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B> TRUMPET BOOK 2 ESSENTIAL TS COMPREHENSIVE BAND METHOD TIM LAUTZENHEISER JOHN HIGGINS CHARLES MENGHINE PAUL LAVENDER TOM C. RHODES DON BIERSCHENK CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to Essential Elements 2000 - Book 2! PLAY ALONG CD DISC 1 Your book includes the Play Along CD Disc 1 which covers two different sections of Book 2: + The first $5 exercises —and— + The Individual Study section (pages 38-41) During the first 55 exercises, the melody is demonstrated by a small band ensemble. A professional soloist is featured playing your instrument for the Individual Study section, Each track begins with a one measure count-off, and itis played twice—the second time is the accompaniment-only. These track accompaniments are performed by professional studio musicians, and they explore a rich variety of musical styles and cultures, with classical, rock Jazz, country, and world music. PLAY ALONG CD SET - DISC 2 & 3 This set of play-along tracks is available from your music dealer, and includes exercise 56 through the end of Book 2. It features the melody demonstrated by a small band ensemble, followed by the accompaniment-only. For use by all instruments. ISBN 0.634-012940 Copyright © 2000 by HAL LEONARD CORPORATION International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved HAL*LEONARD* CORPORATION % REVIEW KEY SIGNATURE TIME SIGNATURES BREATH MARK 1 i Key of ¢ Whole | Half | Quarter | Fighths et ee ee Rests; = - Rog REPEATSIGN TIE SLUR TEMPO MARKINGS Allegro Moderato 1, TECHNIQUE TRAX r — —— a we 2. SHOO FLY ‘American Folk Song Allegro’ 3. THAILAND LULLABY Thai Folk Song € pe ee fT —— f se I 4, SHEPHERD’S HEY mace Engin Fok Song i ao a 5, THE CRAWDAD SONG Allegro’ [American Folk Song REVIEW KEY SIGNATURES TIME SIGNATURES. G6 Key of F Key of G Dotted Quarter & Ist & 2nd ENDINGS DYNAMICS PICK-UP TEMPO = Wicte | ""glun Notes (e pigey NOME mies > = Masten 6. AMERICA/GOD SAVE THE QUEEN ‘Andante = Tie Based on a Traditional Anthem 7. WEARING OF THE GREEN Moderato ish Folk Song a eee eS lgedoo te ere os == oe Seeee oe 8. ROSES FROM THE SOUTH Allegro Johann Strauss, Jr i 9. CRUISIN’ THROUGH THE PARK Moderato 4 Gest eee ea mf 4 — = 10. TRUMPET VOLUNTARY — Duet Jeremiah Clarke Mastoso i = pe) A == eo f = - Ue ft a 4 & REVIEW (MULTIPLE MEASURE REST ACCENT FERMATA D.C. al 2 TINE —ie > Fighth Note | fighth Rest | _fighth Note & A Eighth Rest | & Eighth Note |Dotted Quarter Note Pe ah dd 11, CHROMA-ZONE ee mf Fine ; os $ Sa 12. BILLY BOY ‘American Folk Song py. Neserat + = | 3 of Allegro ie orl ss 14, SALSA SIESTA - Duet Moderato Staccato notes are played lightly and with separation. Staccato] ihgaputaiomnanvonec buon hem 15, TREADING LIGHTLY Moderato P Tenuto notes are played smoothly and connected, holding each note until the Tenuio dan Baya Tey ac nuneceonrasanghtine above ot ouow ie ote 16. SMOOTH MOVE « eiogr _, Oi = SS] of 17. SHIFTING GEARS English composer Thomas Talis (1508-1585) served as a royal court composer for Kings Henry Vill and Edward Vl, ‘and Queens Mary and Elizabeth. During Talis lifetime, the artist Michaelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. Canons (one or more parts imitating the first part) were used in many forms by 16th century composers. A Round is 2 strict (or exact) canon