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26 November 2010
Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad, Jane Furse
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leads the

Samancor Chrome’s Tubatse
Limpopo MEC for Agriculture, Mme
Ferrochrome operation outside Dipuo Letsatsi-Duba, in her address to
Steelpoort has just commissioned its guests focused on watrer pollution as
new 5000m3/day Integrated Waste one of the most dangerous
Water Treatment Plant, taking the lead environmental problems threatening
in the Chrome Industry ito access to fresh water, saying “The
Environmental Management. action that has been taken by Tubatse
The opening of the plant last week Chrome Smelter today needs to be
Friday, was attended by all commended. Although we know that
stakeholders in the project, that is the at this point in time the water is treated
company, contractors, water treatment so that it can be used for processing in
specialists and representatives form the smelter, it is our firm belief that the
provincial and local government, work will continue in ensuring that in
WRAPPER community and traditional leaders in the next 15 to 20 years this area will be
the area. rehabilitated so that underground water
Speaking at the opening, Tubatse is returned to its state of purity, that the
ferrochrome General Manager, surrounding communities can be able
Desmond McManus told guests the to use it for drinking,” echoeing Mr
plant enables Tubatse to become a McManus’ concern that water should
zero effluent plant, recycling all its be preserved for future generations.
waste water and thereby reducing its She stated in no uncertain terms that
withdrawal rate from the Steelpoort/ the government is not happy to deal
Tubatse River by more than a million with the problem of acid water in the
litres per day. He stressed that the former gold mining areas, where
treatment plant does not only aim to companies who had been responsible,
WRAPPER make present day environmental are not contributing in finding a
management a priority, but said that solution for the problem. “Our Mr Desmond McManus, General Manager of Tubatse Ferrochrome and Limpopo
future generations in the area will also government is now forced to divert MEC for Agriculture, Mme Dipuo Letsatsi-Duba unvailed the plaque at the new water
benefit immensely from the project. millions of rands meant for the treatment plant.
The plant treats contaminated service delivery of basic services for our
water, sewage water, saline borehole people to dealing with Acid Mine
water and “industrial” storm-water. Drainage” she said.
The waste water treatment plant After the speeches and the unveiling of
incorporates latest technology in its the plaque, Mr McManus led the MEC
processes of silt and floating debris and guests on a tour of the new water
removal, softening and clarification, treatment plant. The plant tour was
oil removal, ultra-filtration, reverse followed by treatment of a different
WRAPPER osmosis and brine evaporators (see kind when all the guests departed to
separate box on page 2 for all the Tubatse Chrome Club for a hearty
details). lunch.


