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1 moving defendants but reserve ruling as to whether they state

/ a claim against the non-moving defendant, Option One Mortgage

3 C o r p o r a L . i o n-

4 l will say, hrere it not thaL I believe that res

5 judicata applies here. I would be ,inclincrd otherwise to 1et

5 count fou.r at Least go forward. It is c€lrta.inly true that in

7 Virginia recit.aJ-s in a recorded instrumer.t are prima facie

B ewidence of the tr:uth of tbose mattets brLt prlma facie does

9 not mearl conclusive and a party can alwa!,s present evidence

10 to show that the recita.l-s i-ncorrect ,

1l I believe thal the plaintiff here has produced

1,2 enough evidence to caf l. lnto serious questions whether

13 Allot-ey wds in fact a vice president and a person authorized

14 to sign the deed of appointment. of substitute trustees; and

15 since I have counsel fo.l: Lhe firm here, I rr'ould srrongLy

16 s . L r g g e s Li.: h a t i t . w o u l d t , e t _ r e b e t c e r pa.: of valor to cbtain a

L7 new Oeed of appoj.ntrnenl of substiLute trustees. signeci by

18 someone r{ho acrually vras an of:icer cf Deulsche Bank and

19 avold L h e j - s s u e o f v , ' h ra a p p e a r s t o b e h e r e s o m e o n e r . r h o i s

20 simply, Lo use a Lerm char has lust c o m e i n L o c o r n m o nu s e , a

2t robo-siqier.

22 Be that as ii may, I stilt find that whelher or noc

23 I would have reached the same ccnclusion as tLr€ state court

24 judge ln terms of alloh'ing chat claim to go forwarci, the fact

2t js that l.:tigants d o n o t q e : ' - , " { ob i L e s a t Lhe app:e. The