which can be repeated any number of times without stopping, Play Talis Canon as a 4-part round. AUOISIH 18. TALLIS CANON (Round) ‘Thomas Tallis © e © Sightreading —_sightreating means playing a musical piece or he ist time. The key to sightreading success Isto know whl leak or Georeyou ply. Use the word ST-ALR-S to femind yours what J BAK Gea CTTMl Jour bance ecara seieuding STARS § — Sharps or flats in the key signature T — Time signature and tempo markings ‘A — Accidentals not found in the key signature R — Rhythms silently counting the more difficult notes and rests 5 — Signs, including dynamics, articulations, repeats and endings 19. SIGHTREADING CHALLENGE Moderato Z DAILY WARM-UPS 20. TONE BUILDER WORKOUTS FOR TONE & TECHNIQUE an SS oe 21. FLEXIBILITY STUDY eae = ae 22. TECHNIQUE TRAX 23. CHORALE Andante ms Johann Sebastian Bach Ritardando sitard. to riz, - Gradually siower 25. GLOW WORM. Allegretto. <1 Usvallya little slower than Allegro, and witha lighter style. Paul Lincke eo aa it. Watch your director. 7 26. ALMA MATER - New Note Practice iong tones on all new notes. A. Weekes, WM. Smith, HS.Thompson Andante i an E SHES nf ae 000 {ytites of his desire to return home to his family and the breathtaking beauty of Loch (Lake) Lomond 2 lake in Scotland. Located ‘The Scottish folk song Loch Lomond is credited to a anonymous soldier who was imprisoned and awaiting execution. Inithe inthe southern highlands, the lake is almost entirely surrounded by hill One of these fs Ben Lomond, a peak 3,192 feet high. Z 27. LOCH LOMOND Scottish Folk Song Moderato Ft ee Ifa key signature changes during apiece of muse you wil usally se a thin double ber Key Changes _ineattheley change. You may algo see natural signs reminding you to "cance previous sharps or late Keep playing using the correct notes Indicate inthe new key signature. ROOT 28. MOLLY MALONE Itish Folk Song o__ Allegro ps } F aot Ge alee errr he aslo SE a Jt a F corese crescendo (of) Dynamics decresc, = decrescendo (or) 29. RISE AND FALL alee = jee 4 Se I Se : Se pcrese. 30. NO COMPARISON 31. SIGHTREADING CHALLENGE tememberthe 5-7-A.R-S guidelines. = nf crese. ae 8 : © = 2beats € Time Signature a 2 beats per measure ees ' Cut Time (Alla Breve) = Half note gets one best jo 32. RHYTHM RAP. clap the hythm while counting and rapping +-— Joes dt jo—eefe—d todd dio if De Pe 33. A CUT ABOVE —— oe as 2 Veda tea2e te28 1428 1He2se tare 1e2e Tare 34, TWO-FOUR YANKEE DOODLE Moderato American Folk Song nf 35. CUT TIME YANKEE DOODLE Moderato ‘American Folk Song pao uf 36, MARIANNE Jamaican Folksong Moderato coe = 1 . p crs Sf decrese P 37. THE VICTORS Lous Ebel March Tempo f Content & 2 & 38. ESSENTIAL CREATIVITY write this example in cuttine before playing. Allegro ; AG oR ye tf Allegro . Use full breath support at all dynamic levels. Poe Dynamics ‘mp — mezzo piano (moderately soft) 39. A- ROVING ‘Moderato mp f mp : Syncopation occurs wihen an accent or emphasisis given enon [002 | eee oe feel Is common in many popular and classical styles. 40. RHYTHM RAP ‘cop eons deejee dolore didyey Feeders de l Tere tare Tere 1Te82e Te2e Te2e Te2sHe 14a2e8 41. IN SYNC = = > Go ee eee te te eee 1 ese 42, LA ROCA Puerto Rican Folk Song Moderato . 