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Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley (A)

DATE OF SUBMISSION : 23rd February 2020



MATRIC NO. : 826426
Morgan Stanley is a leading investment bank in America. The company is led by John Mack,
a company making organizational changes. Morgan Stanley transformed the company into
"One-Firm Firm" which is stated in the company's vision that aims to be the best investment
bank in the world, and also to be the first choice of investment for clients, communities, and
shareholders. The company’s employees are competitive advantages for the company. A
leader must be able to manage the resources owned by the company to help the company
achieve a competitive advantage. Where the company treats its employees well by creating a
good working atmosphere for teamwork, as well as stimulating so that employees can
develop themselves to the best of their abilities.

Morgan Stanley has a Capital Market Service division that was formed so that companies can
be more responsive and can serve their customers better. Rob Parson was appointed to be
able to expand business in this division. And Rob Parson was chosen by Paul Nasr to be the
Principal at this bank. Rob Parson finally took this job because he was promised by Paul Nasr
he would get a chance promoted to be managing director.

The performance shown by Rob Parson was very good. He managed to make significant
gains in building Morgan Stanley's reputation and revenues. and Rob Parson make Morgan
Stanley in position 3 from the previous one in position 10 and managed to increase market
share by 12.2%.

Although Rob externally has good relationship skills with clients and also he managed to
provide many benefits from the results of his performance. But, Rob Parson's working style is
completely contradicting with the culture of the company and other employees. Rob Parson is
an impatient, sharp-tongued person, and employees have many other difficulties when
working with Rob Parson.

Performance evaluation applied by Morgan Stanley follows the concept of 360-degree

evaluation, where a professional will be evaluated not only by his supervisor but by
colleagues and subordinates also involved in the assessment. Evaluating the performance of
employees by the company is important the aim is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of
the company’s resources.
Paul Nasr as a senior manager director at Capital Market Services analyzes Rob Parson's
performance based on the results of performance evaluations. Rob Parson has problems
working with other employees in the company. Paul Nasr considered by Rob Parson's
performance review with the norms within the company.

From the results of the evaluation, there are four negative notes based on the assessment of
subordinates and colleagues towards Rob Parson which related to the planned promotion to
be given to Rob Parson, including:

 Unstable personality, emotional, lack of respect to others, poor communication, and

hasty decision making (Emotion Stability)
 Technical abilities in work that are too dominant, even to take up the work area of
other colleagues (Technical Skills)
 Lack of ability to work in teams (Interpersonal Skills)
 Weak to understanding the strategic, as well as a narrow perspective in understanding
companies (Conceptual Skills)

but Rob Parson also has the right to be promoted. In fact, Nasr had already promised to
promote Rob Parson when he recruited Rob Parson to work at Morgan Stanley. But with the
performance evaluation, it is not possible for the company to promote.

Based on the performance aspects handled, it must be decided that Rob Parson may not
possible for promotion at the point of his career at Morgan Stanley. Although his working
performance was exceptional, he did not demonstrate leadership skills in the position of
managing director.

Because basically its characteristics in leadership refer to a number of individual attributes

that include aspects of personality, temperament, needs, motivation, and values. Personality
traits are relative characteristics to behave in certain ways. Examples include self-confidence,
openness, maturity, and good attitudes. While that leadership characteristics are very contrary
to the attitude possessed by Rob Parson.

In conclusion, if Rob Parson is promoted, the best way to manage the bad attitude that Rob
has is by guiding him. Because if employees do not fit the company culture, it should
introduce and assist the employee from the beginning, so that all employees have the same
culture. And Rob must also try to adapt and build a good relationship with the internal