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A SWOC Appraisal of The Global Dimension of Sustainability for New England Region

5 star
- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Challenges & Vision promote
cultural richness conference centre
Convenor Rebecca Spence
multicultural at UNE
The conversation map set out below, outlines the Global challenges, existing strengths, weaknesses & opportunities with hotel on campus
involved in growing a sustainable New England region. The focus here is our international relationships, how we
connect and contribute to building a sustainable global community. These ideas, developed from a quickly assembled Develop innovative
small group of stakeholders, are seen as a starting point for an on-going discussion about how we can build on our international links -Business People
existing global connections & any start-up initiatives we could as a regional community of communities, consider supporting. partnerships spin-offs

UNE is well UNE - Research Business

linksto other global regions, international
Our Strengths connected internationally educational partnerships
cities ABRI, CCC's sustainability
attractive to overseas Thailand, Bhutan, Opportunities
existing education
students, across Pacific Saudia Arabia,Timor possible
connections Networks including Bhutan, Timor & Alumni inititaives
intelligent City, Sanctuary attracting new businesses
rich cultural heritage
internationally diverse to an environmental
joining of 4 Indigenous nations multi-cultural creating an
business hub
cultural heritage museums 60 nationalities carrying capacity - links enabling cultural
diversity environment
revitalize & develop
2 cathedral City international film festival new sustainable sister
good community support
only mosque outside NERAM art collection fostering creative
attitude to migrants, refuggess & now city links
metropolitan area music arts scene supporting vs reactive regional
developing support services
developing innovative innovative leadership that
strong sister city links creative leaders farm, technologies
unique diverse habitats can co-ordinate
with Kanuma Japan business, enterprises
14 national parks, Waterfall Way service environmentally aware
both educational, tourism complacency, stifling business
attitudes, divided, divisive, industries initiatives
& enterprise potential
rich minerals, diamonds biodiesel
competing groups
saphires but sister city links production
dormant - lost opprtunities lack of infrastructure,
employment Our Challenges
Our shared spaces for cultivating
insular lack of affordable what we need to
new businesses
Weaknesses housing, work on
bureaucratic UNE developing jobs
transport difficulty getting
students / their families
vulnerability to downturn, downsizing kids into schools
racism just below surface refugees with ESL
or ammalgamation of UNE who have other than english
What will a Socially Sustainable New England look like? What do we need to do to foster Social Sustainability?
innovative leadership
with Armidale as a cosmopolitan city encourage more regional public transport systems
of diversity innovative envronmentally aware
less complacency using carbon markets
regional bodies / organisations
more energy driven Bus transport to regional
more vision, co-operation employment eg Guyra
support & action Tomatoes Whole of Community Charter
an environmental business hub
glued together by sets out ideals, vision
more apprenticeships, accreditation, life cysle
strategies for sustainability challenge Indigenous community,
innovative emloyment assessments to open up schools, churches to come up
a culture of success / agencies for people international markets with charter for well-being and
of other cultures
how it can be supported by
local governments attract business and all community
promoting a Hall of Champions funds and help
and Icons drive it
develop strong leadership revitalize sister city
focused on co-ordinated community charter& extend, diversify
organisations & common goals it including trade, educational
partnerships to Japan, China

indertake social, cultural

economic, environmental audit more emphasis on environmental tourism
to see what we have, what to develop with cultural assets - Neram etc

Stakeholders consulted included: Wendy Berkley Zonta, Vernon Crew

This conversation details the Global SWOC appraisal & maps the
Paul Martin, Arthur Rickards, Peter Llyod, Helen Ware, members of the
key ideas, themes and design principles for a sustainable New England
Sudanese community, International Students Assocn, Scott Williams,
but itis only a starting point.........Micheal O'Loughlin Evolveris
Bob Boughton,Margaret Schumacher, Leesa Moore, Quassy & Brenda Adjapawn,
& Paul Reader