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Special Notice: You have been selected to represent Voters in Michigan's Sth Congressional District. Enclosed please find documents registered in your name, Congressional District: Michigan #05 Please Respond By: February 24, 2020 DELIVER EXCLUSIVELY TO: 2020 CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT CENSUS ‘Commissioned by the Republican Party en ‘and Republican candidates are re-elected, the Republican Party is conducting a Consus of key members and supporters in Congressional Districts all across our nation. The opinions. registered in this document will be used to build and expand ‘ur nationwide grassroots operations that will help show that President Trump has the suppor of the American people to Continue to move forward and act on the evitcal issues facing ‘our count [instructions Please arswor al quostors the bet ol your abily. Alnevidua responses wil bo Kp confidenl and ony survey alo wil be sare wih Se 1, Do you generally identity yourself as a ‘conservative Republican CiModerate Republican independent Voter SiLiberal Republican wholeans Republican — Democrat te 2. Which ofthe following best describes you? DA supporeer of President Trump, but not the Republican Party DA supporter of the Republican Party, but not President Trump IA supporter of BOTH President Trump and the Republican Party BUNota supporter of eitier Presigent Trump or the Republican Party Not sure 3. Do you plan on supporting Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential | election? Yes TINo unsure 4, Do you have any interest in serving as a volunteer to help at your local Trump Victory Headquarters or to assist a Republican Zanaidate in your area? Yes No 5. What age category below applies 10 you? O1e25 (126-35 (196-50 1181-65 66+ 6. How dose do you tink your views are to other veers in your community? | TVery Close (Somewhat Close Net Very Close Ne Opinion 7. From what media source do you regulary receive your political news? (You can check more than one) TONACICBSIABC =~ FOXNews © Ci Twitter CNNMSNEC Facebook —-Ci.Candidate Websites News Websites — Clintemet Blogs C)National Magazines ‘DLocal Newspaper Radio (T)Social Networks OFriends DiText Messages Ci Other: Soe 1. Do you think Presicent Trump is leacing our nation in the rigat rection, oF do you fee tis going in the wrong decton? CARight Direction CI Wrong Direction unsure 2. Do you think that Nancy Peles! and the Democrat-controlled House are holding President Trump's agenda hostage and putting heir poitical interests ahead of the good of our country? Ces Cie unsure 3, Do you approve or disapprove ofthe Democrats’ never-ending witch hunt to try fo destroy President Trump? CApprove Disapprove unsure 4, Do you think the Democrat Party as a whole is promoting a Bi Government Sociaistagendatoramencar SPmNnBeBO | OYes TINo. Unsure | the White House and all ur Republican Ieadors. When you are finshed answerng your Census Decument please return it wifin the next 7 days to ensure | sccurate tabulation ard dopendabie resuts, Thark ou for your paricpalion. Example: Corect 10 Incorrect BE 5. Do you approve or disapprove of the Democrats’ agenda to raise taxes, provide free health care and college tution for all, open our borders to al immigrants, enact dangerous abortion policies, pack the Supreme Coun, allow inmates to vote, and abolish the Electoral College? Approve CIDisapprove 6, Do you believe the national media has a strong bias agains al things Donald Trump and Repubican and fais to tel America's voters the real facts about Republican policies, pncples, goals, and accomplishments? Yes CINo BINo Opinion 7. Do you believe social media companies are suppressing conservative ‘messages in order to influence pubic opinion and elections? Unsure Dyes No CINo Opinion 8, Do you think “potical correctness” has gotten out of hand in America? DYes CINo CINo Opinion 9. Are you concemed that a foreign nation such as Russia, Iran, or China wil terre with the 2020 Presidential Election? Very Concerned Ci Concemed 10 Opinion Please mark in order of importance (with 1 being the most important), which 5 issues you fee! must be prionies addressed by President Trump and Congress. Pass Additional Tax Cuts ‘Continue to Reduce Government Regulations ‘Cut the Federal Deficit Rebuild Nation's infrastructure. ‘Work to End the National Opioid Crisis Put an End to Gun Violence: — Renegotiate Trade Deals ‘Strengthen America's Miltary — Continue to improve the Care of our Nation's Veterans Nominate Conservative Judges = Secure our Nation's Borders = Fix our Nation's Health Care — Address Climate Change = Other: [Not Concerned 11. Please indicate the top five issues that are most important to you in deciding who to vote for: Economyhloos Energy Cutting Federal Deficit Govt Expansion HealthCare Foreign Policy Taxes GGovtSpending — GiStrong Miltary Social Securty Gun Control] Homeland Security Environment Education DiRace Relations i Medcare/Medicaid Climmigraton CDiConservative Judges ‘DiLocal issues Protecting Tradhional Values GPoitical Afition Other [ene Ue 1. How content are you that Amenca’s economy wil continue to Improve in the next 12 months? 