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LIBRETTO BOOK 11 F AAA eS. Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz Book by Winnie Holzman Based on the novel by Gregrory Maguire NOTICE: DO NOT DEFACE! Should you find it necessary to mark cues or cuts, use a soft black lead pencil only. NOT FOR SALE This book is rented for the period specified in your contract. It remains the property of: PLEASE RETURN ALL MATERIALS TO: Music Theatre International (Australasia) Pty Ltd Ground Floor, Suite 2, 20-22 Albert Rd South Melbourne, Vic 3205 Australia ‘www.mtishows.comau. ‘Music Tuearre INTERNATIONAL Copyright © Wickeo = te ACT ONE Scene 1 (We see A SILHOUETTE OF A LARGE WITCH PROJECTED ON THE BACK WALL being used as a symbol to celebrate the Wicked Witch's demise. Suddenly CITIZENS OF OZ spill out, CHEERING and celebrating. The hat disappears, and we are OUTSIDE THE WIZARD'S PALACE, IN THE EMERALD CITY, CAPITAL OF THE LAND OF 02.) ALL GOOD NEWS! SHE'S DEAD! THE WITCH OF THE WEST IS DEAD! THE WICKEDEST WITCH THERE EVER WAS. ‘THE ENEMY OF ALL OF US HERE IN OZ IS DEAD! GOOD NEws! GOOD NEws! SOMEBODY IN THE CROWD Look! It’s Glinda! (GLINDA, resplendent and beautiful in her white gown and tiara, descends from on high on a mechanical swing that spews soap bubbles as the CELEBRANTS point and cheer.) VARIOUS FANATICS Is it really her? It is, it's her! Glinda! We love yeeew, Glindaaaaa! GLINDA It’s good to see me, isn’t it? FANATICS (shrieks) Yes! GLINDA No need to respond — that was rhetorical. (SHE smiles down at them) Fellow Ozians— Wicked (GLINDA) (sings) LET US BE GLAD LET US BE GRATEFUL LET US REJOICIFY THAT GOODNESS COULD SUBDUE ‘THE WICKED WORKINGS OF YOU-KNOW-WHO. ISN'T IT NICE TO KNOW THAT GOOD WILL CONQUER EVIL? THE TRUTH WE ALL BELIEVE'LL BY AND BY OUTLIVEA LIE FOR YOU AND. SOMEONE IN CROWD Glinda! Exactly how dead is she? GLINDA Because there has been so much rumor, and speculation— innuendo, outuendo— let me set the record straight: (with gravitas) According to the Time Dragon Clock, The Melting occurred at the thirteenth hour, the direct result of a bucket of water thrown by a female child. Yes, the Wicked Witch of the West is dead. SOMEONE IN THE CROWD NO ONE MOURNS THE WICKED ANOTHER PERSON NO ONE CRIES: “THEY WON'T RETURN!” ALL NO ONE LAYS A LILY ON THEIR GRAVE MAN ‘THE GOOD MAN SCORNS THE WICKED! WOMEN THROUGH THEIR LIVES, OUR CHILDREN LEARN: ALL WHAT WE MISS WHEN WE MISBEHAVE Wickeo GLINDA AND GOODNESS KNOWS ‘THE WICKED'S LIVES ARE LONELY GOODNESS KNOWS ‘THE WICKED DIE ALONE IT JUST SHOWS WHEN YOU'RE WICKED YOU'RE LEFT ONLY ON YOUR OWN ... ALL YES, GOODNESS KNOWS ‘THE WICKEDS LIVES ARE LONELY GOODNESS KNOWS THE WICKED CRY ALONE NOTHING GROWS FOR THE WICKED ‘THEY REAP ONLY WHAT THEY'VE SOWN .. GIRL IN CROWD Glinda, why does Wickedness happen? GLINDA ‘That's a good question. One that many people find confusifying: Are people born Wicked? Or do they have Wickedness thrust upon them? After all, she had a childhood. She had a father... who just happened to be the Governor of Munchkinland... (An IMAGE FROM THE PAST APPEARS, and a SOMBER LOOKING MAN ‘appears — the WITCH'S FATHER.) WITCH’S