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Rumor: Verizon Paying Apple to Shun T-Mobile, Sprint

Kit Eaton (Fast Company)
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:21:01 PM

Rumors have popped up that

Verizon is paying Apple to shun
rival networks T-mobile and
Sprint. Isn't this anti-competitive
and illegal?
Inside sources have reportedly
spoken to Apple analyst Shaw
Wu, revealing that Verizon has
become very keen to accept
Apple's offer of business to get
the iPhone on its network. So
keen is the big V, in fact, that it
"may be willing to pay for
exclusivity to itself and AT&T." touch-friendly BlackBerry OS6, package, with a strong brand existing network-centric business game this way, because it smacks
But with so many long-standing or at least rejuvenated enough to image and a simple message, will model model, and Verizon loves of cartel behavior, and would
rumors connecting Apple and have a "material impact" on the begin to penetrate into more to brand everything about its almost certainly attract the wrath
Verizon, why is the U.S.'s biggest smartphone market. "average man" segments of the phones. But it's totally plausible of business regulators.
cell phone network only now We do believe this rumor may cell phone market--possibly that Verizon is now ready to To read more news on this, and
bending toward Apple? Wu have a grain of truth in it. While capturing more sales than the accept Apple's terms and similar stuff, keep up with my
references the iPhone's rocketing Android is indeed on a march, the slightly geeky-seeming Android conditions, afraid that Apple may updates by following me, Kit
sales--at 14.1 million last quarter fragmented market doesn't have OS, or business-centric follow the path of least resistance Eaton, on Twitter.
alone--which places Apple in the the pizazz of Apple's product. As BlackBerrys. (since it wouldn't have to re-
"driver's seat." He also bad- smartphones begin to appeal to Apple and Verizon have crossed engineer the device) and launch
mouths Android (which has begun more users (50% of U.S. phones swords before, but the reports the iPhone on T-Mobile and
to "lose some of its luster") and will be smartphones in 2011, have always stated the biggest Sprint
BlackBerrys, which Verizon according to one recent report) bone of contention was control: But we're skeptical that Verizon
thinks won't be rejuvenated by the then the iPhone as a complete Apple's trying to smash the would "pay" Apple to play the
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JP Morgan Wants Triple Fees For Mining Investment, But No

Responsibility For When It Turns Out To Be Fraud (JPM)
John Helmer (Business Insider) is a case which is challenging the for reward and what the outcome
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:40:00 PM mining industry consensus on is for their clients. For the first
what investment bankers really time in a court anywhere in the
The Bible isn’t nice to giants. earn, and deserve to be paid, when mining world, Bogolyubov’s
Goliath goes down to a single metal prices skyrocket, and company is arguing the giant
stone from a slingshot-tossing mining company takeovers investment bank didn’t earn what
boy. command premium prices. JPM it claims, because most of the
And Samson, whom the ancient lost at the first court level in premium in takeover price
Hebrews thought was so strong he March of this year, when state resulted from other factors — the
could lift two mountains and rub Supreme Court judge David global boom in manganese and
them together like lumps of earth, Hammerschlag (“Hammer Blow”) steel prices, and a bidding
fell for the temptress Delilah; she ruled that JPM hadn’t earned its competition which JPM did
got him to go to sleep, then fee claim of A$50.18 million nothing to introduce or encourage.
sapped his strength by cutting off (dollars are Australian unless Less money is involved in the
his hair. JP Morgan(JPM), the noted). Hammerschlag dismissed Sydney case than in the New
largest investment bank in the US, JPM’s demand for the money York one, although all the big
likes to think of itself as the from its mining company client, money in global transaction
friendly giant when things are Consolidated Minerals owned by advisory fees which investment
going well in the mountain- Gennady Bogolyubov, calling banks charge hangs on the Sydney
rubbing business; but the it“capricious, unreasonable and Last week in New York, details know of how the money was court ruling. The original claim by
unconscious, defenseless victim unjust”. JPM against Consolidated
of a lawsuit against JPM were earned.
when things go badly. Hammerschlag also calculated unveiled by Irving Picard, the US- The New York case documents Minerals was for a fee payment
Last week at one end of the that JPM was entitled to a total court appointed trustee for the are still sealed, and won’t be of$86,978,264.18. This was
world, JPM claims to have known fee of $19,250,680.08, comprising i n v e s t m e n t b u s i n e s s e s o f argued by lawyers in front of a subsequently reduced in court to a
everything and been responsible a combination of “base defence convicted fraudster, Bernard judge for several months. The claim of $50,818,436.18. Because
for every successful turn in the response” and “incentive” fees, Madoff. Picard’s lawsuit charges Sydney appeal has already been C o n s o l i d a t e d M i n e r a l s h a s
financial fortunes of its client, a engagement bonus, monthly JPM with being the primary argued through 83 pages of court already paid $20 million of the
mining company, arguing it retainers for services, and costs. banker for Madoff, arguing that filings, and two days of hearings JPM bill, the balance still in
deserves to earn multiple multi- Such liability was offset by the “JPMorgan was willfully blind to on December 2 and 3. The three- demand before the court is
million dollar fees for doing so. $20 million payment by cheque the fraud, even after learning judge Sydney panel will issue roughly $31 million, with extra
At the other end of the world, the on 12 February 2008 which a b o u t n u m e r o u s r e d f l a g s their ruling in February or March. interest and possible court costs.
bank claims to have known Consolidated Minerals sent JPM surrounding Madoff. While many T h e i r d e c i s i o n , p l u s However, at one point in the latest
nothing at all about the multi- on February 6 of 2008, and which financial institutions enabled Hammerschlag’s, have global proceedings, JPM argued afresh
billion dollar criminal fraud JPM banked immediately. Madoff’s fraud, JPMorgan was at significance, because they will that its fee claim could go as high
perpetrated by its client, who According to JPM, the trial judge the very centre of that fraud and d e t e r m i n e w h a t s e r v i c e s as $66.4 million. Consolidated
enriched himself by moving his made counting and reasoning thoroughly complicit in it.” The investment banks like JPM Minerals has charged JPM with
unlawful proceeds in and out of mistakes, and that JPM should be trustee is suing for US$6.4 billion. actually provide clients engaged “double counting”, “double
JPM accounts. “rewarded for obtaining JPM replies: “As a provider of in mergers, acquisitions, friendly dipping””, with fee claims that are
On Friday, lawyers for JPM ‘additional value’ for the regular commercial-banking and hostile takeovers – and what “commercially absurd”.
wound up their argument in the shareholders by reference to the services,” the bank claims it is in ought to be the relationship Both JPM and Consolidated
New South Wales court of additional value actually MORGAN page 3
no way liable for what it didn’t between what the banks demand
appeals in Sydney, Australia. This achieved.”
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continued from page 2

Minerals agree that between significant increase in the amount for Consolidated Minerals was the were not). Consolidated Minerals JP Morgan’s Sydney Managing
October 2006 and January 2008, offered was an increase in the Ukrainian Bogolyubov, who is argues in its appeal brief that the Director Jon Gidney was asked to
the market capitalization of the price of manganese…” developing manganese production share price of a company always clarify why his bank believes it is
mining company jumped by $805 Consolidated Minerals argues in mines and refineries across the reflects its debt position, as well proper to claim duplicate or
million – from a starting point of support of the Hammerschlag world from Australia to Ghana as its income and other assets. So triplicate fees for the the services
$495 million to a closing point of decision that JPM had a duty to and Ukraine. But Bogolyubov for JPM to count its fee from the rendered in the Consolidated
$1.3 billion. But the dispute “assist the Company to achieve started buying shares of rise in the share price, and also Minerals case; and to explain how
between them which the court the highest Offer price, Consolidated Minerals well from the debt, “would be double he justifies fees for services that
must settle is when exactly the irrespective of who was bidding before the bidding contest started counting”, records the brief. appear to have ended in failure,
bidding process started, and when or when they bid.” The fee JPM and he joined it. JPM insists that Counting assets and liabilities on and for Bogolyubov’s success
JPM started earning the fees it is has called its Base Defence the $14 million Bogolyubov spent top of the share price, in order to which was guided by a rival bank
claiming. At stake was one of the Response Fee has been calculated on this 14.29% pre-bid stake boost the bank’s fee “would make at a significantly lower charge.
largest manganese mining as 0.75% of this added transaction ought to be counted as part of the a nonsense of the commercial Gidney declined to respond,
operations in the world with value, or 1% if the deal was transaction value on which its fees purpose of the definition of adding: “I don’t think there is any
almost 18 million tonnes of completed. On top, JPM is should be based. Hammerschlag Transaction Value.” purpose in having this
estimated reserves and resources demanding a 3% Incentive Fee; threw that out as an unearned. As for JPM’s claim to get paid discussion.” All JP Morgan’s
of manganese, a hardening alloy based on the formula of any JPM argued last week the judge multiple fees for the multiple bids Sydney spokesman Andrew
required by steelmakers. As steel increase in the Offer price up to had made a mistake, because the in the bidding contest, Donohoe would say after
prices shot up from 2006, 25% above the initial Offer, and final value of the transaction Hammerschlag called that Hammerschlag’s ruling was that
principally driven by China, so 5% of any increase in the Offer included the value push capricious and unreasonable. That “we believe there are strong
did manganese prices: price of more than 25% above the Boglyubov had originally given, conclusion “must be right,” grounds for appeal.”
In the middle of 2006, initial Offer. whether or not he intended at the Consolidated Minerals told the Gidney was questioned in court
Consolidated Minerals, thinking it That, Consolidated Minerals time to enter a bidding war. court, “otherwise it would be during the initial trial before
might become a takeover target, testified to the appeals court, “ is Consolidated Minerals told the entitled to as many …fees as there Hammerschlag. The transcript of
negotiated an agreement for JPM properly understood as a bonus appeals court that since there was were unsuccessful bidders, even what he said appears in the
to act as an adviser in relation to where J.P. Morgan did something no evidence of a link between the though the ‘defence’ failed submissions to the appeals court
“any actual takeover, merger, or above and beyond, namely, first share purchase by because the company was taken this past July. Gidney admitted
other business combination assisting Consolidated Minerals to Bogolyubov and his final and over. It would not matter how being worried that JPM’s fee
offers” which might materialize. get a particular bidder to offer a successful takeover bid, “the unrealistic those bidders’ failed demand might not be paid by
Many offers did. But higher sum than it was willing to connection was missing” between offers had been: J.P. Morgan Consolidated Minerals. He was
Consolidated Minerals has told pay in relation to its opening what happened, what JPM did, would get ‘a fee equal to 1.0% of then asked if his concern was
the court JPM “promised to do proposal. In the context of a and what it claimed it had earned. the proposed Transaction Value’ “whether or not JP Morgan had
very little…[Its promised] bidding war, it was a reward for Consolidated Minerals has also for each of them. There can be no really earned the fee as opposed to
services are essentially matters of keeping a particular bidder – the accused JPM of inflating its fee commercial justification for such there being a spike in the
analysis and advice. Notably, the one who ultimately wins – in the calculation by adding to the an outcome… It would be manganese price which had
Bank did not promise to try to process.” transaction value at the end of the commercially absurd for the Bank driven the share price up?”
organize an auction for the The bigger issue that has now takeover process $44 million in to double dip, picking both an Gidney replied: “Yes.” “And you
company or even to solicit any surfaced is whether JPM had a net debt which Consolidated Incentive Fee covering that were worried, were you not, that
offers.” duty according to its service Minerals was holding. Judge period, and also several Base JP Morgan might never get paid
As several bidders emerged to agreement with its client, and Hammerschlarg rejected that part Defence Response Fees triggered unless it sued?” “Yes.”
make counter-bids against each cannot later claim to earn an of JPM’s fee claim, saying it had by [Consolidated Minerals] board Join the conversation about this
other, and the share price of additional incentive fee for doing confused the fundamental recommendations to reject the story »
Consolidated Minerals rose, what it was already duty-bound to distinction between the company very offers which made the
Hammerschlag has ruled that “[at] do. (which was responsible for its Incentive Fee possible.” MORGAN page 5
least part of the reason for the The winner of the bidding match debts), and its shareholders (who Before Hammerschlag’s ruling,
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Hulu's Original TV Recap Show Hints at the End of Programming

As You Know It
Kit Eaton (Fast Company) bigger fan base if they capture the
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:04:00 PM zeitgeist well, then Hulu is
becoming a force in TV
Hulu's in the early stages of "broadcasting" all by itself. It
developing a new online exclusive won't challenge the existing TV
clips show, recapping the TV of model as it's too small, and the
the day in blog-esque "bite sizes." existing content providers have
As well as hinting at Hulu's the business pretty tightly
growth, it also reminds us that TV wrapped-up, trading on their
as we know it is about to change. name and leveraging all the routes
The unnamed show, which has to market they've built up. But it
been revealed thanks to its casting hints that the TV market is ripe
call (which resulted in "mobbed" for change as it moves onto the
sessions) will appear on Hulu web, and if an upstart company
exclusively, and runs to a short like Hulu is clever enough, it
five minutes an episode every used to attract potential hosts are very suitable for Hulu, which is regular TV on demand, which is could become the next Fox--just
week day. It's reportedly "a quick "satirical comedy, discussion and busy redefining the traditional TV already a subtle change to the way online, rather than over the air.
and humorous survey of the past honest opinions." model on the Web in a similar we think about TV (with roots in To read more news on this, and
24 hours of media and pop To us this sounds like several TV w a y t o t h e w a y t h e b l o g the "pause live TV" and "watch similar stuff, keep up with my
culture," heavy on clips according shows that already exist (or, as revolution has reinvented the later" systems offered by TiVo). updates by following me, Kit
to the casting note, hosted by two AllThingsD puts it, it reminds us news/reporting business, and But if Hulu's now commissioning Eaton, on Twitter.
"know-it-all but relatable" pop of "pretty much everything that confirms that Hulu's on the rise. original shows of its own--there
culture personalities. We're urged runs on E!") but spun into a kind The fact the show is en route are more on the way apart from
to think of it as "Daily Show of Gawker-esque snarky blog, just does also hint at the end of TV as this one--that are snappy, and
meets weekend update meets in hosted video format. That's we know it. Hulu serves up could easily earn Hulu an even
sports center," and the buzz words

Enterprise Products Partners Is in an Uptrend

Joseph Lazzaro April 29, 2009, at a price of coal. Enterprise Products Partners Products Partners Is in an Uptrend
(BloggingStocks) $24.24, has been favored in these is an integrated provider of Enterprise Products Partners Is in
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:30:00 PM circles. natural gas pipeline and an Uptrend originally appeared on
Look for Enterprise's shares to processing services and natural BloggingStocks on Mon, 06 Dec
Filed under: Stocks to Buy For continue to head north, and gas liquids, fractionation, storage, 2010 14:30:00 EST. Please see
several reasons, natural gas could benefit from what's likely to be a transportation and terminal our terms for use of feeds.
become the state-of-the-art energy renaissance period for natural gas services. EPD also is a major Permalink| Email this| Comments
form of this decade, the decade of in the United States in the decade developer of midstream
"the teens." With that in mind, ahead. most cases a cleaner energy infrastructure in the deepwater of
Enterprise Products Partners ( The reason? Natural gas is cheap, source than oil and certainly than the Gulf of Mexico.
EPD), first discussed here on accessible, and domestic, and in Continue reading Enterprise
E-reader News Edition Business/ Products/ 5

Submit Nominations For The Clusterstock Amazon: Still a Buy?

100: The Most Powerful People On Wall Steven Mallas (BloggingStocks)
Submitted at 12/6/2010 3:20:00 PM

Street (GS, MS, JPM, HSBC, CS, BX) Filed under:
(AMZN), Technical Analysis
Courtney Comstock and Leah
Goldman (Business Insider) Amazon ( AMZN) may be an
online retailer, but it is a retailer
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:35:41 PM nevertheless. A big one, in fact.
Consumers are increasingly essential concepts behind growth:
The most powerful person on turning to this site to make their
Wall Street is an elusive you might pay a premium today,
shopping chores a little easier, but you'll be paid back tomorrow
character. especially during the Christmas
Is it Blankfein? Doubtful. with capital appreciation.
season. With holiday buying in Continue reading Amazon: Still a
Is it the M&A all-star who full force, my mind turned to this
initiated the recent wave of hedge Buy?
particular stock. How is it looking Amazon: Still a Buy? originally
fund mergers? The wealth these days?
manager who's brought in 15 new appeared on BloggingStocks on
No, it isn't cheap. But while this Mon, 06 Dec 2010 15:20:00 EST.
clients this year? Now that's more equity can't necessarily be called
like it. Please see our terms for use of
one for the deep-value players out feeds. Read| Permalink| Email
Earlier this fall, we asked Bill there, growth investors want to
Ackman - who's the most this| Comments
know if it's okay to pay up for this
powerful person on Wall Street idea. After all, that's one of the
right now?
He didn't have an answer.
Tumblr has now MORGAN
"I don't think there are any most continued from page 3
nomination; nominations are Alternative Asset Management
powerful people left," he said.
"They are in hiding."
• Tell us all about your
• Mary Erdoes, CEO of Asset
Management, JPMorgan
been down for
But we think they're out there.
And if anyone's left, and if anyone
nomination - we love details.
• A good title does not equal
• Stuart Gulliver, Executive
Director and Chief Executive,
over 20 hours.
knows who they are, it's you guys. (Business Insider)
power. Global Banking and Markets and
So email us. We'll be taking
Global Asset Management, HSBC Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:42:44 PM
nominations for the most
Some people, like Jamie Dimon • Barbara Desoer, President Bank
powerful people on Wall Street Tumblr has now been down for
and Lloyd Blankfein, are obvious. of America Mortgage, Home
d u r i n g 2 0 1 0 a t over 20 hours.
So use these guys, who have Equity and Insurance Services, Join the conversation about this
already been nominated, as your • Heidi Miller, President of JP
lgoldman@businessinsider, or story »
guide: Morgan Chase International
• Stephen Trauber, Head of • Peter Kraus, Alliance Berstein
Energy Investment Banking, • Sallie Krawcheck, President of
Wootcast for 12/6/2010
The rules: Woot (Woot! - One Day, One though none of us is quite brave
Citigroup Global Wealth and Investment
• One nomination = 1 vote. We're Deal) or cool enough to don one. Still,
• Tom Hill, Vice Chairman, The Management, BAC
ranking everyone. isn't there room in the
Blackstone Group; President & Submitted at 12/6/2010 12:00:00 AM
• Nominations are not limited to marketplace for more than one
C h i e f E x e c u t i v e O f f i c e r , Join the conversation about this
bankers. The Woot podcast team kind of style of he-skirt?
B l a c k s t o n e M a r k e t a b l e story »
• You are not limited to one loves Seattle-based Utilikilts,
6 Business/ E-reader News Edition

Twitter: We're Not Censoring WikiLeaks, #Cablegate

Austin Carr (Fast Company) #wikileaks, #cablegate, or other Sometimes topics that are
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:16:33 PM related terms from the Trends list genuinely popular simply aren’t
of trending topics," said Twitter widespread enough to make the
Rumors began bubbling recently rep Matt Graves in a statement list of top Trends. And, on
that Twitter has been censoring Monday. "Our Trends list is occasion, topics just aren't as
W i k i L e a k s ' t r e n d i n g t o p i c s designed to help people discover popular as people believe."
#wikileaks, #cablegate, and other the ‘most breaking’ breaking Yes, it's difficult to believe Justin
similar hashtags. We've seen this news from across the world, in Bieber is just that much more
before. It seems whenever a real-time. The list is generated by popular than WikiLeaks. But
controversial subject arises--the an algorithm that identifies topics Twitter has been forthright: It
Israeli raid of the flotilla, for that are being talked about more does not editorialize.
instance--the micro-blogging r i g h t n o w t h a n t h e y w e r e Perhaps its algorithm needs
company is accused of playing p r e v i o u s l y . " tweaking. Or, better yet, perhaps
some role in altering the trends. Still, Twitter's algorithm Julian Assange should just take
Twitter has told Fast Company explanation hasn't satisfy some, So, Twitter expanded its answer topics that are popular don’t break some hairstyle tips from Bieber's
several times that it does "not who felt blaming the issue on the today: into the Trends list because the luscious, mouse brown shag.
editorialize" its trending topics, company's algorithm was more of "There’s a number of factors that current velocity of conversation
and today, the company tried to a n e x c u s e r a t h e r t h a n a may come into play when (volume of Tweets at a given
splash water on this fire once and comprehensive answer to why seemingly popular terms don’t moment) isn’t greater than in
for all. #WikiLeaks had disappeared from make the Trends list. Sometimes previous hours and days.
" T w i t t e r i s n o t c e n s o r i n g the tweet-o-sphere.

Walmart in Supreme Court Appeal for Billion-Dollar Sex Bias

Kit Eaton (Fast Company) majority ruling that the class which would require it to make
Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:55:26 PM action, brought by the numerous immediate decisions about
plaintiffs, who worked in over reparations. If Walmart wins this
The Supreme court has agreed to 3,000 different stores in jobs appeal, which only legal eagles
hear an appeal from Walmart across the employment spectrum, can make guesses about (although
against a billion-dollar sexist pay could go ahead. This decision hit it doesn't look good), then it could
case. Walmart's hardly been out of W a l m a r t h a r d , b e c a u s e t h e still face thousands upon
the news for months, but today's compensation amounts total in the thousands of individual cases,
headline is one the company billions of dollars. which will take many years to
probably prefers. Walmart's case rests on one play out.
The lawsuit is the largest single point: It's arguing that the To read more news on this, and
employment discrimination case individual claims by so many have merit as exemplifying cases(where hundreds of similar stuff, keep up with my
in U.S. history, and the most d i f f e r e n t p e o p l e c a n n o t b e endemic malpractice in Walmart. thousands of female employees updates by following me, Kit
recent move in was in April, combined into a class action suit It's a delaying tactic, of course-- were disadvantaged over many Eaton, on Twitter.
where the US Court of Appeals since the women concerned are Walmart is no longer contesting years) but is arguing a point of
for the Ninth Circuit made a too distributed for their claims to guilt in these sex-discrimination law about a class action case
E-reader News Edition Business/ News Wire/ 7

NHL's Board Of Governors Discuss Sprint Nextel: For High-

Team Sales, Salary Cap Hike Risk Investors, Only
Kevin Baumer (Business Joseph Lazzaro
Insider) (BloggingStocks)
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:40:00 PM Submitted at 12/6/2010 3:40:00 PM

The potential sales of the Phoenix Filed under: Sprint Nextel Corp
Coyotes, Toronto Maple Leafs, (S), Stocks to Buy Is the tide
and Buffalo Sabres are a hot topic starting to turn for much-maligned
at the NHL Board of Governors mobile phone service provider
meeting, being held today and Sprint Nextel ( S)? Perhaps, and becoming synonymous with
tomorrow in Palm Beach, Florida. the carrier is worth a review. 'dropped calls' and 'not in service
Matt Hulszier, a prospective First, the most important area.'
buyer of the Coyotes, already met warning: Sprint is a high-risk Continue reading Sprint Nextel:
with the board today and hopes to stock not suitable for low-risk or For High-Risk Investors, Only
complete a deal by the end of the like the Chicago Blackhawks who • Despite Rule Changes, NHL moderate-risk investors. Sprint Nextel: For High-Risk
year. were forced to jettison some of Concussion Rates Continue To Don't consider Sprint if you can't Investors, Only originally
An increase of the salary cap will their stars to stay under this year's Rise tolerate a more than 50-70% loss appeared on BloggingStocks on
also be discussed, and some salary cap. • Salary Cap Creates Profitability or seeing your entire investment Mon, 06 Dec 2010 15:40:00 EST.
reports suggest that it could be For more on the NHL, follow the Gap Among Teams wiped out -- it could happen. Please see our terms for use of
bumped another $2 million at the Sports Page > • Bill Guerin has announced his The gory story with Sprint has feeds. Permalink| Email this|
end of the season. Join the conversation about this retirement from the NHL. been well-documented: Sprint's Comments
That means the league is doing story » cell network underperformed, to
well financially, but it'd be a See Also: say the least, regarding call
tough pill to swallow for a team completions, with the company

What's Next for Massey Energy? Obama, congressional Democrats

Tom Taulli (BloggingStocks) investors are now betting that the to meet on taxes-aide
Submitted at 12/6/2010 3:00:00 PM company may actually buy a rival. (Reuters: Top News) the Nation/Handout
Confusing, huh? This entry passed through the
Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:24:30 PM
Filed under: Stock Picks Massey Continue reading What's Next for Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Energy ( MEE), which is a major Massey Energy? Democrat Senate Majority Whip your content and you're reading it
coal producer, continues to be the What's Next for Massey Energy? Richard Durbin (D-IL) (L) and on someone else's site, please read
subject of lots of rumors. Of originally appeared on Republican Senate Minority Whip our FAQ page at
course, the catalyst was a mine BloggingStocks on Mon, 06 Dec Jon Kyl (R-AZ) discuss the content-only/faq.php
explosion in early April, which speak for when a company is 2010 15:00:00 EST. Please see Senate's agenda during the lame Five Filters featured article:
killed 29 miners. It marked the looking to sell out. our terms for use of feeds. duck session on CBS News' ''Face Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
worst such event in over 40 years. But will this really happen? Well, Permalink| Email this| Comments the Nation'' in Washington Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Since then, Massey Energy has Massey's CEO, Don Blankenship, December 5, 2010. Catastrophe.
been exploring "strategic has resigned. As a result, Credit: Reuters/Chris Usher-Face
alternatives." This is corporate-
8 Top News/ E-reader News Edition
Egypt's ruling party
Palin goes camping with Kate plus 8 Gosselin kids sweeps parliament
(AP) vote (AP)
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed)
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) documented on "Jon & Kate Plus "I'm not worrying about bears She gathers up her children and,
Submitted at 12/6/2010 6:00:41 AM 8" while it spurred a feeding right now," she is soon grousing. mere hours after their arrival, they Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:10:50 PM

frenzy from the tabloid press. "I'm just worried about keeping have eaten and run.
NEW YORK – Kate Gosselin is Now, single mom Kate and her my toes wiggling 'cause they're Fortunately, Sarah knows the CAIRO – Egypt's election
not a happy camper. kids just happened to be in Alaska freezing." show must go on. Minus the commission says the ruling party
On this week's edition of "Sarah taping one of her "Kate Plus 8" Sarah, daughters Piper and Gosselins, she settles the crowd has won a sweeping victory in
Palin's Alaska," she and her brood specials, which occasioned their Willow, husband Todd and other down for the night. parliamentary elections after the
make a much-anticipated guest guest spot with the Palins. family members seem to be "Well, I thought we were gonna two main opposition groups quit
appearance. But don't expect it to The first stop: Sarah takes Kate having a blast. So, for that matter, go camping with the Gosselins," the polls in protest of what they
reveal her inner Daniel Boone. to a bear safety class to prepare are Kate's youngsters. she says when it's all over, full of said was massive vote-rigging.
"How would you like to go her for their camping expedition. "The kids are having fun, so I'm glossy good cheer. "Turned out, Final results after runoffs on
camping with Kate and her eight On the road from Wasilla to the tolerating it, but this is my new we didn't. We had lunch with Sunday gave President Hosni
kids — that TV show you class in Anchorage, Sarah sort-of home," grumbles Kate, having them on a sand bar." Mubarak's National Democratic
watch?" Sarah Palin asks her jokes that, in case of a bear attack, sullenly planted herself, apart ___ Party 83 percent of the vote. If
daughter, Piper, at the start of the "You need a partner with you from the rest, beneath a tarp. "I TLC is a division of Discovery dozens of elected independents
episode. who's slower than you." am miserable, but, I mean, Communications Inc. join the NDP, as is expected, the
Piper squeals with delight at the "Oh, my gosh!" replies Kate, who somebody's got to be." ___ ruling party could end up in
idea of hanging with these stars of already was spooked by the bear Sarah, ever gung-ho, announces Online: control of around 96 percent of
another TLC series. rug in the Palins' home. "Sacrifice to the group, "This is the most the legislature.
As things develop, the camping your friends?" luxurious camping spot I've ever ___ Mubarak's government carried
trip in the Alaskan wilds will be At the rifle range, she looks more seen!" EDITOR'S NOTE — Frazier out a heavy crackdown on its
no day at the beach for Kate. But miserable than she used to look Cut to Kate, who tells the Moore is a national television main opponents in the
it makes for a hilarious hour of with Jon. camera, "It just kills me that columnist for The Associated fundamentalist Muslim
Palin's show, which airs on TLC And that's only the beginning. people, like, willingly do this." Press. He can be reached at Brotherhood before the vote,
Sunday at 9 p.m. EST. The day of the camping trip, it's Soon everybody else is enjoying fmoore(at) rounding up 1,400 supporters. The
Read no further if you don't want — wouldn't you know? — hamburgers, hot-dogs and s'mores This entry passed through the Brotherhood decided to boycott
spoiler details of Kate's stab at pouring rain. from the camp fire. Full-Text RSS service — if this is the runoffs after if failed to win a
roughing it. Out in the middle of nowhere by Maybe it was finding out the hot- your content and you're reading it single seat in the first round.
For a few fleeting moments, it a stream and surrounded by dogs are moose. About that time, on someone else's site, please read This entry passed through the
seems she will savor her visit with mountains, Sarah is smiling, Kate loses it. our FAQ page at Full-Text RSS service — if this is
the Palin family. She instantly chipper and (literally) loaded for "I don't see a table, I don't see content-only/faq.php your content and you're reading it
bonds with Sarah, as they bear. utensils, I don't see hand- Five Filters featured article: on someone else's site, please read
compare notes on the predatory "Rain or shine, Alaskans still cleansing materials," she Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- our FAQ page at
nature of the media. camp. We still find a way to have whimpers. "This is not ideal Reporting of Falluja's Cancer content-only/faq.php
"There's not a whole lot of people fun," she chirps. conditions. I am freezing to the Catastrophe. Five Filters featured article:
that I run into that can understand Then Kate and her kids land at bone, I have 19 layers on, my Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
the scrutiny (by) the media and the campsite. Quickly, Kate hands are frigid. I held it together Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
beyond," says Kate, whose proves to be a bigger pill than a as long as I could and I'm done Catastrophe.
crumbling marriage to Jon was horse tranquilizer. now!"
E-reader News Edition Top News/ News Wire/ Food/ 9

Pennsylvania deer hunters donate Ben Roethlisberger

venison to food banks (Reuters) Needs Surgery on Broken
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed)
Submitted at 12/6/2010 10:10:03 AM
the program each year. The meat
is typically made into hamburgers
or chili.
valuable in rural areas served.
Some 600 local pantries served
by the Pittsburgh bank feed an
Nose (Video)
(Epoch Times | All headlines) while the Ravens (8-4) were
PHILADELPHIA (Reuters Life!) Demand for food of all kinds is average of 120,000 people a
– Deer hunters in Pennsylvania up about 75 percent from two month, representing an increase of Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:47:35 PM pushed back to second place.
are expected to donate about years ago. The bank feeds about 20 percent over the last two years, The decisive play during the
100,000 pounds of venison to help 250,000 people across a 27- Ben Roethlisberger's crooked, game came late in the fourth
Rothermel said.
meet the surging demand from the c o u n t y a r e a , H a n n a s a i d . broken nose. Ben Roethlisberger, quarter when Pittsburgh safety
Rothermel's group has kept up
state's food banks. quarterback for the Pittsburgh Troy Polamalu lined up near the
Statewide, 1.3 million people are with the demand thanks to
Hunters will shoot about 300,000 at risk of hunger, according to the Steelers, suffered a broken nose line of scrimmage and hit Ravens
assistance from food
deer during the two-week hunting Agriculture Department. Sunday night against the quarterback Joe Flacco as he was
manufacturers, food stamp
season that began on November Baltimore Ravens during a hard- reeling back to throw. The ball
Donations from major food programs and individual
29. Some of their haul will be manufacturers are the bank's main hitting, defensive battle in which came loose and Steelers
donations. But she thinks demand
given to Hunters Sharing the source of food, but the increased the Steelers won 13-10. linebacker LaMarr Woodley
will rise due to the estimated
Harvest, a program run by the demand in recent years has forced Roethlisberger was hit in the face picked it up and ran it back to
16,000 people whose jobless
state's agriculture department. it to buy more supplies at a cost of during the Steelers’ first drive as near the goal line setting up the
benefits recently expired.
It provides meat to local food about $1.5 million this year, he was being sacked by Baltimore only Pittsburgh touchdown.
Although the Pittsburgh bank has
banks which redistribute the Hanna explained. defensive tackle Haloti Ngata. "Everybody watching TV at
provided a basic level of nutrition
venison to more than 4,000 local The state's estimated 750,000 According to the Pittsburgh Post- home, everybody in the stadium,
for its clients, some don't eat as
food-assistance organizations that first-day hunters can donate their Gazette, he will need surgery to you all know it you see 43
much as they should, Rothermel
help people unable to feed d e e r t o a n y o f t h e 1 2 5 fix it. [Polamalu] at the line, four-
t h e m s e l v e s b e c a u s e o f t h e participating butchers. The state After taking his helmet off, one minute offense, he's coming,"
"There are people who only eat
economic downturn. could easily tell that his Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs
pays the butchers 85 cents per two meals a day," she said.
"Quality food donations are a rare pound of venison processed. nose broken after sustaining the said, according to the Associated
This entry passed through the
commodity," said Kendall Hanna, In 2009, hunters shot 108,000 hit to the face. Press. "It was just like, I hope we
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
executive director of the Central bucks and more than 200,000 "I just knew it was bleeding, and have a plan. It just didn't feel good
your content and you're reading it
Pennsylvania Food Bank. d o e s , a c c o r d i n g t o t h e then when I got to the sideline I when I saw that hair at the line."
on someone else's site, please read
"Hunters Sharing the Harvest Pennsylvania Game Commission, could tell just by the look on This entry passed through the
our FAQ page at
provides us with lean meat that's in a state where deer are so everyone's face that something Full-Text RSS service — if this is
high in protein, and that's hard to numerous they are seen as a pest. wasn't right," said Roethlisberger, your content and you're reading it
Five Filters featured article:
come by." according to the Washington Post. on someone else's site, please read
Joyce Rothermel, chief executive Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
His organization normally o f t h e G r e a t e r P i t t s b u r g h "I looked real quick. I don't know, our FAQ page at
Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
receives between 10,000 and Community Food Bank, said I look like I just went 12 rounds content-only/faq.php
15,000 pounds of venison through venison donations are particularly with [boxer Manny] Pacquiao.” Five Filters featured article:
Even though Ngata’s hit to the Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
How to Roast a Chicken face was questionable, he did not
get penalized. With the victory
Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) Full-Text RSS service — if this is Five Filters featured article: over the Ravens, the Steelers (9-3)
your content and you're reading it Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- took first place in the AFC North
Sorry, Readability was unable to on someone else's site, please read Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
parse this page for content. our FAQ page at Catastrophe.
This entry passed through the content-only/faq.php
10 News Wire/ E-reader News Edition

Bernanke: More Fed bond buys "certainly possible"

