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Summer plans

Writing task: Reply to an email

Reply to Melissa’s email. Write around 150 words. Useful language

Use the Useful language and the notes you made in the Engage task to help you Useful phrases
• Thanks so much for your
prepare. email.
• I’m happy to hear that...
New mail • You asked me about my
Hi! plans for the summer.
Thanks so much for your email. I’m happy to hear that you’re enjoying your English course. • I’m emailing to tell you
I’m busy with my studies but I’m fine. about my plans for the
You asked me about my plans for the summer. Well, at the beginning of July I’m taking the • Well, ...
train from London down to southern Italy with a friend from university. We’re going to
• I’d love to come and
spend a week in the South of France and then a few days in Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome,
meet you.
Naples, and finally Catania in Sicily.
• I’m afraid I can’t come
We’re going to be away for about a month in total. We’ve booked our first train journey and meet you because...
and hotel but after that we’re going to make plans as we travel. I think it’s going to be really • I’m looking forward to
scary but I’m very excited about it. Now I need to save some money so I can pay for it! hearing from you.
What are you doing in the summer? Do you have any interesting plans? I’d love to hear • Write to me soon. /
about them. Write me soon.
I must go now. Write to me soon.
P.S. If it’s possible, could you come and meet me for a few days in France or Italy?

Tip Emails to friends are informal and use informal and friendly language. It can be
similar to spoken English, e.g. Well / Anyway , and many expressions are common, e.g.
Thanks so much for your email . The structure of an email is also important.
Follow this structure:
• Greet Melissa. Start with Hello or Hi Melissa.
• Thank Melissa for her email and say something about her summer activities.
• Answer Melissa’s questions.
• Say goodbye.
• Sign off with your name.
• Add an additional note to the end of the email ( P.S.) if you want.
Check it! Read your email and check it’s organized clearly and makes sense. Then
read it again and check for grammar, vocabulary and spelling errors.

Hi Melissa
Thank you very much for your mail, I have also been a little busy
with my studies.
I think very well about your plans I feel delighted with everything
you have planned to do and I am glad that you are fulfilling your
wishes, make the most of the trip tomato muhcas photos to
remember and please when you are in France sit and take a
delicious Coffee enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Paris.
I still don't have plans for the summer because my friend and
yulieth and I go on vacations in different weeks, however, we want
to travel together to the beach, maybe if we travel, I'll be telling you
I have to say goodbye to you soon.