FATHER (calls out) I'm off to the Assembly, dear! GLINDA And she had a mother. As so many do... (A HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN appears — the WITCH'S MOTHER.) WITCH'S FATHER OH ... HOW I HATE TO GO AND LEAVE YOU LONELY WITCH’S MOTHER THATS ALRIGHT- IT’S ONLY JUST ONE NIGHT Wicked WITCH'S FATHER BUT KNOW THAT YOU'RE HERE IN MY HEART WHILE I'M OUT OF YOUR SIGHT... GLINDA And like every family —they had their secrets. (The WITCH'S FATHER kisses his wife goodbye, exits. The WITCH'S MOTHER waves goodbye, then wipes his kiss offher check, then immediately throws open the door and pulls HER LOVER out into the kitchen. SHE GIGGLES. THE LOVER, [those {face remains in shadoro] takes a scwig from a small green bottle, offers the bottle to the ‘mother, she drinks —) LOVER HAVE ANOTHER DRINK, MY DARK-EYED BEAUTY I'VE GOT ONE MORE NIGHT LEFT, HERE IN TOWN SO HAVE ANOTHER DRINK OF GREEN ELIXIR AND WE'LL HAVE OURSELVES A LITTLE MIXER HAVE ANOTHER LITTLE SWALLOW, LITTLE LADY, AND FOLLOW ME DOWN. (THEY KISS; sink to the floor. THE LOVER disappears. THE MOTHER struggles back to her feet, now hugely pregnant — ) GLINDA But, from the moment she was born she was... well, different. (Suddenly WITCH'S MOTHER clutches herself, in pain...) WITCH’S MOTHER Agghhhi! (WITCH'S FATHER rushes in, along with a MIDWIFE, who is some kind of Animal, perhaps a Goat. They hold her —) MIDWIFE IT'S COMING. WITCH’S FATHER Now? MIDWIFE ‘THE BABY’S COMING... WITCH’S FATHER (sees it) AND HOW! Wickeo MIDWIFE 1 SEE A NOSE. WITCH’S FATHER ISEE.A CURL. MIDWIFE & WITCH’S FATHER IT'S A HEALTHY PERFECT LOVELY LITTLE... MIDWIFE Ohhhhht WITCH’S FATHER Sweet Oz! WITCH’S MOTHER (anxiously) What is it, what's wrong? MIDWIFE HOW CAN IT BE? WITCH’S FATHER WHAT DOES IT MEAN? MIDWIFE IT's ATROCIOUS! WITCH’S FATHER IT'S OBSCENE! MIDWIFE & WITCH’S FATHER LIKE A FROGGY, FERNY CABBAGE ‘THE BABY IS UNNATURALLY ALL GREEN! WITCH’S FATHER Take it away. Take it away... GLINDA So you see—It couldn't have been easy. (And the Tableau from the Past has dissolved now, as the CROWD sings emphatically.) CROWD NO ONE MOURNS THE WICKED NOW AT LAST, SHE'S DEAD AND GONE NOT AT LAST, THERE'S JOY THROUGHOUT THE LAND. Wicked (CROWD) AND GOODNESS KNOWS ... GLINDA GOODNESS KNOWS CROWD WE KNOW WHAT GOODNESS IS GLINDA HER LIFE WAS LONELY ... CROWD GOODNESS KNOWS... GLINDA GOODNESS KNOWS CROWD ‘THE WICKED DIE ALONE. GLINDA SHE DIED ALONE ... CROWD WOE TO THOSE (WOE TO THOSE) WHO SPURN WHAT GOODNESSES THEY ARE SHOWN (During the following a SHADOW FIGURE BEGINS TO FORM: The giant, looming silhouette of the Witch.) ALL BUT GLINDA NO ONE MOURNS THE WICKED GLINDA GOOD NEWS! CROWD NO ONE MOURNS THE WICKED! GLINDA GOOD NEWs! CROWD NO ONE MOURNS THE ALL WICKED! WICKED! Wickeo = fie (ALL) WICKED! (The number ends.) GLINDA Well, this has been fun. But as you can imagine, Be Ihave much to attend to, what with the Wizard's unexpected departure. And so, if there are no further questions — (Suddenly, someone in the CROWD interrupts her.) PERSON IN CROWD. Glindat Is it true—you were her friend?! (THE CROWD GASPS in disbelief... GLINDA free completely thrown.) GLINDA well, Ie (SILENCE FALLS, ALL await her response...) Yes. (THEY ALL GASP in horror and shock.) Well, it depends what you mean by “friend” (SHE signals for her MECHANICAL SWING TO BE LOWERD, and as it descends ...) I did know her. That is, our paths did cross. At school. (A FEW YOUNG STUDENTS RUN ON. GLINDA turns in surprise, looks at them.) But you must understand, it was a long time ago. (More YOUNG STUDENTS ENTER.) . And we were both very young... (And noo, from where the silhouette of the Witch has been, the actual WITCH herself appears and runs on. But she is a young, hopeful girl — albeit a green one. This is ELPHABA. GLINDA reaches out, almost as if to touch the face of this ghost from her past. And we start fo hear the Shiz University Oz-ma Mater ...) STUDENTS © HALLOWED HALLS AND VINE-DRAPED WALLS. Wicked (GLINDA exits as: WE FIND OURSELVES IN...) ACT ONE Scene 2 A PARLOR AT SHIZ UNIVERSITY. (An archway with the name Shiz University hangs over the proceedings. STUDENTS continue to SING the Oz-ma Mater as they arrive. ELPHABA tries to greet some of them, but startled by her green-ness, they recoil from her ...) STUDENTS _ THE PROUDLIEST SIGHT THERE IS WHEN GREY AND SERE OUR HAIR HATH TURNED WE SHALL STILL REVERE THE LESSONS LEARNED IN OUR DAYS AT DEAR OLD SHIZ ‘OUR DAYS AT DEAR OLD (GLINDA, or as she was known then, GALINDA, is the last to arrive, perched on an enormous stack of matched luggage. SHE joins the singing with a little display of vocalize ...) GALINDA (OH-OH-OH-OH-OLD. STUDENTS & GLINDA —DEAR OLD SHIZ-222Z (GALINDA and all the other students covertly stare at Elphaba, She decides to cut to the chase ~) ELPHABA What? What are you all looking at? Oh— do Ihave something in my teeth? (puts her suitcase down) Alright, fine— we might as well get this over with: No, I'm not seasick; yes, I've always been green; no, I didn’t eat grass as a child... (ELPHABA’S FATHER wheels on A BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WOMAN IN A WHEELCHAIR ~ NESSAROSE.) FATHER Elphaba—! ELPHABA Oh, and this is my younger sister, Nessarose! As you can see, she’s a perfectly normal color. Wickeo (Their FATHER angrily pulls ELPHABA aside.) FATHER Elphaba, stop making a spectracle of yourself! Remember—I'm only sending you to this school for one reason — ELPHABA I know—to look after Nessa. (FATHER crosses to NESSAROSE with a gift) FATHER (to NESSAROSE) My precious little girl—a parting gift. NESSAROSE (a bit uncomfortable) Father—! (what else can she do but open it) Jeweled shoes? FATHER As befits the future governor of Munchkinland. (turning to Elphaba) Elphaba— (SHE turns to him expectantly,) ‘Take care of your sister. And... try not to talk so much. (HE exits. Elphaba watches him go. ) NESSAROSE (feels for her) Elphaba— Elphabe turns to her sister— ELPHABA (to cover) Well, what could he get me? I clash with everything. (MADAME MORRIBLE, the imposing headmistress of Shiz University, sweeps in... ) = 10 - Wicked MORRIBLE Welcome, new students! (ELPHABA’S FATHER leaves, as MORRIBLE continues ~) 1am Madame Morrible, Head Shiztress here at Shiz University. And whether you are here to study Law, Logic, or