(Reuters: Top News) the interview aired on Sunday. Fed chairman's public profile in
Submitted at 12/6/2010 7:36:42 AM "What we're doing is lowering order to counter critics of Fed
interest rates by buying Treasury policy -- both in Washington and
Controlling a ball with a securities," he said. "And by within the central bank itself.
smartphone is just the tip of the lowering interest rates, we hope to NOT PRINTING MONEY
iceberg for entrepreneur Ian stimulate the economy to grow The decision to offer further
Bernstein. The Orbotix founder faster. The trick is to find the monetary stimulus at a time
envisions many applications for appropriate moment when to overnight borrowing costs are
his technology such as helping the begin to unwind this policy. And already effectively at zero and the
physically challenged. that's what we're going to do." banking system is awash with
Full Article| Video Bernanke said it would take four $2.3 trillion in Fed-created credit
Chairman of the Federal Reserve to five years for the country's has proven controversial both at
Ben Bernanke delivers opening unemployment rate, which rose to home and abroad.
remarks at a Federal Reserve 9.8 percent in November, to come Many economists, some
System symposium on ''Mortgage down to what he called more Republican lawmakers, and a
and the Future of Housing "normal" levels of around 5 small but vocal minority of top
Finance'' in Arlington, Virginia, percent to 6 percent. officials within the Fed worry that
October 25, 2010. Asked if the central bank could the central bank's actions are
Credit: Reuters/Jim Young go beyond the $600 billion of unlikely to do much to spur
By Pedro Nicolaci da Costa bond buys announced at its economic growth with borrowing
WASHINGTON| Mon Dec 6, November meeting, Bernanke costs already unusually low.
2010 8:36am EST said: "Oh, it's certainly possible. It Instead, they worry the massive
WASHINGTON(Reuters) - The depends on the efficacy of the bond purchases will lead to
Federal Reserve could end up program. It depends, on inflation. distortions in financial markets,
buying more than the $600 billion And finally it depends on how the potentially sparking asset bubbles
in U.S. government bonds it has economy looks," he said. in unexpected places. Some also
committed to purchase if the But he also did not rule out fear, as Charles Plosser of the
economy fails to respond or stopping short of the total. Philadelphia Fed has argued, the
unemployment stays too high, Fed "We're gonna be regularly expansion of reserves could create
Chairman Ben Bernanke said. reviewing this," Bernanke said. the "kindling" that will spark
The Fed will regularly review the "This is not something that we've inflation in the future. Jocomus
policy and could adjust the set into automatic motion going wrote:
amount of buying up or down forward. We want to continue to Bernanke seems to suggest the
depending on the economy's path, think about it. Whether it needs to current QE2 is not working as
he added. be changed. Whether it needs to smoothly as anticipated, as
In a rare televised interview, be increased or decreased or otherwise he shouldn’t have
Bernanke told the CBS program modified." mentioned further easing needy to
"60 Minutes" the Fed's actions are The U.S. economy grew at a sustain market confidence.
aimed at supporting what is still a modest 2.5 percent annual rate in It is futile to print more
fragile economic recovery, the third quarter, and more greenbacks to boost overseas asset
dismissing critics who argue the vigorous growth is needed to prices while not benefitting the
policy will lead to future inflation. bring down unemployment. domestic unemployed. ttolstoy
"This fear of inflation I think is The "60 Minutes" interview is as
way overstated," Bernanke said in part of a broader effort to raise the BERNANKE: page 11
E-reader News Edition News Wire/ Technology/ 11

A Pogo Stick for

Appeals court hears California gay marriage case the 21st century
(Reuters: Top News) But first the court must decide California challenge could shape ballot measure, since the attorney
whether the backers of the the nation if the Supreme Court general will not. (CNET
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:19:48 PM
Proposition 8 ban have the right to decides to review the appeals "People of good will can and do Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:49:09 PM
Same sex marriage supporter defend it after the California court decision. differ in good faith on the issue of
Dominic Coluans waves flags governor and attorney general A lower court struck down the same-sex marriage, and their Sorry, Readability was unable to
outside City Hall after a judge declined to do so. ban earlier this year, ruling that differences should be resolved parse this page for content.
lifted the Proposition 8 stay on Judges questioned whether marriage is a fundamental through the political process, not This entry passed through the
same sex marriages at City Hall in anyone other than the named state constitutional right and that the here," they argued in a brief. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
San Francisco, California August officials had such a legal right, defenders of the ban showed no Gay marriage proponents your content and you're reading it
12, 2010. but some on the panel also justifiable reason for limiting the successfully argued in the lower on someone else's site, please read
Credit: Reuters/Robert Galbraith seemed frustrated with the idea institution to opposite-sex court that the definition of our FAQ page at
By Dan Levine and Peter that by declining to defend a couples. marriage has changed over time, content-only/faq.php
Henderson popularly approved ballot The ruling is on hold, though, for instance including polygamy Five Filters featured article:
SAN FRANCISCO| Mon Dec 6, m e a s u r e t h e g o v e r n o r a n d while under appeal. in some societies. Same-sex Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
2010 3:19pm EST attorney general in effect could California Attorney General -- marriages would not harm the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
SAN FRANCISCO(Reuters) - A veto it. and governor-elect -- Jerry Brown institution, they contended. Catastrophe.
three-judge appellate panel "That does not seem to be declined to defend the ban, and Limiting matrimony to opposite- BERNANKE:
considering whether to allow gay consistent with the initiative U.S. District Court Chief Judge sex couples is no different than continued from page 10
marriage to resume in California system," Circuit Judge Stephen Vaughn Walker questioned laws which stopped interracial wrote:
Monday sharply questioned both Reinhardt said in court during the whether proponents of the ban marriages, they said in a brief. Mr. Bernanke is a liar,
sides of the case, which many first half of the hearing. had the legal right to defend it in This entry passed through the incompetent and corrupt. Now, he
expect to be appealed to the California voters, with a the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Full-Text RSS service — if this is says:
Supreme Court and set national reputation for social liberalism, Appeals. your content and you're reading it “One myth that’s out there is that
policy. shocked the United States in 2008 The Prop 8 ban proponents say on someone else's site, please read what we’re doing is printing
The Ninth Circuit Court of when they narrowly approved the the lower court ignored common our FAQ page at money,” he said. “We’re not
Appeals judges have been asked Proposition 8 ban on gay marriage wisdom and history that limits content-only/faq.php printing money…”
to discard a lower court ruling that only months after the top state marriage to a man and a woman Five Filters featured article: Yet, when he appeared on 60
the state's 2008 Proposition 8 ban court opened the door to same-sex in order to spur procreation. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Minutes in March 2009, when
on same-sex marriage violates weddings. They also argue that they have Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Constitutional guarantees of More than 40 states have the right to defend the ban as Catastrophe. BERNANKE: page 12
equality and due process. outlawed such unions, but the official sponsors of the 2008

Easter Island Clashes Leaves Two Dozen Injured

(Epoch Times | All headlines) indigenous people who took on their website http:// are no official reports or details of your content and you're reading it
Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:27:48 PM residence in several buildings any police being injured despite on someone else's site, please read
months ago, witnesses told the The group says that Chilean statements that have been made.” our FAQ page at
Easter Island has been the site of news agency.“Chilean special officials took buildings away from Eastern Island is considered a content-only/faq.php
clashes between police and locals forces are hunting for individuals their ancestors years ago. World Heritage site by UNESCO Five Filters featured article:
and two dozen people have been who have been involved with the The statement continued: “21 and is a popular tourist destination Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
injured in the past several days, reoccupation and those they are Rapanui were shot and injured due to its large, monolithic Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
the BBC reports. targeting who have helped share including Richardo Tepano, who sculpted heads. Catastrophe.
Police, in the process of trying to the story with the international lost his right eye and was flown to This entry passed through the
force evictions, fired pellets on press,” the Rapa Nui group stated Santiago for medical care. There Full-Text RSS service — if this is
12 News Wire/ Technology/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 11

asked about the prospective would no longer calculate it. The backed money when this thing
Heath Miller Hit
quantitative easing, he stated:
“What we’re doing, basically, is
reason given was that the
calculation of M3 takes up too
collapses in a couple of years. If
we do, I hope and pray that Should’ve Drawn Flag:
printing money…” many “resources”. This was an fractional reserve banking is made
In fact, they ARE printing
money. He is lying when he says
obvious lie because calculating it
is a simple case of adding and
illegal forever and that central
banking fades into history..
NFL Official
that the money supply is not subtracting given that the Fed still centralized banking has made (Epoch Times | All headlines) NBC commentators calling the
changing. In fact, M1 is soaring gathers all the basic data. more people poor and the upper Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:27:30 PM smashmouth AFC North matchup
and M2 is rising. We have just learned, from rich richer.. Read the book “The expressed their outrage that there
Only M3 is mildly declining or Bernanke’s words on 60 Minutes, Creature from Jekyll Island: A Heath Miller suffered a was no penalty call.
stagnant, and that is because the that the Fed never stopped Second Look at the Federal concussion after this hit. A Heath The fact that there was no flag
velocity of money has done down calculating M3. It simply does so, Reserve”. You’ll have a eureka Miller hit by the Ravens’ Jameel was “unbelievable,” NBC color
dramatically. Once it normalizes, now, in secret. The reality is that moment… McClain in Sunday night’s game commentator Cris Collinsworth.
M3 will soar, along with inflation, this incompetent Fed Chairman is This entry passed through the should have drawn a flag, an NFL “That is the very definition of
as it did the last time Bernanke going to bring on an inflationary Full-Text RSS service — if this is official said after the play. what I’ve been told [is] a
was advocating the printing of holocaust the likes of which the your content and you're reading it Carl Johnson, head of NFL defenseless player.”
money to help his friends on Wall world has never seen before. It on someone else's site, please read officiating, told NBC’s broadcast The game, won by the Steelers by
Street, back in 2001-03. simply takes time to reach our FAQ page at that the helmet-to-helmet hit a score of 13-10, also saw Steelers
M3 began to soar very high, after fruition. We are now in the content-only/faq.php should have resulted in a penalty QB Roethlisberger have his nose
Bernanke pressed former incubation period. Five Filters featured article: against McClain and the Ravens, broken after a sack by the Ravens’
Chairman Alan Greenspan to Bernanke should be impeached Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Haloti Ngata. Roethlisberger will
deeply lower interest rates from as soon as possible, and the Fed Reporting of Falluja's Cancer reported. need surgery to fix his crooked
2001-03. True inflation should have its doors closed. Both Catastrophe. Late in the third quarter, the nose.
(calculated honestly according to of these things will happen when Pittsburgh Steelers’ Heath Miller This entry passed through the
the pre-1982 formula) began the current excesses collapse into had a pass from Ben Full-Text RSS service — if this is
reaching the double digits by a total implosion by about 2013. Roethlisberger deflected away, your content and you're reading it
2007-08. M3 was so high that the Silkster wrote: and was going to the ground, on someone else's site, please read
corrupt Fed announced that it Maybe we’ll go back to gold when he was hit by McClain, our FAQ page at
snapping Miller’s head and neck content-only/faq.php
backwards. Miller stayed on the Five Filters featured article:
field for several minutes before Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
leaving the game with a collision, Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
the Tribune-Review reported. Catastrophe.

Hacker Poll: Is Vertical Experience Important for Your Career?

Klint Finley (ReadWriteWeb) responses were interesting. Most specific vertical is good at, then career?
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:45:00 PM seemed to think that vertical applying it to a different vertical." Sponsor
experience is important, but a few Simon Brown dissented, saying it Is Vertical Experience Important
Last week RedMonk's James disagreed. Laurence Hart noted wasn't important "provided you for Your Career online surveys
Governor asked on Twitter: t h a t v e r t i c a l e x p e r i e n c e i s have the ability to pick up what The choices in the poll were
"Software Developers: do you important for moving into roles you need." modeled after the ones in the IBM
think vertical industry expertise is other than development. Gareth What do you think? Is vertical survey that inspired Governor's
important to your career?" The Rushgrove said yes, but mainly for "taking something that a experience important for your question. Discuss
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 13

Wikileaks' Assange May be TIME's Person of the

Marshall Kirkpatrick
there is nothing journalistic about redundant connections. Now API of the
the organization whatsoever, and Twitter is passing around a press unflattering information about its
Submitted at 12/6/2010 12:18:23 PM that it is simply a lawless group of statement this morning stating that own activities has flooded that Week:
misfits spreading information it is not censoring Wikileaks from network it helped create. The
Wanted by the law across
multiple countries, threatened
around that it doesn't have the
right to distribute, without caring
its "trending topics" section, but
asked point blank about whether it
Internet is a genie that cannot be
put back in the bottle.
UserVoice API
Klint Finley (ReadWriteWeb)
with military action by US hawks, for the effects of its actions." will permit the Wikileaks account No one has forced discussion of
shut out by internet vendors from Journalism thought leader Jay to remain online or whether it will these questions before as much as Submitted at 12/6/2010 12:45:00 PM

Amazon to PayPal, Wikileaks Rosen, however, calls be shut down, Twitter's Matt Julian Assange and Wikileaks. I
leader Julian Assange may still be UserVoice, one of our favorite
Wikileaks"the world's first Graves told ReadWriteWeb, expect that TIME will award
named TIME Magazine's Person idea management services,
stateless news organization." "We've got no additional Assange the Person of the Year
of the Year for 2010. He's launched a new API today.
The organization, which isn't at comment beyond the statement." Award, not for any of the
currently leading in the UserVoice has completely
all a wiki like Wikipedia is Genie, Meet the World Outside a revelations that Wikileaks
magazine's online poll, ahead of revamped its API, which is
anymore, does represent Bottle exposed, but for the way it forced
the Prime Minister of Turkey, available in two varieties: a free
something very interesting about It's also notable that most of the the issue of a radically transparent
Recep Erdogan, in influence score read-only version and a more
contemporary technology and "state secrets" being distributed global communications network.
if not in votes. powerful commercial version. The
media. This much is hard to by Wikileaks are allegedly from The magazine may reference its
Erdogan is hardly company built its new Facebook
argue with, I think, no matter your troves of information that choice of Joseph Stalin in 1939 to
uncontroversial, either, having Page App and iPhone SDK using
perspective: Written about by thousands, if not millions, of emphasize that the award is not a
challenged Israel vehemently and the new API.
websites everywhere, spread people had security clearance to sign of approval or support, but
collaborating with Turkish Sponsor
across millions of Twitter and see already. There are 3 million such an award would doubtlessly
nationalists TIME says still deny The SDK is particularly
Facebook conversations, mirrored people in the U.S. with some level confer a new sense of legitimacy
the history of the Armenian interesting. As UserVoice points
by hundreds of independent of security clearance to access to Wikileaks and the issues the
genocide. The Person of the Year out in its announcement, iPhone
servers, Wikileaks represents classified government documents. organization represents.
award this year is basically a users frequently give apps bad
mass accessibility of information It's hard to believe that malevolent You can't change your Facebook
media statement for or against the ratings because of one bug or
that simply cannot be shut down, actors who wanted to see what profile from dating to single these
legitimacy of Wikileaks and what missing feature. Using the iPhone
despite the best efforts of Wikileaks exposes didn't have the days without all your friends
it represents. The third candidate SDK you can build a UserVoice
authorities. opportunity to, though now the finding out - and neither can
on the list might represent the community right into an app and
Unlike Amazon, Paypal and documents have been analyzed by international diplomats put digital
perfect abdication of collect feedback within the app,
others, Twitter and Facebook hundreds of outside analysts, pen to paper without some
responsibility for answering this hopefully stemming bad reviews
have allowed the organization to indexed by search engines and concern that their words will be
or any serious questions: it's Lady elsewhere. The SDK is available
continue using their services. pointed to by countless websites. made available for universal
Gaga. here.
Were that to change, we'd be That scale of eyeballs, minds, access and analysis. How will
Sponsor The new API can be access
talking about a different ball machines and social connections that change the world of
What Wikileaks Represents through your UserVoice account
game. Neither company has is the biggest game changer, not international relations? I suspect
Depending on your perspective, in Apps & Plugins section of the
responded to inquires about their the mere availability of the we're about to find out.
Assange and Wikileaks probably Admin Console. Discuss
official positions on their information. Perhaps Lady Gaga will be the
represent one of two things. As Wikileaks accounts, but neither The U.S. government made the Person of the Year instead,
GigaOm's Mathew Ingram wrote has shut down the accounts, Internet fault tolerant through though. Discuss
this weekend, "Some argue that either.
14 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Reading A Google eBook On My iPad

Erick Schonfeld (TechCrunch) also supposed to sync between have been an opportunity for
Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:34:18 PM devices, so that you can start Google to really show how
reading on your laptop, pick up on HTML5 rocks in a real product,
Earlier today, Google launched your phone, and then finish off at but it is mostly just basic
its eBook store with 3 million night on a tablet. While this javascript. Also, for a company
books, many of them free. I’ve bookmarking feature seems to desperate to add a social layer to
been playing around with it on my work fine within any given all of its products, there is nothing
iPad even though there is no iPad device, I find the syncing only social about these eBooks. There
app yet. That is because you can works about half the time between is no way to share a link to a page
read the books in your browser. devices. Half the time, it seems to or even an excerpt—not even for
iPad and Android apps are cache the last page read on the free books no longer under
available, but if Google can make whatever device you are reading copyright. Any shared links
the browser reading experience on instead. There is no way to simply direct you to the first page
just as compelling, people won’t manually set a bookmark in the of each book, at least for books in
need those apps. So far, however, browser reader either. the public domain. Google has
t h e i n - b r o w s e r r e a d e r i s a The HTML reader is basic but done all the work to display books
disappointment. functional. On an iPad, you can in your browser on the Web, but
When you log into Google read one page at a time vertically, then stripped them of the
eBooks via the browser, your or two pages horizontally. It lets capability to interact with other
shelf is filled with three free you choose different fonts, and texts on the Web through links.
eBooks: Alice’s Adventures in even read the original scanned You know, the basic building
Wonderland, Great Expectations, v e r s i o n o f t h e b o o k ( s e e get in Apple’s iBooks app. That Apple digital reading app). Unlike block on top of which the Web,
and Pride and Prejudice. You can screenshots below comparing the may sound like a trivial nitpick, the browser version, the Google and Google’s own search engine,
read them in your browser on scanned version to the “flowing but that swiping animation is one eBooks iPad app does include is founded.
your iPad, on your phone, or on text” version). Google eBooks of those details which make page-turning animations. CrunchBase Information Google
your laptop. also maintains the orignal digital books a pleasure to read in My bigger problem with the iPad Information provided by
One of the best features of pagination as best it can, which is iBooks (my children fight over browser version of Google’s CrunchBase
G o o g l e e B o o k s i s t h a t i t much better than the random- who is going to turn the next page eBook reader is that it doesn’t
remembers your place and starts seeming “location” numbers you when I read them the Winnie-the- take advantage of the Web, or
you where you left off the next find on a Kindle. But there are no Pooh book that comes with the even HTML5. This reader could
time you load the same book. It is page-turning animations like you

Google Books app feels rushed, disappoints

Erica Sadun (TUAW) Books is a bit of a half-baked ongoing solitaire games (I know, I app feels rushed, disappoints
Submitted at 12/6/2010 3:05:00 PM disappointment. know, but that's what I do, and Google Books app feels rushed,
Let's start with the big issues. The 4.2.1 makes it easy). Having to re- disappoints originally appeared on
Google Books finally went live in application doesn't do landscape. orient my iPad to the lap- TUAW on Mon, 06 Dec 2010
App Store and we here at TUAW Personally, I'm not completely unfriendly portrait orientation is 15:05:00 EST. Please see our
couldn't wait to give it a try. adverse to portrait book reading -- just annoying. A two-page side-by terms for use of feeds.
Unfortunately, we should have. after all, it gives you the most -side layout seems to be a given in Source| Permalink| Email this|
Google should have spent more room to read each page on the the e-reader world. I'm stunned Comments
time refining and polishing this screen -- but why doesn't Google I often like flipping back and it's not already in there.
app before releasing it. Google give me the choice? forth between my books and Continue reading Google Books
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 15

Rumor: iOS 4.3 to arrive Thursday, Bill Gates showcases a

support subscription-based apps Mac on his blog
(CNET -profile publishers have already (CNET A deeply optimistic mind (which
Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:35:11 PM introduced apps to convey their Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:06:55 PM I have co-opted just for today)
content (check out Richard might choose to offer that the
If the rumors are true, iOS 4.3 Branson's Project), it's a no- Somehow, the passions of those importance of putting technology
will make it so you don't have to brainer that Apple will give them in love with one gadget rather i n t o c l a s s r o o m s s l i g h t l y
individually buy each issue of a the iOS tools needed to better t h a n a n o t h e r c a n p a l e i n t o outweighs any issue over who
digital magazine or monetize it. At this point, it's nonexistence when compared to, made that technology.
newspaper.(Credit: Conde Nast) really just a matter of when. say, unemployment or the Giants Some will, no doubt, wish to
Magazines and newspapers are And if you believe Gadgets and winning the World Series. remember that Gates' wife
migrating to iOS devices (most Gizmos, the big day will be this And yet, the minute Bill Gates Melinda recently offered that
notably the iPad) at a steady clip, Thursday, so Apple can steal a bit starts advertising Macs, everyone A p p l e p r o d u c t s w e r e m o s t
but there's one problem: of thunder from whatever Sony raises their weapons, ready to fire certainly not allowed in the Gates
publishers don't have a way to sell announces that same day(possibly without discrimination. household.
subscriptions--not yet, anyway. a PlayStation phone). It was Business Insider that first But perhaps this image on her
That may change with the arrival What are your thoughts on iOS revealed that Microsoft's founding husband's blog indicates that,
of iOS 4.3, which is rumored to 4.3? Think it'll drop this week? brain had featured an image these days, as he does important
be arriving (or at least announced) And are you ready to start paying (absent a caption, credit or alt work that might benefit the whole
a s e a r l y a s t h i s T h u r s d a y , subscriptions. for digital editions of your text) of a Mac(and what looks world, he might just be a little
December 9. Currently, iOS supports only favorite print mags? Me, I want to mightily like an iPhone) on his above all the fanboy enthusiasms.
As CNET's Joe Aimonetti single app payments, meaning keep my print editions but also get own blog, The Gates Notes. We are, after all, entering the
reported last month, this build was you have to make a new in-app the iOS versions as part of my For those with a certain kind of season of goodwill.
already in the works when Apple purchase every time you want the paid subscriptions. What say you, humor, seeing this image, directly This entry passed through the
rolled out iOS 4.2. And despite latest issue of, say, "Wired." publishers? (I'm guessing, "Er, beneath the line "What's been on Full-Text RSS service — if this is
the latter's brief delay, it appears According to eWeek Europe, no.") my mind lately," might conjure all your content and you're reading it
iOS 4.3 may still arrive on "further fuel was added to the fire This entry passed through the the precursors for barbs at their on someone else's site, please read
schedule (at least if you believe when The Guardian newspaper Full-Text RSS service — if this is emotional opponents. our FAQ page at
the rumor mill's version of used a blog to reveal a new your content and you're reading it But given that what has actually content-only/faq.php
Apple's schedule). subscription-based app, which it on someone else's site, please read b e e n o n G a t e s ' m i n d i s Five Filters featured article:
Unlike 4.2, which introduced a said would be released soon." our FAQ page at "improving college completion in Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
host of new features (like AirPlay (Actually, the blog in question content-only/faq.php the U.S.," I prefer to think that the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
and AirPrint), 4.3 will include just doesn't specifically mention a Five Filters featured article: use of this image, Mac, iPhone Catastrophe.
one major addition: subscription subscription-based app, but rather Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- and all, might just have been
billing, which would allow subscription pricing--not quite the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer deliberate.
content providers to charge same thing.) Catastrophe.
weekly, monthly, or annually for Even so, given that so many high

Viber Makes Free iPhone Calls Over 3G and Wi-Fi [Video]

Adam Dachis (Lifehacker) iPhone: Viber is a free app that's calls from your iPhone, but upon VOIP and cost you absolutely
Submitted at 12/6/2010 10:30:00 AM basically Skype meets Google calling another Viber user it'll nothing. More »
Voice. It can make regular voice automatically route the call over
16 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Monitor your baby from anywhere with the WiFi

Baby 3G
David Winograd (TUAW) doesn't supply audio, and it's a
non-universal app without native
Does Wikileaks
Submitted at 12/6/2010 3:30:00 PM
iPad capability. The better option, Represent The End
My daughter is about four weeks according to the manufacturers of
away from having a baby, so I am the WiFi Baby 3G, is the Baby Of Internet History?
really interested in the WiFi Baby Monitor HD($9.99), a universal Nicholas Deleon (TechCrunch)
3G($US 279.00). This Wi-Fi app that does transmit audio. To Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:38:09 PM
enabled baby monitor can let you save battery life on your mobile
see and hear your baby on any device, this app gives you the Look at Matt Drudge, freaking
Mac or PC. Just plug it in, and option of turning off the video out over Wikileaks’ so-called
any browser will let you check in stream. There are also mobile “insurance policy” against Julian
from anywhere whenever you'd solutions available for the Assange’s arrest. READY TO
like. The device, manufactured by Android. The WiFi Baby 3G is LAUNCH “DOOMSDAY
Y-Cam and created by a small available in either black or white. FILES,” Drudge screams. (Red
husband and wife startup to watch Take a look at it in action by font, too. All we need is a
their own baby, can display HD clicking on below. siren.gif and we’re in full
quality color video and audio [via GEARlog] meltdown mode.) And Doomsday
during the day, and thanks to its Continue reading Monitor your for whom, exactly? I mean, as of
array of (infrared, we assume) baby from anywhere with the today, all Wikileaks has done is to
lights that turn on when it's dark,
features include: • and of course, the ability to WiFi Baby 3G make available a number of
shows you black and white video Monitor your baby from documents that were already
• the ability to record video or work both on Wi-Fi and 3G
at night using night-vision anywhere with the WiFi Baby 3G available to some 3 million
still pictures networks
technology. originally appeared on TUAW on Americans. So if this information
• the ability to send email alerts
The Wi-Fi Baby 3G is part
or send alarms to a mobile device There are two options to monitor Mon, 06 Dec 2010 15:30:00 EST. is already available to 3 million of
computer and part webcam since
• if the built-in motion detector is your baby from a mobile device. Please see our terms for use of our fellow citizens, why not us? Is
it stands alone and doesn't, as
triggered, an automatic light The cheapest (free) is also made feeds. it wrong for the citizens of a
most other solutions, require you
sensor that will adjust the light by Y-Cam called the Y-Cam Source| Permalink| Email this| republic to know what’s being
to plug a webcam into a
array to the light conditions of the MultiLive iP Camera Viewer. The Comments done in their name around the
computer. Although expensive, world, or does the demand for
baby's room limitations here are that this app
it's quite ingenious. Some of its transparency stop at your ability
to stream Netflix movies?
Mapping + = ForceMapper Read More

Klint Finley (ReadWriteWeb) based tool for displaying leads users will receive discounts on
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:15:00 PM from on a heat Pete Warden on Vimeo. subscriptions in the future.
map. When used on the iPhone, it As of now it's only available for [Disclosure: paid
Just in time for Dreamforce, will use your current location to enterprise-level for a plane ticket and hotel room
o c c a s i o n a l R e a d W r i t e W e b suggest nearby customers to visit users, but should be available in for Klint Finley to attend the the
contribute Pete Warden has and provide directions. AppExchange soon. It will be free Dreamforce conference in San
r e l e a s e d F o r c e M a p p e r . Sponsor for the first 30 days, and early Francisco.] Discuss
ForceMapper is an OpenHeatMap ForceMapper demonstration from
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 17
Siamese Twintography -
Sony PSP2 Dead on Arrival, Says Analyst The 'Holy Beauty Project’
by Rossina Bossio
Evan Selleck (SlashGear)
Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:52:18 PM Replicates the Past
The mobile gaming market may
not be as intense as the home (TREND HUNTER - The Latest
console market, but there’s Trends)
obviously still a lot of money to Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:27:02 PM

be made within its reach. So

there’s no surprise that analysts ( The ‘Holy
would want to get their opinion Beauty Project' by Rossina Bossio
out there about what’s coming, incorporates various media from
and how they think it will affect photography and video to painting
the market as a whole. When it and drawing. Featured on the ‘I
comes to Sony’s PlayStation Want You' magazine's website,
Portable 2, there’s a lot of the collection examines the
discussion about whether or not it provocative...
will be a waste of time for Sony,
or be a smash-hit. Obviously,
Sony believes that they’ve got a launches, and even went on to say cutting into the handheld market.” However, with the technology
hit on their hand, and even some why he believes the mobile While some may say that Pachter that the 3DS is bringing to the
developers out there who have market as a whole is over- is right, he points out that when table, and with whatever Sony has
managed to get some hands-on saturated, but that Apple’s iPod Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS up their sleeve for the next
time with the portable gaming Touch will thin the market soon portable gaming console launches, generation PSP2, it would seem,
console think it’s nice. But, for enough. it will spike interset in the market at least remotely possible, that the Mobile share reports put
analyst Michael Pachter, none of According to Pachter, “I think the one more time, before it video game enthusiasts out there Android in first for ads,
that matters, because the PSP2 is PSP was dead on arrival and I inevitably flat-lines again, and would still prefer to have the RIM with most
already DOA. think the PSP2 is going to be dead people realize that they’re paying power, and technology (plus game
Pachter is an analyst from on arrival.” He went on to add too much money to play Tetris on selection) on their particular subscribers
Wedbush Morgan, and during a that, “We’re approaching their portable gaming unit. portable game consoles. Mike Schramm (TUAW)
“Pach Attack” webcast, he saturation in the handheld market. Pricing does obviously play a big [ via MCV UK] Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:45:00 PM
outlined in brief why he believes We’re starting to see DS hardware part in the video game industry,
the PSP2 won’t be worth the sales crack, the iPod Touch is just as it does in any industry. MOBILE page 18
attention it will receive when it

TCTV Video Review: 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. The BMW

M3 Killer.
John Biggs (TechCrunch) the high-performance luxury car socks off if it had any shot of would get over my ego and give it
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:17:52 PM segment year after year. So, when t a k i n g o u t t h e M 3 . M y a fair and balanced review.
I got hold of the Cadillac CTS- V experiences with GM vehicles Shouldn’t be too hard.
It’s not easy to get over the fact coupe, I knew that it would be haven’t always been positive. But, Read More
that the Germans have dominated hard to be a fair judge. This car would really have to blow my I got it through my head that I
18 Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition
MOBILE Cranium-Embedded Cams
continued from page 17
(UPDATE) - The
Two big mobile market share of which Apple currently has downloading and using apps also Realized Wafaa Bilal
reports have just released, both of around 8 percent thanks to iAd. both score high, but strangely,
them offering up some interesting comScore has also released a nowhere on the list is there Head-Implanted Camera
news for Apple in the world of mobile trends report, sitting Apple information that anyone, you (VIDEO)
mobile phone OS users. First up, behind RIM in the top smartphone know, actually uses their phones (TREND HUNTER - The Latest
IDC's report sends Google's subscribers. The difference here is to call people. Maybe that's just Trends)
Android OS to a whopping 59 that comScore's looking at assumed?
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:07:02 PM
percent share, up from 48.6 subscribers, not users, and RIM's Mobile share reports put Android
percent last year. Apple, IDC large enterprise base allows it in first for ads, RIM with most DropDAV Lets You ( The Iraqi
says, will likely finish with less some leeway here. RIM has 36 subscribers originally appeared on
than 10 percent of the total percent of the market compared to TUAW on Mon, 06 Dec 2010
Access Your Dropbox performance artist and assistant
professor of photography at NYU
market. That's not necessarily bad Apple's 25 percent, though in just 14:45:00 EST. Please see our via WebDAV [Dropbox] has gone through with the
news -- Apple is one company, the past few months, RIM has terms for use of feeds. Adam Dachis (Lifehacker) promised procedure -- behold the
and Google's Android phone fallen over three points. Source| Permalink| Email this| Wafaa Bilal Head-Implanted
Submitted at 12/6/2010 12:00:00 PM
comes in a variety of flavors from There's also some information Comments Camera. Surgically embedded
different manufacturers. IDC also about how people are using their DropDAV provides access to into his skull,...
says the mobile ad market has smartphones, and the number one your Dropbox over WebDAV,
reached US$368 million, double usage, according to comScore, is making it easy to access your
what it was last year, and may text messaging, with 68 percent of Dropbox files without the need to
double again next year to almost mobile subscribers texting. sync them. More »
$2 billion. That's a big pizza pie, Browsing on the phone, and Regal Rustic Jewelry -
Bold Creations by Kinney
MoPub, The DoubleClick For Mobile, Gets Seed Perry with Mystifying
Stones (VIDEO)
Funding From Accel & Harrison Metal (TREND HUNTER - The Latest
MG Siegler (TechCrunch) MoPub, a service which can most out of AngelPad, a new startup
Submitted at 12/6/2010 12:53:14 PM e asily be thought of as incubator (also with deep Google Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:30:01 PM

“DoubleClick for mobile”, has ties).

