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Official Notice of immediate termination of service ‘without portfolio; demanding now and today to

immediately cease and desist of using the Official title of "The Honorable Minister of Peace (MP)", and
hereinafter post 29 June 2017.

Sent with High Importance person to person accepted, and confirmed physically in person in Delhi,
India by Kaushalya A Siriwardana Jun, 29 2017 Thur. 1.27pm
Sent with High Importance, from:
To: Jun, 29 2017 Thur. 1,29pm
CC.: ''; ''

Reference to Official Appointment of Office “without Portfolio”:

OG 2015 – 0629 3240-11705. Swore the Oath of Allegiance and still under Oath hereinafter…under
penalty of perjury…

Official Notification of Termination of Office: Del0629 -2017/11705-n2 Maintaining confidentiality of

Office and of former position held between 29 June 2015 to 29 June 2017.

Notification of Official Termination of Appointment of Office as The Honorable Minister of Peace to

Principality Monte de Agrella received, agreed and accepted, made effective 29 Jun, 2017.
Prohibiting any entitlement hereinafter to use “The Honorable Minister of Peace (MP Member of
Parliament) to Principality Monte de Agrella” on any and all stationary or media publication hereinafter.

Ms. Kaushalya A Siriwardana,

Pursuant to your material and fundamental breach of Office and of Oath of Allegiance coming to my
attention, and this meeting held today with you in Delhi, I hereby and with immediate effect terminate
your services of Office ‘without portfolio’ –
You have dishonored the Principality, its good name and standing, and the Office you were appointed to
uphold and honor with integrity – which is now in breach due to your un-authorized solicitation.

You accepted and agreed your immediate resignation and any and all use of further title/ The
Honorable/Minister of Peace/MP/use of email/on personal stationary you independently and without
authorization self-printed, websites, in representation of the Office and as a Minister of Cabinet. It was
also clear that Helping Hands Inc / Dawn Holdings Company LLC and any other corporate or
philanthropic entities would not carry this title of The Honorable Minister of Peace MP or any part of
this on any and all of your other stationary/business cards/personal corp. websites and especially social
media linkedin, Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc and that you seize and desist from using or infringing
on the good name of the House of de Agrella, the Reigning Monarch or the Sovereign State of
Principality Monte de Agrella.

The Prince also informed you, and you clearly understood and accepted that you have no right to further
use now or in the future, post this date of June 29, 2017 any title which implicitly or explicitly could be
misconstrued or could misrepresent the ongoing future Office of - “The Honorable Minister of Peace”
(with “MP” or without – which stands for Member of Parliament”) in the future and that any further
association would be halted and withdrawn from letter correspondence of the Principality, extended to
your other unrelated and disassociated websites / and so forth…especially when soliciting funds, which is strictly
prohibited under law of the Principality Monte de Agrella. You were and are entirely aware of such
restrictions and use of title of Office, your obligations and duties.

The Prince’s Legal Advisors demand that you immediately seize and desist, remove from any and all
stationary correspondence/business cards, email/websites dawnholdingcompanyllc / hhcharity /social
media – Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn / photos and captions using the title of “The Honorable
Minister of Peace MP”.

Entirely disappointed.


Private Secretary to His Serene Highness Immanuel Sovereign Prince

Principality Monte de Agrella

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Principality Monte de Agrella / PMDA