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Junos Space Service Now

Product Description
Product Overview
Juniper service automation consists of an ecosystem of tools, applications, and systems
targeted towards simplifying and streamlining operations, bringing operational efficiency,
Junos Space Service Now is the center
reducing downtime, and increasing ROI for networks running Juniper Networks® Junos®
point of the Juniper service automation
operating system.
solution, enabling users to automatically
detect incidents, collect diagnostic data, Junos Space Service Now is the control point that enables the service automation
and simplify incident escalation. Service infrastructure. Service Now includes components that seamlessly work within a customer’s
Now automates inventory management, environment and are securely integrated with Juniper’s case management and contract
thus reducing time spent in manual management systems for service automation delivery. These components include:
asset tracking. These capabilities • Advanced Insight Scripts, running on Junos OS-based devices, are event-specific
increase efficiency and uptime while incident management scripts written based on the experience and knowledge of a
decreasing downtime and mean time to Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) engineer. These scripts detect
resolution (MTTR). issues on devices, collect troubleshooting and diagnostic information and send an
indication to Service Now.
• Juniper Networks Support Systems (JSS) are expert systems, located within Juniper’s
premises and securely integrated with Service Now, that provide an interface to the
Juniper Customer Support Center (CSC) case management, contract management
systems, and knowledge repositories. JSS collects event and incident information and
diagnostic details for ticket creation from Service Now. JSS also provides case updates
to Service Now, as well as targeted service and support information to Service Now and
Junos Space Service Insight, for efficient operations.
In addition to this, the Juniper service automation solution provides proactive
management and maintenance capabilities via Junos Space Service Insight. Service
Insight is an application on the Junos Space platform that uses periodic health data
collected via Service Now to deliver proactive management capabilities such as Proactive
Bug Notification and EOL/ EOS analysis.

Why Automate
Juniper service automation provides a seamless and secure solution that simplifies
operational processes, thus enhancing staff productivity. When labor intensive tasks such
as asset inventory management are automated, staff can focus on the tasks most critical
to the business.

Service Now

Juniper Support
AI Scripts Internet
Installed Juniper Database Knowledge
base tools and CRM

Customer Network Customer or Partner NOC Juniper

Figure 1: Juniper service automation architecture

Automation Enabling Uptime and Efficiency • Service Now provides a centralized platform that stores
Service Now automates the key operational tasks of incident and tracks detected incidents, maintains troubleshooting
prevention, detection, and diagnostics, thus decreasing escalation information collected, and tracks the status of associated cases
and resolution time, and increasing uptime and efficiency. escalated to JTAC.
• Service Now also automates inventory management, providing
Employing the automation capabilities embedded in the Junos
asset details for managed devices along with details such as serial
operating system, Service Now provides a uniform solution that
number, part number, and description. This can save numerous
can scale to all devices running Junos OS. Expert analysis brings
hours otherwise spent in manual tracking and updates.
the experience of Juniper experts directly to Juniper platforms for
an exceptional support experience. Scalable Solution
Service Now is an integral part of the Junos Space platform,
• Service Now works with the embedded technology in Junos
implemented as a scalable fabric of physical or virtual appliances
OS to create an incident detection and early warning system
that work collaboratively. With the Junos Space scalable fabric
that keeps constant vigil for potential platform problems, and
architecture, you can expand or contract your fabric by simply
proactively notifies customers about potential risks—performing
adding or deleting nodes as needed. Each physical or virtual
expert analyses to prevent problems before they arise.
appliance node is fully utilized, and the nodes work together to
• The information collected from devices is presented in an easily
provide a scalable and resilient platform.
accessible format that automates and speeds troubleshooting
and ultimately the resolution of problems. Secure Interfaces
• By providing the ability to open cases with JTAC from the Service Now has been engineered to accommodate customer
Service Now console, and by sending the necessary information requirements for data and information confidentially. All data
to JTAC to quickly and effectively identify and resolve problems, transferred from Service Now to JSS originates from Service Now,
operational processes are simplified and efficiency increased. and standards-based security techniques for authentication,
encryption, and entitlement are used for all communications.

Customers also have the option to control the extent of information

shared with Juniper by adjusting the level of information sent to JSS
through four levels of filtering—from no sharing to full share. Using
the information that customers are able to share, Juniper Networks
is uniquely positioned to determine potential risks to the customer’s
network, to perform detailed troubleshooting, and to provide a
superior customer experience.

Figure 2: Service Now incident screen

Flexibility in Configuration and Operation Specifications
With an easy to use Web 2.0 GUI-based interface, Service Now is Client Browser Support
designed to simplify operations. The intuitive user interface allows
Supported browsers include Firefox 3.0, Internet Explorer 7.0, and
for easy configuration and operation, enabling users to quickly
ramp up and employ Service Now to automate their inventory
management and incident management tasks. VMware Version
Junos Space works with VMware vSphere 4.0 and above.
Junos Space
Junos Space is an open, extensible network platform for Juniper Platforms
developing and hosting network management applications that Service Now runs on Juniper Networks devices running Junos OS
reduce cost and complexity. One of the core members of the 9.0 and later releases.
Juniper Networks Junos Platform, Junos Space uses the same
Junos Space Platform
design principles and open systems approach as Junos OS to
Service Now is recommended on Junos Space 2.0 and above.
enable programmability at the network application layer.

Juniper Networks Services and Support

Features and Benefits
Juniper Networks is the leader in performance-enabling services
Junos Space is a multipurpose application platform designed to
and support, which are designed to accelerate, extend, and
be simple, smart, and open.
optimize your high-performance network. Our services allow
• Simple—Platform interface is oriented around business intent, you to bring revenue-generating capabilities online faster so
not technology, with the system guiding the user rather than the you can realize bigger productivity gains and faster rollouts of
other way around. new business models and ventures. At the same time, Juniper
• Smart—Core platform provides network abstractions and Networks ensures operational excellence by optimizing your
automation to enable smart applications, and it includes best network to maintain required levels of performance, reliability, and
practices to automate repetitive tasks, minimize user input, and availability. For more details, please visit
scale services. products-services/.
• Open—Platform architecture is open and explicitly designed to
enable partners to build and deploy applications that are smart, Ordering Information
simple, and easy to use. Service Now is available today to all customers with a Juniper
Service Now features include: support contract. Service Insight is available with a Juniper Care
Plus contract. Operate Specialist partners can get Service Insight
• Automated fault identification via in-device, script-based failure
with the Advanced Partner Support subscription. Please contact
your Juniper Networks representative for more information.
• Automated troubleshooting data and log collection
• Automated configuration collection
• Automated ticket generation
• Automated inventory management

About Juniper Networks
Juniper Networks, Inc. is the leader in high-performance
networking. Juniper offers a high-performance network
infrastructure that creates a responsive and trusted environment
for accelerating the deployment of services and applications
over a single network. This fuels high-performance businesses.
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