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Serial Season 1 Episode 1: Student Questions

1. What does it mean when someone is “loosey-goosey” with details (8:09)? How is the denotation and
connotation different from “lying” or “committing perjury”?

When someone is “loosey-goosey” with details means they are too carefree, “ Loosey-goosey” is a
neutral like feeling.

2. What does the narrator mean when she says Adnan and his friends were “healthy American teenagers who
were going to do what teenagers do, so long as they didn't get caught” (10:00)?

She was saying that they were acting like standard energetic and physically healthy American teenagers, doing
whatever they want as long as the police won’t take them under custody.

3. The narrator notes that Adnan was asleep when the cops arrested him and took him to the interrogation
room (12:32). Why does this detail matter in an artistic sense? (What would be lost if she just started the scene
in the interrogation room?)
It added some sort of a dramatic element, which encouraged the listeners to image the scene and how awkward
and caught up Adnan was to be arrested while sleeping. Adnan might have been confused, as well.

4. The narrator describes Adnan as having “big brown eyes, like a dairy cow” (19:45). What is the connotative
meaning of this?
she was referring that Adnan appears too innocent to be guilty like a dairy cow.

5. Summarize, in your own words, at least one part of Jay’s story.

In Jay’s story, he said that Adnan is the murderer of Hae. He described that on the day of the murder, Adnan and himself had
went to a shop and bought some gift for Jay’s girlfriend Stephanie. After they leave the shop, Adnan ask Jay to drive him back
to his school. He left his phone and car and let Jay take care of it and wait there.

6. What is Jay not saying? What is he leaving uncertain?

Jay is not talking about that why he chose to buried Hae’s body with Adnan, and why does he not called the police night
after they went back home. Also he is uncertain about the part when they went to buried Hae’s body.

7. At what point do you think Jay is lying, or what parts do you predict he’ll change when he tells the story a
second time? Why do you think this?
I think Jay is lying whenever he said he ONLY helped dig the "6-inch" hole for Hae's body. I feel like he did so much
more, maybe even killed her at that. Jay was very suspicious sounding and his statement was very choppy.
8. Summarize, in your own words, at least one part of Adnan’s story.
Asked Hae for a ride, she said no. Went to Library. Went to Practice. Went to Mosque. End of day.i didn't get more
information than that, because he doesn't remember because it was just a "normal day".

9. What is Adnan not saying? What is he leaving uncertain?

Adnan really isn't telling us anything, his friend Jay told us more about his day then he did. Jay leaves out what he did that
morning and what he did during school.

10. At what point do you think Adnan is lying, or what parts do you predict he’ll change when he tells the story
a second time? Why do you think this?
i think Adnan will realize that maybe Jay killed Hae. Jay knew way too much to just be an accomplice.

11. For each character, determine their point of view and what they’re trying to accomplish.
a) Jay
Jay's point of view is very much against Adnan. He gives more detail than Adnan did which makes the listener think
that maybe Jay was an accomplice or he killed Hae.

b) Adnan
Adnan doesn't recall what happened that day except for some minor details. He sounds innocent and does not sound
to have been capable of murdering his ex-girlfriend.

c) Rabia
Rabia had to explain to people about the innocence of her friend, Adnan. She explained to many reporters that she
knew the Muslim community was looked down upon but not in the sense of murdering someone.

d) Asia
Asia knew Adnan was innocent. She wrote letters claiming where he was at the time of the murder and she gathered
up some witnesses as well.

e) What would each person say differently if they had a different purpose? How would they change their
details, tone, and form?
Each person could have lied about Adnan. They could have actually see him murder Hae or one of them did it
themselves. Their tone could dramatically increase and they could get defensive about the questions they were asked
or they could just flat out be lying.