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Chapter Name Page No. TABLE OF CONTENTS Serial No. 1 Origin & History Of the Business 3 2 Background of promoters 6 3 Product planning & expansion of products 6 4 Business Geography 7 5 R&D-Innovation of the company 8 6 Problems faced by the company 9 7 Competitors 9 8 Present Status of the company 14 9 Achievements 15 Soft copy verification from IT DEPARTMENT Comment: Name:- Date:- Signature:- ORIGIN & HISTORY OF THE BUSINESS 2 .

formerly a lecturer in the L. Forbes estimated Patel's net worth at US$510m. son of the founder. there is a team of 9 senior level executives – Known as The Executive Committee. In 2004 Pankaj Patel was included by Forbes magazine in its annual List of India’s richest people. in September 2007 Cadila in a joint venture opened a pharmaceutical plant in Ethiopia. Pankaj Patel (1951). 1956 and subsequently the Company was converted into a public company and then renamed as Cadila Healthcare Ltd. herbal products. The Company is Flagship Company of Zydus Cadila Group. Moreover. However in 2005 Patel dropped off the Forbes list due to a fall in the Stock price of Cadila Healthcare. under the Company act. From nine pharmaceutical production operations in India as well as a major R&D operation Zydus Cadila develops and manufactures a large range of pharmaceuticals as well as diagnostics. skin care products and other OTC products. Recently. College of Pharmacy. None of the members except Pankaj Patel are on Board of Directors. effective from July 17.Zydus Cadila's major shareholder remains the Patel family.Cadila Laboratories was founded in 1952 by Ramanbhai Patel (1925-2001). The Company was incorporated as Cadila Healthcare Private Ltd. and his business partner Shri Indravadan Modi. making him India's 26 th richest person. is CEO. 1996. The company is the fifth largest pharmaceutical company in India.Cadila Healthcare is an Indian pharmaceutical company head quartered at Ahmedabad in Gujarat state of western India. On May 15. Activities since 2005: 2005 3 .M. who are heads of different operations look after the overall management processes.

2007 has announced the acquisition of Nippon Universal Pharmaceutical Ltd.Launches NuPatch . -Zydus Cadila unveils 'Pitavastatin' to control cholesterol on February 21.Zydus Cadila receives approval from the USFDA to market the anti-hypertensive drug Atenolol.German Remedies launches Fludara Oral for Lymphocytic Leukaemia -Zydus Cadila receives tentative approval for Divalproex Sodium DR Tablets from US FDA -Cadila Healthcare receives approval for Promethazine Tablets from USFDA -Cadila Healthcare enters into JV with BSVL 2006 -Zydus Cadila forges alliance with French firm -Zydus Cadila receives USFDA approval for Simvastatin Tablets -Zydus Cadila to acquire Nutralite . -Cadila Healthcare & Mayne signs agreement to set up JVC to manufacture specialty oncology products -Cadila Healthcare . Clindamycin on 31 Jan and 1 Feb.India's first indigenously manufactured Diclofenac transdermal patch for pain relief. and an anti-infective drug. 2005 -Cadila ties up with Tyco unit to sell generic drugs in US ..India's largest selling cholesterol-free margarine -Sarabhai Zydus to roll out immuno-diagnostics kits 2007 -Cadila Healthcare Ltd on April 19. 4 .

-Zydus Cadila acquires Nippon Universal. Karo Bio to jointly develop new drugs -Zydus Cadila & Karo Bio of Sweden sign research agreement for a novel drug to treat inflammatory diseases -Zydus Cadila acquires Etna Biotech. the first to launch revolutionary anti-obesity drug Slimona in India -Zydus Cadila acquires Brazilian Company Nikkho 2008 -Zylus Cadila. a subsidiary of Crucell N.India unveiled its first indigenous H1N1 vaccine. strengthens its presence in Japan -Zydus Cadila. which was developed by drug firm Cadila Healthcare and this vaccine will provide immunity from the H1N1 virus strain for one year. -Zydus scores with first day launch of Venlafaxine Hydrochloride in the US 2009 -Zydus Cadila announces research collaboration to discover and develop new cardiovascular medicines -Zydus Research Centre Receives AAALAC Accreditation 2010 -CHL announces Bonus Shares in the ratio of 1:2 . 5 . . the Company signed an agreement to acquire 100% stake in Quimica e Farmaceutica Nikkho do Brasil Ltda.Cadila Healthcare Ltd has announced that its second overseas acquisition this year.V.

