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Free time activities 1 Match the activities in the box with the definitions. chat online dewatersports go to a concert gotoacafé hang out with friends send text messages surf the internet Do activities on the water, such as surfing or sailing. _do watersports _ 1 Look for information online, 2 Talk to people on the internet, 3 Gotoa coffee shop. 4 Write and send short messages on your mobile phone. 5 Meet your friends and do something. 6 Listen to and watch your favourite band. 2 Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box. Use the correct form of the verb. goforarun go shopping gotoaconcert goto the gym listen to music playcomputergemes play volleyball My brother loves cr games on his X-box. 41 My dad every Saturday morning. He's training for the marathon. 2 We after school on Monday and Wednesday. We have a good team, 3 |____ on my MP3 player on the bus. 4 My friend and | shopping centre on Saturdays. 5 Nicolas, I think Rihanna is singing. 6 |___ on Saturdays. I like the dance classes. atthe Skills and abilities 3 Circle the correct words. ‘My litte sisterings)/ dances all the time: in the shower, in the car and when she does her homework. 4 I don’t speak French / cook very often. | don't enjoy itand Mum makes better food than me. 2 My mum always bakes a cake / does tricks for imy birthday. She has a special recipe 3 Jack’s uncle rides a motorbike / drives a car to work. Itis faster than going by car. 4 We don't speak French / don't cook. However, we are learning English and German, 5 Fran's dog can tell jokes / do tricks. He can dance on two legs. {6 She sings good songs / tells good jokes. Everyone always laughs. 7 Lam acting / dancing in the school play. rm the villain! 8 They play musical instruments / draw pictures in nursery school. The teacher puts them on the wall 9 Dad drives a car / does tricks. It's red and it goes very fast 410 James sings / writes songs for his band. He doesn't sing them because he's shy. Present simple: affirmative, negative and questions 1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the box. cook g0 not play notte paint play speak He docsnttelljokes, he prefers dancing and singing. a musical instrument? 2 Mr Smith pictures of landscapes and sells them to tourists. you 3 They computer games during the week. They can only play them at the weekend, 4 he to the gym every day? 51 English at school and Spanish at home with my parents. 6 _____your mother food? traditional Present continuous 2 Order the words to make questions and put the verbs in the present continuous. Then complete the answers. are / you / what / do? What are you doing? lin going ___ for a run with Nicky. 4 you two / go / where / are? to the mall to do some shopping. 2 you / enjoy / are / yourselves ? Yes, —___. 3 Tom /is / watch / aDVD? No, 4 are / go / you / to aconcert / tonight ? Yes, 5 where / they / do / water sports? them on the lake in the park. Present simple and present continuous 3 Complete the questions and answers using the present simple or continuous form of the verbs in brackets. Does __ your brother _g0__ to the gym very often? Yes, he eS every day. 0, g0) 1 ‘Ana in plays or only in films? She in both. (act, act) 2 What language those girls at the moment? I'm not sure. | irs Polish. (speak, think) 3 What. you ‘a photo of? The old church. It so beautiful with the sun shining on the roof. (take, look) 4 Where we the exam today? The teacher 's in the main hall (take, say) 5 What you 7 ADVD. It’s the new Superman film, you to watch it too? (watch, want) Cumulative grammar 4 Complete the dialogue. John: Hi! What (1) are you doing? im: Hi, John. | (2) online with some new friends. : Great. Who (3) ___ they? Well, this is Joe. He’s very sporty. Today he @ volleyball, but the team is on a break right now. That's Torn. He's always online. He (5) computer games. all the time, but he also likes chatting, John: 1 (6) chatting online, but | prefer to surf the internet. You can learn so much. Is George in the group? No, he (7) - He (8) computers very much. He's more artistic. Right now he (6) inaplay at the Queen’s Theatre. In his free time, he a0) songs and (11) guitar. the Literature 1 Complete the sentences with the words in the box. adventure story autobiography biography comic novel esckerybook detective novel fairy tales historical novel romantic novel thriller travel guides ‘My mum loves cooking so | bought her a Jamie Oliver cookery book 4 Lonely Planet make for countries all over the world. 