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Retail Waste Services

Universal Waste
The Universal Waste Rule was written to streamline environmental regulations
for wastes generated by large numbers of businesses in relatively small
quantities. It is designed to reduce the amount of hazardous waste disposed of
in municipal solid waste and other non-hazardous waste streams, encourage the
recycling and proper disposal of certain common hazardous wastes, and reduce
the regulatory burden for businesses that generate these wastes.

Although handlers of universal wastes can meet less stringent standards for
storing, transporting, and collecting these wastes, they must still comply with
the full hazardous waste requirements for final recycling, treatment, or disposal.

Since its inception in 1995, the Universal Waste Rule has expanded to include
more consumer-type wastes. Additionally, many states have broadened the
scope of wastes considered Universal Wastes to include aerosols, antifreeze, oil-
based finishes, and paints. Universal waste disposal is available as an additional
service from StrongPak.

The most common examples of universal waste generated at the retail level

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StrongPak™, a division of Strong Environmental,
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StrongPak: Retail On-Site
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also contain lead.
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