All the details by: Frank Rosslee (Engineering Manager : Tubatse maintenance, operator-free silt trap was designed in collaboration with Huber Technologies to
Ferrochrome Project Manager) and Anton van Niekerk (Project
Engineer: Tubatse Ferrochrome Project Coordinator)
remove floating debris, using a revolving bar screen, and silt, using an innovative travelling-
bridge system. The travelling-bridge system incorporates a traversing platform with submerged
pumps that continuously pump out and remove the settled silt to a classifier and screw conveyor
mounted on the platform. Such a design is necessary due to the process effluent being a
On the 19th of November 2010 Samancor’s Tubatse Ferrochrome officially
opened its new 5000m3/day Integrated Waste Water Treatment Plant. The
plant is the culmination of 5 years of effort to produce a plant that effectively
continuous stream and therefore the silt trap could never be cleaned by a mechanical bucket
loader (FEL), as it is flooded with water on a 365 day/year basis. Both the floating debris and the
settled silt are deposited directly into bins by the automated systems, for easy removal from site.
addresses all waste water related issues on the site.
The Tubatse Ferrochrome operation is a major producer of charge chrome,
the main raw material used in the production of stainless steel. Tubatse
produces some 360,000 tons of Ferrochrome alloy per annum from six
The silt traps also incorporates a hydro-cyclone to remove all entrained oil from the system. This
is required due to the detrimental effect that entrained oil has on the downstream processes.
The de-silted process effluent then flows under gravity to the balancing dam at the new waste
water treatment plant.
submerged arc furnaces, totaling 201MVA installed capacity. The plant
was originally erected by Union Carbide in 1976 and has been expanded
over the last 34 years by various owners and joint venture partners.
The sewage streams from the various operational units in the smelter, are piped to a licensed
sewage treatment plant, where it is treated in an activated sludge process. The effluent from
the sewage treatment plant is then chlorinated and flows into the balancing dam at the new
Waste Water
Samancor Chrome acquired the Tubatse plant in 2002 from its previous
WRAPPER owners, BHP Billiton. In 2005 it became apparent that the groundwater
aquiver below Tubatse plant was polluted due to historic ash deposits
leaching into the groundwater during the wet season over the past 28 years
waste water treatment plant.
The saline groundwater is abstracted at a fixed rate from the designated boreholes as per the
approved remediation plan and flows directly into the balancing dam at the new waste water
Treatment Plant
of operation. Tubatse management immediately notified the Department treatment plant. The abstraction rates are accurately monitored
of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) of this discovery and started a major and controlled and the remediation model is regularly revised
research project to determine the point sources of the contamination and to ensure optimal remediation of the aquiver.
develop a strategic plan to remediate the situation. The study showed As mentioned above all the water streams are combined in the
widespread pollution in the aquiver and Samancor Chrome, immediately balancing dam at the new waste water treatment plant from
commissioned Golder Associates to develop a remediation plan. As the where the water is fed into the plant at a constant feed rate and
study progressed it became apparent that historical ash heaps on the site, subjected to the various treatment processes.
were the source of the contamination. As the sources were pinpointed The chemical neutralization of the hexavalent chromium is done
Tubatse removed the material to a licensed HPDE-lined high-hazard storage via chemical treatment with ferrous chloride at a pre-determined
facility on the Tubatse site. In this way any continued pollution was ratio. This is a chemical reduction process and the ferrous
prevented. chloride reduces the chrome ion to a chrome oxide, which
After two years of intensive drilling, geo-hydrological and geotechnical study settles out in the clarifiers and effectively removes hexavalent
and computer modeling a feasible remediation plan was developed in chromium from the water.
collaboration with Golder Associates and in consultation with the Due to the continuous re-use (re-cycling) of the water, with no
WRAPPER Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF). The remediation plan bleed off into the environment, it is not only required to soften
was then taken further to develop an Integrated Water and Waste and clarify the water, but also to de-salinate the waste water.
Management Plan (IWWMP), which was submitted to the DWAF for If this was not done the process water would become
approval. The remediation plan then had to be turned into a workable increasingly saline to the extent were major damage would be
waste water treatment plant. done to the smelter’s process equipment due to the excessive
The Tubatse Project team took up the challenge and started the conceptual salinity, leading to high rates of scaling, corrosion and chemical
design of the waste water plant. It became apparent that significant attack. After chemical treatment with ferrous chloride the water
advantages could be gained from the project, not only in terms of the is split into two parallel streams, passing through compact
remediation of the contaminated aquiver, but also in reducing Tubatse’s lamella clarifiers, supplied by VWS Envig. One of these is an
environmental footprint and ensuring environmentally responsible Actiflo Clarifier which uses fine sand to activate or “seed” the
operations relating to all water on site. settlement of suspended solids. The clarified discharge of the
Tubatse management evaluated the situation and decided to integrate the Actiflo clarifier flows directly to the clean water dam from where
full scope of waste water on Tubatse plant into the process design. A it is returned to the smelter’s process water cycle. The second
detailed water balance was developed to enable accurate process design unit is a Multiflo Clarifier that prepares the second stream of
and effective water resource management. water for de-salination.
As a consequence the Integrated Waste Water Treatment Plant Milk of lime is dosed in both clarifiers to ensure softening of the
incorporates the treatment of the following waste water streams: water, which effectively precipitates a significant percentage
process effluent released by the various production units, “industrial storm- of the salts in solution, thus reducing the TDS levels.
WRAPPER water” that falls within the boundaries of the smelter site, sewage water Polymer is also dosed into both units to enable flocculation
from the whole site, and abstracted saline groundwater from the boreholes which is essential to the effective functioning of these high-
as per the remediation plan. The project was therefore developed as an rate compact lamella clarifiers.
integrated waste water treatment system that not only incorporated the The underflow (slurry waste) stream from both clarifiers are
new waste water treatment plant, but also involved equipment installations pumped to two belt-filter presses, also supplied by VWS Envig.
and civil modifications in the plant to ensure pro-active water management. These units compress the slurry between two woven polymer
For example, all potential sources of oil contamination were identified and belts and effectively produces a dry stackable cake from the
hydro-cyclones from Procon Environmental Technologies were installed slurry feed. The water removed from the slurry is re-cycled
to effectively remove not only large particle oil contamination, but also back to the clarifiers. The clarified overflow from the Multiflo
microscopic oil particles, as well as oil in solution. These installations clarifier is the feed to the filtration and de-salination section of
typically address areas such as the earthmoving fleet workshop and wash- the plant. The filtration and de-salination process starts with
bay. Large areas of the plant were paved and concrete and HDPE lined dual self-cleaning strainers supplied by Germ Africa to
trenches were constructed to ensure effective capture of “industrial storm- effectively remove all particulate matter down to 150um to
water” during rain storms. This assists in preventing contamination of the protect the sensitive ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis
membranes from damage due to particulate matter. After filtration the water flows through Italy. The evaporators produce water condensate, which flows
surrounding environment, reduced erosion on site, less silt entrained in
snippet and cartridge-type oil removal filters supplied by Procon Enviromental Technologies. to the return water dam, is blended with the other clear water
the storm-water trenches and availability of the industrial storm-water for
These filters effectively remove entrained oil as well as oil in solution (i.e. ethylene glycol) to streams from the clarifiers and RO and returns to the smelter
use in the plant processes. The storm-water cut-off trenches further ensure
protect the ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis membranes against blinding. After oil removal plant for re-use. The waste stream from the evaporators is a
WRAPPER that the industrial site and the surrounding unspoilt bushland are effectively
the water is pH adjusted by sulfuric acid addition, and then pumped through the ultra-filtration concentrated brine with TDS levels in excess of 50,000 ppm.
separated in terms of storm-water run-off. The new Integrated Waste Water
(UF) membranes where all traces of particulate matter is removed in preparation for reverse This final brine is pumped to a series of lined evaporation ponds
Treatment Plant was designed in collaboration with VWS Envig and KV3
osmosis. The waste streams from both the self-cleaning strainers and the ultra-filtration (UF) where the brine is allowed to solidify under ambient conditions.
Civil Engineers on an EPCM basis. VWS Envig and KV3 were responsible
return to the balancing dam, from where it re-cycles through the clarifiers. The UF system was The evaporation ponds extend over 5 ha and all have a triple-
for the detailed process and engineering design, equipment selection and
supplied by VWS Envig and manufactured by Siemens Memcor (Australia). The clear UF layer HDPE lining with double leak detection to ensure zero
over-inspection during plant construction. The civil construction work was
permeate is now ready for de-salination and is then pumped through the cellulose acetate reverse environmental contamination potential. The solidified brine
started in January 2009 with mechanical installation starting in August 2009
osmosis membranes (RO) at pressure of 2500kPa. The RO membranes produce a high quality (salt) consists mainly of carbonates, chlorides, nitrates and salts
and effective completion at the end of August 2010. Final performance
permeate and a brine solution. The waste stream (brine) produced is relatively large and would of magnesium, and could potentially be used in the agricultural
testing has been concluded, handover to operations is complete and the
require very large dams or very expensive technology, such as crystallizers, to dispose of. industry. The river water abstraction is incorporated into the
5000m3/day plant is now fully operation. The total capital cost of the waste
Therefore the process was designed for the brine to be re-cycled through a second set of RO overall plant design, but is kept as a separate system that does
water treatment plant and related infrastructure amounted to R100 million
membranes, to increase the recovery rate. This increases the TDS of the final brine stream and not make contact with the waste water under normal operating
and the plant has a design life expectancy of 30 years.
reduces the volume to a manageable flow-rate. The high quality de-salinated RO permeate is conditions. The river water is de-silted in a classifier supplied
Process Design:
discharged to the clean water dam, where it blends with the clarified water and returns to the by Huber Technologies that removes all silt particles very
Initially the project team considered treating the different waste water
smelter’s process water cycle. The final brine from the RO system then flows to two LED effectively. The river water is pumped to a storage dam (360ML)
streams separately, but analyses showed that this had negligible benefits
evaporators that reduce the brine even further through a process of evaporation under vacuum. from where it flows to the smelter site as make-up water and
and therefore at the treatment plant the four streams of water are combined
The evaporators were supplied by VWS Envig and are fully imported package plants from VWS forms a buffer storage capacity for the dry winter months.
in a balancing dam to serve as buffer capacity in ensuring a constant plant
throughput. Such constant throughout is essential in ensuring stable
WRAPPER operation at optimal cost and maximized cleanliness levels.
The fundamental user requirement for the plant design was to ensure that
all waste water is retained and treated to produce final clear water that
poses no risk to people or the environment and conforms to industrial water
quality standards, for re-use in the smelter processes.
The waste water treatment plant process basically entails four treatment
Education boosted Tubatse Ferrochrome invested in the development of
potential mathematic and science achievers in local
One of the major complaints local communities have
processes namely: pre-treatment of the four incoming streams, combining
the streams and conducting chemical neutralization, splitting into two is that the mines and large industries do not appoint
streams for softening & clarification and filtration & de-salination of one of local residents. This problem however is a two sided
the streams. The storm-water stream is kept separated from the other waste sword as these industries have minimum requirements
streams due to its highly cyclical nature and high peak flows. All the storm-
water on site runs via concrete trenches to a silt trap where floating debris
to ensure the maximum safety and eventually output
is skimmed off the water surface and silt is settled out, prior to the water in their operations. In almost all cases where bursaries
flowing into the HDPE-lined storm water storage dam. The silt trap is easily are awarded to worthy students mathematics and
cleaned with a mechanical loader once the rain storm has abated and is science with good results up to grade 12 is required.
placed onto a concrete drying bed. The storm-water dam has a 35,000m3
live capacity and is fitted with a double layer HDPE lining with leak detection, To help remedy the situation Tubatse Ferrochrome’s
to ensure that the captured storm-water cannot contribute to groundwater HR department launched the Big Brother initiative.
WRAPPER pollution. From the storm-water dam the water is abstracted at a steady The Big Brother initiative involves four schools in
rate of 1000m3/day to the new waste water treatment plant. This water,
the area. Learners from grades 10 to 12 are involved
captured during rain storms, assists in reducing Tubatse’s abstraction of
river water during the rainy season by a significant quantity. The process in the project. They received additional classes every
effluent stream is often also contaminated with a significant silt load and Saturday. The project will continue in 2011.
floating debris such as coke (coal). Therefore an innovative, low

