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About the Author


Born in Budapest, Hungary, scroll saw guru Frank Pozsgai attributes

his love for wood cutting to his early days in concentration and "displaced persons' camps in Germany. Awaiting liberation, he found solace and amusement in creating some artistic or usable object out of wood whenever he could find a scrap.

Later on, while attending college in Los Angeles, Frank excelled in art, especially drawing and painting. While he went on to pursue a career in industria] engineering and facilities engineering management, he never lost his love for wood and art.

Finally, in 1989, Frank found himself laid up with back problems. As part of his "Boredom Therapy" he purchased an inexpensive 15" scroll saw. Suddenly, his artistic talents and industrial engineering background started paying dividends! Frank set to work, retrofitting the machine with numerous custom-designed accessories to make it more user friendly. He also began creating three-dimensional patterns, and finally) he a~ded the idea of carving his 3-D 'figures to give them greater realism and personality. Soon he was being urged by other saw users to go into mass-production of his accessories and designs, -

Because of his success, Frank has been featured in Woodworker's Business News, and presently teaches weekly classes and workshops in the Portland, Oregon area. He continues to work with users, manufacturers and retail stores. Frank's "how-to" videos have enjoyed great success, His company) Pozsgai's Designs; is dedicated to "Removing Obstacles to Success," and he works hard to develop unique state-of the-art products and strong technical support for customers.

Frank's previous four books, The Scroll Saw Book, Scroll Saw Pictures, A Scroll Saw Christmas} and54 3-D Scroll Saw Patterns, have received critical acclaim. These two new books- should please those who wish to share in his arts & crafts talent.

FraDk Pozsgai lives in Aloha, Oregon, where he runs his workshop & business. He can be contacted at: 19390 S.W. Murphy, Aloha, OR 97007- 4428 or calling @ 1-800-872-2803.


[ii"IOViiD~ iil'i.eIfl~Or'y (I( Ill)' r"iiil~liI\:i,l, Pmi I L. ClLif.rlUi, ]~Ickfiml'led ,. IBeii0,'" (;r:.L' h~s 00 ifl 1 iil1l.!"

OWl ~lir~Olt Ctf Ih~ fal"iJy ..

Co'pyril1Ji~ ® 200 L ib}l FlI'ilil~R ~ili Ubr'lr~i 0f CClI!lg~:i:' (~l~ N~lliibe:t.; '00·'11 'L ~61

1'(11, rig,Ji1s. reserved. Nil) i~JI't -of lhi& """Oii'.k 11l8)1' liIe 1.'e,[fI"M'!~fced Or' ~SGd ill aJI~ fotln at by <'flY I)~~ 1l.')'. el~Cll"I.'}fvic, {It rr~e~l~~i1;!C':)I~ i~~!lId:ir'[~, pl~owooP1'ri~g or i~l1bJ'ii~;)i:i~l~ Si1i)['l7\~~ :f!nd re~~"1:!!~ s:tUl;::rf~--J.'''i~h!l)llI~ wri~~~n pc:Jmi(l;."liiDl~ fl·.j)1lli ~hil:: ~~ri.2hr hQkli;l:r.

"$chirffe:L'," ".scl1lift:IH P{IIb!i.s!lil~J~ I,.IfU, & DC!l~.c.I'i>" ~ 11" ~~.C' "~~j,g;I' of' PC'11 :.JI~!JII i nk ~W' ::I!r~ ,rc.:Ji!'i~~Te,d ~T8d'.:;rn!ll:rll:::;, of SehifflEl!' [!'l,1bli!'in1illl,!l- 1.[.(1.

D(:sigjrl,~ iby [I]ioml ie M. Hemsl~' Clll'iCT rJe~ign by Bruce M_ 'W3te~ '"[Yr.H! ser ~rn [iut'l.:flWJl Rm I.rf

,IS[JJ1\!; !.l-764J-,lJ04-5 Printed UI] Chi I]~

Published by' Sehif[~r PLlbli~hii'lg, U(IJ, ,~i38(!i 1,.JJI.\I1!~' \k;ll~!;' R-oe!d Ajg)~I1L, ,RA. lElfnn

P.hOTl~~ ~61!Ji~ 5'M~1 717; B':a:i: (rnO) 5$i.S-2t!0:2 E.-ma11~ Sc.hifferbk@ ..

iPi.aa.l;S 'Vj~i~ ourweb sLla c<'Ital!J.flj Oft 1,;I,i'W1i!I,!5;chi{£Ei~bo(liki!ii"Cl!Jm.

In &!lWpe:. SoMwr iboob, 'ffifB cli;ttioLJtEd b~' Glill5hwood &ol!:~ is ,~rI~l:',;I.iWtlnWi: K.f;w C'ii.airtlk1M

SU~~ TW~ ~JF ~1II'1d

Ph(:i,'@; ."JiI'!, (01 2iN3.,~W~585: F.~~: >'lA, ~ID~ 21l..';l39.2'·987,Q ~-~II: !Bl,IsI:t'l.-v.d@aot.oor.n,

me pos:lagl! In. the ~JK EUfoOpe: air rUlall at cost,

Th!8;l)ook IDe& bil: tyUfd1~dl rfL')JU Ih~: ,1)U~!~h~r_ ~i1d'1.!d¢ $,J;.9!i fiar '~'hSppII1~ '~~S~ ~1:'jI ~J baoJ-:,store: ~1t'Si!.

IJ.1e are .m...ays'IQoiJling JOT people t.n 'Mit.e boiJikg, 0111 I!l~ aM r.eiatErl subjects, 1f. !{O'U 'have an idea IkHr <]. 000& please oon1act U~ , .. t !he ft.t:gien, i?A. address. ~u may wrote r,m .. f[€8 ;ca~2Ih:g.


