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Ronaldo D. Rico Jr.

11-STEM 4 November 25, 2019 #16

Why Do People Still Believes In Lies Even When They Have Been
Enlightened With The Truth?

Why do people still believes in lies even when they have been enlightened with the truth? That
is a question that I have been trying to answer ever since I have been exposed to the truth at the plain
sight of every people lying there just waiting to be notice and take an action by anybody. The “truth”
that I am covering about is the Bible. Within this ultimate question of mine, lies many questions that
would eventually should answer the very ultimate question. Now, how did I come up with this question
in the first place? It all started when I was at a very young age. My parents (Father & Mother) has
separate beliefs in terms of religion and faith. And I grew up to those beliefs that they have been
teaching me, though it is very little of chance that I see them argue about that certain matter and I
cannot even remember when was the last time they argue about it because for them, non of that really
matters as long as they get to live their lives freely. So, the time had come that I got curious about what
should I really believe, because I am seeking for the truth and I have made up my mind. I have become
open-minded in balancing what is more true without judgement from both sides. As I was seeking the
truth I have encountered so many false teachings and blasphemous practices on the side of which my
mother believed in. One of which is that they practice worshipping idols even though God forbids them
to do so. It was a malpractice, and a thought, a question came in to my mind that why do they practice
what God forbids them to do so? Are they blind? Or do they know about it but they just don’t want to
take a notice about, because they’re afraid of something? Or do they just lack the courage to do an
action. Now, that is one of the questions out of many more. However, to my Father’s side, I have
encountered the “truth” that I am seeking for. I am now certain that I am walking down the right path
that God had built for us in the first place. I am certain because they are practicing what exactly have
been taught to us by God written in the scriptures that has been passed down through history, the Bible
in certainty. It is the complete opposite of what the other side have been practicing, but my question is
still uncertain, it has not been answered yet, but for me, for now, I would still move forward to come
close into answering my question and that is how I formulate my life’s greatest question that has
remained unanswered.