1 Stronaly Confident Not Toe Contident TINo Opinion 2. Which ofthe following is the single most important economic issue facing you and your famiy? (Please mark only one.) CStagnant Wages Inflation Rising Prices Overall Dost of Health Care CIMign Taxes BiJob Secunty [CyTieat of Big Government Sociaism BiConcem over funding for Social Secunty and Medicare DOtmer__—_ : 8, Do you believe ObamaGare should be repealed and replaced or simply fixed? (Repealed and Replaced Fixed 4, Do you suppor replacing ObamaCare with free-market reforms: ‘that will protect individuals with pre-existing conditions, remove government's costly and inttusive role, broaden access. enact ‘medical lably reform, and make health care more transparent and affordable forall Americans? Yes No No Opinion 5. Do you support the Democrats’ plan to enact Medicare forall, which ‘would eliminate private insurance plans in favor of a government-run plan? Yes Ne No Opinion 6. Do you support President Trump's strong stance in demanding that ‘our nation Bullas a border wall across the length of our southern Border to protect our nation from illegal immigration, human trafficking, and drug smuggling? Dyes EINo No Opinion 7. Do you support canceling all federal funding to sanctuary cites that fail fo enforce U.S. immigration laws? Yes TINo TINo Opinion 8. Do you suppor President Trump in his determination to appoint judges who will adhere to strict Constitutional prineples and not use the court [Somewhat Confident EINot Cenfdent At All Unsure 12. Undor President Tramps leadership, provements have bean made toensure that our nation’s Veterans recaive the qualty of care at sonvices they deserve. Yel uch remains fo be cone Do you agree that Republicans should push for aceitianal legiaton tobe paced tat wil ‘address problems stil confronting the Deparment of Veterans Afiare? Yes INO LINo Opinion (oyu gore win President Tp tha xing cu natn’ nna cin and workeg to reouid ou crumbing highways, ges, ls apes, Schoo's, and hospais must be a lop federal ont nthe net fa your? ves UNO No Opinion 's President Trump ight to pursue fir trade deals and renegoia present ade poles wih sthor counties as a means of boss Kimerca's economy by protecting and creating Jobs, netescrg America’s wages, and reducing bur nation's trade Get? ves GINO No Opinion Cea ene 1. Do you suppon rebulaing our nation's miltary by expanding our riltary investment? DYes No No Opinion Which of the folowing do you think will have the most impact on ‘America's foreign policy n the next 5 years? 1 The unstable political situation in the Middle East ran’s development of nuclear weapons The growing mitary and economic power of China D:The growing influence and power of Russia, (Terrariem atoune the word Alot the above Other: | Should America take miltary action, itnecessary, to Keep iran or any | nation trom using nuclear weapons? Dyes TINO No Opinion. Do you suppor or oppose the United States sending ground troops to-areas (0 destroy [SIS and other radical Isiamic terrorist groups? CiSupport Oppose C1No Opinion. Do you agree with Republicans’ commitment to continue to fully fund a missile defense shield" for our natin to protect us from future ‘missile threats? to advance their personal ideologies? Des No No Opinion EK el eee 6. Should the U.S. teke @ more muscular attude toward Russia and China as 9, The Democrats fiation on “climate change" has led to costly they move to establish themselves as miltary and economic superpowers? regulations that are negatively affecting our nation's economy OYes Ne TTINo Opinion, {cross the-board. Do you tink cimate change isa major neato | 7 De yoy approve or eisapprove of President Trump's decsion to oe nation |" watéraw the United States trom the Iranian nuclear accord? OYes DNo DINo Opinion ClApprove Ci Disapprove LINo Opinion 10. Do you think race relations in America are getting better or worse? '8. Do you support President Trump negotiating with Kim Jong-un to try to etter ClWorse No Opinion (et Noth Rores to ve up ts nuclear weapons? one | 11, Do you believe more federal laws that impede individuals’ Second Dyes No ‘No Opinion ‘Amendment rights are the proper respor'se to gun violence in our 9. Do you agree that our federal government must go all out fo combat ration? ceyberattacks on our nation's goverment, businesses, and infrastructure? Dyes No EINe Opinion C¥es CINo 'CINo Opinion rahe alae