Pipeline completed Tubatse Chrome this year also handed over a new water pipeline to
the community in Tukakgomo as part of the company’s social
investment projects.
The pipeline is meant for the high pressure transportation of
household water from the source to the reservoir on the hill at
Tukakgomo. The old pipeline , constructed about 30 years ago by the
WRAPPER company, gave problems because not only was it used for feeding the
reservoir, but also for further reticulation in the villages. The
purpose of the new pipeline was only to feed the the reservoir. The
old pipeline will not be removed as it still has to play an important
role as a reticulation pipe. The new feeding pipe is totally sealed
from the source to the reservoir and no need exists to tap into this
General manager of Tubatse Chrome, Mr Desmond McManus,
officially handed over the pipe to representatives of Greater Tubatse
Municipality and members of the community.
The local government is now administrating matters around the
pipeline in conjunction with Sekhukhune District Municipality who
WRAPPER is responsible for water provision in the area.
Platinum Gazette
26 November 2010
Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad, Jane Furse
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Stealing from the poor Personnel of the Limpopo Department of

Health and Social Development working at
the SASSA building in Praktiseer, were
shocked on Tuesday morning when they
were robbed in broad daylight of foodstuff
destined for orphans, the vulnerable and the
A spokesperson for the office told
Platinum Gazette that harrassment started
on Monday afternoon, when a man
demanded that food stored at the building
released to the community. Niothing further
happened on Monday, the man a a number
of other people were back, together with a
a number of women with buckets. The were
dancing and chanting, forcing themselves
into the gates of the premises in into a room
where bags of mealie meal are stored. They
started plundering the bags, filling their
buckets and fleeing through the gate.
Acoording to the spokesperson they do not
no what the motive for the plundering was,
but they think it was politically motivated
as the man that initiated the plundering,
has been identified as a prominent member
of a political party.
“This is not right, the food is not meant
to be just dished out to the community”, the
spokesperson said. People apply for grants
when they are too poor to buy food. In the
eman time we give them food in the form of
food parcels. The food stolen from the
premises was meant for orphans,
vulnerable people and the needy who are
waiting that their grant applications be
approved. We give food to more than 5000
people. Seven bags of meal were taken”.
The Police at the Police Staion just
across the road were notified of the incident.
“When they arrived at the scene, the
plunderers have already left. They said we
must open a case before they invetigate”,
the spokesperson told the newspaper. A
case was opened on Wednesday. (personnel
at the SASSA office did not want to be
identified for fear of victimisation).

