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Let’s Connect: Student’s Use of the Internet

Jhonryl A. Camacho
College of Computer Studies, Cebu Institute of Technology-University
N. Bacalso Ave., Cebu City

Abstract that the new form of communication has led to fundamental

changes that constitute a turning point in the history of social
Author’s Keywords
communication. (Sari, 2008)[2]
Though these social interactions using the social media sites
In those early days, the internet was fascinating since it was available in the internet, students are able to share
new and distinct. All things seemed possible. Internet information and data regarding their modules.
initiates became avant-garde1 elites. Of the great changes in
Theoretical Background
human endeavor to result from the Internet, others voiced
grave concerns about some of these changes. In contrast to There is a possible
the Web, which is to a great extent sorted out around users,
online interpersonal organizations are composed around Significance of the Study
clients. Through e-mail and instant messaging, online
It is hoped that the study will benefit the following:
communities are created where a gift economy and
reciprocal altruism are encouraged through cooperation. Students. To know what the internet, social media sites, are
Nowadays, the internet connects several individuals capable of giving aid with their studies.
especially students around the globe, no matter the distance
through applicable social media sites. For families with Faculty. Teachers and staffs are able to address the issue of
oversea workers, they get to be in-touch during their free students who are greatly dependent on mobile devices and
time, as long as each are online. Students can also create the internet.
friends even without seeing each other personally. Social
networking sites allow us to communicate much more with
people than ever before. Web based social networking References
services make it possible to connect people who share
interests and activities across political, economic, and [1] Internet paradox. A social technology that reduces social
geographic borders. Nevertheless, some students do get involvement and psychological well-being?, (1998)
connected to people from afar using the internet but are Available:
somehow disconnected to those who are near. [2] Sari, Hilmi. The Effect of Interaction of the Internet on
Social Relationships. Department of Sociology. Damascus
A study showed a correlation between Internet use and University, unpublished MA thesis. (2008). Available:
declines in social relationships and isolation. “Greater use of
the Internet was also associated with small, but statistically
significant declines in social involvement as measured by
communication with the family and the size of people’s local
social networks, and with increases in loneliness, a
psychological state associated with social involvement.”
(Kraut R, 1998)[1]
Due to the sudden and rapid developments in the Internet, the
number of users grows in an accelerating way day after day
despite the fact that this poses great dangers to relationships
and social values. The use of the Internet has changed the
course of life in cultural, ethical, value-based, behavioral and
economic sides. Also, the Internet has changed the ways
people interact with each other to the extent that it can be said

new and unusual or experimental ideas