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Use the following rubric to ensure you receive all 10 points!

CATEGORY 2 points 1 point 0 - 0.5 points

Conclusion First paragraph includes First paragraph is missing First paragraph does not
Paragraph the title of the book the title or author of the introduce the author, title, or
(properly italicized), the book, or does not introduce thesis, or is non-existent.
author’s name, and thesis. the thesis. Last paragraph Last paragraph is non-
Last paragraph or lines somewhat reinstates existent.
reinstates introductory introductory paragraph.
Enough background Some of the background Background information for
information about the information about the character chosen is non-
character is context. character is provided to give existent.
some context.
Paragraph Paragraph explores how Paragraph somewhat Paragraph about the
Discussing much control the character explores how much control character trying to control
has over his identity, and the character has over his his identity is non-existent.
Character’s discusses the attempts identity, but does not
Control Over character makes to do so. explain how the character
Their Identity tries to do so.
Grammar/ OPP is edited for OPP has a few capitalization There are many grammar
Proofreading/ capitalization, spelling, and spelling mistakes, or and proofreading mistakes,
and avoids using first- uses some first-person and or many uses of first-person
Avoiding 1st/2nd person or second-person second-person pronouns. and second-person pronouns
Person Pronouns pronouns. (I, you, your, me, we, etc.) are evident.
(I, you, your, me, we, etc) (I, you, your, me, we, etc.)

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