It’s no secret that everyone just received a seed round of MoPub’s bigger picture plan is to ( Kinney Perry
believes the mobile advertising funding from Accel Partners and c o n n e c t i o n s a r e d e e p h e r e . perfect mobile targeting of ads designs explore the very edge of
space is going to be huge. Harrison Metal Capital. The ad- Everyone on the MoPub team is while also creating a system that beauty and style. These daring
Massively, massively huge. If you serving platform for mobile apps either ex-AdMob or ex-Google. is seamless for everyone to set up designs boast beautiful stones and
need any proof of this, just look to and websites is an obvious bet as And since Google bought AdMob and use. They’re already working bold accents exposing uniqueness
Android. That’s essentially the both Rich Wong of Accel and a little over a year ago for with mobile companies like in each piece. Most Kinney Perry
entire reason it exists. In fact, it Michael Dearing of Harrison upwards for $750 million, that Booyah. They also have an open creations are exclusive...
could be a $3 billion business by Metal have been heavily involved means they’re technically all ex- s o u r c e S D K t o g e t M o P u b
2014, MoPub CEO Jim Payne i n t h e m o b i l e s p a c e , w i t h Google. running on your app in minutes.
believes. Not surprisingly, the c o m p a n i e s l i k e G e t J a r a n d We first wrote about MoPub Financial terms of the round we
investors are right there with him A d M o b . here, when they were one of the not disclosed.
in that belief. Speaking of AdMob, the initial launch companies to come
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 19

HP’s webOS 2.0 On-Screen Keyboard iPads headed into

Gets Shown Off in Video operating rooms along
Evan Selleck (SlashGear)
Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:40:22 PM with surgeons several portions of the latest
version of webOS 2.0, before they
did a few tweaks, and then David Quilty (TUAW)
When webOS launched, there restarted the system. When
was some grumbling that the everything came back online, they Submitted at 12/6/2010 4:00:00 PM

device, when it came to the Palm simply had to input

Pre (and subsequently released, While some hospitals are eying
“Opt+Sym+K,” and they had an
Palm Pre Plus), focused too much the iPad as a way of going
on-screen keyboard displayed for
on the portrait-slider hardware paperless with patient records,
them, ready to use.
keyboard. The absence of an Georgetown University is already
Unfortunately, it doesn’t look
official on-screen keyboard left putting them directly in the
like the software keyboard is
some people wanting more. And operating room and into the hands
ready for the limelight quite yet.
while there were “options” of its surgeons. Offering real-time
The whole thing is still a bit
available for those who wanted to access to records and images of
buggy, and there doesn’t seem to
travel down some particular patients while inside the operating
be any optimization for the
roads, Palm seems to want to keep room, iPads have become"as
keyboard. However, it’s obvious
focusing on the hardware essential as a scalpel" for
that Palm and HP feel that a
keyboards. That should surprise surgeons while eliminating
software keyboard is necessary in
no one, considering Palm’s device guesswork for those taking care of
webOS Internals, they’ve found one way or another. With that in
legacy. But, it looks like webOS multiple patients each day. more popular outside of medical
the software keyboard that had mind, we can probably start
2.0, which launched with the "The iPad clearly has the potential facilities. I have read a lot about
originally only been hinted at counting down the days until a
release of the Palm Pre 2, features to be very useful in the hospital how their use should bring down
back when webOS 2.0 code was slate-style webOS 2.0-based
a software keyboard, even if it is and in the operating theater," says medical costs for patients. More
just beginning to be sifted device makes an appearance.
far from perfect. Dr. Felasfa Wodajo in the January and more hospitals are realizing
through. They rummaged through [ via]
Thanks to the fine folks at 2011 issue of the Journal of just how powerful a tool like the
Surgical Radiology. "The same iPad can be.
features which make the iPad [via American Consumer News]
Recycled Robot Sculptures - great for surfing the web, such as
looking at images and viewing
iPads headed into operating
rooms along with surgeons
Motorcycle Man Sculpture is Made out video, nicely translate into the
operating room."
We have written about iPads
originally appeared on TUAW on
Mon, 06 Dec 2010 16:00:00 EST.
Please see our terms for use of
of Recycled Bike Parts (GALLERY) showing up in Chicago-area
hospitals and being offered to
Source| Permalink| Email this|
(TREND HUNTER - The Latest original digital sketch created by hospitals as a campaign promise Comments
Trends) illustrator and graphic design in Australia, so I think we can
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:46:04 PM artist Simon Roberts, the... safely assume that this trend will
only increase as they become
( The life-sized amazing recycled art installation
' Motorcycle Man Sculpture' is an by 'Robosteel.' Based on the
20 Technology/ Economy/ Politics-Left/ E-reader News Edition

Here's That Terrifying Housing Report

That Prompted Nouriel Roubini's
Huge Estimate For Future Losses
Joe Weisenthal (Money Game) with LTV 100 will eventually
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:09:00 PM liquidate—we conservatively
conclude that 11.57 million
Since it's a quiet afternoon, why borrowers are in danger of losing
don't you take a few minutes to his/her home. That is about 1 out
read Amherst Securitie s report: o f e v e r y 5 b o r r o w e r s ; a n
The Housing Crisis—Sizing the impossible number, and one that
Problem, Proposing Solutions. is politically unfeasible.
It's the report that inspired Moreover, if the resolution of the
Roubini to come up with his currently delinquent loans is not
estimate for $1 trillion worth of handled well, home prices will
further housing-related losses for drop further thus reinforcing the
the banks. cycle. The death spiral of lower
Basically the report arrives at a home prices, more borrowers
number of 11.5 homeowners in underwater, higher transition
trouble by slicing the market up rates, more distressed sales and
into non-performing loans, re- lower home prices must be
performing loans, and performing arrested. There are few issues we
l o a n s , a n d c a l c u l a t e d w h a t can imagine that should be of
Custom iPhone 4 Features Diamonds percentage of each will probably h i g h e r p r i o r i t y t o m a r k e t
go bad. participants and policy makers.
Let’s use this information to try Here's the full report
and T-Rex Tooth, Costs $62,700 to quantify the extent of the Amherst Mortgage Insight: The
housing crisis. If we assume Housing Crisis - Sizing the
Evan Selleck (SlashGear) you’re ready to drop a small meteor pieces. And, a T-Rex that—95% of the non-performing Problem, Proposing Solutions
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:32:30 PM fortune on it. tooth. loans, 70% of re-performing 10012010
So, what’s so special about the There’s only 10 of these bad boys loans, 50% of always performing Join the conversation about this
Outlandish iPhone cases have HISTORY Edition iPhone 4 from made in the world, which loans with LTVs>120, 25% of the story »
been around for as long as anyone S t u a r t H u g h e s ? W e l l , t h i s obviously hikes up the price even 100-120 bucket and 5% of loans
can remember. At least, as long as particular iPhone 4 features 8.5ct more. Not that it wasn’t already
iPhones have been around. And internally flawless diamonds that ridiculous. As the title suggests, Ruining the Punchline
while some of them may actually are put around the entire bezel of you’ll have to have $62,700 lying Franklin Foer (The New
be worth the cost of buying it, the device. The diamonds also himself as a thinking person, a
around, ready to go, if you want Republic - All Feed)
there are others that, despite the cover up the Apple logo on the supremely serious and
to make one of these 10 iPhone 4
“features” thrown in, the price tag back of the handset. But that’s not theologically liberal journal of
HISTORY Editions yours. Or, Submitted at 12/6/2010 10:16:57 AM
causes more cardiac arrests than all. You won’t find the regular opinion. In the rush to solve the
you could just go for the$20,000
For many years, The New technical problems of the era who
wallet reaching. This new design iPhone 4s rear panel installed on diamond-covered iPhone 4.
Republic was a distinctly un- had time for frivolous ornaments
from Stuart Hughes is called the this device. No, instead, you’ll [ via UberGizmo]
funny magazine. Or rather, it was like laughs? Or as the great wit
HISTORY Edition, and there’s realize with a simple touch that
a guide to the world for the sort of Phil Ochs famously skewered us
plenty of history going on here — the back of the smartphone has
thinking person that describes in song,
and you can make it all yours, if been given a finish made from
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Economy/ 21

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Is Going To Announce A
Fiscal State Of
Emergency In California
Joe Weisenthal (Money Game)
Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:10:00 PM

He's just a lame duck, but that

doesn't mean his state isn't facing
an imminent fiscal crisis.
So Arnold is forced to act.
LA Times:
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is
scheduled to welcome the new
Legislature on Monday by
declaring a fiscal emergency and

eJOUX Concept Design Shows Electronic Jewelry is ordering it into a special session.
The new crop of lawmakers is
scheduled to be sworn in at noon
the Way of the Future Monday, and Schwarzenegger
has called a 1 p.m. news
Evan Selleck (SlashGear) where the owner is able to put sure that your normal bracelet is incorporate that of a normal conference to lay out his plans to
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:07:37 PM anything they want on there, from brought into the future. Thanks to bracelet or necklace, and just close a gap of almost $6 billion in
moving images, to information a Bluetooth device, users will be implant some flexible display the current fiscal year, which
Slapping electronic things on about who’s calling you. That’s able to upload images, dynamic technology into it. The result ends June 30.
every day items, especially what the eJOUX electronic wallpaper-like panoramic shots, would be a bracelet that feels like Read the whole thing >
electronic things that move or jewelry concept design is all or even allow the bracelet (or your regular old bracelet, but now (Via Mike Riggs)
offer shiny lights, seems to be the about. necklace) display what band has a feature- and color-rich Join the conversation about this
way the future wants to embrace The pieces of jewelry are you’re listening to, and which flexible display on it. story »
those every day items, and there’s designed to fit around your wrist track. [ via Yanko Design]
n o t h i n g w r o n g w i t h t h a t . or neck, based on whether or not There are other uses, too,
Especially when it comes to every you prefer a bracelet or necklace. including providing caller ID
day items like jewelry, and it gets The concept, which was designed information, or text messages.
outfitted with a flexible display, by Biju Neyyan, is meant to make The design is meant to
22 Economy/ E-reader News Edition

Multiple Simultaneous Games of "Chicken"; Price Controls on

Walmart; China Declares Shift to "Prudent" Monetary Policy (Michael To fill in the details however, we investment spending even while
Shedlock) (Mish's Global need to start from the top with a taking tightening steps to control
Economic Trend Analysis) look at China's overheating inflation.
Submitted at 12/6/2010 12:34:00 AM manufacturing sector. "It means that all sorts of
China's is overheating. Consumer Chinese Manufacturing Growth monetary policy tools to control
prices in aggregate rose at an Accelerates liquidity and to control inflation
a n n u a l r a t e o f 4 . 4 % a s o f To date, interest rate hikes have can now be used," said Ken Peng,
October. Food prices are up 10.1 not yet have any effects on an economist with Citigroup in
percent according to China industrial output. China's latest Beijing.
Financial Daily. PMI survey shows Manufacturing "In the past we've been clearly
Moreover, accelerating inflation Growth Accelerates focusing on administrative
is hurting profit margins in China’s manufacturing grew at a measures. Going forward we
China's service sector. China's faster pace for a fourth straight could be using more price
non-manufacturing PMI fell to a month in November, indicating adjustments via interest rates," he
nine-month low in November, the economy can withstand higher said, adding that he expected five
with new orders in consumer interest rates as price pressures rate increases by the end of next
s e r v i c e i n d u s t r i e s s h o w i n g escalate. year.
outright contraction. The Purchasing Managers’ Index China’s non-manufacturing non-manufacturing new-order China Places Price Controls on
In response to these inflationary rose to 55.2 from 54.7 in October, purchasing managers’ index fell index fell to 50.1 last month from Wal-Mart
price pressures, China declared a China’s logistics federation said to a nine-month low in November 56.3 in October, and new orders Would five rate hikes by the end
shift to a " prudent monetary on its website today. as accelerating inflation eroded in consumer service industries of 2011 be enough? Since the
policy", including price controls Cement prices have climbed to a service companies’ margins. indicated a contraction, with a answer is unknown, prudence
at Walmart. record, the state-run China Daily The index dropped to 53.2 from reading of 47, today’s data show. would dictate for China to start
This begs the question: Since reported today. Consumer prices 60.5 in October, according to a Shift to "Prudent" Monetary hiking now in order to slow
when do price controls constitute may have climbed 4.8 percent in statement today by the Beijing- Policy rampant credit expansion.
" prudent policy"? Price controls November after October’s 4.4 based National Bureau of In response to the huge yet likely Instead, Wal-Mart Among
have never worked in history and percent gain, which was the Statistics and the Federation of understated price inflation, China Companies Facing China Price
this time will be no different. biggest in 25 months, according to Logistics and Purchasing. A d e c l a r e s s h i f t t o " p r u d e n t " Controls.
This is a pretty long post, but China International Capital Corp. reading above 50 indicates an monetary policy The southwestern Chinese city of
please stay tuned until the end for Spot prices of power-station coal expansion. A separate service China will switch to a prudent Kunming, where Wal-Mart Stores
a n a n a l y s i s o f M u l t i p l e at Qinhuangdao port, a Chinese PMI released by HSBC Holdings m o n e t a r y p o l i c y f r o m a Inc. and Carrefour SA have
S i m u l t a n e o u s G a m e s o f benchmark, rose to a two-year Plc fell to 53.1, a near two-year moderately loose stance, the o p e r a t i o n s , h a s i m p o s e d
"Chicken". high this week. The Irish Times low. Communist Party's top leaders temporary price ceilings on daily
Topics include a comparison of reports the biggest increase in “Inflationary pressure has started decided on Friday, a change that necessities to counter inflation.
monetary and credit growth in the China's PMI came in the sub- to show a negative impact on could pave the way for more Kunming’s government asked
US vs China, a look at the index for input prices, which service expansion,” the logistics interest rate increases and lending five retailers -- three non-
problems in Japan, a detailed look climbed to 73.5 from 69.9 a federation said in today’s controls. Chinese, one Chinese and one
at various games of "chicken" month earlier. statement. At the same time, the Politburo based in Hong Kong -- to report
central banks play with each Service Sector Contraction The non-manufacturing measure elected to maintain China's any price adjustments and give
other, and a detailed look at Unable to pass on price hikes, encompasses business and p r o a c t i v e f i s c a l p o l i c y , a n reasons for the changes two days
various games of chicken that China’s Services Industry Slows consumer services as well as indication that the government MULTIPLE page 23
speculators play with the market. as Inflation Erodes Margins. construction and real estate. The wants to continue to ramp up
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continued from page 22

in advance of making any China is playing. Money supply FASB has suspended rule changes bill holders can acquire cash since dropped 4.7. The price-to-
alterations, the National and credit are soaring in China and the Fed and FDIC purposely before its maturity date at lower rent ratio in China’s eastern cities
Development and Reform and along with that explosion of looks the other way on rate. It could be a channel for has risen by over 200pc since
Commission’s local branch said credit is rampant inflation. horrendous bank balance sheets companies to get capital while 2004".
on its website yesterday. Economics Junkie has a nice set for as long as they can. bypassing the loan quota. Citing Fitch, The Telegraph
Besides the five companies, other of charts comparing Money We do know the official problem Banks held more than 2.5 trillion reports "private credit in China
food, cooking-oil and beverage Supply in the US vs. China. bank list according to the 3rd yuan (US$375 billion) in credit has grown to 148pc of GDP,
producers are requested to apply M1 in China Quarter 2010 Quarterly Banking not reflected in their balance compared to a median of 41pc for
for government approval 10 M1 (China) vs TMS1 (US) Profile rose from 829 to 860. The sheets in wealth management emerging markets."
working days before making price Domestic Credit Contraction in unofficial total is 919. products at the end of November. Yes Virginia, there is rampant
changes, the statement said. US The problem banks total would "Adjusting for these factors, the inflation, in China, not the US.
The city government also According to the Fed Z1 Flow of be higher yet judging from Texas amount of new credit extended A Bit About Hyperinflation
imposed temporary price ceilings Funds Report US domestic Ratios. Meanwhile, in China .... through the end of the third Several misguided writers cite
on daily necessities in major parts nonfinancial credit has been in Credit Up by 9.3 Trillion Yuan quarter was on par with the 9.3 rising commodity prices and
of the city starting from yesterday contraction for 9 consecutive Please consider Fitch says slower trillion yuan extended in the same money supply growth in the US
to the end of February, according quarters, while domestic financial credit rise premature period a year ago," Chu said. and warn of hyperinflation in the
to the statement. Prices of grain, credit has been in contraction for China's credit growth this year "Credit conditions remain loose, US by the end of 2011 or early
cooking oil, meat, eggs, milk and 6 consecutive quarters. has not slowed materially from which explains why inflation and 2012.
noodles are to be kept at levels This means one or more of the the rapid pace in 2009 despite property prices stay stubbornly They ignore the fact that inflation
before Nov. 17, the statement following conditions are true, headline data pointing to a high." China's Credit Expansion is in China is the primary driver for
said. most likely all of them. slowdown, Fitch Ratings said in a 28% of GDP commodity price hikes; they
The city limited retail prices of report yesterday. US GDP is close to $15 trillion. ignore currency debasement the
vegetables, depending on type, to • US banks are reluctant to lend The rating agency said that This year's borrowing, including world over; they ignore extremely
40 percent to 100 percent higher • US businesses and consumers Chinese banks have been off- government deficit spending is important trends in consumer
than wholesale prices, the are reluctant to borrow loading trillions of yuan in loans roughly $1.7 trillion, or 11% of credit and bank lending; and they
statement said. Price Controls • Banks are capital impaired and this year by artificially reducing GDP. Money supply growth is especially ignore consumer and
Never Work do not want to lend their holdings of discounted bills 5%. business attitudes regarding debt
Not once in history have price • Chargeoffs exceed new loans and by re-packaging the loans into In contrast, China's GDP is about and credit.
controls ever accomplished investment products for sale to $5 trillion with annual credit That's one hell of a lot of things
anything good, unless you Total debt is up 4.8% but only investors. growth of 9.3 trillion Yuan to ignore.
consider shortages a good thing. because of massive government The report came on the same day (about $1.4 trillion), a whopping Bear in mind that hyperinflation
Expect shortages and black spending (much of it completely that China said it would change to 28% of GDP. China's money is a complete loss of faith in
market pricing if the service wasted on futile stimulus a "prudent" monetary policy in supply growth has been over 20%, currency. Political, not monetary
sector and grocery stores cannot measures). 2011 from a "relatively easing" most of the time since 2007. events kick off hyperinflation.
pass on input price increase. Moreover, the mark-to-market stance. Credit Bubble on Borrowed Time Given that the US is one of the
The market's response last Friday valuation of debt sitting on the According to the report, the The Royal Bank of Scotland says most politically stable countries
was swift and severe as noted by balance sheets of banks is likely balance of Chinese banks' China's Credit Bubble on in the world, with large gold
the following commodity charts. an absolute disaster. What cannot discounted bills was understated Borrowed Time, Warns of reserves, with the world's
Grains be paid back won't, and real estate by as much as 1.65 trillion yuan Sovereign Default by China strongest military, and with an
Metals loans are still extremely (US$250 billion) at end of the According to The increasingly conservative
Crude problematic. third quarter. Telegraph"Property prices are 22 Congress, the idea that
Chicken Unfortunately, we don't have an A discounted bill is an accepted times disposable income in hyperinflation will hit the US
It's not chicken prices that are accurate assessment of just how draft against which a loan is made Beijing, and 18 times in Shenzen, anytime soon is preposterous.
important but rather the very bad things are from a mark-to- and the interest is deducted compared to eight in Tokyo. The MULTIPLE page 24
dangerous game of chicken that market perspective because the immediately. Through the action, US bubble peaked at 6.4 and has
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continued from page 23

Multiple Simultaneous Games of Portugal that cannot possibly be in for one nasty spill. demographics and a rapidly aging Japanese Yen or Euro crash seems
Chicken paid back. Canada has its own property population, Japan will soon have far more likely.
As noted above, China plays Instead of admitting the above, bubble to reckon with, much the to draw down on its "savings", all However, the ultimate currency
chicken with commodity prices, Trichet pulled out the "unlimited same as Australia. Indeed, most of which went into treasury bonds irony pertains to the Yuan,
credit expansion, and price cash" bazooka. The problem with Canadian and Australian housing at 1%, all of it already spent, and especially with Bernanke and
controls. That is not the only offering unlimited cash is that it is proponents are in their own 200% more, in various Congress pleading for China to
game of chicken. a high-interest loan that leaves the Fantasyland bubble chanting "It nonsensical deflation-fighting allow the Yuan to strengthen.
Internationally, there are multiple debt intact and puts a huge can't happen here." efforts. Here is the reason: Hot money is
simultaneous games of chicken. interest-rate penalty on top of it. It will. The problem for Japan is interest flowing into China in speculation
For example, Bernanke plays Ireland cannot possibly pay back Chicken Japanese-Style on the national debt will consume of rising interest rates, 10%
chicken with China via a QE its debt even at 0% interest. Yet In one of the biggest games of all revenues if Japan's long-term perpetual growth, and a rising
policy hoping to force China to the EU and IMF expect Ireland to chicken the world has ever seen, interest rates rise to a mere 3%. value of the Yuan.
jack up its interest rate, something come up with interest at 5.8%, on Japan is hell-bent on defeating Yet, demographics show higher Few bother to think ahead as to
China does not want to do. a huge loan, when its budget deflation. The result is staggering. interest rates are nearly what happens when that hot-
Bernanke plays a second game of deficit is 30% of GDP, and its Japanese government debt is guaranteed unless Japan decides money flow reverses or what
chicken with Congress, treading economy is in contraction. 200% of GDP and growing, but to default. happens if China cannot expand at
on fiscal policy while demanding Mathematically this Ponzi scheme inflation is nowhere to be found. The interesting thing about the expected rate of growth for
Congress not comment on cannot possibly work. Why is there no inflation in default is that countries frequently any reason. The kicker is that
monetary policy. Australian and Canadian Chicken Japan? Because like the US, and default on external debt but China cannot possibly grow at
Bernanke plays a third game of The Reserve Bank of Australia unlike China, there is little to no seldom default on debt owed to its 10% perpetually and peak-oil is
chicken attempting to spur played its own games of chicken, credit expansion in Japan. own citizens. Nearly all of Japan's the reason.
inflation in the US while letting property bubbles get sky This shows the importance of debt is internal. Will Japan default Peak-oil stares China-bulls
simultaneously holding down high in order to prevent a credit expansion as opposed to on that debt or will Japan attempt straight in the face, but they are
long-term interest rates. Can that recession in 2008. Now, in spite monetary expansion alone. Nearly to print its way out? too blind to see it.
possibly work? For how long? At of still rising commodity prices, everyone gets this wrong in spite Should Japan try printing instead Crude Chicken
what cost? Australia is on the brink of of overwhelming evidence that of defaulting, it faces a currency Crude prices are soaring higher
Bernanke Plays Chicken with the recession, with 3rd quarter GDP rampant credit growth is the crash. If taken to extreme and higher, not only because of
Bond Market falling to .2%. driver for inflation. measures, Japan could peak-oil but also because of the
Trichet Plays Chicken with the Those plowing into Australian Actually, to be far more accurate, conceivably see a complete loss game of chicken Bernanke plays
Euro dollars in belief it is a safe haven net expansion of credit is of faith in the Yen with QE and the game of chicken
Trichet and the EU are in various just may have another thing inflation, not a driver of inflation. (hyperinflation). At this juncture, China plays with interest rates. In
games of chicken regarding the on coming when the Reserve Bank is To understand the paramount hyperinflation is far more likely in response, shipping and
-again-off-again strategy of forced to cut rates to combat a importance of credit, please see: Japan than the US. manufacturing costs rise, China
buying sovereign bonds while recession it refused to allow the The critical question for Japan is overheats, and a price squeeze
offering "unlimited cash" to fight last go around. • "Straight Talk" with Economic "How long can this imbalance mounts on businesses unable to
the alleged attack on the Euro Australia is finally poised to Bloggers continue before it blows up in one pass along all the input price
(See ECB Offers "Unlimited crash with massively rising • Are we "Trending Towards direction or the other?" hikes.
Cash" for 3 Months at 1%, Buys housing inventory and multiple Deflation" or in It? Interestingly, Japan may blowup Meanwhile, China-bulls (nearly
Government Bonds to Fight Acute failed property auctions. The • Is Debt-Deflation Just both ways, first in one direction everyone) cheer that which is
Tensions; Ireland, Take the Australian economy will be in Beginning? then the other, so the order and unsustainable, and China itself
Money and Buy Gold) shambles when housing collapses. timing of bets is important. thinks it can control prices with
The only thing that can save Imagine what happens when In spite of ever-expanding Yuan Chicken price-controls. As icing on the
Europe is if senior bond holders China slows and commodity national debt, Japan's long-term Interestingly, myopic, dollar- speculative cake, hedge funds,
take a haircut on debt owed by prices sink as well. The interest rates are the lowest in the centric eyes remain focused on a MULTIPLE page 26
Greece, Ireland, Spain, and Australian stock market could be world. Yet, because of US currency crash even though a
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San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders' "Radical Idea" to Cut Costs; Is

Sanders a Hero or a Liar? (Michael lower benefits might hurt didn't pass. Doomsday was upon The election results — The article notes the following
Shedlock) (Mish's Global recruiting, he said. That's Radical? us. Proposition D was rejected by 62 donations.
Economic Trend Analysis) The deeper in that article you [See article for list of cuts Sanders percent of voters — continue a
Submitted at 12/6/2010 11:15:00 AM read, the less radical it gets. You said he would have to make] pattern of labor unions losing city • City Firefighters Union -
Jerry Sanders, the mayor of San want radical? Start talking [Proposition D Went down in ballot initiatives over the past $153,800
Diego claims to have a "radical" bankruptcy. While I commend flames 62% to 38%] decade, a period in which public • San Diego Imperial Counties
ideas to reduce city expenditures. elimination of public pension Today the mayor sends out a anger over guaranteed pensions Labor Council - $50,600
Inquiring minds have a couple of plans, it is beyond absurd to use press release (included below) for public workers has reached a • City Police Union - $52,000
questions. The first question is: the term "radical" for any plan cheerily announcing numerous crescendo. • Municipal Employees
Just how radical is the plan? The that exempts police and solutions to close the budget Sales tax supporters, including Association - $50,000
second question is: Just how big firefighters. deficit -- and NO MENTION OF Mayor Jerry Sanders, say the • AFSCME - $28,2000
of a liar is Jerry Sanders? Moreover, the excuse "lower PUBLIC SAFETY PERSONNEL results are more a reflection of the
Let's start the discussion with a benefits might hurt recruiting" is CUTS, or indeed of any of the public’s anti-tax mood in the I have a problem with taxpayer
look at Pension-Squeezed Cities pathetic. In fact, it's a blatant lie threatened cuts. Somehow the middle of a rough economy than dollars going to public unions
May Turn to San Diego’s proving Sanders is beholden to deadly unsolvable city budget an indication that labor’s who are supposed to be public
‘Radical Idea’ Cities from New public unions. deficit of three weeks ago is quite influence at City Hall is wilting. servants, using my tax dollars to
York to San Jose, California, Lies Don't Stop There solvable after all! “I don’t think it shows labor’s campaign for still higher tax
facing almost $400 billion in It would be bad enough if the lies There is no delicate way to say weak,” Sanders said. “Going out dollars.
unfunded pension liabilities, will stopped there. But they don't. this -- given the short time frame for a tax increase at any time is Someone needs to stop this
be watching what San Diego Please consider SD Mayor Lied to come up with these solutions, it difficult and going out right now insanity. I propose not only to
Mayor Jerry Sanders calls his About Critical Need for Prop D is quite clear that Mayor Jerry is especially difficult. ... This was eliminate collective bargaining
“radical idea” to cut costs. Sales Tax Sanders knowingly lied to the kind of a lightning rod ballot but to outlaw public unions
After voters in the eighth most- 11/19/10 public to frighten voters into initiative.” altogether on the grounds no one
populous U.S. city rejected a half- Was Mayor Sanders Lying About supporting higher taxes. Proposition D opponents, watches out for the public interest.
cent sales tax increase to balance Critical Need for Prop D Sales Not that the Sanders solutions including Councilman Carl If you want to talk "radical",
the budget Nov. 2, Sanders is Tax? Short answer -- HELL YES! will solve the problem. His DeMaio, say voters are wising up that's radical.
pushing to eliminate pension It was just three weeks ago that reforms are too tepid, and don't after years of city leaders giving Sanders Claims to be a
plans for new city employees, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders deal with the dramatically away generous pension benefits to Republican
offering 401(k)-like savings was running carefully growing deficit problem. Carl union workers. DeMaio said San In calling for increased sales
accounts instead. orchestrated "town hall meetings" DeMaio's comprehensive plan Diegans are willing to pay higher taxes to bail out public unions,
“We’re all going to have to get around the city -- threatening offers much better, more taxes but only after the city fixes Mayor Sanders proves he is in
realistic,” Sanders, a 60-year-old citizens with death and fundamental reforms. its beleaguered pension system. bed with the police and fire
Republican, said in a telephone destruction if we did not approve It's clear that Mayor Sanders Proposition D supporters spent unions. Sanders is not only a liar,
interview. “The private sector Prop D -- the city sales tax knew all along that the life- more than $500,000, with most of but the wimpiest Republican on
went through this. Government increase. Fortunately in an epic threatening service cuts (and the money coming from city the face of the earth, a total
will have to relook at how we do battel, the measure lost by an resulting deaths) were cynical employee unions. Opponents disgrace to the Republican party.
stuff as well.” awesome 62%-38% marign. fabrications. Why does anyone spent more than $320,000 with City Councilmember Carl
Sanders’s defined-contribution The frowny faced police chief still respect this man? Who significant contributions from DeMaio's Plan
plan would apply to civilian and fire chief each dutifully stood Backed Proposition D restaurants, car dealers, Those looking for genuine reform
employees in the city of 1.3 before audiences and announced Let's dig a little deeper with a developers and the Lincoln Club, can amazingly enough find it right
million. Police and firefighters inevitable dramatic personnel and look at Who funded the pro and a pro-business group. Donations SAN page 28
would not be eligible, because service cutbacks if the sales tax con Proposition D campaigns? for Prop D
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continued from page 24

pension plans, and other Every country including the US China, to Australia and Canada, to scenarios are possible. When this
speculators continually rollover wants to export its way out of this hedge funds and investors, to complicated mess does blowup
ever-increasing numbers of mess. It's mathematically currency and carry-trade (and it will), all the "sure thing"
futures and other derivatives impossible. It's also speculators, very few understand traders on the wrong side of a bet
which increases the risk for mathematically impossible for the inevitable end-result of will realize too late, that they
everyone. Europe to grow its way out of its chicken. played one game of chicken too
All things considered, it seems problem with the tactics taken by It's called a crash. many.
likely that such speculation, in Trichet and the EU. We are in a currency endgame Mike "Mish" Shedlock
conjunction with China finally It's mathematically impossible for that no one on this planet can be h t t p : / / How to Lie and Tell the
hiking interest rates enough to the US to cut its budget deficit, sure how or when it ends, or who globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.
matter, will cause a second crash be the world's policeman, and not blows up first. I highly doubt the com Truth Without Being an
in commodity prices (including reduce entitlement spending. It's US is first, and certainly none of Click Here To Scroll Thru My Asshole [Honesty]
crude) before peak-oil finally impossible to grow our way out of the above suggests US Recent Post List Mike Adam Dachis (Lifehacker)
takes its toll. pension problems. hyperinflation. Nonetheless, the "Mish" Shedlock is a registered
Submitted at 12/6/2010 11:00:00 AM
Investing Chicken It's mathematically impossible for order in which things blowup is investment advisor representative
Bernanke and China together tariffs to solve our problems, yet very important, depending on for SitkaPacific Capital There are many instances in life
have acted in a manner that puts Congress plays chicken with which side of each trade you are Management. Sitka Pacific is an when we feel we have to lie,
huge price pressures on the China on that score every month. on. asset management firm whose because "yes, you look fat in
service sector, especially small Bernanke and Geithner have If that was not bad enough, the goal is strong performance and those pants" doesn't win you any
businesses that cannot pass on recently joined Congress in that odds of a multiple simultaneous low volatility, regardless of favor. Here's how to find the
prices. This will end, and it will game of chicken. crash (or rapid series of crashes) market direction. Visit http:// perfect harmony between
not be pretty when it does end. Collective Chicken is high and growing as central kindness and the brutal truth.
Yet, hedge funds, pension plans, I hope you now see how bankers pull out ever-increasing, account_management.html to More »
and other investors plow into interrelated and complicated this counter-productive, and clearly learn more about wealth
commodities, currencies, and mess is, complete with destabilizing bazooka-stops, management and capital
emerging market equities as if simultaneous central-bank hoping-against-hope to keep a lid preservation strategies of Sitka
growth in China, Asia, and competitive currency devaluation on things. Pacific.
Australia and their currencies is a tactics in Japan, China, and the Is it any wonder the price of gold
"sure-thing". US, with no possible currency keeps soaring?
Getting out in time is the key to tactics in Ireland, Greece, In the meantime, various
success of hedge-fund and Portugal, and Spain (countries pressures mount. At some point
investing chicken, yet many do that arguably need currency the global pressure cooker will
not even understand the nature of tactics)! blow sky high. I suspect the
the game they are playing. Chicken End-Game Eurozone or Japan will be the first
Chicken-Math From Bernanke to Trichet, to of the big boys, but any number of

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(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) vs Wild Videos Learn more with • Deconstructed Videos Full-Text RSS service — if this is Five Filters featured article:
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Reese Sits Pretty Talking
Royal Bank of Scotland Says China's Credit Bubble "Very, Very Handsome"
Robert Pattinson and
on Borrowed Time, Warns of Sovereign Default by "Sweet" Kristen Stewart
Molly Goodson (PopSugar)
China Submitted at 12/6/2010 11:30:00 AM (Michael Asia. credit has grown to 148pc of I will have more on China, Japan, Reese Witherspoon, who is one
Shedlock) (Mish's Global Diana Choyleva from Lombard GDP, compared to a median of and Europe in a much longer post
Economic Trend Analysis) of our favorite female stars of
Street Research said the money 41pc for emerging markets. It said coming up shortly. The post will 2010, posed for photos during
Submitted at 12/5/2010 10:32:00 PM supply rose at a 40pc rate in 2009 the true scale of loans to local compare monetary and credit yesterday's How Do You Know
Royal Bank of Scotland has and the first half of 2010 as governments and state entities has growth in the US vs China, with a junket in NYC. During the day's
advised clients to take out Beijing stoked an epic credit been disguised. detailed look at various games of press conference, Reese joined
protection against the risk of a boom to keep uber-growth alive, The result of such a hard landing "chicken" central banks play with her trio of male costars, Paul
sovereign default by China. but the costs of this policy now would be a 20pc fall in global each other as well as games of Rudd, Owen Wilson, and Jack
Although not predicting default, outweigh the benefits. commodity prices, a 100 basis chicken various speculators play Nicholson, to chat about their real
risk protection is one of its top The economy is entering the ugly point widening of spreads on with the market. -life blind date experiences, the
trade trades for 2011. quadrant of cycle – stagflation – emerging market debt, a 25pc fall Mike "Mish" Shedlock fun they had making the movie,
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has the where credit-pumping leaks into in Asian bourses, a fall in the h t t p : / / and the bad career advice they've
story in The Telegraph article speculation and price spirals, even growth in emerging Asia by 2.6 globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. received. Reese is out promoting
China's credit bubble on borrowed as growth slows. Citigroup’s percentage points, with a risk that com this project before its Dec. 17
time as inflation bites"Many see Minggao Shen said it now takes a toxic politics could make matters Click Here To Scroll Thru My release, but of course everyone
China’s monetary tightening as a rise of ¥1.84 in the M2 money much worse. Recent Post List Mike also wants to know what it was
pre-emptive tap on the brakes, a supply to generate just one yuan If there is a hard-landing in 2011, "Mish" Shedlock is a registered like to work with Robert Pattinson
warning shot across the proverbial of GDP growth, up from ¥1.30 China’s reserves of $2.6 trillion – investment advisor representative on Water For Elephants. She
economic bows. We see it as a earlier this decade. or over $3 trillion if counted fully for SitkaPacific Capital gushed about the hearthrob,
potentially more malevolent The froth is going into property. – will not help much. Professor Management. Sitka Pacific is an saying,"I'm not gonna lie. He's a
reactive day of reckoning," said Prices are 22 times disposable Michael Pettis from Beijing asset management firm whose very, very handsome man. The
Tim Ash, the bank’s emerging income in Beijing, and 18 times in University says the money cannot goal is strong performance and fervor and madness and girls
markets chief. Shenzen, compared to eight in be used internally in the economy. low volatility, regardless of waiting at 5 a.m. on a set in the
Officially, inflation was 4.4pc in Tokyo. The US bubble peaked at While this fund does offer China market direction. Visit http:// middle of nowhere just to see
October, and may reach 5pc in 6.4 and has since dropped 4.7. external protection, Mr Pettis him. He's sweet and loving and
November, but it is to hard find The price-to-rent ratio in China’s notes wryly that the only other account_management.html to has the nicest family. Kristen
anybody in China who believes it eastern cities has risen by over times in the last century when one learn more about wealth [Stewart] is really sweet, too. He's
is that low. Vegetables have risen 200pc since 2004 country accumulated reserves management and capital a very sensitive soul. He worked
20pc in a month. As it happens, Fitch Ratings has equal to 5pc to 6pc of global GDP preservation strategies of Sitka really hard. He looks great in the
RBS recommends credit default just done a study with Oxford was US in the 1920s, and Japan in Pacific. movie, too." Reese's 11-year-old
swaps on China’s five-year debt. Economics on what would happen the 1980s. We know how both daughter, Ava, got to meet Rob on
This is not a forecast that China if China does indeed slow to episodes ended. The Telegraph set, though Reese revealed she
will default. It is insurance against under 5pc next year, tantamount article is a very good read and herself is the Twilight fan in the
the "fat tail risk" of a hard to a recession for China. The risk inquiring minds will want to take family since she thinks her
landing, with ramifications across is clearly there. Fitch said private a closer look. daughter is still a bit too young
for the series.
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on a city Councilmember's home restructuring several significant I salute Councilmember Carl public unions and their untenable
page. Councilmember Carl liabilities facing the city. DeMaio and his Roadmap to pension plans.
DeMaio has a very nice website The centerpiece of DeMaio’s Recovery for San Diego. He Mike "Mish" Shedlock
appropriately named " Clean Up plan is a heavy dose of pension offers a genuine proposal, one that h t t p : / /
City Hall" reforms – including a freeze on may work. globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.
Please consider “pensionable pay,” creation of Other cities are in far too much com
DeMaio's“Roadmap to Recovery” several more affordable pension trouble for anything but Click Here To Scroll Thru My
Plan that Balances City’s Budget options, and requiring city bankruptcy to work. Recent Post List Mike
and Reforms Pension System. employees to share in increased It's possible San Diego is in a "Mish" Shedlock is a registered Weet is a Simple,
SAN DIEGO –City costs and investment risks in the state-of-no-return as well, but at investment advisor representative
Councilmember Carl DeMaio pension system. least DeMaio offers some genuine for SitkaPacific Capital
Elegant Twitter App for
today unveiled a comprehensive DeMaio noted that fixing the alternatives. Meanwhile, Jerry Management. Sitka Pacific is an Mac OS X [Mac OS X]
five-year financial recovery plan city’s financial problems will Sanders offers nothing but lies, asset management firm whose Adam Dachis (Lifehacker)
that balances the city’s budget and require several tough, but hoping to buy more votes from goal is strong performance and
Submitted at 12/6/2010 11:30:00 AM
restructures long-term city necessary adjustments in city the police and fire unions. low volatility, regardless of
finances to eliminate the city’s labor contracts. There are many If you live in San Diego, please market direction. Visit http:// Mac OS X: The popular iOS
structural budget deficit. elements to the plan. Please click support Carl DeMaio should he Twitter app Weet has made it's
“To fix the city’s financial on the preceding link and give it a ever decide to take on Sanders account_management.html to beta debut on Mac OS X, bringing
problems and safeguard our look. and run for mayor. His plan learn more about wealth its focused functionality and
neighborhood services, we must Click here for a nice Roadmap to shows he would be a capable management and capital elegant interface to the desktop.
embrace new approaches in city Recovery Slideshow. mayor, deserving of your vote. preservation strategies of Sitka Download it now. More »
government,” noted DeMaio. Note: If the document load with Email Sanders Pacific.
Titled the “Roadmap to the wrong orientation. Click once If you live in San Diego, please
Recovery,” DeMaio’s plan on the document then, click on forward this post to your friends
borrows some elements of the "Rotate Clockwise". and neighbors. You may also wish
bankruptcy process – with the If you wish to see still more t o E m a i l
imposition of a five year details please see the Full Copy of to let
mandatory spending caps, Roadmap to Recovery. That PDF him know just what you think.
reorganizing city operations, and is 89 pages. It's time for genuine reform for