uae Can the RINC count on your help to re-elect President Trump and Republican candidates up and down the ballot as we fight to Keep America Great? YES. | want to work with the RNC to strengthen our Party and help build the nationwide grassroots organization that will show that President Trump has the support of the American people to act on the cial issues facing our country. To help lay the groundwork for his re-election year, enclosed please find my most generous contribution of (ses C$50 Cs100 ($250 C1$500 181,000 Kothers_ cannot send a donation at that level right now. But | am enclosing $15 ta helo pay or the cost of 111 do hereby cerity thatthe answers tothe enclosed 2020 Congressional Distict Consus Decument are my own, Date Sorat. are not deductible for Contributions to the Republican Natonal Commit ‘federal Income tax purposes. Pease make you personal check payable to: RNC By maka yourcouten by ea at yer snaton car hep mate cats at a ee by sng AFC ung enantio as NST Popes none | Noedcasce: ORE SSD | crest cant number | somes tases cst | soma _ rats ___ | Fant resin eponse histo wl be atte conraton iis, Felten la aguas useage De elon hrm” ‘eign sre 1 Resse chactsakenpiyed “eeohone Nee, __femaagiess. __ '2y proving your phone urbe. you are eansnting tee cal ang tts. ndung stead ad Stomat eae a ex a ne tem fe Fepubscan Kanon Commies Mspacats aes may apy Terms &cenaions/pevscy poy spp 0810-ao. come Cnirbtors rom eorprton and orein nao ae pone, ‘To have a direct impact you may also contribute tothe Republican National Committee while online at ad a pen Nand Con, ‘10 Fest Seu 8." Wamgon, 86. 20000 = fe 60.9 + wow GOP com Net autos ya cna cara conno. | 2020 Congressional District Census Commissioned by the Republican Party Ronna McDaniel Chairwoman Monday Morning Winning the 2020 Presidential Election is going to take a massive grassroots effort all across America. It is a battle we must win, That is why President Trump has requested that a Census of every Congressional District be conducted immediately. closed ic your official 2020 CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT CENSUS registered cope cc mane ass representative of Grand Blane Your registered census is one of the select few being mailed into Michigan's Sth Congressional District. In order to build the data models needed to target voters in Grand Blane and help ensure the re-election of President Trump and Republicans up and down the ballot, itis. critical that we receive your completed Census Document no later than February 24th. foecause of your high level of political involvement, your personal input on the qui -d in your Census Document is extremely important to our nation’s future. This is the largest Congressional District Census our Party has ever taken fora Presidential election. Your completing and returning your 2020 Census Document is central to our ability to devise a winning Republican strategy in your area as we prepare for President Trump's re-election year. Our research shows that the nationwide Congressional District Census that we are conducting is helping the RNC put together the critical information and voter profiles needed to target audiences with the truth conceming our agenda and will be a deciding factor in who wins in November. control of the Whit ind our entire government — at stake. yout nent in our 2020 Census Project is more important than ever — especially with. ¢ Democrats working at every turn to impeach and destroy President Trump. With our nation so politically divided and the Democrats and mainstream media constantly spreading their lies and fake news about President Trump and his administration, itis difficult to get the real facts about his agenda out to Americans all across the country. That is why it is so important that you return your Census Document immediately to me here at RNC Headquarters. | coral participation in this national effort will provide us with the detailed data we need concerning Michigan's Sth Congressional District. Most importantly, it will show the Liberal Democrats in Congress, the radical special interest groups, and their Left-wing allies in the media that the Ar n_people support Pres p-and ¥ vance his agen So please, act today to complete your 2020 CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT CENSUS and do your best to get it back to me at RNC Headquarters by February 24th. At the same time, please include a generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or whatever you can send to help underwrite the costs of this project and provide us with the resources we need to continue to identify and register new voters, strengthen our grassroots operations, better deliver our message to all Americans, and re-elect President Trump and Republicans at all levels of government. (Over, please) 