Linguification— I know I speak for my fellow faculty members when I say that we have nothing but the highest hopes. For some of you. (ELPHABA pushes in Wheelchair to interrupt) ELPHABA Excuse me! Excuse Me! MORRIBLE ‘Oh— you must be the Governor's daughter! Miss Nessarose, isn't it? What a tragically beautiful face you have! (not yet seeing Elphaba’s face) ‘And who is—AAH! (SHE comes face to face with Elphaba... YELPS.) ELPHABA I'm the other daughter, Elphaba. I'm beautifully tragic. MORRIBLE (finding her completely weird) Isee, Well, I'm sure you're— very bright. (GALINDA turns to the person next to her... a gawky young man named BOQ, who has managed to maneuver himself to be as close to her as possible.) GALINDA Bright?! She's phospherescent! (ALL THE STUDENTS laugh, BOQ loudest of all.) MORRIBLE Now— regarding room assignments— (Both ELPHABA and GALINDA instantly raise their hands. GALINDA waves hers very persistently. to GALINDA, peeved) Is this regarding room assignments? GALINDA Oh, no— thank you for asking, Madame Morrible, but I've already been assigned a private suite. (Envious looks and EMBITTERED ADLIBS from the OTHER STUDENTS. GALINDA turns to them...) Wickeo -11- (GALINDA) But you can all visit me whenever you want! (Smiles and HAPPIER ADLIBS from the students, as two girls, PFANNEE and SHENSHEN, beam at GALINDA. PFANNEE Oh, how good of you! SHENSHEN You are so good! GALINDA No, I'm not! THE TWO OF THEM Yes, you are! GALINDA Now, stop! MORRIBLE (losing patience) Did you have a question? GALINDA Oh, yes—you see, I am Galinda Upland, of the Upper Uplands? I've applied to your sorcery seminar. Perhaps you recall my entrance essay — “Magic Wands: Need They Have A Point?” MORRIBLE (remembering; and not with pleasure) Ah yes... However I do not teach my seminar every semester. Of course if someone special were to come along— GALINDA Well, exactly. ELPHABA. Madame Morrible? (MORRIBLE turns.) We haven't received our room assignment. MORRIBLE Oh, the Governor made his concer for your sister’s well-being quite apparent—she will share my compartment, where I can assist her as needed. = tt Wicked ELPHABA But—I've always looked after my sister. NESSAROSE Elphaba... MORRIBLE (to ELPHABA) He never mentioned you (looks up brightly) Just a slight gulch—not to fret! We'll find some place to put you! ELPHABA But, Madame— (But MORRIBLE, oblivious, is looking through her papers...) GALINDA (to PFANNEE and SHENSHEN, still smarting from the rejection) I don’t think she even read my essay! BOQ (intruding himself) That's so unfair! You should say something! GALINDA Should 1? MORRIBLE (to THE GROUP) Attention! Which of you young ladies will volunteer to share with Miss Elphaba? Galinda thrusts her hand up. GALINDA (with self-righteous determination) Madame Morrible? MORRIBLE Oh, thank you, dear. That is very good of you. GALINDA (not sure what has just happened) What? (MORRIBLE pulls a reluctant ELPHABA by the hand towards an equally reluctant GALINDA...) Wickeo = 13 - MORRIBLE You see, Miss Elphaba? You can room with Miss Galindal (GALINDA EMITS A SHOCKED SQUEAK. THE GIRLS look at each other, horrified. ELPHABA