2 Life, Love and Texting is a romantic novel and. a It really made me laugh. 3 Tom Oldfield wrote Rafael Nadal, a about the famous tennis player. 4 The Lightning Thiefis about a boy called Percy Jackson who is brave and clever, and does lots of exciting things. This isan 5 Nelson Mandela told the story of his life in his The Long Walk to Freedom. 6 The Bourne Identity is a about a man who starts learning about his past. Someone wants to kill him! 7 Ginderella and Snow White are two very famous & Michael Morpurgo wrote the great _______ Toro Tora! The events happen in Spain during the Civil War. 9 Fight Great Sherlock Holmes Stories is about Sherlock Holmes and how he finds the criminal, He is very clever and always does the right work to find the criminal. This is a 10 Beautiful Creatures is a wonderful Its about the love that grows between Ethan and Lena, Professions 2 Complete the definitions. ‘A _painter_js someone who does portraits of people. 1A someone who flies a plane or helicopter. 2 An is someone who designs or builds a road, bridge or building. 3 An_____is someone who flies in space. 4 An is someone who competes in sports such as running, long jump or javelin, 5A is someone who investigates and discovers new facts 6A is someone who plays an instrument like the piano, violin or oboe. 7A is someone who makes people laugh. BA is someone who works in government. 9 An___is someone who designs and makes something new. 10 An is someone who finds new places in the world 3 Circle the correct words. Charlie Chaplin was an excellent painter / Gato 2 Carmen Amaya was an amazing writer / dancer who came from Spain. 2 Pablo Picasso was a wonderful painter / writer who was born in Malaga, Spain. 3 Buzz Aldrin is not as famous as Neil Armstrong because he was the second pilot / astronaut to walk on the Moon. 4 Tim Bemers-Lee is the computer scientist / engineer who invented the World Wide Web. 5 Barack Obama is an inventor / a politician who became the first black president of the USA Past simple ‘1 Complete these sentences with the past simple form of the verbs in the box. come find hate notthink see wish Jane _wiched she was on holiday. 4 They the Shakespeare play. It was t00 tragic for them. 21 1K. Rowling ina shop yesterday, but I didn’t say anything. 3 He ‘an old painting in the attic and it could be valuable. 4 We the festival would be so much fun, It was brilliant! 5 Mybrother___ first in a writing competition last week. was / were 2 Complete the text with was /wasn’t or were / weren't. We went to see a play last night. It a) wae Shakespeare's comedy Much Ado About Nothing. It (@)____very good and we laughed all the way through. There (3) some very good actors. The main actor, who played Benedict, () excellent. But | think they need to improve their publicity. The theatre (5) fill. in fact, there (6) many people in the audience at al. Past simple: questions 3 Write questions using the past simple. Then write the answers, Who / be / Michael Jackson? (a pop star) Who was Michael Jackson? He was a pop star 1 be / Pablo Picasso / explorer? (No) 2 Who / write / the Harry Potter books? (.K. Rowling) 3 Christopher Columbus / discover Australia? (No) could / couldn’t 4 Complete the sentences with could or couldn't. | _couldot speak English when I was two. 4 My younger brother see the stage, so | changed places with him. 2 When he was young, dad play the guitar and sing well. He’s a natural musician. 3! finish my homework last night. It was very difficult. 4 They speak two languages because their mother was English and their father was Spanish, 5 |______read from an early age. | loved books. Cumulative grammar 5 Complete the dialogue with the correct form of the words in the box. be de go know look surf travel Jane: Hi! What (a) _areyoudoing? 1@ the internet. Ineed some information on explorers in the 16th century. It's my history homework. Jane: Right. Well, |(3) about Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci. Paula: So do I. (@) for some other ‘explorers now. Who (5) Vasco da Gama? | don't know. jere we are. He was a Portuguese ‘explorer. He was the first European to reach India. When (6) 1498. He (7) to India again in 1502, but that trip was not so successful he to India? Weather 1 Complete the sentences with the words in the box. blizzard cloudy damp foggy hailstones heatwave icy snowy stormy sunny thunder and lightning The barbecue was great. It was cloudy and the sun didn’t shine, but we had a good time. 4 Did you see the size of those 2 They were enormous. The size of ice cubes. 2 The forecast says that this __is going to last all week. So enjoy the warmth and sunshine. 3 I hate driving when the roads are The car slips all over the place. 4 Thisis an impressive storm. The is amazing, I'm glad I'm inside though. 5 | don’t think we should go climbing this weekend. The forecast says there might be a in the mountains. 6 I love looking at the mountains when its The white snow makes them look beautiful. 7 Look at the blue sky. I's going to be today. Let's go swimming in the park. 8 Itwas very yesterday. There were black clouds and a lot of wind and rain 9 This fine rain is horrible. It makes everything, and cold. 40 It’s very today. | can't see anything out of the window! 2 Circle the correct words. It’s a lovelySunny)/ rainy day today. It feels quite warm too. 42 I can't believe | forgot my umbrella, It's so warm / wet. 2 Don't lightaa fire here in the forest. Its so dry / windy. The grass could catch fire. 3 My hair is a mess. It’s so cloudy / windy today. It’s blowing my hair everywhere. 4 I'm really cold. When do you think the blizzard / thunder will stop, so we can go home? 5 | don’t like driving in rainy / foggy weather. i's really hard to see the road, Natural disasters 3 Complete the sentences with the words in the box. drought earthquake fire flood hurricane landslide termade- tsunami volcano A(n) tornado is a strong and dangerous wind, that moves in a circle. You can find them in the USA but never in Antarctica. 4 In December 2004, a(t) started inthe Indian Ocean and huge waves killed thousands. 2 In 1666, the Great __ ‘many buildings and houses. 3 111906, a(n) ___hit San Francisco. The ‘ground moved for seconds and many buildings fell. 4 In 2006, a(n) hit New Orleans. The strong winds destroyed many buildings and there were terrible floods. 5 In China, it didn’t rain from 1876-1879. This killed over nine million people. of London burned 6 ____s caused by heavy rain killed around 50 people in Jakarta in January 2013. 7 There was a large ata mine in Tibet in April 2013, when tonnes of mud and rock moved down the mountainside. 8 In79AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted. The was catastrophic. eruption of this Past continuous ‘1 What were they doing? Write complete ‘questions and answers. Use the past continuous. swim / sleep Ws she swimming? No, she wasn't She was sleepin ‘Pw ae 1 play football / play tennis 2 skate / ski 3 pick apples / climb tree Adverbs 2 Circle the correct words. Yesterday was a brightly (bright sunny day. 41. My brothers are in a band and they always play the drums very noisy / noisily. 2 It’s snowing very hard / hardly. | think it’s a blizzard. 3 It’s very cold outside and there is a ot of snow, so dress warm / warmly. 4 I thought the exam was easy / easily. | finished early. 5 It’s very foggy tonight, so drive carefully / careful. You don’t want to have an accident. Past simple and past continuous 3 Complete the text with the past simple or past continuous form of the verbs in brackets. Two skiers (3) _had__ (have) a lucky escape yesterday, Jane and Bill Johnson (@) —_____ 6k) down @ mountain when a blizzard (3) _Gtart).It (@) __________ (snow) hard and they couldn't see in front of them. They (5) ____find) a rock ledge which offered some shelter. They decided to stay there while the snow (6) (fal) so heavily. They were cold and they Q—____ (oot have) any food or drink with them, so they were hungry too. But they (@) (go) anywhere