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To War!

ar approaches once more. In the playing games to help tell a story set in
depths of the Great Forest, at one of our gaming worlds.
the very heart of the Empire, This time around, we reveal a tale
armies from all over the world are of the dangerous forests of the
engaged in a desperate search for one of Warhammer world. The Nemesis
the greatest magical artifacts ever created Crown, an item of immense magical
– the Nemesis Crown. potency, was hidden away in the deep
The Nemesis Crown is Games woods of the Empire by its creator
Workshop’s latest worldwide campaign. Alaric the Mad many long millennia
These multi-national happenings are your past. There, he hoped it would remain
chance to throw yourself completely into undiscovered and the world free of the
our gaming universes and immerse yourself evil he had inadvertently created.
in the visceral experience of tabletop war. Perhaps it would have been so,
Each campaign has a specially written were it not for the activities of a group
storyline, the outcome of which your of Dwarf Miners who stumbled upon
games help decide. The hub of the the crown while investigating an old
campaign is an online web site, where you mine. News of the discovery has spread
Dwarf Runesmiths such as can post the results of your own battles and throughout the Old World, and now
this one are capable of
creating immensely powerful edge your faction closer to victory…or armies from many nations are combing
artifacts. The Nemesis Crown defeat. These campaigns are a great period the woods, searching for the crown,
is one such item. of hobby activity, where everyone is and trying to claim it for their own.


Join Games Workshop’s global campaign and
lead your army to glory, as whole nations
struggle for the powerful Nemesis Crown.

2 The Story of the
Nemesis Crown

4 Nemesis
Crown Map
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7 The Contested

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28 The Unquiet
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30 Blood Beneath
the Branches
The campaign charts the struggles of pulse of the conflict by means of regular 32 Events & Mega
these armies and presents a chance for web bulletins and Hobby Center activities. Battles in U.S.
glory for one or more factions. The While the history and setting of the Hobby Centers
campaign is also a chance for you to campaign is detailed here, the final result is
meet new opponents and write a glorious up to you, the gamer, to decide. Any
history for your own army in the blood of faction can emerge victorious, and it is
your foes and perhaps make a few possible that there will be more than one
friends along the way! winner. What is certain is that the more
Throughout the period of the campaign, victories you gain for your faction, the
there will be participation events in Games better its chance of winning the campaign.
Workshop Hobby Centers and independent You can find out more about how to
retailers as well as at larger gaming events sign up and join in later on in this
like Games Days. Through these events supplement. There are also more details in
and the games played in your own home White Dwarf magazine and on the internet.
or gaming club, the campaign will take But first, let us look, my liege, to the
shape. As the results are reported online, field of battle. The fate of your army, your
the campaign’s storyline will unfold on a honor, and maybe your people rests upon
weekly basis through a series of ongoing your shoulders.
reports and stories describing the progress The Nemesis Crown awaits you,
of the war as the hunt for the Nemesis somewhere within the beast-haunted
Crown intensifies. Keep your finger on the depths of the Great Forest! 1

For long centuries, the Nemesis Crown has rested hidden

deep beneath the Howling Hills. Few know of its origins, of
its mad creator, or of the terrible curse that will echo down
the ages if ever it is disturbed.

A Bygone Age power. For long decades, Alaric wandered

Two and a half millennia ago, the Old the dark roads of the Old World, through
World was a wild and benighted land. mountains and forests. Nowhere could he
Savage beasts and fell beings haunted the locate the material he sought. As time went
forests and plains, and survival for the on, he became more and more obsessed,
warring tribes of Men who dwelt there prompting Dwarfs and men to give him a
hung ever in the balance. It was into this new name – Alaric the Mad.
savage world that Sigmar was born, and his While passing along what is now the
first great deed was the rescue of the Dwarf Old Forest Road, which at that time, was
King Kurgan Ironbeard from a greenskin little more than a well-trod woodland path,
raiding party. Ironbeard gifted Sigmar with Alaric was ambushed by a band of Skaven.
a great runic warhammer – Ghal Maraz – Though now aged and stooped, Alaric was
with which Sigmar fought against the a veteran of many battles and dispatched
greenskins and ultimately united the the vile ratmen with ease. From nearby, he
scattered tribes of Man. felt the presence, as only a Master
Years later, Sigmar and Kurgan stood Runesmith could, of some unknown but
together at the Battle of Black Fire Pass, incredibly powerful ore. He followed his
and in recognition of their great victory, uncanny instinct. Deep beneath the
Kurgan ordered his Master Runesmith to knotted roots of a twisted oak, he found a
forge the Runefangs. chunk of material strong enough to hold
the Rune of Ages – warpstone. Alaric
Alaric the Mad barely hesitated before he pried the chunk
That Master Runesmith was Alaric, creator of rock out of the ground. Perhaps his once
of some of the greatest weapons ever wise mind was clouded by his
wielded in battle. A century in the making, overwhelming desire to prove himself the
the Runefangs were gifted to each of the greatest Runesmith the world had ever
Empire’s Elector Counts. Some say that the seen, or perhaps the evil of the warpstone
century Alaric spent toiling at his forge reached out and touched his already
drove the Runesmith to obsession and weakened powers of reason.
paranoia. His peers considered the The next chapter of Alaric’s story is
Runefangs Alaric’s greatest achievement, rarely told. It is said that he traveled to the
but the Runesmith himself refused to Grey Mountains, where he constructed a
accept that he had reached the height of mighty forge fueled by the volcanic
his art. lifeblood of the peaks. Alaric worked upon
Alaric sought a new rune, and in time, the weirdling ore day and night, until he
found a variation on the Rune of Kingship had produced a gleaming crown, upon
– the Rune of Ages. This rune would not which was struck the Rune of Ages.
only retain and distill the wisdom of each As Alaric looked upon his creation, his
of its bearers and pass it on to those who mind cleared. He had been blinded by
followed but also give the bearer control of madness and obsession. The crown would
his very destiny. Any who carried the rune not distill the destiny of those who wore it,
would become master of his fate and that but would instead draw out even the
of his entire race. smallest shred of evil intent and transform
But Alaric found that no matter what him into the vessel for all the malice of
material he set the Rune of Ages upon, it every former wearer.
would shatter as the last blow was struck. Alaric was horrified by what he had
Stone, iron, gromril, dragon scales – all created, but he knew that the crown could
proved too weak to contain the mighty not be destroyed. Thus, he resolved to hide
energies of his new Master Rune. He set it away. He traveled to the Great Forest
out upon a great quest to find a substance and the wind-swept Howling Hills and
strong enough to bear the rune’s awesome descended into the depths of a worked-out


Dwarf mine from the times before the War
of the Beard. There, he sought a place in
which to hide the crown for eternity. Alaric
rescue force led by Thane Grombold of the
famous Krud clan came in search of the
lost miners. During the chaos that
hewed a chamber from the living rock, followed, a black-hearted Night Goblin
placed the crown within, and sealed the came upon the crown by chance,
chamber with the most potent of slaughtered his fellows, and fled with it
warding runes. into the forest.
Now, armies muster to retrieve the
Evil Reawakened crown, for wild rumors of its powers have
The crown lay hidden for many long spread far and wide. The Dwarfs seek to
centuries. The chamber remained intact, return it to their holds where Alaric’s
even as the mine entrance eventually madness can be hidden for all time.
collapsed upon itself. Then, a mighty Grimgor thinks that, should he gain it, the
earthquake shook the Howling Hills and strongest warriors in the land will come
brought tales of fresh gromril seams and to fight him. The Emperor sees in the
wealth to be had in the area of the old crown an invaluable artifact of the
mine. A band of Dwarf miners was Age of Sigmar and believes that
dispatched to investigate. They found far its power could be harnessed
more than they had bargained for. for the good of Man.
Discovering the uncovered mine workings, Whoever succeeds, they
they came upon the breached chamber. will do so only at a terrible
What happened next is unclear, for only a cost in blood – a cost
single Dwarf emerged, blood-splattered each is prepared to pay
and raving, into the light. in the return for
A short time later, a band of Night possession of the
Goblins, ever on the search for new cracks Nemesis Crown.
and crannies to infest, came upon the
mine, where they found the insane Dwarf
and his dead companions. The lone miner
was captured by greenskins, who discerned
from his rantings that an object of great
power was to be found somewhere in their
new lair. The Goblins tortured the mad
Dwarf but could get little more from him.
Perhaps the location of the Crown would
thus have remained secret, but a Dwarf 3

The Wyrm Le
and Bucket
Temple of
the Fallen

The Draken Downs

The Ancient Jurgengard

Dragon Cave
Slayer’s End
Delberz Tower of The Los
ng Mourning
of Khraz
Th nt

or i
T owl

iv e

Thought Ruins of







The Ruins


Wulfric’s of Untergard


D r Angelika’s


Schwarzlache’s Kasp
Tower To

The Bergerhoff


Albrechtsdorf or


ve r Tal
The Midden Moors

Ri To


Tomb of the
Lost Ones
Albrecht’s The W
The Midden Marshes Tower


Marbad’s Tomb

Map Key

Villages Ruined Town Ruined Manor Fortified Inn Fort Ruined Fort Watchtower
Village Town
The Headless
Badger Mattengard

