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Why do first born child tend to achiever

Now a days first born children are literally smarter, better, faster and
stronger than their younger brother or sister.Parents give the same amount of love and care
to all their children, but first born child get the most mental stimulation, with families
unable to keep up that level for subsequent kids.Parents spend less time reading to their
later-born children and teaching them basic concepts, like the alphabet.They’re also less
likely to provide engaging toys or activities.Most of first born child was very energetic
than other and very hard working in terms of studying.according to my classmate that she
is a first born child she say that not all first born child had a good performance in terms of
school but all most first born child are very determination to reach there goals in life,even
if many trials come in there life they try and try there best and no one can stop to pursue
there individual dreams.According to JOHN HALTIWANGER in (January 6 2015), the
first born child get a highest grade or became a top honor student from their individual
classes its because their parent give more attention than other children.

firstborn children tended to perform better than their younger siblings on

cognitive assessments as early as age one, with this gap increasing until the kids reached
school age and then remaining relatively constant afterwards.the parent will be able to
teach the all things that to help there first born child be a smarter,bright o intelligence and
God fearing.according to Alfred Adler (1870-1937) His research suggested that the
position a child had by the order of birth significantly affected the child's growth and
personality. Research in the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century shows
even greater influence, contributing to intelligence , career choice, and, to a certain
degree, success in adulthood.

firstborn child, you may get more attention from your parents, leading you to become
more cautious, responsible, disciplined and well-behaved.Many parent that disagree about
the saying that first born child has more attention to them, but they give there very best
of take care of there child even if not a first born child.There are several possible
explanations for the higher attainment and ambition of the eldest.Many studies show
children born earlier in the family enjoy better wages and more education, but until now
we didn’t really know why.According to KATHERINE MARTINKO in October 22, 2013,
10:46 a.m,First-born children perform better in school than their younger siblings. A
recent study, conducted by economists V. Joseph Hotz and Juan Pantano, attributes this to
parents, who demand higher academic standards of older kids in order to set an example
for the younger ones, who then get an easier time of its.

The most reason why first born child tend to become acheiver because they
have solid chance of becoming more qualified and ambitious than other.Although many
first born children may not agree with this notion and assertion, let us consider some
reasons why the eldest child is a high achiever it because they get more attention from
there parents than later sibling, and first-born children perform better in school than their
younger siblings according to Child psychologist Dr Rachel Andrew said that she sees a
"number of effects that being the eldest sibling can have" from the adults and young
people she sees.

All people in the earth have the right to become an achiever student, all we need
to do is to study our lesson, listen to the teacher while she discuss in the front, also
participate in the class and follow the teacher what he said.Many people say that only first
born child has a chance to become an a achiever student but my opinion is when we are a
younger brother or sister there is no tendency to become an honor students? There is have
a tendency to become an achiever student the younger brother or sister but there are many
process to be made to become an honor student. When a person have a big dream in life
even if he/she not a first born child if there tried their best to pursue there individual goal
they will reach there dreams. My parent say that when a person trying there very best had
a change or tendency to reach their goal. I do believe that "pag may itinanim may