810 First Street, SE * Washington, DC 20003 + 1-800-445-5768 + Page Two I'm making this special appeal for your financial help now because President Trump and our Party cannot win re-election and continue to make major progress with his efforts to Make America Great Again — and Keep America Great - if we don’t have the funds we need to fight back against the Democrats’ ruthless propaganda machine and their never-ending witch hunt to destroy our President, With the Democrats in Congress determined to impeach and destroy President Trump, and with all the ultra-Liberal Socialist candidates lining up to challenge him, he is facing even ‘more brutal non-stop attacks. They are doing anything and everything they can to bring all of his accomplishments to a screeching halt, block legislation in Congress, hold up Presidential appointments, work relentlessly to stop us from doing what's best for America - and set the stage for them to cay ;plure total control of our govemmment so they can enact their Big Government Socialist agenda What the Liberal media doesn’t want the majority of Americans to know is that ever since President Trump entered the Oval Office, he has consistently delivered on his promises to make our nation better for all her citizens. Under Donald Trump’s leadership, our country’s economy is strong — and getting Stronger. We passed the largest tax cut in America’s history. We are cutting unnecessary federal regulations. Jobs are coming back all across our nation. We are working to fix our nation’s broken health care system. Conservative judges are being confirmed to our nation’s courts... ‘We're moving forward to fix our nation’s illegal immigration crisis, replace our aging infrastructure, and tap into our country's huge energy assets, We're investing heavily in fighting the opioid crisis at all levels. Our nation’s veterans are getting the attention and care they've eamed and deserve. We are rebuilding America’s hollowed-out military and creating a safer America that will confront terrorism and other threats to our country head-on, ‘None of these accomplishments mean anything to the Democrats. Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff, and their Liberal cohorts are determined to put their radical, costly, and destructive Politics first — ahead of the good of our country — as we witnessed in the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and now in their ridiculous efforts to impeach President Trump. They are fiercely fighting President Trump’s every move to build on his positive record for the people. Together with their allies in the mainstream media, our political foes are continuing to divide our great nation, destroy our heritage and values, and are working to destroy President Trump and the Republican Party at every turn. Theit goal is simple ~ capture the White House and control of our government and our lives in the November elections. As Chairwoman of the RNC, my top priority is to make sure we have the organization and the funds to stop their efforts to change our nation into a Socialist country by ensuring Donald Trump is re-elected the 45th President of the United States. Our nation’s changing demographics demand that we Republicans reinforce and expand our message of opportunity for all. We must reach women, minorities, young Americans, and other voting blocs with our inclusive message of fiscal responsibility and pro-growth policies. And we must make clear to all Americans that our country’s best future lies in re-electing Donald Trump and Republicans at all levels. (Next page, please) Page Three This Census is an essential step in building ~ brick-by-brick, town-by-town — a nationwide, activist network second to none, that will keep in touch with voters like you to make sure we are locked into the pulse of America and understand who our voters are and what issues are of most concem to them, BY COMPLETING AND RETURNING YOUR CENSUS DOCUMENT TODAY, YOU CAN HELP MAKE THIS EFFORT A MAJOR SUCCESS. Your opinions will represent literally thousands of Republicans in your Congressional District when it comes to key questions such as: + Do you agree that President Trump and our Republican leaders in Congress should continue to be aggressive in working to pass legislation to create jobs, cut taxes and regulations, and make America more competitive at home and around the world? The threats posed by domestic and international terrorists; the growing reality of cyberattacks to our nation’s government, businesses, and infrastructure; instability in the Middle East; and the military build-up of Russia, Iran, and China demand solid leadership. Do you support our efforts to do everything we can to protect our country and restore America’s position in the world? + The almost total collapse of