College of Pharmacy before becoming a lecturer there.M. 6 . Cadila Healthcare was set up to take the Patel's share of the business and Cadila Pharmaceutical took Modi's share. while in 1977 the firm launched Dexona-20.BACKGROUND OF PROMOTERS Cadila Healthcare was established by Ramabhai Patel. Cadila Healthcare went public on the Bombay Stock Exchange in 2000. In 1973 the firm developed process technology to make the anti-diabetic drug glibenclamide. Among the early achievements of Cadila Laboratories were the production of Isopar. after a disagreement between Patel and Modi. PRODUCT PLANNING & EXPANSION OF PRODUCTS From nine pharmaceutical production operations in India as well as a major R&D operation Zydus Cadila develops and manufactures a large range of pharmaceuticals as well as Diagnostics. Patel (19 August 1925– 19 September 2001) was an Indian chemist who founded the operation that eventually became the Ahmedabad-based pharmaceutical company Cadila Healthcare. and Neuroxin-12. With Indravadan Modi he founded Cadila Laboratories in 1952. Patel was Chairman and Managing Director of Cadila Healthcare until his death. In 1995. Cadila Laboratories was restructured with the business being split two ways.Patel was born at Kathor in South Gujarat and studied chemistry at Gujarat University's L. a formulation of the anti-tuberculosis drugs Isoniazid & Para-amino salicylic acid in 1957. vitamin B6. in 1959. a single-vial mixture of vitamin B1. Ramanbhai B. which was a concentrated form of the anti- inflammatory drug dexamethasone. herbal products. skin care products and other OTC products. and vitamin B12. The company also makes EverYuth Naturals Walnut Scrub & Ultra Mild Scrub -India’s leading scrub brand .

INNOVATION OF THE COMPANY 7 . Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Vadodara plant . 70 km from Mumbai. India. India's most popular cholesterol-free margarine. The company makes active pharmaceutical ingredients at three sites in India: Ankleshwar plants . Ahmedabad-380015.Zydus tower.Zydus Cadila acquired an API plant at Patalganga in Maharashtra state. The plant has a 90 million tonne capacity. which is ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certified as well as FDA Approved. and Nutralite. Gujarat. Total plant capacity at Ankleshwar is around 180 million tonnes. in Vadodara District's Padra taluka (in the eastern part of the district) in Gujarat.e. and acquired by Zydus Cadila in 2002.Zydus Cadila's plant complex at Ankleshwar in Bharuch District of Gujarat. R & D. was commissioned in 1997 by a company called Banyan Chemicals. India's most popular artificial sweetener. in the 2001 German Remedies deal. This plant operates to WHO GMP standards.Zydus Cadila's plant at Dhabhasa. There are around 10 plants in the complex. has been producing drug material since 1972. It is an FDA-approved facility that is also approved to WHO GMP guidelines.EverYuth Naturals Golden Glow Peel-Off is the first cosmetic product in the peel-off category in India and a face wash range . BUSINESS GEOGRAPHY Head office of Cadila healthcare is situated on its registered office i. Patalganga plant .It is also the maker of Sugar Free. Satellite cross roads.

research is mainly focussed on: NME research: • Metabolic Disorder • Diabetes • Obesity • Dyslipidemia • Inflammation and Pain • Rheumatoid arthritis • Pain • Bacterial Infections Biotechnology Research: • Development of Biogeneric therapeutic proteins • Development of Antibodies • Development of Vaccines • Search for Novel Targets • Validation of Targets Chemical Manufacturing and Control Development of Novel processes for NME's from Medicinal Chemistry department. At ZRC.The R & D Organisation has capabilities to conduct Drug Discovery and Development from concept to IND enabling pre-clinical and clinical development. established in the year 2000. 8 . Zydus Research Centre (ZRC) is the dedicated research and development arm of Zydus Cadila.