1. Ee ag a ¢ tf ‘American composer George M. Cohan (1878-1942) was also 2 popular author, producer director and performer. He helped ‘develop a popular form of American musical theater now known as musical comedy. He is also considered to be one of the ‘most famous composers of American patriotic songs, earning the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1917 for his song Over There. Many of his songs became morale boosters when the United States entered World War lin that same year. 43, ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS QUIZ - YOU'RE A GRAND OLD FLAG words and Music by George M.Cohan Mareh Style * nf mp ‘eres. f f IR eS eed AngeRSS Z New Key Signature Gee Mviinauntersctte 44. KEY MOMENT - New Note £ DScale 1 Apeggio. z a geste. Steed 45. THE MINSTREL BOY Irish Folk Song. ‘Andante [eee 2 mp 46. CLOSE CALL - New Note Be 47. VICTORY MARCH a March Tempo ' M.J.Shea ‘ Se = : \ oH qa SS aj == f Compare the notation of the melody : Cut Time Syncopation Z.2). D=¢) J 2 below winveroy march above Should they sound the same? 48. WINNING STREAK Mareh Tempo Mu.Shea St 49. SIGHTREADING CHALLENGE remember the S-7-A.2-S guidelines. Moderato mp Oot. Gt oe = SS por Sixteenth Notes ; . s $5 FF exchsincenthnote = YaBeot es has 2 flags on the stem, 50. RHYTHM RAP p00 J aL 4 Le 2esekose TH2eseeas a TaPeRAT HAE TE2eeAZ EHS 51, SIXTEENTH NOTE FANFARE Li == I 2 eee cet st edeed TetaSets te 1U2G3ebaF a TE2eess EAR THPEH ATES 52. MOVING ALONG 53. BACK AND FORTH - Duet Moderato A 54, COMIN’ ROUND THE MOUNTAIN VARIATIONS Moderato American Folk Song o f 55. ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS QUIZ ZB Zz se eee feed cteag ae 12 PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT 56. WARM-UP CHORALE 4.5. Bach/Art by John Higgins Largo a, om oe = : << mp =p = — P 57. THE THUNDERER - Band Arrangement John Philip Sousa 4 March style eal John Higgins SSS SS mprerse. 7 4 ma |b A SS a Jamaican Folk Song Arcby John Higgins ‘American Folk Song 59. SHENAI ‘Arby John Higgins Largo Geet eo 13 PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT 60. LAS MANANITAS - Band Arrangement ‘Mexican Folk Song. Allegro Arr by John Higgins Jean-Joseph Mouret ‘ John Higgins 61, RONDEAU - Band Arrangement March Style &% f ee Fine-Go back to the sign (8) and play until Fine. ~ __ DS.alFine 62, ROCK.COM - Encore Band Arrangemet Moderato John Higgins a a 14 63. RHYTHM RAP. |. iT jo SL 4 Te 2a Feeed ee Te 2e3 base 1H 2eesF HF e Thareas eae 64, SIXTEENTH VARIATIONS 5S ae Te =r ES = oded Tee derase 1h 2 a3 ee4e Te 2eGas Bode Teer asd 65. SEA CHANTEY Moderato === o mp cresc. 66, AMERICAN FANFARE - New Note Bo bee ceo Ae ft 1 5 This key signature indicates your Key of B> (Concert A). i New Key Signature ae Play alls as Bat and all Es as fat. 67. SCALE STUDY aso ——S— ——— 4 oe oe e - aa 2 ax" oe . 68. BILL BAILEY Moderato 69. rHyTHM RAP [Jo29=-7e] i LOI SOL Ly Le 2e esate Th 2E See LebaIe sR SA Toh PeHZEHE 70. RHYTHM ETUDE op oppee i edanesieeedd edd oteeeeadp — il Da De deaate TH 243ee4e Teha2e Zeck Ge Teh 2eRTHHE 71, BATTLE STATIONS Moderato = sume? one ivwesweld 7 ddeer gs. 72. ENGLISH DANCE Moderato oi. eae = mf aS 73. BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN American Folk Song Allegretto hele : + Z i. = ae eS EBS 7 ? : a $5 3 Sa ee SSS] Fine _ Fark z 74, ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS QUIZ Moderato BG ina 16 Rallentando ral, ~ Gradually slower (same as ritardando) 75. SIMPLE SONG - Duet atch yourdrector Adagio en 76. LINE DANCE Allegretto a uf 77. TECHNIQUE TRAX ‘Moderato Keep 16ths steady 7 —— poets tl fleet =e ft vee? te e 78. THE GALWAY PIPER Moderato ish Ret f eS it mf Pe 79. MANHATTAN BEACH MARCH ee Mareh Tempo John Pip Sousa £ = 4 $e 2 j fene pfe a — oe fi ee aa i re ee t= = as oo eS al 80. SIGHTREADING CHALLENGE remember the ST4-R-S guidelines Hegretto a1. RHYTHM RAP (LD d= <3] pftnd TD ao au Leea2 a3 ee4e 1 Ga2BR ROHR Tee2e dense LesPesase 82. MARCHING ALONG TOPE fe ead Deares ease Taare case 1earasade 83, FANFARE FOR BAND - Trio Maestoso eV 84, O TANNENBAUM ‘Andante fi iB ‘Traditional Hanukkah Song oS 86. GOOD KING WENCESLAS Aleretio CaaS ae re Pas Ss nf English Carot 18 ZB DAILY WARM-UPS so ioscours rox rones recuniove 87. TONE BUILDER Play atavverysiow tempo. Ob. a SS = 88. FLEXIBILITY STUDY Pant = 89. TECHNIQUE TRAX 90. CHORALE ‘Adagio French composer Georges Bizet (1838-1875) entered the Paris Conservatory to study musie when he was only ten zg years old. There he won many awards for voice, piano, organ, and composition. Bizet’s best known composition is the '& __Spera commen which was fist performed n 1875, Cormen es th sty of band of Gypsies solders smgalrs and —_outaws.Orgialycticied forts reals onstage, it was soon halled asthe most popular French opera ever writen. 91, TOREADOR SONG (from CARMEN) : 7 Macstoso = nf 19 92, LA CUMPARSITA - New Note (Enharmonic) ‘Moderato G Rodriguez AL/GH @— 5 9 t tenons 93. THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS check the key signature. Moderato 94, SCALE STUDY - New Note : FScale ’ Feo pes 1 Check rhythm Until 1974 Australia’ official national anthem was God Save The Queen. A competition was held in 1973 to compose a new = anthem, but none of the entries met with the judges’ approval. Finally the government asked the public to vote, choosing 2 from among Australia's 3 mast popular patriotic songs. After easily defeating Waltzing Matilda and God Save The Queen, Advance Australia Fair was offically declared the national anthem of Australia on April 19, 1974, 2 95. ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR Peter Dodds McCormick Maestoso a tempo 4 Resume previous tempo 96, ESSENTIAL CREATIVITY ‘Arrange the melody of “America (My Country Tis Of Thee)" for your instrument. Write out the first fine (6 measure). Your fist notes G. ADD: Key signature—key of G + Time signature—3/4 + Tempo and dynamic markings. ————— o Play the completed ine on your insttument to hear your own version, 20 97. AMERICAN PATROL ‘Moderato é = 3 feces a f FW. Meacham asa ied 98. ARIA (from MARRIAGE OF FIGARO) ‘Mode Wiokoong Amadeus Moser — = — — tee eS S34 of Pickeupon beat 6 a ee Fea a 105. CHANSON Andante French Folk Song 106, ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS QUIZ - WHEN JOHNNY COMES MARCHING HOME Allegro American Folk Song Be = Counts 123.456 SSeS of = x ot crese. f 22 More Enharmonics Remember that notes which sound the same but = See eee have different letter names are called enharmoni po bo ane + These wie ie onion Earnest jou ‘G/D> — F/G JS hi/Bs Use in the exercises below. ee More Chromatics ‘The smallest distance between two notes sa half- step,and a scale made up of consecutive half steps isa chromatic scale, These are usualy written with