America’s once-workable immigration system in recent years has proven to be a very volatile and divisive issue. Do you support President Trump’s efforts to secure our nation’s border and work aggressively to enforce long- standing immigration laws to solve our nation’s illegal immigration problem? + ObamaCare has been a disaster for our nation’s health care system and must be addressed. The Democrats support Medicare for all, which would eliminate private insurance plans in favor of a government-run plan. Republicans want to replace ‘ObamaCare with free-market reforms that will protect individuals with pre-existing conditions, remove government's costly and intrusive role, broaden access, enact medical liability reform, and make health care more transparent and affordable for all ‘Americans. Which proposal do you suppor? + Do you believe that the national media has a strong bias against all things Republican and fails to tell America’s voters the real facts about President Trump's accomplishments and policies? + What are the most important national issues that you feel are most directly relevant to your life and family? ‘The answers you provide in your Census will help us shape our strategy and allow President Trump and our Republican incumbents and challengers to continue to battle for a bold agenda that reflects the priorities of the citizens of this country ~ one that will frame the national debate, strengthen our Republican voice in setting policies, increase voter turnout, and keep our nation on a secure course. Today's divisive political environment underscores just how crucial it is for our Party to be prepared to fight for every vote — not just in what is sure to be a costly, fiercely fought contest for the White House — but also in races up and down the ballot all over the country. If we fail to maintain the White House and our U.S. Senate Majority and do not capture ‘a Majority in the U.S. House, the Democrats will bring a wrecking ball to all of President | ‘Trump’s achievements and will do everything possible to enact their Big Government Socialist (Over, please) Page Four agenda of major tay increases on all Americans, massive spending, job-killing regulations, and a weakened military. We cant let that happen. That means the RNC must go all-out to invest heavily in opposition research, voter outreach, Party expansion, and grassroots organizing. And we must have the funds necessary to use the latest technologies to execute our campaign plans and get our Republican message out to ALL Americans. To be successful, we must put these action items into full swing - NOW. That is why I sincerely hope you will send a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, or $1,000 along with your completed 2020 CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT CENSUS. Politics in America today is a non-stop struggle. President Trump cannot succeed, nor can our Party prevail over the non-stop attacks and lies the Democtats are constantly spewing in their efforts to divide and destroy our great nation, without the input and support of dedicated ividuals like you. America is truly at a crossroads, The path to a positive future for our children and grandchildren is in your hands. ae: fight to re-elect President Trump and Republicans at all levels has begun. eintic November elections is the survival of our Democracy and our country. We must have the funding necessary to build the most powerfull grassroots operation ever used in a Presidential election and be prepared to work for every single vote in races all across the country ~ including contests in Grand Blane. If the Democrats win this battle, it will prove disastrous for America’s future. Please stand with us — let me hear from you by February 24th Sincerely, o(a)eneee MmQaW Ronna McDaniel Chairwoman, Republican National Committee PS. ie: t Trump and our Party very much need yout commitment and Rupporttocay’— especially with the Democrats working at every tur to destroy him. Asa registered participant in our 2020 Congressional District Census Project, you are on the frontline of the battle to stop the Democrats from defeating President Trump and turning our nation into a Big Govemment Socialist country. Today, | am counting on your help to ensure we meet that goal So please, I urge you to help the RNC continue to build the grassroots organization we will need to help President Trump win re-election along with all our Republican candidates up and down the ballot by completing your 2020 CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT CENSUS and retuming it with a generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, or even $1,000 in the enclosed envelope. If you would like, you may go online to and get your donation and survey responses to us immediately. ‘Thank you.