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Increasing Your Social Media Reach

In today’s technology driven world, almost everything has moved online to

the world of digital. Whether it’s connecting with friends and family, doing
your grocery shopping or applying for jobs, we can now do it all online, on
your desktop, tablet or phone. Branding and marketing have had to change
their ways and expand from traditional means. Social media plays a huge part
in everybody’s lives and it plays a huge part for companies and how they
communicate with their customers and audience. Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, Foursquare and Pinterest to name just a few are the biggest
players in the social media market. Having a large audience online is key to
brand’s Digital Marketing strategies so it is important to create a large social
media reach. We have a few tips to help you do just that take a look!
Before anything else, you must optimize your social media presence. Ensure
that all information fields on every social media account that you use are filled
in and provide relevant information to the visitor. Include clear brand logos as
profile pictures and cover photos as well as your website URL for optimum
optimization. When posting from your various social media channels, be sure
to optimize your posts relevant keywords associated with your brand as well
as your company name. This will help users find your brand when searching
for various keywords in different search tools like Google, Facebook Search or
Twitter Search.

Your brand isn’t going to get noticed if you don’t do anything with it, so
promote your social media accounts in order to increase your social media
reach. This means above the line and below the line, absolutely everywhere!
Make sure that people know about your social media channels through your
website, your business cards, and email marketing campaigns. Get the word
out and get promoting!

Social Sharing Buttons:

On your website add social sharing buttons to all of your content. By doing
this you are enabling your followers to spread the word about your brand to
all of their friends and thus increase your reach. You can incorporate the
‘Share on Facebook’ or ‘Tweet This’ to individual blog posts on your site, in
emails, landing pages and even within pages of eBooks. By doing this, you are
widening your potential audience and new networks. Your content is being
exposed to new people, who could potentially become new followers and new
customers. Win, win!

Interaction & Building Relationships:

Engaging and interacting with your audience is vital to creating a healthy and
fun relationship with your following and fan base and you will notice that this
will help it to grow and increase your reach. Use tools like Follower Wonk or
Twellow to identify users in your sector that are your target audience to
follow and hope for follow backs. Spur conversation and engage in
discussions, follow back whoever follows you, participate in any trending
conversations on Twitter. By organically growing your social media following,
your brand will become more recognized and gradually increase your social
media reach.

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