Acknowledgments " 111 ••••••••• 111 , ••••••••••• " ~ 'II~If.' 4

• Special B1ade and Cutting Hints , 5

• The Right Blade for the Right Job 5

• Scroll Saw Blade Selection Chart 6

• Sizing, Copying, & Transferring the Pattern 8

Introduction 4 111 ,,, ,1 •••• 4

Instructions & Tips ., " "" , ,.; HIIIt1111 .,.. 5

• Selection of Materials ·-~ .......... '!'!T'!!''I'!'!'('' •• '.iI'ff!l .. fU'~II ....... tt!l''I ••• f ........ ti6 ... ~ ...... lt ..... 1I'III8

• Scroll Saw Cutting Preparation 10


41 Maintenance & Upkeep of your Scroll Saw 10

• Safety Procedures 10

General Characteristic and Manufacturing Process

of Scroll SawBlades .. iliil.iiil.II •• ,jIjI liI i ~." + 4 11

Pozsgai's Designs General Guide to Blade Speed (SPM 11

The Project .. t ••• t " ~ •• !f.f!:4 !f 'I.I It 1' ~ 12

• Sawing out the Patterns __ _ 12

• Finishing the Cutouts 13

The GaUe:ry ' "' ' .• ,'tt •••• ,,"'''"P .. 4! I' IJ !Ii I !I ••••••• ~ •• ~.tl1i •• lS

Ornamental Patterns I!.oIII u' III1 ~ , t,,"' .. , 17

Sample Base Moanting Patterns 46


Alternative Router Bits and Profiles 48


Many outstanding cornpanieacombined efforts to assist Pozsgai's Designs in making this book possible. Questions about equipment and accessories maybe directed to; ·Woodcrafters, Portland, Oregon; 'Penn State Industries, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; -The Olson Saw Co., Bethel, Connecticut; -Tbe Woodworking Store, Hickey. North Carolina; 'Porter Cable Delta Machinery, Jackson, 'Iennessee; -Wildwood Designs, Inc. Richland Center, Wisconsin; -Melset Hardware Specialties, Mound, Minnesota; -Amana Tool Corp, Farmingdale, New York.

My thanks goes out to all these fine companies and their l1elpful people.




Incredible Stackabics was designed for the both the beginning and the advanced sawyer. The ornAmental patterns are at the same time simple enough for everyone and. filled with enough potential to i;hal1eng~. the most skilled scroll sawyer. All the patterns are original size and are drawn in outline. However your craft is oll,t,.y limited by your imagination-in how you choose to display them. One can see the numerous ways items can be given used creatively by turning to the Gallery section in this book. Even more, the patterns can also be used to create puzzles for the kids or grandklds ... a great learning tool about various animals.

For the sake of all sawyer's we will be adding to any of our future books a complete scroll saw blades selection chart, as well as a general (SPM) blade guide, This information will be very beneficial in improving your knowledge with respect to proper blade election.

Once again 1 would appreciate. hearing from. you about your success with these projects. And please send me any suggestions or requests for future pattern designs, "Happy curtin' to yal"


I 11 C' 1l- ructi 0 'if'iiS &" Ti ps .r .':)'Il..l .. \..-"l·J!.l ex . •.....

• ' The blade ~1DU use '5.1illl~ll,j ]mve :i rllLh~iJJl1il.l!ril1 ofthmi:: teeth per lnull~lI'ird thickness .

• ' Cri~i~rlg !ip<;:cdis nUl)' be i.llr.r,~ed ~Llg bind;:::!; wi rei) tu.rger teeth, bu • • :lli~ wj~l. i'l':'S'Um: ~n II. rim:i~hDrl ~dge 1:1li:!I~ WTii'l be mL~§b~J,

.' r'iflc:r (:;r;rnootocr) UI~!'i. m~ ~t~ :i'idr:i~'fccll with bhld\c~ W.lto ititl\te ~e~~il p!1' nliclr. !!Uld sLuw.tJ" ';;1oJ~'I'ifLg ~"P~~'

., Whr.:fl ;::l!IU i~ :mfl ]ml~eri~JJ:;, use <'I blade ~!o'itb I;)rg.<e ~eeLtl. Hf.!~ d cut best 1\1[tb a b~ild'e w.i~]~ tine. ~ee.tL,

" If ~,\W bums ur !iiel1i3 mf!'i~:ti..;11 ~~'11.::~ ceu ill.£. c:il:I;~· ~~"'i" ~Ilo:;: e~il!;I,ill:S ~11!i;"::dll):r i~ictll~ !'lie l)la~ SiM: (~Md'~ 'WiU'i ~~(j.J~ ~oon\),

•. [me ::1(Ert]j[iA)J1fl~ ~~p ~o [cd~l;re QF elli:nn.itl;fi.e L.'I.rrBing.. 1 J~in~.l" ck:!!Ir :;M :pi'IA;:~~if!:S. ififAl 1 c 1~'IfC:!loP"2 i~~' wC)c:d .0]' ~~imJ~L~ rj8tCC tire .lIp:: !.)'!.'I;:r m II.m'*r tile ~1(itt!Cm I'm 3:b~ut t\f.i CI;J.t. The tape lubricates ~ lae 'bl:lde; rre,'o[)ling Imrll illS- 'YoLI \l'rm'~.\'c; Y'f.'l!lIr ·~C~ at the a-eSi.1lt!'l~ Usc this method 'WiiHl n'lllrlird .& .:;:ro~ic woods..