turns to MORRIBLE. ELPHABA (quite shaken) Madame—no! You don’t understand — MORRIBLE (starts to wheel NESSA out) To your rooms, young ladies! ELPHABA No—No, wait— NESSAROSE Elphaba, please— I'll be alright! ELPHABA But—I promised Father— MORRIBLE Young gentlemen—to your dormitory! ELPHABA LET HER GO! (And suddenly THE WHEELCHAIR PULLS ITSELF OUT OF MORRIBLE’S GRASP, The students GASP. THE CHAIR SPINS, RISES INTO THE AIR, AND THEN LANDS GENTLY IN FRONT OF ELPHABA. Morrible stares at Elphaba. The other students and faculty stare, dumbfounded, then BUZZ AMONGST THEMSELVES...) cr MORRIBLE How did you do that? GALINDA (thunder-struck, to her friends) How did she do that? NESSAROSE Oh, Elphaba. You promised things would be different here. -14- Wicked MORRIBLE (Leaning closer) You mean ... this has happened before? ELPHABA Wall ... something just comes over me sometimes. Something I—can’t describe. But I'll try to control myself, (to NESSAROSE) I'm sorry, Nessa MORRIBLE What?! Never apologize for talent! Talent is a gift! And that is my special talent, encouraging talent! (studies her closely) Have you ever considered a career in sorcery? ELPHABA Not really MORRIBLE I shall tutor you privately —and take no other students! GALINDA (a screech) Whaat?! (The STUDENTS start to leave, one of the boys helping to wheel Nessarose off. BOQ remaains, desperate to catch GALINDA’s eye ...) i ard A MORRIBLE MANY YEARS I HAVE WAITED FOR A GIFT LIKE YOURS TO APPEAR WHY, I PREDICT THE WIZARD MIGHT MAKE YOU HIS MAGIC GRAND VIZIER! ELPHABA The Wizard!? MORRIBLE MY DEAR, MY DEAR I'LL WRITE AT ONCE TO THE WIZARD ~ Wickeo 15 - (MORRIBLE) ‘TELL HIM OF YOU IN ADVANCE WITH A TALENT LIKE YOURS, DEAR ‘THERE IS A DEFIN-ISH CHANCE IF YOU WORK AS YOU SHOULD YOU'LL BE MAKING GOOD GALINDA But—Madame Morrible—! MORRIBLE (very dismissively) Not now, dear! (MORRIBLE sweeps off. The STUDENTS follow suit.) GALINDA (deeply puzzled) Something's wrong... 8) Ididn’t get my way! (Sudden headache) I think I need to lie down. (SHE goes off ‘Now ELPHABA is alone, dazed but thrilled.) (reali ELPHABA. DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN? HAVE I ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD? ‘THIS WEIRD QUIRK I'VE TRIED ‘TO SUPPRESS OR HIDE IS A TALENT THAT COULD HELP ME MEET THE WIZARD. IF IMAKE GOOD SO LL MAKE GOOD .. WHEN I MEET THE WIZARD ONCE I PROVE MY WORTH AND THEN I MEET THE WIZARD WHAT I'VE WAITED FOR SINCE—SINCE BIRTH! AND WITH ALL HIS WIZARD WISDOM = 16 Wicked (ELPHABA) BY MY LOOKS, HE WON'T BE BLINDED DO YOU THINK THE WIZARD IS DUMB? (OR LIKE MUNCHKINS, SO SMALL-MINDED? NO! HE'LL SAY TO ME: “ISEE WHO YOU TRULY ARE AGIRL ON WHOM I CAN RELY!” AND THAT'S HOW WE'LL BEGIN ‘THE WIZARD ANDI... ONCE I'M WITH THE WIZARD MY WHOLE LIFE WILL CHANGE “CUZ ONCE YOU'RE WITH THE WIZARD NO ONE THINKS YOU'RE STRANGE NO FATHER IS NOT PROUD OF YOU NO SISTER ACTS ASHAMED AND ALL OF 0 HAS TO LOVE YOU WHEN BY THE WIZARD, YOU'RE ACCLAIMED AND THIS GIFT — OR THIS CURSE — 1 HAVE INSIDE MAYBE AT LAST, I'LL KNOW WHY AS WE WORK HAND IN HAND — THE WIZARD AND I! AND ONE DAY, HE'LLSAY TO ME: “ELPHABA, AGIRL WHO IS SO SUPERIOR SHOULDN'T A GIRL