Vragthar’s Monolith

The Stone
of Blood The Hanging
The Tower of Tree


st Mines tR
azi Drudd oad


a l ab


Egondorf Marchen’s
The Bitter

The Temple
ren The Giant’s Tump
of Leopold

The Great Forest

The Tower
of Vigilance
par’s The Ruins of
ower Tor Thana
The Last

r Narn



ower of pe
idnight The Watchers


Ro a

The Stone
of Floods

The Temple of The Ri
The Green Heart
Invidious Silence Miles

Bridge Ford Tomb Stone Circle Caves Herd Stone Orc Encampment Skaven Lair Goblin Lair 5
Using the Map Terrain
The named locations on the map will act as the settings for Mega
The search for the
Battles and special games that will be held all over the world. Nemesis Crown is
happening in the depths
You’ll also find other locations to use as the settings for home, of the Great Forest.
club, and in-store games. What better way to
represent a battle
between two searching
Villages Watchtower enemies than to
There are thousands of villages, large and Towers stand like sentinels upon the high include more trees than
small, throughout the Great Forest. Some of places and guard the roads and rivers. With normal in your games?
these are peaceful places; others are their heliographs and beacons, they send Often, just adding a
fortified against Beastmen or greenskins. warning of threats and trouble. few wooded areas can
make your games of
Ruined Villages Ford Warhammer very
different, with more
Plague, war, fell magic, and natural All rivers are fordable at some point; it is maneuvering of units
disasters cause many villages to fail. They simply a matter of knowing where to look. and less ranged fire. If
rot away until only hearth stones and Some districts are too poor to afford you add still more
chimneys remain in the forest. bridges and must rely on fords instead. trees, you’ll find that
your games are entirely
Town Tomb different, and you will
Towns are those settlements large enough Ancient tribal chiefs from Sigmar’s time, have to use your Scouts
to raise a stone wall and receive a charter Elven and Dwarf princelings from before, and Skirmishers
from the local government. They are rich great Chaos champions, and long-forgotten wisely indeed.
centers of commerce and tempting targets wizards are buried in the leafy fastness of Hills
for marauding armies. the Great Forest. There are many ranges of
hills within the Great
Ruined Town Stone Circle Forest, including the
The ruined towns of the Great Forest are Places of worship from time immemorial Howling Hills, the Barren
haunted, perilous places. Their roofless can be found in the hills and glades. Some Hills, and hundreds of
halls and tumble-down manses are home are great magnifiers of the Amber and other, minor rises.
to mutants and dangerous beasts. Green winds of Ghur and Ghyran. Others Adding more hills than
are dark centers of more dread magic. normal will make for a
Manor very different game of
Warhammer, with
The nobility often live apart from the Caves ownership of the heights
villages they own in fortified manor Caves of all sizes can be found in the making for great tactical
houses. Other such places may be the woods. From deep cracks in granite to advantage. You can also
hunting lodges of town-based aristocrats. huge limestone caverns, all are potential make wooded hills by
lairs for monsters, large and small. placing plastic trees on
Fortified Inn your hills.
The inns in the Great Forest are fortified. Herd Stone
Travelers poor and rich alike seek There are places men do not go; if they do, Buildings
sanctuary within, for the roads through the they do not return. These are the realms of The Empire contains
woods are no place to be at night. the Beastmen, and at their hearts stand many settlements. Some
these blood-drenched monoliths, are no bigger than a
Fort surrounded by trophies taken in battle. handful of buildings.
Others are substantial,
One can find numerous forts in this region. walled towns. It’s easy to
Some delineate provincial borders. Others Orc Encampment use the Warhammer
watch the wilderness. Some exist to tax the Orcs are not prolific in the forest, but some buildings to create such
roads. All are stoutly built. tribes make their home there. These bands settlements and use them
of brutes wander from place to place, in your games. Best of
Ruined Fort camp, and make war before moving on. all, you can use the
Peace as well as war can take a toll Special Features rules
on fortifications. Many forts on old, Skaven Lair found in the Warhammer
unused roads or in areas where threats rulebook and count one
Scattered Skaven watch-posts and garrisons
or more of the buildings
have long passed are abandoned and can be found throughout the Old World, as a feature. Doing so
left to the trees. particularly in the sewers of cities and deep will incorporate your
in the forest glades. terrain into the narrative
Bridge of your games and of the
The rivers of the Empire are fed by Goblin Lair entire Nemesis Crown
countless tributaries, and the bridges that These diminutive greenskins are a plague campaign. You could
cross them are strategic places, possession in certain places. Goblins attack and steal even combine the
of which can deny an enemy retreat or from isolated villages. Some are Forest buildings and a Mighty
force an army to take the long way. Goblins who ride great spiders into battle. Fortress to create the
edge of a town.
The Great Forest
he Empire is a vast country, ringed safer than passing along the dark roads.
by soaring mountains from which Few settlements exist any distance into
flow the sparkling waters that are the woods, for only the foolhardy would
the lifeblood of the land. Though there are venture out of the safety of a walled
mighty rivers, rolling hills, downs, fetid town or fortified coaching inn.
swamps, and mires in the region, the Less than a dozen yards from the
majority of the Empire is a thick, gloomy forest’s eaves, the trees grow so thick in
forest. Though men have attempted to places that few can pick a way through
beat back the wooded eaves to make way them. Evil, glinting eyes spy on passing
for cultivation and pasture, still the forest travelers. Mutants, Beastmen, Goblins,
is the master of the land and home to all and worse are known to make their lairs
manner of nameless terrors. within the tangled undergrowth.
The Great Forest stretches across the Chains of rugged hills break the
Empire and encompasses the lands endless sea of green – the Howling,
between the Middle Mountains in the north Barren, Färlic, and Kölsa Hills. All are
to Nuln in the south, and from Altdorf in bleak and wind-swept and shunned by
the west to Kislev in the east. Its heart, right thinking men, who look on their
however, lies right at the center of the ancient, ruined towers and even older,
Empire, and it is this area that is referred to time-worn monoliths with superstitious
as the Great Forest on maps. and entirely warranted dread.
It is an ancient forest of great size, with As the armies of Men, Dwarfs, and
trees ranging from hoary old willows to greenskins converge beneath the dark
majestic, towering oaks. The majority of canopy, the glades and hills are set to
the cities, towns, and villages scattered become the scene of much bloodshed
throughout the region are located along the and woe. Somewhere within lies the
mighty waterways that flow from the Nemesis Crown, and all the power it
mountains to the sea, for river travel is far might offer to he who dons it.

The Draken Downs Delberz

Delberz stands at a vital point

where the Middenheim–
o the northeast of the Drakwald It is little wonder that such a land has a Altdorf Road crosses the River
Deeps, the Drakwald forest grows deity as harsh as Ulric for its patron. The Delb, and the town is well
known as a sanctuary for
cold as the land rises into the Wolf God is venerated by the travelers. Adventurous spirits
Draken Downs. Birches give way to pines Middenlanders, simply because he is as sometimes set out from
as the forest crosses into the Grand Duchy unforgiving as the country he watches over Delberz to seek their fortunes
of Middenland. The soil here has always and demands of his followers the strength in the haunted depths of the
Dragon’s Cave. Most never
been poor, and the climate harsh. The they need to survive there. Though Ulric return, but enough make it
people of Middenland are by necessity has no time or sympathy for the weak, back bearing ancient treasures
tough and rugged, for theirs is a hard those who show strength of body and or dragon scales and bones to
existence, a constant struggle against character will gain both his favor, his be used in magic and alchemy
to ensure there is a steady
hunger, cold, and the dangers of the respect, and perhaps, his blessing in their stream of hopefuls drawn
trackless forests. continued fight for survival. to the town.
To the northeast of Middenland are the As with so much of the Great Forest,
wild peaks of the Middle Mountains. These the Draken Downs are afflicted with ever- Ancient Dragon’s Cave
are home not only to Orcs and other increasing numbers of Beastmen living and In the side of a tumble-down
peak in the Draken Downs is a
natural foes of men, but also to the largest breeding beneath the dark forest canopy yawning cave around which
populations of monstrous beasts in the Old and in its hidden, thickets and valleys. no living thing will grow. Myth
World. Some fanciful tales have it that Boris Todbringer, the Elector Count and has it that deep within lies the
even such bizarre and rare creatures as Grand Duke of Middenland, is particularly tomb of one of the mightiest
dragons ever to have lived, its
manticores and jabberwocks nest there and robust in his persecution of such creatures desiccated corpse wrapped
that, in the cold depths of winter, they and sends out his troops every year to around the last clutch of eggs
prowl from their mountain dens to prey sweep the woods of these monsters. He it laid. If such a tale is true,
upon the lands of Men. Perhaps it is no knows only too well that to allow their then those eggs remain there
still, awaiting life-giving heat
great surprise that the notorious Black Orc numbers to swell is to invite destruction. to hatch their contents. Should
Warlord Grimgor Ironhide has made his Should they ever combine their efforts with that occur, the Great Forest
current base in the Middle Mountains, from those of the followers of Chaos to the far would once more be haunted
which he seeks to slay or enslave such north, the alliance could bring down by the most voracious and
dangerous of all predators.
beasts for his own sadistic amusement. disaster upon the entire Empire. 7
Wulfric’s Barrow
Atop a small cluster of hills
in the deeps stands an
The Drakwald Deeps
ancient stone circle known
as Wulfric’s Barrow. The ituated in the north and west of the into the cold night lest the witch hunters
name is a Reikspiel rendition Empire, the Drakwald forest covers come and arrest the parents. Such
of something far older, huge swathes of land around creatures, mutated and twisted, are said to
referring to a chieftain of the
tribe that occupied the area
Middenheim. Taking its name from the congregate in some numbers, drawn to
before the coming of now-vanished province of Drakwald, it is their own kind in the ghost-haunted depths
Sigmar’s people. The locals a sparse forest, the land being particularly of the Drakwald. There they gather and
shun the barrow and tell of infertile. Little of the Drakwald has been plot, intent upon exacting revenge against
vengeful spirits who hold the
heirs of Sigmar responsible
cleared for cultivation, and few farmers those who rejected them.
for crimes committed against would venture to do so even were its soils Most terrible of all the features of the
them long, long ago. the most fertile in the region. Drakwald Deeps are the so-called hag
The darkest parts of the forest are trees. These trees are impossibly ancient,
Schwarzlache’s Tower known as the Drakwald Deeps and are perhaps older than the forests
This half-ruined tower stands said to be haunted by some ancient evil themselves. They have been made huge
hidden on a dreary heath
skirting the River Delb. Its
predating the coming of Sigmar’s people to and gnarled by the passage of eons.
environs are avoided by most, the region some 3,000 years ago. The Beastmen warbands flock to such trees
yet each year, large numbers nature of this evil is subject to much from far and wide, adorn them with
of the old, enraptured by a speculation. Some tales claim it is the grisly trophies and skeletal remains, and
dirge emanating from the
tower’s top, are drawn to it.
unquiet spirits of the long-slain dragons engage in blasphemous, moon-lit
Local legend has it that a that once preyed upon the Unberogen worship of foul gods. Perhaps worse
Necromancer dwells there tribes when they first settled the area. still, some say that human cultists, too,
and works the pumps and These dragons are now awakening to are drawn from the villages and towns to
bellows of some infernal
instrument whose voices are
snatch travelers from horseback on the cavort with the children of Chaos
those of bewitched spirits. It forest roads. Certainly, many itinerant beneath the twisted branches and offer
is said a mournful droning merchants tell of the bestial roars that echo their own gifts to the ruinous powers.
fills the air on nights when from the Drakwald’s dark depths, spooking Those who witness these gatherings
Morrslieb is full, drawing
drooling elders across the
mounts and shaking even the most soon find themselves hanging next to the
dark lands toward the tower. experienced travelers. Other stories tell of other trophies, so the hag trees are grim
creatures that were born to human families, warnings to those who attempt to travel
but were marked by Chaos and cast out through this haunted place.

The Bergerhoff
Also known as the Drakwald
Keep, this large fortress
The Reik’s Marches
stands near the the Five
Sisters hills. The Bergerhoff, ne of the largest stretches of rich keeps the area relatively free of
built by Dwarfs in centuries unbroken forest in the region, the dangerous creatures, the fact that the
past, is the strongest fort in Reik’s Marches make up the common men and women of the Empire
the region. Garrison duty
within its barracks is held as
southern portion of Middenland and are barred from travel throughout vast
a highly desirable posting sweep down to the River Reik and the swathes of the Reik’s Marches has given
among soldiers, who sleep Grand Principality of Reikland. The forest rise to all manner of rumors and vicious
well within its thick walls. In here grows dense and tall, and only gossip. Many hold that it is not only
the shadow of the Drakwald
Keep are many inns servicing
narrow paths cross it, for no major roads hunting that the nobles engage in at their
travelers passing between have been cut through the interior. To the forest lodges, and some whisper of
Altdorf and Middenheim. The east, the forest thins, giving way to the corruption given free reign far from prying
fortress, no doubt, goes a mist-shrouded Midden Moors and Midden eyes. Some say that a large number of the
long way toward keeping
these inns safe and in service.
Marshes, whose silvered waters are said to nobles are engaged in various forms of
be haunted by the ghosts of long-dead proscribed cult activity deep within the
Marbad’s Tomb defenders of the Empire. woods, and that there is an increasing
Marbad was chieftain of the The primary reason the Reik’s Marches weight of evidence to support it, though
Endals tribe, and he stood have not been cultivated or settled to any when asked to verify such material, the
beside Sigmar at Blackfire great degree is the area’s proximity to the wagging tongues grow still.
Pass. Though he was cut down Empire’s capital of Altdorf. Many nobles The truth of the matter is that some
that day, Marbad’s bold deeds
were celebrated in song, and serving at the Emperor’s Court maintain deep forest clearings have been used as
he was buried with great holdings in the woodlands. From palatial cult meeting places. Few, however, have
ceremony. His tomb has been lodges, aristocratic hunting parties range witnessed the ceremonies enacted around
desecrated many times over far and wide across the forests in pursuit of burning pyres under the sickly light of
the centuries, for Marbad
wielded Ulfshard, a magical the great stags that reside deep within. A Morrslieb and survived. The identities of
Elven blade, and many tomb thousand decrees and edicts maintain the the worshippers remain carefully hidden,
robbers sought it. Though the area as the strict preserve of the idle rich, even from each other, behind ornate masks
sword is gone, no one has while the commoners are limited to the or beneath velvet hoods lest the court of
breached the deep vaults, and
what secrets lie with Marbad few lands allotted to them. Altdorf be rocked to its very foundation
remain hidden to the world. Though this constant attention from the with controversy.