!'lIP; ~1.J!1'1~ hc;)rr~ ~\TM ~""'IIfJl~ ~-er:r c:; <i!j, p;!ul~tll~lIraJ" IIlila~ il'h~ li~lf s,::'I'OJi I\~j.;j"~ )'0111 sac en 1'his !,(1m. ll~' 8..11"111:)1 deDJI' pat:.k~n~ tope. ibero:re Cl1ttim.g.. it fu pn~iL'I!l ~C! l' or !3'.Iitll:ill!!l[~ !b~ i:!L!illiiil'lQ,..

~ tun :i!.ll! lhe L">:!'iI.!I~ tIf ...... I;! <l,:1!lls wi~h ~hl;! S;lIi['1l;!' M1i.;l~ ;m,d ~I'el)d i ... t'hi< plece of.P'tlr.PI~ Ihe-.u'll 1'1.000, 1it~ eop 'tine · ..... n s oone '[I.1ict~Q1111ih~ tape n'!1d !bi:M'.3 ~1"'lcb bll.mlfiig. 'Th.~ ooi!oi1~ Q[:!c was dono .,...ll~ !m(; t::'lllX' ln .p-i:HI!:l,

CJi}I:Jli!"~ij' W !il.!rn!~iI'Oil~ opi!~iQi1~, jtl~~: like [[~!1l~! it'~ ~tli!! ei'id feSI;J~[ ot wllk1[ one ~cl1:!.;!~ 'Willh til;;: ®::I'OU S~ tiltH: COUll!'5-- I :;!ItT! ~'G:pi;!il!tG:~I~ &'&ked! "wtl,.,'it bJacl~ stLml~d. I us;e.,?'" 'Jh~P$ :,'i1"C roo, !iIljflJB1' ~1::!.ri~h~C;5. 'tQ' OO[~[.;r.e!' M .gili/Ill.;1I [;i~~. ~~~VIOlt' to ~1l:'r:I: .q~II!!!'l~'CYJl.!: T.I~. ~w u~lf wlir8ltr{!T ut\ an B;C1i]ib~lr.:I1. Hegner, IDclt:l~ R'BI H~k, -IlT an hnport, is.not the most ill[l-l~O[~~l'[t ·!fi!';t(if. 'Most s:;.ws esn be; m:;.dl1·!O dIo It g(JoJ}lj job. More ~rnpi,Jr~~~t 'ITD~~iJ1!'1 am Urfi b~ad~ k:]1Aia;rl;. UtI! r~Qd. mt·e. ~1'01.I1T sensjtivHy, ~he S:pll"OO (SP.M}, .njl~ the ~.rpe of ma1~iILI. you ase !;"1[HUIl~.

TIir:~i!: ~irig sB:id, tn'{: blade is ~me singi.;:' 1iIl~~: impart,mt enmpon e nt Oof a scroll :5<1 Iv! Lf Ii~ r igh t Ibl m cl~ is not use dl fur t m.e j ob I' t he D'CSI.I.l1::;. '\filIilJ'1 IJ e '\'i!tl J lit alll yl ill I [~ Arlll:l t ~teT-e: ·llire ~!J m i!ur Y 'I\J IT i <I b~ es r lu t yo'lII need ~CI ]lliVC ::'I. '!lrIlii~~.~' of O'l~(ks ;:J .. .j)~Ii1bl.e Ior J!oor 'SiJW, Re[[~ei'l1l· bell' Uwlt ene or ~.WD corunaon blades wii~ nol be ·elJ!:rngi~ fur ~I I1t'!NI.Qi1, much Ira: t~!t 'l(:(;t!'Jfnpl i:s!tot:d :h;r(!~ICi",

("h'lJlJl!i~IJg the ';;IJIF'I!t;~ ~j~. i)ocli Woih 8~'yle :!)Clr i he il1m~r[.ilU LIl b~ ~ l is _he: key fi1t~Or fot aC(:lilint1e. and sinoolil tlCJ"Co11 Sa'l,'1TjD~. [J it is. dune rigor. 'iJiLo:.'! cun eLiJtdn:;]~e {lit' red~ce Ihe 'CO'Jl~tLm~ pl.'Ci!hr<!;!Jl] ef ~'Illd[[igt


. .r



Pr~~~U;1I1 (i11"(Hlnd li;;Joth [Til!.: ~tl)


HII -I ~""."\ -,.1111 IIL.1J.o, .....tJ ... ! .. · .. I:. I I.~ .. .,-.,

1- 1 ..... '1 ">:o'o\"'ij .Itrl~ IJ" I.~I.! ~, II, 14;\1I1J1~ ..... ~.I.,:I I .. !. I I "1,, ~ II" :.It-II .... - " I

R"~ ~'~~i!lll ~,

~~ flo:! '!.a!~ ~i oi!.!l ''''''.1{ 1---i!--1f-'-!I1-H1-+1-+~-~--+-+-+-+-I-""*--11 !¥il~ b".~ bUi 'lit;,;, Ib-

~ fQl"<@~~Lnli ~"\lIL ... ;,....~~,~, .

J}I'l.]m:l' il i IHo ImII nIHil :(iJ!JI:I~ti~~,


~e ~ - .IN::.. 01),1 - ~i!ji(' I'rt.lIlLJ .ii1d'i

-=-,.,~, -r;'--.!I---~-"'-;'-1n--.-,,-, -------.I, ~" t..!fi11l"ldl'!il1.....:n1

"='. »'1'", ~ li~" ~1~,JjojIwMbN

• > .'.'




