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Mid-Year Test Units ͭ - Ͳ

Mark: / 60 marks

Read the article about crystal caves.

Mexico’s Crystal Caves

A The Mexican geologist, Juan Manuel García-Ruiz, is a
very lucky man. He and his team of researchers visit some
of the most beautiful areas on earth. They are specialists
in exploring caves such as Mexico’s Cueva de los Cristales
(Cave of Crystals). Part of their job is to understand and
explain how these crystals became so large. Buried 300
metres below the ground in the Chihuahuan Desert, the
cave was discovered by two miners who were digging a of Swords, they are quite small. On average they are
new tunnel in 2000. about a metre long.
B The cave contains some of the largest natural crystals D The Cave of Crystals has a horseshoe-shape. It is
ever found. They are made of gypsum, which is a soft about 10 metres wide and 30 metres long, which is
mineral, and some of them measure up to 11 metres about the size of a basketball court. Its floor and walls
in length and weigh up to 55 tons. ‘They are a natural are covered in the most beautiful crystals. ‘There is
marvel,’ said García-Ruiz. To learn how the crystals grew no other place on the planet where the mineral world
to such huge sizes, García-Ruiz studied tiny pockets of reveals itself in such beauty,’ García-Ruiz said.
liquid trapped inside them. The crystals, he said, became
E ‘There is no limit to the size a crystal can reach,’
so large because they were covered by mineral-rich water
García-Ruiz said. But, he said, for the Cave of Crystals to
at a constant temperature range — around 58oC. At this
have grown such large crystals, it must have been kept
temperature the mineral anhydrite, which was present in
just below 58oC for many hundreds of thousands of years.
the water, became gypsum which then took the form of
In the Cave of Swords, by contrast, this temperature may
the crystals found in the cave.
have fallen much more rapidly, resulting in the formation of
C The area around the crystal cave contains some of the smaller crystals.
largest deposits of silver, zinc and lead found anywhere in
F Today scientists and the mine’s owners are facing a
the world. In 1910, miners discovered another spectacular
very important question. If future generations are to enjoy
cave in the area. Its walls were covered in crystals that look
the crystals, the mining company has to continue to pump
like swords. Therefore, it was called The Cave of Swords.
water out of the caves. If they don’t, the crystals will again
This cave is closer to the surface, at a depth of about
be underwater and will continue to grow.
120 metres. While there are more crystals in the Cave

Read the article again to find the following information. In which paragraph do you read...
about the group of miners who discovered the crystal caves? 1 2
about the weight of the crystals? 3
that the mining company may stop pumping water out of the cave? 4
why some crystals are smaller than others? 5
about García-Ruiz talking about the crystals? 6 7
about how the caves are different? 8 9
about the size of the Cave of Crystals? 10
(___ / 10 marks)

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Use your English
A Complete the second sentences so that they have a similar meaning to the first
sentences, using the words given. You must use between two and five words.
1 My parents and I don’t often stay at home for the summer holidays.
My parents and I for the summer holidays.
2 Claire is planning to complete her studies in three years’ time.
Claire her studies in three years’ time.
3 Paul played with toys when he was a small boy.
Paul with toys, but he doesn’t any more.
4 I think Peter is very annoying because he is always interrupting me.
I wish Peter me.
5 I will do my homework and then I’ll go for a walk.
I’ll go for a walk my homework.
6 When we first moved to Egypt we found it very difficult to live there.
We could in Egypt when we first moved there.
7 Lyn Ryan’s new book about unexplained mysteries is a best-seller.
Lyn Ryan’s new book, , is about unexplained mysteries.
8 Susan has an appointment with the manager on Friday.
Susan the manager on Friday.
9 Sally Smith won the song competition in 2005 and 2009.
Sally Smith the song competition twice so far.
10 We didn’t ask questions in class so we didn’t understand the lesson.
If we had asked questions in class, we the lesson.

(___ / 20 marks)

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Use your English
B Choose the correct answers.

My Grandma
Although I was born in a big city, I was brought up in my grandma’s house in the country. I loved the peace
and quiet there and so did my brothers and sisters. My grandmother loved us a lot and we always (1) ____ to
her for advice. One really good thing about her was that she knew how to (2) ____ a secret. She never told our
parents about anything we talked about. When I was twelve, I even felt comfortable telling her when I (3) ____
in love with David. Of course, I also told her about Alex the next year and Jimmy the year after that.
However now, as I’m getting older Grandma and I have began to grow (4) ____. We don’t always see eye to eye
(5) ____ everything. In many ways she has been able to (6) ____ with the times, but there are some things she
just can’t get used to. For example, I love loud music, but she can’t (7) ____ it. She says it hurts her ears. We also
have different opinions on things like the environment. When we disagree, I sometimes feel like I’m letting her
(8) ____. I really want to agree with her, but I have to think for myself. Yesterday I was on the verge (9) ____
starting an argument with her, but I decided to keep my mouth closed. In the end, we agree to disagree about
some things. One nice thing though, I can almost always (10) ____ in making her laugh.

1 a tried b thought c asked d turned

2 a keep b make c have d remember
3 a got b fell c came d went
4 a up b down c apart d away
5 a on b about c for d with
6 a move b go c think d make
7 a live b want c like d stand
8 a down b around c out d up
9 a for b and c of d to
10 a find b succeed c end d result
(___ / 10 marks)

C Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words.

1 That movie wasn’t interesting at all. It was really . BORE
2 Our teacher is always telling us to . CONCENTRATION
3 I don’t know what to do. I just can’t make a . DECIDE
4 Most brides wear a white wedding dress. TRADITION
5 My mum would love to get a new car. Her first would be a sports car. CHOOSE
6 I don’t feel sorry for her. In fact, I don’t with her at all. SYMPATHY
7 The new bakery is very popular. It has lots of . CUSTOM
8 Snow leopards are on the list of species. DANGER
9 Everybody should have the to express themselves. FREE
10 What does ‘naturopath’ mean? Can you give me a ? DEFINE

(___ / 10 marks)

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Write an article for your school magazine about how to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep in shape.
(120-180 words)

(___ / 10 marks)

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