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Homestay Vietnam

Greetings from Homestay


We are the Recruitment Team of Homestay Vietnam.

On behalf of Homestay Vietnam, we are pleased to receive your application.

Please have a careful look at the last page to know how to apply for joining us!


Creating memories that last a lifetime! Is Our Slogan

We're a group of young people living and studying in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
Currently, we are implementing one project called "Language and culture exchange" to
bring more chances to improve English skills and living skills for young people in
Vietnam. The project is being implemented in both of these places so we need volunteers
for this project to support us by teaching English and living skills for the youth and
students. We hope that through this program, young people and students in Vietnam will
become your friendly friends as well as good tour guides to help you learn more about the
culture, the country and Vietnamese people. We would like to invite you to become a part
of our program and share your experience to young Vietnamese people.


A homestay is an opportunity for all volunteers from many countries all over the world
and a group of Vietnamese mature students to live together under a roof and learn from
each other, also known as immersion learning!

We have homestays all around the city available for volunteers to join. Each Homestay is
located in one of the many exciting districts and located close to cafes, restaurants, lakes
and vibrant nightlife.


From middle school students and college students to business professionals, all of our
students are ambitious learners who want to improve their English skills for a variety of
reasons. All students are over 16 years old and most of them have basic knowledge of
English before joining the Homestay program.

Each homestay also has a Vietnamese manager team who are always willing to support
you if you have any problem. Feel free to let them know if you have any question during
your staying.


You will spend time cooking, going on day trips, having loads of fun and giving students
the opportunity to learn English in REAL life situations! In return you will experience Ha
Noi or Ho Chi Minh City and the surrounding areas as a true local. This has proven to
reap excellent results and is guaranteed to be an experience no one forgets!

You will help with teaching English here. The classrooms are based within each
homestay and have a whiteboard and a printer available. In return you will receive
comfortable accommodation, three meals a day and a house full of your very own tour
guides who cannot wait to show you the best of the South or the North of Vietnam.

Duration: At least 3 weeks (Please inform us at least a week to be considered in case
you want to stay longer)
Teaching hour: At least 4-5 hours/day (sometimes 3-4 hours) and 5 days/week
Timeline: You
Location: Vietnam (can be Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city)
+ Homestay in Hanoi with 6 branches
+ Homestay in SaiGon with 5 branches
Main Activities:
- Main classes (can be online): 1.5 hours per class | Around 5 and 10 students in
each class | Lesson Plan is available.
- Tutoring classes: 1 hour per class| Around 2-5 students in each class | Random
- Weekend Activities (Discount for teachers): Karaoke, Birthday party, Charity,
Picnic, Football, City tour, Camping, Swiming, Cooking Competion ....

- Daily Cooking Activity: Volunteers and students will prepare food together.
Volunteers will learn how to cook Vietnamese food from students at least 3
days/week, lunch meal or dinner for the Homestay that volunteers and students
live in.

Offer from us:

- Free an online TEFL course if you go for 2 months volunteerting and have good
performace evaluated by the managers, teaching assistants and students.
- Free full-equipped accommodation (Dorm room with beds, you will live
together with the students, private bathroom and lockers, pilow and blanket
are available, free Wi-Fi, electricity and water,...)
- Free Home – made food with 3 meals per day (Breakfast is available with
breads, butter, milk, eggs, ...; Lunch and Dinner will be prepared by volunteers,
managers and students)

- Supported to be picked up from the airport as required.

- Get certificate and Recommendation Letter after teaching at Homestay


Note: Please bring a copy of your passport so that we can do the Declaration
of Temporary Residence for the duration of your volunteering in the

Tuitoring/ Private class with 3 students in the kitchen

Tuitoring/ Private class with 4 students in the livingroom

Main class with Basic level in the classroom

Main class with Intermediate level in the livingroom


Halloween 2018

Doing Charity at night

Cooking competition

Happy Women’s Day

City tour

Cooking at Homestay

Hang out together


STEP 1: Read twice the infos about us above to make sure you do not apply for the

wrong Program
STEP 2: Sending us a video with answering these questions (The video is from 5-

- Introduce yourself, including: Name, Age, Nationality, Hobbies, Etc.

- Why do you know about Homestay Vietnam program?

- When can you start to join the Homestay Vietnam and plan to join for How

- Is there anything you are allergic? (Food,...)

- What do you think about daily cooking activiity between volunteers

and students?

- What do you expect to gain during the period you join Homestay Vietnam

STEP 3: Sending the video, your CV, your Passport photo to our email : and waiting for our response in 2 days.

If you have any concern, feel free to approach us at:

- Our Whatsapp: +84328020341 (Ms Rowena)

+84981073295 (Ms Kimberly)

- Our facebook page: