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Pendampingan UNAS SMA 2019

The following text is for question 1 to 2.

Blood Donation Day

 Organised by Pratama Residence

 Sunday, 10 October 2019 from 09.00 AM to 13.00 PM
 Venue Assembly Hall
We can save a life by giving our blood
For registration contact : 0812111 111 (Mrs. Talia)

1. Based on the announcement, which of the following statement is true ?

a. The blood is for sick in Pratama Residence
b. The activity is a monthly community activity
c. It is a community activity to donate blood
d. The activity will last the whole day
e. The donation is for Mrs. Talia

2. Why should we contact Mrs. Talia ?

a. To chech our blood
b. To participate
c. To enquire about the details of the activity
d. To buy a house in Pratama Residence
e. To say that we need blood donation

The following text is for question 3 to 4.

Bathrust’s most palatial suburban hotel with modern design


Location : corner Bridge Street and Kendall Street

Not far from the city hall

Acclaimed by numerous visitors as the finest suburban hotel in town

For a Pinta Hotel member card holder, a car will be provided for one day
free. Pinta hotel card can be procured for AUD15
Full air conditioning, a luxurious restaurant, a swimming pool, a bar and a lounge, WI-
FI, valet, a gym, and many more.

Check out time : 1 PM

3. What offer does the Pinta Hotel give to member card holders ?
a. A luxurious restaurant
b. A bar and a lounge
c. A one-day free car
d. A swimming pool
e. A vallet

4. “Acclaimed by numerous visitors...”

What does the underlined word means ?
a. Stated
b. Praised
c. Decorated
d. Proclaimed
e. Emphasized

The following text is for question 5 to 6.

Simatupang and Partners Law Firm

is pleased to announce that they have opened their law practice on September
1, 2012 in 4 different cities
New clients are welcome
A law firm for all family matters:
Real estate, estate planning & administration, traffic, personal injury
divorce/custody/support, wills/trust, adoption, and home visits
Main Office : Jalan Kebayoran 5 Bandung
Branches : Jalan Angsana Timur 456 Jakarta
Jalan Agiwiyata 688 Surabaya
Jalan Surabaya 343 Bogor
A new branch office in Semarang will open next month.

5. According to the text, clients who live in Surabaya can go to branch office for
a. Jalan kebayoran 5
b. Jalan angsana timur 456
c. Jalan agiwiyata 688
d. Jalan surabaya
e. Semarang

6. From the text, we know that ....

a. The law firm has six offices
b. The main office is in Surabaya
c. The office has four branch offices now
d. They recently opened a branch in Bandung
e. They will soon have five offices in Indonesia

The following text is for question 7 to 8.

My beloved Mum,
I haven’t heard from you for a while. After you were hospitalized. I am always very
worried about your condition. You must realise that now only Dad can take care of you. That’s why I
want you to send me messages or call to make sure that you are fine.
Anyway, I have done well in my final examination. Mum, I am sure that you will be very
happy to know that I have been nominated for a scholarship. That’s why I cannot come home
directly after the final examination. In these two weeks, I have to fulfil some administrative
requirements and atted the interview session. After that, I am planning to come home to see you.
You don’t have to worry about me. My friends here are helpful. Many of them are
overseas students, just like me. They are studious and ambitious. We compete with each other, but
we also help each other. We usually hang out and practise sports on the weekend.

Please send my best regard to Dad

Yours lovingly,

Tabitha Kencana

7. When will the writer go home to see her family ?

a. After completing the requirements of the scholarship
b. After receiving a message from her mother
c. After her mum returns from the hospital
d. After her final examination
e. After she practises sports

8. According to the letter, what is true ?

a. The interview session is the most crucial stage of getting a scholarship
b. Kencana likes to spend her spare time playing music with her friends
c. Kencana worries about her mother’s condition
d. Kencana is not playing to go home
e. Kencana’s father is hospitalised

The following text is for question 9 to 11.