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‘Bom’ Tragedy
bars op strikes Calvin A Calvin College teacher and a pupil died tragically when
they were involved in an accident last week Friday in the

Ohrigstad Waterfall River Pass between Burgersfort and Lydenburg.

Mrs Farayi Vandwani (33) and her daughter Amanda (11)
was travelling with the rest of the family, Mr Andrew
Vandwani (husband) and son Andy to school on Friday
morning when the accident happened. It is not sure what
the circumstances was, but apparently Mr Vandwani lost
control of the vehicle in difficuklt driving conditions (fog,
rain and a slippery road). The couple’s vehicle smashed
agaist the mountain and as a result, mother and daughter
were killed. Mr Vandwani was about to be disharged from
hospital in Lydenburg at the time of going to press, while
Andy is ok and back at the day care centre he attends.
Mr Vandwani is also a teacher at Calvin College and the
family originally hails from Zimbabwe.
On Thursday morning (yesterday) a memorial service for
the teacher and pupil were held at the school.

‘n Bom van ‘n ander aard het Maandagmiddag op Ohrigstad beheerliggaam op die toneel het saam met die skoolhoof, mev
gebars, en vir ‘n oombik het dit soos oorlog op die dorp Ronnie Ferreira, grootoog na die toneel gaan kyk. Nog ‘n
geklink. stappie nader aan hulle doelwit!
Die rede? Ohrigstad Laerskool wil baie graag in 2011 ‘n
interlaer atletiekbyeenkoms vir kleiner skole aanbied, maar Die nuwe verversingslokaal op die terrein vorder ook
hulle atletiekveld is, wel, te klein. Planne is gemaak en fluks.
stootskrapers en grondverskuiwers het aan die heuwel op die
rand van die skoolterrein begin kalwe vir meer ruimte. Die
probleem was egter dat ‘n klipbank verhoed het dat die stukl
mooi gelyk gemaak kon word.
Die myne se voorbeeld is gevolg en ‘n plofstofdeskundige
se hulp is ingeroep om die bank stukkend te skiet.
Maandagooggend is die gate geboor en sowat 200 klein
ladings is geplaas en met hope griond bedek om die skok,
klank en stukke rots wat losskiet, in toom te hou.
Omstreeks 15:00 Maandagmiddag is die lading afgeit en in
‘n oogwink was die probleem met die rotsbank iets van die
verlede. Omstanders, ouers, lede van die skool se
MBBCh (WITS); Practice No: 0247308
(at Dr. Mattellaer’s surgery)
Diploma in Mental Health; Diploma in Occupational
Health & Medicine; HIV Management; Independant
examiner for RAF & Insurances (ABIME)
We offer a holistic approach to your medical condition with the
following services: Dietician; Psychologist; Physiotherapist;
Occupational Therapist & Speech and Hearing Therapist
All medical aids, including Platinum Health are welcomed.
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The memorial servicce at Calvin College
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Hole in the wall

Modikwa’s South 2 Shaft gained
momentum when the pre-sink started on
1st November. The pre-sink of the 4.0m x
4.0m chairlift decline has been completed
Modikwa tunnelling team and the blasting
technology employed. African Explosive
Limited is assisting with this technology.
At the end of November the tunnelling
and the fourth blast in the 5.0m x 5.0m
material decline has already been taken.
Both tunnels have maintained almost
perfect dimensions due to the skills of the
team will withdraw temporarily to allow
the completion of the civil works by the
civil contractor, Zizwe. The decline
tunnelling will recommence in January. for no
South 2: Material Decline - charging up the 3rd blast - 17th November 2010.

‘Die Manne’ after the first blast on 1st November. South Electrical engineering team with Mr. Eddie Leach Logistics Leader
South and Foreman Jannie Oosthuizen

Modikwa is aiming to reach 8 000 000

fatality free shifts by June 2011.

Modikwa South Shaft Electrical Engineering team achieved a

excellent 400 days without any injuries. Logistics leader South
shaft, Eddie Leach and Chief Safety Officer South Hennie Wood,
129995 congratulated the Electrical engineering team under the
leadership of foreman Jannie Oosthuizen for reaching this target.
BUILD IT WATER They urged the team to continue working safe, especially now

895 00 TANK 2200 LT that we are entering the festive season. They were reminded that
their families depend on them as bread winners to return home
safely every day. And to continue doing that until the day that
COMBO - AS SEEN ON TV they go on pension.
Each member of the team was awarded a special safety watch to
remind them every time they look at the time they will see it is
time to work safely!
“Congratulations South electrical engineering team, keep up the
good performance” was the message from management.
(Photographs and information: Modikwa Information Services).

999 95
813mm X 2032mm DOOR
813mm X

1399 95
3.6m X
42995 NATURAL 1.2m

TD678 F7
DOOR 11995
Eddie Leach and Manny Antunes gives Edwell Mhlembe
his safety award watch

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Legapana Primary says goodbye

Legapana Primary School held their awards and a achievers were also anounced.
farewell function for their grade 7 pupils on They are (photograph left below ), Cathrine Mokoena,
Wednesday this week. Mmathabo Maripane, Abigail Ngele, Kgaogelo Paile and
A hall packed with pupils, guests, parents and Zodwa Mabuza.
interested community members created a festive The grade 7 pupils (except the small one in civies) are
atmosphere. Mr James Masha was the guest pictured below and the grade R pupils who graduated
speaker on the day. The top five academic are shown on the left.