product homogeneity severe market environment. • High clinical development costs coupled with declining drug discovery success rates. • The imminent patent expiry of several major blockbuster drugs and the related rise of cheaper generic alternatives. Marketing Innovation has become exceptionally difficult. • Chiral synthesis of drug and drug intermediates • Resolution of racemates • Studies in polymorphism of drug candidates • Development of novel process of peptide drugs Novel Drug Delivery Research • Research in delivery of proteins and peptides • Delivery of NME PROBLEMS FACED BY THE COMPANY • Increased number of players/competitors in the market. these are as follows: 9 . success often become obsolete. • In presence of large number of players. leading time to market is shortened. COMPETITORS There are three main competitors to Zydus cadila Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. a rank that it holds now been at for more than 5 years. (IMS-ORG Retail Store Audit. Reddy’s Lab 3) Ranbaxy SUN PHARMA: Sun Pharma came into existence as a startup with just 5 products in 1983. it have crossed several milestones to emerge as one of the leading pharma companies in India. As a fully integrated pharmaceutical company. our purpose is to provide affordable and innovative medicines through our three core businesses: • Pharmaceutical Services and Active Ingredients.. U. 10 . comprising our Active Pharmaceuticals and Custom Pharmaceuticals businesses. History: Sun Pharma began in 1983 with just 3 product for the ailment of psychiatry. Profile: They make speciality API & Pharmaceuticals for India. March 2006). &Sun Pharma Bangladesh are among their major group companies. Reddy’s Lab: Established in 1984.S & the world market Group Companies: Caraco. In the time since. Reddy’s Laboratories (NYSE: RDY) is an emerging global pharmaceutical company. Sun Pharma Inc. Dr. 1) Sun Pharma 2) Dr.

to create an innovator and generic pharmaceutical powerhouse. Europe and Russia. Our products are marketed globally. and • Proprietary Products. is an integrated. Reddy’s conducts NCE research in the areas of metabolic disorders. The combined entity now ranks among the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. • Global Generics. Ranbaxy entered into an alliance with one of the largest Japanese innovator companies. Differentiated Formulations and Generic Biopharmaceuticals. The transformational deal will place Ranbaxy in a higher growth trajectory and it 11 . which includes branded and unbranded generics. trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across geographies. globally. producing a wide range of quality. affordable generic medicines. cardiovascular indications. international pharmaceutical company. Dr. research based. regardless of geographic and socio-economic barriers.. Our strong portfolio of businesses. India's largest pharmaceutical company. with a focus on India. In June 2008. world-class manufacturing facilities in 7 countries and serves customers in over 125 countries. which includes New Chemical Entities (NCEs). US. The Company has a global footprint in 46 countries. Ranbaxy today has a presence in 23 of the top 25 pharmaceutical markets of the world. Daiichi Sankyo Company Ltd. geographies and products gives us an edge in an increasingly competitive global market and allows us to provide affordable medication to people across the world. RANBAXY: Company Profile Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited (Ranbaxy). anti-infectives and inflammation.

It is the Company’s constant endeavour to provide a wide basket of generic and innovator products. In 2009. These new areas will add significant depth to the existing product pipeline. Financials Ranbaxy was incorporated in 1961 and went public in 1973. Mission & Vision Ranbaxy's mission is ‘To become a Research-based International Pharmaceutical Company’. the Company recorded Global Sales of US $ 1519 Mn. Growth is well spread across geographies with focus on developed and emerging markets. leveraging the unique Hybrid Business Model with Daiichi Sankyo. Strategy Ranbaxy is focused on increasing the momentum in the generics business in its key markets through organic and inorganic growth routes. For the year 2009. North America. the Company's largest market contributed sales of US $ 397 Mn. followed by Europe garnering US $ 269 Mn and Asia clocking sales of around US $ 441 Mn.The Company is driven by its vision to ‘Achieve significant business in proprietary prescription products by 2012 with a strong presence in developed markets’. 12 . The Company has a balanced mix of revenues from emerging and developed markets that contribute 54% and 39% respectively.will emerge stronger in terms of its global reach and in its capabilities in drug development and manufacturing. The Company will also increasingly focus in high growth potential segments like Vaccines and Biogenerics.