The Howling Heights Mandredsfeld
In the year 1124, the Empire
was ravaged by a terrible

plague, and the land was
he Howling Hills form a ridge of to scattered settlements of shepherds, none attacked by a host of Chaotic
craggy peaks that sweep from larger than a few huddled buildings made beasts. It fell to Count
Middenheim at their western-most from rough-hewn black sandstone. The Mandred of Middenland to
repulse the invasion. The site
extent almost to Talabheim to their east. inhabitants of these villages are regarded of the battle is marked by a
The tallest of the hills are bare and rocky, by others as a strange and taciturn lot, their taint in the air, and bones,
their plateaus an endless series of sodden minds blasted by the ever-present winds, unnaturally whole after so
moors covered in heather and coarse their dialect thick and uncouth. They are long a time, still jut from the
ground. Mounds of mass
grasses, lending them a desolate aspect, among the most superstitious people in all graves of long-dead Imperial
while the lower ranges and deep valleys of the County of Middenland. soldiers litter the field. Despite
are wooded with dense and rain- It is not without reason that the locals the Empire’s victory, the camp
swept forest. warn against travel through their lands, for was ravaged by the plague
shortly after the battle, and it
Along the entire length of the hills, the in the lonely hills are ancient cairns, stone is rumored that the dead do
winds never tire. The hills derive their circles, and toppled monoliths, stark not rest easy there.
name from the dreadful, keening wail that reminders of a time long before the rise of
this wind carries. Its terrible sound is the Empire, when Man lived closer to the Khrazi Drudd
loudest upon the bare peaks and takes on a land but huddled in fear of the unseen The mines of Khrazi Drudd
were excavated long ago by
low, ululating moan in the shallow dales. forces at work upon the world. The Dwarfs seeking iron and other,
Some say that it is not merely the whistling merchants who pass through the Howling less common ores. By the time
of the air that gives voice to the constant Heights trade with the locals for wool and Alaric came upon the
shrieking, for it as shrill and plaintive as the have many an eerie story of voices upon workings, they were long
played out, making them the
wailing cries of the damned, and the wind, of standing stones bathed in perfect place in which to hide
sometimes pleas, piercing screams, and pulsing lights, and of misshapen silhouettes the Nemesis Crown. As the
unholy threats can be caught amid its crossing the skyline or glimpsed out of the centuries passed, the mines
endless moans. corner of their eyes. The Howling Heights collapsed, and it was only
when the Howling Hills were
The eastern stretch of the Howling Hills is an ill-favored region, the domain of elder afflicted by a great earthquake
is known as the Howling Heights, the powers, upon which Men should think that the mines were uncovered
tallest peaks of the range. The area is home twice before trespassing. once more, revealing the
crown’s hiding place.

The Räuberthal Untergard

The town of Untergard is
situated beside the River

Drelb, a tributary of the Delb.
est of the Howling Heights, the custody, few such bandits ever walk free It is a strategically vital
jagged peaks of the high moors again. Many are imprisoned deep beneath crossing point, and many
give way to rolling hills and the castle in its rotting dungeons or are battles have been fought over
the town. Any army
vales. Though lower, they are equally wind- hanged from its highest towers as a grim controlling the town has
swept and blasted by the ever-present warning to all who transgress the laws of access to the heartland of the
wailing gales that afflict the entire range. the Grand Duchy of Middenland. Empire. At present, however,
This stretch of the Howling Hills is known On at least three occasions over the last the town lies in charred ruin,
having fallen to a ferocious
to the locals as the Räuberthal, for it is two centuries, the bandits of the Räuberthal attack by ravening Beastmen.
haunted by bandits and robbers, and is the have swelled sufficiently in numbers to Now, mutants and Beastmen
haven of murderers who have fled to its present a serious threat to the stability of dwell within its shattered
creeks from hundreds of miles all around. the entire region. Demagogues and rabble- walls. Despite this fact, the
bridge remains intact, and so
At the center of the Räuberthal, atop rousers have risen within their shabby possession of Untergard may
the tallest rise for many miles, stands the ranks to lead ill-disciplined but bloodthirsty still bring great advantage to
castle of Middenstag. This ancient and bandit armies against the settlements of the any army that can hold it.
imposing edifice dominates the entire southern Middenland and northern
region and guards the Delberz–Hergig Talabecland. In these short, but terrible The Temple of Leopold
Road against the many bandits hiding wars, appalling vengeance has been meted Half a mile outside the town
of Priestlicheim stands the
among the hills. The castle is tall and out by the bandits upon the law-abiding Temple of Leopold. This
spindly, its highest towers able to see for folk of the region, bitter revenge for past Sigmarite monastery was
many miles all around. Its tumble-down punishments. On each occasion, the founded with the purpose of
walls have been patched up and repaired Middenstag castle has remained a solid guarding against the beasts
that descend from the Barren
many times over the centuries, giving the rock around which an ocean of banditry Hills to prey upon men. In
castle a ramshackle appearance. Within the has crashed. At such times, the fiery times of conflict, the Temple
Middenstag Castle are garrisoned the beacon atop the castle calls the of Leopold becomes a rallying
wardens of the Räuberthal – dour, Middenland militia to the defenders’ aid. point for the whole region’s
forces, the fiery oratory of the
professional warriors who ride out over the Now the militia has ridden to the aid of the Warrior Priests steeling the
dales to track down and capture the Emperor, their local knowledge employed hearts of militiaman and state
bandits of the hills. Once in the wardens’ in the hunt for the crown. soldier alike. 9
The Wytherglade
Deep within the forests to the
south of the River Talabec, fey
The Great Confluence
voices call, or so local legend
states. To heed the call of the he Great Confluence is a name used political and economic power the Grand
woods is to invite disaster for to describe the area where the Duchy is able to exert over its neighbors,
all but the purest of heart. Talabec and Delb rivers meet and enough to rival even the mighty Reikland.
Those judged worthy might
eventually come upon a lost
ultimately flow to the Reik. The Talabec The entire region is highly fertile, with
woodland glade. Those originates in the rapid streams of the much cultivated land below the confluence
deemed unworthy might find northern reaches of the Worlds Edge of the Delb and Talabec, particularly where
themselves hopelessly lost or, Mountains between the Dwarf Fortress of the Talabec basin borders the Reik’s
worse, transported to some
faraway place and time from
Karak Kadrin and the ruins of Karak Marches. Many small farmsteads work the
which they may never return. Ungor. The river steadily widens soil, the people ever pushing back the dark
throughout its course to Talabheim, eaves of the forest to clear more land.
The Northern eventually becoming too wide to bridge. However, there are certain tracts of the
Green Heart At Talabheim, there is a major ferry region that the farmers and merchants fear
In the southernmost reaches of point, providing the last reliable crossing to travel. Quite apart from the Beastmen
the Great Confluence is the
darkest woodland in the entire
before the river flows, heavily laden with that plague the darker parts of the entire
Great Forest. Known also as dark soil from the plains, into the Reik at Great Forest, the woods to the east are the
“Taal’s Tangle,” this place is Altdorf. Many tributaries and streams drain subject of many folk tales. Some claim the
the subject of much legend, into the Talabec from the hills in the Great forest takes on a fey, enchanted air the
for none who have attempted
to penetrate its depths have
Confluence region and swell the river to a deeper one travels, the paths becoming
ever returned. Many hold the massive size. Forests in the area are often ever more winding until the traveler is
area as sacred to Taal, but flooded in spring. hopelessly lost. These green depths are said
some say the followers of gods A huge amount of river-borne traffic to be haunted by creatures akin to Elves,
other than Taal are strong
there too. Whatever the case,
passes along the Talabec, the mighty perhaps some lost kin of the dangerous
the region is steeped in primal waterway growing ever more crowded as it peoples of Athel Loren to the southwest.
forces – not the refined magic passes the many villages and towns along Whether this is the truth or not, none of
of the Winds of Ghur and its length. As a result, much wealth flows the few, foolhardy men who have set out in
Ghyran, but a more primitive
power that flows from the
into those settlements, and the merchant search of a fair Elven wife have returned.
land and the forest itself. classes that populate them are wealthy and Their bones instead nourish the loamy soil
influential, and contribute much to the of the fertile eastern glades.

Vragthar’s Monolith
The woods of the Talabec
Borders are home to all
The Talabec Borders
manner of ancient barrows
and stone circles, most long ortheast of the Barren Hills lie the The forests of the Talabec Borders are
overgrown and toppled, and Talabec Borders, an area of deep also home to some numbers of Beastmen
likely to remain forever forest. Though dark and foreboding, warbands, having established themselves in
hidden. Several though are
known to the road wardens,
the area is crossed by the Talabheim Road the woods during the last Great War
who are beholden to turn back and the Old Forest Road, both of which Against Chaos. The Beastmen await the
or arrest any who stray too carry travelers to the great city that gives time when the next Chaos incursion will
close. Vragthar’s Monolith is the area its name. bring their kin sweeping down from the
perhaps the greatest of these
ancient structures. As big as a
The peoples of the region are counted north, allowing them to rise up as a great
tower, it rears above the among the canniest of woodland folk. They horde and feast upon the flesh of men.
treetops and is visible for are trackers and hunters without equal, Of late, the Beastmen of the Talabec
many miles around. with a bond to the land far closer than any Borders have grown more daring in their
other people of the Empire. The region is attacks along the Talabec Road and the
The Hanging Tree the center of worship of the nature god Old Forest Road. Fortified tollhouses have
The woods of the Talabec Taal. His servants offer him praises in the been attacked. Entire merchant caravans
Borders are normally kept
back from the Old Forest Road
deep woodland groves. and pilgrim columns have been ambushed,
by teams of criminals, but lack Though the forest is cut back some the dismembered bodies hung from the
of funds and threat of attacks miles from the roads, and there are several forest’s eaves as a grisly omen of some
have allowed the forest to large towns and many villages set on this coming time of woe. Several villages have
creep forward once more.
Near the junction of the Old
broad verge, the woods to the west of the been burned to the ground, and their
Forest and Talabheim Roads, a region have always been feared for the inhabitants devoured. Traveling the roads
terrifying sight rears up to mutant lairs hidden deep within. When the has become an expensive business, as no
greet travelers. Here, the Green Hills were blighted by Morrslieb’s one will set out without a substantial guard
Beastmen have adorned the
largest tree in the region with
spite, many twisted creatures migrated to of heavily armed and armored men.
the remains of their captives. the area ahead of the crusade against them. Despite the best efforts of the road wardens
To date, none have dared The descendants of these mutant and army, the Beastmen remain a problem,
approach it to hack it down, monstrosities still dwell there and emerge causing some degree of political unrest in
and so its evil grows with each
new trophy added to its
from the deep woods to wreak havoc on Talabecland, as the merchant class clamors
gnarled branches. the countryside from time to time. for something to be done.