Charles Robert Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, England, on February 12, 1809. He came
from a wealthy family and never had to work. He studied medicine and theology. In 1831 he
graduated from University of Cambridge with a degree of theology.
He began a career as a scientist quite by chance. On December 27,1831, 22 years old
Charles Darwin joined the crew of the HMS Beagle as a naturalist.The five years expedition
collected hydrographic, geologic, and meteorologic data from South America and many
other regions around the world. Darwin's own observation on this voyage led to his theory
of natural selection.
Charles Darwin was greatly influenced by the geologist Adam Sedgwick and naturalist John
Henslow in his development of the theory of natural selection, which was to become the
foundation concept supporting the theory of evolution. Darwin's theory holds that
environmental effects lead to varying degrees of reproductive success in individuals and
groups of organisms. Natural selection tends to promote adaptation in organisms when
necessary for survival. This revolutionary theory was published in 1859 in Darwin's now
famous On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.

9. Charles Darwin's theory of evolution believed that ....

a. People could defend themselves naturally
b. Environment affected natural election
c. Organism needed adaptation to survive
d. People and nature supported to each other
e. Natural selection tend to adapt organism to survive

10. How was Darwin's theory of natural selection developed?

a. Adapted by the necessary for survival.
b. Influenced by his collection.
c. Supported the effect of environment.
d. Influenced by John Henslow.
e. Affected by groups of organisms.

11. The famous Darwin theory was published based on ....

a. Theories developed by other scientists
b. The influence of organisms adaptation in survival living
c. The success of his observation supported by geologist and naturalist
d. His expedition and natural observation data a scientist
e. The observation of other geologists' natural selection

The following text is for question 12 to 15.


Born into a family of doctors in Kampung Ketapang, Kwitang Barat, Jakarta,
Abdulrachman Saleh also became a doctor. After finishing MULO, he studied at STOVIA.
While still a student, he was appointed assistant at the laboratory of physiology. Graduating
from STOVIA, Abdulrachman Saleh continued his work at the lab while having his own
medical practice.
Abdulrachman Saleh’s role in medicine was significant. He became a lecturer in
Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang, and Klaten. For his meritorious service in medicine, specifically in
physiology, in 1958, the University of Indonesia bestowed him the title of Bapak Ilmu Faal
(Father of Physiology).
Abdulrachman Saleh was a man of many interests. He was involved in youth
organizations like Boy Scouts and Indonesia Muda. He was also a member of Aeroclub, and
co-founded theVerenigde Oosterse Radio Omroep (VORO), an organization of broadcasters.
It was he who established the Voice of Free Indonesia, the radio station which spread the
proclamation of Indonesia’s independence to the world.

12. Abdulrachman Saleh was bestowed the title Father of Physiology because ....
a. He was a lecturer in the Medical faculty of the University of Indonesia
b. He was a lecturer as well as a doctor
c. He had significant contribution in physiology
d. He was a lecturer in many parts of Indonesia E. He was a professor in physiology
13. The main idea of the first paragraph is that Abdulrachman Saleh ...
a. Had his own medical practice,
b. Studied at the medical school in STOVIA.
c. Became a doctor because of his family.
d. Was appointed assistant at the laboratory of physiology.
e. Started his career as a doctor in STOVIA.
14. Besides medicine, Abdulrachman also had a special interest in ....
a. Laboratorium assistance
b. Student organizations
c. Aeroplane designing
d. Broadcasting
e. Politics
15. The word “significant” in the text means ...
a. Important
b. Exciting
c. Fabulous
d. Uninteresting
e. Less important
The following text is for question 16 to 20.

After 13 years of service, which culminated in an Olympic gold medal, Taufik Hidayat announced
Friday his resignation from the national training camp in Jakarta.

“My decision to resign is final. It’s not an impulse or emotional decision. I’ve been thinking about
quitting the national team since 2004, after I won at the Athens Olympics,” he said. “However,
people kept on encouraging me to stay in the national team, considering my potential and my youth.
Therefore I stayed until 2008.”

In 2001, Taufik threatened to quit the training camp because of Mulyo’s exclusion. Mulyo is his
mentor. He only joined the national team after the head of PBSI Djoko Santoso has agreed to restore
Mulyo. In 2004, Taufik made yet another threat to quit, and again backed down from it. “It’s time for
younger players to take the baton. I’m giving way to them. It’s all about regeneration in Indonesian
badminton,” he said

(By 2008)