.. Sl~~'&, C"i!!(l'Yill!!l till;:: F'3HIi<J:"D: U:st: !:II p'JiO~oot!pi~iI"' lu rfltilk~ seeernl ~1Jp.i;::~ ...,I'i he pillllJ,,"!11i<lT I.NI~ i:-e.m ]f1J~] wi:_iJI ~o .t~]. QuI, M;;)oo!.1uLj ~ hem to yOu&" ~.~Sril.~~](~fil' ~ I!i~ bel.' ei~iai'gb1rg .~ilell'i. Oil' ,red'l!;c::JL,g UL~JIL M sui t yO~jJ" needs,

('u1 tli~ .I~tre[[) ~l[TIi.ght IlkJlg Ute bnse, Tlti5. [is. importnnt ror IProp~l lIitt:1i:J1i'£:lit 'witl~ ul!lt.: 'J'IliflflL3. H LIm; OO'Ufm'l of uiltC (flAH~I~ il> ~h';!i.i@l~, It can bi: !;Iid. OI.!!l,;lill!l;l, I,I~ ld',;li1lI~I' ~d,u.;,; ~)f I~II~ '!Jo'oU!;ld ~I~ W"'-'; rl.:rl~ ;1 ~;rlll ~iml! ·rr::r~ jr:lili1i~l!!1: 11!~~r,

• "Jl!r-;ruIil:s'.furrJiull; UI~ 19"tblMEi Iilo .ill~ '~~rl .. J?':i£!i."C:', 'fbr;::~'t are ~r;::"'t':ml p.mdHe~s O:li Ihe 'lil;nJ~I::~ ODe can cheese h) adheil~ 1]W. PfI.~~J\l1 ro ~~~ ~rk pleee, Tiley bLt:b.t~~e:: Ghli~ S11e'~ ~ AW:,rlj, 3M's Sr;oT~hlJJt;)lnd'u lSpir.ilY ,i!I=Hlo!;~jV';;. HI bbii! r ceme I~'i. ,.: t~. M~'ke Slj 1:(; i II ~~ erlr~ I h~ 1',l}poomolWlbl~ 0: I em po rol! flJ 'bOfH] hems,

TIw 'r,rtO'O'l1l1}!;! 'paH.;]!itJiIS m~ br: s~d frulH ~ wid~ '!};:!irl.e~~ of OJ'· feli'>$.n[ Il~iJiLf}'d~I~, & diflf!2J1er~t ~1l~d::IHss-Ll~~ dLoice:s:ail'r:'~ IltiI-el), YQIu_rs, 1T r: t,;);i'Jge C:;]g-i it:"le!'U,d~ wood 'liI'OO~iCi!S, pl:ii~.Je, {iii' ~V~l~ 1i!~IlI~i'!Il!'t.


Ttl l"'01l'1l'M! IWI) pieces cl' \'irolll1li 1~t'~~r I !JI~e (!lc!!I!!' p. .. dl;i'J\I~ '!:i!~. ,';15 rncmloned (',&riElr. this has tbe ad'd.-.xJ b~~1t of l~lbr~ljD.g ih~ tilM!..::.ri~ i~ C11t!i. k~llillB it [l'!:IliIl 'lxJl1Ililli1lj tl~ II111WdL

I !u,!)' ;h~l,! 1l1~ ~rIYl!lhL1111~ 11TH,.:! ~linlI;l'II!o;i[]I~, 'I'lIi1)) i~lll.ipil tl~iJ,:k!ll~. Th~~ .r~ J/'~" tl~iGI-l;.

.. '!i'll'iI1!; ~tit! 1II'!)!i1o:" M.,l..., 'p~rioJJk:~lI)l, TIl is will help ! he Si(l'~" ~~d~ eiJ$j~ Q1.reL' Ih!!. W(lt'k ~,,'Ib!.e fiJJ m'I:~~r ,rol~trD!.

iFl:Ir ~j:Ji~ Ii'rT4~;:! T .!II11 'II!';ing n ]1i::I~i1 P·WSt;mll :.liij.W. ~~ \';,',,,,.. !&le ·nev.'e~JI ;lYailatLe and I:; ullK: 1:00::;[ ~~-:rl1~nd~ ~rol~ ~aw 00 ih~ mnut~~, ~t lsns f'nulfierOLl:> !l'e-.!il ures, ill~I_ldiI12 a fJ~ll. IlI'i\l~, tlll"lt irlii'kii ;!!11!1(ri;1 "il:!r3~kit'1 rrc~.

.. L!]'III~I fll~ itaihll!'. ::Iindi, 1~l1g:3 sq~J;!Olre_ check to see iJ the blade i~ Jlt 2111 ,mgie of 00 ode::llIK~"i OF ~ndL'l.:ubr so tile SilW table,

'fubl~ can he: reSldJI~ .fIdJLtiiL'f,!lI 00 '~!A[Jj]1hli k:vd,

~ 5 e!!e eI: I:he bl:!!f~~. ll~nlernbi;:r, 1iI!'l~ ·r.I~G ri;h l hl.:l~ fi;l1.' thl;: light ill ~t~ i. lal. Rlr £(1Ii[i!l811i~, check out ~~ hl~ct!e U~ {}uiill!:l inc CI1i1i[ ~I~ this I!iOO~_

'rI!~ hllaillc ~rifJlt rid! rll:i!i~xJd Pl1lj~all~ ~Ei~ {)i~ IPGiT oW:Jo'Ilblo!' I~;";:':ri!ll w(1~IL. H ,~I~n; o!;l~i~ ;';:';i!<il)! !j!il!~ ~1~!1~- 9IXI!.:;r,

