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Social Media Marketing in Nepal

We have learned from our childhood textbooks that humans are social animals and these being
want to live in groups and societies. Civilizations grew and collapsed; monkeys became human,
the world change, but this trait of being social is intact from the very origin of our existence.

With the development of technology, our way of being social also changed, our way of
consuming information and news changed, our way of communicating with our loved ones also

In this fast-growing world, we invented something called Social Media, and we never looked
back. With being social into the core of human beings it is not going anywhere anytime soon. So
people started making business out of it. We started marketing in social media and again, the
way we market our business and products changed.

Today in this article, I will discuss why you and your business want to be social. Why every
business around you are trying to brand themselves in social media. Why every politician is on
social media and why even some dogs and cats have social media accounts.
Snowie Karki

What is the future of social media marketing, and why you should start it today? Questions will
be answered, and you will be treated with an extra-large dose of information. So fasten your seat
belt as we are going for a long drive to your destination of successful social media marketing in

So, What is Social Media Marketing?

You must have heard the word social media till now. Social media has entirely changed the
internet; actually it has changed the whole world and also the world of marketing. This is a new
way of communication with your consumers in an effective and most affordable way. It is a
platform where you can build relationship with your customers and remain in contact with your
loved ones. It is most powerful tool at this time for marketing and sales in business world.

The first social media website was started in 1997 called Six Degrees, which enables the user to
create a profile and get connect with their friends. After the beginning of blogging, social media
was used widely all over the internet.

Likewise, newspapers, radio, television and other traditional media ruled our homes for almost a
century. But the need for social media marketing has risen now than ever before in Nepal.
Social media marketing in Nepal has rapidly grown in this last decade. It’s all about sharing
information through internet mediums using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter, YouTube, etc.
Social media marketing in Nepal has become an effective and affordable way to promote your
business products and posts with lots of successful leads and conversion generation.
Nowadays, digital marketing agencies do have a separate social media management team.

Due to easily accessible smartphones, people from children to old everyone are connected with
social media. The use of social media doesn’t seem to end ever till the world exists because it
provides numerous amount of benefits.

So, why is social media marketing getting on the top of the online advertising field? Let’s
discuss everything you need to know about social media marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the use of social media platforms to market or advertises your
products and services. Every advertisement has a similar purpose of marketing, i.e. to increase
brand awareness, increase sales and conversions and drive traffic to their website.

Social Media Platforms

Social media was first created with the purpose of communication and information sharing. But,
the time has changed in completely different ways. People nowadays sees social media as their
promotional site to promote their business within millions of audiences.
It involves sharing of images, videos, advertising, and different other contents that lure the
people to their site for their beneficial purpose. It is the most powerful and effective tool to reach
your targeted and potential customers.

Now, as the topic targets social media marketing in Nepal, let’s discuss more the situation of
social media marketing in Nepal.

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