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Q Describe the events in Medina that

immediately followed the Hijra, mentioning

especially the Emigrants (Muhajrun) and
helpers (Ansaar). [10
Q Write about the brotherhood that
developed between the new communities of
Muslims in Medina. [10
In 622, Mohammad (saw) arrived in
Madina. He took the following important
decisions immediately.
Mosque of the Prophet (saw) was built immediately. The land was
purchased from two orphans. Prophet (saw) and the companions
took part in its building. In the beginning, it was a small mosque
without any facilities.

Azaan was proposed by Umar (r). In his dream, Umar heard the
words of the Azaan and he told these words to the Prophet (sw).
The Prophet (sw) accepted it and since that day, five times Azaan
was introduced. Bilal (ra) was the official person to deliver Azaan
every day. Besides Bilal (ra), Ume Maktoom, the blind companion
was also responsible for Azaan.

The Prophet (sw) made a Treaty with Jews.There were three

tribes of Jews living in Madina, Banu Quraiza, Banu Qainiqa and
Banu Nazir. All of them agreed to the conditions of the Treaty.
Important clauses of the Treaty included equal rights of Jews,
freedom to follow their religion, no aggression against each other
(Muslims and Jews),
The Prophet (saw) also created a brotherhood between
Muhajreen and Ansar. Muahjreen were financially broken when
they came to Madina due to continuous persecution in Makkah.
When the Prophet (sw) saw the pathetic condition of Muhajreen,
he called a meeting in which he discussed the financial problems
faced by Muhajreen. The Ansars were ready and willingly, they
agreed to help their Muhajir brothers.

Forty-two Muhajreen and forty-two Ansars were made brothers to

each other. However the Prophet (saw) chose Ali (ra) his brother.
Ansar shared everything with their Muhajir brothers. They offered
their houses, money and agricultural land. Ansaars divided their
houses into parts; one for their Muhajir brother and one for
themselves. They provided money to their Muhajir brothers to
start their own trading business. Due to this help, Muhajreen were
able to set up business almost immediately because they were
already expert in trading. Only in two years they were well off to
the extent that the need of brotherhood ended.

Madina was the place where some rainfall used to take place.
Due to this rainfall, Ansaars used to produce some agricultural
stuff. Ansaars also offered their agricultural lands to Muhajreen
but Muhajreen politely refused agriculture because they were not
aware of that profession. Even inheritance was shared between
Muhajreen and Ansaars. In two years, agreement ended when
Muhajreen established their business but both of them always
treated each other as brother.