Nouriel Roubini: Real Estate Is "For Sure" Double Dipping, And

Another $1 Trillion In Losses Is Coming (XHB)
Joe Weisenthal (Money Game) Dealbook that real estate is "for the 3-4 million mark he had Bill Ackman's bullish case on
Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:44:21 PM sure" double dipping now (a call previously assumed. housing >
that seems clearly supported by So how does Roubini arrive at Join the conversation about this
They don't call him Dr. Doom for the latest Case-Shiller data, the $1 trillion number? Figure 11 story »
nothing. among others). million homes, a $200,000
Nouriel Roubini is out with a call Roubini is particularly drawn to mortgage on each, and a 50%
for another $1 TRILLION ins this report (.pdf) from Amherst million homeowners remain recovery. Voila.
housing-related losses. He tells Securities that suggest another 11 underwater, which is well above For the flipside, click here for
E-reader News Edition Economy/ Culture/ 29

Texas Ratios of Banks and Credit Unions from 3rd

Quarter 2010 FDIC / NCUA Reports (Michael Data compiled by and thanks to h t t p : / /
Shedlock) (Mish's Global Ken at globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.
Economic Trend Analysis) Texas Ratio Definition The com
Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:42:00 PM Texas ratio is a measure of a Click Here To Scroll Thru My
This interactive Texas Ratio bank's credit troubles. Developed Recent Post List Mike "Mish"
display contains data for every by Gerard Cassidy and others at Shedlock is a registered The SF Fed Explains How
bank and credit union found in RBC Capital Markets, it is investment advisor representative We're Closer To Deflation
3rd quarter FDIC and NCUA calculated by dividing the value for SitkaPacific Capital
reports. This is a lot of data and it of the lender's non-performing
Than We've Been In
Management. Sitka Pacific is an
may take extra time to load. assets (Non performing loans + asset management firm whose Decades
Please be patient. It takes an extra Real Estate Owned) by the sum of goal is strong performance and Gus Lubin (Money Game)
3-5 seconds on my computer. its tangible common equity low volatility, regardless of Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:24:00 PM
Your results may vary. If you capital and loan loss reserves. market direction. Visit http://
have an inadequate memory, the In analyzing Texas banks during The dovish San Francisco Fed
d i s p l a y m a y b e s l o w o r the early 1980s recession, Cassidy account_management.html to has a new paper out to back-up
inoperable. noted that banks tended to fail learn more about wealth quantitative easing.
Q3 2010 Texas Ratios when this ratio reached 1:1, or the higher the risk of failure. management and capital The paper argues that price
Powered by Tableau 100%. He noted a similar pattern Ratios above 100% may be preservation strategies of Sitka inflation is lower than it seems
Thanks to Ellie Fields and Ross among New England banks Pacific.
Perez at Tableau Software for during the recession of the early FED page 30
Mike "Mish" Shedlock
help with the display. 1990s. The higher the Texas Ratio

Coach: iPhone App Helped Save B-Ball Player's Life

Brian X. Chen (Wired Top basketball team, said he had everywhere, such as the iPhone.
Stories) downloaded a $2 iPhone app See Also:
Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:11:00 PM Phone Aid last week to brush up Photo: Jim Merithew/
on CPR. Thanks to the app’s This entry passed through the
A high school coach claims that a r e f r e s h e r , h e w a s a b l e t o Full-Text RSS service — if this is
first-aid app on his iPhone helped successfully administer CPR to your content and you're reading it
him save a basketball player’s Jones to save his life, according to on someone else's site, please read
life. the Los Angeles Times. our FAQ page at
Can’t say we haven’t heard this “It was really fresh and clear in content-only/faq.php
story before. my brain,” he said. “We are Five Filters featured article:
Xavier Jones, 17-year-old trained in CPR, but the iPhone Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
b a s k e t b a l l p l a y e r a t V e r n e app was a stabilizer for us.” survive the Haiti earthquake in Incidents like these highlight the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Lutheran High School, stumbled This story is extremely similar to January. Woolley gave implications of having data Catastrophe.
when attempting to receive a pass, that of Dan Woolley, who used an a closer look at the seamlessly integrated into our
and his heart stopped beating. iPhone first-aid app to help him tech he used until a rescue team everyday lives through apps and
Eric Cooper, coach of the treat his wounds and ultimately dug him out of the rubble. versatile devices we carry
30 Culture/ Food/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 29

due to distortions in food and stance significantly reduced has been due to the volatile food
10 Tech Tools to Use
energy. An alternate measure that
weights consumer spending in all
inflation in 1982 and is
sometimes called the Volcker
and energy expenditure
categories. Core inflation is When Buying a House
categories (PCE) shows sustained deflation after then-Federal currently decelerating. (HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) fact, all these new options for
disinflation like we haven't seen Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker Likewise, while the energy- Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:00:56 PM home shopping can be a bit
in decades: (Blanchard 1984). By contrast, the distorted PCEPI shows deflation overwhelming. There are so many
While the current share of most recent recession was caused during the recession, PCE What was house hunting like in smart phone apps and Web sites
disinflationary expenditure by the bursting of the housing suggests that inflation has never the 1990s? Cruising for hours in waiting to be used, picking out the
categories is not unprecedented, bubble and the ensuing financial been lower than it is right now. search of colorful red, white and ones worth your time can be a
the magnitudes of deceleration in crisis. Despite exceptionally low For a contrary view, see 8 blue "for sale" signs, working challenge. That's why we've done
inflation are the largest seen interest rates, the breadth of reasons why no one believes closely with a real estate agent, it for you. Here are 10 tools that
since the 1981 recession. The disinflation has remained quite Bernanke's deflation warnings > taking time to visit dozens of harness the power of modern
main difference between slowing large since the beginning of the Join the conversation about this houses looking for that one technology. Use them wisely to
prices in the early 1980s and last recession. In October 2010, story » perfect home; it was a lot of work. m a k e y o u r h o u s e - h u n t i n g
current disinflation is that the half of consumer spending was on Buying a house is still no easy expedition as comprehensive and
large deceleration during and items whose inflation rate had task, but the Information Age has painless as possible.
after the 1981 recession was due declined 1.2% or more over the b r o u g h t h u g e c h a n g e s t o This entry passed through the
to a severe tightening of past year. Moreover, the current industries the world over, and real Full-Text RSS service — if this is
monetary policy. This tight policy acceleration of headline inflation estate is no exception. your content and you're reading it
There are now so many tools to on someone else's site, please read
5 Bizarre Ways to Moisturize Your aid us in the house-hunting our FAQ page at
process, that we can complete content-only/faq.php
much of the work from home, Five Filters featured article:
Skin whittle away at the details in our Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
s p a r e t i m e a n d b r o w s e f o r Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) around the skin cells [source: and present) have used in an effort residences at our leisure before Catastrophe.
Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:00:56 PM Mayo Clinic]. The beauty to bring youth and luster to their even dealing with an agent. In
industry might seem to have no skin. Read on to learn about five
One way to have great-looking
skin is to keep it moisturized. The
bounds. If a product exists, then
there's a good chance that
bizarre ways to moisturize your
skin. How to Make a Swirl
basic idea behind moisturizing is somebody somewhere has tried to This entry passed through the
getting your skin to retain water to
prevent dryness, and there are a
put it on their skin. If it can be
made into a cream, a paste, an
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
your content and you're reading it
(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) Cheesecake Next Step One
surprising number of things -- exfoliant, a lather, a rinse, a mask on someone else's site, please read This entry passed through the
both natural and manmade -- that or some other beauty-boosting our FAQ page at No need for intimidation! An Full-Text RSS service — if this is
can help it do just that. Some of concoction, then it probably has content-only/faq.php elegant swirl on top of your your content and you're reading it
the key ingredients in most been. Five Filters featured article: cheesecake is easier to make than on someone else's site, please read
moisturizing products include But some moisturizing methods Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- it looks. We guide you through it our FAQ page at
humectants, which draw moisture can push the limits of what most Reporting of Falluja's Cancer step-by-step using our December content-only/faq.php
from the air and help the skin would consider normal. We've Catastrophe. 2010 cover recipe, Cranberry Five Filters featured article:
retain it, and emollients, which dug up some of the strangest Swirl Cheesecake, but the Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
smooth the skin by filling in methods that people (both past technique can be duplicated for Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
other cheesecakes as well. Catastrophe.
View Recipe: Cranberry Swirl
E-reader News Edition Culture/ 31

Google Unveils Nexus S Smartphone, Gingerbread OS

Ars Technica (Wired Top
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:07:00 PM

By Ryan Paul
Google has revealed Android 2.3,
codenamed Gingerbread, a new
version of its popular mobile
platform. It introduces a handful
of modest user interface
enhancements—such as a more
refined touchscreen
keyboard—and brings some
noteworthy performance
improvements that are largely
intended to boost Android
Alongside the release of Android
2.3, Google has also announced
plans to launch the Nexus S, a
new smartphone that was
developed in collaboration with
Samsung. Much like Google’s
Nexus One, the new phone in the
Nexus series will be available
unlocked with a pure Google
experience. The unlocked version
will be sold at Best Buy for $529
without subsidy, and T-Mobile
will be selling it on contract for
$199. communication (NFC), which can openness compared to other palette. The keys on the onscreen Android devices.
The aptly named Nexus S looks be used for close-range Android-powered handsets. keyboard have been spaced out a Google has finally conceded the
like the love child of the Nexus contactless data exchange. As a Nexus One owner myself, I bit in order to enable faster typing need for manually quitting
One and the Samsung Galaxy S. Sales of the original Nexus One think there is a very clear need for and better accuracy. Taking applications. In Android 2.3, the
The touchscreen-only device has a fell far below Google’s Google to continue offering its advantage of multitouch input, application manager tool has a
four-inch curved “contour” Super expectations, leading the company own handset that isn’t Google has made it possible to “Running” tab that lets the user
AMOLED display, 1Ghz to characterize the device as a encumbered by carrier lockdown, use the shift or number toggle terminate individual applications
Hummingbird processor, 1GB of failure and withdraw it from the crapware, and tacky user interface keys as modifiers that can be and see how much system
internal storage, and a 1500 mAH general consumer market. customizations. The latest pressed concurrently with other resources each running program is
battery rated for 6.7 hours of talk Although it never achieved addition to the Nexus line handily keys. The platform has gained consuming. This feature will be
time. The handset showcases mainstream popularity, it attracted fulfills that need. native support for draggable text conveniently accessible from a
some of the new hardware a loyal following among third- Google has polished the Android selection, similar to the menu item on the home screen,
features of Android 2.3, such as party developers and Android user interface and developed a implementations we have seen on
support for near-field enthusiasts who valued its relative new visual theme with a simpler certain Motorola and Samsung GOOGLE page 32
32 Culture/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 31

largely obviating the need for The new version of the Android platform. For additional details,
Jake Gyllenhaal Sticks by
users to install third-party task
management tools.
SDK brings a lot of improvements
for game developers. Google has
you can refer to Google’s official
Anne and Smiles at Taylor
Other significant new features
include SIP support (which allows
users to make voice calls to SIP
exposed more sensors and input
controls to native code, allowing
games to receive and process
See Also:
This entry passed through the
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Swift Questions in Sydney
Molly Goodson (PopSugar) ate as much as I could. It's such
addresses over WiFi), better input events more efficiently. your content and you're reading it
Submitted at 12/6/2010 12:30:20 PM incredible food. I tried to eat my
support for devices with multiple Google has also introduced much- on someone else's site, please read
way around Sydney. I'm kind of a
cameras, support for more media needed native audio APIs and has our FAQ page at Anne Hathaway and Jake foodie." He may love to dine out,
formats (including WebM), and a added support for managing the content-only/faq.php Gyllenhaal were once again but lately it's been his maple latte
built-in download manager. There application lifecycle from native Five Filters featured article: cuddled close for their Love and coffee dates with new girlfriend
are also a lot of improvements on code. For games that run closer to Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Other Drugs premiere in Sydney Taylor Swift that have been
the performance front. A new the bare metal, all of these new Reporting of Falluja's Cancer tonight. The future Academy getting all the attention. Their
concurrent garbage collector in native APIs are a major win. We Catastrophe. Awards host was decked out in a relationship was a hot topic at
Android’s Dalvik virtual machine will be looking more closely at perfect holiday party dress from today's press events, though Jake
will be less invasive and help these APIs in a follow-up article. another Oscar - de la Renta, of simply smiled in response to
avoid stuttering, accelerated event Although it’s an incremental course - while Jake stuck with a questions about his country
handling will make input upgrade rather than a full well-tailored suit. The twosome sweetheart.
processing more responsive, and overhaul, the changes in Android arrived in Australia over the
updated graphics drivers will 2.3 are compelling and bring weekend and took in some of the
improve 3D performance. some much-needed polish to the sights on their own before this To see more from the red carpet,
morning's picturesque harbor just read more.
Carey Mulligan Is a Best Actress photo call. Jake told the local
press that meals were of the
View 10 Photos ›

British Rose With Her Eye on Daisy utmost importance during his
short time down under, saying,"I
Molly Goodson (PopSugar) on PopSugar UK. When asked the CFDA's recent glamorous
Submitted at 12/6/2010 11:00:00 AM about where she would keep her event. Carey has had quite the
new statue, Carey responded in whirlwind year and she's among
Carey Mulligan matched the her typically down-to-earth our favorite imports from England
carpet in a bright red Prabal fashion, joking,"It will go up in who we'll be seeing next in the
Gurung dress at the British my parents' house actually, enviable position of costarring
Independent Film Awards in they've got stuff, it's kind of with Ryan Gosling in Drive.
London last night. She was there strange to have it in your own
to accept the best actress honors house. 'Come in, have a cup of
for her work in Never Let Me Go, tea, look at my award!'" She also To see more Carey, just read
though it was predicted 2011 said she's been"obsessively more.
award season favorite The King's reading" The Great Gatsby in View 15 Photos ›
Speech that dominated the show - preparation for the role that made
check out the full list of winners her break down in happy tears at
E-reader News Edition Culture/ TV/ 33

'Boardwalk Empire'
Season Finale Recap: Is
Nucky's Luck Running
Maureen Ryan (TV Squad)
Submitted at 12/6/2010 7:30:00 AM

Filed under: Reality-Free,

Recaps, Stay Tuned['Boardwalk
Empire' - 'A Return to Normalcy']
Perhaps we shouldn't have
expected too much excitement
from an episode that chronicled
(if only tangentially) the election
that charismatic firebrand Warren
OK, that was a bit of 1920s
humor (the kids love that). Not to
be all spoilery (wait, can you spoil
Huge Magnetic Filament Erupts on the Sun historical events that took place
90 years ago?), but Harding
Lisa Grossman (Wired Top than 250,000 miles long, about 30 hot, charged material into the and @ wiredscience, and on wasn't exactly known for his
Stories) times the diameter of the Earth. In inner solar system and potentially Facebook. personality, more for the
Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:00:00 PM this new image, taken at 9:30 a.m. causing magnetic storms on Earth. This entry passed through the corruption that soon engulfed his
PST on Dec. 6, the loop of If the filament collapses in the Full-Text RSS service — if this is administration.
A magnetic filament more than charged plasma stretches more next day or so, the results could your content and you're reading it But that's getting a little ahead of
50 times the Earth’s width is than 435,000 miles, the full radius be spectacular. on someone else's site, please read events, and in any case, the
erupting off the surface of the sun. of the sun. This prominence is an excellent our FAQ page at politician under the most pressure
The loop of hot plasma has been So far the gigantic prominence target for backyard telescopes content-only/faq.php in 'A Return to Normalcy' was
s n a k i n g a r o u n d t h e s u n ’ s has hung suspended peacefully with ultraviolet filters. If you Five Filters featured article: Nucky Thompson -- though he
southeast limb since Dec. 4, and above the sun’s surface, but this capture any great sun photos in Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- assumes that, personally and
appears to be growing by the morning it started showing signs the next few days, let us know. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer professionally, he's mostly in the
h o u r . W h e n N A S A ’ s S o l a r of instability. Long filaments like Image: NASA/SDO Catastrophe. clear.
Dynamics Observatory saw it on this one can break apart as coronal See Also: For now.
Dec. 4, the filament was more mass ejections, releasing tons of Follow us on Twitter @ astrolisa Permalink| Email this| Linking
Blogs| Comments
34 Culture/ TV/ E-reader News Edition

Best of 2010: Who's the First Look: Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Sexiest Man of the Year? Comes Home to NBC
PopSugar (PopSugar) David Kronke (
Submitted at 12/6/2010 12:00:00 PM
Breaking News)
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:46:00 PM
There are many dapper stars to
choose from, but we managed to Malcolm Jamal Warner on
pick 10 of the year's sexiest guys. Community
There are family men and Community fans have long
swinging singles on the list, as understood that Shirley's ex-
done this Boston boy good. Jake
well as the hottie selected as husband, Andre, is a womanizing
Gyllenhaal - Those big blue eyes
People magazine's best-looking of jerk. So what to make of the fact
make me melt. Robert Pattinson -
the year. We want to know who that he's actually a friendly guy —
That smile, his accent, his hair! I
your pick is, though, so tell us - and played by the actor who
love it all. Usher - Who can resist
who do you think is the sexiest portrayed lovable Theo Huxtable
his swagger and hot dance
man of the year? on The Cosby Show?
moves? Ryan Reynolds - People's
Don't miss all the Best of 2010 Malcolm-Jamal Warner joins the
Sexiest Man Alive gets my vote.
coverage, polls, slideshows, and NBC comedy January 20 for a
David Beckham - With or without
more on the PopSugar Network! three-episode arc in which Shirley
a shirt, he looks good. Alexander
Best of 2010: Who's the Sexiest ( Yvette Nicole Brown) and
Skarsgard - He's one tall Swedish
Man of the Year? Brad Pitt - Andre are dating again — and believes that he's not the right guy Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine
drink of water. Javier Bardem -
Simply the best, with or without a Shirley informs the gang she's for Shirley," says Jacobs. "He now!
Those rugged good looks make
beard. Ryan Gosling - Canada's pregnant, though Troy ( Donald hasn't done enough to prove This entry passed through the
me swoon.
hottest export with beautiful Glover) realizes the baby may not himself worthy of her." Adds Full-Text RSS service — if this is
muscles. Ben Affleck - be Andre's. "You've heard all Warner, who's returning to the your content and you're reading it
Fatherhood and maturity have these awful things Andre's done, network — and time slot — on someone else's site, please read
and then you meet him and it's where he became famous, "They our FAQ page at
Bill Cosby's son!" says Glover. cast me against type, so it's cool to content-only/faq.php
Brown agrees that Warner "comes play a character where I'm Five Filters featured article:
with such inherent goodwill. Just supposed to be so dislikable, and Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
his face rehabilitates Andre the dilemma is it's hard to totally Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
immediately." dislike me." As for Britta's Catastrophe.
Not everyone is won over. Britta mistrust, he says, "We have a
( Gillian Jacobs) sees the cad couple more episodes to win her
beneath the charisma. "Britta over."

'24' Cast Members Reunite for Marathon Event

Michael Maloney (TV Squad) Interviews right now in a viewing marathon Permalink| Email this| Linking
Submitted at 12/6/2010 9:00:00 AM The non-stop action on'24' often of the show at the Hollywood/ Blogs| Comments
left viewers wondering when (or Highland complex in Hollywood
Filed under: Reality-Free, TV even if) Jack Bauer ever went to get restroom breaks every four
Shows on DVD, Celebrity the bathroom. Fortunately, fans of the hit series who are taking part hours.-
E-reader News Edition Politics-Left/ 35

Rosenbergs Redux
Ronald Radosh, Steven Usdin Schneir book, Final Verdict, a foreword by his wife Miriam. In Rosenberg's espionage activities. Project. So, even if it was
(The New Republic - All Feed) posthumous work published Final Verdict, Schneir accepts In contrast to a number of Greenglass who did the only real
Submitted at 12/5/2010 11:00:00 PM earlier this year. Julius’s guilt but argues that the extensively researched, lengthy spying, he did so because Julius
Invitation to an Inquest distorted real culprit was Ethel’s brother, books on the Rosenbergs, Final brought him into his already-
In March of 1951, a young the historical record to make the David Greenglass, who, on his Verdict weighs in at 154 pages existing network of spies.
Jewish couple from New York case that the Rosenbergs were own, was an enthusiastic Soviet and has a whopping 21 footnotes. Navasky also ignores the fact that
City, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, innocent of any association with spy. The Schneirs’ revisionist Yet Navasky wants Nation Julius Rosenberg recruited
both secret members of the Soviet espionage. The book theory asserts that the government readers to believe that this book another major atomic spy, the
American Communist Party, were argued that Harry Gold, the gave Greenglass a break for proves that David Greenglass previously unknown Russell
tried in Federal Court for courier who received a sketch of cooperating with the government acted alone. This, by the way, is a McNutt, a revelation that
“conspiracy to commit part of the atomic bomb from in their prosecution of the reversal of the Schneirs' earlier appeared in the 2009 book Spies:
espionage.” The Rosenbergs were David Greenglass never actually Rosenbergs. insistence in Invitation that The Rise and Fall of the KGB in
accused of having passed secrets met Greenglass and never traveled Writing recently in The Nation, Greenglass had never been a spy. America. Navasky and the
pertaining to the atomic bomb to Albequerque in June 1945 for the magazine’s former editor and Anything to excuse the Schneirs may not believe that this
from Ethel’s brother, David the supposed exchange. The publisher, Victor Navasky, Rosenbergs. proves that Julius was an atomic
Greenglass, who worked in a lab authors’ major “proof” that Gold proclaimed that Final Verdict As proof of Greenglass’s spy, but the KGB did. A May 26,
at Los Alamos, to the Soviets. In lied about the meeting was that presented a new view of the enthusiasm for espionage, 1944 letter from the KGB,
June of 1953, all legal appeals the Hilton Hotel card offered at Rosenberg case. In making this Navasky mentions the letters that discussed in Spies, indicated that
having been exhausted, the the trial by the defense was an argument, Navasky shows he has Greenglass wrote from Los Rosenberg had been given a
Rosenbergs were executed, FBI forgery, meant to falsely learned little since 1983, when he Alamos, which, Navasky says, are bonus for his “initiative in
becoming the only American prove Gold was in Albuquerque. attacked The Rosenberg File and “made available for the first time acquiring an agent [McNutt] to
civilians executed for espionage The Schneirs’ claims were defended the Schneirs’ Invitation by Schneir.” Evidently, he did not cultivate ‘Enormous,’ ” the KGB
by the United States government. challenged by the publication of to an Inquest. Now, so many years bother to check The Rosenberg code name for the Manhattan
Their sentence shocked the world The Rosenberg File, published in later, when the intellectual File, where he would find that Project. McNutt's employment
and was immediately seized by 1983. This book, written in part community largely acknowledges these same letters. (The Schneirs provided access to secrets about
communists as a powerful tool in by one of the co-authors of this the Rosenbergs’ guilt—a 2008 also ignored these letters in processes for manufacturing
the propaganda war between the piece, argued that, despite clear public confession by former Invitation.) As stated in The weapons-grade uranium.
United States and the USSR. judicial and legal improprieties in Soviet spy Morton Sobell, who Rosenberg File: “[T]he Navasky concludes with a plea
As time passed, the Rosenbergs’ the Rosenbergs’ trial, Julius was tried along with the Greenglass correspondence for the release of more documents
defenders convinced many that Rosenberg was indeed a Soviet Rosenbergs, made continued directly contradicts Julius about the Rosenberg case. In fact,
the couple had been framed. The agent who set up and ran a major denial impossible—Navasky has Rosenberg’s later assertion under more documents have been
innocence of the Rosenbergs espionage network for Stalin. written what is possibly the last- oath that he knew nothing about released about the Rosenbergs
became a touchstone of the left; Although Rosenberg defenders ditch attempt to redeem the the atomic-bomb project or his than about any other espionage
attempts to discuss evidence attacked the book, its findings Rosenbergs. brother-in-law’s role until after operation in history, and each
suggesting their guilt were were vindicated with the release In Walter Schneir’s new book, he the Hiroshima explosion at the release brings to light facts that
assailed as appeasement of in 1995 of previously classified admits that he and his wife were earliest—and that he had no firm make it ever more impossible to
McCarthyism. Walter and Miriam cables from Moscow to KGB wrong in Invitation and that Gold memory of discussing it until after deny that Julius Rosenberg was an
Schneir’s Invitation to an agents in America. These cables was telling the truth. Yet his the war ended.” important Soviet spy. The
Inquest(1965) was the textbook convinced even the most skeptical intent is still to fudge the record in Most important of all, documents—tens of thousands of
for this cause, providing a holdouts that the Rosenbergs had order to exonerate the Navasky—like Walter Schneir in pages of FBI files, the decrypted
compelling narrative that, to indeed been Soviet agents. Rosenbergs. Navasky, too, in his his new book—ignores the fact classified cables from Moscow to
many, proved that the Rosenbergs Earlier this year, Mellville House review of the book, has chosen to that Julius and Ethel recruited KGB agents in America in 1995,
were innocent. This strain of published Final Verdict by the ignore decades of scholarship Greenglass after learning that he
thought continues in the latest late Walter Schneir, with a documenting Julius and Ethel was stationed at the Manhattan ROSENBERGS page 38
36 Politics-Left/ E-reader News Edition

California Here We Come

Peter Schrag (The New first to experience the tax revolt In a generation or so, California the Latino vote are slim. and which had virtually no impact
Republic - All Feed) which subsequently swept the will have a majority Latino Now the GOP is headed in the in the Golden State. Its most
Submitted at 12/5/2010 11:00:00 PM country in the form of the Reagan population, and while many parts other direction. Beginning the prominent candidate, Chuck
Revolution. It was ahead of the of the Midwest and the Southeast new session of Congress with an DeVore, got less than 20 percent
This year's Republican sweep, nation in its opposition to the Iraq are just now reacting to the first effort to eliminate birthright in his primary race for the Senate.
says the conventional wisdom, war; it’s been a leader in energy waves of Latinos and other citizenship for the children of The great sweep of 2010, in short,
stopped at the Sierras in large part efficiency and progressive immigrants, they, too, are likely to illegal aliens is hardly welcoming. more likely marked the end of
because California—the “left-out environmental regulation. some day accommodate, and Neither is adamant resistance to something, not the beginning. The
coast”—is a liberal outlier from In the early 1990s, the state was maybe even welcome, them as the the DREAM Act. The great New nation’s young voters, like
the rest of the country. In this consumed by an anti-immigrant Boomers retire. Deal victories of the 1930s rested California’s, are far more
telling, the Golden State is a backlash that resulted in Similar dynamics occurred in in considerable part on the votes comfortable in that new
broken relic, a basket-case which Proposition 187, years before the Nevada and Colorado, where of the immigrants and children of globalized world, accustomed to
has lost its status as the vanguard paroxysms that scuttled George Latino voters propelled both immigrants who’d been the ethnic diversity that they grew
of American politics. While W. Bush's push for Harry Reid and Michael Bennet to welcomed by the urban up with and are going to school
America embraced the angry comprehensive immigration reelection. In these states—and in Democratic machines in the prior with, more environmentally
politics of the Tea Party, the story reform and produced Arizona's the country as a whole—Latinos decades, and if California's conscious, and untroubled by gay
goes, California reelected Jerry notorious SB1070. are poised to become an experience is any guide, politics marriage. And of course, a
Brown, a nostalgic throwback to But this year’s election showed increasingly powerful political in the twenty-first century will sizeable portion of those young
the 1970s. that California has already moved force. No, they won't all become witness a similar dynamic. voters are immigrants or the
In fact, the exact opposite may be past that point. In her Democrats. Many Latinos are The other major factor in this children of immigrants—Latinos
occurring: California, and indeed gubernatorial campaign against socially conservative; in election was demographic. The and Asian particularly. They are
much of the West, is far ahead of Jerry Brown, Republican Meg California this year they voted national turnout of young voters the nation’s future. And so, as
the country, as it often has Whitman tried and failed to use overwhelmingly against the this year was lower than in ever, is California.
been—demographically, anti-immigration politics to her legalization of recreational average off-year elections, and Peter Schrag is the former
economically, politically, advantage—even recruiting marijuana. Conservative Latino much lower than in 2008, while editorial page editor of the
socially—and it points to a future former Gov. Pete Wilson, the candidates like Marco Rubio, the percentage of older voters, Sacramento Bee, a longtime
in which the whole nation will poster boy of 187, as her elected in Florida with its many of them angered and writer on California affairs and,
look much like California does campaign manager—but ran afoul Republican-leaning voters, could confused by the unfamiliar world most recently, of Not Fit for Our
now: multi-ethnic, increasingly of Latinos, who are far more exert some pull to the right. But that’s grown around them—was Society: Immigration and
tolerant of gays and other numerous than they were during in the main, unless the GOP much higher. Nativism in America.(University
minorities, more global in the 1990s. Had only whites voted, becomes more accessible to Those numbers will obviously of California Press).
outlook, and more Whitman would have been Latinos than it has in been in the change in 2012. The actuarial For more TNR, become a fan on
environmentally conscious. California’s governor-elect and past decade—and that means at tables themselves tell some of that Facebook and follow us on
California has always been on the Carly Fiorina, not Barbara Boxer, least a major shift on story. So does the composition of Twitter.
leading edge of changes in the would now be the U.S. senator- immigration—its chances of the Tea Party, which is older and
American electorate. It was the elect. capturing a substantial share of whiter than the national average,
E-reader News Edition Politics-Left/ TV/ 37

The Party of New

E.J. Dionne Jr. (The New unfairly dismissed as "symbolic," To explain, she invoked the world their minds to offering answers to
Republic - All Feed) but Perriello said something that as seen by a person "who worked the dejected Americans Kilroy
Submitted at 12/5/2010 11:00:00 PM pointed to the opportunity Obama at Siemens for 25 years." describes. "There's a great
and the Democrats had kicked "You have a son who is a high opportunity here," he says.
WASHINGTON—From Ohio, away. school basketball player and "Somebody has to come up with
Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy describes "Why not up the game," he asked, wants to go to college—and then an agenda to make and build and
"the worry, the anguish and "instead of playing the same old your factory goes off to Mexico," grow things in this country. We
sometimes despair" among her game?" Perriello was in no mood she says, "And you're a man of a have to say to that person that we
constituents and urges President t o c r i t i c i z e h i s a l r e a d y certain age and another factory or haven't broken faith with you." Watch a Teaser
Obama to spend more time with b e l e a g u e r e d p a r t y . B u t h i s another employer won't give you Democrats, he says, need to see
people who don't make "six-figure comment pointed to how it might
a second look. Think of the the quest for social justice "as an for Syfy's
have avoided a debilitating tax cut despair felt by that person." entrepreneurial challenge as
From Pennsylvania, Rep. Joe endgame.
Sestak says Americans are angry Rather than allow the debate to
Such voters see Washington as "a
place where their interests get
opposed to a compassion
challenge," the idea being that
'Being Human'
Jean Bentley (TV Squad)
at a government that failed to focus on an old tax measure from sold out." What they want, she government and business need to
guard them against economic the beginning of the decade, says, is "to feel they're being be inventive enough to create a Submitted at 12/6/2010 8:30:00 AM

catastrophe. Obama and the Democrats should treated as well as the bankers who new economy that fulfills the
And from Virginia, Rep. Tom early on have sought to replace Filed under: Reality-Free, TV
get bailed out." promises of the old.
Perriello suggests that voters are the Bush tax cut. Their proposal News It sounds like the setup for
Sestak, who narrowly lost a race Yes, and there's a certain
less interested in "bipartisanship" could have shifted the tax burden a "man walks into a bar" joke, or
for U.S. Senate, argues that the president who got elected by
than "postpartisanship." He a w a y f r o m m i d d l e - i n c o m e at least an oddball sitcom: a ghost,
electorate was moved less by a sketching such a vision, wrapped
explains: "What they're looking taxpayers toward the wealthy a werewolf and a vampire live in
generalized hatred of government in the words "hope" and "change."
for is someone who solves the while providing strong incentives a house together.
than by fury over its failure to Kilroy, Sestak, and Perriello are
problem, not for a solution that for job creation and innovation But no, Syfy's remake of the
prevent the financial crisis. all telling him that's what the
happens to be half way between along lines suggested by Sen. BBC series'Being Human,' which
"Government hadn't protected voters are still looking for.
the two parties." follows a twentysomething trio of
Mark Warner, D-Va. them from this calamity—and E.J. Dionne, Jr. is the author of
Last week, I sat down with these Being the party of "new and roommates who also happen to be
they hadn't done anything wrong," the recently published Souled
Democrats who were defeated in improved" surely beats getting a ghost, a werewolf and a
he says. Out: Reclaiming Faith and
November to get their sense of trapped in a fight whose terms vampire, is more of a soapy
The election outcome, he said, Politics After the Religious Right.
what the election means for the were set entirely by Republicans. drama than anything else -- think
"was a vote to neutralize He is a Washington Post
future and how the president Improvement is what Kilroy's 'Melrose Place' with a
government because no one has columnist, a senior fellow at the
s h o u l d r e s p o n d . T h e i r constituents, bludgeoned by long- supernatural twist.
been making a case for what Brookings Institution, and a
observations were more revealing term economic difficulties, are E! Online has the first look at the
government can do or should do." professor at Georgetown
t h a n t h e a b s t r a c t i o n s t h a t desperately seeking. The party's new show, which debuts on Jan.
A starting point might be fleshing University.
conventional punditry typically heavy losses this year among 17. (Coincidentally, MTV's
out Sestak's vision of American (c) 2010, Washington Post
invokes to explain what "the white working-class voters, she remake of the hit British series
society—"a nation of individual Writers Group
people" supposedly said. 'Skins' premieres that same night.)
said, should not have come as a opportunity allied with the For more TNR, become a fan on
They spoke just off the floor of shock. After the jump, watch the short
common enterprise"—that is a Facebook and follow us on
t h e H o u s e s h o r t l y a f t e r i t "I watched them in the last four behind-the-scenes teaser.
rather inspired alternative to both Twitter.
approved an extension of the years go from being anxious Permalink| Email this| Linking
collectivism and social
Bush tax cuts only for families about the future to being worried, Blogs| Comments
earning under $250,000 a year. but also hopeful during the 2008 For his part, Perriello sees an
This vote of principle was campaign, to being very angry." opening for politicians who set
38 TV/ Gaming/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 35

the KGB notebooks examined in classified information in the hope when they found out that those BioCentury.
Spies, declassified that the KGB would get back in arrested would not talk, waged a This was written and published
Czechoslovakian intelligence touch, and provided financial worldwide propaganda campaign with the support of:
files, and the Rosenberg grand support to his agents. to portray the Rosenbergs as Harvey Klehr, co-author of Spies:
jury transcripts—are As for Ethel Rosenberg’s role, victims of America’s imperial The Rise and Fall of the KGB in
complemented by memoirs from the evidence is unequivocal. She thrust. The Rosenbergs’ belief in America, and is Andrew W.
and interviews with members of recruited her brother as an atomic the Soviet Union and communism Mellon Professor of Politics and
the Rosenberg espionage ring.
This mass of documentation
spy and provided logistical
support to Julius's espionage
was the motive for their actions.
Julius began working for Soviet
History, Emory University.
John Earl Haynes, co-author of
World of Warcraft:
shows that Julius Rosenberg activities. She knew at least two foreign intelligence during the Spies: The Rise and Fall of the Cataclysm Collector's
began his espionage career before
the German invasion of the Soviet
Soviet intelligence officers, and
they considered her a loyal and
time of the Nazi-Soviet Pact,
when Stalin and Hitler were
KGB in America.
Mark Kramer, Director of The
Edition, unboxed
Union (a time when Hitler and trustworthy compatriot. The most cooperating in the brutal division Cold War Studies Program at Christopher Grant (Joystiq)
Stalin were allies) and that he frequently cited exculpatory of Eastern Europe. Hence, the Harvard University and Harvard Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:50:00 PM

continued for years after the end evidence, a decrypted transcript of notion that Julius was simply University Senior Fellow, The
of World War II, when the Soviet a KGB cable stating that Ethel working to oppose fascism is Davis Center for Russian and We're still some hours away from
Union's only potential opponent "does not work" could be, and baseless. As in so many other Eurasian Studies and editor of the midnight launch of the latest
was the United States. This most likely is, a reference to the episodes of this era, it was the anti The Journal of Cold War History. World of Warcraft expansion,
evidence also reveals that Julius fact that she did not have a job, -communists, and not the Allen Hornblum, author of The Cataclysm. It won't be long before
was a more active atomic spy than rather than confirmation that she apologists for communism, whom Invisible Harry Gold: The Man Deathwing wrecks shop, so we
the FBI, prosecutors, or his most did not work for the KGB. She history has proved correct. Who Gave the Soviets the Atom thought we'd take some of this
ardent opponents ever suspected. and Julius may not have deserved Ronald Radosh is co-author of Bomb. downtime to share pics of the
The risks and sacrifices he took the death sentence, but she was The Rosenberg File, an Adjunct For more TNR, become a fan on Collector's Edition which recently
for the USSR surprised even not innocent. Fellow at the Hudson Institute, Facebook and follow us on made its way to our doorstep.
hardened KGB officers. During a Finally, the truth that still escapes and a writer for Pajamas Media. Twitter. Peruse the gallery below, and
two-year period, from 1946 to Navasky is that these Soviet spies Steven Usdin is author of stick around for a giveaway later
1948, when security concerns had were recruited out of the U.S. Engineering Communism: How today.
caused the KGB to cut off communist movement, whose Two Americans Spied for Stalin Gallery: World of Warcraft:
communication, Rosenberg kept leaders knew of and covered up and Founded the Soviet Silicon Cataclysm (Collector's Edition
his ring together, stockpiled the Rosenbergs’ espionage, and, Valley. He is Senior Editor at unboxing)
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
Collector's Edition, unboxed
'Terriers' Canceled by FX originally appeared on Joystiq on
Mon, 06 Dec 2010 14:50:00 EST.
Maureen Ryan (TV Squad) but profane interjections and Please see our terms for use of
Submitted at 12/6/2010 7:58:00 AM elaborate curse words. In the feeds.
name of decorum, not to mention Permalink| Email this| Comments
Filed under: Reality-Free, TV keeping my job, I'm going to try
News, Stay Tuned Being pretty to restrain myself. But this is one
sure a heartbreak is headed your of those times that TV really kicks
way doesn't make it any easier to you in the stomach.
bear when it happens. Permalink| Email this| Linking
'Terriers' has been canceled by immensely sad nonetheless. Blogs| Comments
FX, the network announced this If I was being true to myself, this
morning. It's not surprising but it's post would be filled with nothing
E-reader News Edition TV/ 39