ce ‘enharmonic notes—sharps when going up and flats aes Flelals ‘when going down, 107. CHROMATIC SCALE Practice slowly until you are sure of al the fingerings. | ee, ie fe et o ' I A FtEnharmonic 108. TECHNIQUE TRAX Js a Cuban dance and song form in slow 2/4 meter. Its named after the city of Havana, the capital fof Cuba. Made popular in the New World in the early 19th Century it was later carried over to Spain. There the rhythms of the Habanera were incorporated into many styles of Latin music. One of the most fémous Habaneras Ig heard in Bizet’s Carmen written in 1875, 109. HABANERA (from CARMEN) Andante CtEnharmonic Georges Bizet mf decrese P nf decrese P 110, CHROMATIC CRESCENDO Moderato ae ae eo het 2B 111. TURKISH MARCH (from THE RUINS OF ATHENS) Ludwig van Beethoven Allegretto eee a of 112, THE OVERLANDER stra ‘Allegro ‘station Fok Song 113. STACCATO STUDY Moderato Bs Enharmonic —_y CtEnharmonic Pp crese, Perea 1 - if: decrese. Ft Enharmonic P 114, YANKEE DOODLE DANDY Allegro Words and Music by George M.Cohan mf np = mp Fem ten eT es 115. SIGHTREADING CHALLENGE ernembe the SAS guidelines sSpups fot nthe key sgntre, T-Tmesignatue and empos, A~Aceentals, R= yt, Sins ‘Moderato a eee of 24 3 2 2 Triplets Z.Pofrne.mactmnoevpirsmed = T_T SD evenly across one beat. 1 tip-let 2 tip-let gE A triplet i a group of 3 notes played in the space of 2. Ja 116. RHYTHM RAP 2 2) ee 117, THREE TO GET READY 118, TRIPLET STUDY 3 : 1 8 Enhamonic peepee ee Fe Lean el 3 a nN | ee sna e = SS eee Se ope = Check yt oe 119, MARCH (from THE NUTCRACKER) - Duet Allegretto Peter Tchaikovsky A wf 120, ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS QUIZ - THEME FROM FAUST Maestaso 2 25 121. SCALE STUDY - New Notes G5cale yee 7S x Check Rhythm 122, OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS ‘American Folk Song Allegretto i decrese 128. RHYTHM RAP [IR = 1 £3] fo seal. Eo JF 124, ON THE MOVE = = aS = Ba oe — ca oe 125. HIGHER GROUND Moderato = 126. ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS QUIZ ‘Allegretto bbp DSS SS nf & (Si FSS SS SSS ? _ — = : = s) SS SS ee el ‘The first known printing ofthe lyrics and music fo The Marines’ Hymn dates from August 1,1918. An unknown ‘author is believed to have taken the opening words of the song from the words on the Marine Corps lag,"From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripol.” The music was taken from"Genevieve de Brabant," by the operetta composer Jacques Offenbach. HISTORY, 127. THE MARINES’ HYMN ‘March Tempo | Play until you see the D.S. al Fine. Then so back to the sign ($8) and play until the word Fine. the abbreviation for Dal Segno, or “from the sign,"and Fine means“the end.” 2 2 e Accelerando accel, — Gradually faster, 129. CAN-CAN Allegretto S55 ft & accel 4 Watch your director. Jacques Offenbach ve, ve 7 130, TARANTELLA Allegro Italian Folk Song nf f > Pickup ‘The waltz ia dance in moderate 3/4 time which developed around 1800 from the Landler,an Austrian peasant dance. [Austrian composer Johann Strauss, Jt. (1825-1899) composed over 400 waltzes. These include such famous pieces as The Blue Danube, Tales From the Vienna Woods and Emperor Waltz. 