2999 Rainbow
Frozen Ricoffy
Mixed 750g
Portions Blossom
1.8kg Lite
1kg Tub

15 99 2399
119 99
Fresh Milk
Cordless Kettle, 2 Litre
1400W Adria
Steam Iron or
Cool Touch 2-
Slice Toaster
Prices valid until 28 November 2010.

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Sasko winners
Sasko Tubatse drew the winners in their lucky draw competition
last week Saturday.
During October and November entries were collected from
Driekop, Aragopola, Motlolo and Gaselala.
Ms Tebogo Mpheti was the lucky winner of a fridge. Mr Rocky
Napo and Ms. Lucy Mokwala each won a bicycle.
Mr Howard Manyaka, Mr Moloka Tjao and Mr Kagiso Manyaka
each won a DSTV set.

Toyrun, a great
success story
The Limpopo Valley Toyrun took place last week and matching it to the wishlists from the
Saturday. The event was organised by Misty Knights various organisations that will benefit from
Lowveld and bikers from Lydenburg joined a group in the Toyrun. As soon as these have been
Burgersfort for a mass ride to Winterveld Club. finalised the figures will be made public.
People opened their hearts and give The day was filled with music, doughnuts
toys that filled more than two on the new skid pad, wheelies, food and
trailers. The Misty Knights are still fun. Stalls selling anything from toys to
in the process of sorting everything biker gear were at the event which is
showing all the signs of
growing bigger and
bigger every year.

Misty Knights say: thank you!

We as bikers just want to thank the SAPS of Burgersfort for their outstanding performance
on Saturday with our Massride through Burgersfort town to Winterveld Club in Steelpoort.
At every cross, robot and stopstreet there was a policeman on duty, thanks to the guys
The Message is clear
who escort us to Winterveld you done a great job.
We also want to thank each and every biker for their support and contribution towards
this worthy cause. Thank you to the community of surrounding towns and villages for
their great support and possitive attitude towards bikers. Thank you to all the sponsors
that open their hearts and pockets to make this day possible. They are Samancor Eastern
Chrome Mines, Tubatse Ferrochrome, Flames Sighns and Printing, Burgersfort Scrap
Metal, Talisman Plant and Tool Hire, OK Grocer, Supa Save, Bon Amanzi Guest House,
Stax Videos, Highlands Panorama News, Khumbulanie Mining, Larami Spur, Honda Wing
Lydenburg, McGees & Kie, Value Liquor Store, Tyre Boyz, Midas Lydenburg, Pick ‘n Pay
Lydenburg, J & H Transport - Hester en Jannie, The Wrench - Pretoria, Primrose
Motorcycles, The Vine - Oom Johnny’s Pub, Pep Stores Burgersfort, Billy’s Bike - Lydenburg,
Butterflies & Roses, T.B. Taylor Trading and Willem Montgomery - our master of
ceremonies. Last but not the least, thanks to all the Misty Knights for sponsorships, prices
and hard work to make this event a huge success. Toys will be distributed to various
institutions in the area during the next few weeks.
Herman Wolmarans (President - Misty Knights MCC)

‘Toy Run was ‘n belewenis’

Graag wil ek namens Do It Right Toys met die begeleiding van die optog
(Drienie, Igna en Rika) die Misty Knights aangesien dit vir so ‘n goeie saak is.
motorfietsklub bedank. Veral vir Alet en Dit kommer my egter waar die
Julia vir die geleentheid om deel te wees verkeersdepartement was, aangesien ‘n
van hul eerste “Toy Run” vir behoegtigde mens sou dink dat begeleiding eerder
kinders. hulle afdeling moet wees.
Dit was werklik n belewenis, nie net die Alet, Julia en Ducky you are champions.
puik organisasie nie maar ook die Willem Montgomery die seremonimeester
groothartigheid van elke motorfietsryer . jy het weer jouself oortref.
Die gedreun van die motorfietse wat by Bonnie, jy is voorwaar ‘n bok vir sports.
Winterveld saamgetrek het, gee my nou Dankie vir die afkoel op die glybaan.
nog hoendervleis. Ek bid die Misty Knights alle voorspoed en
Ek wil ook baie dankie sê vir die wyse sukses toe vir volgende jaar se byeenkoms
waarop die polisie hulle saamewerking en mag dit net van krag tot krag groei.
Drienie Nortje

Thought for the week

“In times of change, the learners will inherit
the world, while the knowers remain well-
prepared for a world that no longer exists.”
- Eric Hoffer (1902 – 1983, American social
writer and philosopher)

Kitsgids na jou SAPD/

Important numbers:
Burgersfort (013) 231 7231
Ohrigstad (013) 238 0128
Roossenekal (013) 273 0075
Mecklenburg (015) 615 0204
Eerstegeluk (013) 237 0011
Tubatse (013) 216 8500
Sekhukhune (013) 260 1007
Leboeng (013) 769 9099
Maartinshoop (013) 235 4041

Ander nood/Other emergencies:

Dilokong Hospitaal/Hospital (013) 2147265
Mecklenburg Hospitaal/ Hospital (013) 615 0204
Burgersfort Kliniek/Clinic (013) 2317843
Water & Sanitation 082 900 4449
Disaster Management -
(Ambulance & Fire) 0800 330 022
Electricity (Eskom) 0860 037 566

To take class action or not?