The Barren Hills The Giant’s Tump
The feature known as the
“Giant’s Tump” is a large, flat

topped hill. Study has
outh and east of the Howling Hills once mighty trees. Across all the glades revealed that the hill once
runs another band of low peaks. and villages of the hills nothing could be stood tall and proud but has
Named the Barren Hills, they were heard, and an awful silence reigned. Worse somehow lost its peak, the
remains of which lie scattered
not always the blasted place they are was to come, for a day later, the mists about. Legend has it that the
today and appear on many older maps of parted to reveal a sight most terrible to peak of the hill was shorn off
the Empire as the Green Hills. behold. Every living creature not killed by in a single swipe of a giant’s
The Green Hills were forested, teeming Morrslieb’s malice had been twisted out of club during some ancient
battle, and that at any time,
with game, and peopled by the families of all recognition. Men and beasts alike were the titanic adversaries might
stout woodsmen. The area was a haven of afflicted by appalling mutation. They return to conclude their duel
tranquility amid the otherwise dangerous, wailed horribly in their anguish as they and flatten the entire range
beast-haunted Great Forest. rampaged across the land. in the process.
It is said that the forces of darkness It was only when the Elector Count of
resented such an oasis of calm and that, Talabecland declared a crusade against the The Ruins of Tor Thana
one cold winter’s night, the dark moon mutated things from the hills that the threat A number of maps of the
forest make reference to the
Morrslieb glowered down and spied this to the area abated. In a hundred days of site of a ruined Elven city in
island of purity among the sea of dark mournful slaughter, the army of Talabecland the western spur of the
forest. People say that out of pure spite, and the Knights of the Blazing Sun cut Barren Hills. However, very
Morrslieb spat upon the peaceful land down their former countrymen and purged few have visited the site. The
area is hazardous in the
below. A gobbet of actinic spittle arced the lands. However, the damage was done. extreme, and it seems that the
through the clear night sky to explode The Green Hills were no more and would city is never to be found in
above the Green Hills and shower them be known forever after as the Barren Hills. exactly the same place.
with strange, glowing dust. Whatever fell The only things that stand upon them now Legends say that at certain
times of the year, when the
from the sky that night, its impact engulfed are black and blasted trees. To this day, foul sun is right, Tor Thana can be
the entire range in a tidal wave of and mutated things descend from the hills seen as it was when whole,
destruction that affected every living thing. to prey upon the unwary, and the militias of that life still lingers within the
As day came, a sickly green mist rose the settlements that look upon the bare ruins, and that the fey powers
of the Elven folk might one
over the hills. Silhouetted against the hillsides must be ever watchful for the day heal the Barren Hills.
drifting vapors were the skeletal remains of things that come in the night.

The Taalford Lowlands The Temple of

Invidious Silence
Built to honor powers whose

names it is forbidden to speak,
o the east of the Great Confluence Some are said to sport multiple eyes, while the temple was old when
region, the land dips and the forest others, the locals claim, have malformed Sigmar reigned and has lain
becomes more scattered and patchy, and withered yet disturbingly human-like dormant for many centuries. It
before rising once more to form the blasted limbs. With the general level of poverty is only when the powers of the
Realms of Chaos wax that
heights of the Barren Hills. The area skirts afflicting the region, many such catches worshippers are drawn to the
the River Narn, and the many rocky fords make it to market and to the dinner table, temple as if obeying some
that break the course of this shallow river despite the proscriptions placed upon command none can recall
have led to the area being referred to as the eating them. Perhaps as a result of the receiving. The temple has lain
empty since the last Great
Taalford Lowlands by the administrators of locals eating this corrupted foodstuff, War Against Chaos, but once
the Grand Duchy of Talabecland. incidents of mutation in newborn children again, the faithful come.
Although some settlements are to be are high in the area, and the Witch Hunters
found in Taalford, most hug the line of the are forced to make regular visits to the The Southern
Kemperbad Road, and the region is in the region’s few, benighted villages and towns Green Heart
main sparsely populated. The riverbanks to guard against this unholy corruption The Green Heart is so vast
that it stretches into the
here are by no means as crowded with becoming an epidemic. Taalford Lowlands. In the
human life as those of the Talabec. The To heap more woe upon the miseries north, it is always unnaturally
principle reason for this lack of population afflicting the lowlands, the woods are verdant and full of life.
is the nature of the land, which is stony known to be home to all manner of strange However, the southern part is
a different matter, and the
and ill-suited to cultivation. The thin and unnatural creatures. They migrate from woods here are quiet and full
woodlands bordering the Taalford are the Barren Hills, following the course of of brooding malevolence. The
home to roaming bands of robbers, but the the River Narn before plunging into the Jade and Amber Wizards who
deeper woods are known to be the deep forests in the west. This vast, make their homes nearby say
that these areas wax and
preserve of Beastmen. unbroken tract of wildwood is rarely wane, with sometimes one,
The waters of the River Narn, flowing traveled, its depths almost entirely then the other being larger in
as they do from the Barren Hills to the east, uncharted by man. What evil draws such size, as if two great powers
are believed by many to be tainted. foul beasts is unknown, though its power are locked in a perpetual
struggle for possession of its
Certainly, many of the fish caught from the certainly grows strong under the moss- magic-saturated glades.
river are afflicted by mutation and sickness. wreathed arms of the forest trees. 11
Word of the reappearance of the Nemesis Crown has reached
the ear of High King Thorgrim. Now, dust rises over the Old
Dwarf Road as a vast throng of Dwarfs marches to war,
determined to stop those who would meddle in Dwarf business.

o the Dwarfs, the tale of Alaric the Passing through the lands of the
Mad is a sad one, for the Master Empire, Thorgrim learned of the forces
Runesmith was one of the greatest massing to seek out the lost crown. He
of his calling and his name is spoken heard of his old enemy Grimgor Ironhide
across the Old World. Though Alaric and the scores of Forest Goblin tribes
created some of the finest runic throughout the Great Forest, and vowed
weapons ever to exist, his last work, that the crown would never fall into their
the Rune of Ages, earned him the greenskinned hands. Then, he heard that
name by which he has been known for the Emperor Karl Franz desired the crown
two thousand years – “The Mad.” too, which filled him with sadness. He
The Dwarfs would dearly love to erase knew that he might have to fight the Men
the memory of Alaric’s folly. Time alone of the Empire to retrieve the crown.
might one day have done so, were it not Though he would mourn the waste of lives,
for the earthquake that cracked open the he would do what must be done.
crown’s hiding place and exposed its evil At last coming upon the Great Forest,
to the world. The first band of miners Thorgrim ordered his throng to encamp
dispatched to investigate
were lost, which provided
Thorgrim and his advisors
The Dwarfs would
evidence that something
had gone awry. Even
dearly love to erase the
as the second band
was sent to confirm
memory of Alaric’s folly.
the fate of the first,
word was being sent to each of amid the Färlic Hills, east of the Barren
the great Dwarf holds in the Hills. Before sundown that first day, the
Worlds Edge Mountains. feverish sound of Dwarf Engineers erecting
Within days, a great army ironbound palisades rang for miles. By
gathered at Black Fire Pass, sunrise, the hill upon which Thorgrim’s
made from the hosts of camp was erected was ringed with ditches
Karaz-A-Karak, Karak and spikes, and Dwarfen artillery had been
Kadrin, and Karak Hirn. At emplaced within fortified gun pits.
the call of warhorns and to His camp secure, Thorgrim ordered his
the beat of a thousand armies to scour the Great Forest and to
drums, the assembled throng bring him the Nemesis Crown – no matter
marched forth along the Old what the cost and no
Dwarf Road. matter who the foe.

Dwarf Lord Dwarf Army Standard


Grudgebearer “Halt!” the deep Dwarf
voice resounded down the
winding forest path.
“What do you see?”
asked Thane Torgald,
coming up alongside the
Ranger who led the column.
“Nothing, my lord. But
Thorgrim Grudgebearer is the High King that is what concerns me –
of all Dwarfs. His has been a glorious it is too quiet.”
reign, and he has had many opportunities “You fear an ambush,
to strike ancient wrongs from Dammaz Froki?” asked the Thane.
Kron, the great book of grudges. The “Aye, my lord,” replied
rediscovery of the Nemesis Crown could the Ranger. “I’ll be a
be a source of great shame for the Dwarfs, Grobi’s uncle if there isn’t a
and he will not let it become so. bunch of greenskins up
ahead waiting in ambush.”
“Give me dark tunnels
beneath the earth or good
Points: 780 Army Selection: Thorgrim Grudgebearer mountain air,” Torgald
takes up a Lord and a Hero choice. grumbled, “not this
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Equipment: Throne of Power, Axe of accursed forest. Pass the
Thorgrim 3 7 6 4 5 7 4 4 10 Grimnir, Armor of Skaldour, Dragon word. Form a shieldwall,
Crown of Karaz, The Book of Grudges. front and sides.“
Throne Within moments, the
Bearers 3 5 3 4 - - 3 4 - Special Rules: Large Target, Royal Blood,
Thronebearers. order was carried out, and
the column was edged with
Dwarfen shields. Torgald
Special Rules The Great Book of Grudges. The bearer waited patiently. The grobi
must make their move now
Hates all enemy. Thorgrim’s Thronebearers
Large Target, Royal Blood (see p. 29 of the that their ambush had
are also affected by Hatred, as are the
Dwarf Army book). been uncovered.
members of any unit Thorgrim joins.
“There, my lord, in that
Thronebearers. The four Dwarfs carrying great oak.”
the Throne of Power attack in combat with The Dragon Crown of Karaz. The Dragon Torgald looked where
the single profile above. These attacks do Crown has been worn by the High Kings of the Ranger indicated. At
not benefit from Thorgrim’s weaponry and Karaz-a-Karak since the hold’s founding. It first he thought he saw only
can be aimed at any enemy model in base bears the Master Rune of Kingship. the movement of the
contact with the throne. branches, then realized that
The Axe of Grimnir. Before Grimnir what looked like a tree limb
Magic Items disappeared, he gifted his son one of his was actually the long,
serrated leg of a giant
The Armor of Skaldour. This gromril armor legendary axes. This axe has been passed
spider. Torgald scanned the
bears the Master Rune of Skaldour, which down through his noble line ever since, treetops. Many more of the
confers a 4+ ward save; a Rune of and it is possession of this artifact that beasts were emerging from
Preservation; and a Rune of Stone. On his identifies a High King. woods, each with a leering
throne, Thorgrim has a 1+ armor save. The axe bears the Master Rune of Skalf Goblin upon its back.
Blackhammer, the Master Rune of Alaric “Warriors of Karak!”
Grungni-Wrought Throne. The throne is the Mad, and the Giantbane Master Rune. Torgald bellowed, even as
largely invulnerable to harm and protects The Giantbane Master Rune turns each the Spider Riders prepared
Thorgrim. It provides the High King with a Wound inflicted by the axe into D3 to leap down upon his
column. “Let’s crack us
5+ armor save, and gives him 4 additional Wounds, or D6 if the opponent is a Troll or
some greenskin heads!”
Wounds. The Wounds have been included Giant. There is no other runic item that
in his profile above. combines three Master Runes in this way.

