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We will aware our potential customer by social media the first thing we can do is that we will create
blogs ,pages on Facebook, twitter, Instagram , and promote the these page which will increase our
awareness among our customer. The best technology we can use is the google AdSense auto Ads. In this
technology those people who search for sports or health regularly, our AD will be shown to them. In
physical awareness we will meet the fitness trainers and aware through them the target market.

According to our survey which we mostly conducted in the gym 90 % of the customer agreed to try our
product and they were so egger to for the trail which was a positive sign for and was challenging as will
to fulfill their requirements.

With the mini resources we will try best to reach our product to target market which we have target by
the digital marketing and physical market.

In our product we will have most customer who will rebuy our product because we have observe there
need and then came up with solution for their problem. Now it will all depends that how our we serve
our product. In frequently buying the gym people will be our regular customer and the health conscious
people might buy it sometime.

Market mix

• Price
Price of our product varies on the quantity of our product’

Our product will be available in different sizes, initially we will launch our product in two different
packing bottles. One bottle will contain six eggs white and second bottle will be contain 12 eggs white.

Price of small bottle is RS 50 and price of large bottle will be RS 95.

• Product
Our product is organic eggs white. Those people who are health conscious, our product is very beneficial
for them because if you want to consume eggs but you can’t eat yolk of eggs due to high cholesterol in
it, so rather than wasting eggs yolk from eggs and wasting time on separating eggs yolk from eggs white,
we are providing you a ready product that just open the tip of bottle and use the organic eggs white
according to your body requirement that suggested by your doctor or trainer. And store the remaining
part in fridge or cold place for next time use.

Egg whites are beneficial for hair and face as well.

Eggs white are very good for weight loss

2 ml contain one egg white and 4 ml contain two eggs white and so on.

• Place
We will mainly focus on e-commerce and try to sell our product online, and Our product will be available
at gyms and common bakeries in Lahore.

• Promotion
Promotion strategies

1. Social networking
Now a days, people are very active on social media and social media is a fast, free, effective way to
promote your product or business so we will use social media marketing very strongly to make people
aware of your product like on Facebook, tweeter, Instagram, we will give ads of our product

2. Brochures
We will use brochures in entrance of every gym in Lahore

3. Sale promotion
We will give discount and commission to the gym owners and bakeries owner, we will give them high
margin in our product due to which the sale of our product will increase

4. Direct messaging
We will collect the contact numbers of those people who did gym from gym owner with permission and
we will direct convey our message or product information to them through messaging

5. Speak to your market

We will aware our customer through videos

• People
Sales persons and virtual assistant should be attentive and responsive where customer need them and
should not be rude or irresponsible in any case because happy customers will become a repeat
customers and will suggest to others as well.