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Uncertainty activates the biological impulse to act. These five points will allow you to refocus
this impulse in five specific moments to generate a daily dynamic with other possibilities. 

Spend time on your biology
Move to maintain the flow of the chemistry
of emotions, to untie the emotional knots.
Nourish the body and do not expose it to
unhealthy demands.

Inspiration Information
Spend time in your own privacy Spend time in reality
Do not lose the connection with your Avoid precarious sources and content that
interests, with the subjects that inspire you.
Do not get involved with contents that will
03 do not contribute to what you need to
understand and cope with this moment.
generate more despair and anguish. Take care of your connection frequency.

02 04


Relationships Routine
Spend time in affective moments Spend time on time
Take care of the emotional state of your Create a routine for the routine. Organize
bonds. Recover the sense of what the priorities of demands so routine does
connects us as a couple, family, friends, not invade all of our time. Define a point to
community. Hold intimate moments. go back to if the routine invades you. DOI 10.13140/RG.2.2.24308.91522