Save a child’s life with a UNICEF Inspired Gift

Help give children the opportunity for survival

Every day, 22,000 children die in the developing world from causes that are totally preventable. Simple, affordable solutions exist to save millions of these young lives, but sadly, millions of children are deprived of these lifesaving necessities. Vaccines, mosquito nets, clean water, nutritious food, and a safe haven from harm are matters of life and death for many of these children. That’s why the Inspired Gifts in this catalog are so important, and your support can help UNICEF deliver many of these lifesaving essentials. By simply selecting one or more items in this catalog, you’ll help UNICEF: • Provide food and medicines to children living in harsh circumstances – from poverty to exploitation, armed conflicts to natural disasters. • Immunize children against diseases like polio and measles so they have the chance to survive. • Provide basic school supplies to educate children, giving them a chance for a happy, self-reliant future. Join UNICEF’s mission to decrease the number of preventable childhood deaths from 22,000 each day to zero. A good way to start is to simply choose Inspired Gifts from this catalog.

Measles Vaccines

for 100 Doses Stop a Childhood Killer

Each year, measles kills hundreds of thousands of children worldwide, and those who are lucky enough to survive may be left with life-long disabilities that include blindness and brain damage. Fortunately, lowcost immunizations are a safe and easy prevention strategy that protects children from acquiring this deadly disease.

Insecticide-Treated Mosquito Nets
Mosquito-borne malaria is the biggest single killer of children in Africa, where a child dies from malaria every 30 seconds. A simple mosquito net can decrease infection rates by 50 percent. Your gift will enable UNICEF to buy three nets treated with long-lasting insect repellent to protect children from the menace of malaria.

for Three Mosquito Nets Nets Stop a Bedtime Killer

Vaccine Carriers

for Two Carriers Vaccines Should Never Be Inaccessible to Any Child

Vaccines save lives. But it can be difficult to keep them at the right temperatures in hot climates. That’s why this gift is so inventive. Your purchase of cold-box vaccine carriers can make sure we get vaccines to children in remote areas who need them.


Therapeutic Milk

for 30 456g Therapeutic Milk Supplemental Units Fortified to Save Lives

UNICEF strongly supports and encourages breastfeeding as the best way to prevent malnutrition. But in extreme situations, therapeutic milk is used to save malnourished children’s lives. Your Inspired Gift will buy almost 100 liters of this “magic” milk used in emergency feeding centers and clinics to bring a rapid return to health and vigor.

Oral Rehydration Salts
Around 3,500 children die each day from diarrheal dehydration caused by drinking contaminated water. Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) are a glucosebased salt solution that replaces lost fluids and salts and revives children. It has been estimated that this simple solution saves the lives of more than one million children every year.

for a Box of 1,000 ation Oral Rehydration ets Salts Sachets o Something so s ves Simple Saves Millions

Therapeutic Nut Spread

for a 150-Sachet Carton of Therapeutic Nut Spread Save Malnourished Children Childr

Malnutrition starves the body’s ability to repair itself, saps energy, blunts the intellect, and contributes to more than half of all child deaths. Therapeutic Nut Spread is a high-protein, highenergy, peanut-based paste that revives children with remarkable results. Three sachets a day can save the life of a child suffering from severe malnutrition.

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School-in-a-Box Kit
Buy UNICEF’s innovative “School-in-aBox” to provide a temporary school for up to 40 children in an emergency. In addition to the basic school supplies such as exercise books, pencils, erasers, and scissors, the kit also includes a wooden teaching clock, plastic cubes for counting, and a set of three laminated posters. Supplied in a lockable aluminum box, the lid doubles as a blackboard when coated with the special paint included in the kit.

for One School-in-a-Box Kit Provide an Education and You Provide Hope

High Energy/Protein Biscuits
Your Inspired Gift provides 8 kilograms of high-protein biscuits, specially developed for young children in emergency situations. Energy biscuits contain vitamins and micronutrients, and are an excellent source of nutrition, especially for children in the aftermath of a natural disaster like the Haiti earthquake.

for Two Cartons of Biscuits Instant Nutrition to Save Lives

In emergency situations, a tent can make a difference between life and death. Your Inspired Gift can provide a lightweight shelter enclosing 450 square feet – ideal for a clinic, a temporary school, or to provide shelter for families displaced by disasters.

for One, 450 Square Foot, Rectangular Tent Save Lives, Build Futures


Basic Family Water Kit

for a Water Kit for 10 Families Without Water, Children Cannot Survive

Clean water is precious, especially in emergency situations. Your gift will enable UNICEF to provide an early response water kit to 10 families, ensuring that children are able to eat, drink, and wash. Each basic water kit contains buckets, collapsible water containers, soap, and water purification tablets.

Water Well Hand Pump
Without clean water, thousands of children die every day from diarrhea and other water-borne diseases. Your Inspired Gift of this reliable, durable, and inexpensive deep-well hand pump will bring safe water to sustain children and prevent deaths from disease and diarrheal dehydration.

for One 45m Pump Clean Water to Defeat Disease

HIV Test Kit
Every minute of every day, a baby is born with HIV, passed on by their mother during pregnancy, labor, or delivery. The first step to preventing the spread of mother-to-child HIV/AIDS is to supply tests for pregnant mothers. Your Inspired Gift can provide 100 tests to make sure HIV-positive mothers will receive the medicine they need to prevent the transmission of the disease to their children.

for 100 HIV Tests HIV Test Kits for Mothers-to-Be

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Notebooks and Pencils
Give something that can help the world’s poorest children reach their potential: an education. Your purchase will supply 50 notebooks and 50 pencils which help form an essential part of a child’s schooling. These simple learning tools enable children to write and draw – something we often take for granted.

for 50 Notebooks and Pencils

Essent Essential T Learning Tools


for One Bicycle Ride to the Rescue

In this high-tech world, sometimes it’s the low-tech solutions that work best. That’s why you can’t beat a bike when it comes to delivering medicine, emergency nutrition, and other lifesaving supplies. Bikes use human energy...they can navigate mountain trails and impassable roads...anyone can use one...and in an emergency, pedal power saves lives!

In many of the countries UNICEF serves, schools and villages are located in remote areas that can only be accessed through mountain passes, dirt roads, or nearly impassable paths. This motorcycle will enable UNICEF workers to deliver medical supplies quickly and safely. Your Inspired Gift of a motorcycle will expand our reach to help children in need!

for One Motorcycle Speed Help to Where Children Need It Most


What do you give a child who has nothing?
Give a holiday gift of medical attention. Give m mosquito nets, lifesaving vaccines, and school supplies. Give cl clean water and nutrition. Give a child an education. Give a gift that will last a child’s lifetime!
Looking for gifts for ev everyone on your holiday list? UNICEF Inspired Gifts: • Provide you with a unique holiday present for everyone on your list. • Show your friends and family members that you care about children. • Help reduce the number of preventable childhood deaths from 22,000 per day to zero. • Give children the chance to survive!
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