~ 01t1!~k '1llII1'rli!1l ~l;liIli!iWfl~ The .I'-tUlI~ IjJf Thumb; WLlelJ ].'00 (MJ~h the blade[ 1.0 mlci 'w!l~b YULlJ ~J~lIlirib, }'Uu sJloWd ~i. i.II ViS·' do:::{)(~~li;;}.n, ~~J~mber pl:riooil;i!U)f bl':loll;ir: ~r:!1t.ktjb .i!.;jjw~m~nl !~ <l Ult~-

~ 1)1.:C'.ul~ '!.!in f~ !!,;i,iildh!,g SIJie!::t1- Est!l'biisll ~'I~ proper "S.·f.l\1," s,troJ:;es ~~ Mil'~L~e.. ~t;~' the p:rQjlX~- CI~e>tk ,,"'ut ~tt~ G>!"i IteF,ll (i~drle ~Q Clfi~~]I'1~ 5L~cd Ii'oJ the !n[l,tet'iQ~ YO:!l· 11~W. s:e-llfct~1. 'l,l~!l1Mi!gI'!N i 1;0 ! ~;J;cI the :~-'~f:tiQ!1 ~"'JC:ltailflji:ng ~I) sp(:~i;j!1 L1br,l~ ;;11~(I c.uU illltS hini~ ::!IS 'WC!~ as the: ri.81~t blade' r'il:!l~ the r:i's,htjoo.. 1h:!¥!H3' sa .... oyen: till!: w.ill i nl.·I)' be: hc:lpfili.

~ [hm'.: I,K! :IIfnll;dI,. l~:lm not ro be 8i'fllkl of the !-iNiJ~~ 'SflW blade and · .... 'i:!~k ·~rom. H1:" 10 J.'" ii!I"iJ!Imd ill,:: scroll saw bfadc whi lc yot!I arc !f.uttiJI\g, ],I~~ iii JHi:W: .ilnpo.rTl:::mt;. and wilU rnu:ke -!l RIG differenoa on yrnL~' [il1isl~ prurluet,

Ali scroll s,o,w,; ~uliFt: 'jj~riooi;;; ~!'!<!IVll~lii~jj~~ Th~!> intllijjd~

~ O~O/ISiJig (riM ol)j][l~ of ri..ui: ibol- ~\ft!iI"J SI)·1:5 hours {It HIITwinlj: 'I'Iil~J,::, No~e; On d~. Ile'!.--\' d~ltll'I\~ ~I(I~! 'Ii(iJi}e: no -ctloioe but 10 oil.

~ Cltei{:k~l1g :ro~1 r motor l);r~l:'lhs ~fi(K9ir;;j.lly i1IlH~ ~lflCii!S them

ifi!'i I~~(:d-

~ 'V[s_-'I!.[lUycft~;:::k~il!! he~l~ and 0 {lih~ r w.;;:mil1f1:. perts ~ '~\.--'a:til1g mh.:::· 'A'CIrk ~tilJlk: fooq'lLi:;I~~Iy_

~ Ck::JImi I~ ill"!:- ~rnll:i3W [IC~iod i!:'::lUly. (,-'SpJctiill~y ::Iil:OUm:J &l1c rJitDDCir &. c:l!xtr.,{ll1i1! COI~tml~. Cmmpre!';:;;oo 8Ur .... ~rll:~ 'i!.'C:di fm- ~hi~ ~215_k

R,*mJ. }'Or1r .;)1.'tl;I~~L~· Q~r;),trlig ~"~Ii~If! l ls ~sl':~l1ti~1 fm" all ~1\Yf!:r~, Oi1":1ie iJ!.,giill~~ Uj~ ~~~ 111~'!. '!:I'llly enjo)o' )/Qii r :5C"1.\!!11 ~fI'I1.'"

• Hardness; -Style

(skip tooth): -Dimenslon (tooth cut): • Bell cI Test:

Carbon: .070%-.079% Silicone: 0.10%-.030%

Manganese: 0.30%-0.70% Chromium; 0.10% RC53·55

15.0 TPI

.001 "/.008"

The Reverse Thoth Fret saw blade must be able to revolve around a 36Q11 pin without fracturing. Then the blade must return to its relaxed state and remain bent,

All the carbon steel wire product produced in the U.S. today either comes from all open hearth or electric (\!fIUlCCS. The typical USA Acid Bessemer Process is what produces the superior quality grades bf steel. Virtually all scroll saw and similar blades are manufactured from a non-resulphurized high cal' bon steel.

4 Scroll Blades Regular Style Teeth (5"or6"): Blades are notched & set. 4 Skip Tooth Fret Saw Blades (5"): Blades are milled with no set

• Reverse Skip Thoth Saw Blades (5"): Blades are milled with no set.

• Double Tooth Fret Saw Blades (5")-Blades are milled with no set.

• Metal Cutting Saw Blades (5"): Blades are milled with no set.

• Spiral Saw Blades (Y'): Blades are milled with no set.

• PGT Saw Blades (5"): Blades are precision ground with no set.

• Double Tooth POT Saw Blades (5"): Blades are precision ground with no set.

• Thick wood-Saw Blades (5"): Blades are notched and set.

Note: for the experts out there NOTCHED BLADES are extremely sharp and can be equal 10 a milled or precision ground tooth blade.

Pozsgai's Designs' General Guide to Cutting Speed (SPM)



High speed quickly & easily cuts pines. balsa wood, bass wood, plywood, cedar) fir and others


For making intricate cuts on cherry, walnut, oak, teak, ash, maple, purple heart, rosewood and others without burning wood. With stock that is 3/4" & above use lhe 3M tape trick.


