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Dr. Jose Rizal  is our national hero. His masterpiece Noli Me Tangere in

Berlin(Germany) in 1887 and then wrote his second novel El
Filibusterismo in Ghent(Belgium) in 1891. His two novels stirred the
conscience of his people. He contributed various literary works
to La Solidaridad. For his leadership in the reform movement and
for his incendiary novels, Rizal was arrested and later killed by
musketry in Bagumbayan, Manila, on December 30, 1896. His
execution was the last straw for other Filipinos who called for a
bloody revolution against Spain.
Andres He founded the secret society, (KKK) Kataastaasan,
Bonifacio  Kagalanggalangan na Katipunan, on July 7, 1892, to fight Spain. He
was also president of the Tagalog republic from August 24, 1896 to
May 10, 1897. Born in Tondo, Manila, on November 30, 1863. He
grew up in the slums and never knew the benefits of a prosperous
life. He married Gregoria de Jesus in 1892. He was killed on May 10,
1897, near Mount Buntis, Maragondon, and Cavite.
General Youngest to become a General and Hero of Tirad Pass. Born on
Gregorio del November 14, 1875, in Bulacan, Bulacan. Died on December 2,
Pilar 1899, in the battle of Tirad Pass, to enable Aguinaldo to escape
from the Americans. One of the youngest and bravest generals ever
produced by the Philippines.

General Emilio Recognized as the first and the youngest President of the
Aguinaldo  Philippines and first president of a constitutional republic in Asia. He
was also a politician and military leader who played a very
important role during the Philippine revolution

Apolinario Sublime paralytic and the brain of the revolution. Born in Talaga,
Mabini  Tanauan, Batangas, on June 22, 1864. He joined La Liga Filipina in
1892 and Aguinaldo's revolutionary government from June 1898 to
May 1899

Graciano Founder and first editor of the newspaper La Solidaridad which

Lopez Jaena became the vehicle of expression for Filipino propaganda in Spain.
Together wtih Jose Rizal and Marcelo H. Del Pilar, he undertook
propaganda campaigns in Spain

Mariano Ponce He is a researcher, historian, bibliographer, propagandist, diplomat,

physician, folklorist, and an outstanding reformist. While in Spain,
he joined the propaganda movement and became one of the
initiators of La Solidaridad, later becoming its managing editor.

Emilio Jacinto Brains of the Katipunan. He wrote the Kartilya ng Katipunan, the

primer of the Katipunan which embodied the teachings of the
organization. He also He founded and edited the Katipunan
newspaper, Kalayaan, whose first issue came out in January 1896.
Died on April 16, 1899. He was one of the heroic figures in
Philippine history.
General The greatest general of the revolution. He was one of the
Antonio Luna  propagandists in Spain who were working for political reforms in the
Philippines. He contributed articles to La Solidaridad. He was
assassinated in Cabanatuan City, on June 5, 1899.

Melchora  She helped the Katipuneros under the leadership of Andres

Aquino Bonifacio by providing them food, shelter, and other material goods.
(Tandang She is recognized as the Grand Woman of the revolution and the
Sora)  Mother of Balintawak