Campaign Ideas
• Campaign-appropriate
choices: Miners, Rangers,
Runesmiths, Thorgrim,
Sharpe Ironthorne.
• Organize a scenery
night at your local shop
or club to build a
Dwarfen Hall.
• The Dwarfs are more
invested than any in
finding the Nemesis
Crown. Do-or-die
scenarios like Last
Stand are particularly
Dwarf Miner Champion Miner Unit appropriate for Dwarfs. 13
Orcs & Goblins
News of the Nemesis Crown was fast to reach Grimgor
Ironhide. From his camp in the Middle Mountains, Grimgor
ordered his boyz to recover the crown. He believes that the
very greatest warriors in the world will challenge him for it.

hen Grimgor first heard tell of in the Great Forest. The armies of Men and
the Nemesis Crown, he had been Dwarfs, the goblin told, were mustering in
brooding for many days in his search of the biggest, shiniest, bossiest
camp in the Middle Mountains. As ever, boss-hat in the world, and the wearer of
he despaired, as much as an Orc could be that boss-hat would be the greatest of his
said to know such an emotion, of ever race, and all his enemies would try to kill
finding a foe worthy of his attention. him for possession of it.
He had taken on and slaughtered every Something in the tale penetrated
one of his subordinates who even looked Grimgor’s sullen brooding. He saw that,
at him funny but still not enjoyed a good were the tale true, he might capture this
challenge. In between bouts of mindless prize and with it draw every enemy in the
violence, he had scoured the world to fight him for it. He cared not
Middle Mountains and plunged whether it granted any special gifts – he
headlong into the stinking had no need of them – he cared only that
lairs of the bizarre beasts that others would come to challenge him for it.
live there. But no
chimera, manticore,
or harpy offered
The wearer of that
more than a
distraction, though the
boss-hat would be the
carcasses of his kills fed
his hordes for many days.
greatest of his race.
Then, a panting goblin
of the forest tribes ran into the camp, Grimgor sent word to all the tribes of
squealed in its high-pitched voice, and the forest and ordered the chieftains to
raved about events to the south. Grimgor scour the lands for the crown. Soon, Spider
was in no mood to endure such a racket Riders swarmed through the trees, and
and ordered the messenger silenced. greenskins from as far abroad as the
Several hours later, a second forest goblin Worlds Edge Mountains were making their
entered the camp. This one was not so way to the Great Forest. All were eager to
high-pitched in voice, and thus, it seek out the Nemesis Crown and to offer it
avoided the fate of the first. The to their overlord. Should Grimgor Ironhide
messenger reported, in its own, obtain the crown, there will be no end to
simplistic terms, the events unfolding his reign of violence.

Black Orc Big Boss Troll


Grimgor “Boss! Boss!” The Forest
Goblin’s voice instantly set
Grubgob’s few remaining

teeth on edge. Grubgob
hated Forest Goblins. Their
stink was all wrong.
“Out with it!” Grubgob
snarled as the Goblin leapt
Grimgor Ironhide embodies the spirit of from its spider and threw
the wanton, bloodthirsty battle lust that itself to the ground.
drives every Orc. Armed with his magical “Stunties, boss.”
“How many?”
axe, Gitsnik, and an unquenchable blood
“Erm…” The Forest
lust, Grimgor has slaughtered his way Goblin’s face twisted hard.
across great swathes of territory, from the “Lots, boss?”
Blasted Wastes to the Worlds Edge “How many!” Grubgob
Mountains, in search of a worthy foe. bellowed. If he messed this
up, Grimgor would have his
head on a pole.
“Erm, all of them?”
Grubgob’s brow
Points: 375 Army Selection: Grimgor Ironhide takes furrowed. That could only
up one Lord choice. mean a large mob, or
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Equipment: Gitsnik and the throng, or whatever. This
Blood-Forged Armor. was just the news Grimgor
Grimgor 4 8 1 5 5 3 5 7 9
Special Rules: Immune to Psychology, was waiting for. If Grubgob
got the message to Grimgor
Hates Everybody, Da Immortulz.
first, he would avoid the
same fate as the last boss to
return to the camp without
Special Rules Magic Items having located the Dwarfs.
Immune to Psychology. Gitsnik. This large and blood-spattered He winced involuntarily as
axe, whose name simply means “foe killer” he thought about that. Born
Hates Everybody. Grimgor is thoroughly in the crude Orcish tongue, has many of fear, a rudimentary plan
unpleasant and wildly psychotic. He Hates charms and pouches chained to its haft. began to form in the boss’s
all enemy models. They contain powerful sorceries woven by simple mind.
“Right lads,” Grubgob
mighty Orc Shamans that enable Grimgor
Da Immortulz. There must be a unit of called. “Here’s the plan.
Ironhide to wield Gitsnik with Yous,” he pointed to the
Black Orcs in Grimgor’s army. These Black
blurring speed. milling Forest Goblins. ”Go
Orcs are as scarred and grizzled as
This axe bestows +2 Strength. In tell Grimgor we’ve found
Grimgor, veterans of his days in the wastes.
addition, Grimgor always strikes first. the stunties and that we
The bodyguard is infamous for its standard
won’t let ’em get away until
bearer Taugrek the Throttler, who he gets ’ere. Us lot,” he
recaptured Grimgor’s personal banner Blood-Forged Armor. Battered, scarred slapped the backs of two
when it fell in battle against the hordes of and twisted, just like its wearer, the Orcs with his mighty, green
Vardek Crom. Blood-Forged Armor has served Grimgor claws. “Are gonna break out
Grimgor may join only this unit, and no well in many battles. da fungus beer. And den
other character may do so. If he does so, The Blood-Forged Armor gives we’s got some hairy little
the bodyguard will be Immune to Grimgor Ironhide a 1+ armor save stunties ta bash!”
Psychology and will Hate everyone. and a 5+ ward save.

Campaign Ideas
• Campaign-appropriate
choices: Forest Goblin
Spider Riders, Spider
Banner, Black Orcs,
Grimgor Ironhide,
Nobber Fangadoom.
• Play games with forest
terrain on the table to
represent Grimgor’s troops
searching the Great Forest.
• Play games with the
Grimgor’s ’Ardboyz army
list from the Storm of
Chaos book (also available
at to
represent Grimgor’s
Black Orc Unit personal troops. 15
The Empire
Karl Franz has embarked upon the quest to recover the
Nemesis Crown. Such a potent talisman from the age of
Sigmar can be turned to good for the benefit of all, a prize
beyond reckoning upon the brow of the Prince of Altdorf.

hen news reached the court of simply left Altdorf in the dead of night.
Karl Franz that a relic of the age Other Dwarfs, those many artisans who
of Sigmar, so powerful that make their home in the great city, went
Thorgrim Grudgebearer himself was from friendly banter to hostile silence when
marching to recover it, he sent out his asked of the crown.
agents to gather information. News was The arrogant silence of the Dwarfs
quickly forthcoming. worried Karl Franz. Either this artifact was
A young Captain from the Talabecland of incalculable power, or it was so
Militia claimed to have come to the aid of dangerous that it needed to be destroyed.
a beleaguered Dwarf band in the Great He ordered the Reiksmarshal to muster his
Forest. The Dwarfs were ambushed, armies. If proven safe, such a powerful
outnumbered, and surrounded by Goblins device could be harnessed for the good of
and all but destroyed before Weimar, the the Empire. The master wizards of the
Captain, and his men came to their rescue, Colleges of Magic could unlock its secrets
and drove the greenskins into the for the betterment of all men.
Drakwald. From the surviving Dwarfs, the Within weeks, a vast army was
Captain could glean very little, for they assembled on the plains outside Altdorf.
eschewed further assistance and
refused to explain their business.
Only a single fragment of
If the Nemesis Crown
information held any value, two
small words blurted out by an
is truly lost in the
insane member of the Dwarf
band – Nemesis Crown.
Great Forest, then the
The Grand Theogonist and
the greatest historians of the
Empire will claim it.
Empire began to piece
together the truth – a legend With Kurt Helborg at its head, the army set
concerning a relic of incredible off toward the Great Forest along the
power from the age of Sigmar. The Talabheim Road. Huntsmen and Outriders
Emperor offered his assistance in raced ahead to scout out the terrain while
locating the crown to the Dwarf hundreds of regiments tramped the
Ambassadors of the High King, roadways. Above it all soared Karl Franz
who grimly refused even to himself upon Deathclaw, his Griffon. If the
acknowledge its existence. Nemesis Crown is truly lost in the Great
When pressed, the Dwarfs Forest, then the Empire will claim it.

Amethyst and
Celestial Battle
Wizards answer
the call to war.


Emperor “Dwarfs,” barked Sergeant
Brunn, pointing with his
sword toward the curve in

Karl Franz
the road ahead. A large
group of heavily armored,
heavily bearded warriors
barred the way. Each held
an axe in his ham-sized fist,
Karl Franz is a magnificent statesman, and the Dwarfs did not
capable general, and cunning diplomat. He look like they were in the
presides over a Golden Age of the Empire, mood for talking. Brunn
heard the rasping of steel as
in which the arts and science flourish, and
the soldiers of the Ninth
has won numerous victories for his people. Talabheim Regiment of
He is determined that the Nemesis Crown, Swords drew their own
if proved safe, shall become an heirloom of weapons. From the corner
the house of Altdorf. of his eye, he saw the colors
of the Reikland Halberdiers
come into position, the
Points: 350 Army Selection: Emperor Karl Franz takes Knights of the Blazing Sun
up one Lord choice. beside them.
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Equipment: Runefang, the Silver Seal, full “Our orders are simple,
men,” bellowed the grizzled
Karl Franz 4 6 5 4 4 3 6 4 10 plate armor. sergeant. “The Emperor says
Deathclaw 6 6 - 5 5 4 5 4 8 Special Rules: Leader of Men. we’re to get that damned
Options: May replace the Runefang with Ghal crown, and nobody, not
Dragon 6 6 - 6 6 6 3 5 8 Maraz (+30 pts). May ride Deathclaw (+225 even the Dwarfs, is going to
Pegasus 8 3 - 4 4 3 4 2 6 pts), an Imperial Dragon (+320 pts), a Pegasus stop us.”
Warhorse 8 3 - 3 3 1 3 1 5 (+50 pts), or a barded Warhorse (+21 pts). Silence fell over the
Empire ranks as General
von Groppen rode forward.
Special Rules Magic Items Brunn watched as he
cupped a hand to his mouth
Leader of Men. The presence and Ghal Maraz. Ghal Maraz is the legendary and shouted to the waiting
unflinching courage of the Emperor greatly Dwarf-forged Runehammer wielded by Dwarf throng.
raise the morale of his soldiers and inspire Sigmar himself when the Empire was “By the order of Karl
even the humblest of fighters to mighty acts forged over two and a half millennia ago. Franz, clear the road or
of determined heroism. The Emperor and Its name means “Skull-splitter,” and it is suffer the consequences.”
any unit he joins are Immune to among the most potent weapons in the His voice rang clear down
Psychology. In addition, the Emperor’s world. Any hits caused by the Hammer of the woodland road but was
Leadership can be used by friendly units in Sigmar wound automatically, and no armor greeted with silent faces
glowering from behind the
a range of 18" (instead of the 12" range for saves are allowed. Each unsaved Wound
Dwarf shieldwall.
normal generals). becomes D3 Wounds. “This is imperial
territory! Let us pass!”
Deathclaw. Many years of war and The Silver Seal. The Warrior Mage The general waited for
adventure have developed an unbreakable Fredrik von Tarnus crafted this artifact several moments before
bond between the Emperor and his for Magnus the Pious when he became riding back to the expectant
beloved Griffon that transcends rider and Emperor after the Great War Against Empire regiments.
mount. Deathclaw will automatically pass Chaos. The Silver Seal wards away “Stubborn fools,” he
the Leadership test he needs to take if Karl harmful blows and even disrupts hostile said grimly, sickened to
his heart that he must
Franz is slain. In addition, Deathclaw will magic spells directed against the
shed the blood of an
Hate for the remainder of the game the Emperor. It confers a 4+ ward save and honored ally this day.
character/unit that kills Karl Franz. Magic Resistance (3) to the Emperor.