Slow speed keeps blades cool to minimize breakage. Can cut brass, copper, aluminum, soft 16 to 20 gauge low carbine steel sheet stock and others.


Slow speed helps to prevent melting of some cast acrylic, ASB, lexan & Plexiglas. Note; An extruded acrylic can be cut easily at 1500· 1700SPM



The Project

~ OS" i"I ~ E"a II:;, b~ i Il bJ.' ..:I rH I in • .fJ 1;1111' t'l i>!! I!~, !I'I ru e, n tl d o LIt ... r 31 reas dUll can b e I:mer: !l"lJrrn ... "Il w,itl~.£I drill pl;;::S

Hp:~,ri,:r .l1:g1l>?d, [~lIMe ~!w.i!ltd,ngl; nl!(!~II~~~ot:LlI_ Slall;1 ai a eQLTiGiI D'f pa1mi!;m !lI~ ein 'Ib~ a-Llltlr)~., mllC!n ~ Ibrok and I;l,lt the dJ,'! I -ill[II!.- .... i1IllEn ~h IIHli.~m,

Ea!:.'1! ~~8n}(:IH of tiM; 1l9.1~Cfn :!i~"'';I1II'o,J Ib~ il'lIJl!p(!rn:!l~tll. [ilo 1IIIs esse tile pilky,' , Ij!~'~ !Jill"! ~Ilil:'r ;l~e all OOfIlp.lil:relr ent mn

!For ~'I~[~jr~ ~ II~ ::Ii 220 g_rjl ~cdfJ~!ii\'L! pnd, I rcmose 111m b.?KI'k ",mil fIJ11;! 11'11:. pud 111 IlifIlf, !Bf.:l1~eell lfini!iLl i;1Ji]~ ~. ~I~ i.~ .:!!Ui tri~. pad.

I II ' I",,,!~..: i 3,.'-1." 1;;1 1"' lnck. Sill1.lL: r I ;r.,;f! !l<\J~hxuB m'lll ~Li.CmG.1 also 'J],'ill III'L'd li\'I'! L'l;fru..~, Q-JlC in maple nmh;lnt;:: ill .... ;!~ml •.

l ru Ih,' {'I~ 1 ilTII IJ"jn~ an rl!}o::C fin~.I. ~Jti. '!-I~LI1. L\\'O nll~.~ nd ~ b.~EllJill1Jl,

" I,. I 11;1.',le (h:~d to !'IIn\!; ~"~!!'e ilil I pt!rI Ii'IL!lI(h::r.:l, illiLd '11;],11,,(' crenred :Ii 'hl~11l I rill !fill! I~il ~!.ir a I lr' bD: cere lJi~,

TJp~ ure '! blfli. tub" wily!': [Q; fi.r~i:sh ,'OUT p(rOj~L dcpeoomlg IJiI '1 ill'! piltlie:liU ~li ehoose, til· ~y[re of rT~al,o::rilLI )',olfU use, ;:In..::H ~1~C;'Ii,r(4Im~ '(~~~~ s~yl~ ~IO-'!i ~~.! ~ljj pl'(!~i2'm. it. ~U'iI~c~ ilill:~lirJe natural fi]1~istr.eS, :S~L~iIL, pi.dnt~l lIJ~d '!flL-:qlIC~. The ehoiee i5~trrictl.}' I1i m.!lu~orp QI1!i.!] I,ref~~I'1 ,

1111 tl~ fOOl11 ~I .;-"' u !j~ iI fil1i~lL>ill~ pi~Q,!. ~ ~I~ t~11 ~ ol~ tilt..': OOH01Ll ~iJ complete UIC: pl[;(li],

'\~I'h ~~ "',f'1 ,ic;r~1 oJ)[ [J~itiO:il5, \\1'OOd~, ~1I1ti1 ~nbl1l.g, one can be very i;'rG!lltiv8 lm ~I.til izi'A& Ihc~(: r:litt8m~. A r!l.':W ideas itBCUuci\l!.:!

~ Iti:!~TJ~J."!;I;'.~ ~Ol" M:l.gljllir~. PI:n0:l n magnet alii ~'Il~ hac].;: 31nd ~1"011I have fiOOllCth~I~8 b!3:31'Ll~i6~11'~o .tm~d :!IIil ~]mse ilnpol.tM!ru!: messages :!100 Inedoori:~

~ 'C~j)~k ~irl:5" !O,Llii!l"to!: rnI[JIJ,'e1il~1t5 ,IU Fe';ldily B,'j,',.uilll!bL'e HiLldi ~1II!>1' touse.

'.' [Jfi~e;tllli.'{i~. 'fhi::5. i::5. done by :sJn~p.l'y add inS.ti! ooc:kiJ~g &: Irnme,

'.' 1~1l ,S!. 'Pel~,zlll ,5e~~. Ao;, 11ft:: did here, 9i1~ ~LI need is U:I~ 9!~~rlle!iv'(: base.

Il".liE.'l, pBll'l, l1okl~1 1,I,1oLl:iil t:I"Ialc~ a 'o'i"01~rfl.!!! I[~I'IJe ~!I the 'iJfril;'; or ill€: 'perf~CiI gift.

Ornamen.tal Patterns



. ·

MOWItllio Shoop

i ~ i: ! :







i I !

i i




l .s


;- ..

..... _._----_._ --.------.-.-- -------_._..._.-~~-~

Gr·eater Kudu

i I ~ :



! i


~ .

~)lo 'Jj)o



r· I


, i.


. j:



/ i.,










( ~

.. . . :.

~. r: :.

' ," .-' ." .:{:'

. "':"







I .I. ~ I F





o t-oO








1 ;


; . ,












Cape Buffalo










I I t




~ ~



, .