16. What is the text talk about?

A. Taufik’s decision quit from the national badminton team

B. Taufik’s achievement in national badminton team
C. Taufik’s plan after quiting the national badminton team
D. Olympic gold medal
E. Taufik’s competiton
17.When did he plan to quit from the national team for the first time?
A. In 2004
B. In 2008
C. In 2009
D. In 2011
E. In 2001
18.How many times has he planned to quit the team of national badminton?
A. 4 times
B. 5 times
C. 3 times
D. 1 time
19.How many years has Taufik Hidayat played badminton with the national team?
A. 14 years
B. 15 years
C. 7 years
D. 13 years
E. 4 years
20.Why did Taufik want to quit from the training camp in 2001?
A. Because he wanted to give time for younger player to take the baton
B. Because Mulyno was excluded
C. Because of Djoko Santoso’S exclusion
D. Because of regeneration in Indonesian Badminton
E. Because his potential and youth

The following text is for question 21 to 25.

Should examinations be abolished?

Many people say that examinations should be abolished because they are not the best
measure of student’s capabilities. These people believe that students can study on their
own and do better without the nagging worry and pressure exerted by examinations.
Yet, there are persuasive reasons to show that the examinations should not be
abolished. It is insufficient that teachers assign homework and correct it. Because this is not
done under supervisor, they cannot be sure that it is really the work of the students
themselves. Moreover, homework is not a test of a student’s ability; homework is more a
method of merely keeping him occupied.
Nowadays, in the hunt for jobs, students need to produce some evidence of their
capabilities. Prospective employers like to see copies of examination results; this is the only
way a student’s qualifications can be judged. This attitude greatly encourages the use of
examinations, if not making them a necessity.
So, examination is very important for students to measure and know their capabilities.

21. What is the type of the text?

a. Hortatory exposition
b. Description
c. Analytical exposition
d. Recount
e. Discussion
22. What is the writer’s position based on the text?
a. The writer agrees that examination should be abolished
b. The writer agrees that examination is not a measurement of student’s ability
c. The writer agrees that examination is not very important
d. The writer disagrees that examination is not required for hunting jobs
e. The writer disagrees that examination should be abolished
23. Which is one of the right arguments?
a. The examinations are not the best measure of student’s capabilities.
b. Many people say that examinations should be abolished
c. The teachers are not sure that the students do the tests themselves
d. Examinations are needed for evidence of the student’s capabilities
e. So, examination is very important for students to measure their capabilities.
24. Which paragraph states the thesis?
a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. Four
e. Five
25. “This attitude greatly encourages the use of examinations, if not making them a
necessity.” The italic word has a synonym …
a. Revise
b. Watch
c. Stimulate
d. Monitor
e. Combine
The following text is for question 26 to 28.
Terry Smith, a high school student, was found dead on Main Highway in the very early
morning. He was a victim of a hit-run accident. His head was seriously injured.
Carla Smith, his mother, said “Terry woke up early in the morning that day. He was
going to go to the airport to pick up his friends from Vietnam”. Terry Smith drove a new
black XRZ. He probably crashed with a truck because his car was badly damaged. Jack Bruno,
a witness, said, “When I was sitting, having coffee, I heard a truck braking hard and hit the
car. Then, I saw a car rolling to the road side. Then, the truck fled.”
Somebody called the police and they soon arrived at the location. Until now, the truck
driver remains unidentified. Mr. Brian Smith, his father, was heartbroken at the news. He
hopes the police can find the truck driver soon.

26. Who is the victim of the accident ?

a. Jack Bruno
b. Carla Smith
c. Terry Smith
d. Brian Smith
e. A truck driver

27. How did the accident happen ?

a. A car collided with a truck
b. A car ran away from the accident
c. The car was safe and could move
d. Both drivers died at scene
e. A truck crashed into the car

28. “Then, the truck fled.” (Paragraph).

a. Flew
b. Firmed
c. Missed
d. Crashed
e. Escaped

The following text is for question 29 to 31.

Damyang is a country in Korea that has many bamboo plants. It is located in Jeollanam, the most
northern part of Korea. There are manyattractions in Damyang aside from its well-known bamboos,
such as Soswaewon, luxurious spas, bamboo rice and other delacacies. If you want to spend days
there, you can stay at Damyang resort or Jukhyang-ri village. It costs 159.000 won to stay at the
resort and 120.000 to 200.000 won to stay at the village. In early May, there is a bamboo festival.
The easiest way to go to Damyang is via Gwangju, by taking the KTX. It takes around three hours to
get there from Gwangju. Even though it’s a little bit far away from the city, it is really worth it
because you will so different.