Campaign Ideas
• Campaign-appropriate
choices: Huntsmen,
Outriders, Warrior
Priests, Flagellants, Karl
Franz, Maximilian
von Schädel.
• Even if your army hails
from a different province,
paint a unit or two of
Talabecland Free
Companies with red and
yellow uniforms to
Crazed Flagellants represent local militia
flock to the Empire seconded to your allied
army and preach provincial force.
of the End Times. 17
Wood Elves
As the search for the Nemesis Crown begins, dire tidings
reach the Wood Elf realm of Athel Loren.

ighting had already broken out within Horrified at the unfolding events, the
the Great Forest when Naieth the Asrai council was of one mind. The horn of
Prophetess addressed the Wood Elf awakening was sounded, and Athel Loren
Council of Kindreds. She spoke of the responded. Warrior kindreds gathered in
visions that haunted her slumbers and of King’s Glade. Archers, Glade Riders, and
the foul children of Morghur – the warriors of the Eternal Guard all answered
Beastmen – spreading their evil in the summons. Waywatchers returned from
the woodlands. their lonely vigils to pledge themselves to
At the heart of it all lurked a dark the coming war. In the deep wood,
presence, believed by Naieth to be Glamorweavers sang to mighty Treemen
Morghur himself – the immortal spirit of and roused them from slumber, while
Chaos from whom all corruption springs. Branchwraiths summoned their Dryad
Scarloc, the legendary archer whose handmaidens. Soon, a mighty host stood
keen arrows had once slain Morghur’s at arms.
mortal form, lent his support to Naieth’s Though the Beastmen were too
claims. He had recently been abroad in the numerous to be exterminated, the children
Empire of Man on errands of his own. of Morghur would be contained and driven
There, Scarloc had seen entire brayherds of back into their dank heartlands. So too
Beastmen on the move, driven from their would the Asrai cast the trespassing armies
squalid encampments by the approach of of Man, greenskin, and Dwarf from the
Wood Elf Noble great armies. Thousands of the foul Great Forest and call them to account for
creatures had been slain in the process, the evil that their blundering trespasses had
true enough, but many thousands more unleashed upon the world.
now descended upon the Great Forest and The Great Forest would be cleansed of
spread corruption in their wake. the taint of Chaos.

War has been thrust upon the lands of King Louen Leoncoeur
once again and will have to be met in kind.

ordes of lowly Goblins are pouring with the rank of Baron or higher are
into Bretonnia through the Grey permitted to extend the protection of the
Mountain passes, as if fleeing a crown to any Empire township that wishes
larger conflict further east. The valor greater protection from the strife besetting
of Bretonnia’s knights prevented many them and a more stable form of
of the realm’s vulnerable border towns governance than that offered by the
and villages from being overwhelmed. Emperor Karl Franz.
Hundreds – perhaps even thousands – Within a day of the decree, the first
of the diminutive, wicked greenskins Bretonnian armies marched for the Empire,
have been slain. heraldry bright in the sunshine. Knights
Many a bold knight has made a name from every corner of the realm had
for himself in recent days. While this responded to the king’s declaration. Amid
affirmation of chivalric principles warmed the column of armies, the blues and whites
King Louen Leoncoeur’s heart, it presented of Quenelles jostled with the yellow of
him with a problem. In Bretonnia, tradition Montfort, gold of Bastonne, and the red of
dictates that valor upon the field of battle Gisoreux. Pegasus Knights have come from
be rewarded with land. However, so Parravon, Grail Knights from Châlons –
successful have his knights proved that even a few Questing Knights had set aside
Leoncoeur has run short of land to award. their travails and joined the cause. All
So it is that King Louen has issued a around flowed the sea of peasants,
Bretonnian Damsel decree. It is clear, he has said, that the retainers, yeoman, and squires that gather
Empire is beset, and that Bretonnia must in the wake of any knightly crusade.
rise to defend her cousin. An Errantry War The knightly sons of Bretonnia
has been declared, its aim to purge the ride to war once more, in pursuit of
Empire of all threats. Furthermore, knights honor, glory, and land!


Vampire Counts
Beneath the Howling Hills, the Vampire Waldakir Rahtep is
forced to abandon his foul experiments and defend his lair.

he second Empire scouting party roused a mighty host, a host that swiftly
had been obliterated as swiftly as descended upon Stirland.
the first, but this victory did not set After setting the wheels in motion,
Waldakir at ease. While it was clear that Waldakir swiftly returned to his lair. The
the lackeys of Karl Franz were searching plan was working. In Waldakir’s absence,
for something, Waldakir could not be sure the Undead host had soon overwhelmed
whether that something was him. the garrisons of Stufbad and Tymvald.
It was possible that Waldakir’s forays None but a fool would waste time hunting
into Talabheim had finally
drawn enough attention to
merit a determined hunt.
Rahtep roused a mighty
This is possible, but
unlikely. However, one
host that swiftly descended
does not remain alive and
immortal by taking
upon Stirland.
reckless chances.
Waldakir took wing to the haunted land for a hidden Vampire when so many
of Sylvania. As one of the eldest of his Undead were in plain sight.
kind, other Vampires heeded his call. Many Waldakir was pleased. He was in
of Sylvania’s Undead had been leaderless receipt of plenty of raw material from the
Vampire Count
since the death of Mannfred von Carstein failed incursions into his lair. A new
and were easily bent to Waldakir’s will. Undead realm could yet spring from the
Those that he could not dominate, he ruins of the eastern Empire, while the
deceived. Those he could not deceive, he attentions of Waldakir’s enemies remain
slew. In a matter of days, Rahtep had fixed elsewhere.

The tunnels of the Under-Empire cross the entire Old World,
and nothing goes unnoticed by the beady eyes of the ratmen.

he Skaven have spies everywhere, the actions of their foe and always work to
from the foul sewers beneath the disrupt them for the ultimate benefit of the
teeming cities of the Empire, to the Skaven Under-Empire.
dark abandoned mines beneath the Dwarf For the time being, the Skaven do not
holds of the Worlds Edge Mountains. And have the numbers in the Great Forest to
so, the Skaven knew of the reappearance launch a direct attack and must bide their
of the Nemesis Crown as soon as the time. However, with every passing day,
other races did. more and more ratmen from all the greater
The Council of Thirteen deliberated, and many lesser clans arrive through
and a handful of their vile number twisting tunnels to emerge at the isolated
remembered half-whispered
tales of a powerful artifact,
wrought from precious Doom shall rain down
warpstone that had been stolen
many centuries ago by a mad upon the races that dwell
Dwarf. The dread council laid
its plans and set in motion an above the ground...
attempt to recover this valuable
warpstone, wickedly taken from Skaven warrens in the Howling and Barren
them so long ago. Hills. Soon, the Skaven will be able to
As the armies of Men, Dwarfs, and strike in force, and the time to regain their Skaven Assassin
greenskins march, so they are shadowed lost possessions will come. And then, aided
every step of the way by Skaven spies. By by the power of the warpstone, the Skaven
night, Skaven agents listen in as generals shall rain down doom upon the races that
hatch plans. Thus, the ratmen anticipate dwell above the ground. 19
Beasts of Chaos
The fires of war sweep across the Drakwald as Morghur’s
rebirth rouses the Beasts of Chaos to claim the forest.

nable to stand before the mighty Schippel, madness seized the guard
armies converging upon their commandant who opened the gates and
territories, the Beastmen of the allowed Morghur’s hordes to slaughter the
Great Forest have been driven out. Some garrison. Two days later, the army of
fled east into the plains of Talabecland or Middenland was routed at the Battle of the
north into the Middle Mountains. Entire Battered Shield and the entire eastern
brayherds have been slaughtered by Karl Drakwald abandoned to the Beastman
Franz’s provincial militias, and the hordes. Knowing his armies to be
Captains of the Empire now talk openly outmatched, for the numbers of Morghur’s
about the possible reclamation of the forces were greatly swollen by Beastmen
Great Forest from the foul beasts within. from the hills to the east, Boris Todbringer,
But far to the west of the Imperial the Elector Count of Middenland, begged
host, the Drakwald is more oppressive the Emperor for aid. With the bulk of the
than any can remember. Even at the Empire’s armies committed to Karl Franz’s
height of midday, an unnatural gloom search, those pleas went unanswered.
lingers in the tangled woodland. Branches Todbringer’s armies fight on, but against
and boughs sway and dance as if the forest such odds their valor has availed them
itself writhes in agony, and fevered dreams little. Here and there, a fortress stands in a
haunt the local villagers. In the heart of the sea of Beastmen. However, across the
Drakwald, hidden from the eyes of Drakwald, the Children of Chaos dance
Morghur outsiders, Morghur, the essence of Chaos, and bellow in the smoldering embers of
lives once again. civilization. From the ruins of Hovelhoff,
First to feel Morghur’s wrath were the Morghur viewed the destruction and roared
villages of Koldust and Kelp, which were his approval. The Drakwald will soon
razed by rampaging brayherds. In Fort belong to the Children of Chaos.

Hordes of Chaos
The followers of the Ruinous Powers are determined that, if
they cannot gain the Nemesis Crown, then none shall.

ar to the north of the Old World, so the attentions of the armies scouring the
sorcerers and shamans cast their Great Forest are diverted. Warriors are
sinister runes, scry the lights in the detached from their efforts to guard against
northern skies, and study the entrails of attacks from an unknown quarter, and so
sacrificial victims. They seek word of this the plans of the Sorcerers of Chaos unfold.
artifact of power that has arisen in the Aspiring Champions of Chaos prepare
south, for they dread that the Men of the to lead their warbands forth on the trail of
Empire or the Dwarfs might come into war. With an artifact as powerful as the
power enough to rival the gods of Nemesis Crown in their possession, it may
Chaos themselves.
Darkling councils of
fell emissaries have
All the while, blood,
gathered under soul-
binding truce, to plan
skulls, and souls are offered
what might be done to
undermine the armies
to the Ruinous Powers.
marching forth to claim
the crown. Chaos Sorcerers whisper their be possible to muster another grand Chaos
counsel to their lords, and the warbands of host, fulfill whispered prophesies of the
the north move according to a new plan. End Times, and plunge the world of
Chaos Sorcerer Already, sea-borne Marauders set out to mortals into ruin and darkness.
harass the coastal towns of the Old World, And all the while, blood, skulls, and
and the most daring warlords lead their souls are offered to the Ruinous Powers,
raiding vessels up the great rivers to attack for whom there is no greater an
towns far inland. As the attacks increase, expression of loyalty and faith.


High Elves
The High Elves have long stood sentinel against the fell forces
of Chaos and battled the arch-enemy at every turn.

ar away from the Old World, on the Caradryan is tasked with intercepting any
island continent of Ulthuan, the High of the Undead menace who attempt to
Elves have learned of the existence of gain access to the Great Forest.
the Nemesis Crown. Finubar the Seafarer’s The seers and mystics on Ulthuan
ambassadors in the courts of the Empire cannot yet predict the outcome of this
have sent word back to the Phoenix King. campaign, a conflict they dub the Nemesis
Normally, the High Elves remain aloof War, but all are in agreement that, should
from the petty affairs of the lesser races, an Orc don the crown, it will be a dread
but an item as dreadful as the Nemesis time for the forces of light. Already, factions
Crown must not be found. within the courts of Ulthuan have begun
Aware of the carnage that would be politicking and pushing for Ulthuan to
unleashed should the crown be retrieved support either the Dwarfs or the Empire
and aware also of the factions vying to more fully. Some argue that, should the
control it, Finubar has dispatched several High Elves assist Karl Franz to gain the
of Ulthuan’s greatest champions into the Crown, then it will pay dividends in the
fray, each leading an army of battle- long term by making an unbreakable bond
hardened High Elf Warriors. with the powerful Empire. Others claim that
Teclis, one of the most traveled of Elves out of the two races, only the Dwarfs
returns to the Old World once more. His possess the wisdom to dispose of the crown
orders are simple: to patrol the Sea of safely, and helping them gain possession of
Claws and ruthlessly suppress Norse it might go some way toward convincing Teclis, High Elf Mage
Raiders and Dark Elf invaders. Korhil, the Dwarfs to return the Phoenix Crown.
Captain of the White Lions, is tasked with On one thing alone are the High Elves in
destroying Orc and Goblin warbands agreement: it is their efforts that will
outside the bounds of the Great Forest. determine who claims the Nemesis Crown.