. >



., .... . . ;";' .. ; ,".

-. :.:~<,'};.:(:.:., .. :::::.:.,

- . ~'.'.;."' .. ,: ; ..... '.' .'

~. ~.:". ('. '",

. .1'






. . ~







~ ,;





f.~ ... ~ __ ~ ~~

! -

I . , '""



" ""


Sample Base Mounting Patterns

Thevarious mounting bases are designed to give YDU an option and style [:0 choose fro:moor your pr-ojeci. Merely enlarge them to )''OU[ desired needs. Remember to mix thevarious patterns with different woods 10 complement }'Q!ur art when using a base to meunt 011.


Ogoo Fillet Bits


Alternative Router Bits and Profiles

Clue Box Bits

Co~ & Bead Bits

, '


'[be S'e:roIl 8_ Book, Frank. Pozsgai

lht '\y.ritr.e;n wi.Lh. and photography 1)1' ])Q1.l!!las CoIij!dou.M'lrl,ltt

11 BVCIY scroll sa ..... user willbenefh from thisbock, n~,g:i:nnhl,~ wi til 11.,,,, nlllch~mEes I of l~ :'!Cr-oll saw ftselt, and OOilliilujng with the iJ.."l1iic ~skm~ every ~~Ix~n ~IW lIN~r j needs for n fun arid SLJCt\t&~fuJ hobb)", Fffink shares ~~~t~ kliJ iUM~m i:d ii~ ~hc : C'llpa"'jliiie~ and eUidency 0:( thessw, The sEllectkm of wo,oil. ~11.1l ~fc~tiitm ~jr ; palterns, and the ~a~ic- techniques of scroll ~9.'W LIre nra al~{~ fiWi.: red,

, Sizc: g, 112" xiI" 250 0(~I(lr photcs, 16 p;a!h::ni~

! lSBN: 0-8&140-774-9 ~Clfi eover

Mlip_ SI2,~.'ii

Sero!l. S~W ~:m;;


T~ wrluen wiUt and pJunl)graplry hy DOllgLa~ Con~I{Hl·M;mh~

ThilJ h a ~tep-by-~tepha:ndboolro one of the ¥Jy.'l of :;croll ~~1wing; rl:'~:U ~!lg pk-t1Hl':;S inwood, With over 10 dc;si,gns of hI;:; awn and orher M~1l wd:ul ~I~, Ik~ II~-aches the reader all he or she needs to know nbout this W()fulic:fru~ uu:il, Col~~r phnW~!Japhs illustr,Me ea.cfi step.

Size,: 8 1fT' K 1.1" &1+ ccilor phot()l:, pn1tem~

JSBN: 0·8&740·715·7 soft oove:r

'~8 PI). $1.JL~J5

A Scro1l So.'w Christm<l~

Sl;ep·b;H~l£p 'To- a 3·D S!cl{ll! atlll lreiild(,'CI'

Ftillik PoZ';g~i wUhDougl8S C.(lti~kln-MMtijj

Fr~l:I1k Pozlogai bd!I~ h~MIliql,l(,; kJ1()wled~'e nrKI !U'L!:>Lk ~_hi I iLl{ Lll create J.- D serollpanerns that wHI delight tbe craftsperson, The m~dfl Ilf~)N~! R1 S~ r~!~.'H &leigh and";!!,,, te-:b:'ldeer. The ~l'tp-b-~p guir:le ,~ H!u;;.tf<L~cd [~ fuU <:1~"W. II fli aeeompanied by 30 other OJ:u'istmll5 p~ttemii.

Size,: 8I(r ~. 11' 13S + oolm photo, phl~ 30 I""~!t~nl~

r:S:BN: 0-3&740-736-2 wn ~.wwer

('~IW' SIV'S

54, 3-D S~['<)IJ Sn.\l'Pilj:lm'n~


WOodwor.Kli:m baYe been dam.o:rin,g far more thrcc-(I:imAlniit&~H~1 il:mo:lm. W ~r.~~ on the sewn 8aw. Here are 54 new patrerus t,o rmll~f~>rmi.llto WoI.H~dc~flil creations, Fr.m:tik. i:ne;l.utle~ an iltustrated !itep.bJl·~!.cp gu ~(j~~ Ol! ! h~ U~~ or the scroll sawfor j-D work, There is also a color !;l:lHIlI)' wilh mIHI,~ example'S in various states Qef r:iil.Ls,h, .rough and oH''o'cd. na tmal ~u~d p~ i,Uhitl, This woIu::letf'ul yoluroe has ,~11 _YQi;J need r~)r ~~ phmsu!.'~.lll¢~ ml flWri I~bl" 3· D ex,p~.rJelJ_ce.

Size;: 8 If2,"'x H" ISBN' 0-7643-UU36-9

54 pat~rns plwa. illlloT l)hotCl gallery oott c(!W.;.r

IIO'-lli~). $!2.95


1>15 CIU'i~lmtt~ OrU~mtiU l'tu It:!!'!!;)! Iill'lil!l!' 1!~t"on Saw

i\ 1~lltliir I" (j i'~'vt:r

Si~urk' [0. l'I:~lIk~, ~:I:-;y 1(1 pnim ni~~!l~mct~~~ I,\Li.:u'jUI~~~tl m H,fl.I~1 up ynm Chr:i:;;Lm;~:;, Calliu~ I'"r ~i lim h.::d 11'\I,mlwr .-.1' W,)t),!Iw,w~ i rI!It hloi.~I~, '~'L.:h nm~mcill I~ (lktumd i 11 ~il~)" h .. ml,~. i;l;l~r r'iIUCI'''~\Yi U~ fUiU ij!~Lf;f:i~1j, m~ tm :110\V 10 mil Lh~m ~l\n on 1h~ )iI,'fu~1 ~:,,\\ .. H!t; wi,i~hnl'i; t!i~ft;iU~ ·'~~~i,uiii~ hy ~U---';:I" tC~llfd(I"'c ~~ ~hmf'dl. F~tn t'('ilm l~hmu,lJ.mph~. ~il11pk:. d~:lt r~u I:'rllj~ •. ~l1t~ tm~.Y'I.(Hlildit::tl!tM.d .i ilqnic~i~)1lS in~~ki,: ~Ii i~:w ~~:k;11 ~RRI~,