29. What is the purpose of the text ?

a. Telling about Damyang country
b. Understanding Damyang country
c. Explaining Damyang country
d. Thinking about Damyang country
e. Asking about Damyang country

30. We can enjoy ...... in Damyang Country to relax

a. Bamboo rice
b. Bamboo scent
c. Luxurious spa
d. Damyang’s view
e. Damyang’s bamboo
31. How much does it cost to spend two nights at Damyang resort ?
a. 159.000 won
b. 318.000 won
c. 477.000 won
d. 636.000 won
e. 795.000 won

The following text is for question 31 to 33.

Roses are very popular flowers. The most common roses are red and white roses. In some
places, there are purple and black roses. A rose has thorn on its stem. Jasmine is also
popular flower. It is much smaller and has only a white color. Jasmine is used for materials
and ornaments for various needs and occasion. Dahlia is much bigger than a rose. It has
more petals and looks more solid. It usually has a dark red color. Sunflowers are the biggest
of all. The petals are longer and more pointed. They also have longer stems and they are
mostly yellow in color. Another popular name for the sunflower is chrysanthemum.

31. The text above is mainly talks about _______

a. Roses
b. Jasmine
c. Colour
d. Flowers
e. Sunflowers

32. The text describe many colours for _______

a. Roses
b. Jasmine
c. Ornaments
d. Flowers
e. Sunflowers

33. What is the smallest size of all flowers according to the text?
a. Roses
b. Jasmine
c. Dahlias
d. Flowers
e. Sunflowers

The following text is for question 34 to 36.

There are many garbage-strewn areas in the central park. It is really annoying when you are
walking along the street. It is also shocking for those who care about the environment and
ecosystem. The garbage really pollutes the environment. It will affect people’s health.
People should change their bad habit of throwing away garbage. At the same time,
the government should manage waste systematically. Garbage found at the Central Park is
all of kinds, such as household rubbish, tires, toys, even furniture. Someone burns the
garbage every day. It has worsened the condition of the park. It causes air pollution and
spread toxics.

34. What is the writer’s position toward dumped rubbish ?

a. Indiferent
b. Against
c. Support
d. Confused
e. Undecided
35. How does dumped rubbish affect human and animal’s health ?
a. By destroying the scenery
b. By increasing the water level
c. By contaminating the water sources
d. By creating a terrific view for pedestrians
e. By upgrading the quality

36. It will affect people’s health ? (Paragraph 1)

What does the underlined pronoun refer to?
a. Garbage
b. The street
c. Ecosystem
d. Environment
e. Central park

The following text is for question 37 to 38.

Nowadays there are many people keeping pets ate. This activity is actually
beneficial for several reasons
First, keeping pets at home can make us healthier. Some studies show that having a
contact with a pet has a very calming and soothing effect on humans. Other studies have
indicated that owning a pet may reduce one’s risk of cardiovascular disease. Further, some
studies have also indicated that if you grow up in a home with furred pets, your risk of
contracting allergies considerably reduced.
Second. It can help us to be responsible. By keeping pets at home, we have to feed
the regularly. If we don’t do it, it will have a bad effects on the pets . Anything else in life can
wait, perhaps, but never the regularly feeding on pets.
In addition, it can also make us think critically. It gives us an opportunity to learn a
great deal about the animal’s ways of lives. It is valuable as a stimulus to think.
Thus, for the reasons above, it is good to have a pet at home.
37. How can keeping pets teach us to be responsible?
a. It can make us live healthier.
b. It can reduce the risk of contracting allergies.
c. We have to feed our pets regularly.
d. It can help us think critically.
e. It can make us feel calm.

38. “Some studies show that having a contact with a pet has very calming and soothing
affect on humans.” (Paragraph 2) The underline word means ….
a. Healing one’s allergy.
b. Making somebody worried.
c. Reducing somebody’s risk of cardiovascular disease.
d. Reducing one’s risk of contracting allergies.
e. Making somebody who is anxious feel calmer.
The following text is for question 39 to 40.


“The Largest Food Fest in Jakarta”

Free for evryone

Summarecon Jogging Track, Kelapa Gading
20 – 25 November 2016
12 p.m till 10 p.m
More than a hundred food trucks will be there. They will offer a variety of unique
Menu that you will not get anywhere else, starting at IDR5k only.

