttons. Then, four-five glittery
beads. Finally, I gave my magic finishing touch, he.. he.. he..

4. The underlined phrase is showing....

a. Hestitation
b. Agreement
c. Repetition
d. Certainty

5. a. How did you do that?

b. How are you?
c. What did you said?
d. How do you do?

This dialogue below is for number 6 and 10

Andi : Do we have any Science homework for tomorrow?
Ardi : Huh?! Sorry, what did you say? It's very noisy here.
Andi : I said, Do we have any Science homework for tomorrow?
Ardi : Yes. Mr. Doni told us to do the Science homework for tomorrow.
Andi : Is that true?
Ardi : Yes, it is.
Andi : Thank you. I have to go home now.

6. The underlined is showing........

a. Asking for clarification
b. Expressing Gratitude
c. Asking and giving information
d. Asking for Repetition

7. Which statement is false?

a. Ardi and Andi have Science homework.
b. The home work should be submitted tomorrow.
c. Ardi will do the Science homework at home.
d. Ardi and Andi will do the Science homework together.

8. What does the underlined word "it" refer to?

a. Homework.
b. What Mr. Doni's instruction in the Science class is.
c. Science book.
d. Science homework for tomorrow.
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9th Grade
9. What expression is used by Ardi to ask repetition?
a. I beg your pardon, please?
b. Sorry, can you repeat again?
c. Huh?! Sorry, what did you say?
d. Sorry, could you repeat what you just said?

10. What the Andi says to answer Ardi question?

a. I said...............
b. I don't know
c. Really?
d. Can I believe it?

11.  Dinda : Devi, you look very happy today.

Devi : Hehehe. I just bought a bike by my father.
Dinda : ………………? I don’t hear.
Devi : Sure. I just bought a bike by my father
Dinda : Wow. That’s great.
a. How come?
b. Is it important?
c. What did you say?
d. Did I believe?

12.  Rudi : Hello, can I speak to Alghi ?

Alghi’s brother : Sorry. I didn’t catch what you said. Would you mind repeating your  
words ?
Rudi : O.K. I told you that can I speak to Alghi ?
Alghi’s brother : Oohh. Sorry he had just come out.
The underlined phrase is showing…..
a. Admiration
b. Certainty
c. Uncertainty
d. Repetitions

13.  Reni : Hi. Nice to meet you. But what is your name ?
Nida : Yeah. Nice to meet you too. My name is Nida.
Reni : Sorry. Can you repeat your words, please ?
Nida : Of course. My name is Nida    
The sentence that said “Of course. My name is Nida” is showing…..
a. Asking for Certainty
b. Responding of Certainty
c. Asking for Repetitions
d. Responding for Repetitions

1. Make 2 command and prohibition sentences!
2. Mention at least 5 words related to Covid-19
3. Make a short conversation uses certainty or uncertainty expression! (at least 8lines)

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