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DRILLS DRILL PRESSES © 2010 by Skis institute Press LIC “lssing Shop Mtanual'seres trademark of Skllsinsttute Press Published and distributed in North America by Fox Chapel Publishing Company, nc Dill ond Dil Presses isan original work, fst oublished in 2010 Portions of text and art previously published by and reproduced uncer haense with Direct Holdings Americas In ISBN 978-1-56523.472.7 Library of Congress Cateloging-in Publication Data Dillane el presses. pcm. (The missing shop mana Inctudes index. ISBN 978-1-56523-472-7 1. DillPresses.2 Electric dlls, |.Fox Chapel Publishing 71263075 2008 EUIS2-dez 72009036162 ‘To learn mote abour the other great books from Fox Chape! Publishing, (0: to find 2 retailer neat you, call tol-free 800-457-9112 or vist us atuvanfoxChapelPubishing com, Note to Authors: Weare always looking for talented authors to write new books inourerea of woodworking, design and related caf. Pease send a brief letter describing your idea to Acquisition Editor 1970 Broad Stree, East Petersburg, PA 17520. Printed in China First printing: February 2010 Becourewoteng.wih woodand other roe nhernty incu then cfijuy and damage, this bo ‘reo arate tet creig the roses mths books sf fr everyone Forins asen hs Dok ‘aid who worarcies or guarantees fy kind expressed or pe and ve publsnerand the auchor Bila ary aby any is ves oc damages casa anyway heconertol ths Bok x the reader use ofthe tained to compete he pets preserted har The pubther nthe ator urge ‘loodinarterstothawughlevewech reject and io uncenans thee fal tos efore beginning fy pec Chapter 1: Choosing a Drill 6... eee Chapter 2: Drill Bits 6... sce eee eee 10 Chapter 3: Drilling Basics»... eee eee 14 Chapter 4: Sharpening Drill Bits ........ 24 Chapter 5: Drill Joinery 6. ee eee 36 Chapter 6: Repair and Renovation. ...... 46 Chapter 7: Drill Press... 0 ese ve eee ene 52 Chapter 8: Drill Press Operations ........ 64 Chapter 9: Cabinetmaking... 1+... ss 84 Index... 22 ns eee nee eee es lO