For further information, please contact us at

39. The text tells us about a/an .....

a. specil trucs
b. a jogging event
c. a food festival
d. a truck exhibition
e. a car free day event

40. How long will the event last ?

a. 2 days
b. 3 days
c. 4 days
d. 5 days
e. 6 days

The following text is for question 41 to 42.

Dear Dina Purwita,

We are happy to request your presence as well as all tutors in the Grand Opening of
Parkway Education. The opening ceremony will be on Thursday, 20 March at 10.00 AM. It
will be attended by Parkway’s associates, social welfare organization, and community
representative. We are extremely grateful if you can be a part of our celebration. Kindly
inform me if you are able to participate.


Farah Ganella
Marketing Manager

41. What event is Farah planning ?

a. A new course programme
b. Request for new tutors
c. Flag-hosting ceremony
d. Grand Opening ceremony
e. Parkway Education Ceremony

42. What is Farah asking for ?

a. Social welfare
b. Community representative
c. Grand Opening ceremony
d. Parkway’s associates
e. The tutor’s presence
The following text is for question 43 to 47.

Antibiotic is kind of compounds both natural and synthetic, which has function to press or stop a process
of organism’s growth, particularly bacteria. Antibiotic is used to treat bacterial infections and used as a tool for
genetic engineering in biotechnology. Antibiotic works as pesticides by pressing or break the chain of bacteria’s
metabolism. Nevertheless, antibiotic is different with disinfectant in the process to kill bacteria. Disinfectant kills
bacteria by creating an unnatural environment for germs to live.

In terms of treatment, antibiotics dubbed as “magic bullet “because antibiotic kills instantly without
injuring its sufferers. Although antibiotic is good for medication, it is not effective in handling infection caused by
viruses, fungi, or other nonbacterial.

Antibiotic has diverse types based on their effectiveness against bacteria. There are antibiotics that
target gram- negative or gram- positive bacteria and some antibiotic has wider spectrum. The effectiveness
depends on location of the infection and the ability of antibiotic to reach location of the infection. Based on how to
use, antibiotics are divided into two that are oral antibiotics and antibiotic intradermal. An oral antibiotic is used by
mouth while antibiotic intradermal used through anus. Intradermal antibiotic is used for serious cases.

43. What is the best title for the text above?

A. How antibiotic is work
B. The invention of antibiotic
C. Antibiotic
D. Kinds of antibiotic
E. Disinfectant
44. Which one is not true?
A. Antibiotic is used to treat bacterial infections
B. Antibiotic is not same with disinfectant
C. Antibiotic kills instantly without injuring its sufferers
D. Antibiotic is effective in handling infection caused by viruses
E. Antibiotic is beneficial for health treatment
45. In terms of treatment, antibiotics dubbed as “magic bullet “…. (Paragraph2). The underline word close in
meaning to….
A. Work
B. Seen
C. Say
D. Like
E. Call
46. The difference between antibiotic and disinfectant is in the term of ...
A. Eliminating bacteria
B. Treating bacteria
C. Creating bacteria
D. Keeping bacteria
E. Preserving bacteria
47. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A. Antibiotic is a compound
B. Antibiotic is good for medication
C. Antibiotic is not good for fungi
D. Antibiotic kill without injuring its suffers
E. Antibiotic is magic bullet

The following text is for question 48 to 50.

Jigokudani Monkey Park

Jigokudani Monkey Park is located in the forest of Jigokudani Valley, Yamanouchi, Japan.
The monkeys there are also known as snow monkeys. The park is natural (46)..... of
monkeys. The highlight of this park is seeing wild monkeys bathing in a natural hot spring
pool. Visitors are not allowed to feed or touch the monkeys. Even though the park opens all
year round, it is best to visit this place in (47) ...... when the snow covers the pool. The
monkeys are very photogenic during the season. Visitors only pay 500 yen to enter the park
and to get to the park, they can take the bus as it is very (48) .....

48. A. Habit 48. A. Hard to find

b. Habits b. accessible
c. Habitat c. beautiful
d. Habitant d. difficult
e. Habitual e. close

47. a. summer

b. autumn

c. spring

d. winter

e. rainy