Various organisations are currently
underway with attempts to institute a
class action law suit against three major
bread producing companies.
Cosatu, Black Sash, the Children’s
Resource Centre and the National
Consumer Forum are seeking actual
damages for consumers who paid too much
for bread during an illegal price-fixing
period by the bread companies.
The organisations representing the
consumers say that the penalties handed
down by the Competition Commission
were not enough as the consumers have
not been compensated.
The group plans that should their action
be successful, damages be paid into a trust
account for the benefit of the poor.
Apart from the class action on behalf of
consumers, another on behalf of
independent bread producers will also be
persued. Me Rachel Green sê: “Ek dink dis ‘n goeie Mr Tshepo Lesese said: “It is not fair to Ms Nomthandazo Mthombeni said: “Those
The Compitition Tribunal fined Pioneer ding. Die boete wat hierdie ouens betaal take such class action. They did get a fine. companies must pay back money to the
Foods R195.7 million and Tiger Consumer moet na die mense gaan”. By haar is Government must take that fine money consumer. It must go into development”.
Brands were fined R98.8 million for their Michaila en Jaylene. and give it back to the people. Those guys
involvement. Premier Foods was granted have paid. Why take more action now?”
leniency after it co-operated with the
Consumer Commission .
“Price-fixing is a crime against the people”
said Mr Thami Bolani, the chairman of the
National Consumer Forum. According to
Mr Marcus Solomon of the Children’s
Resources Centre, households with an
income of R500 or less, spend up to half of
that money on bread. “Therefore any
increase in the price of bread hit the very
poor the hardest”.
Mr Imraahn Ismail-Mukaddam who blew
the lid on the price-fixing deal, questioned
who will really pay for the fines imposed
on these companies as Pioneer Foods have
already announced an 8% - 10% increase
in the price of bread. This announcement
came on the same day as the settlement
agreement with the Competition Tribunal.
Should the action go ahead, it will be only Me. Marilize Potgieter sê: “Nee, dié mense Me Thea Greeff sê: “Die regering moet die
the second class action law suit in South mors hulle tyd. Wat dink hulle gaan hulle boete vat en die prys van brood daarmee
Africa and the largest so far. regtig daaruit kry?” verlaag”. Me. Sonja Human en mnr. Andries Human
We asked readers their opinion on this sê: “Aan die een kant het hulle geweet
issue. hulle doen verkeerd. Dit gaan swaar en
dan kry arm mense en welsyns-
organisasies nog swaarder. As hulle die
geld regtig vir die armes, weeshuise ens.
gaan laat kry is die geding goed. Aan die
ander kant het hulle reeds hulle straf
gekry en is dit die regering wat die
verantwoordelikheid moet neem om die
verbruiker daaruit te vergoed”.
By hulle is Marinel.

Left: Mr Benjamin Hall said: “They need

to be taught a lesson. I would support
such action”.

Mr Daniel Moshoana said: “It is a good used &

thing. The money they may get will Ms Mary Lesenya said: “In the pharmacy new m
benefit the poorer communities. Bread is industry have seen price-fixing and spares
a basic thing. The poor people cannot learned from it, so must these guys. The
afford it if the price is fixed too high. consumer must benefit in terms of
Maybe government subsidies for bread is development”.
too low”. • Fenders • Bonnets • Grills • Bumpers • Head & Tail Lights • CV
Joints • Brake Pads • Aircon fans • Radiator fans • Condensers • Rebuilds on sale
Carburators • Crankshafts • Alternators • Starters • Shocks • Oil
Filters • Crown and Pinions • Diffs • Ignitions • Radiators • Distributors
Engines * Gearboxes

Me Sanet en mnr. Jannie Oosthuizen sê: “Hulle moet die broodprys dieselfde hou en NOW STRIPPING!
groot maatskappye moet brood wat ‘n dag of wat oud is teen halfprys of verniet gee. BMW, Corolla, Tazz, Citi Golf, Polo Classic, Opel Astra, Sentra, Opel Corsa, Hyundai and much more
Die maatskappye word beboet maar net die regering benefit en nie die verbruiker nie”. Mashifane Park (Ga-Mashamothane) • Cell: 076 848 3936
10 26 NOVEMBER 2010