While NDDR will now become an integral part of Daiichi Sankyo Life Science Research Center in India. in support of its global ambitions. Ranbaxy is among the few Indian pharmaceutical companies in India to have started its research program in the late 70's. as the Company is increasingly working on more complex and specialist areas. Ranbaxy’s New Drug Discovery Research (NDDR) was transferred to Daiichi Sankyo India Pharma Private Limited as part of the strategy to strengthen the global Research and Development structure of the Daiichi Sankyo Group. when the Company out-licensed its first once-a-day formulation to a multinational company. A first-of-its-kind world class R&D centre was commissioned in 1994. Ranbaxy will also explore the further development of late stage programs developed by NDDR in the last few years. with dedicated facilities for generics research and innovative research. The Company has a pool of over 1. R&D of Generics will now get a sharper focus. long-term competitive advantage. Today.200 R&D personnel engaged in path-breaking research. Ranbaxy’s first significant international success using the NDDS technology platform came in September 1999. The R&D environment reflects its commitment to be a leader in the generics space offering value added formulations and development of NDA/ANDAs. based in Gurgaon. in India. Ranbaxy will continue to independently develop and later commercialise the anti-malarial new drug. based on its Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS) research capability. which is currently in Phase III trials. In July 2010.R&D Ranbaxy views its R&D capabilities as a vital component of its business strategy that will provide a sustainable. Arterolane + PQP. 13 . the Company has multi-disciplinary R&D centers at Gurgaon. Within Ranbaxy. including the development programs in the GSK collaboration.

Rs.000 strong multicultural workforce comprising of over 50 nationalities.30 crore in fiscal year 2010.503.People The Company’s business philosophy based on delivering value to its stakeholders constantly inspires its people to innovate. March 09 & March 10 is Rs.20 Cr.164.338.634.781. Rs 538.20 Cr. Driven by the passion of it’s around 14.908.10. 3 weeks ago.40.85.361. March 07.20 crore on fiscal 2008 & it finally increased to Rs.25. According to Moneycontrol.e. achieve excellence and set new global benchmarks. Rs.559. Rs. was at a Price of Rs. This shows that there is a constant increase in its profit thus the company is reliable for Investment.430. SHARE PRICE ANALYSIS According to moneycontrol.62 per share 1 week ago. 1 month Shares of cadila healthcare Ltd.684.236.90 crore. 2 months ago 3 months ago & 3 months ago respectively. 14 .00 Cr respectively. Rs. 2 weeks ago. Ranbaxy continues to aggressively pursue its mission ‘To become a Research- based International Pharmaceutical Company’.50 Cr & Rs 1. Rs 1.22. PRESENT STATUS OF COMPANY & ITS ACHEIVEMENTS Sales Turnover of Cadila Healthcare in March 06.683.1. Rs 1.758. which increased gradually to Rs. in fiscal year 2006 net profit was Rs. March 08. profit & loss table as we can say Reported net profit is increasing year by year i.80 Cr.42 & Rs.626.

pain management. Penegra (Sildenafil Citrate). The group has several brands that feature amongst the top 300 pharmaceutical brandin India. share prices of Zydus cadila keep on increasing subsequently with time & thus can be proved as a wise investment. transdermal patches. CNS. Fludara. gastrointestinal. ACHEIVEMENTS OF BUSINESS Proven expertise in manufacturing and marketing different dosage forms such as solid dosage forms. which turned into 63. 15 . dry powder inhalers. specialists. Betaferon. Slimona (Rimonabant) and Novolizer in India. oncology. A dedicated field force of 3300 reaches out to super specialists. women’s healthcare segments. Mifegest (Mifepristone). dermatology and nephrology segments. metered dose inhalers. Hence we can say that.74%. physicians and the rural markets. Leading the way through new product introductions. injectables.68% to 10.As the above table shows the gain increased from 2. Pantodac (Pantoprazole).14% & finally to 94. anti-infectives. respiratory. Providac Techsules. Nupatch (Diclofenac Patch).18%. surgeons. the group was the first to launch Nucoxia (Etoricoxib). The group has a strong presence in the cardiovascular. neurosciences. suppositories and oncology formulations.

Bio Sidus of Argentina. Madaus AG. and API plants at Ankleshwar and Dabhasa near Vadodara are approved by the USFDA. 16 . Hospira. More than 900 professionals spearhead the group’s research programme. It plans to achieve sales of over $3 billion by 2015 and be a global research-driven company by 2020. Zydus Cadila aims to be a leading global healthcare provider with a robust product pipeline and sales of over $1 billion by 2010. Europe and Latin America. Mallinckrodt of USA. Bayer Schering Pharma. One of the most reputed pharma companies globally.S. Zydus Cadila is a partner of choice for several global pharma majors such as Boehringer Ingelheim. Abbott to name a few. The group has eight INDs in various stages of clinical trials. Over 350 scientists are working on new molecular entity research at the Zydus Research Centre. Nycomed.. Three of the group’s facilities including the formulation manufacturing plant at Moraiya.The group has a globally compliant manufacturing infrastructure comprising eight state-of- the-art facilities which support product launches not just in India but also in the regulated markets of U.