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Visiting cities

Writing task: Write a review

Read the advert about Orlando and look at the notes. Imagine you visited this Useful language
city last year. Write a review of around 150 words about it. Useful phrases
• Last year / summer, I…
Use the notes below, the Useful language, and the notes you made in the Engage
• At night / During the
task to help you prepare. day…
• It’s full of...
• The main attraction(s)
is / are...
• There are some...
• There aren’t many...
• There was / were
• There’s a lot to do. /
There isn’t much to do.
• I think you should visit if
• I (definitely) recommend
Orlando because...
• Orlando is good for...

Useful vocabulary
• to get around the city /
to cross the road / to
visit a theme park / to
hire a car / to be open
• lovely / amazing /
fantastic / wonderful /
Tip A travel review is neutral in style. It contains a lot of adjectives to describe a place • exciting / modern /
clean / interesting /
and ends with a recommendation about whether to visit it or not. Read the advert and
• terrible / awful / horrible
notes carefully and plan how to combine this information to create your review.
• crowded / dirty / boring /
Follow this structure:
not safe / noisy / basic /
• Paragraph 1: Say where the place is and what it is like. nothing special
• Paragraph 2: Say what you can do there.
• Paragraph 3: Say what the nightlife is like and give a recommendation.
Check it! Read your review and check it’s organized clearly and makes sense. Then
read it again and check for grammar, vocabulary and spelling errors.

I traveled to Orlando on my vacation last month, this is a beautiful city located in

Florida USA, it has many theme parks. Its most famous place is Walt Disney World,
which is made up of parks, such as Magic Kingdom and Epcot, as well as water
parks. In another important destination, Universal Orlando, are Universal Studios
and Islands of Adventure, among which is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The weather was too nice besides there are several train routes that run through
the city and buses that provide their services by offering two bus lines that make
different routes, both regional and interurban.

What I liked most was Walt Disney World which has more than 30 hotel
complexes, 4 large amusement parks, 8 golf courses and 3 water parks. The costs
are quite high but it is the place where both children and adults will find fun. One
of the must-see shows is that of the lion king in the Anima World