Klein Advertensies • Smalls

Plaas jou klein advertensie by Phelo Pele Pharmacy in die Khadima Sentrum of by Burgersfort Apteek in die Marone
Sentrum of doen dit elektronies d.m.v. e-pos of faks. Place your small at Phelo Pele Pharmacy in the Khadima Centre
or at Burgersfort Pharmacy at the Marone Centre. You could also place it via e-mail or fax. Enquiries: 083 543 1676
or 083 271 9151. E-mail: • Fax: 086 554 9031
1.Sport Klubs /Sport Clubs 9. Te Huur/
4. Oornag Akkommodasie/Overnight
To Let
Phoenix Betrekkings/
5. Troeteldiere/Pets
2x 1 Bedroom flats.
Flying Squad Vacancies
6. Persoonlik/Personal Available immediately.
7. Allerlei/Miscellaneous Contact: 30 Grade D PSIRA
076 666 1100
8. Gesoek/Wanted qualified guards are
9. Te Huur/To Let
10. Te Koop/For sale
needed at
Phoenix Flying Squad.
1. Sport Klubs/ 4. Oornag business
Mining experience will be
an advantage.
Sport Clubs Akkommodasie/ without
Overnight The positions are in the Calvin College in Burgersfort needs an English HL/
GSKA Karate advertising Steelpoort area. FAL Grade 10 to 12 Teacher. Candidates who have a
accommodation stable and successful track record, experience in
Dinsdae & Donderdae
van 17h30 – 19h00 by
is like teaching in a similar environment, and contactable
Calvin Collage. Almal
winking at To apply please references will be at an advantage.
Guesthouse contact:
welkom van 6 jaar en
Accommodation in a girl in the dark. Minimum requirements:
Burgersfort. R380 per Gerhard
You know what you are doing,
* Legal entitlement to work in SA * Tertiary
Skakel Jolanda
person per day. Pretorius on education * The ability to communicate clearly and
Hietbrink by
082 859 9681.
Includes Bed & but nobody else does” 074 582 5736
professionally in English * The ability to
Breakfasts, Lunch/ comprehend at First Language Level * Computer
Supper & Laundry - Stuart Henderson literacy and a working knowledge of Windows * A
3. Dienste/ service. Contact: well-constructed, well presented CV with no factual
Judy, 082 308 9221/7 or other errors.
To let us know Should you be interested in applying for the above
Elshamah Motors
Your Mechanic on
Duty. We specialize in
all minor and major
Kennisgewings/Notices about your
news and
position, please forward your Curriculum Vitae,
together with names and telephone numbers of two
references to:
Headmaster, P.O. Box 2018, Burgersfort or e-mail:
repairs and services events contact: or fax: 086 564 1322.
on ALL types of
vehicles. Engine,
083 2719151.
gearboxes and
SUPPLY The editorial
To advertise contact
deadline is on
We specialize in
Mahindra vehicles. CHAIN Wednesdays at Beánnla Celliers on
Lebowa Business
Park, Burgersfort. MANAGEMENT 17:00. 083 543 1676.
Willie, 076 158 9192.
Advertising deadline:
Tuesdays 17:00
7. Allerlei/
Vision Meat Slaghuis
Vir al jou vleis en SUPPLIERS/PROVIDERS
biltong behoeftes. 1. The Greater Tubatse Municipality (Supply Chain Management Unit)
Ure: Ma. - Vr: 08:00 -
17:30. Sa: 08:00 - hereby informs all the prospective suppliers of its needs that the
14:00. registration and accreditation of suppliers onto the municipal database
Tel: 013 231 7094 will be stopped and or discontinued with effect from the 29 November
Fax: 086 623 7124 2010.
Leandé: 083 637
8749. E-mail: 2. Prospective Suppliers who are already registered and accredited on
the municipal suppliers’ database would continue to be used for
7. Allerlei/ quotations-based sourcing until the 31 January 2011, after which they
Miscellaneous will also be required to re-register.

EYETHU 3. With effect from the 01 February to the 29 April 2011 (three-months-
REMOVALS registration-window-period), all prospective suppliers of municipal
Local & Country wide! needs requirements will be required to apply for registration and
Professional people
for your furniture accreditation onto the suppliers’ database to be used in the 2011/2012
removals! Fast, financial year (01 July 2011 to 30 June 2012) as and when the
professional municipality procures goods, services and works.
quotations. Insurance
available. Storage & 4. Note should be taken that the municipality will be running the
special packaging.
Long and short registration process on annual basis so that prospective providers are
distances. Neat made to submit proof of annual return certificates from CIPRO as
closed bin removal required.
Cell: 072 125 7325. 5. Complete information regarding the registration process would be
Tel: 013 245 1001.
Fax: 086 672 0703 made known in the near future.

For clarification-seeking questions, speak with O N Mosoma (Supply Chain

Manager) at office G44 at the Municipal Civic Centre or call him at 013 231
1000. Kastania Street, Burgersfort
PO Box 206, Burgersfort, 1150
Tel: 013 231 1000 MF Mokoko
Fax: 013 231 7467
Website: Acting Municipal Manager

Night golf at
Chrome Club
On Friday evening last week, 36
players participated in the night golf.

Maatlopo Don’t
The let
key to get in
Play started at 18:00 and as soon as
darkness fell the
players switched to
colourful glowing
debt of your debt
golfballs. The holes on
the green are also
marked with florecent
still leading ruin the
cups. Maatlopo United Football Club
This annual event is
always great fun with
collected three points last week
Saturday. The opposition, Dennilton good
Young Stars failed to honour the game
many social players
joining in. at Moroke Stadium. This auto-
This Saturday players matically gave a points result of 2-0.
will compete in the On Sunday Maatlopo played against
Kruppel Buffels golf Mooihoek’s Eleven Experience. They
day. beat the hosts at Mooihoek 2-1. The key is to visit a registered
For any enquiries and Thapelo Moropane and Billy Debt Counsellor as soon as
possible entries contact Mpaketsane scored for Maatlopo your debt gets out of hand to
Martin van Rooyen on United. Small Mampa was the Man of help you make a plan to
082 816 4833. the Match for his solid defence.
This week Saturday the team will take
eventually be debt free.
on Mpheleng Sweepers at Dennilton. Registered Debt Counsellor & Administrator
Enquiries: Jimmy Makola,

© Platinum Gazette
Next to Toyota, Burgersfort.
082 407 6226. Tel: (013) 231 8322

Netball and soccer at Modikwa games (RegNo:

487) E-mail:

Modikwa hosted
a soccer and
tournament on
Saturday last
week. Teams
from Rustenburg
and Thabazimbi
also participated.
The tournament
went very well
with many teams
from the local
mining sector
Get the results
on page 12.
14 26 NOVEMBER 2010

Platinum Gazette
Teams from near and
far at Modikwa games
Modikwa Platinum Mine vs Twickenham 12-8; Modikwa Platinum vs Dwars River 16- 4; Kumba Thabazimbi
hosted the Modikwa Games on Mine vs Dishaba Mine 7-18; Twickenham vs Modikwa 4-3.
Saturday last week. These
games were in preparation of a
major tournament that will be
held in Burgersfort next year.
Teams traveled from far, but
many local teams also
participated. Both netball and
soccer were played at the
Laerskool Burgersfort grounds.
Soccer Results:
Dishaba Mine Rusternburg vs
Two Rivers Platinum Mine 3-2;
Tubatse Masters vs Dwars
River Chrome Mine
1-2; Tubatse
Ferochrome vs
Twickenham 5-5.
Twickenham won
penalties 3-5.
Modikwa Platinum
vs Dishaba mine 2-
2. Modikwa won on
penalties 5-4. Two
Rivers Platinum
Mine vs Dwars
River Chrome Mine
Netball Results:
Dishaba Mine vs
Dwars River
Chrome Mine 23-3;
Kumba Thabazimbi

Teams from as far

as Rustenburg and
Thabazimbi came
to play.

