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BrandSocial: Fighting the Competition

Team Thinc | Imperium’19





It was a pleasant October morning and Ajay, the product manager of CrazyFrog was looking at

the unfinished proposal lying on his table. He was wondering what should be the next steps for

the company to revamp product strategy, for their employee advocacy product: BrandSocial.

With increasing competition in the market, with several companies offering different employee

advocacy products, it was the need of the hour to gain competitive advantage.

About the Company

Crazyfrog was founded in 2009. It was started by Ravi Anand (Founder and CEO), Sunil

Malhotra (Co-founder and COO) and Pankaj Kapoor (Co-founder and CTO). Its product

connects 1,000+ enterprise brands and organizations with their customers. It enables companies

to personalize customer experiences at every touch point, across the entire enterprise. It provides

social media marketing, social advertising, content management, collaboration, advocacy and

social media monitoring tools; one such tool is BrandSocial. Crazyfrog grew organically to

more than 200 employees and hundreds of customers before beginning to make acquisitions in

2014. As of mid 2017, Crazyfrog had offices in 15 countries, located across North & South

America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.In October 2017, Crazyfrog added eight new products

integrated with its Experience Cloud to create a simpler and faster unified

platform. Headquartered in Mumbai with 1,500 employees in 20 offices, Crazyfrog works with

1,200+ global companies, and nine out of ten of the world’s most valuable brands. Its partners

include SAP, IBM, Microsoft, and many others across the CXM ecosystem.

About the Product:

Crazyfrog Advocacy Marketing is one of a number of solutions offered by the company, such as

content management, advertising and more.BrandSocial is the tool by CrazyFrog which allows

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companies to build everything from the advocacy site experience to content strategy in a single,

centralized admin console. The tool makes it easy for advocates to tell a brand’s story with one-

click content sharing, a content scheduler, and a content planner.

A survey by Oktopost says that 64% of companies credit employee advocacy with attracting and

developing new business, while 45% attribute new revenue streams to advocacy. So it’s only

natural that more and more companies are looking to leverage advocacy for higher social reach

and authenticity.

Employee advocacy is a social media marketing tactic that taps into the potential of employees’

social networks and authority. The purpose of advocacy tool is to give employees tools that they

want to use, that help them establish their personal brand and grow their network and they’ll

share company’s content all day long.By providing company content for the employees to share

on social media, marketers are able to extend their social reach and amplify their message.

Employee advocacy also has the power to turn employees into brand ambassadors, adding

authenticity and attaching a face or better yet, faces, to the brand message.

As with most of these tools, BrandSocial Advocacy Marketing allows businesses to measure the

performance of their advocacy programs with flexible reporting.

The package encourages engagement. A business can keep its advocates informed by sharing the

most targeted, up-to-date announcements and notifications via email and the advocacy site. It

includes a digital hub where advocates can provide feedback for content, share it, and interact

with other advocates. The tool has various gamification features, such as granting badges and

points to top advocates.

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Thus in short, the purpose of the advocacy tool is to

● To discover relevant and trending content easily

● To share content effectively on social media

● Monitor their own progress on becoming a thought leader

Target Segment

BrandSocial is a B2B product and the company basically targets companies/brands which can

use the tool to amplify the marketing messages by encouraging its employees to share approved

branded content on their personal social media platforms. It helps B2B marketers to streamline

all their social media and advocacy activities on one platform, pulling content from corporate

channels to share on advocacy channels and vice versa.


Some of the major competitors of Crazyfrog in the segment are LinkedIn Elevate, Oktopost,

Hootsuite Amplify, Bambu, SocialChorus, Dynamic Signal, Smarp, Sociabble, Connecteam. All

these competitors provide offerings which have employee advocacy as a major feature. But some

of the products also provide features related to employee engagement, employee communication,

employee experience etc.


Package Admin Seats User Seats 1 Year Contract 2 Year Contract

Enterprise 1 5 1000 $25000 $46000

Enterprise 2 5 5000 $65000 $120000

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Enterprise 3 5 10000 $110000 $210000


Ajay wants to gain competitive advantage over the competitors. Help him by answering

following questions:


1. What are some of the features that BrandSocial can provide which can differentiate it from its

competitors? The features can be anything related to content discovery, content sharing, user

analytics or something entirely new.

2. Currently, the company has a desktop interface. But the dilemma is, whether it should adopt

mobile first strategy or it should stick to its desktop strategy. What would you suggest? Keep

in mind that company has limited resources and it advised that the suggestions should be

backed up by data.

3. Suggest appropriate strategies for attracting a bigger and loyal customer-base?

5 THINC, MDI Gurgaon, IMPERIUM' 19


Case Study Submission Format:

The teams are expected to work on the case study shared above and submit their Marketing plan

and recommendations in the form of a power point presentation in ppt/pptx format, not

exceeding 10 slides (excluding coverand annexure slides)andnot exceeding 15 MB in size.

Executive summary should be first of 10 slides mentioned above.

Few Recommendations:

Make assumptions but make sure to highlight them explicitly wherever required

• Support your analysis with data and calculations

• Do not use extensive animation and put multiple layers of data in one slide

• Cite sources wherever applicable

Evaluation Process:

• Teams will be judged on many factors including but not limited to

o Creativity and Innovativeness of solution

o Practicality of implementation

o Understanding and analysis of the problem presented

• Top 5 teams will be invited for on campus finals to be held on 23rd Nov 2019 @ MDI


• For presentation, teams will be allotted random slots (1-6) based on a draw.

• Each team will be given 10 minutes for presentation followed by 5 minutes of question

answer by the panel. Strict timelines will be followed.

• Teams may not be allowed to view presentation of other teams prior to their presentation.

However a team can view remaining presentations after their presentation is over.

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Case Study Rules:

• Each team is allowed to submit only one entry.

• Please make sure to attach the final version of your presentation in the email.

• In case of multiple entries from the same team, we will consider only the first (earliest) entry

for evaluation.

• Participating teams are required to send in their entry in the form of a ppt with maximum

attachment size as 15 MB over email to

• The file should be named as: MDIGurgaon_Colossus_Institute_TeamName.ppt/pptx

• Mail your entries with Subject: MDIGurgaon_Colossus_TeamName

• All entries must be submitted by deadline.

• Timeline will not be extended and any submissions made beyond the stipulated timelines will

not be considered for evaluation

• We request the teams to send across their entries well in advance as our mailbox may receive

high traffic around the deadline.

• All teams which have successfully submitted their entries within the stipulated time will

receive an acknowledgement email

Terms & Conditions:

• The presentations made by the teams will be made available to event sponsor for evaluation

and may be used by COLOSSUS’19 team and event sponsors without any obligation to the


7 THINC, MDI Gurgaon, IMPERIUM' 19


• Results declared by IMPERIUM’19 Team in consultation to event sponsors and decisions

made by Judge Panel in relation to any aspect of the Colossus event is final and binding on

each person who participates.

Event Coordinator:

Parth - +91- 9723085442

Manaswi Kumar- +91-9953409243

For any queries, please mail us at


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