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Suggest ways in which a leading brand of kitchen pans Wonderchef can focus on brand
awareness and customer loyalty on a long term basis through this campaign.

A social media campaign is a business’s coordinated marketing effort to reinforce information

(about a brand, product, or service) using at least one social media platform. These campaigns
are strategically focused, have measurable outcomes, and influence social media followers to feel
or act in a certain way.
In the above given case the company Wonderchef is already using a strategy of celebrity endorsement
as it is promoted by the right person or celebrity that is Sanjeev Kapoor as most of the housewives like
to watch his recipes and just like his reliable recipes they trust his words too. The company decided to
go for social media marketing in order boost sales, increase in brand awareness, enhance brand
consumer bond and to generate leads through social media campaign. Now, the team focused mainly on
one social networking sites where they can get their target audience that are India women between the
age group of 25- 55 years of age to escalate brand awareness. As the most popular social media
platforms in India are Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. If we talk about the
defined age group not most of them are frequent user of platforms like snapchat & Instagram. Making
group on WhatsApp can cost more for a company as either it will require lot of time to build network or
huge amount of money should be invested to get required database. So the two platforms we are left
with are YouTube and Facebook. Company can go for any of them and the most important things about
running a successful campaign are-

 Content- the content should be attractive enough and eye catchy that engage customer.
Company can create supporting visual content based on certain theme or interesting idea, or
either content some fun element or anything which created impression in the mind of
customers. It should be customer centric to grab their attention.
 Message- the message that you want to deliver should predefined and clear enough so that
customer can get it in a right way. It should be clear, concise and complete.
 Goal clarity- whatever the campaign is, understand the end goal. What action do you want the
user to take when they see? how will you measure its effectiveness?
 Monitor and respond- company must not set it and forget it. These things are very crucial and
as company is putting efforts and resources so definitely it is expecting a kind of outcome. So, it
should measure how many respond did they got? What are the comments and no. of views on
it etc. matters a lot?
 Analyze and adjust- Take time to go over your analytics to see what worked what didn’t work.
Sometimes it might get flopped or got higher engagement. Then use the knowledge to adjust
your tactics for the next campaign.
 Discounting and offers- If they are providing any kind of discounts otr have some great deal for
customers they should mention it in the social media campaign, it will generate traffic as
customers in India are price conscious and they want more value by paying less. If company is
giving offers like buy 3 things and get 1 free, lucky draw or lottery system etc., customer will
definitely show their interest towards it.