Dark Elves
If Malekith’s spies can misdirect and interfere with his
enemies’ plans, he may be able to take the crown itself.

he activities of the High Elves have day, Malekith knows, is far off. For now, he
triggered the Dark Elves’ interest in is content with offering up blood and pain
the Nemesis Crown. Any matter that to Khaine, the bloody-handed god
concerns the Elves of Ulthuan might affect of murder.
their Dark Kin, and so the Witch King of As the armies of Karl Franz, Thorgrim,
Naggaroth sent forth his spies as soon he and Grimgor clash in the Great Forest, the
learned that something was afoot in the Dark Elves attack undefended positions.
lands of Men. From the ominous Black Arks, raiding
The tales brought back from the Old parties strike coastal towns and seize the
World piqued Malekith’s interest. He knew weak and the vulnerable in the dead of
that he could not challenge the Men, night. The slave pens of the temples of
Dwarfs, or greenskins
directly for possession of
the crown, yet he hoped
For now, Malekith is content
to turn the growing strife
to his benefit. At the
to offer blood and pain to
very least, he reasoned,
the Dark Elves might
Khaine, god of murder.
increase their raids
while the other races squabbled. The Khaine swell with new occupants, Man,
Druchii could take many captives to be Elf, Goblin, and Dwarf alike. A constant Black Ark Corsair
slaughtered upon the dark altars of Clar stream of offerings is made to the Dark
Karond. If Malekith’s spies and assassins Elves’ vile god, and the blood flows
can misdirect and interfere with his from the altars in gushing rivers. Thus
enemies’ plans, he might, one day, be in does Naggaroth profit when the lesser
position to take the crown itself. But that races go to war. 21
Ogre Kingdoms
As war comes to the Great Forest, so the Ogres of the
Mountains of Mourn smell blood on the winds.

he Ogres care not one ounce for doing so. Ogres are formidable
the Nemesis Crown, who claims it, opponents to face in battle, and their
or what power it might grant. To presence can spell the difference
them, it is a worthless trinket created by between victory and defeat. In return
those too weak to dominate their foes by for their services, the Ogre tribes ask
proper means, and therefore proof, if ever for the first choice of the loot and
it were needed, of the inferiority of the plunder after a battle is won.
smaller races. There are also many larger tribes
Ogres are simple creatures, for whom present. Some even say that Greasus
the world is a simple place. They seek only Goldtooth himself has been seen
to prove their might either
through violence or eating
vast quantities of food. In
The crown was created by
so doing, the Ogres give
praise to their deity, the
those too weak to dominate
Great Maw.
What the Ogres care
a foe by proper means.
for most is violence –
violence and plunder, but mostly violence. heading toward the forest at the head of a
As armies gather in the Great Forest, so the vast caravan of victuals. It appears that the
Ogre Maneater prospect of both arises, and the Ogres are Ogres will fight for themselves also, for
traveling west in great numbers. Some seek what better way can there be to honor the
to hire themselves out to the highest bidder Great Maw than to prove one’s strength
as mercenaries. Many armies will hire against powerful enemies and to consume
them on simply to prevent the enemy from the fallen in the feast of the victor?

In Lustria and the Southlands, the Slann Mage-Priests have felt
the reappearance of the Nemesis Crown.

great rippling in the ether, a shift in who might stand for the forces of order
the ebb and flow of the Winds of against those who would disrupt the proper
Magic, has awakened many Slann path of the Old Ones’ schemes. And so,
from their sleepless trance, and caused the Lizardmen launch attacks against those
great concern and unrest in these who might use the power of the crown for
impossibly ancient and implacable minds. ill. They hope against hope that some
The Mage-Priests have had their Skink among the Younger Races might see the
servants consult ancient the plaques of the truth of the artifact and hide it away once
Old Ones and the stars yet can find no more or, better yet, destroy it entirely. The
explanation for the phenomenon. Dwarfs, they hope, might do so, despite
Whatever it is that has been
discovered across the World
Pond, it should not, the Mage-
Whatever it is that has been
Priests are sure, exist. It is most
certainly not a part of the Old
discovered across the World
Ones’ plans. Thus, they will do
everything in their power to
Pond, it should not exist...
see its removal from the world
and the great plan restored. the fact that it was one of their number that
The inscrutable reptilian leaders of the created the abomination. Of the other
Skink Priest Lizardmen’s jungle empire know that their races, the Slann cannot be so sure, for ever
forces cannot take a direct hand in the they work unwittingly against the grand
strife engulfing the nations of the Old designs of the sacred Old Ones and to the
World. However, they know that they can detriment, so the wise and knowledgeable
lend their aid, even if indirectly, to those Mage-Priests believe, of the entire world.


Tomb Kings
Word of the war reaches even the lands of the dead, and
Settra, Lord of Khemri, sees opportunity within the madness.

ettra’s spies, living and dead, are and Princes have arisen from their
legion. Their reports now speak of interment, their legions of Skeleton
opportunity, for anarchy has been Warriors and Tomb Guard again imbued
loosed upon the Old World. An insanity of with ghastly life. Bone Giants and Ushabti
sorts seemed to have gripped the mightiest have been stirred from slumber, and the
living rulers, who are even now at each rituals of war were performed. So it was
other’s throats. that the dreaded black-hulled fleets of
Settra’s agents cannot determine why Khemri slipped their moorings.
this should be so, but the Tomb King does The Bretonnian city of Brionne was the
not care for the motivations of the living – first city to feel Settra’s wrath, its defenders
provided they can be turned to the victims of the Tomb King’s terrible
his advantage. efficiency. The coastal towns of L’Anguille,
Over the centuries, adventurers from Bestarne, and Guildarie swiftly suffered
distant lands have stolen much from similar fates. In each case, the loss of life
Settra’s domain. Powerful artifacts, and damage was mercifully slight, for the
thousands of years old, languish in wizard’s attackers were single-minded in their goals.
vaults or as curios for the nobility of the They made no attempt to raze the towns or
Empire and Bretonnia. Even dormant slaughter the inhabitants and returned to
servitors and counselors have been taken, their ships once their prize had been
their undying bodies seized while sealed in reclaimed. A week later, the scope of the
their golden caskets. These trespasses have attacks widened and began raids on the
long weighed on Settra’s mind. Now the Empire. Settra himself has landed east of Tomb King
time for revenge is nigh. Marienburg and begun the long march to
At Settra’s command, the Liche Priests Altdorf – home to the Colleges of Magic
have mustered a mighty army. Tomb Kings and many hundreds of stolen items. 23
Gaming Ideas Extra Details
Chaos Temples
There are many ancient
stone structures to be
The Nemesis Crown campaign is a chance for players to found throughout the
get together and play loads of games of Warhammer. Why Great Forest, some
overgrown or toppled,
not try a few of the ideas on this page to spice up your others served by dark
and secretive
gaming even more? congregations of Chaos
worshippers. The Arcane
Ruins set is ideal to
represent these stone
circles, barrows, and
run-down temples. Why
not make use of them in
your Nemesis Crown
games? They make great
objectives, and counting
them as Special Features
makes perfect sense.
The Arcane Monolith
and Fell Ruins are
particularly appropriate.

Other Features
There are plenty of types
of terrain you could
include in your Nemesis
Crown games. Rivers
and roads cross the
Great Forest and make
the ideal focus for an
ambush game. Bridges
and fords across such
rivers make the natural
focus for your games, as
each side would want to
control these crossings
in order to bring more
warriors across to search

for the Nemesis Crown.
lobal Campaigns offer the gamer club? This is an especially good excuse for
many opportunities to play battles a huge, multiplayer battle! Scenarios
that are a bit out of the ordinary – There are a number of
special scenarios, big battles, and new Campaigns scenarios you can use
opponents. We’ve done our bit; now it’s Running your own series of linked games for Nemesis
time for you to do yours. within the greater global campaign is a Crown games.
great way to set up some memorable • The three on pp. 26-31
Make New Friends battles. This could be as simple as keeping of this booklet.
With so much gaming activity going on, a battle journal for your own entertainment • The six special U.S.
you’ll want to play as many games as with stories based on your games. Nemesis Crown
possible. Now’s the time to play those Alternatively, you could run a map-based, scenarios that will be
played in U.S. Hobby
gamers you know that you haven’t battled multiplayer affair. We’re releasing Mighty Centers, clubs, and
yet. Pop down to your store or club and Empires in July, a supplement that helps independent retailers
meet new people (and crush them!). you link your games. Just report each (see pp. 32-33 of this
victory or defeat within the game as you booklet for info, and
The Map charge your way to strategic victory. WD328-331 and
Obviously, an easy way to play a Nemesis
War game is to set it in the campaign area. Doing It Your Way the full
On p. 6 are descriptions of the kind of Play what you want to play, how you want scenario descriptions).
places battles are likely to occur. We have • The four scenarios in
to play it. We’re releasing loads of models,
the rulebook.
placed examples of all of these places on but you can play with your favorite army if • The scenarios in the
the map, but they are only representative. you don’t want a shiny new one. You can Grombold’s Oath
Check out Black Library novels and play Warmaster or one of our other games campaign from
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay for detailed based in the Warhammer world, and you WD 326 & 327.
descriptions of the typical settlements that can still register the results. • Any scenarios you
can be found in the Empire. Why not try Lastly, the Great Forest is a huge place and your gaming
re-creating one of these locations for a (the map is roughly the size of Poland), so buddies come up
special battle at home or at your local don’t feel restricted by what we suggest! with yourselves.



CROWN Special Events
All Games Workshop
IN THE OLD WORLD’S HISTORY Hobby Centers and many
independent stores will
run battles and other

n taverns, inns, and meeting places campaign in which you will aid your events over the duration
throughout the Old World and beyond, faction in the search for the artifact, the of the campaign. Check
rumors have spread that a great prize, fabled Nemesis Crown. out pp. 32-33 and ask
an arcane artifact of untold power, has Signing up for the campaign couldn’t your local Hobby Center
been unearthed deep in the Great Forest be easier. Go online and log on to staff for details.
of the Empire. It is said that the relic – an and follow
ancient Dwarf heirloom – remains the simple registration process. You will New Releases
unclaimed, and now nations and races then be given a unique code that will There are loads of brand
from all over the world are mustering activate your free account. Once you have new Citadel miniatures
their forces to enter the Great Forest an account, you will be able to access coming your way during
south of the Middle Mountains. special areas of the web site and post your this campaign, including
It is now time to call your force to results to influence the campaign and help many new terrain pieces
arms and ready yourself for an epic your faction win the ultimate prize. and plastic kits.

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leader boards The campaign takes place deep in the Great Forest.

Council of War
In this scenario, a mighty general is ambushed while holding a
council of war. Can he and his commanders hold out long
enough for their army to respond?

n the opening days of the search for Empire, the Battle of Taal’s Bowers cost the
the Nemesis Crown, the Emperor Karl Emperor dearly.
Franz himself led a mighty army into This scenario represents a “historic”
the Great Forest. Making camp around a event – one that actually happened during
small, fortified settlement, the Emperor’s the frantic search for the Nemesis Crown.
army joined with that of Talabecland, and While Karl Franz and his most senior
a great council of war was held. advisors met to discuss the coming
While the leaders of the two Imperial campaign, the Beastmen burst forth from
armies met to plan their next move, a the forest as the sun set. Historically, the
horde of Beastmen descended, determined Emperor led a bold counterattack against
to eject the intruders from their dark realm, the Beastmen while his army mustered to
and to offer up the broken bodies of men drive them off. But how else might the
to the dark gods of the woods. The battle battle have ended? Why not try out the
was intense, and the bloodshed terrible. scenario presented here, with the
Every man of the Emperor’s bodyguard of “historical” sides, or with different ones,
Greatswords sold his life so that his lord and see how you fare as commander of
might live. Though a victory for the either army.

