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From Diarmuid O’Murchu, Author of Quantum Theology and The Transformation of

Desire, on Contemplative Waiting: I thought many times of Thomas Merton as I read

through Margot’s poems: the contemplative waiting becomes an awakening in which the
sacred breaks through even in the mundane and ordinary.

Foreword written by John Everard Griffith, for my book entitled: Contemplative

Waiting: Write Into the Heart of Your Spiritual Journey. Poetry and Workbook.

WAITING is not encouraged nor valued in our culture, yet it is an essential practice if
we are to access our hearts’ desires. You can’t hurry love and relationships, even with
yourself. Contemplative waiting is an active process of paying attention, listening and
being open to the mystery of life. This journey into the depths of our being is both
wonderful and difficult. It is a path of paradox – moving between the tension of
knowing and not knowing, believing and questioning, feeling no longer ourselves, yet
closer to our authentic self than ever before. Waiting requires courage and trust.

WONDERING is the way we follow the path to the heart. The heart does not give up its
wisdom easily. We must prove ourselves worthy and ready. This takes time and
discipline. If the truth comes too quickly it can overwhelm us. If is comes too easily we
can dismiss it. When we stay the course and work for it, the heart honours us with sacred
gifts which bring us insight. Contemplative waiting, coupled with a yearning to hear the
voice of the heart and a sincere desire to know what is true, leads to a moment when
straining, waiting, receptive ears finally hear the sacred words.

WRITING is a discipline that helps us establish a relationship with our truth. Through
writing we give voice to what is hidden or difficult to know; we give expression to
parts of ourselves that have been isolated, shut off and denied, often for years. In so
doing we move closer to the wisdom of the heart. We cannot pursue this kind of
wisdom and guidance; we cannot demand the heart give forth its treasure. We can
only allow it to emerge. Waiting and writing are both preparation and practice.
They allow us to become familiar with our inner territory. Familiarity leads to
acceptance and enables us to journey along the sacred path. Along the way we
discover beauty, mystery, clarity, energy and guidance, which draw us into an
emerging place of compassion and power.

To do soul work each one of us must establish a practice of contemplative listening. It is

the only way we can connect with the love that is a thousand hands pulling all of life
together into a sacred story. It is your story. It is our story. It is the story of the universe
unfolding -acknowledging our place in the wonder of this creative unfolding.
© Margot Van Sluytman