Amazing Race's Nick and Vicki: We Regret Taking the Six-Hour

Joyce Eng ( same time, we were tired, we A lot of fans
Breaking News) were hungry. It was a long day, a think you were too mean toward
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:28:00 PM draining day with the whole sushi Vicki and lost your temper too
thing. It took me probably three often. What do have to say?
The Amazing Race and a half hours to find the fake Nick: I would have to say the
Quitting has its consequences. food. It was a long time! We people passing judgment really
After opting against finishing the regret it, but that's all that we have no idea how mentally,
Detour on The Amazing Race last could do. physically demanding that race is.
week, Nick DeCarlo and How did you I really don't let it bother me, to
girlfriend Vicki Casciola, both 26, pump yourselves up for this leg be honest. I don't read any of it.
incurred a six-hour penalty, knowing you had the penalty and They don't know who Vicki and I
forcing them to miss the first especially after you didn't make really are as people or as a couple.
flight to Seoul this week and a the first flight? They're judging a character;
shot to make the final three. "I Vicki: Just staying positive like they're not really judging who we
don't think we had any chance of we did throughout the entire are as people.
making that flight," Vicki tells game. We just talked to each Amazing Race's Michael and "We got to the other and said, "We got this far." Kevin: Getting two penalties was
airport a little too late. ... But we We did the best we could with a "shock to us"
were still in good spirits in encouraging each other. We just awesome. They were really funny. myself that I'm just going to have You quitting and
thinking that you never know wanted to have fun with it. That's I feel like they got us through the fun this leg, especially since it saying you wanted to go home
what's going to happen." See what what we did. We just kept our leg because their spirits were so very might well be our last one. last week gave the perception that
else the two have to say about spirits up. We got to travel all high. They were like the comedy And we did. ... [Last week] was you didn't enjoy the race, but did
their disastrous penultimate leg, if over the world. There's nothing act. They kept our spirits up, definitely my low point. I just you have a good time?
they did all the tasks this week really to be upset about, even trying to get us through it and made things worse and I realized Nick: Oh yeah, I most definitely
and why Nick felt "a little OK" though we knew it was most hitting on me! [ Laughs] They that. I wanted to at least have fun had a good time. We had a lot of
quitting last week. likely our last leg. were having fun with Nick. It was and go out like that instead of fun, but we had those moments of When did you Did you do all the really funny. going out angry. bickering and fighting. I mean,
know it was over? When you tasks? We just saw you doing the Amazing Race's Gary and Do you regret they showed what they showed.
missed the first flight? speed bump. Mallory: We shouldn't have quitting on Vicki last week? We did have a lot of fun. We got
Nick: Pretty much when we Vicki: Yeah, we did all of them. trusted our map Nick: Definitely. After seeing to see really cool things, really
missed the flight, but a little It was just because it was so dark Nick, we saw a that, I was definitely angry with cool places and met great people
before that as well. I mean, six and we were so far behind that it nice montage of all of your angry myself. After so long with no along the way. It was life-
hours is a lot to make up. And was probably pointless to show. moments. You seemed a lot food and no sleep, eventually your changing for sure.
then the next flight was nine hours In [the other three teams'] calmer this leg. What happened body's going to say "enough is What was your
later, so ... competition, it was so head-to- between the last leg and this one? enough." That's where I got to. ... favorite leg?
Amazing Race's Chad and head that they probably wanted to Nick: A lot of it was just the I kind of had a feeling that it Nick: I would have to say
Stephanie are married, expecting, show that. ... We did [speed sleeping and eating factors. We would be a non-elimination leg, Norway and Sweden. I love the
and regretting that ice cream skating]. Everything was fun! got that extra six hours of sleep, so I felt a little OK saying, snow. It was just fun. I ride dirt
break What was going which helped. Just replaying in "enough is enough." It felt good bikes and we both snowboard, so Do you regret on with that guy who was hitting my head all the legs where I did [when Phil told us we were still in it was all related to us.
taking the six-hour penalty? on you? get angry and seeing how it didn't it], but at the same time, right then AMAZING page 41
Vicki: Absolutely. But at the Vicki: Those guys were really help at all, I just told Vicki and and there, it was just exhausting.
40 TV/ E-reader News Edition

The Closer Sneak Peek: Brenda's Back for the Holidays!

David Hochman ( things her way," Sedgwick says. as a meditation on refugees in
Breaking News) Except now Brenda has Kosovo. The real drama, though,
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:46:00 PM weathered six seasons of being comes when Brenda's parents
second-guessed, unit politics, return to announce (avert your
Kyra Sedgwick horrible crimes and confusing eyes if you don't want to
Kyra Sedgwick lets out a big relationships. As Sedgwick says know!)...they're moving to
"Ha!" when asked how Brenda when asked what she'd most like California. "It definitely leaves a
Leigh Johnson, the Georgia to know from her character, "I few things hanging for the
peach—turned—Los Angeles guess it would be, 'Why don't you summer season," Sedgwick says.
police babe she plays on The go see a shrink?'" As for whether Brenda will end
Closer, has changed after six It might be a good time for that, this holiday run with Pope's job,
seasons on TNT. "That's the actually. "The new episodes are Sedgwick won't confirm or deny,
wonderful and fun thing about much more challenging but her laughter tells you
Brenda," she says. "The woman personally for Brenda than our something. "Put it this way," she
really hasn't evolved." regular season was," says creator says. "If Brenda does get the job, I
On one level, Sedgwick is right. James Duff, spilling a few hints think she'd make a lot of enemies
The Closer returns tonight for five about what's ahead: Passed over really quickly. She wouldn't be
episodes ending with a two-part, for a promotion to chief of police good at the politics, she'd spend
Christmas-themed finale (that job went to by-the-book Reality's been dogging Sedgwick, everywhere. "At the White House too much of the budget and she
December 27 and January 5 that stickler Tommy Delk, played by too. She and husband Kevin correspondents' dinner this year, wouldn't be there that long." Talk
features the largest cast of Courtney B. Vance), Brenda will Bacon were among the victims of Obama's Secretary of Homeland about an arresting development.
returning characters the show's soon be offered Pope's post as financier Bernard Madoff's Ponzi Security, Janet Napolitano, came The Closer airs Mondays at 9/8c
ever had. Among others, Barry assistant chief. scheme. And now she's adjusting up and said she never misses an on TNT
Corbin and Frances Sternhagen "People were so mad she didn't to life as an empty nester since the episode," Sedgwick says. "My Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine
return as Brenda's parents. But the get [to be chief], but now's her couple's two children have gone mouth dropped open." now!
Brenda we'll get is the Brenda chance," Duff says. "The trouble off to college. "I had my kids Had the secretary asked, she This entry passed through the
we've known since the show's is, Brenda hates change, and it when I was 23," Sedgwick, 45, might have gotten some spoilers. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
pilot episode in 2005, right down makes things awkward with Pope says. "I don't know what it's like The first new episode starts with a your content and you're reading it
to the vintage suits and private [ J.K. Simmons], so it's going to to be without kids who need you detective being attacked, "and it's on someone else's site, please read
stash of Ding Dongs in her desk. be agonizing for her." Meanwhile, on a daily basis, so I'm navigating one of our own, so we get right our FAQ page at
Now, as then, Brenda rankles her Brenda's denial about her those waters. There are great back into the intensity in a way content-only/faq.php
adversaries with honey-sweet husband's addiction issues "comes things about it, and then there's that makes me go, 'Wow, this Five Filters featured article:
charm and nails cases on instinct back to bite her," Duff says. Adds like, 'Oh, my God! I miss them!'" show is so cool,'" Sedgwick says. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
while her cohorts spend the rest of Jon Tenney, who plays Fritz, It helped that Sedgwick finally But it's the Christmas two-parter Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
the episode playing catch-up. "Brenda doesn't like that Fritz is won the best actress in a drama she's most excited about. The Catastrophe.
"Brenda's still always right, and it in AA, but it's thrust in her face Emmy for The Closer this year episode begins with the accidental
still takes people a while to see and she has to accept reality." and that fans of the show are death of a patriarch and winds up
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AMAZING (Newsmax - Inside Cover) that the link is incorrectly Administrative Tasks, and About
continued from page 39
Submitted at 12/6/2010 9:53:11 AM formatted. Custom Error Messages.
Vicki: Anything athletic I was Full-Text RSS service — if this is • Click the Back button to try
super-excited about. I felt like we your content and you're reading it The page you are looking for another link. This entry passed through the
had an advantage in that on someone else's site, please read might have been removed, had its Full-Text RSS service — if this is
department. Besides seeing our FAQ page at name changed, or is temporarily Technical Information (for your content and you're reading it
everything, I just love being able content-only/faq.php unavailable. support personnel) on someone else's site, please read
to be active and athletic. Five Filters featured article: Please try the following: • Go to Microsoft Product our FAQ page at
What are you up to now? Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- • Make sure that the Web site Support Services and perform a content-only/faq.php
Vicki: Just basically the daily Reporting of Falluja's Cancer address displayed in the address title search for the words HTTP Five Filters featured article:
grind, just working a lot. We both Catastrophe. bar of your browser is spelled and and 404. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
work a lot and spend a lot of time formatted correctly. • Open IIS Help, which is Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
with our dog. Staying active with • If you reached this page by accessible in IIS Manager Catastrophe.
snowboarding season starting. clicking a link, contact the Web (inetmgr), and search for topics
That's pretty exciting! site administrator to alert them titled Web Site Setup, Common
This entry passed through the

Stiletto heels and booze just don’t mix th metatarsals), Judith F. padding, so there’s not much to • Kick your shoes off under the
(Consumer Reports) Baumhauer, M.D., incoming cushion the blow when your foot table when seated.
Submitted at 12/6/2010 8:55:14 AM president of the American hits the floor. As a result, she sees • Take your shoes off to dance.
Orthopedic Foot and Ankle a variety of fractures (most • Change into flats for your trip
Stiletto heels and booze just don’t Society, has seen plenty of ankle commonly ankle and fifth home.
mix sprains and a variety of fractures metatarsal breaks), as well as • When you work out, don’t
As 30-year-old Carrie Donnelly, in women who fall off their heels. ligament tears and dislocated forget to strengthen and stretch
New York, began her bachelorette She likens it to stepping off the ankle tendons (peroneals), that your ankle muscles.
party in her new black open-toe curb; high heels cause you to lead require surgery. • If you’ve had a prior ankle
five-inch heels, she fell, her foot on your forefoot, where bone has super high heels is just asking for Still, some fashionistas think injury, think twice before you
going one way and her ankle the the least contact. And the higher trouble,” he points out. He’s seen their heels aren’t high enough. leave the house in heels.
other. “When I woke up the next the heel, the more dangerous the quite a few severe ankle fractures There are plans afoot for nine-
day, my ankle was throbbing and shoe. Joel S. Buchalter, M.D., a and dislocations in which surgery, inch Sky Heel, to be released next — Orly Avitzur, M.D., medical
had become extremely swollen,” clinical assistant professor of although helpful, did not make the year. That leaves plenty of time adviser to Consumers Union
she said. It was a month before Orthopaedic Surgery at the ankle normal, and he’s witnessed for you to consider these You Subscribe now!
her wedding—the last thing she Hospital for Joint Diseases, and increased injuries to the face and Tube wipe-outs, if you’re still S u b s c r i b e t o
wanted to do was to walk down co-director of the Orthopaedic wrists from such falls. tempted to hit the stores. for expert
the aisle in a cast. Institute at Putnam Hospital With stilettos, the narrowness of Tips to keep your holidays Ratings, buying advice and
Super-high heels like Carrie’s are Center in New York, says that the heel magnifies the risks. “It fracture-free: reliability on hundreds of
all the rage. Fashion magazines a l c o h o l s e e m s t o b e o f t e n creates the perfect storm and a • If you’re shopping and can’t products. Update your feed
tout them. Stars like Lady Gaga involved in high-heel injuries. recipe for disaster,” Baumhauer decide between the 3 and 5 inch preferences
and Victoria Beckham wear them. “ B e c a u s e d r i n k i n g i m p a i r s says—especially when you walk heels, choose the lower heel.
The surgeon who treated Carrie’s b a l a n c e a n d c o o r d i n a t i o n , across uneven ground. She points • If you simply must wear super
injuries (fractures to the 4 th and 5 stepping out to a club or a party in out that high-heel shoes often lack high heels, don’t drink.
42 Products/ E-reader News Edition

HexBug Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Consumer Reports cell-

Set service Ratings: AT&T is
(Woot! - One Day, One Deal)
Submitted at 12/6/2010 12:00:22 AM
Hexbug battle arena, custom-built
from the 29 easy-connect pieces
in this kit. You’ll come away with

Additional Photos:
the worst carrier
Carol Mangis (Consumer
B u g f i g h t s : N o C a u s e F o r a whole new understanding of the • Bridge Battle Habitat Reports)
Concern sport, and the Hexbugs and people Assembled
I’d like to see the NFL just TRY i n v o l v e d i n i t . F a r f r o m • Rare Nano Mutations Submitted at 12/6/2010 11:08:17 AM

and suspend me for this. exploiting mechanical wildlife, Specimens (colors may vary)
Look, you people who don’t fight Hexbug fighting is actually a Consumer Reports cell-service
• Package Contents
Hexbugs just don’t understand. great way to honor it. That’s why Ratings: AT&T is the worst
• Packaging
These robotic creatures were bred I got involved in the sport in the carrier
for fighting. They love it. They first place. AT&T is the lowest-scoring cell-
Product Specifications:
need it. It’s all they know. These phone carrier in the U.S.,
Also, one more dogfighting • Components: (1) easy connect
Hexbugs can’t be rehabilitated conviction and I’ll have to do jail according to a satisfaction survey Midwest—beat out Verizon
Bridge Battle Piece, (6) easy
into lovable family pets. Their time. of 58,000 Wireless as the top-rated provider
connect curved pieces, (2) easy
taste for virtual blood is part of Warranty: 90 Days Innovation readers. Of all the carriers rated, for contract service. Also, Sprint
connect straight pieces, (4) easy
who they are. AT&T was the only one to drop has pulled even in overall
First connect hex cell pieces, (16) easy
Besides, the long tradition of Condition: New significantly in overall satisfaction with Verizon, which
connect standoff pieces, and (2)
H e x b u g f i g h t i n g h o l d s a n Features: satisfaction. has been the clear top provider in
HEXBUG Nano specimens
important place in my culture. If • Everything that you need to Over half of the survey our Ratings in most years since
• Package weight: 2.3lbs.
you’ve ever played Rock ‘Em battle your HEXBUG Nanos with respondents who used AT&T as a 2003. Sprint even scored better
• Dimensions: 17” x 14” x 4” (W
Sock ‘Em Robots, you have no the Bridge Battle Habitat Set carrier owned some version of the than Verizon in some aspects of
x H x D)
right to criticize. iPhone, the Apple smart phone customer service, in a remarkable
• Nanos enter the arena through • Control: Autonomous
The hysterical media’s gonna one-way gates and battle against that is exclusive to AT&T, at least turnaround.
• Battery: AG13- Included
make this HexBug Bridge Battle one another until only one for now. Consumer Reports data, The survey is part of our annual
Habitat Set sound like evil remains reflecting all versions of the comprehensive cell-phone
In the box:
incarnate. They’ll take one • Nanos behave like real bugs and phone, found that iPhone owners package, which hits newsstands
• (1) Innovation First 477-1631
superficial look at the two flip over by themselves were much less satisfied with tomorrow (Dec. 7) as part of the
HexBug Nano Bridge Battle
included Hexbug Nanos and they • Includes (2) extremely rare their carrier and rated data service January issue of Consumer
Habitat Set - 29 easy connect
won’t see two ingenious robot N a n o m u t a t i o n s ( b a t t e r i e s (Web and e-mail) lower than Reports. It will also post online at
pieces and 2 extremely rare Nano
bugs that run around on twelve i n c l u d e d a n d i n s t a l l e d ) owners of smart phones on other CRO tomorrow morning.
l e g s a n d c a n f l i p o v e r b y • The (29) easy connect pieces carriers that, like the iPhone, have Subscribers will be able to get full
themselves. All they’ll see is two give you the freedom to get a host of apps to encourage heavy Ratings and all the details on the
Discuss this product
helpless victims. I ask you, which creative and see how many ways data use. story, including city-by-city
Price: $17.99 I want one!
side has more respect for these your Nanos can battle “Our survey suggests that an Ratings for 23 metro areas.
noble beasts? iPhone from Verizon Wireless, Subscribe now!
• Easy connect standoff pieces
I invite anyone to visit my allow you to create multi-level which is rumored, could indeed be S u b s c r i b e t o
good news for iPhone fans,” said for expert
Paul Reynolds, Electronics Editor Ratings, buying advice and
for Consumer Reports. reliability on hundreds of
Also big news this year: U.S. products. Update your feed
Cellular—which serves 26 states, preferences
mostly in the South and
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Are plasma TV brands staging a Facebook rolls out new

comeback? profile changes
James Willcox (Consumer After all, plasma TV sales Carol Mangis (Consumer
Reports) rebounded strongly this year, and Reports)
Submitted at 12/6/2010 10:04:15 AM they're often less expensive than Submitted at 12/6/2010 9:41:42 AM
comparably sized LCD sets.
Are plasma TV brands staging a My guess is that many of these Facebook rolls out new profile
comeback? brands will disappear from the changes
As I was researching the best TV plasma market after the holiday Social networking behemoth
deals for the Black Friday season, especially as the costs for Facebook has introduced a
shopping weekend, I came across some LCD components, such as number of changes to its Profile
an interesting development: There models.) All of these TVs were LED backlights, continue to fall. page. In an unusual move, CEO You can get more information
were a number of low-priced especially low-priced and were But it will be interesting to see if Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the and obtain the new Profile at
plasma TVs being offered by often used as doorbuster specials any remain, and if we once again new features during an interview And we'll follow
brands that either previously that broke price barriers for sets in see these names resurface during on " 60 Minutes" last night. up with a more detailed analysis
weren't selling plasma TVs, or their size category. Black Friday, 2011. One of the updates, called " soon.
that had exited the plasma TV For example, Kmart and Sears —James K. Willcox Next Steps Featured Friends," lets you create Find some helpful tips on using
business years ago. had a 42-inch Zenith set ( • TV Buying Advice: new groups of friends and feature Facebook at Consumer Reports
Earlier this year, you could find Z42PJ240) for $400 (it's now • Types of TVs| your choice of a friends lists. Online. And find out more about
plasma sets only from three major $450), while Walmart is still • TV Features| Your interests and activities are Facebook's privacy issues as well.
brands—LG Electronics, selling a 42-inch RCA ( • TV Brands also more prominent on the page, —Carol Mangis Subscribe now!
Panasonic and Samsung—plus a 42PA30RQ) for $399, and a 42- with images to represent them. A S u b s c r i b e t o
few models from Insignia, Best inch Element ( ELPCFT421) for All TV Ratings Subscribers can new "infinite scroll" feature has for expert
Buy's house brand. More recently, even less at $379. A 42-inch view and compare all TV Ratings. been added to the Photos pages, Ratings, buying advice and
plasma sets from Sanyo, a brand Viore 720p set ( PD42VH80), Recommended TVs Look at the letting you scan through your reliability on hundreds of
sold through Walmart, began bundled with an RCA HTIB, is ones that we chose as the best of photos easily. And the Friends products. Update your feed
appearing in our TV $499, and its 50-inch sibling(no the best. Subscribe now! page has also been updated with preferences
Ratings(available to subscribers). bundle) is $529 at the chain. S u b s c r i b e t o easier and faster search.
But in just the past month, So we've been wondering: Is the for expert
plasma TVs from brands jump in the number of plasma Ratings, buying advice and
including Element, RCA, Viore, brands we're seeing a short-term r e l i a b i l i t y o n h u n d r e d s o f
and Zenith have appeared in phenomenon designed to attract products. Update your feed
advertisements. (We're still seeing budget-conscious shoppers this preferences
some plasma sets from Hitachi, holiday season, or is part of a
available at Sears Outlet, but they longer-term plasma resurgence?
appear to be leftovers, not new
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HTML5 In The Brain Pan: 10KB Sniper Festive Foods

(Woot! - One Day, One Deal)
Submitted at 12/6/2010 10:00:00 AM
break full of under-your-breath
swearing and 10k Sniper will drop Around the
Games aren't always about
distraction. Sometimes they can
a non-verbal hint telling your boss
that he needs to start planning
ahead for the 2011 pay raise.
(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks)
be used as a form of Remember: the best kind of
communication. Bears and dogs threats are implied! This time of year, many
and feral cats, if you watch them But all kidding aside, you don'tAmericans tend to focus on
at play, all have plenty of non- play Super Mario Bros and then Christmas and New Year's Day.
verbal signals that mean "Hey, go fix your plumbing. You don't But a number of other cultures
back off!" So why can't humans play Sid Meier's Civilization V mark this season in their own
do the same thing with their and then apply to the U.N. So special ways, and be it Hanukkah
games? Well, we're willing to say don't be afraid of 10k Sniper. It's
or Pongal, a central part of each
that 10k Sniper is a game that pretty slow and they like to stand even a demo has some merit. And just a game, not a warning sign. celebration is food. We've
sends a message. Let's face it, no b e s i d e o p e n w i n d o w s f o r if you're working in a call center And truthfully, if each SPECTER gathered some of the best of the
boss is going to pass by your desk extended periods of time. Hey, or just found out the new schedule had a little Julian Assange head, world's holiday dishes, and we
and ignore this: nobody's saying this is Portal or has you working Christmas Eve, the designer could probably get hope they'll inspire you with their
In 10k Sniper, you're a sniper on anything. We all know HTML5 is being able to do this: funding from the Pentagon. wonderful flavors, and soon
a mission. There are SPECTERS still new, and the programmers might really hit your sweet spot. become a part of your traditions.
i n t h e s e s k y s c r a p e r s , a n d are still working things out. But There's even a chance that a lunch Next African: Kwanzaa
apparently these SPECTERS are This entry passed through the
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
AP Top 25: Duke Unanimous No. 1 your content and you're reading it
on someone else's site, please read
FanHouse Staff (FanHouse in the same order as well. Other teams that rose in the our FAQ page at
Main) The highest riser of the week was rankings this week include: No. content-only/faq.php
Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:10:00 PM Georgetown, as the Hoyas used a 11 Tennessee, No. 13 Memphis, Five Filters featured article:
victory over Missouri to propel No. 14 San Diego State, No. 16 Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Filed under: Duke, Kansas, themselves seven spots to No. 9. Illinois, No. 18 BYU, No. 19 Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Kansas State, Ohio State, Missouri fell six spots to No. 15. Purdue, No. 20 UNLV, No. 21 Catastrophe.
Pittsburgh Once again, Duke is But the biggest fallers of the week Washington, No. 23 Notre Dame
atop the AP Top 25 poll. The Blue were Kentucky and Minnesota. and No. 24 Louisville.
Devils succeeded in a tough week, The Wildcats lost at North Florida fell out of the rankings
taking down No. 7 Michigan State Carolina and fell from No. 10 to while Louisville makes its first
and last year's national runner-up, No. 17. The Golden Gophers were appearance of the season. Every
Butler. Thus, they received every short-handed, but still lost to other team in the Top 25 was also
No. 1 vote in the nation. Virginia at home and fell from in it last week.
With none of last week's top-5 No. 15 to No. 22. but hung with -- No. 1 Duke in
teams losing a game, the entire No. 6 Connecticut and No. 7 Cameron. Syracuse(No. 8) and
group -- Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Michigan State traded spots from Baylor(No. 10) fill out the
Kansas and Kansas State-- stayed last weez, as the Spartans lost -- remainder of the top 10.
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Baseball executive Pat Gillick elected to Hall of Fame

Associated Press ( field and 4 million people aren't from 1959-63. Hall of Fame Miller, who led the Major League
Submitted at 12/6/2010 12:19:56 PM going to show up." manager Whitey Herzog, a Baseball Players Association from
In his fifth time on the ballot, member of this year's Veterans 1966-81, had asked not to be
Updated: December 6, 2010, 1:19 former players' association head Committee, remembered Gillick included on the ballot. An
PM ET Marvin Miller fell one vote short as "a wild lefty." antagonist of baseball owners who
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- of the 75 percent needed for Gillick started with the Houston helped players gain free agency
Pat Gillick, whose teams won election. Colt .45s-Astros from 1963-73, and multimillion salaries, he
three World Series titles in 27 "Many years ago those who then was the Yankees scouting received 44 percent in 2003 and
years as a major league general control the Hall decided to rewrite director from 1974-76. He served 63 percent in 2007 when all Hall
manager, was elected to baseball's history instead of recording it," as GM of Toronto (1977-94), of Famers could vote on the
Hall of Fame on Monday by the the 93-year-old Miller said in a Baltimore (1996-98), Seattle veterans panel.
Veterans Committee. statement. "The aim was to (2000-03) and Philadelphia (2006 After the Hall downsized the
Gillick was GM of the Toronto eradicate the history of the -08). He currently is a Phillies committee, he got 3 of 12 votes in
Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles, tremendous impact of the players' senior adviser. 2007 -- when seven on the panel
Seattle Mariners and Philadelphia u n i o n o n t h e p r o g r e s s a n d Tal Smith, now the Astros' were from management -- and 7
Phillies, winning World Series development of the game as a president of baseball operations, of 12 last year.
titles with the Blue Jays in 1992 c o m p e t i t i v e s p o r t , a s and Paul Richards, Houston's first Selig and former Commissioner
and 1993, and with the Phillies in e n t e r t a i n m e n t , a n d a s a n GM, shaped many of Gillick's Fay Vincent have called for
2008. He received 13 votes from i n d u s t r y . " philosophies. Miller's election as has Rey
the 16-man committee. Dave Concepcion, a nine-time Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images Pat " T a l S m i t h i s t h e b i g g e s t Grebey, management's former
Vote totals All-Star shortstop who helped the Gillick has been a key part of four influence on me," Gillick said. labor negotiator.
Voting from the Veterans C i n c i n n a t i R e d s ' " B i g R e d organizations, including the "Paul Richards only gave me one "A long time ago, it became
Committee for induction into the Machine" win World Series titles Philadelphia Phillies during their piece of advice. He told me that apparent that the Hall sought to
Baseball Hall of Fame (12 of 16 in 1975-76, was third with eight recent run. looking at players, usually your bury me long before my time, as a
votes needed for election): votes from the committee that Gillick is the 32nd executive first impression is your correct metaphor for burying the union
• Pat Gillick (13 votes, 81.25 considered candidates from the elected but only the fourth who impression." and eradicating its real influence,"
percent) expansion era, 1973 on. was primarily a team architect, Gillick rejected the statistical Miller said. "Its failure is
• Marvin Miller (11 votes, 68.75 George Steinbrenner, the New according to the Hall, joining Ed Sabermetric approach used by exemplified by the fact that I and
percent) York Yankees owner from 1973 Barrow, Branch Rickey and some current GMs. the union of players have received
• Dave Concepcion (8 votes, 50 until his death in July, was among George Weiss. "I think you have to watch the far more support, publicity, and
percent) the candidates who received fewer "His skill for identifying talent game," he said. "The statistics tell appreciation from countless fans,
• Fewer than 8 votes: Ted than eight votes. and knowing how to build a you one thing and they don't want former players, writers, scholars,
Simmons, Vida Blue, Steve Gillick will be inducted into successful roster is exceptional," anything happening emotionally experts in labor management
Garvey, Ron Guidry, Tommy Cooperstown during ceremonies Commissioner Bud Selig said. on the field or anything on the relations, than if the Hall had not
John, Billy Martin, Al Oliver, on July 24 along with any players "Pat has always believed in field to really tinker with those embarked on its futile and
R u s t y S t a u b a n d G e o r g e chosen next month by the scouting and player development, statistics sometimes. So I think fraudulent attempt to rewrite
Steinbrenner. Baseball Writers' Association of and I know that he will accept this you have to use both. ... I think history. It is an amusing anomaly
Speaking at a news conference at America. extraordinary honor on behalf of you have to see the player and that the Hall of Fame has made
the winter meetings, Gillick Roberto Alomar, who helped all the scouts he has worked with you have to see him on the field -- me famous by keeping me out."
thanked all the people he's worked Gillick's Blue Jays win two World throughout his career." how he plays the game. Is he Under changes adopted by the
with over the years. Series, also could be inducted. Now 73, Gillick is the son of intense? Does he have passion? Hall last summer, managers,
"It all goes back to the players Alomar fell eight votes shy last minor league pitcher Larry Get his body language. See how umpires, executives and long-
they have on the field," he said. "I January in his first season of Gillick. Pat Gillick pitched in the he interacts with the other players
could stand in the middle of the eligibility.[+] Enlarge Baltimore Orioles' organization on the team." BASEBALL page 48
46 Sports/ E-reader News Edition

Boston Red Sox finalize trade to get San Diego Padres' Adrian
Chris Forsberg ( .284 and averaged 32 home runs Boston for years.
Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:14:13 PM and 99 RBIs. Saying that Epstein is his good
The Red Sox will ship minor friend and they talk often, Hoyer
Updated: December 6, 2010, 3:14 leaguers -- outfielder Reymond expressed regret that the Padres
PM ET By Chris Forsberg Fuentes, right-handed pitcher had to lose Gonzalez. Casey Kelly and first baseman "Adrian is a superstar player, and
Archive Anthony Rizzo -- and a player to I certainly wish we could keep
BOSTON -- Declaring it his be named later to San Diego in him in San Diego long term but
"second dream" to play in Boston, exchange for Gonzalez. we can't," Hoyer said. "I think he's
Adrian Gonzalez was introduced "This is one of the best hitters in going to be unbelievable at
as the latest member of the Red baseball," Red Sox manager Terry Fenway Park. He hit so many fly
Sox at Fenway Park on Monday. Francona said from Orlando in an balls the other way, and so many
Flanked by general manager interview on Boston sports radio times they just died before the
Theo Epstein and owner John station WEEI. "This is a big move warning track at Petco Park. He's
Henry, the soft-spoken Gonzalez for us. We're getting a middle of going to be a monster at Fenway
donned a numberless home Red the order bat, a guy that's won a Park. They've got themselves a
Sox jersey (he'll have to duke it couple of Gold Gloves. He's still great player, a player we certainly
out with old friend Mike Cameron young. This is exciting. We gave good faith that developed. Had we field, which is a great fit for our wish we could have kept. Red Sox
if he wants the No. 23 he wore in up some good players to get him, not gotten to know Adrian and his ballpark. He hits the ball the other fans will certainly enjoy watching
San Diego) and spoke of growing but that's the only way you can wife [Betsy] and what they're all way, so he'll be using the wall, him play for a long time."
up rooting for Boston from afar get a guy of his caliber." about over the course of the and we think he'll wear the wall Epstein took advantage of being
with a desire to one day play in The Padres admitted that they weekend, we probably wouldn't out going from [pitcher friendly] in a bigger market but didn't think
Fenway. couldn't afford to re-sign have had that comfort. We think Petco [Park] to Fenway Park." he got Gonzalez for nothing.
"I had five incredible years in San Gonzalez after his contract that he's such a good fit -- Adrian Epstein joked Gonzalez would "It wasn't a situation where either
Diego, where I grew up trying to expires at the end of the season. wants to be a Red Sox -- and we need to work on his speed with all side was looking to pull a fast ball
play in the major leagues and be a The Red Sox had been trying to want him to be a Red Sox for a those doubles he stands to register on the other," Epstein said. "This
Padre," Gonzalez said. "But my negotiate an extension but went long time." off the wall. More On The Red trade was all known commodities.
second dream was to be a Red ahead with the deal without a long Gonzalez is a three-time All-Star Sox We know Adrian really well, we
Sox and so I'm very excited ... to -term contract in place. Epstein who hit .298 with 31 homers and Gordon Edes and the rest of the know that he's of one of the best
start this new phase. I look said he's "confident" something 101 RBIs last season. In five team have the players int he game; Jed knows
f o r w a r d t o a l o t o f w o r l d will be worked out. seasons with San Diego, Gonzalez Red Sox covered for you. Blog our system well and got three
championships."[+] Enlarge "There was a lot of good faith that has 161 homers and 501 RBIs. Gonzalez added: "My first fly great prospects. This is a win-win-
AP Photo/Josh Reynolds New developed over the course of the Including parts of two seasons ball to left that would have been win situation."
Red Sox first baseman gets ready negotiations and both sides have with Texas, he has 168 homers an out at Petco, I'm looking Francona said he could tell that
to receive his jersey from team an understanding of what it will and 525 RBIs. forward to getting to second base Epstein thought this deal was
owner John Henry. take, when the time is right," "He's one of very best hitters in [at Fenway]." critical.
Gonzalez later tossed in a Epstein said. "We got close to a the game, left-handed hitter, San Diego gets some of Boston's "I could tell that Theo was really
reference about being ready to deal, but in the end the [48-hour] tremendous ability to control the top prospects. Padres general digging his heels in on this one,"
"beat the Yanks," the most window [to negotiate] lapsed and strike zone, hit for power, power manager Jed Hoyer was familiar Francona said. "And I'm glad he
surefire way to endear himself to we didn't have a deal. We decided to all fields," Epstein said. "His with the Red Sox's farm system did because when he feels that
the region. Another way is that to go forward with the trade natural stroke is to the opposite since he worked under Epstein in BOSTON page 48
over seven seasons, Gonzalez hit anyway, as a demonstration of the
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Dallas Cowboys QB, MNF icon Don Meredith dies at age 72