131, EMPEROR WALTZ ‘Andantino ~ Pickup 140. ANCHORS AWEIGH (Capt AH. Miles and CA. Zimmerman ‘March Tempo 141, GREENSLEEVES English Folk Song Andante os a 142, THE LONG CLIMB 2 Measure Repeat 143. THE BLUE BELLS OF SCOTLAND ‘Moderato, o_o 7 : Cap THEORY Major and Minor The scales youve already eared are called Major scales, ‘They all follow the same pattern, with half-steps between notes 3-4 and between notes 7-8, ‘Natural Minor scales follow a different pattern, with hhalf-steps between notes 2-3 and 5-6. The A Minor scale uses the same key signature as € Major. ‘Another type of minor scale is called Harmonic Minor, which adds an accidental to raise the 7th note by a half-step. Compare the scales on the right. ‘See page 37 for additional minor scales. 144, NATURAL MINOR SCALE [ANATURAL MINOR [AHARMONICMINOR A= Holston cimasor 1 203 6 8 6 7 8 YT 2 3 4 5s 6 7 8 Ya ee 145. FINALE FROM “NEW WORLD SYMPHONY” ‘Allegro > we [Antonin Dvorék 146. HARMONIC MINOR SCALE 147. HUNGARIAN DANCE NO. 5 148, POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE (LAND OF HOPE AND GLORY) Allegro cd Maestoso ih Johannes Brahms Edward Elgar 31 PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT Ply untyouse the al Coda. Then go back the gn (8) and ply ntl the Coda sign D.S. al Coda ("To Coda” @). Skip directly to the Coda and play until the end. 149. SIMPLE GIFTS - Band Arrangement Shaker Folk Song Moderato ‘arr by John Higgins = To Coda @ DS. al Coda = ee uf 150. SEMPER FIDELIS - Band Arrangement John Philip Sousa March Tempo 3 a Arby John Higgins E =——— chy yeu . ny yy = FS SS i] St 32 PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT 151. DANNY BOY - Band Arrangement Wish Folk ong Andante @ 2 acy ohn Higgins 152. TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME - Band Arrangement By Jack Norworth and Harry von Tilzer o Arr. by John Higgins Allegretto PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT 153. SERENGETI (AFRICAN RHAPSODY) - Band Arrangement John Higgins [5 Forse Maestoso “Daybreak” f mp rit f : ececeeae at f “celta” El stoderately Fost rin ims VIL os RUBANK® STUDIES 154. CHORALE (Concert B>) i = . a - Pp orese. mmf’ decresc. P 155. CHORALE (Concert E}) SSS = 156. CHORALE (Concert F) - at : , t a mp — — P Geed TRUMPET KEY OF C (CONCERT B>) 159. - i = — oe ewes Ss = SRS 4 « a 5 « 9 RUBANK’ STUDIES TRUMPET KEY OF F (CONCERT E}) 163. Bp ae EE eS =e 164, Se a re eee a 166. 2 =~ 4 Be = [og olny TRUMPET KEY OF G (CONCERT F) 167. 36 RUBANK’ STUDIES TRUMPET KEY OF B) (CONCERT A:) 171. iA : =] 2 : = PRT alae TRUMPET KEY OF BD (CONCERT C) 175. RUBANK® STUDIES TRUMPET KEY OF A MINOR (CONCERT G MINOR) 179. Natural ‘Harmonic i= = : 6b cls: “ends Seely l ae cae = 180. — —— deeges eodeerwe es les = ——— : fe SS cea aH TRUMPET KEY OF D MINOR (CONCERT € MINOR) 181. Natural ‘Harmonic EAS aS oe eS 182. = oS Pees aster aor ie Pt | = ——— ji eas SES Soe TRUMPET KEY OF E MINOR (CONCERT D MINOR) 183. Natural Harmonic CHROMATIC SCALES 185. Ghnae iaeteper tie 2 ticle tbe eee bhai] 38 INDIVIDUAL STUDY - Trumpet 187, TONE BUILDER Track 56 ee = a 4 = fa —| 188. LOW TONE EXCURSION co Track 57 189, FLEXIBILITY STUDY cD Track 58 191, FINGER PATTERNS CO Track 60 Q ls INDIVIDUAL STUDY - Trumpet 193. MARCH STUDY cD Tracke2 i =] SSS eS cD Track 63 ea SS fees 195. SKILL BUILDER #2 CD Track 64 . a ° 2 we fo” =: 2 we o Hf =~ 9° Ge Ee eee feeeeee Er SSS ees “A \ 196. SKILL BUILDER #3 CD Track 65 = == wae erro 4 a ee ga he oe pe = 40 INDIVIDUAL STUDY - Trumpet