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I like to compare the [url] deployment phase(?) to a chess opening.

pieces are placed on vantage points in order to optimize their movement and
their ability to attack enemy units later in the game. Development is the next
step. Now, using the strenghts of your army, you must overwhelm your
opponent and ultimely win the game. These are the most important factors
should be take into account when playing with this list:

Big Mek and Kustom Force Field

This little item is crucial for the survival of your vehicles on the few first turns
so you must fully utilise it. Placing the Big Mek inside a Battlewagon enables
him to use it's hull footprint when measuring the 6'' distance for the Kustom
Force Field effect. So stick him in there and place two Battlewagons on each
side. This way they will all benefit from the 4+ cover save. Always make sure
that they stay within range while you are moving them.

Furthermore I have found that it's nessesary to attach him to the Burna Boyz.
Being only ten models strong , this unit will suffer from low Leadership after a
few casualties. Big Mek with a Boss Pole will give them a re-rollable Ld 8
which can save you from many sticky situations. And it might sound obvious
but try to leave him out of close combat (unless you are dealing with a very
squishy target).

Ghazkull Thraka

The Big G is definitely one of your strongest assets. First of all, he is a close
combat monster. Seven Strength 10 attacks on the charge will make
Monstrous Creatures, vehicles and dedicated assault units alike cry in

This is the least of his merits though. The most valuable aspect of this unit is
its unique "Waaagh!!!". When activated your units become fearless.
Furthermore it can be used on an opponents turn or your own and last for an
additional player turn. This gives it a lot of tactical flexibility. When a crucial
assault didn't go as planned or you got charged by a powerful unit and risking
having an important unit cut down then you can use it and save them.

Lets look at this following scenario. Let's say that it's the fifth turn and your
battered boyz mob is sitting on an objective. It's down to the last 8 boyz due
to previous casualties . They get charged by a very killy close combat unit.
They lose the combat by 4 and are preparing to run away and leave their
objective which might cost you the game if it ends there. Before you roll for
Morale you can activate Ghazkuls (?) "Waaagh!!!" and take 4 saves instead of
It also benefits him with a nifty 2+ Invulrnable save. This makes him even
better at close combat since he can take a lot of punishment back. Charge
him into a Terminator squad and be sure he'll cut them down in a couple of
turns. Also useful if you are caught unaware and get shot in the open with
something nasty like a railgun.

The most valuable part of his rule is that enables all units that have the
"Waaagh!!!" rule to auto roll a 6'' for their run move. This is a lethal
combination, considering that these units are also fleeting for that turn. This
gives you a tremendous charge range if you are jumping out of a
Battlewagon. Let's see how far that is : 12''(cruising? speed) + 1''(red paint)
+ 2''(disembark) +1'' (base) + 6'' (run) + 6'' (charge) = 28'' . This almost
guarantees a second turn charge. You can catch enemy units half way across
the board. It can be a nasty surprise for your opponent and you can easily
catch him unprepared.

Getting a quick charge is very appealing but this ability can be used in a
more defensive manner. Use it to get some distance from harm's way, i.e.
rapid firing bolters or a unit you don't want to get in close combat with. Can
also be used in the last few turn to make sure you close in with that
objective. Timing it right can be tricky if you want to optimize it's usefulness.
You have to assess the situation and evaluate how to get the most out of it.


So, you have a fairly mobile army with a small footprint. As I mentioned in my
previous article this is an ideal setup for flanking your enemy. This way you
can have your whole army versus a part of your opponent army. This is a
good thing,obviously, since charging a Space Marine tactical squad with forty
orks is better than charging it with twenty.

Try and move close to the short table edge on the side that makes more
sense. Prioritise the bigger threat on your enemies army and move torwards
it. You will also avoid exposing your side armour this way. If you move along
the middle of the board then you expose both flanking Battlewagons:


Whereas while moving along the edge only one is exposed:


Wound Allocation

The Meganobz are equipped this way so that they can roll for saves
seperately. It's a small price to pay for a few points and makes them much
more survivable. Always remember that you can also allocate a wound from
shooting to an Independant Character that is attached to a unit. This comes
very handy when you have a bunch of Nobz paired up with a Warboss. If
somebody shoots at you with a S>7 weapon then you shpould give the
wound to the warboss. It's much better to lose a wound from him than having
to remove a whole Nob model.

Let's imagine that a Space Marine Tactical Squad (Lascannon, Melta Gun) is
shooting at your 3 Meganobz, with Thraka attached to them, at rapidfire
range. They score one wound with the Lascannon, one with the Melta Gun
and seven with their bolters. We can now allocate the Lascannon and Melta
wound to Thraka (since he won't Insta Die and has an Invunerable save) and
2,2 and 3 normal saves on the rest of the nobz. Now Thraka has a chance of
saving these wounds plus none of yourNobs should die. If they didn't have
different equipment and had to roll 7 saves as a bunch, there could be a high
chance that one would die if double ones were rolled. It is much more unlikely
now since the saves are rolled seperately for each model.

Use your armies strengths and assets wisely. Then you will definitely give
your opponent a run for his mone. Set up correctly and move cautiously and
next thing you know you'll be closing in for the kill.