in the snow storm. After an hour, the blizzard stopped and they (9) (ski) down the mountain safely. They (10) (not ski) again that day! Cumulative grammar 4 Complete the text with the words in the box. Use the correct form of the verbs. be be be his have make organize plan race their win EE © The Antarctic (1) 6 _ very F inhospitable. it (2) an extremely 1 cold climate and it (3) | permanently snowy and icy. Captain J Seott ‘a British explorer of 1 ‘the Antarctic. He (5) his first expedition to the Antarctic between ¥ 1901 and 1904. in 1910, he (6) 1 asecond trip. This time he (7) | Roald Amundsen to be the first man to J] each the South Pole, Amundsen ' ' ' ' ' ' ' @) the race. (9) team arrived two weeks earlier than Scott. Sadly, Scott and the rest of his team died on the return journey. (10) bodies were found later that year by another expedition team. 2013 was the centenary of Scott's expedition and another polar explorer, Ben Saunders, ny to repeat Scot's journey. Geography and landscape 1 Complete the sentences. The Grand Canyon is in the state of Arizona in the USA. 1 The Great Barrier Queensland, Australia 2 Niagara Falls is a group of three ___ on the border between the USA and Canada. 3 Table ___in South Africa is full of wildlife 4 The Amazon is the world’s largest rain is near the coast of 5 The Sahara__ places on Earth. 6 The Dead Seaisa can float in, 7 The Blue __ pool inside. is one of the driest of salty water you in Greece has a beautiful 2 Circle the correct words. Zion and Bryce National Parks in the USA both have very impressive(canyons)/ reefs with different rock formations. — 4 Coral reefs / lakes are home to numerous different species of fish. 2 Lake / Waterfall Titicaca isin Bolivia. The border of Bolivia and Peru runs through the middle of its water. 3 The Alps is a canyon / mountain range which is popular with skiers in winter and climbers in the summer. 4 According to legends, Robin Hood hid in Sherwood Forest / Canyon to escape the sherif. 5 The land between the Pacific Coast and the foothills of the Andes in Peru is mainly very dry desert / cave. 6 Pirates often used caves / waterfalls on mountainsides to hide their treasure. 3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box. bee butterfly crocodile elephant ‘owl penguin polarbear rhinoceros snake whate There ate over 70 different types of whale. They live in salt water. 1 An is believed to bea wise animal. only lve in the Arctic. They don't live inthe Antarctic. 3 A______is usually bigger than an alligator and has more teeth. ‘do not have any legs or teeth. They ‘swallow their food whole. 5 —_____ produce honey. 6A tends to live on its own, 7 —_use their trunks to drink and to feed themselves. 8 only live in the Antarctic. They don’t live in the Arctic. 9 usually only lve for a few years. — Comparatives and superlatives 1 Complete the sentences so they are true. mountain / hil (ow / high) A mountain is higher than a hill 1 lake / ocean (small / big) a/an, some, any 3 Find the mistakes in the sentences and correct them. There are any crocodiles in the lake. There are some crocodies inthe lake. 1 Awhale hasn't got some teeth. 2 desert / rainforest (wet / dry) 2 Is there a owlin the garden? 3 Madrid / Valencia (expensive / cheap) 3 Are there some penguins in the zoo? 4 elephant / turtle (heavy / light) 4 There was an giraffe under the tree. 5 beach holiday / desert holiday (bad / good) 5 There were any gorillas in the enclosure. 2 Complete the quiz questions with the superlative form of the adjectives in brackets. Then choose the correct answers. won What's theistest (fast) animal? a)atiger b)@ cheetah) ¢) a puma 1 What's {tall animal? a)ahorse b)agiraffe c)acamel 2 What's (heavy) animal? a) polarbear b) a giraffe ©) a thinoceros 3 What's, (intelligent) animal? a)agorilla b)aturtle c)abee 4 Which animal is swimmer? a)apenguin b)acrocodile c) snake (bad) 5 Which animal has got (long) tail? a)agiratfe b)acrocodile c) a whale 6 There isn't some food to feed the fish. Cumulative grammar 4 Complete the dialogue with the words in the box. Use the correct form of the verbs and adjectives. be ge go high notbe see stay tall the Fiona: So, where (1) _did__ you_g0__on holiday in the end? Lucy: We (2) to Iguaza Falls. Fiona: Where's that? Lucy: It’s on (3) border between Argentina and Brazil. We (4) in Argentina, but we saw the waterfall from both sides of the border. It (5) amazing. It (6) the tallest waterfall in the world, but itis very impressive with over 200 separate cascades of water. We (7) it from the top and we took a boat trip and went to the foot of the falls too. Fiona: It sounds great. Which is (8) waterfall in the world then? Lucy: Angel Falls in Venezuela, It is almost 900 metres (6) than Iguazii! Science 1 Circle the correct words. Avaccin® / disease is necessary to prevent you from becoming ill. 1 Wind turbines / satellites make renewable energy. 2 The spacecraft / planet is too far away from Earth for humans to visit it. 3 Dolly the sheep was a DNA / clone that scientists created ‘4 We will use more genetically modified crops / cures to get healthier food. 5 There is no power left in the battery / satellite, so the machine doesn’t work. 2 Complete the predictions with the words in the box. batteries cure DNA satellites solar panels wind-turbines In the next 20 years, we will install over 500 wind turbines to provide electricity. 4 Scientists will discover more information about in the next five years. 2 People will put ___ on the roofs of their houses to reduce their electricity bills. 3 They will replace car with more environmentally-friendly sources of energy. 4 Scientists will discover a for cancer soon, 5 There will be millions of fying around in space by the end of this century. ami@ummz==) Text Pulse © Macrilan Pblshers ited 2014 D> 3 Complete the sentences. Ineed a Jug to measure how much liquid Thave. 1 100 degrees is the at which water boils. 2 Scientists often carry out experiments using full of different chemicals. 3 Achemical reaction can sometimes cause an 4 There is no in space, so everything is weightless. 5 consists mainly of oxygen. 6 A___ isa place where scientists can conduct experiments. 7 Ifyou can see inwater, you know that the water contains ait. 8 Vinegar is a dilute solution of acetic___, which is why it has a sour taste. 9 A_____ is used to measure the heat of something. 10 Air increases as you go higher up, which is why your ears sometimes pop in a plane, will / won't ‘1 What will the future be like? Complete the sentences with will or won't and the verbs in the box. be visit beableto drive be live Planes and cars __uilldrive themselves. using an internal computer. 4 Humans ___ to be 200 years. old because there'll be vaccines for most diseases. 2 The world _ahhealthier place because we will only use energy from the sun and wind, 3 People other planets because they are too far away. 4 The world diseasesree because new diseases will continue to appear. 5 Scientists __make clones of human beings and animals 2 Write questions and then answer them so they are true for you. will / go to university Will you go fo university? ves, | wil 4 will / get married 2 will / have a wind turbine in your garden 3 will / eat genetically modified food 4 will / use solar panels 5 will / speak Chinese First conditional 3 Write complete sentences using the first conditional. If/1/ study science, | find / cure for cancer. If Lstudy sclence, Iilfind a cure for cancer 1 IF/ you / install / wind turbine, you / use wind energy / for power in your home. 2 1/ drop the test tube if / there be / an explosion. 3 If/ we / use / genetically modified crops, we / have / a healthier diet. 4 She J run out of airif/ you / not give / her more oxygen. Cumulative grammar 4 Complete the dialogue with the correct form of the words in the box. add be come do do get good help need not think want Tina: What (4) at you two doing? Sam: We (2) an experiment. We @) to see what kind of chemical reaction we get. Look, Nate, | (4) the acid now. Tina: Be carefull [explosion sounds} Nate: Wow! That (5) quite an explosion! This is our (6) result so far. (7) we should do any more experiments today though, We ® to clean up this mess. Tina: If) —, (ao) ____ you to the cinema with me and Jane? Sam: That sounds like a great idea. Thanks. Let's hurry or we (11) to the cinema in time