Sole witty Bien 6. oo carom inssolo wa ie pone mera nem crt lends sae Accompaniment 197. VEGA - Trumpet Solo co racks a Andante (J= 84) rw. Prana ded pl =a Vander Cook fds y dt =f de ore ; 7 v P cantabile a “te nf i =—_ Bott Moderato (2= 90) oo ere < ae i acceh oe eS a INDIVIDUAL STUDY - Trumpet 197. VEGA - Piano Accompaniment cp tracke7 Vander Cook Anaante 89) : a Moerat =90) Z RHYTHM STUDIES 3 pe Td dy i dy feid a ai yl, as ian 1 ee ee ee 2 gL poe LLL pCR Ly SS, A pd, LL) Nt ee eee ae eee ee ee -_L, yna 37 38 gia Aly Aso & RHYTHM STUDIES good jai as jas os gil, joa 4 2A, ee ee go) eb Tk pO oa ys ee po i Pee ged J a a poo ony. a yy gid 1 od tt CREATING MUSIC Play the following theme and two variations to hear how the arranger has created new phrases based on the original melody, 1. THEME “Simple Gifts” — eee |? 2 =e ; | : == i VARIATION 1. Adding some notes + Changing some rhythms aon - —_ SS SSS S|} 3 oS : VARIATION 2. Removing notes « Changing rhythms « Adding accents * Adding notes x = fo == — i =a SSS] 2, THEME AND YOUR VARIATION Write your own variation of this theme. eee - + { z = : C4 SS SS SSS pe - = SS SS SS SS | Improvisation using a Blues Scale s an important Blues Scale : cee attoffjazz and popular music Musicians use '& Blues Improvisation combinations of these notes and various thythms = bey ' eLopll Suh Sosuaninls BNE ers Sen fee ‘12 measure progression of chords 9. LET'S JAM Use the indicated notes rom the Blues Scale to create your own solo to play with the accompaniment (Line 8). Yo con arkyou: roses through the book on this 808 45 Fill in the stars as instructed by your band director. 2” = 1 26 2 25 . 4 24 ESSENTIAL . 7 ELEMENTS 22 fs yp e 7 n STAR ACHIEVER 8 20 NAME 19 9 18 2 "7 u ei 2 5 le 1. Page 2-4, Review 15, Page 21, EE Quiz, No. 106, 2. Page5,Sightreading Challenge,No.19 16. Page 22, Chromatic Scale, No. 107 3. Page 6, Dally Warm-Ups 17. Page 23, Sightreading Challenge, No.115 4, Page7, Sightreading Challenge,No.31 “18. Page 24,£E Quiz,No. 120 5. Page 8, Essential Creativity, No, 38 19. Page 25,€€ Quiz, No. 126 6, Page 9, EE Quiz,No.43 20. Page 27, ££ Quiz, No.133 7. Page 10,Sightreading Challenge,No.49 21. _ Page 30, Natural Minor Scale, No, 144 8. Page 11,EE Quiz, No.55 22. Page 30, Harmonic Minor Scale, No.146 9, Page 12-13,Performance Spotiight 23, Page 30, Pomp and Circumstance, No. 148 10, Page 15,E€ Quiz, No.74 24. Page 31, Performance Spotlight 11. Page 16,Sightreading Challenge,No.80 25. Page 32,Performance Spottight 12, Page 18, Dally Warm-Ups 26. Page 33,Performance Spotlight 13, Page 19, Essential Creativity, No.96 27, Page 38-39, Individual Study 14. Page 20, Sightreading Challenge,No.100 28, Page 40,Performance Spotight MUSIC — AN ESSENTIAL ELEMENT OF LIFE 46 FINGERING CHART Instrument Care Reminders Before putting your instrument back in its case after playing, do the following; + Use the water key to empty water from the instrument. Blow air through it. + Remove the mouthpiece. Once a week, wash the mouthpiece with warm tap water. Dry thoroughly + Wipe off the instrument witha clean soft cloth, Return the instrument to its case, Trumpet valves occasionally need oiling, To oll your trumpet valves + Unscrew the valve at the top of the casing, + Liftthe valve half-way out of the casing. + Apply a few drops of special brass valve oto the