WHO'S SO GOOD INSIDE HAVE A MATCHING EXTERIOR? AND SINCE FOLKS HERE TO AN ABSURD DEGREE SEEM FIXATED ON YOUR VERDIGRIS WOULD IT BE ALL RIGHT BY YOU IF I DE-GREENIFY YOU?” AND THOUGH OF COURSE THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT TO ME “ALL RIGHT, WHY NOT?" I'LL REPLY (OH, WHAT A PAIR WE'LL BE ‘THE WIZARD ANDI WHAT A PAIR WE'LL BE THE WIZARD AND. (SHE breaks of suddenly, struck by a wonderful vision of her future.) me WiekeD (ELPHABA) UNLIMITED ‘MY FUTURE IS UNLIMITED AND I'VE JUST HAD A VISION ALMOST LIKE A PROPHECY KNOW — IT SOUNDS TRULY CRAZY AND TRUE, THE VISION’S HAZY BUT I SWEAR, SOMEDAY THERE'LL BE A CELEBRATION THROUGHOUT 0Z ‘THAT'S ALL TO DO WITH ME! AND I'LL STAND THERE WITH THE WIZARD. FEELING THINGS I'VE NEVER FELT AND THOUGH I'D NEVER SHOW IT I'LL BE SO HAPPY, I COULD MELT AND SO IT WILL BE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE AND I'LL WANT NOTHING ELSE TILL I DIE HELD IN SUCH HIGH ESTEEM WHEN PEOPLE SEE ME, THEY WILL SCREAM FOR HALF OF 07'S FAV’RITE TEAM: THE WIZARD ANDI! - 18 - Wicked ACT ONE Scene 3 (GALINDA enters, on the other side of the stage from ELPHABA. Both face front, as if toriting letters home) GALINDA Dearest darlingest Momsie and Popsical... ELPHABA My dear Father. BOTH THERE'S BEEN SOME CONFUSION OVER ROOMING HERE AT SHIZ ELPHABA BUT OF COURSE, I'LL CARE FOR NESSA .. GALINDA BUT OF COURSE, I'LL RISE ABOVE IT BOTH FOR I KNOW THAT'S HOW YOU'D WANT ME TO RESPOND ‘YES, THERE’S BEEN SOME CONFUSION FOR YOU SEE, MY ROOM-MATE IS (BOTH pause, regard each other, trying to find the words ..) GALINDA UNUSUALLY AND EXCEEDINGLY PECULIAR AND ALTOGETHER QUITE IMPOSSIBLE TO DESCRIBE ELPHABA (after a beat) BLONDE. GALINDA WHAT IS THIS FEELING ‘SO SUDDEN AND NEW? ELPHABA 1 FELT THE MOMENT 1 LAID EYES ON YOU Wickeo 19 = GALINDA MY PULSE IS RUSHING .. ELPHABA ‘MY HEAD IS REELING ... GALINDA ‘MY FACE IS FLUSHING ... BOTH WHAT IS THIS FEELING? FERVID AS A FLAME DOES IT HAVE A NAME? YES! LOATHING UNADULTERATED LOATHING. GALINDA FOR YOUR FACE. ELPHABA, YOUR VOICE GALINDA YOUR CLOTHING BOTH LET'S JUST SAY—I LOATHE IT ALL! EWRY LITTLE TRAIT, HOWEVER SMALL MAKES MY VERY FLESH BEGIN TO CRAWL WITH SIMPLE UTTER LOATHING ‘THERE'S A STRANGE EXHILARATION IN SUCH TOTAL DETESTATION IT'S SO PURE! SO STRONG! THOUGH I DO ADMIT IT CAME ON FAST STILL DO BELIEVE THAT IT CAN LAST AND I WILL BE LOATHING LOATHING YOU ‘MY WHOLE LIFE LONG! STUDENTS DEAR GALINDA, YOU ARE JUST TOO GOOD! HOW DO YOU STAND IT? 1 DON’T THINK I COULD! SHE'S A TERROR! SHE'S A TARTAR! WE DON'T MEAN TO SHOW A BIAS BUT GALINDA YOU'RE A MARTYR! - 20 - Wicked GALINDA WELL ... THESE THINGS ARE SENT TO TRY US! STUDENTS POOR GALINDA, FORCED TO RESIDE WITH SOMEONE SO DISGUSTICIFIED WE JUST WANT TO TELL YOU: WE'RE ALL ON YOUR SIDE! WE SHARE YOUR . GALINDA & ELPHABA STUDENTS WHAT IS THIS FEELING LOATHING SO SUDDEN AND NEW? UNADULTERATED LOATHING FELT THE MOMENT FOR HER FACE, HER VOICE ILAID EYES ON YOU HER CLOTHING MY PULSE IS RUSHING LET'S JUST SAY: MY HEAD IS REELING WE LOATHE IT ALL! OH, WHAT IS THIS FEELING? EV'RY LITTLE TRAIT HOWEVER SMALL. DOES IT HAVE A NAME? MAKES OUR VERY FLESH YES... BEGIN TO CRAWL... AHHH ... AHHH ALL LOATHING! GALINDA & ELPHABA ALL ‘THERE'S A STRANGE EXHILARATION LOATHING IN SUCH TOTAL DETESTATION LOATHING SO PURE, SO STRONG! STUDENTS SO STRONG! GALINDA & ELPHABA ALL (Students sing back-up.) TOATEING: ‘THOUGH I DO ADMIT IT CAME ON FAST TOATHING STILL DO BELIEVE THAT IT CAN LAST AND I WILL BE LOATHING LOATHING FOR FOREVER LOATHING LOATHING ‘TRULY, DEEPLY LOATHING YOU LOATHING YOU LOATHING, FOR MY WHOLE LIFE LONG! UNADULTERATED LOATHING Wickeo - 21 - ELPHABA. Boo! (GALINDA YELPS, glares at ELPHABA, wlio CACKLES. AND WE FIND OURSELVES IN ...) 5... the number ends. = 22 Wicked ACT ONE Scene 4 (A LECTURE HALL. As STUDENTS, including Galinda, Elphaba, Pfannee, ‘ShenShen, Bog and Nessarose are just taking their seats WE HEAR a professorial voice:) DOCTOR DILLAMOND Settle down, ladies and gentlemen; settle down now—! (Their history professor, DOCTOR DILLAMOND, a distinguished Goat, enters...) Thave read your most recent essays, and | am amazed to report some progress. Although some of us still tend to favor form over content— (as he hands paper to her) Miss Glinda. GALINDA It’s Ga-linda. With a Ga. DILLAMOND ‘Yes, of course. (HE tries, but it comes out the same) Glinda. GALINDA (huffily) really don’t see what the problem is—every other professor seems to be able to pronounce my name. ELPHABA (loualy) Maybe perfecting the pronunciation of your precious name is not the sole focus of Doctor Dillamond’s life. Maybe he's not like every other professor—maybe some of us are different! GALINDA Well—it seems the artichoke is steamed! (THE CLASS LAUGHS.) DILLAMOND Class! (They quiet) Miss Elphaba has a point. Doubtless you've noticed I am the sole Animal on the Wickeo - 23 - (DILLAMOND) faculty — the “token Goat,” as it were. But it wasn’t always this way. Oh, dear Students — Ghow to put this?) How I wish you could have known this place as it once was. When one would walk these halls and hear an Antelope explicating a sonnet, a Snow Leopard solving an equation, a Wildebeest waxing philosophic. (trying to reach them) Can you see, Students, what’s being lost? How our dear Oz is becoming less and less, well . (looks right at ELPHABA) colorful (taking in the rest of the class) Now. What set this into motion? (ELPHABA raises her hand but doesn’t wait to be called on — ) ELPHABA From what I've read, it began with the Great Drought. DILLAMOND Precisely. (points to it on the timeline) Food grew scarce, and people grew hungrier and angrier. And the question became—whom can we blame? (another beat) Can anyone tell me what is meant by the term: “Scapegoat”? (ELPHABA’s hand shoots up.) Someone besides Miss Elphaba. (GALINDA’s hand shoots up.) Yes, Miss Glinda! GALINDA (Gritted teeth now) It’s Ga-linda, With a Ga. And I don’t see why you can’t just teach us history, instead of always harping on the past. DILLAMOND (Going to the blackboard and turning it over) Well, pethaps these questions that I have prepared, will - 14 Wicked (The class GASPS. And he sees that across the board, someone has painted: “ANIMALS SHOULD BE SEEN AND NOT HEARD.” DILLAMOND stares at it, shocked; then...) (DILLAMOND) ‘Who is responsible