Top employees
On 18 November the top employees were honoured at a Best Artisan – Charles Steyl received this award. He took no
formal awards function. leave or sick leave for a whole year. He came up with good ideas
The following awards were presented: to make changes on the equipment and this was successfully WRAPPER
Employee of the year – James Letsoalo received this implemented. Breakdowns in his section was less than the rest of
top award. Not only is he capable and committed to his the team. He is constantly communicating with the Maintenance
job, but he also plays a much larger role in the Supervisor, giving feedback on important tasks and problems
community as a whole. He is one of the instigators of found. He assists other artisans when in need and is willing to
the current soccer craze. He is also a highly vocal work abnormal hours, even when he is not on standby. He assists
union member who challenges. He has helped the HR the Maintenance Supervisor in walk around inspections to help
department out on numerous occasions with taking identify problems before it becomes a breakdown.
students through the plant etc. He also represented Michael Madziwa, Loupie Scheepers, Theo Olivier and Herman
Tubatse Ferrochrome at Lydenburg High School. He is Botes were also honoured as artisans.
well known and well liked across the plant and all Best Services Employees – William Mamogale received this
departments. He is considered an exemplary example award because of his good performance on duty. He is always
of the employee of the year at Tubatse Ferrochrome. willing to assist whenever there is a shortage of staff.
Other employees mentioned in this category are: Karen Johan du Plooy was also honoured in this category. WRAPPER
Bosman, Arenda Olivier and Patrick Sibanyoni. Best SME Operator – Martins Monareng received this award for
Best Engineer – Sampie Kruth received this award. His always working at top speed, but very meticulously. He often
sound engineering counsel and advice throughout the performs more than his basic job requirements and focuses on
year ensures that top results are achieved. He has overall plant performance. He is reliable and often very intuitive
managed the West Plant maintenance budget and with his furnace understanding. Other employees honoured in
James Letsoalo was named Employee of the Year. Mr Desmond furnace availablity to record numbers. T5 was rebuild this section were Richard Mtsweni and Abram Mosehlane.
McManus handed him his award. successfully. He is always willing to help and has Best Production Operator – Thomas Paile is a versatile worker
helped at East Plant and PSP during the year. on all mobile surface equipment. His willingness to work
Other employees mentioned in this category are overtime and the fact that he almost never takes sick leave also
Johnny Harmse and Cecil Posthumus. set him apart.
Best Production Supervisor – Lucas Mabuza received Robert Bhembe and Cedrick Mndebele were also included as
this award. He runs an excellent shift and is a genuine outstanding in this category.
leader. He is always willing to go the extra mile and is Best NM – Isaac Matlala was the best Nearmiss
a true team member. He works hand in hand with the SMILE Award – Martin Boshigo received this award with a total WRAPPER
shift but maintains discipline and performance. He is of 16 SMILE Cards in six months.
well respected and happy to get his hands dirty.
Bennie Maciejewski and
Willie Abrie were also
honoured in this section.
Best Maintenance
Planting trees for a green future
Supervisor – Hendrik
Graaff received this Tubatse Ferrochrome planted trees to celebrate Arbor Day.
award. He has made a The company also donated and helped to plant trees at Steelpoort
remarkable difference at Academy and at Maelebe Primary School at Eerstegeluk. At
the CRP in his short time Steelpoort Academy the trees were planted next to the sportsfield.
at the company. He has At Maelebe it was planted on the playground.
the best workshop on site
and no fingers can be WRAPPER
pointed to his
MrWilliam Mamogale was the best Services Employee. department. He is always
willing to help and takes
full responsibility for his
plant, people and
Chris Oosthuizen, Jan
van Wyk and Riaan van
Staden were employees
who also stood out in this
Best Logistics Supervisor
- Andrew Mkhondo
received this award. His WRAPPER
willingness to help and
innovative ideas ensures
that there is always flow
in production. His ability
to lead his team in a
positive way ensures that
the company objectives
Winners in the Best Maintenance Supervisor Category. are met.

Teambuilding for better efficiency WRAPPER

All employees, including management had team building sessions during
the past few months. Working together and laughing together creates a spirit
of unity and motivation of which the Company ultimately reaps the rewards.
Through these fun sessions the employees not only learned how to play and
work together, but also to better understand and know each other.



Sports for Soccer and netball teams

to be proud of
good causes The Tubatse Ferrochrome soccer and netball
teams are fit and constantly testing themselves
against other teams. In October the soccer team
won games against Middelburg Ferrochrome.
Two weaks ago inter-departmental games gave
an opportunity of team building an identifying
star players. The teams also participated in the
Modikwa Games held last week Saturday.
At Tubatse Chrome employees many projects were undertaken to raise funds
showed that they have hearts that for charity. Some of these included the annual
care. During the course of the year Shavathon where employees shave their hair
or spray it bright
colours in support
of the Cancer
Association of
South Africa. This
year 86 employees
participated in the
Shavathon. (See
photographs at the
WRAPPER bottom).
More than R4300
was raised with this
More recently they
celebrated Casual
Day. Each
department raised
funds on this day to
contribute towards
the company’s
charity project for
WRAPPER disabled people.


Holiday fun for everyone


During the long winter holidays

a Carnival and Fun Day kept
everyone entertained. From
WRAPPER interesting educational shows
with snakes to a show by the
Birds of Prey Centre near
Dullstroom were hosted. The
kids also had the chance to
show their cooking skills by
decorating cakes.
Jumping castles and other
playing equipment completed
the fun.