Attacker Deploys Here





Victory Conditions Armies
Both armies are chosen to an agreed
The Beastmen seek to repel the Men of the
total per the rules in the Warhammer
Empire from their realm, while the Empire
army lists. If following historical events,
soldiers are concerned with protecting their lord
the Defender must play an Empire army,
at all costs. In addition to the Victory Points rule
which must include Karl Franz as its
described in the Warhammer rulebook, the
General and at least one unit of
Defender gains 200 Victory Points if his General
Greatswords, representing the Foot
is alive at the end of the game, while the Attacker
Reiksguard. The Attacker chooses a
gains this amount (for a total of 300 Victory
Beasts of Chaos army per the normal
Points) if the General is slain. In addition, each
army list restrictions.
Defending unit that flees from the table is worth
an additional 100 Victory Points to the Attacker. Battlefield
See left for battlefield set up.
Concentrate as many woods and hills as
you own around the table edges, with
Emperor’s Personal Banner
the fortified building in the center. A
road runs the width of the table from
Defender Deploys Here one long table edge to the other. Other
terrain features may be added if both
players agree.

Fortified Manor The Defender deploys only his Lords,
Heroes, and a single Special unit at the
beginning of the game, with the
remainder arriving as described in
See this scenario Special Rules.
If the Attacker is a Beasts of Chaos
played in WD330 army, then all units with the Ambush
Special Rule (not just half of them) must
deploy per the terms of their Special
Rule. Units without the Ambush Special
Rule deploy within 18" of a short table
edge once the starting Defenders have
been deployed.

Who Goes First?

The Attacker goes first.

Length of Game
The battle lasts for 6 turns, or until one
player concedes.

Special Rules
A vast army of the Empire is encamped
near the site of the Emperor’s Council of
War and is ready to answer the call to
arms. At the beginning of the Remaining
Moves segment of the Movement Phase,
the Defender rolls a D6 for every unit in
his army not already on the table. On a
4+, the unit enters play, moving on from
either road end, in the same manner as
a unit that has pursued an enemy off the
table (see p. 43 in the Close Combat
chapter of the Warhammer rulebook).

Special Feature
The Emperor has hung his personal
banner from the fortified building,
making it a focal point for the Defenders
to rally to but also the subject of hatred
for the Attackers. The fortified building
counts as a Monument of Glory, as
described in the Special Features
Greatswords make ideal defenders for this scenario. chapter of the Warhammer rulebook. 27
Unquiet Dead

In this historical scenario, one army must smash through the

other’s lines in order to reach its objective. Can the
beleaguered force survive against the odds?

aving gathered together the throngs army had only just entered the Howling
of three of the greatest Dwarf holds Hills, the reputed resting place of Alaric’s
and many lesser ones, Thorgrim masterwork, when they were attacked. As
Grudgebearer marched from the Worlds the Dwarfs neared the range, the forested
Edge Mountains toward the Empire to ground rising before them, the Undead
prevent the Rune of Ages from falling into rose from ancient barrows lining the road
the hands of evil-doers. all about, as if called by some implacable
His route took him along the Old evil to stop him from gaining the crown.
Dwarf Road and then up over the River Thorgrim and his kin fought with grim
Talabec into the Howling Hills. He passed resolve, smashed through the Undead
many ancient sites where the dead rest ranks, and drew nearer to the lost mines of
uneasily in their graves. Thorgrim and his Khrazi Drudd.





Victory Conditions Armies
Both armies are chosen to an agreed
The Attacker seeks to smash through the enemy lines
total per the Warhammer army lists. If
and escape via the road. At the end of the game, the
following historical events, a Vampire
Attacking army gains an additional 100 Victory Points
Counts army led by a Master
for every unit it has within 6" of the point where the
Necromancer is the Defender, while a
road exits the table.
Dwarf army led by Thorgrim
Grudgebearer is the Attacker. The Dwarf
army must include at least one unit of
Miners and one unit of Rangers, brought
along by Thorgrim to clear a route
through the hills.

Fell Ruins Battlefield

See left for battlefield set up. A road
bisects the table from the center of one
long table edge to the other. Concentrate
lots of woods and hills on either side of
the road, but not within 12" of it.

The Attacking army is placed anywhere
Attacker Deploys Here in the areas shown in the map. The
Defending army is then deployed
anywhere else not within 18" of an
attacking unit.

Who Goes First?

The Attacker goes first.

Length of Game
The battle lasts for 6 turns, or until one
player concedes.

Special Feature
The hills hereabouts are rife with lonely
barrows of ill aspect. After the terrain
has been placed, but before
deployment, the Defender may place
one Fell Ruins Special Feature on each
24" side of the road but not in the Attacker’s
Deployment Zone.

Rangers can give the Dwarfs a head start.

The Fell Ruins in this scenario can be

represented by the plastic Arcane Ruins set. 29
Blood Beneath
the Branches
In this third historical scenario, one army is engaged in a
search of the battlefield, while another seeks to expel its rivals
from the region.

s Grimgor’s forces spread far and On one such occasion, Grimgor was
wide in search of the Nemesis interrupted in his search for the crown
Crown, the greenskins left no stone when Wood Elves, maddened by his army
unturned and no enemy unbloodied in trampling through the verdant glades of the
their desperate need to obey the orders of Great Forest, descended upon the
their brutal master. greenskin horde and attempted to eject him
On many occasions, Grimgor Ironhide from a realm they regarded as their own.
himself took to the field, his very arrival The Elves made short work of Grimgor’s
driving the greenskins to yet greater efforts force, but were ultimately bested in bloody
in their search. Much to his delight, close combat by the Warlord and his Black
Grimgor’s presence drew many powerful Orc bodyguard, thereby providing a
enemies to challenge him. fleeting diversion for Grimgor.


Victory Conditions Armies
Victory Points are used to determine the winner. Both armies are chosen to an agreed
Each search marker is worth an additional 100 total per the Warhammer army lists. If
Victory Points to the side that controls it at the end following historical events, the Defender
of the game. Search markers are controlled in the has an Orcs & Goblins army led by
same manner as a unit controls a Special Feature – Grimgor Ironhide, which must include at
see the Special Features chapter of the Warhammer least one unit of Black Orcs. The Attacker
rulebook for details. chooses a Wood Elf army that must
include at least one unit of Waywatchers.

Concentrate as many woods and trees
as you own around the edge of the
table, with a few scattered areas
around the rest of the battlefield.

The Defender chooses a long table
edge, and deploys his entire army
Defender Deploys Here within 24" of it. The Attacker then
places his entire army within 12" of
the opposite table edge.

Search Marker
Who Goes First?
The Attacker goes first.

Length of Game
The battle lasts for 6 turns or until one
player surrenders.
Attacker Deploys Here Special Rules
24" To represent the desire to find the
Nemesis Crown for Grimgor, the
Defender places D3+3 small “search
markers” on the table before
deployment, each of which represents
a location the greenskins are planning
to search. Each must be within a
terrain feature and may not be within
12" of another marker. Apart from
these restrictions, search markers may
be placed anywhere on the table.

Search Markers

© Games Workshop Ltd. 2007, all rights

reserved. Permission granted to photocopy
Spider Riders can help redress the balance in this
scenario with their ability to ignore Difficult Terrain. these Search Markers for personal use. 31

Campaign in the U.S.A.
Campaign games played and things you can look forward to: four
reported in America will be set in the Nemesis Crown Mega Battles with
Talabec Borders (see p. 10 of this special scenarios in U.S. Hobby Nemesis Crown
booklet), an area of deep forest with
many sizable towns and villages
Centers and independent retailers; the
Big Game at Baltimore, Chicago, and
populated by skilled woodsmen and Los Angeles Games Days; the In times of war and great peril,
stout-hearted men. Unfortunately, the conclusion of the Path to the Crown the character of true heroes –
and villains – emerges. Of those
region has experienced an increasing Roadshow; two scenarios for the
searching for the Nemesis Crown
number of attacks by Beastman War special locations in the Talabec and fighting in the vicinity of the
Herds and mutants, surely a sign that Borders not contested in the in-store Talabec Borders, a few greats
conflict is coming. Mega Battles; and much, much more. have shown their true colors. To
In the U.S., many special events Keep checking White Dwarf, the read about these personalities
and thousands of games in clubs, GW web site, the Nemesis Crown and use them in your games,
homes, and shops will contribute to web site, and your local game shop check out their descriptions on
the ongoing story of the Nemesis for regular updates about events and the Nemesis Crown web site.
Crown. Here are just a few of the news happening in your area. To war!

It’s not too late! Join us for the last two

dates of the Path to the Crown Roadshow.
At each stop on the Roadshow, Golden
Demon winners, White Dwarf staff
members, and scenery gurus Dave Taylor,
John Shaffer, and Tim Lison will be on
hand to answer your questions, swap war
stories, and let you in on their painting
and modeling secrets. Plus, there will be
special Mega Battles for Warhammer,
Warhammer 40,000, and The Lord of The
Rings. For more details, check out
Orland Square GW Hobby Center – May 12 & 13 | Springfield GW Hobby Center – May 19 & 20
Orland Park, IL • 708-226-95463 Springfield, VA • 703-719-9300
Nemesis Crown Mega Battles
U.S. Hobby Centers and independent retailers will whole, so be sure to join us for the following gaming
host four Mega Battles, each with special scenarios and events. Bring in 1,000 points of troops to play at each
terrain. The outcomes of these Mega Battles will have a event. Full scenario descriptions can be found in
significant impact on the Nemesis Crown campaign as a WD328-331 and on the Nemesis Crown web site.

June Defend the Headless Badger

The fortified inn known as Headless July Under the Hanging Tree
This gnarled, twisted tree full of hanged

30 Badger is a safe haven for travelers

who can rest easy within its stout
walls...normally. The hunt for the
21 men, gibbets, and other grisly trophies is
grim evidence that the taint of Chaos has
fouled the lands of the Empire. Though
Nemesis Crown has brought the cautious men fear the tree and the dark
enemies of the Empire to the vicinity. magics that, no doubt, have been worked
Join us to save the defenders of the upon it, bolder hearts would see this
Headless Badger or to bring down the corrupted tree torn down. Grab axe and
forces of light and raze the inn. torch and join the angry mob.

July Capture the Tower of Moonrise

August In the Shadow of

The Tower of Moonrise is a gigantic Vrathgar’s Monolith

14 structure with an impressive array of

gears and mirrors that can project
beams of moonlight through the
Many stone circles, monoliths, and
edifices of origins both dark and terrible
punctuate the landscape of the Talabec
forest for many miles. This tower Borders. By far the most conspicuous –
can help the wardens search for lost and most feared – of these is Vrathgar’s
travelers, watch for enemies, and Monolith. Rumor has it that the forces of
assist allies in battle. The forces of darkness intend to use the ancient
darkness want to destroy this magics of the Monolith to summon
strategically important tower. daemonic forces. The forces of light are
marching to prevent this from happening.

Big Game at Games Day

Baltimore, Chicago & Los Angeles
Each year, the gigantic Warhammer 40,000
“Big Game” draws hundreds of fans for a day
of insane gaming. This year, we weren’t
content with giving only 40K fans all this great
gaming, so we added a Warhammer game and
made it part of the Nemesis Crown campaign.
Check the Games Day web site for background
information on this exciting event!

Games Day Baltimore

June 23 • Baltimore, Maryland

Games Day Chicago

July 28 • Chicago, Illinois

Games Day Los Angeles

August 11 • Ontario, California 33

Who Will Claim the Nemesis Crown?

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