Associated Press ( fans, from his play in historic personalities who could also collarbones and ribs, everything
Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:20:51 PM NFL games like the Ice Bowl to compete at the highest level. No you can think of, Don had it. But
his great personality that helped one fit that description better than he was one tough individual. He
Updated: December 6, 2010, 2:20 launch the success of Monday Don Meredith." played with many an ailment and
PM ET Night Football." Born April 10, 1938, Meredith injury, and was very, very
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Don Over his nine-year career, was born and raised in Mount competitive. He and Bob Hayes
Meredith, the former Dallas Meredith threw for 17,199 yards Vernon, Texas, about 100 miles really set the standard for the wide
Cowboys quarterback who served and 111 touchdowns. He retired east of Dallas. He never played a -open offense, the motion guys
as a folksy foil for Howard Cosell unexpectedly before the 1969 home game outside of North and big plays."
o n A B C ' s " M o n d a y N i g h t season and just two years later Texas. Meredith's last moment in a
Football" and helped carve out the joined Keith Jackson and Cosell Meredith was a three-year starter Cowboys uniform was painful. He
niche for colorful ex-athlete in the broadcast booth as part of at quarterback for SMU and an threw three interceptions in a
broadcasters, has died. "Dandy the "Monday Night Football" All-America selection in 1958 and 1968 playoff game against the
Don," as he was known, was 72. crew. 1959. He was drafted in the third Cleveland Browns and was pulled
Meredith's wife, Susan, told The He quickly became one of the round by the Chicago Bears in in favor of Craig Morton.
Associated Press her husband died most popular broadcasters in 1960 and traded to the expansion "I tried to talk him out of it,"
Sunday in Santa Fe after suffering sports with a homespun humor Cowboys franchise for future Dallas coach Tom Landry said
a brain hemorrhage and lapsing t h a t p l a y e d o f f C o s e l l i n draft picks. after Meredith announced his
into a coma. She and her daughter particular. Meredith's signature Meredith shared time under retirement. "But when you lose
were at Meredith's side when he call was singing the famous you're getting me down there." center with Eddie LeBaron before your desire in this game, that's it."
died. Willie Nelson song "Turn Out the Another famous Meredith winning the starting job in 1965 In addition to his broadcasting
"He was the best there was," she Lights" when it appeared a game's moment occurred in 1972 at the and the following year guided the career, Meredith appeared in
said Monday, describing him as outcome had been determined. Houston Astrodome. The Oakland Cowboys to their first winning several TV shows and movies
kind, warm and funny. "We lost a Meredith left ABC after the 1973 Raiders were in the process of season (10-3-1). He was named after his playing career ended. He
good one." season for a three-year stint at beating the Houston Oilers 34-0. NFL Player of the Year after had a recurring role in "Police
Meredith played for the Cowboys NBC. He returned to the "MNF" A cameraman had a shot of a throwing a career-high 24 Story" and was a spokesman for
from 1960-1968, becoming the crew in 1977 before retiring in disgruntled Oilers fan, who then touchdown passes and 2,805 Lipton teas. Meredith and Don
starting quarterback in 1965. 1984, one year after Cosell left made an obscene gesture. yards. Perkins were the second and third
W h i l e h e n e v e r t o o k t h e the team. AP Photo Don Meredith, center, Meredith was one of nine Dallas players inducted to Cowboys Ring
Cowboys to the Super Bowl, Meredith was one of the first was part of a popular Monday players selected to the Pro Bowl of Honor in 1976.
M e r e d i t h w a s o n e o f t h e athletes to make the transition Night Football team with Howard that year -- the first of his two Pro Susan Meredith said a private
franchise's first stars. He led the from the field to color analyst and Cosell, left, and Frank Gifford. Bowl years. graveside service was planned.
Cowboys to three straight division the move to calling "Monday Said Meredith: "He thinks they're Although Roger Staubach and Copyright 2010 by The
titles and to consecutive NFL Night Football" was an easy one No. 1 in the nation." Troy Aikman made the Cowboys' Associated Press
Championship games in 1966 and for him. He was part of many "Don Meredith was a Dallas quarterback job synonymous with This entry passed through the
1967, where they lost both games memorable moments on ABC's Cowboys original. His wit, charm, greatness, both credit Meredith Full-Text RSS service — if this is
to eventual champion Green Bay. landmark hit. and strength of personality were for launching that tradition. your content and you're reading it
"Don Meredith was one of the In 1970, Meredith was in the matched only by his wonderful "He did it without as much help as on someone else's site, please read
most colorful characters in NFL booth for the St. Louis Cardinals' leadership, toughness and athletic some of the other guys had," said our FAQ page at
history. He was star on the field 38-0 whitewashing of his former skill," Cowboys owner Jerry Lee Roy Jordan, a former content-only/faq.php
who became an even bigger star team. The Cotton Bowl crowd late Jones said in a statement. Cowboys linebacker. "Our Five Filters featured article:
o n t e l e v i s i o n , " N F L in the game began chanting "We "Throughout 50 years of history, offensive line was not very good Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Commissioner Roger Goodell want Meredith!" the Cowboys legacy has been early on. He got beat up pretty
said. "He brought joy to football Meredith quipped, "No way built by dynamic and colorful bad -- broken noses and DALLAS page 48
48 Sports/ E-reader News Edition
Backloaded Schedule continued from page 46

strongly it's got a chance to really

continued from page 47

t h e t e a m ' s p a y r o l l f o r t a x Reporting of Falluja's Cancer

Will Keep Playoff- be good for us."
The Red Sox hope they have
Chris Forsberg is a reporter for

landed their long-term solution to Information

Hungry Teams on Edge losing out on free agent Mark
Teixeira two seasons ago. He
from The Associated Press was
used in this report.
Dave Goldberg (FanHouse agreed to an eight-year, $180 This entry passed through the
million deal with the Yankees, Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:30:00 PM and it remains to be seen how your content and you're reading it
close to that financial on someone else's site, please read
Filed under: Redskins, NFL neighborhood Gonzalez ends up. our FAQ page at
Playoffs, NFL Analysis At 9-3 One baseball source suggested to content-only/faq.php
and atop the NFC North with four that eventually Five Filters featured article:
games to go, the Bears should be a compromise in the seven-year, Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
confident of making the playoffs. $22 million per season range Reporting of Falluja's Cancer NFL's Best Rivalry?
But this year, the NFL's might get the deal done. The Red Catastrophe.
backloaded schedule makes things Sox might actually benefit from a Numbers Say It's
a lot dicier than normal for
leaders, especially in the NFC,
luxury-tax standpoint by holding Not Jets-Patriots
off on the deal until after Opening
where seven teams are 7-5 or Day, when it won't count against JJ Cooper (FanHouse Main)
Minnesota and Green Bay. And
better, and two won't make the Submitted at 12/6/2010 12:15:00 PM
winning those two road division BASEBALL
postseason because one spot is
games will be more important continued from page 45 Filed under: Jets, Patriots,
reserved for the winner of the
than beating two AFC teams. Ravens, Steelers, NFL Analysis
West, which probably will be 8-8 retired players from the expansion of Sports Illustrated and retired
That's not to single out Chicago. With the Ravens- Steelers and the
at best. era were considered this year. The Los Angeles Times reporter Ross
Aside from Atlanta, 10-2 with two Jets- Patriots both facing off this
Chicago's schedule makes the golden era (1947-72) will be Newhan.
games left against 1-11 Carolina, week, there has been a lot of
Bears' situation especially voted on in 2011 and the pre- Copyright 2010 by The
the other top teams still have big discussion about what is the best
tenuous: Depending on the integration era (1871-1946) will Associated Press
games to win thanks to the current rivalry in the NFL. And
situations of their opponents (like be judged in 2012. This entry passed through the
league's conscious decision to whether it's a Northeast corridor
the name and health of Serving on the committee with Full-Text RSS service — if this is
play as many division games as it bias or something else, a lot of
Minnesota's quarterback), they Herzog were Hall of Famers your content and you're reading it
can late in the season. people out there are making the
could be underdogs in all four of Johnny Bench, Eddie Murray, Jim on someone else's site, please read
Latest Update: NFL Playoff argument for Jets-Patriots -- but,
their remaining games -- the Palmer, Tony Perez, Frank our FAQ page at
Picture at least on paper, that's not the
Patriots and Jets at home; at Robinson, Ryne Sandberg and content-only/faq.php
Ozzie Smith along with White Five Filters featured article: case.
Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Deciding which rivalry is the
Orioles President Andy MacPhail, Reporting of Falluja's Cancer greatest is an eye-of-the-beholder
former Phillies owner Bill Giles, Catastrophe. thing, and we all bring our biases
Royals owner David Glass, Bob in to play. If you're a Falcons' fan,
Elliott of the Toronto Sun, Tim the Falcons- Saints rivalry
Kurkjian of ESPN, Tom Verducci probably ranks as the biggest in
the NFL. The same thing goes for
Bears- Packers if you live in
NFL'S page 49
E-reader News Edition Sports/ Gaming/ 49
continued from page 48

Chicago. closeness of games, in

But we'll try to reduce as much implications of the wins and
fan bias as we can by only losses, or in almost any other
looking at facts. And when you tangible aspect.
break it down, it's quite clear that
the Jets-Patriots rivalry doesn't
match Steelers-Ravens in

Rumor: Raven Software working on

stealth-based Bond game, followup to
Wolverine 'on the backburner'
Ben Gilbert (Joystiq) tumultuous story of Bond's 23rd
Submitted at 12/6/2010 3:50:00 PM film(said to now be back on track)
-- not to mention Raven's ties to
When it's not busy working on the very, very lucrative Call of
Activision's"largest digital Duty franchise and a recent
Bakersfield Jam Host offering ever" or making games
with superhuman Nazis, Raven
thinning of the studio's staff --
we're a bit wary that the supposed
Idaho Stampede Software is allegedly working on
another James Bond title for
Activision. Bond fansite MI6
stealth Bond will ever see the
light of day. Regardless, we are
totally, 100 percent confident in
Scott Schroeder (FanHouse Stampede for an interesting three
Main) games in four night series, having claims that the recently approved our unabashed excitement for the
swept Idaho with wins on Friday bankruptcy plan at MGM has reignited Bond 23 plans.
Submitted at 12/6/2010 12:55:00 PM
(125-111) and Saturday (110-103) allowed the unannounced Bond Rumor: Raven Software working
Filed under: NBA Videos, NBA behind big games from Johnson. title to be "taken off hiatus," and on stealth-based Bond game,
D-League, Bakersfield Jam, Idaho Johnson (pictured right), an elite says it's back in production at followup to Wolverine 'on the
Stampede The Idaho Stampede scorer coming out of Jackson Raven. Additionally, the report backburner' originally appeared
haven't won a single game this State in 2007, is averaging 24.9 alleges that the Bond title was one "on the backburner" currently. on Joystiq on Mon, 06 Dec 2010
year, opening the season with six points on 51 percent shooting of two games being worked on by Given the recent death sentence 15:50:00 EST. Please see our
straight losses under first-year from the field, placing him third Raven -- a sequel to 2009's X- handed to James Bond 007: Blood terms for use of feeds.
head coach Randy Livingston. among the D-League's leading Men Origins: Wolverine is said to Stone by Activision (did you Permalink| Email this| Comments
But they'll look to get on track scorers. The 6-foot-5 combo- also have been in production, know that game was released,
Monday against the Bakersfield guard had a tryout with the though that game is reportedly because it totally was) and the
Jam, who are led by former Minnesota Timberwolves earlier
Cleveland Cavaliers call-up Trey this season.
The Jam are hosting the
50 Gaming/ Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Pantone iPhone and iPad

cases thumb their noses at
Apple's grayscale
Ben Bowers (Engadget)
Submitted at 12/6/2010 3:45:00 PM

Neil Patrick Harris to host Milestone Shooting Considering the affection the
design community has for Apple

VGAs, hopefully in a legen Collection 2 bundles five products and the Pantone
Matching System, combining
these passions seems ripe for
- (wait for it) dary manner shmups on Wii success. At least that's Case
Scenario's theory with this new
Griffin McElroy (Joystiq) last year's VGA ceremony was line of licensed cases: they're
Submitted at 12/6/2010 3:30:00 PM one of the highlights -- but the JC Fletcher (Joystiq) game) and Illvelo, which was Pantone approved, so you know
first time he busts out some Submitted at 12/6/2010 3:10:00 PM once planned for North American the hues and ridiculous code
There are few people on this unconvincing nerd-speak, or gets release but canceled. Perhaps names are legit. In total, nine
planet we admire more than one danced all-up-on by models with The first Milestone Shooting North American publisher UFO different versions are available for
Mr. Neil Patrick Harris, the length award winners' names painted on Collection for Wii came to North Interactive will give Illvelo a the iPhone and four for the iPad,
of whose name is matched only their torsos, we're going to have a America as Ultimate Shooting second chance by bringing this providing plenty of style leeway
by the depth of his comedic talent full-on panic attack. We've got all Collection, and combined Chaos collection over. If you want the should the colorware route be out
-- which is to say that there's a lot our fingers crossed that those Field, Radio Allergy, and Karous import, it's out in Japan on of your budget. No word on
of it. However, we're of two won't occur, though leaving our into one delightfully cheap December 30. pricing or availability just yet, so
minds about how to react to the fingers in that position might collection of vertical shmups. You can see more of each game for now it looks like our Capsure
announcement that NPH would be make it a little difficult to type Milestone is developing a at the official site. color identifier will have to
fulfilling hosting duties for the snarky comments about the rest of followup in Japan, which contains Milestone Shooting Collection 2 remain holstered until more
2010 Spike VGAs, which, once the show. Hmmm. everything the first disc offered, bundles five shmups on Wii details surface.
again, we have been dragooned Neil Patrick Harris to host VGAs, plus two more games. Milestone originally appeared on Joystiq on Gallery: Case Scenario Pantone
into watching and reporting on hopefully in a legen- (wait for it) Shooting Collection 2 includes all Mon, 06 Dec 2010 15:10:00 EST. iPhone 4 & iPad Cases
this year. (Man, this job dary manner originally appeared three of the aforementioned Please see our terms for use of Pantone iPhone and iPad cases
sometimes, we swear.) on Joystiq on Mon, 06 Dec 2010 games, plus Radio Allergy Noir(a feeds. thumb their noses at Apple's
Again, we're big, big fans of Neil 15:30:00 EST. Please see our version of which was released as a Permalink| Email this| Comments grayscale aesthetic originally
(who provided one of the four terms for use of feeds. standalone, full-price Xbox 360 appeared on Engadget on Mon, 06
Spider-voices in Shattered Permalink| Email this| Comments Dec 2010 15:45:00 EDT. Please
Dimensions), and his bit during see our terms for use of feeds.
Permalink Design Boom| Case
Scenario| Email this| Comments
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Boycott Amazon? Not doing it. Gallup: George W. Bush

(Scripting News)
Submitted at 12/6/2010 9:03:06 AM
that there will always be. If
Twitter had shut them off, that
would be serious, because their
convenient service.
We don't know all the facts about
WikiLeaks. I see the press taking
Job Approval Nudges
I'm a veteran of many free speech pricing model, and lack of
campaigns on the Internet dating federation, more or less cuts off
their side of the story and
publishing it as fact. So maybe Past Obama's
back to the Communication competition. There it would be people who want a boycott are (Newsmax - Inside Cover)
Decency Act in 1996. I've been really chilling. Here, not even being misled. Maybe WikiLeaks Submitted at 12/6/2010 9:35:44 AM
around this block many times. So slightly chilling. didn't have to go to Amazon,
when people say"I thought we Further, I depend on Amazon a maybe the DOS attack isn't Monday, 06 Dec 2010 03:35 PM
were boycotting Amazon for their lot more than most people do. For severe. We don't know. I see, in Things weren’t looking too good
treatment of WikiLeaks" when I me it's not at all a casual decision. WikiLeaks, a man and an for President George W. Bush
posted a link to Amazon's new And when I make a principled organization that is very good at when he left office last year.
programmable DNS feature stand, I tend to stick by it. For manipulating the public. They're They’re looking a whole lot better
(which I've been waiting for, example, I was a vocal critic of not alone in that, the Republicans now, according to a new Gallup whose disapproval rating exceeds
thanks) I see it all coming around Twitter's Suggested Users List. are good at it too, as are the North poll, Politico reports. The survey their approval rating. The other is
again. When they put me on the list, I Koreans and Al Qaeda. Being shows 47 percent of Americans Richard Nixon.
First, there certainly are things had to request to be removed. good at manipulating us isn't good approve of Bush’s presidency, up The Nov. 19-21 poll found that
worth going to the mat for. But Painful thing to do, because or bad. But then you have to ask from 34 percent when he left John F. Kennedy remains the
this is not one of them. For a millions of followers, like it or "Do they really need my help?" office and from his November most popular modern president,
variety of reasons. not, have huge PR value. No And do they need it this way? 2008 low of 25 percent. with 85 percent approving of his
First, if I were in Amazon's matter, I had put my stake in the And will everyone feel so Meanwhile, President Barack performance. Ronald Reagan
shoes, and I have been, I'm not ground. strongly about boycotting Obama’s approval rating has registered 74 percent and Bill
sure I wouldn't have done exactly I boycotted Amazon once before, Amazon in a couple of weeks, or slumped to 46 percent. Clinton, 69 percent, up from 61
what they did. They're running a for the one-click patent. It was will we all go back to business as This was the first time Gallup percent in 2006.
business, not a government. They when I learned that other open usual? had asked Americans for a © Newsmax. All rights reserved.
aren't the guarantors of anyone's tech advocates were using (and All these things weigh in a hindsight rating on Bush’s job This entry passed through the
rights, that's the government's job. loving) Amazon, years after I decision as to whether or not to performance, Politico says. And Full-Text RSS service — if this is
There are plenty of choices for quit, that I realized my stand was make a principled stand. his showing lends credence to his your content and you're reading it
web hosting besides Amazon. pointless. I wasn't making a And it adds up to this, now, re own claim that history will look on someone else's site, please read
And because they charge money statement any longer, I was just Amazon: Not even a close call. upon him more kindly than polls our FAQ page at
for their services, they guarantee c u t t i n g m y s e l f o f f f r o m a since he took office, it notes. content-only/faq.php
Bush’s 47 percent rating is the Five Filters featured article:
highest he has enjoyed since Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
before Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
But his 51 percent disapproval Catastrophe.
rating still makes him one of only
two presidents in the past 50 years
52 Politics/ E-reader News Edition

PTA Burnout: Is Parent Volunteering a Waste of Time?

Delia Lloyd (Politics Daily) interest that I read last week's 18 years and joining the board of
Submitted at 12/6/2010 11:53:00 AM much-discussed article in the New governors at a local secondary
York Times titled " Frazzled school. Her rationale? While the
LONDON -- I was walking down M o m s P u s h B a c k A g a i n s t primary school has come a long
the street the other day when I Volunteering." The thrust of the way in improving its academic
saw an attractive-looking poster article is that today's parents track record under her watch, the
advertising a Christmas fair. As I (read: moms) have so over- secondary school is on shaky
stopped to read the fine print, I extended themselves volunteering ground and is in danger of
did a double take. The fair was the at their kids' schools that they are floundering.
o n e h e l d a n n u a l l y a t m y now fighting to get their lives This woman has had two children
daughter's school. And for the back. The article profiles one go through that school, so she
first time in four years, I realized woman who "just said no" to obviously has a personal
that I had no earthly idea how more volunteer opportunities relationship to ensuring its
many raffle tickets we'd sold. Nor when she found herself presiding success. But reading about her
had I been the one to obtain the over Teacher Appreciation Week story and her rationale for
local business sponsor for the fair. at her children's school in San jumping in to try and right the
And then I remembered: Oh, Mateo, Calif., and getting up daily beginning to push back against luxury than a necessity. (A friend
ship at this struggling school
yeah, right. I'm not on the PTA at 4 a.m. to work on the school volunteering is that a lot of the of mine recently described the
suddenly got my own latent,
anymore. teacher-appreciation breakfasts, "three-tier" system at her
auction. volunteer juices flowing. And I
As I wrote about several months I've been there, honey. And I am recess helpers, and snack parents suburban school wherein the first-
began to experience a twinge of
ago on my own blog, there's a sooooo right there with you. just aren't all that necessary. year parent volunteers "watch"
that old school spirit, albeit
natural life cycle to being a As she puts it: "Help build a another person run an event. The
Reactions in the comments directed toward a set of schools
member of the PTA. You come in section of the article have been house with Habitat for Humanity, second year, they "shadow." And
my own children don't attend.
-- usually when your kids are new numerous and thoughtful. Some and you probably won't come the third year -- once they're really
I began to think that maybe, like
to the school. You do your thing - denounce the "über-moms" with away declaring, 'I'll never do that up to speed -- they get to run it
her, I too could make a small
- raise some money, run some their pumpkin costumes and again.' But spending hours cutting ("it" being, um . . . a bake sale)
difference somewhere. And
bake sales, or in my case, achieve doorknob decorations for setting out tiny squares for a kids' mosaic themselves. Yikes!)
actually feel motivated to try.
an alter-ego, rock star-like status the bar way too high for the rest art projects? Not so much." More importantly, even if your
Who knows? Maybe it's time to
in your community as "Raffle of us ordinary mortals. Others I'm not sure I'd go quite that far. I school doesn't particularly "need"
resurrect Raffle Lady after all . . .
Lady," which you'll never quite enjoin us to just shut up and deal think that a lot of moms do "über- all of its volunteers, some school
Follow Delia on Twitter.
manage to shake. volunteer" because they enjoy it (I right down the road very well
with "grandparent day" and "gift This entry passed through the
And then some combination of wrapping assemblies" because, at know I did). It's fun and it's social may.
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
i n c r e a s e d w o r k d e m a n d s , the end of the day, our public and it's deadline-driven and even Indeed, no sooner had I breathed
your content and you're reading it
changing family priorities and one schools simply can't afford to if you're doing something a fresh sigh of relief that someone
on someone else's site, please read
too many times jamming the PTA c a r r y o n w i t h o u t p a r e n t "mindless" (force-feeding mince else was spending today phoning
our FAQ page at
laminator sets in. And you hand involvement in these cash- pies on an unsuspecting public, up the winners of this year's
off to the next gang, who come to strapped times. anyone?), it means the world to Christmas raffle, when I happened
Five Filters featured article:
that very first organizational I'm sympathetic to both points of your children to see you in their to pick up a copy of the local
Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
meeting in September brimming view. But the response to the school. newspaper that serves my London
Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
w i t h e x a c t l y t h e s a m e article that most resonated for me But it does seem to be true that -- borough (county). In it was a
irrepressible enthusiasm you once was K.J. Dell'Antonia's piece in at least going by some of the feature on a prominent journalist
evinced, but now can barely S l a t e ' s X X F a c t o r b l o g . comments on the Times article -- who is stepping down from the
manage to fake. parent volunteering in some board of governors at a local
Dell'Antonia argues that one
So it was with considerable reason so many women are settings may often be more of a primary (elementary ) school after
E-reader News Edition Politics/ 53

Ranking Former Presidents: JFK Still on Top, Clinton Rises

While Carter Falls
Bruce Drake (Politics Daily) Clinton and fall of Jimmy Carter. the first time, came in second-to- was "neutral leaning favorable" Korea. He has also had his share
Submitted at 12/6/2010 12:25:00 PM In 2006, Carter and Clinton each last at 47 percent). Lyndon on the pardon). His reputation of controversies stemming from
got a 61 percent approval rating in Johnson's numbers improved from probably didn't fare much better strong views, particularly on the
The public perceptions of former the Gallup poll, tying them for 41 percent to 49 percent. during the 2008 campaign, when Mideast, that have been at odds
presidents in the modern political third place. The swap in positions between he aggressively supported Hillary with U.S. foreign policy and
era have sometimes changed for The new poll has Clinton still in Carter and Clinton merits a look Clinton's run for the Democratic traditional American allies such as
the better or worse, compared to third, with his job approval rising at their career trajectories since nomination against Barack Israel, which regarded him as
how they were seen while in to 69 percent, while Carter leaving office. Obama. His apparent anger and hostile to its interests particularly
office, but the one constant in dropped to sixth, with an approval While Carter's presidency may bitterness after things started after publication of his book, "
Gallup's polling of views of nine rating of 52 percent. have been viewed as a failure by going Obama's way culminated in Palestine Peace not Apartheid."
chief executives who served Carter had left office with a many, his post-White House Clinton being accused of Carter also stirred the partisan pot
during the last 50 years is that dismal 34 percent approval rating stature rose because of his work in engaging in racial politics and in 2007 with a widely-publicized
John F. Kennedy still comes out in a Gallup poll after his one term, humanitarian activities and his likely sunk his popularity to its interview in which he called the
on top. Eighty-five percent of compared to Clinton's rebound to one-man international diplomacy lowest point. But in recent years, Bush administration's handling of
those surveyed by Gallup Nov. 19 66 percent in 2001 despite the that led to a Nobel Peace prize in Clinton's stock and popularity international relations "the worst
-21 said they approved of how cloud over his presidency from 2002 for his work in trying to find have risen, with one measure in history." A Bush spokesman, in
Kennedy performed in office, the 1998 Monica Lewinsky affair. "peaceful solutions to being the value that Democrats turn, said of Carter, "I think he is
about the same percentage as in Clinton ended his term on a high international conflicts, to advance put on his presence on the proving to be increasingly
2006. Gallup says Kennedy has a p p r o v a l n o t e , t h a n k s t o a democracy and human rights, and campaign trail in the midterm irrelevant with these kinds of
consistently ranked first since it booming economy that offset the to promote economic and social elections. Even some Republicans comments.'' Follow Poll Watch on
started asking the question in damage from the Lewinsky development." Clinton began his were finding a "soft spot" in their Twitter
1990. scandal. Gallup surveys at the post-presidential career on a hearts for Clinton, if a New York Visit the Poll Watch Home Page
Ronald Reagan comes in second time suggested that the public decidedly down note due to the Times piece last October is to be and see all the latest polls in one
at 74 percent, showing that the separated in its mind how he was controversy that erupted on his believed. Said the Times of place
rough times he weathered in both d o i n g h i s j o b a s p r e s i d e n t decision to pardon Marc Rich, a Clinton: "Many Republicans with This entry passed through the
his terms -- with his job approval compared to its opinion of billionaire fugitive, on his last day a deep animus for President Full-Text RSS service — if this is
dropping to the 40 percent Clinton's personal behavior (only in office. Rich, who fled abroad Obama find their hearts aflutter your content and you're reading it
neighborhood during the 1982 24 percent considered him "honest after being indicted on charges with the memory of a former on someone else's site, please read
recession and then falling again and trustworthy" in January that included tax evasion, mail leader. He was a compassionate our FAQ page at
during the Iran-Contra scandal 1999). fraud and trading with the enemy, conservative, a guy who cared content-only/faq.php
that overshadowed 1986-87 -- Two other former presidents saw had worked his pardon request about free trade, a man who Five Filters featured article:
were the kind of time-limited their rating numbers rise with the through Clinton's former White reached across the aisle." As for Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
travails that fade when other passage of time. George H. W. House counsel, Jack Quinn. (In Carter, the former president has Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
qualities loom larger in the public Bush went from a 54 percent the small-world way of things, continued to play a role on the Catastrophe.
memory. approval rating in 2006 to 64 Eric Holder, then a deputy international scene, winning the
The most noticeable change in percent in the new poll. (His son, attorney general and now attorney freedom last summer of an
this year's survey is the rise of Bill George W., ranked in this list for general, told the White House he American imprisoned in North
54 Politics/ E-reader News Edition

Congress Moving Toward Extending Bush Tax Cuts for All -- for
Patricia Murphy (Politics Daily) in an appearance in North also signaled that Republicans
Submitted at 12/6/2010 12:27:00 PM Carolina on Monday, the would relent on their opposition
president said that both parties to extending jobless benefits, even
With the Dec. 31 deadline need to find a compromise on the if the benefits are not paid for
looming for the expiration of the issue. with cuts elsewhere in the federal
Bush-era tax cuts, White House "Republicans want to make budget.
and Congressional negotiators permanent tax cuts for the "I think we will extend
appear be moving toward a deal wealthiest Americans and I have unemployment compensation,"
that would temporarily extend the argued that we can't afford it right McConnell said. "We've had some
current tax rates for all now," Obama said. "But, we've very vigorous debates in the
households, while also extending got to find consensus here Senate. Not about whether to do it
unemployment benefits for because a middle-class tax hike but whether to pay for it as
Americans who have been out of would be very tough, not only for opposed to adding it to the deficit.
work for more than 26 weeks. working families, but it would All of those discussions are still
Specifically, the proposal would also be a drag on our economy at under way."
permanently extend the Bush tax this moment." McConnell and Senate Majority
cuts on all annual household Part of that consensus, the Leader Harry Reid are expected to
income below $250,000, while president said, must also be an senators voted 36-53 against Virginia and Feingold, along with present a final proposal to their
temporarily continuing current tax extension of unemployment moving to the House-passed bill, L i e b e r m a n , v o t e d w i t h t h e members at caucus meetings on
rates for income over $250,000, benefits and tax provisions from seven votes short of the 60 votes R e p u b l i c a n s . Tuesday, while House leaders will
likely for two years. In addition, the stimulus bill, including the needed to break the filibuster. A f t e r t h e S a t u r d a y v o t e , do the same on their side of
extended unemployment benefits Making Work Pay tax credit for Four Democrats -- Joe Manchin c o n g r e s s i o n a l n e g o t i a t o r s , Capitol Hill. Once each side has
would continue for one year, low- and middle-income workers. of West Virginia, Jim Webb of including House Speaker Nancy g a u g e d t h e s u p p o r t f o r a
while expiring tax cut provisions "We've got to make sure we're V i r g i n i a , B e n N e l s o n o f Pelosi and House Majority Leader compromise from their members,
included in the stimulus bill coming up with a solution, even if Nebraska, and Russ Feingold of Steny Hoyer, went back to votes in the House and Senate are
would also continue temporarily. it's not 100 percent of what I want Wisconsin -- voted with the c o n t i n u e t a l k s w i t h t o p expected later this week.
Although senior congressional or what Republicans want." Republicans to block action on Republicans and the White This entry passed through the
aides stress that no deal has been Although many Democrats are t h e b i l l , a s d i d S e n . J o e House. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
finalized, a compromise on loath to join Obama in a Lieberman, an independent from On Sunday, Senate Minority your content and you're reading it
extending the tax cuts for the compromise on the issue, they Connecticut. L e a d e r M i t c h M c C o n n e l l on someone else's site, please read
highest earners would represent a may have little choice if they want Later, by a 37-53 vote, the Senate appeared on NBC's "Meet the our FAQ page at
painful concession for the most to keep the middle-class tax cuts also stopped consideration of "the Press" to discuss the negotiations content-only/faq.php
liberal Democrats, who fought the alive. While Democrats in the millionaires' tax," a bill that and lay out the areas where he Five Filters featured article:
tax cuts when they passed House of Representatives were would have extended the Bush tax saw compromise coming from the Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Congress in 2001 and 2003 and able to push through a permanent cuts for every American family left and the right. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
have fought to end them ever extension of the cuts for income making less than $1 million per "Obviously, the president won't Catastrophe.
since. Even President Obama below $250,000 last week, Senate year, while returning income sign a permanent extension, so
made a rollback of the Bush tax Democrats failed on Saturday to taxes for everyone else to 2001 we're going to have some kind of
cuts for wealthy Americans a find enough votes to move to a levels. Democratic Sens. Richard extension. I'd like one as long as
cornerstone of his campaign for debate on the measure. Durbin of Illinois, Tom Harkin of possible," " he said of the tax cuts
president in 2007 and 2008. But In a rare weekend session, Iowa, Jay Rockefeller of West for the high earners. McConnell
E-reader News Edition Politics/ Health/ 55