S il.~;'; r; I tr .~. Il-

1:-;1 IN: u- 7MJ,n:~2~,~';

Ii 25 p~w; r'll~ w~~ h ~i\~lol- phwu,'I ~,-.f'l (n'!{l,:r

Mpp, l)14,.95

(.~!~'vifl~ iI';~ !~~:pI~'

"'Iar~ Hm!

t~!~!'II~ h('ow ~.\l tf.!! !1!!ort,rm ~~!ml1w!'l,:il~ny~ ,!.'\!!~i I~!h!~ cW ~nw ;!tl k I il(1lI! (If ile n,~M I'!il !.:'IHI~l~~llcr~"Fi!lur !Iu~k'!.:"~ arc mtJ~II':ni)d: a s~ 111:. ~~~fving, ill man i 11 ~ h~~~i~'Il~~ .'>l~ i r, ~.I luI Wl'n'N:~~ t~hjn~~ hL~!,!" ami 1i I!I, lett I~u~~cy 1)1::I~ttr-" S W(l~ sliow hem! H~ OIiLct::llt I he u'lm, 1J~'.:d~~f~l! Ute ims;ic f~,"lnnc. tnmplct~ dC~'LUb; such "I~ ~y~~, h~ i r. 1Iml ~lu~11 ir~I:!' lu~d p~illl I tl~ nf~~~h{!j:1 pnlj~~t, J\ n idc~1I prf~!JC! rOt ~hOlm wiIh liiUil ~IJ ~~:~;,jStl H! ~r1'if1l. m 01 h~r I~]:g,.: e{lui[lnm~ll,

Si~~: Ii: W" ~ II" ~ 1100 ~~'IlOI' Illm~.o!l

IS BN, U;rM). I: J ~~v.1 '~()n CLf~~ L'

'~!I pr. :£1,<1,1)5

t~inin!l h~, SII!IP Nu!'! h "Iu~d~:!)i! "iI1h1t~~~, UUlvmd K, lil!)wk i

"nlj~ f:~~('imH~:!l£ I Hn!~. ! i!~~:!-J ~~mfJ ~'JtMil,: !~~ ~n ;!!, !"d~m~"l;d Ic~'(:1. showi lil,; m!:. h:ocki of n! .. :,~h~t ~l'lbll!'rk·h"rr "·~l1" <::I, ..... i.[lJ!;~ ~.,t' ~I~!:LC~I N~'r~h Aml:nnlll 111~lmmal~ lk:U~'IHul eoler pl'~ H~jl;\r:jjph1> a nell ~hw H:~! nwy't ~lqJ'o~)',~~cr~ • hrm!!!;h • he ~~nvhli!!

• ,[ ~i!!<ll. ·i •• ~im.!I~; ;1 b~~:r l!u~l.;:uh. w'HI!:'. ~T'\~!li!,r. rmiric d(Jg,. 11.1 rp 's~Nd. killer wll<Ll~, ~md ~!Ih:I', A~I, lI!uuwll1i~lory" :l11t~ O:II .... ~njU!llC!U,Hli~u~~ m'c illh.:!\r~1.l!d inw ~11~

l>1l~! m~ti,jn~ f~)ir ~i ~lIFli:rr'I~~irll' i n~, ~~'I)~rkm~~, -

Siz~': 1'\ g;r' J{ II" ail2 ""Jt.)f' F)hnh.t;s. lIf'illt~'m~

It;.UN: ~nMJ·12!l/.·!! ~nn ~:n\fCr

(~I r:F" SI4.~

I~~i!l~.l' (~mn~ 'h~ Mj~k~ "i:Hlr~d:r O~I~: 1." 11)\ii~r

'lh:hni~lut'~ ft.r "'i~li~~ ~~>m~1 ftictk'.1i " .. d ,k:<:~,"'M I:mi ar~, <H;;;ell~d uud ilItl~h'~.L<J;(! ilR (Ji"~f :!J~HILduf P~~UI(~"~ftll~. 'rh~ '~i~tHIJ:IIIU!l {!i' ""iJfk[mlll wlllr! h~l'(,h"'MC mH;i I he ~p,rlkuiiofl, ~~( oCM1;:l'l~lr fi!li~ih~~, ~ml unh.:rinr liniu~ ~~r~~'al.ww~ fllr !Iw {.~!H!n lmdi tW,;) Ud dc~i~~!~ ~¥~ Ilnwrd .. ~~l.

S~~~,: H I r2")ol II" :DU e .. oh~r rlho~{.\~

!~.nN: ~~,7(,U·1l4";"!' ~~~fl ~~w~r

(~I p'p, S-20;~.5

SohifR~r bl:kl~ m~1i' be ol'(kroJ fnml )'onr ioc~l hO'l,)k ·~um;, Of Ih~y !!ur~ b~ ord~r~d

di:rt-,ct:ly t'n\,ff!l In..: ptlb1i..<\h~r II)' wrItin,S W:

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