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From: Simi Mine Fair Work, Employability and Skills, 22 May 2019 Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills; Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Economy and Fair Work. VISIT TO SCOTLAND BY THE BASQUE GOVERNMENT 19 AND 20 JUNE Purpose To make you aware of a proposed Visit by, and seek your availability to meet with, the Basque Minister for Empioyment and Social Policies, Vice-Minister for Employment and Youth, and Vice Minister for Social Policies on their visit to Scotland on 19 and 20 June To also make you aware of the Basques wish to establish an MOU between Governments, Priority 1. Routine Background 2. First Minister wrote to the Basque President Urkullu in December 2018 (letter attached to cover) in response to his correspondence to her. First Minister noted her willingness for continued cooperation between our governments, noted that the Basques have established an MOU with the Welsh Government, and states she welcomes the offer to sign an MOU with the Scottish Government, and would consider areas of cooperation that they might identify 3. Mr Hepburn, visited the Basque region in November 2018. This was followed by a meeting in April at the Scottish Parliament between Mr Hepburn and Javier Font, the Basque government's Intelligence and Public Affairs Advisor, in advance of the proposed visit by Beatriz Artolazabal, Minister for Employment and Social Policies, of the Basque Government and her colisagues. 4, The Minster Artolazabai will be in Scotland on the 19 and 20 June. She will be accompanied by Marcos Muro, Vice-Minister for Employment and Youth, and Lide Amilibia, Vice Minister for Social Policies, as well as her senior officials (delegation list at annex A). Her interests include our employability and skills policies and services, fair work policy and action plan, and social policies (social inclusion, eradicating poverty and child poverty) Issue 5. Minister Artotazabal has requested, if diaries allow, a meeting with Mr Mackay and Mr Swinney on either the 19" or 20" of June. The delegation will meet Mr Hepburn on 19" June at 12:00 - 13:30, and | understand they have confirmed arrangements to meet Ms Campbell and Ms Somerville, at 13:30 on 20" June. Depending on your availabilty an option might be to join Mr Hepburn's lunch meeting or arrange a separate meeting(s) Nothing else has been confirmed in their itinerary at this point, | am working with them to ANNEX A VISIT TO SCOTLAND BY THE, BASQUE GOVERNMENT 19 AND 20 JUNE DELEGATE LIST FOR 19™ AND 20™ OF JUNE Minister Artolazabal, Minister for Employment and Social Policies will be accompanied by: Marcos Muro: Vice-Minister for Employment and Youth, Basque Government Lide Amilibia: Vice-Minister for Social Policies, Basque Government Borja Betandia: Director General, Basque Public Employment Service Sergio Juanena: Chief of Staff, Ministry for Employment and Social Policies, Basque Government Javier Font: Executive Vice President, Intelligence & Public Affairs Directorate Fair Work Employability and Skil 22 May 2019