Obama Warns of New 'Sputnik Moment' for

(Newsmax - Inside Cover) Soviet Union's launch of the first important for lawmakers to pass Obama spoke in general terms,
Submitted at 12/6/2010 8:06:58 AM satellite in 1957 and the national an extension of the jobless mentioning future investments in
response that put America in the benefits. areas like education and
Monday, 06 Dec 2010 02:06 PM f o r e f r o n t o f t e c h n o l o g y Republicans have insisted that infrastructure, though he outlined
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — development. He said the most any extension of jobless aid be no specific initiatives he would
President Barack Obama warned i m p o r t a n t c o m p e t i t i o n f o r
Monday the United States faces a America today is not between
paid for with cuts elsewhere in the
federal budget. The White House
promote. White House spokesman
Bill Burton said Obama would
MF Super
new "Sputnik moment" in an Democrats and Republicans but
increasingly one-world economy with other nations.
opposes that, saying such cuts are
economically damaging during a
likely speak about some of his
plans in his State of the Union
Foods: Sweet
a n d s a i d i t m u s t m o v e "The hard truth is this: in the race
dramatically to hold its place as for the future, America is in
weak recovery.
With the nation's unemployment
address early next year.
The president also said America's Potatoes
global leader. danger of falling behind," he rate hovering near 10 percent, competitiveness would be buoyed (
Obama pressed anew in a North warned. Obama said it was equally by favorable trade agreements,
Submitted at 12/6/2010 3:00:00 AM
C a r o l i n a s p e e c h f o r a n In Washington, Democrats and important for lawmakers to pass like the free trade deal completed
accommodation with Republicans R e p u b l i c a n s a r e s e e k i n g a an extension of the jobless with South Korea last week. by Noelle Pistilli| Print Article|
on extending Bush era tax cuts, compromise in Capitol Hill talks benefits. Republicans have Obama dismissed critics who Email to Friend
saying he would cede ground in on extending the Bush-era tax insisted that the benefits be paid argue that trade deals will hurt It's a nutritional
his positions in order to help cuts, which are due to expire at for with cuts elsewhere in the businesses at home, arguing powerhouse—ideal whether
lawmakers reach a bipartisan the end of the year. An outline is federal budget. The White House instead that American companies you're trying to cut carbs and lose
compromise. emerging that would temporarily opposes that, saying such cuts are will get a boost by expanding weight, or bulk up and build
The president signaled a deal extend the cuts for all taxpayers economically damaging during a their markets overseas. muscle. We asked chef Nils
could be close, and said "weve got and extend jobless benefits for weak recovery. © Copyright 2010 The Associated Noren of The French Culinary
to make sure we're coming up millions of American. A month after his party suffered Press. All rights reserved. This Institute and Lyniece North
with a solution, even if it's not 100 Obama said lawmakers are still sweeping defeats in the midterm material may not be published, Talmadge, author of The Sweet
percent what I want or 100 engaged in "serious debate" as elections, Obama said it's time for broadcast, rewritten or Potato Lover's Cookbook, for
percent what the Republicans they work through differences. He lawmakers to stop making redistributed. some unique ways to get more
want." reiterated his opposition to a decisions based on the political This entry passed through the sweet potatoes on your plate.
The president used much of his permanent extension of tax cuts implications for the next election. Full-Text RSS service — if this is Grab some as a snack . . .
10-day Asian tour recently to for top income earners, saying the "I believe that right now there are your content and you're reading it Make your own homemade sweet
argue America's case for more country couldn't afford them. bigger issues at stake for our on someone else's site, please read potato chips. To get started, turn
open markets for U.S. goods, and The negotiations between the country than politics," he said. our FAQ page at your oven to 375 degrees. While
in his remarks Monday at the administration and lawmakers of During his three-hour stop in content-only/faq.php it warms, nuke a couple of
Forsyth Technical Community both parties have centered on a North Carolina, Obama also Five Filters featured article: medium peeled sweet potatoes for
College, he carried the appeal two-year extension of current offered a glimpse of his 2011 Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- a minute. Cut the warm spuds into
even further. rates. agenda as he called for new Reporting of Falluja's Cancer very thin slices. "Then toss them
Proclaiming a "new Sputnik With the nation's unemployment investments that would put the Catastrophe. with fresh diced herbs—rosemary
moment," Obama recalled the rate hovering near 10 percent, U.S. in a better competitive or thyme is perfect—plus a bit of
shock in this country over the Obama also said it was equally position in the world. oil," Talmadge says. Bake them in
single layer on a nonstick baking

SUPER page 56
56 Daily Word/ Health/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 55

sheet for 30 to 45 minutes, or until cool, then pour into a blender. microwaving for example. This
John 10:14-15 (12-06-10)
(Verse of the Day) for us. He is not a hireling, he is
crispy. For more flavor, use salt Process until smooth. Return to helps bring out the potato's earthy,
and pepper or a bit of balsamic pot. Stir in a cup of coconut milk less sweet flavor. Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:00:00 AM the Good Shepherd. My Prayer...
vinegar. and 1/2 cup of water. Heat until Holy Father, you are wonderful
[Jesus said,] "I am the good and generous beyond description.
Eat 'em for breakfast . . . warm. Yams vs. Sweet Potatoes
shepherd; I know my sheep and You have shown your love by
Try a lean spin on eggs Benedict. Cooking Tips and Tricks The sweet potatoes and yams you
my sheep know me - just as the sending your Son to be my
Microwave a sweet potato until see in most grocery stores are
Father knows me and I know the Shepherd. Help me hear his voice
soft, about 4 minutes. Cut in half • For grilled spuds: Boil a few exactly the same! American
Father - and I lay down my life through your Word. Help me hear
and mash insides with a fork. Top whole potatoes in their skin for "yams" are just a different variety
for the sheep." his voice through the wise counsel
with a couple of poached eggs. a b o u t 1 0 m i n u t e s . S l i c e of sweet potato, given the
— John 10:14-15(NIV) Thoughts of spiritual friends. Help me hear
For a low-cal hollandaise sauce, lengthwise into wedges. Brush alternate name by farmers. True
on Today's Verse... The goal of his voice through the words sung
combine 1/4 cup egg substitute, 1 with olive oil, then place directly yams are grown in West Africa
our walk with Jesus is to come to to me by my brothers and sisters
tbsp light butter, 1 tsp lemon on the grill. Cook for one to two and New Guinea and, unless
know him as our shepherd just as when we are assembled. Help me
juice, 1 tsp dijon mustard, and a minutes on each side, or until you're shopping in a specialty
intimately as he knows the Father. hear his voice in the Holy Spirit's
dash of cayenne pepper. Warm crispy. market, you'll likely never run
A key thing for us to remember: work on my conscience. Father, I
sauce in the microwave (don't • across them in the U.S. Related
In a world where so many people want to follow your Son as my
cook too long or it may curdle). • For potatoes in a hurry: Prepare articles:
want to attract our attention and Shepherd and Lord because I
Mix with your rice . . . a large batch of sweet potatoes. MF Super Foods: Peanut Butter
are willing to give us advice, we know he, like you, is good! In the
For a perfect side to grilled Let cool, then wrap the cooked Five Energy-Zapping Foods
can refuse their voice. We listen name of my Shepherd and Lord I
chicken or steak, finely dice a potatoes individually in plastic 101 Ways to Lose Your Gut
to Jesus because he has shown his pray. Amen.
sweet potato and dump it into the wrap or zip-close bags. Toss in [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
love for us by laying down his life
water when you start cooking the the freezer to defrost and eat later more]
rice. Let the mixture come to a on. This entry passed through the
boil and steam. When done, fluff • Full-Text RSS service — if this is
with a fork, then stir in additional • For sweeter potatoes: Go slow your content and you're reading it
ingredients such as chopped and low. Cooking slowly allows on someone else's site, please read
almonds or mint. the sugars in the potatoes to our FAQ page at
Blend them . . . caramelize and brings out its content-only/faq.php
To make a delicious sweet potato natural sweetness. Try baking Five Filters featured article:
soup, toss a diced onion and 2 your spuds at 350 degrees for Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
tbsp of olive oil in a large pot and around an hour. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
cook until tender. Add a dash of • Catastrophe.
curry powder, the flesh of 3 • For a more savory dish: Cook
precooked sweet potatoes, and 5 for speed. aim to soften the
cups of vegetable stock, then potato's flesh as quickly as
bring the mixture to a boil. Let possible, by boiling or

MF Guy: Idris Elba

GUY: page 57
Submitted at 12/6/2010 4:00:00 AM
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 57
continued from page 56

by Brandon Guarneri| Print week. "I'm not really fussy," he •

Article| Email to Friend says. "I just need a couple of • Don't give up on sports: he
IDRIS ELBA speed bags." Elba focuses on tackled basketball, soccer, and
Age: 38 drills broken down into three- rugby in school, and played in a
Height: 6'2" minute rounds where he works Sunday soccer league after he
Weight: 215 lbs through high and low kicks, graduated. "I was always a real
Up Next: A role as the all-seeing, combos, and light sparring. After athletic kid," says Elba. "Then
all-hearing Norse god Heimdall in that come leg raises for the core. when I got older, I just figured it
Thor(May 2011) "That's ab work like you've never was part of life to keep training."
Actor Idris Elba has played every had it," he says. "It's rough."
role from a tough guy (Russell HIS WORKOUT Related articles:
"Stringer" Bell on The Wire), to a Elba stays fit without an ironclad MF Interview: Danny Trejo
corporate suit (on The Office), to gym routine. Here are three ways MF Interview: Phil Keoghan
a bank robber (in Takers). Tying you can too: Top 10 Hollywood Bulk-Ups
them all together is Elba's build. • Eat a good breakfast: No matter [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
"I try to fit in workouts whenever
I can," the British-born star tells
what, Elba gets in some carbs and
protein when he wakes
This entry passed through the
Fring adds Dynamic
MF. That might mean 45 minutes up—usually a healthy cereal and Full-Text RSS service — if this is
of jogging in the a.m., or pushups
and situps—100 each at a

your content and you're reading it
on someone else's site, please read
Video Quality to its video
time—or swimming: "It works
every muscle in your body," he
• Maintain your weight: Elba
never gains more than a few
our FAQ page at
content-only/faq.php calling apps
says. pounds at a time. "I have one of Five Filters featured article: Paul Miller (Engadget) quality automatically (and
Elba also kickboxes, and has for these bodies," he says. "When I Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Submitted at 12/6/2010 3:05:00 PM asynchronously) adjusts to use
six years. "I'm not really allowed was younger, I could never put Reporting of Falluja's Cancer your available bandwidth, with an
to do it while I'm working because weight on, and now that I'm a Catastrophe. Fring is working hard to seize on emphasis on keeping the audio
it's considered too dangerous," he little older, there's a natural sort of this (hopefully temporary) gap in stream pure and uninterrupted. It
says. "Film producers get very chubbiness coming. But honestly, the video chat firmament, where might sound like a no brainer, but
nervous." When he can, he hits if I work out for a week, it drops Google is lacking in a first party it's a nice touch -- particularly for
the dojo two or three times a off in no time." mobile video chat solution, folks straying from WiFi and
Apple's supposedly open trying their luck with carrier data.
FaceTime standard has yet to be Check out a video of DVQ in
opened, and Skype is dragging its action after the break.
feet on a mobile video call Continue reading Fring adds
implementation. We're not sure Dynamic Video Quality to its
how long that will last, but until video calling apps
then we're happy to have Fring Fring adds Dynamic Video
sprucing up its own cross- Quality to its video calling apps
platform solution. Fring just originally appeared on Engadget
pushed out new Android and on Mon, 06 Dec 2010 15:05:00
iPhone versions of its app that EDT. Please see our terms for use
include "DVQ," or "Dynamic of feeds. Permalink| Fring| Email
Video Quality" for video calling. this| Comments
It's pretty simple: the video
58 Health/ Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Carve Your Serratus Samsung Nexus S

Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:00:00 AM utilizing NXP's PN544
by Matt McGorry| Print Article|
Email to Friend NFC chip
The serratus anterior muscle Darren Murph (Engadget)
looks like fingers pointing from Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:38:00 PM
your ribs to your six-pack (raise
your arms, and you may be able to Well, color us surprised. Just last
see yours). It's vital for healthy Wednesday, Samsung announced
shoulders and makes you look that it had developed its very own
especially ripped. But most guys NFC module in-house, but today
just aren't lean or muscular we're learning that it came just a
enough to reveal theirs. To boost few months too late for inclusion
yours, do 10 to 20 reps of any of in the outfit's forthcoming Nexus
the following moves before your S. Right on cue, NXP
regular workout. Semiconductors has come
A) DIP SHRUG forward today proclaiming its
Get on parallel bars as you would involvement in the first handset to
to do dips. Keeping a slight bend keep your core braced throughout. [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and ship with Android 2.3. The outfit's
in your elbows, let your body sink It's the same idea as the dip shrug. more] PN544 NFC controller and
down between your shoulders (it C) ONE-ARM SPLIT-STANCE This entry passed through the a c c o m p a n y i n g o p e n s o u r c e
will look like you're shrugging) CABLE PRESS Full-Text RSS service — if this is software stack will be used in the Continue reading Samsung
and then spread your shoulders Attach a D-handle to a cable your content and you're reading it Nexus S, and naturally they've Nexus S utilizing NXP's PN544
and rise as much as you can. Your pulley and hold it at chest height. on someone else's site, please read both been "fully integrated and NFC chip
arms shouldn't move. Get into a lunge position. Press our FAQ page at validated on Gingerbread." Of Samsung Nexus S utilizing
B) SCAP PUSHUP the handle forward, keeping your content-only/faq.php course, only time will tell what NXP's PN544 NFC chip
Get into pushup position and shoulders square with your hips. Five Filters featured article: sort of applications spring up to originally appeared on Engadget
lower your body between your Related articles: Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- take advantage, but we've got a on Mon, 06 Dec 2010 14:38:00
shoulders without bending your Strength Workout I Reporting of Falluja's Cancer feeling that metro payments and EDT. Please see our terms for use
elbows (you'll only move a few The Push-Up Challenge Catastrophe. the like could be first in line. Nice of feeds. Permalink| NXP| Email
inches). Then spread your Sculpt Her 5 Favorite Body Parts of America to finally catch up, this| Comments
shoulders to come up. Be sure to right?
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 59

What to Cut
Submitted at 12/6/2010 3:00:31 AM
government-wide spending caps symbols of waste and corruption (but not contracts with) businesses crop insurance and new Farmer
that gradually return spending to cannot be salvaged. Taxpayers that have gross revenues above a Savings Accounts (in which
From the November 29, 2010, 20 percent or less of GDP. will never accept Social Security certain level. farmers can save tax-free in good
issue of NR. After a $727 billion spending and Medicare reforms if they #ad# Four. Reform farm years, and from which they can
I f the 2010 election produced increase since 2007, there is no believe the savings will go toward subsidies. The $25 billion farm- withdraw tax-free in bad years)
any conservative mandates, they shortage of programs to cut to bridges to nowhere. Beyond subsidy system is a case study in will help family farmers smooth
are to create jobs and to rein in meet that 20 percent target. The costing $20 billion annually -- a economic illiteracy. It subsidizes out the fluctuations in their
soaring spending and deficits. 112th Congress should target non-trivial sum, even if it’s just growers of five crops (wheat, income at minimum taxpayer
Republicans should begin programs based on their economic under 1 percent of the federal cotton, corn, soybeans, and rice) cost.
implementing this agenda by impact, their cost, and the budget -- earmarks encourage even if they’re millionaires while Five. Recall unspent stimulus
extending the 2001 and 2003 tax feasibility of reforming them. It lawmakers to vote for budget- bypassing producers of nearly all funds. The economic failure of the
cuts and paring back a should build credibility with the busting bills and divert their other farm products even if their stimulus has become a political
government that now spends a public by including cuts in the attention from higher priorities. income is meager. It disaster for Democrats. Most
staggering $30,000 per household federal government’s spending on Republicans should not leave simultaneously pays some farmers stimulus dollars have been spent
annually. itself, unpopular earmarks, and unelected Washington bureaucrats to grow more of their crops or obligated, yet perhaps $60
Despite liberal claims to the even traditional conservative to distribute federal dollars to (through subsidies) and other billion could still be recalled in
contrary, rising spending -- not spending programs. Conservatives fund local projects in place of farmers to grow less (through a areas including energy,
declining revenues -- drives could begin with the following earmarks. Rather, grants can be conservation program). Overall, transportation, and state aid. If the
America’s long-term deficits. twelve projects: distributed by formula to state and subsidies harm small family president vetoes an outright recall
Once the economy recovers, One. Freeze and reform federal local governments, which are in a farms, taxpayers, consumers, the of unspent stimulus funds,
revenues are projected to return to pay. Before Washington asks much better position than environment (by encouraging Congress could instead use them
their historical average of 18 Americans to tighten their belts, it Washington, D.C., to decide over-planting to maximize to offset any new spending the
percent of the economy -- even if must tighten its own. While some where to put their streetlights. subsidies), trade (by inviting White House requests.
all tax cuts are extended. Federal federal employees are #page# Three. Ban corporate retaliation against farm Six. Vote to repeal Obamacare.
spending -- rising from its undercompensated, the average welfare. Even before bailing out protectionism), impoverished The president’s inevitable veto
historical average of 20 percent of federal employee receives 30 to Wall Street, Washington spent nations (by undercutting their should not dissuade conservatives
the economy to a projected 26 40 percent more in total more on corporate welfare than on farmers), and even our health (by from passing legislation to repeal
percent by the end of the decade - compensation than the equivalent homeland security. The public subsidizing corn and soy, which the recent health-care law. Such a
- is the moving variable. private-sector worker; all this will not trust conservatives to are often used to create sugary vote would leave no doubt as to
#ad#Nearly all of this new extra pay adds up to $47 billion. reform middle- and lower-income and fatty foods, rather than where conservatives stand, and
spending will come from Social Lawmakers should freeze federal entitlement programs unless they healthier fruits and vegetables). would force Democrats to go on
Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and pay until it can be fundamentally are also willing to stop granting About how many programs can the record before the 2012
interest on the debt. Combined reformed. special favors to their friends in we say that? election.
and adjusted for inflation, these Similarly, Congress should cut its business. A free market means The defeat of more than half the Conservatives can also attack
annual expenditures will rise from own budget and salaries to 2008 that businesses rise and fall on members of the House Obamacare piece by piece, by
$1.6 trillion to $3 trillion over this levels, pare back the surging their own, without politicians’ Agriculture Committee presents refusing to fund discretionary bills
decade. Therefore, budget reform federal travel budget (not every picking winners and losers. an opportunity for reform. The to implement the law and by
must include putting Social federal conference has to be in Most corporate-welfare spending policy challenge is not farmer offering legislation to block or
Security and Medicare on a fixed Maui), suspend acquisition of is buried in obscure projects with poverty (the average farmer delay its implementation.
long-term budget with a capped federal office space, competitively harmless-sounding names like the significantly outearns the average #page# Seven. Repeal CLASS.
growth rate. outsource more federal work, and “Technology Innovation worker) but rather income Buried in Obamacare is a massive
Yet major entitlement reforms require federal employees to fly Program.” Rather than terminate instability (farmers can earn very new long-term-care program
would be phased in slowly. In the coach domestically. each program individually, little in bad years). Replacing
meantime, Congress should enact Two. Ban earmarks. These Congress could ban subsidies for farm subsidies with improved WHAT page 65
60 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition

An End to ‘Don’t Ask’?

Submitted at 12/6/2010 3:00:55 AM
similar proportion answered either role Marines and 74 percent of advocate (the legal adviser to the Politicians must be able to step up
negatively or mixed. Depending combat-role Army soldiers commanding officer) in the Navy, and discuss this without fear of
Don’t ask Marines, just tell them on which side you place the responded mixed or negatively. I spent a majority of my time being slammed as bigots.
to fight. mixed responses, you can make Regarding social cohesion, the dealing with issues that involve #ad#The Pentagon’s commission
T he survey is out. The results the data look strong in either numbers are 84 percent for the sex and relationships; I personally on the issue begins to address
show that “the military” is in direction. For example, Question Marine Corps and 75 percent for reviewed hundreds of these some related problems in its
favor of lifting the ban on openly 71a asked how lifting the ban the Army. situations. It was all incredibly recent report. Without “don’t ask,
gay people in the armed services. would impact unit effectiveness. We need to ask why troops in disheartening. There are sexual don’t tell,” the military will have
The repeal of “don’t ask, don’t The results show that 74 percent combat roles have such a different assaults, sexual discrimination, to grapple with discrimination,
tell” seems imminent. responded either “equally positive perspective on the effect of lifting and even prostitution rings. Some along with the inevitable
Momentum: If you create enough and equally negative” or “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Before the of the allegations are false, but preferential treatment that will be
of it, change happens, and “negatively/very negatively.” policy is changed, we need a they still drain countless resources afforded, on the basis of sexual
quickly. And third, in choosing to skew serious discussion of how units and personnel hours. orientation. There is also the
That process is great for run-of- the response patterns in the would deal with openly #page#While the great majority of incredibly sensitive topic of
the-mill political issues, but for direction of support, the media homosexual men in close quarters our troops do the right thing in freedom of religion, and whether
our military, I hope we can do missed a big part of the story: The in combat situations. The same this arena, a small minority can leaders will be forced to endorse
better. Our politicians and results get more interesting when question must be asked about monopolize all the personnel time homosexuality as a lifestyle. No
appointed leaders must have a we break down responses along deployment on ships in the U.S. in a unit. The military is a matter what the military brass and
frank discussion about what service lines and specific work Navy. microcosm of society, and human politicians decide, commanders
lifting the ban would mean for the environments. Thousands of years of cultural nature is on full display. We do and non-commissioned officers
military. On a question regarding overall development have gone into the best we can with the (NCOs) will be left to pick up the
#ad#In discussing the survey, readiness, for example, 59 percent keeping men from having sex imperfections God gave us. pieces.
headlines blared “70 percent” as of Marines responded that repeal with everything in sight -- and all Adding a new layer of sexual and Only one generation ago, a
the proportion of service members would have a mixed or negative of the bulwarks notwithstanding, social relations -- which I majority of those who served in
who are fine with lifting the ban -- effect. Among members of the men still love to have sex. We all presume, perhaps unfairly, is what the U.S. Congress were military
the implication being that more Army, a lower proportion, 50 know this. Which brings me to the permitting homosexuals to serve veterans. They understood what
than two-thirds of our troops percent, responded the same way, relevance of this fact to the issue openly is all about -- would make the military is really like. Today,
actually favor repeal. However, which makes sense, given the at hand: The military cannot fighting wars harder. There really in contrast, very few members of
the survey does not come large proportion of the Army not tolerate sex in combat. The is no question about that. Congress have military
anywhere close to supporting that serving in combat roles. military also cannot tolerate the Homosexuals are, de facto, experience.
conclusion. When we break down the stats tensions that surround sexual allowed to be in the military right Representatives and senators
First, the survey did not even ask into combat versus non-combat relationships or potential ones. now. They can serve their need to understand that officers
service members whether they roles, a telling divergence As a testament to this, look at the country. They do so all around the and senior NCOs are responsible
actually favor repeal. Instead, it emerges: Military personnel in current state of gender in combat. world. Under “don’t ask, don’t for the daily shaping and molding
asked questions about what effect combat roles are less likely to Today, most of the 14,000 tell,” however, they do not force of many other human beings.
repeal would have on various support repealing “don’t ask, soldiers in combat arms and the military to deal with an added Those of you who are parents,
aspects of the military. don’t tell.” Marines in combat Marines who responded to this layer of relationships. Allowing think for a moment how hard it is
Second, the 70 percent figure roles gave 68 percent mixed or survey do not even have women homosexuals to “live out” their to shape your own child. Now,
includes service members who negative responses to the question in their units -- 70 percent in the sexuality and their relationships in break the biological link, add
gave mixed responses -- “equally about effectiveness; U.S. Army Marine Corps, and 58 percent in the military would cause many dozens more people to the group,
positive and negative” -- to these soldiers in combat roles gave 59 the Army. problems. Along with more sex and put gunfire and death into the
questions. It’s true that about 70 percent mixed or negative In and out of battle, the military comes more assaults, more sexual mix.
percent of respondents answered responses. Regarding task still struggles mightily with sex in tension, and more of everything
either positively or mixed, but a cohesion, 82 percent of combat- the ranks. As a staff judge we already battle on a daily basis. END page 67
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 61

Follow the Money to Pyongyang

Submitted at 12/6/2010 3:00:37 AM
patron -- China -- will be notably provocations and challenge comes to Pyongyang. This undertake greater responsibility
absent from the Washington continued Chinese indifference to necessitates that Seoul end for the continued maintenance of
Allies should do more to put the meeting. Beijing refuses to Pyongyang’s antics. financial support for and move the U.S.-Japan alliance threatens
financial squeeze on Kim Jong Il. condemn North Korea’s latest #page#For starters, Washington expeditiously to shut down the to undermine this bulwark of
T he top diplomats of the United provocations and even had the must commit to lead rather than Kaesong Industrial Complex -- a security in the region. Thus Tokyo
States, South Korea, and Japan temerity to criticize recent U.S.- cede international responsibility sprawling complex of should promptly resolve once and
will meet today in Washington to South Korea and U.S.-Japan naval for dealing with North Korea to manufacturing facilities operated for all the lingering dispute over
discuss North Korea. Tension on exercises in the wake of the China. And by hosting the by South Korean companies six the relocation of U.S. forces from
t h e K o r e a n p e n i n s u l a h a s Yeonpyeong attack. Beijing’s trilateral meeting today, the miles north of the DMZ. Kaesong the Futenma airbase that has been
escalated considerably over the default position for resolving the Obama administration has taken a was intended to foster inter- a major irritant in the U.S.-Japan
past several weeks following situation on the Korean Peninsula good first step in this direction. Korean economic relations and alliance over the past year. North
Pyongyang’s disclosure of an remains the nonsensical Six-Party But Washington can and must do ease tension on the peninsula. The Korea’s nuclear and ballistic-
indigenous uranium-enrichment Talks. more to demonstrate American complex employs nearly 40,000 missile capabilities pose a genuine
facility and its subsequent artillery The trilateral meeting will not steadfastness. U.S. intelligence North Korean workers. But threat to the Asia-Pacific region.
s t r i k e s o n S o u t h K o r e a ’ s yield a quick fix for toppling the remains incomplete regarding Pyongyang pockets most of the Resolving Futenma is one of
Yeonpyeong island, which killed Kim regime. But the symbolism North Korea’s continued weapons salaries paid to the workers, and several steps Tokyo can undertake
two South Korean troops and two of the United States, South Korea, proliferation and other illicit the revenue provides the Kim to strengthen deterrence in East
civilians. and Japan standing shoulder-to- activities. But rather than pocket regime with yet another economic Asia and demonstrate the capacity
But the public should not expect shoulder will certainly not be lost what is known for a rainy day lifeline for its continued survival. for genuine leadership in the
an innovative policy breakthrough on either Pyongyang or Beijing. under the guise of protecting South Korean president Lee region.
to emerge from this trilateral After all, the combined political sources and methods, the United Myung Bak has already brought a Monday’s trilateral meeting is an
confab. Because as numerous a n d m i l i t a r y a l l i a n c e s o f States should step up measures to much-needed dose of pragmatism initial step toward reconstituting
North Korea watchers have Washington, Seoul, and Tokyo stymie Pyongyang’s activities and to Seoul’s approach to an international “coalition of the
opined over the past few weeks, serve as the bedrock of regional act decisively in cooperation with Pyongyang, having rejected the willing” to confront North Korean
there is no foolproof solution for security and stability in the Asia- other states to seize Kim’s “Sunshine” policy of engagement belligerence. But Washington,
c o n f r o n t i n g P y o n g y a n g ’ s Pacific region. And governments personal financial assets. pursued by his two predecessors. Seoul, and Tokyo must follow up
continued intransigence. The Six- in Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Moreover, the Obama But President Lee must continue with concrete actions so today’s
Party Talks aimed at bribing and Singapore, among others, administration should underscore to demonstrate South Korean meeting is not just another
North Korea to denuclearize have count on these alliances remaining that states complicit in or resolve by ending Seoul’s support diplomatic photo op.
been an abject failure, again and robust long after the reunification uncooperative with efforts to for Kaesong and denying the Kim — Carolyn Leddy served at the
again. And according to a recent of the Korean peninsula. disrupt North Korea’s regime the $30 million a year in State Department and on the
U n i t e d N a t i o n s r e p o r t , t h e But expressions of solidarity and transgressions will be held revenue it produces. National Security Council staff
i n t e r n a t i o n a l c o m m u n i t y resolve against the Pyongyang accountable. Such a statement And Tokyo must get serious during the Bush administration,
c o n t i n u e s t o n e g l e c t i t s regime will have only a limited should serve to put China on about Japanese national-security from 2003 to 2007. Carolyn
responsibility to implement and impact absent accompanying notice that there will be policy. The U.S.-Japan alliance is Leddy
enforce sanctions against Kim m e a s u r e s o n t h e p a r t o f consequences for Beijing’s considered by many experts to be
Jong Il and his regime. Washington, Seoul, and Tokyo to continued indulgence. the cornerstone of stability in East
#ad#Furthermore, Pyongyang’s demonstrate real willingness to #ad#Seoul must finally put its Asia. But Tokyo’s oftentimes
primary diplomatic and economic d e t e r f u t u r e N o r t h K o r e a n money where its mouth is when it cavalier attitude and reluctance to
62 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition

Corruption In India: People Or The State?

Derek Scissors, Ph.D. (The Moreover, it’s often the telecom industry. It is not
Foundry: Conservative Policy governments’ own fault. supposed to be a money-making
News.) Banned activity doesn’t represent tool for the government. It is
Submitted at 12/6/2010 12:00:41 PM lost revenue for the government, supposed to improve people’s
Corruption is again dominating since the idea is that it shouldn’t lives, both directly and indirectly
the news in India. Long-standing occur at all. Where revenue is lost through strengthening the
issues, such as broad attempts to is in legal activity that is hidden. economy. And the Indian telecom
avoid taxes, have simmered back But avoiding taxes isn’t the only industry has done just that. It has
to the surface and been joined by or even the main reason for outperformed expectations in its
new accusations against the individuals to hide activities from transformation of Indian society,
wealthy, major companies, and the government. Rather, it’s the from medicine to farming. It is a
the government. Scandals have difficulty of setting up a business. major part of the Indian success
crossed finance, property, and India ranks an awful 165th out of story.
telecom. 183 countries in the World Bank’s There’s no telecom failure or
Crimes have been committed and measure of the difficulty of betrayal here, quite the opposite.
the guilty should face justice. The starting a business, and this is There’s only a failure and betrayal
biggest culprit, however, faces no actually an improvement over of federal coffers. And even there
punishment and, indeed, is previous years. Rather than face most countries merely as citizens in the connected areas of business the unwarranted cheapness of 2G
looking to further recent gains. endless delays and high costs, and companies investing overseas freedom, investment freedom, and spectrum contributed to a far
That culprit is the Indian state. many ordinary Indians decide to more dynamic industry and thus
— and bringing much of the freedom from corruption.
Earlier this year, criticism began proceed without the necessary benefits back home in terms of In several particular incidents of led directly to the government’s
to be leveled in India at the authorization and then must hide financial returns, resources, corruption, the government’s guilt w i n d f a l l a t t h i s y e a r ’ s 3 G
underground or “black” economy. their businesses. This black corporate assets and so on — is i s d i r e c t l y a p p a r e n t . T h e s p e c t r u m a u c t i o n .
This includes illegal activities but market activity is due to a n o t p e r m i t t e d i n I n d i a . A s Commonwealth Games were In most cases, the state is causing
also legal activities that are not predatory state which seeks to h a p p e n e d i n a l l e c o n o m i e s plagued by overspending, due to the problem. In others, the
declared. control Indian entrepreneurship. t h r o u g h o u t h i s t o r y , p e o p l e l a c k o f t r a n s p a r e n c y a n d problem is harm to the state, not
All economies have black Grabbing headlines this month followed their self-interest and competition in state contract the people. India is now wrestling
markets and developing was a similar story about how invested abroad, anyway, only no awards. State-run financials have with how to deal a decisive blow
economies tend to have bigger India has “lost” over $450 billion benefits flowed back to India made loans in exchange for against corruption. The answer is
ones. But the size of the formal due to illegal capital flows. Some because the investment has been bribes, a problem which would be plain: deal a decisive blow against
Indian economy is now such that of this is again money raised in d e e m e d i l l e g a l b y t h e eased if the state did not dominate state interference in the economy.
estimates of the underground crimes, which was illegally This entry passed through the
interventionist Indian state. the banking system.
economy at 40-50% of GDP earned and ideally would never Full-Text RSS service — if this is
At the general level, due to the The big one is telecom.
generate very large numbers, in have existed in the first place. The your content and you're reading it
state’s jealous protection of its Improprieties in the government’s
the neighborhood of $600 billion. other funds are deemed lost only on someone else's site, please read
prerogatives, Indian entrepreneurs auction of second-generation (2G)
This, in turn, spurs outrage at because the Indian federal our FAQ page at
cannot start a business freely and telecom spectrum may have cost
black marketeers supposedly government tries to restrict capital content-only/faq.php
cannot invest freely. It is hardly a as much as$40 billion in fiscal
robbing the Indian people. movement. Five Filters featured article:
s u r p r i s e t h a t c o r r u p t i o n i s revenue.
Except the black marketeers Despite progress in the reform Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
rampant. Indeed, the Heritage Those government and corporate
*are* the Indian people, tens of era, India retains among the Index of Economic Freedom officials who did not follow the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
millions of them. And the ones tightest controls on capital scores India highly in a number of law must be punished. But lost in Catastrophe.
being “robbed” are only the movement among emerging important categories but very low the outrage is the point of a
federal and state governments. markets. What would count in
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 63

