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Alignment: armies and alliances

Each fighter belongs to an army and each army to an alliance.

The armies are represented by these totems:

The Cards The Lion The Griffin The Ram The Scorpion The Wolf

Each Aarklash Warpack fighter comes with one to five cards, which contain all the information needed The alliances are represented by these colors:
to play.

Reserved Action: action or Fighter Alignment: represents the

series of actions reserved to the army and the alliance which the
fighter illustrated on the card. fighter belongs to.
The Ways The Meanders The Paths
of Light of Darkness of Destiny
Combo Symbol

Status and number of cards:

The Actions
The symbol gives the status of The actions on a card are resolved from left to right.
the fighter (soldier or hero).
Soldier: BAM: The fighter strikes an enemy.
A warpack may include The targeted fighter permanently looses one card per BAM received and must discard it from
the same kind of soldier his hand. If the opponent does not have enough of the fighter’s cards in his hand or does not
several times. wish to discard, the figure of the fighter is removed from the battlefield. A fighter can not inflict
a BAM if he is not touching the enemy figure, unless the SHOOT symbol precedes the BAM.
Each hero is unique
within a warpack. BLOCK: The fighter avoids one strike.
Different warpacks Each BLOCK absorbs one BAM. Any remaining BLOCK(s) are lost. The actions that start with a
Name of the fighter may, however, deploy BLOCK are played in reaction to a BAM(s) and can not be played without the opponent’s prior
Skull Paladin

identical heroes. BAM. You may play a BLOCK against any card with a BAM. If the number of BAMs are greater
than the number of BLOCKs, the actions following the BLOCK(s) are resolved nevertheless.
The number of symbols
indicates the number of cards
MOVE: The fighter moves.
associated with the fighter.
© RACKHAM EntERtAinMEnt SAS, 2010.

Each of the fighter’s cards are The number of symbols indicates the maximum distance, expressed in card lengths, the fighter
differentiated by the marker can be moved. The movement is measured from the edge of the fighter’s base and can follow
beside one of the symbols. curves. It is possible to move through one’s own fighters, but not the opponent’s.

SHOOT: The fighter shoots (projectile, spell, etc.).

The number of symbols indicates the maximum distance, expressed in card lengths, which can
separate the shooter from the target. Miniatures, friend or foe, are never an obstacle between
the shooter and its target.

Team Action: An action or series of actions that can

Combo Symbol be used by any member of the warpack (including the
fighter himself). The fighter must fill in the conditions of
Alignment for the team action:
use indicated in the circle on the left or by all if there is
indicates the army or the alliance
no condition (empty circle).
allowed to use the team action.
The hand of cards
All players build their hand of cards: they draw two cards, plus one card
per fighter in their warpack at the beginning of the game. This value
does not change until the end of the game, even if some fighters are

A game round
BETA A player takes the following actions, in order, when his turn comes. A

player may very well pass his turn if he wishes and not activate any fi-
Compose your warpack ghters.

The players agree on the value of their warpacks and choose their figh- 1 - Activate a fighter. The player picks a fighter of his warpack that he

t SAS, 20
ters. The value of a warpack is equal to the total number of cards of all has not yet played this turn.

of its fighters. 2 - Play up to three cards. You may play up to three cards per figh-

The heroes of Aarklash lead their people into battle. Recruiting a hero ter. The cards are resolved one at a time. Cards played in reaction
allows the hiring of up to three soldiers. Hey! No hero ... No soldiers! (BLOCK) do not count in this total.
3 - Activate another fighter. back to Step 1. The player can play all of
the fighters from his warpack in a turn, so long as he still has cards
Recommended Warpack Values in hand.
4 - Refresh the hand of cards. All players who have played this turn
Type Value (cards) Duration (min)
must pick cards to restore their hand to the amount they started
Initiation 8 15 with. It is now the turn of the next player!

Fast 10 20 End of the Game

Standard 15 30 The game ends when a player has eliminated all of his opponents’ mi-
Expert 20 40

, 2010.
The Combos

Who starts the game? The heroes of Aarklash are capable of delivering devastating, powerful
blows. Each hero has a card with a combo symbol ( or ) on its
Each player shuffles his cards, looks at the card at the bottom of his deck upper corner. When playing this card with the corresponding hero, a
and adds all the BAMs (reserved action and team action). Whoever has player may follow up with a card of a member of his army, with the same
the most BAMs starts playing. symbol of the same color in the lower corner.
If this second card also has a combo symbol in its upper portion, the
Deployment player can play a third combo card.
A combo may only include one single copy of each card. These cards
The players deploy their warpacks each in turn. Each fighter of a war- Example only count as one card played during the fighter’s activation.
pack is positioned within one card length from another fighter of his
of a 3-card The player adds up all the BAMs (those of the reserved action and tho-

warpack. The warpacks are deployed so that each of their fighters is at se of the team action!) that appear on all cards of the combo; the fighter

least 3 card lengths away from any fighter of an enemy warpack. combo inflicts this on one enemy in base contact with him. All other symbols
including BLOCKs are ignored.
t SAS, 20

Warning: Combos can only be used with cards of the same army.
5 BAMs

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