for this? I'm waiting for an answer. (UNCOMFORTABLE SILENCE. Then...) Very well— that will be all for today. (EVERYONE hesitates, did they hear right? quite upset now) You heard me—class dismissed! The students swiftly exit. Elphaba starts to wheel Nessarose out. She stops, turns back to look at Dillamond. ELPHABA (softly) You go ahead, Nessa. Nessarose exits. Elphaba regards the offensive words on the board. (reads aloud) “Animals should be seen and not heard?” Dillamond, who's been lost in thought, looks up. DILLAMOND Oh, Miss Elphaba—don’t worry about me. Go and join your friends. ELPHABA (matter-of factly) ‘That's alright, I have no friends. Would you like to share my lunch? She takes out a sandwich wrapped in paper. She holds it out to him. DILLAMOND Oh, thank you, how kind. (HE takes the sandwich wrapped in paper, unwraps it, hands her back the sandzvich, and takes a bite out of the paper. Chews, But then, looking at the rest of the paper in his hand...) Iseem to have lost my appetite ELPHABA You shouldn't let ignorant statements like that bother you. I mean, I always do, but you shouldn't. Wickeo = 25 - DILLAMOND Oh, Miss Elphaba— If only it were just a matter of words on a chalk board! But the things one hears these days. Dreadful things. or (sings:) I'VE HEARD OF AN OX A PROFESSOR FROM QUOX NO LONGER PERMITTED TO TEACH WHO HAS LOST ALL POWERS OF SPEECH ELPHABA What? DILLAMOND. AND AN OWL IN MUNCHKIN ROCK AVICAR WITH A THRIVING FLOCK FORBIDDEN TO PREACH NOW HE ONLY CAN SCREECH ‘ONLY RUMORS — BUT STILL — ENOUGH TO GIVE PAUSE TO ANYONE WITH PAWS SOMETHING BAD IS HAPPENING IN OZ, ELPHABA SOMETHING BAD? HAPPENING IN OZ ...? DILLAMOND UNDER THE SURFACE BEHIND THE SCENES SOMETHING BAAAAAAD (They're both shocked by this— DILLAMOND covers his mouth, then CLEARS HIS THROAT...) DILLAMOND BAD. (clears throat again) ELPHABA Doctor Dillamond, are you alright? Shall | fetch you a glass of water? DILLAMOND No, I= I don’t know what came over me. = 26 - Wicked ELPHABA So you're saying that there are Animals who have somehow... forgotten how to speak? How is that possible? DILLAMOND Well, with so much pressure not to. If you make it discouraging enough, you can keep anyone silent. But I for one will never let them— (breaks off hastily, seeing...) Oh—Madame Morrible! (And in fact, MADAME MORRIBLE has entered.) MORRIBLE Theard there was some sort of disturberance, in class— are you alright, Doctor—? (breaks off, seeing...) Miss Elphaba— you're still here! I'd have thought you'd be on your way to my seminar by now. ELPHABA ‘Yes, Madame, I would be, but— MORRIBLE “But" -? (An awkward beat, as ELPHABA hesitates...) I do hope I haven't mis-placed my trust in you. Magic is a demanderating mistress. And if one’s ambition is to meet the Wizard... (to HIM) Well. I'm sure Doctor Dillamond sees my point. (SHE sweeps out. ELPHABA turns back to DILLAMOND. ELPHABA Vd better go. (SHE hesitates, then turns back to him) Doctor Dillamond—? (HE turns) If something bad is happening to the Animals, someone's got to tell the Wizard! He'll make it right! That's why we have a Wizard — ings!) SO NOTHING BAD DILLAMOND Thope you're right—