Jamie Glazov (FrontPage progressives that they were being say through mis-education.
Magazine » FrontPage) exploited. Dupes have been an integral part
Submitted at 12/5/2010 10:34:13 PM That bizarre, sad manipulation of American history since the
continues to this day, with founding of the republic. George
Frontpage Interview’s guest communists from the grave still Washington actually warned his
today is Paul Kengor, a professor finding their suckers, especially in countrymen about dupes in his
of political science at Grove City a c a d e m i a , w h e r e l i b e r a l classic “Farewell Address.” It was
College. His previous books professors continue to frame the a word common during the
include the bestsellers God and anti-communists as the bad guys. American Revolution, and it
Ronald Reagan and The Crusader: Their Cold War demon is Joe never went away.
Ronald Reagan and the Fall of McCarthy, not Joe Stalin. And Once I started looking into
Communism. His latest book is most depressing of all, those communist archives, I saw the
D u p e s : H o w A m e r i c a ’ s professors generate new dupes ugly upsurge in this process of
Adversaries Have Manipulated among their gullible, wide-eyed duping, starting specifically with
Progressives for a Century, based students. To add insult to injury, the launching of the Bolshevik
on an unprecedented volume of those profs and their students Revolution in Russia in October
declassified materials from Soviet elected as president a man 1917, the launching of the
archives, FBI files, presidential ( B a r a c k O b a m a ) w h o w a s Comintern in Russia in March
libraries, CPUSA holdings, and mentored by one of those duping 1919, and the launching of the
more. communists (Frank Marshall American Communist Party in
FP: Paul Kengor, welcome to Davis), who liberals today refuse Chicago in September 1919. Of
Frontpage Interview. to dare acknowledge was a course, communists excelled at
Congratulations on your new communist, and, naturally blast propaganda. They were masters.
book. the anti-communists as Red- They were outstanding
Tell us what you have uncovered baiting reprobates for daring to liars—born liars, really. It’s in the
about the Left yet again. even raise the question. DNA, the marrow of the bones.
K e n g o r : I d o n ’ t k n o w i f So, congratulations? I suppose. Lenin said that lying was moral as
congratulations are in order, But it’s pretty damned depressing long as it advanced class interests.
Jamie. It can be rather depressing at times. Vaclav Havel spoke of the
and tormenting to read through Imagine: After 100 million “communist culture of the lie.”
old archives from the Communist c o r p s e s p r o d u c e d b y t h e Think about this, Jamie: At the
International, the Soviet Central communists, it’s still us anti- height of its membership, in the
C o m m i t t e e , t h e K G B , a n d communists who are on the 1930s, Communist Party USA
Communist Party USA, and see defensive, thanks to continued never had more than about
how the communists so cynically dupes on the American left. You 100,000 members. They were
and successfully duped liberals/ know that Vladimir Lenin is ideology of communism is the one of the biggest dupes in my truly a tiny, fringe minority. So, to
progressives again and again and howling from his tomb. greatest killer in human history, book. Liberals and progressives get marchers at their rallies,
again. It’s even worse when, in FP: I understand Prof. Kengor, I and too many Americans have no h a v e b e e n t h e u n w i t t i n g signers for their petitions, foot
t u r n , t h o s e s a m e l i b e r a l s / just wanted to give you credit for idea that such is the case, h a n d m a i d e n s t o t h e l i e s , soldiers for some protest, they
progressives attacked not the writing this priceless book. e s p e c i a l l y t o d a y ’ s c o l l e g e deceptions, and advancement of needed to attract non-communists
communists who used them and Share with us a bit more on what students, who were born after the this pernicious ideology. And o n t h e l e f t — i . e . , l i b e r a l s /
made them look like fools, but the exactly inspired you to write this fall of the Berlin Wall. They are now, even today, they continue to progressives. As was their nature,
anti-communists who repeatedly book. being educated by the disciples of provide that service, primarily
tried to warn the liberals/ Kengor: That’s easy: the John Dewey, who, incidentally, is through education—or I should DUPES page 64
64 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition
A 9/11 Bonanza for Trial Lawyers continued from page 63

they typically lied to these liberals

Submitted at 12/6/2010 3:00:42 AM
can account for how all the grant subsidizing wealthy recipients. nevertheless be a substantial tax /progressives about their
money has been spent. The The total pool of recipients would hike on American companies at a intentions and true loyalties. They
T he Senate will soon vote on p r o g r a m i s b e d e v i l e d b y include not just 9/11 workers, but time of 9.8 percent were amazed, astonished at how
legislation that would establish a h o p e l e s s l y i n a d e q u a t e also residents of Lower unemployment, lackluster the liberals/progressives
new government-run health-care supervision, which has led to Manhattan who could economic growth, and a European repeatedly swallowed—hook,
p r o g r a m w i t h i n s u f f i c i e n t rampant waste and, quite possibly, demonstrate that the terrorist debt crisis. line, and sinker—the most
oversight controls, create a serious fraud. attacks had a deleterious impact Listening to Democrats such as outlandish lies.
bonanza for trial lawyers, cost a Rather than tackle these on some aspect of their health. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten So, what inspired me? All of the
minimum of $11.6 billion, and be deficiencies and implement robust Determining the precise Gillibrand, the New York Senate above. I already knew how bad
funded primarily through a safeguards against the misuse of geographic-eligibility duo, one might get the impression the communists were—killers of
significant tax hike on U.S.-based federal funds, the 9/11 Health and requirements for “local residents” that Washington has heretofore civil liberties and people. I began
companies. Compensation Act would could prove a thorny endeavor. neglected the 9/11 workers. That looking in archives and saw how
Of course, that’s not how the 9/ effectively put the program on That brings us to the Victim seems wildly unfair. In addition to they cunningly manipulated
11 Health and Compensation Act steroids -- without clarifying its Compensation Fund (VCF), launching the VCF ($7 billion), liberals/progressives. I found
is being sold. previous expenditures or which closed up shop way back in the NIOSH program ($475 material no one had ever seen
#ad#On a surface level, the bill -- c o r r e c t i n g i t s s e v e r e 2003, after awarding roughly $7 million), and other health-care before, or at least hadn’t
which passed the House in a d m i n i s t r a t i v e f l a w s . T h e billion to the 9/11 families. This initiatives, Congress also published. And I realized I better
September, over the resistance of opportunities for abuse would legislation would revive the VCF established the $1 billion World get this information out there.
most Republicans -- may appear mushroom. We’re not opposed to and dramatically loosen its Trade Center Captive Insurance Other “scholars” weren’t about to
relatively uncontroversial: How a reasonable funding increase for eligibility guidelines. Ground Company (CIC). Last month, publish this material, or even look
could anyone oppose giving the NIOSH scheme, provided its Zero workers and local residents - more than 95 percent of the at it, given that most scholars are
medical and financial benefits to structural defects are fixed. But - even those deemed ineligible for 10,000-plus 9/11 workers who on the left, and this material is a
the heroic first responders who we are opposed to a new health- compensation by the original VCF sued New York City several years scathing indictment of everything
suffered injury or illness while care entitlement that would lack -- would be permitted to file ago finally agreed to accept a the liberal left has ever claimed.
saving lives or cleaning up debris proper accountability mechanisms claims through December 2031 settlement worth between $625
at Ground Zero? Unfortunately, and unleash a torrent of wasteful (!). Meanwhile, trial lawyers million and $712.5 million. That
the issues at stake aren’t nearly spending. would be able to garner a money will come from the CIC.
that simple. Consider: The “World Trade disproportionate share of windfall Again, we would favor a sensible
After 9/11, Congress rolled out a Center Health Program” outlined settlements. bill narrowly tailored to assist the
bevy of initiatives designed to in the 9/11 bill would distort Democrats are advertising the bill Ground Zero responders who
address the health maladies of p r o v i d e r i n c e n t i v e s b y with a $7.4 billion price tag, but developed an injury or illness
emergency workers affected by reimbursing New York hospitals that’s just the ten-year cost. Its while courageously risking their
the World Trade Center attacks. at an average rate well above the total cost, including money lives. But the 9/11 Health and
The largest such initiative, run by Medicare payment level. This allotted past 2020, would be (at a Compensation Act is deeply
t h e N a t i o n a l I n s t i t u t e o f would greatly encourage the minimum) $11.6 billion. The flawed, and Senate Republicans
Occupational Safety and Health provision of unnecessary or funding source would be a hefty should hold out for something
(NIOSH), has allocated $475 frivolous treatments. Moreover, corporate-tax increase, which better. The Editors
million to the relevant medical- services would be delivered Republicans have rightly
care providers. There’s just one without regard to beneficiary slammed. Supporters insist the
problem: Nobody -- not even income; in other words, middle- legislation would merely plug tax
NIOSH director John Howard -- c l a s s t a x p a y e r s w o u l d b e “loopholes,” but its effect would
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 65
continued from page 59

known as Community Living Washington to decide where to return funding to 2008 levels. empowered to address local
Assistance Services and Support build a road in Appleton, Wis. Concerns about whether students problems with local solutions --
(CLASS). Like Social Security, Congress should eliminate the will be able to afford college are financed and held accountable by
CLASS will run initial surpluses middleman and allow states to opt unfounded. Over the past three local voters.
(a $70 billion surplus in the first out of the federal-highway decades, student-aid increases Twelve. Reduce waste. Although
decade will be raided to cover up program. In return for agreeing to have been one of the causes -- not the budget cannot be balanced by
Obamacare’s deficits) before maintain their interstate highways, the result -- of tuition increases. cutting waste alone, Congress
falling into deep deficit afterward. these states could collect and The more aid students receive, the should not ignore this low-
The Congressional Budget
Office, the Medicare chief
retain the federal gas tax
higher colleges raise tuition to
capture that aid.
hanging fruit. For instance,
Washington runs 342 overlapping
When the
actuary, and the American
Academy of Actuaries have all
acknowledged that CLASS is
Nine. Defund high-speed-rail
projects. The Obama
administration has provided $8
#ad#Higher student-loan limits
for low-income families are a
fairer way of guaranteeing college
economic-development programs,
lost $98 billion last year to
program payment errors, and
Saints Go
financially unsustainable. Even
Senate Budget Committee
billion to states for high-speed-rail
projects and promised more
access. There is no justification
for taxing waitresses and welders
recently spent $33 million
enhancing the Kennedy family Marching In
chairman Kent Conrad (D., N.D.) funding later. Yet high-speed rail so that future college graduates -- image through the Edward M. David Solway (FrontPage
called CLASS “a Ponzi scheme of is extraordinarily expensive who will outearn them by $1 Kennedy Institute for the Senate, Magazine » FrontPage)
the first order, the kind of thing (California received $2.3 billion million over their lifetime -- the John F. Kennedy Presidential Submitted at 12/5/2010 10:31:29 PM
that Bernie Madoff would have for a new project that some won’t be burdened by the typical Library and Museum, and the
been proud of.” (He then estimate will cost $81 billion), $24,000 student loan. Rose Kennedy Greenway. Melanie Phillips, author of The
proceeded to vote for and cash-strapped states will Eleven. Reduce aid to states. Conservatives should harbor no World Turned Upside Down,
Obamacare.) certainly seek more federal Over the past decade, federal aid illusions that cutting spending is laments that “it is the intellectual
#ad#If CLASS is allowed to begin funding. Moreover, these projects to state and local governments has easy. However, by carefully classes—the supposed custodians
enrolling participants in the next are estimated to reduce the surged, rising 129 percent faster selecting its targets, Congress of reason—who have turned into
couple of years, it will almost average travel time by as little as than inflation. Endless bailouts could save as much as $3 trillion the destroyers of reason,” as our
surely collapse within two 30 minutes compared with have made Washington one of the over the next decade and lay the cognitive avant-garde retreats
decades. The resulting taxpayer driving, and to lower auto top sources of state revenue. groundwork for Social Security, ever deeper into the realm of
bailouts could cost trillions. ridership by as little as 1 percent. These bailouts allow profligate Medicare, and Medicaid reform. disembodied cerebration and
Eight. Return highway spending Congress should follow the states to delay their inevitable belt — Brian Riedl is the Grover M. reality-disconnect. Proposing one
to states. Washington collects the voters’ backlash against these -tightening and instead be Hermann Fellow in Federal or another blueprint for radical
18.4 cent–per–gallon gas tax, projects by cancelling their subsidized by the taxpayers of Budgetary Affairs at the Heritage social change or meddling in the
subtracts a hefty administrative funding. responsible states. Foundation. This article originally complexities of foreign and
fee, and then returns the funds to #page# Ten. Trim Pell Grants. There is no compelling reason for appeared in the November 29, economic policy, it would seem
state governments with numerous After doubling Pell Grant Washington to finance state-level 2010, issue of National Review. that these intellectuals and
strings attached. These strings spending from $16 billion to $32 education, justice, and economic- Brian Riedl academics have too much time on
include thousands of earmarks, as billion since 2008, President development expenditures -- their hands. After all, they are not
well as requirements to divert Obama proposes to give it especially through failed required to deal with the grubby
highway dollars into bike paths, entitlement status and spend $52 programs such as COPS and details of wrenching a living from
museums, and prevailing-wage billion by 2020. Fiscal reality firefighter grants. State and local a harsh, empirical world, and so
regulations. There is no reason for demands that lawmakers instead governments should be are free, like Swift’s pixilated
“projectors” in the Academy of
Lagado, to spin their crackpot
theories and advance their
WHEN page 66
66 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 65

irrational speculations about real- is a relative concept, except, of an accomplished civilization. The the time, lashing themselves for
life situations they have little course, for the truth of their own sequestered intellectual, however, the sins of their colonial
knowledge of. claims (Michel Foucault); writers believes that a new world order forefathers while promising to
It is not only in Swift’s Academy who promote violence as the road “may be invented just as easily as create a new and pristine
that such projectors, “full of to millennial harmony (Slavoj one might conjure a crystal goblet dispensation for the benefit of
volatile spirits acquired in that Zizek), and so on. Indeed, on the from the sand” and mold its mankind, or rather, for that part of
airy region,” labor to extract major issues of the day—climate symmetry without the slightest mankind deemed worthy of their
sunbeams from cucumbers, spin change, the war on terror, the free knowledge of the craft. The efforts. Having studied in the
silk from cobwebs, propagate a market, Israel, Iran—our trouble is that “there is not one of cloisters of hermetic university
breed of woolless sheep, adjust “supposed custodians of reason,” them who can work a crystal departments and relishing their
“the annual and diurnal motions pontificating from the Left, get goblet from sand and the forge.” hard-won ignorance, they will
of the earth and sun,” strive to everything backwards, opting for Perhaps David Horowitz hits on turn the world upside down and
“reduce excrement to its original measures that only magnify the the aptest analogy when he says, pretend that it is right-side-up.
food” and, most pertinently, problems they affect to settle. As referring to the Democratic Party They will, so to speak, forge the
devise methods to build houses by the popular idiom has it, the (though he might just as well be cultural goblet out of thin air,
“beginning at the roof and inmates have taken over the speaking of the Left in general): serene in their false humility and
working downwards to the asylum. Clearly, to avoid descent “These people see themselves as confident of their nonexistent
foundations”—the forte of our into madness, reason must visionaries, as an army of the means. And they are committed to
standard, top-downing intellectual accommodate itself to reality. saints marching through the the belief, as French sociologist
conventicles. Sundered from the world as it is electoral process opposed by the and author of We Have Never
It is also in the seminar rooms and from men as they are, it army of Satan, which is us,” that Been Modern Bruno Latour
and study carrels of our current generates only caricatures and is, those who adopt a conservative argues, that time is on their side,
intelligentsia that we find deformities rather than solutions perspective on political life. that “Kronos would eat away all
comparable absurdities, as for and practicable recommendations. Horowitz’s soi-disant“saints” are that [is] archaic and irrational [by
example: professors who advocate Considering the same chiefly militant atheists who have their lights]…sparing only those
rampant spending to neutralize malformation of thought from a substituted a presumptive secular predestined for a radiant future.”
debt (Paul Krugman); teachers different angle, Robert Harkins paradise for the Second Coming
who believe that history is a muses on the beauty and of the Lord and are busy
narrative to be manipulated for workmanship of the Waterford assembling a new Vulgate for the
ideological ends (Howard Zinn); crystal goblet as a symbol of the deliverance of mankind.
philosophers who affirm that truth artistry, intelligence and genius of They are the gutter messiahs of
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 67
Iran Goes All In continued from page 60

I would be more inclined to

Rich Trzupek (FrontPage the more that’s on the table, the
Magazine » FrontPage) experiment with lifting the ban if I
less you have to give away — and were confident that our
Submitted at 12/5/2010 10:50:22 PM besides, you know that you’ll be lawmakers would reverse course
able to do whatever you want at if the decision proved disastrous.
On the eve of international talks the end of the day, anyway. Unfortunately, I have zero
in Geneva about its nuclear The ideal way to end the threat of confidence that “don’t ask, don’t
program, Iran upped the ante once Iran’s nuclear ambitions without tell” would be reinstituted even if
again on Sunday, declaring that it resorting to a military strike is to the grimmest statistics emerged.
is now self-sufficient throughout continue to obstruct and delay the What if recruitment faltered, or if
the entire nuclear fuel cycle. program, as the West works to combat troops became less likely
“Today, we witnessed the destabilize the nation’s current to reenlist when given the
shipment of the first domestically regime at the same time. As opportunity? Admiral Mullen, the
produced yellowcake … from former President George W. Bush chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
Gachin mine to the Isfahan has said, solving the Iran problem Staff, said recently that if that
nuclear facility,” Iranian nuclear in a peaceful way is essentially a happened, we should let them
chief Ali Akbar Salehi said on two track issue. On the one track, leave. This gives us an indication
state television on Sunday. you have Iran’s timetable to build of how this debate will shake out
Yellowcake is a uranium useable warheads, and on the in the future.
concentrate, the raw material that other track, you have a timetable And what if the Marine Corps
represents step one in a complex for regime change. The more you experienced a dramatic decrease
r e f i n i n g p r o c e s s i n w h i c h from South Africa by the Shah in concern to the international do to stretch out the former and in unit cohesion that led to deaths
fissionable U-235 is separated and pre-revolutionary Iran, although community — first and foremost, accelerate the latter, the better on the battlefield? The Marines
concentrated from the more Western sources strongly suspect their nuclear program,” she said. chance you have to avoid a are expected to fight in the worst
common, non-fissionable U-238. that China supplemented that From the West’s perspective, this military confrontation. places on the planet. They are
The ability to produce yellowcake inventory to some extent. is an opportunity to wring some As pathetically ineffective as the underfunded and undermanned.
internally means that Iran is no Clearly, the timing of this concessions and safeguards out of West’s history of imposing and They are appreciated greatly, but
longer dependent on outside announcement is no coincidence. Iran before pushing for sanctions s t i c k i n g w i t h m e a n i n g f u l many Americans appreciate them
sources for any part of its nuclear Iranian representatives will meet that could, if enforced, result in sanctions to influence rogue only in a generic sort of way.
production program. Thus the with delegations representing the severe repercussions for Iran’s r e g i m e s i s , t h e r e i s r e a l There are many explanations for
rogue Islamic state now has the so-called P5+1 nations today and economy. For its part, in addition opportunity in Iran. There are two this, but the most charitable is
infrastructure in place to produce tomorrow. The P5+1 nations are to the opportunity to engage in the areas in which Iran appears lack of exposure. Unless you have
low-grade refined uranium used in the five permanent members of usual saber-rattling of which especially vulnerable: crude oil been a Marine or personally
nuclear reactors and the high- the UN Security Council – the Iranian President Mahmoud production and gasoline refining known a Marine, you really don’t
grade (90%+ U-235) refined United States, Great Britain, Ahmadinejad is so fond, the capacity. A detailed study by the understand how tremendous they
uranium used in weapons of mass France, Russia and China – plus y e l l o w c a k e a n n o u n c e m e n t C e n t e r f o r S t r a t e g i c a n d are. Popular culture teaches us
destruction. Western nations Germany. Secretary of State strengthened the Iranian hand as it International Studies (CSIS) more about the lives of actors and
hoped that Iran was running low Hillary Clinton was once again prepared for this latest round of r e l e a s e d e a r l i e r t h i s y e a r reality-television stars than it does
on yellowcake, a claim Iran has hopeful that the talks would bear talks. Iran thus appears to be summarizes Iran’s weaknesses in about this elite tribe -- this last
denied, but this announcement fruit. “This is an opportunity for following the North Korean these two areas. best hope. I have read and clipped
would appear to make the issue Iran to come to the table and model of dealing with the West: articles from every mainstream
moot. Most of Iran’s previous discuss the matters that are of threaten as much as you can, for news publication for the past
stock of yellowcake was obtained month, and I have seen almost no
END page 69
68 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition

Activating Jihad
Ryan Mauro (FrontPage episode from showing
Magazine » FrontPage) Mohammed, an act surely seen by
Submitted at 12/5/2010 10:35:42 PM the extremists as a vindication of
their methods.
The Investigative Project on Revolution Muslim also recently
Terrorism (IPT) is reporting that praised a Muslim woman who
two extremist groups in the U.S., stabbed a British parliamentarian South Korea–U.S.
Revolution Muslim and the that supported the war in Iraq,
Islamic Thinkers Society, are saying they hoped it would Trade Deal: Better
becoming “increasingly
operational” and are violently
“inspire Muslims to raise the
knife of jihad.” Unsurprisingly,
Late Than Never
carrying out their faith. Today’s she was a reader of their website. Bryan Riley (The Foundry:
non-violent Islamic extremists are The writers provided a list of the Conservative Policy News.)
often tomorrow’s terrorists. British politicians who voted for Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:30:23 PM
Groups seeking to replace the war, gave suggestions on how
democracy with Sharia-based to locate them, and even linked to Posted December 6th, 2010 at
governance are using our a website where knives can be 3:30pm in American Leadership
freedoms to create the Islamist bought. Print This Post
swamp from which terrorists The Islamic Thinkers Society is When the proposed South
emerge. just as guilty of fomenting Korea–U.S. Free Trade
“U.S. counter terror agencies have violence. The group’s website Agreement (KORUS) was
traditionally paid little attention to says that their “struggle is always initially signed on June 30, 2007,
those groups, presumably because [through] intellectual & political Heritage Foundation analysts
they represent a safe and legal non-violent means,” but their recognized significant benefits
outlet for the frustrations of otherwise,” Olson said. This is the same writer that condemnation of terrorism only that would come from
young, aspiring Jihadists,” the IPT On October 26, Abdel Hameed threatened the lives of the creators applies to actions against Muslims implementation of this landmark
explains. Shehadeh was arrested in Hawaii of South Park after they depicted they support. The site includes a trade deal. Those benefits
Captain Dean T. Olson, author of for trying to join the Taliban in Mohammed on their animated fatwa forbidding Muslims from included more exports, more
P e r f e c t E n e m y : T h e L a w Pakistan. Shehadeh had openly comedy show. Revolution Muslim voting because only Allah can export-related jobs, and a stronger
Enforcement Manual of Islamist supported Al-Qaeda on his reacted by posting their photos legislate. In 2006, the group economy. As the Obama
Terrorism told FrontPage that the websites that were also used to and saying their lives are now in received attention when it reacted Administration has pointed out,
activities of these groups are promote Revolution Muslim. danger. The website denied to a bombing in Tel Aviv by the agreement would increase
within the law as long as they Several friends of the website calling for their murder, but the holding an anti-Israel protest that U.S. exports by billions of dollars
don’t overtly help a terrorist have been arrested on terrorism- post included addresses at which included proclamations that “with and create tens of thousands of
group or lie to the authorities related charges. In June, one of Muslims could “pay them a visit” our blood and with our lives we new export-related jobs.
when questioned. the group’s own website writers, and audio from Anwar al-Awlaki will liberate al-Aqsa [Jerusalem]” KORUS would also strengthen
“It is not illegal in America to Zachary Chesser, was arrested preaching that those who defame and “the real Holocaust is on its the U.S. economy by reducing
think about or even agitate for after repeatedly trying to join al- Mohammed should be killed. way.” domestic trade barriers that act
jihadi violence or imposition of Shabaab, Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Comedy Central reacted with like a tax on American consumers
Sharia, by peaceful means or Somalia. He has pled guilty. appeasement and censored the and businesses, such as the
“temporary” 25 percent tariff on
imported pickup trucks that has

SOUTH page 70
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 69
The Cost of Sugar Subsidies continued from page 67

journalism regarding the actual the U.S. Senate, John McCain, is

Andre Rougeot (The Foundry:
Conservative Policy News.) effect that lifting the ban would prepared to be just that in seeking
have on Marines fighting our to ensure that the conclusion
Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:00:40 PM wars. reached is based on facts.
So, I offer another compromise to #ad#McCain’s courage is
Posted December 6th, 2010 at add to the “don’t ask, don’t tell” commendable, but he should not
2:00pm in American Leadership compromise: Allow openly gay have to stand alone. Other
Print This Post men and women to serve in all politicians must step up and really
Even in a season characterized by military jobs and positions that do talk about the core of this issue.
candy canes and cookies waiting not require living in close At the very least, Congress should
for Santa, protectionism, quarters. Off-limits areas that heed the advice given by three of
specifically the U.S. sugar most immediately come to mind the military’s four service heads
program, hurts American are ship-deployable Navy units, and postpone repeal. Gen. James
consumers and workers. The U.S. combat-arms designators in the F. Amos, the commandant of the
sugar program provides a classic U.S. Army, special operations for Marine Corps, testified on Friday
example of a special interest all services, and the U.S. Marine before a Senate panel that “if the
group benefiting from political Corps. This leaves giant swaths of law is changed, successfully
connections, to the detriment of military-service opportunities for implementing repeal and
American consumers. artificially high sugar prices to cash register. Trade barriers also openly gay Americans, including assimilating openly homosexual
The sugar program imposes trade ship candy manufacturing jobs to cost American jobs, all to benefit almost all of the Air Force, most Marines into the tightly woven
barriers that force American Canada and Mexico. Artificially a few with political connections. h o s p i t a l p o s i t i o n s , a n d fabric of our combat units has a
consumers to pay approximately high sugar prices led Hershey’s Andre Rougeot is currently a administrative jobs in the various strong potential for disruption at
double the world’s sugar price. food, for example, to close plants member of the Young Leaders services. Judging by my own the small-unit level.”
The jobs “saved” by the program in California, Pennsylvania, and P r o g r a m a t t h e H e r i t a g e observation, gays tend to serve We owe it to our warriors to take
come at a high price. U.S. Colorado, relocating them to Foundation. For more information disproportionately in medical our time, ask the hard questions,
consumers pay an extra$826,000 C a n a d a a t a c o s t o f 1 , 0 0 0 on interning at Heritage, please positions already. The military is and make sure we get this right.
for each sugar production job American jobs. Through its sugar visit: a complex beast, however, so it -- Adam Paul Laxalt is an attorney
saved. Sugar farmers, often program, the United States is about/departments/ylp.cfm should work out the details itself. and former lieutenant in the U.S.
collectively known as “Big effectively picking the winners, This entry passed through the #page#Unfortunately, I do not Navy, Judge Advocate General’s
Sugar,” contribute extensively to namely “Big Sugar,” while letting Full-Text RSS service — if this is think a compromise could actually Corps, who served on active duty
political campaigns, with the nine the losers, such as the candy your content and you're reading it emerge out of this process. from 2005 until 2010. Adam Paul
main sugar farms or refinery industry, fend for themselves. on someone else's site, please read Political momentum flows one Laxalt
groups contributing nearly$1.5 T h e U . S . s u g a r p r o g r a m our FAQ page at way or the other all the time, but
million to candidates in 2007 to illustrates a broader point about content-only/faq.php in many instances, true leaders are
maintain this overt corporate f r e e t r a d e , n a m e l y , t h a t Five Filters featured article: conspicuously absent. In this case,
welfare. protectionist policies don’t just Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- it appears that one lone veteran in
The U.S. sugar program also hurt American consumers by Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
destroys American jobs. The U.S. forcing them to pay more at the Catastrophe.
candy industry has been forced by
70 Social Media/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 68

been driving up prices ever since His changes include charging from the Obama Administration’s
Win a Holiday MashPack
the U.S. government imposed it in
1963. As economic theory and
American consumers a 2.5
percent tax on cars made in South
other job-killing initiatives. Given
the highest unemployment rates With 12 Tech and Social
facts reported in The Heritage Korea for five more years instead and weakest economy in a
Foundation’s Index of Economic
Freedom demonstrate, reducing
of eliminating it immediately, as
originally agreed to, maintaining
generation, it is just unfortunate
that Americans had to wait for it
Media Prizes [CONTEST]
Meghan Peters (Mashable!)
trade barriers—including those the 25 percent tariff on imported for so long.
we place on ourselves—increases pickup trucks for eight more This entry passed through the Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:30:17 PM

our economic growth. Exports are years, and forcing South Koreans Full-Text RSS service — if this is
We kicked off the holiday season
good, but imports create jobs for to pay taxes on U.S. pork until your content and you're reading it
by telling you about some of the
Americans, too. Just ask the 2016 instead of 2014. on someone else's site, please read
hottest holiday gadgets in the
longshoremen, truck drivers, Although the final document has our FAQ page at
Mashable 10 gift guide and asked
lawyers, accountants, marketers, yet to be released to the public, it content-only/faq.php
what’s on your wish lists this
and sales clerks whose livelihoods appears that despite such Five Filters featured article:
depend on the streams of backtracking, KORUS will Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Now we’re celebrating by giving we get further into the holiday
imported goods that increase our eliminate 95 percent of barriers to Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
away a daily MashPack! Each season.
standard of living. trade in consumer and industrial Catastrophe.
weekday for the next two weeks, Check out the list of prizes below
Although KORUS was goods between people living in
we’ll give away a collection of at to see what’s in today’s
completed over three-and-a-half the United States and those living
least 12 favorite tech and social MashPack, and see details on how
years ago, President Obama in South Korea within the next
media wish list items. A different to win!
refused to submit it to Congress five years.
grand prize will be added each
until he put his Administration’s If so, this trade agreement will WIN page 71
day, getting bigger and better as
mark on it. represent a welcome deviation

Michael Jackson’s Posthumous Album Leaks Online

Brenna Ehrlich (Mashable!) week, “Hold My Hand” debuted Security seized scores more effect, if any, do you think the
Submitted at 12/6/2010 3:01:32 PM on November 23 on Jackson’s websites soon after (a series of crackdown will have on the future
official website, and“Breaking events that raised a lot of of file-sharing?
Another high-profile leak has hit News”(which many suspected eyebrows, seeing how site owners More About: coica, file sharing,
the web — Michael Jackson’s was not actually sung by Jackson) were apparently not warned music, torrent
posthumous album, Michael, hit the web on November 8. before their domains were shut For more Entertainment
which is due out next week. We imagine that Sony and Epic down). And then there’s the coverage:
According to TMZ, all 10 of the Records are not pleased with this COICA Internet Censorship and • Follow Mashable Entertainment
disc’s tracks have made their way turn of events, but they declined Copyright Bill, which was on Twitter
onto file-sharing sites, a fact to comment. recently approved by the Senate • Become a Fan on Facebook
we’ve confirmed by surfing Album leaks — as well as movie Judiciary Committee and would • Subscribe to the Entertainment
around a few sources. Twitter is leaks — are not even remotely a crack down on copyright channel
also abuzz about the leaked new occurence. Most recently, infringement if enacted (this bill • Download our free apps for
Still, it isn’t as if the government
album. Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark is also raising eyebrows and has Android, iPhone and iPad
is taking matters lying down —
Three songs from the disc have Twisted Fantasy leaked weeks been called a“censorship bill”). was recently
already been available for a while before it dropped, as did the It hasn’t been long since these
seized by government agencies,
n o w — “ M u c h T o o S o o n ” beginning of Harry Potter and the efforts, however, and there’s been
and the Department of Homeland
premiered exclusively on Ping last Deathly Hallows: Part 1. another high-profile leak. What
E-reader News Edition 71
continued from page 70

Happy holidays from Mashable! table entertainment! Griffin highlighting panoramic, two-page Folds with words by Nick Hornby residue if film is removed. Power
How To Win Today’s MashPack Technology AirCurve Play spreads, and the paper’s for what The Huffington Post Support USA iPhone4 Designer
Tweeting for today’s MashPack The AirCurve Play acoustically pearlescent sheen coating adds a calls “one of the most interesting Collection Cases
will end Tuesday, December 7 at amplifies the speaker of your luminous glow to your photos. collaborations of the year.” This Power Support has teamed up
12 p.m. ET. Please use your real iPhone without batteries, cables or The elegant custom cover features special deluxe edition includes the with cutting-edge designers Tibi,
identity in the submission so that electricity. It collects the sound a photo of your choice under a album on CD and vinyl, four short Rachel Pally and Rory Beca to
we may contact you via e-mail, from the built-in speaker of your protective laminate and a full- stories by Nick Hornby, and 15 create a set of super stylish air
Twitter or Facebook to let you iPhone, amplifies it in a built-in grain glove leather wrap around images by acclaimed jackets. Measuring under 1 mm,
know that you’ve won. We’ll coiled waveguide, and projects it the spine and back cover is photographer Joel Meyerowitz, all the jacket snugly hugs the back of
announce the winner after the out into the room. AirCurve’s available in five colors. in a hardbound, 152-page book. your iPhone 4. You can keep your
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Sony’s Bloggie Touch camera internal engineered waveguide line with an impressive list of wear and tear of daily use. It’s one a win-win for any iPhone 4
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simple touch of its single record conference phone, and self- snowboarding legends Terje with distribution in the United buy and sell Twitter books printed
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watt (2 amp) charging for your dropping photos and captions Their compact size make them dust while reducing glare, • Follow Mashable Social Media
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unobstructed while the batteries options. The Madison’s Lonely Avenue Deluxe Album resist glare and fingerprints while channel
get charged, so you can listen heavyweight, archival quality lay- Lonely Avenue contains 11 new protecting your screen. The static WIN page 72
while you watch. It’s perfect side flat pages are ideal for songs featuring music by Ben cling adhesive film leaves no
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Commenting Guidelines for the continued from page 71

• Download our free apps for

Mashable Community Android, iPhone and iPad

Vadim Lavrusik (Mashable!) in order to keep the thread on

Submitted at 12/6/2010 12:56:26 PM track.
7. Quality: We encourage you to
Here at Mashable, we truly value take responsibility for the quality
comments. Commenting is a way
for everyone to participate and
of the conversations in which
you’re participating. Maintain
More Problems for
contribute, breaking down the
wall between the author and
intelligent discussions in the
Mashable community by being WikiLeaks: Switzerland Cuts
reader. respectful and considerate.
To improve the dialogue, we’ve
put together some simple
furthering the conversation and 8. Help us: Maintain an inviting
interaction space by self-policing
Off Founder’s Bank Account
informing the participants with Ben Parr (Mashable!)
commenting guidelines for the resourceful and constructive threads and flagging spam.
Mashable community. When ideas. Although we have a hands-on Submitted at 12/6/2010 1:09:04 PM

making moderation decisions, we 2. Hate speech: Racism, sexism approach to community

will take these, as well as the Switzerland has taken new action
and homophobia will not be engagement, we do sometimes
context in which comments are against WikiLeaks by shutting
tolerated. miss problem commenters or
made, into account. We wanted to down founder Julian Assange’s
3. Language and Threats: Please trolls. We appreciate your efforts
post these publicly and be bank account.
watch your language and respect to keep the Mashable community
transparent about our moderation PostFinance — which is owned
other people’s views, beliefs and environment inviting, insightful
process and why certain by the Swiss Post, itself a public
emotions. We reserve the right to and constructive. Let the
comments are removed. company owned by the Swiss
remove any content that might be conversations be quality ones.
We also recognize that this is Confederation — said in a
found extremely offensive or *A big thanks to The Guardian,
your community as much as it is statement earlier today that it has
threatening. which inspired these guidelines*
ours. We want you to help us closed Julian Assange’s account
4. No Spam: Spam and Images courtesy of iStockphoto, this reason, PostFinance is
uphold a high standard of quality for failing to provide proof of
advertising content will be mattjeacock entitled to close his account. If
for conversation in the comments. Swiss citizenship.
removed. More About: comments, there is any indication that the
As always, we’d love to get your Here is PostFinance’s statement
5. Smear Tactics: Although we guidelines, mashable, social information provided by an
thoughts in the comments about on its decision:
acknowledge criticism of our media account holder may not comply
things you think should be added “Finance has ended its business
articles and our writers, we will For more Social Media coverage: with the detailed valid provisions,
to this list. relationship with WikiLeaks
not allow misrepresentation. We • Follow Mashable Social Media PostFinance investigates the
1. Personal Attacks: Please don’t founder Julian Paul Assange. The
will distinguish between on Twitter circumstances in detail and draws
engage in personal attacks (on Australian citizen provided false
constructive arguments and smear • Become a Fan on Facebook the appropriate conclusions.”
authors, other users or any information regarding his place of
tactics. • Subscribe to the Social Media WikiLeaks and its founder have
individual), persistent trolling or residence during the account
6. Relevancy: Please keep channel been under constant fire since it
mindless abuse. The Mashable opening process. Assange entered
conversations relevant. Off-topic • Download our free apps for released 250,000+ sensitive U.S.
community should focus on Geneva as his domicile. Upon
comments are subject to removal Android, iPhone and iPad diplomatic cables. Assange is
intelligently discussing topics by inspection, this information was
wanted by Interpol for sex crimes
found to be incorrect. Assange
he allegedly committed during a
cannot provide proof of residence
trip to Sweden earlier this year.
in Switzerland and thus does not
The U.S. State Department has
meet the criteria for a customer
relationship with PostFinance. For MORE page 73
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 73
continued from page 72

taken action against the recent events remains to be seen.

Software keyboard pops up in webOS
organization, and several
companies including Amazon,
More About: julian assange,
PostFinance, sweden, Swiss 2.0, dreams of a Palm slate phone
PayPal and EveryDNS have Federation, Swiss Post,
banned the site from using their
switzerland, wikileaks
For more Social Media coverage:
Multiple governments are now • Follow Mashable Social Media Paul Miller (Engadget) the Pre's cramped hardware
targeting the organization. While on Twitter Submitted at 12/6/2010 2:13:00 PM keyboard in the past as we sprint
each action may have been taken • Become a Fan on Facebook into a glorious future of tangible
for different reasons, the result is • Subscribe to the Social Media A software keyboard may sound webOS 2.0 market share and
an enormous amount of pressure channel anathema to Palm, with its rich maybe a threaded email app or
designed to take WikiLeaks • Download our free apps for history of wonderful QWERTY something. Sorry, we're done.
down. Despite hundreds of Android, iPhone and iPad keyboards, but you had to feel it Check out a video of the keyboard
mirrors replicating the site, the was coming, what with the wild in action while we wipe the drool
organization is definitely in consumer adoption of slate off our chins.
trouble. Whether it will survive devices and, you know, the Continue reading Software
or grow stronger than ever after economy these days. Well, after a keyboard pops up in webOS 2.0,
short history of hints in webOS dreams of a Palm slate phone
2.0's code and a longer history of flourish
hacks, a full-on Palm-developed Software keyboard pops up in
software keyboard has been found webOS 2.0, dreams of a Palm
in shipping webOS 2.0 devices. It slate phone flourish originally
takes a little bit of a hack and a appeared on Engadget on Mon, 06
restart, and apparently it's buggy stop us from sketching out slick, Dec 2010 14:13:00 EDT. Please
as well, oh and you have to use slim slate phones in our diaries, see our terms for use of feeds.
the physical keyboard to enter the translating that understated Permalink| webOS
Opt+Sym+K command that opens elegance of the Pre 2 into a screen Internals (Twitter)| Email this|
the virtual keys. Still, none of -dominated form factor with our Comments
these shortcomings are going to unbridled imaginations, leaving