exposed valve. + Carefully return the valve to its easing. When properly inserted, the top of the valve should easlly screw back into place. Be sure to grease the slides regularly, Your director ‘ill recommend special slide grease and valve ol, and ‘ill help you apply them when necessary. CAUTION: Ifa slide,a valve or your mouthpiece becomes stuck, ask for help from your band director cor music dealer. Special tools should be used to prevent damage to your instrument. Open Pressed down Insrumens courtesy of Yamaha Corporation of Amik Band and Orchestra Don Fe Gb 6 a o ece At Bb B c ct Db febo vo - ° ° FINGERING CHART Di Eb 47 Bb TRUMPET/B> CORNET it. Giore {T- 7. r ts Ft Gp Gt AD A aise 5 At Bb B c c? Db , @ Fes $e eo oe oe e@00 Di EB it. i @00 000 Gi A> Tr tt. 1 000 = 5 e e ° I" 000 B REFERENCE INDEX Defi ATempo 19 Aeceleranda (accel,} 26 AlleBreve 8 Canon 5 Chromatic Scale 22 Chromatics 22 Crescendo erese,) 7 CutTime a CutTime Syncopation 10 DS.alCoda 31 DsalFine 26 Decrescendo (decrese.} 7 Enharmonies 22 Harmonic Minor Scale 30 Key Change 7 Legato Style 27 Major Scale 30 Marines Hymn 26 Measure Repeat 28 Mezzo Piano (mp) 9 Natural Minor Seale 30 Rallentando (rall.) 16 Ritardando (rit) 6 Round 5 Staccato 5 Sightreading STARS 5 oe 2 Shceenth Notes 11 Solo 40 Syncopation 9 Tenuto 5 Triplet 24 Wake 27 Book 1 Review Accent 4 Allegro 2 Andante 3 Breath Mark 2 Dc.alFine 4 Dotted Half Note 3 Dotted Quarter Note 3 Dynamics 3 Eighth Note/Rest 2 Enharmonics 4 Forte (f) 3 Fermata 4 ist & 2nd Endings 3 Half Note/Rest 2 ions (ps) Maestoso 3 Mezzo Forte (mf) 3 Maderato 2 Muttiple Measure Rest 4 Piano (p) 3 Pickup Notes 3 Quarter Note/Rest 2 Repeat Sign 2 Slur 2 Tie 2 Time Signature 2,3 Whole Note/Rest 2 Composers JOHANN CHRISTIAN BACH + Englsh Dance 27 JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH Chorale 6 Chorale 18 LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN + Turkish Mach Grom The Ruins of Athens) 23 GEORGES BET + Toreador Song (rom Carmen) 18 * Haanert 22 JOHANNES BRAHMS + Hungarian Oance No.5 30 JEREMIAH CLARKE + Trumpet voluntary 3 GeoRGEM. COHAN Youre Grand Old Flag 9 * Yankee DoodieDandy 23 ANTONIN OVORAK Finale om New World Symphony’ 30 EDWARD ELGAR Pomp and ieumstance 30 CHARLES GOUNOD Theme fom Faust 24 fw. MEncHAM + Ametcan Patol 20 JEANJOSEPH MOURET Rondeau 13 WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART + Arla fom Mariage of Figaro) 20 IACQUES OFFENBACH + Gan-can 26 G.rooncuez © acumparste 19 FRANZ SCHUBERT Unfinished SymphonyTheme 28 JOHN PHILIP SOUSA * Manhatan Beach March 16 “Semper Fidel 31 * The Sars and Stipes Forever 20 TheThunderer 12 JOANN STRAUSS. J, + Emperor Waltz 27 noses From theSouth 3 THOMAS TALLIS + Tallscanon 5 PETERLTCHAKOVSKY + March rom The Nuteracker) 24 World Music AMERICAN + Big Rock Candy Mountain 15 + Billy Boy 4 + Comin’Round The Mountain 11 + TheCrawdad Song 2 + Joshua 28 + Oh,Susanna 44 + Over the River and Through the Woods 25 Shenandoah 12 Shoo Fly 2 Simple Gifts 31,44 When Johnny Comes Marching Home 21 + Yankee Doodle 8 + The Yellow Rose of Texas 19 AUSTRALIAN + Advance Australia Fair 19, + The Overlander 23 BAHAMIAN. + Nassau Bound 28 ENGLISH + Country Gardens 28 Good King Wenceslas 17 + Greensleeves 29 Shepherd's Hey 2 FRENCH Chanson 21 GERMAN OTannenbaum 17 IRISH + Danny Boy 32 + The Galway Piper 16 + Molly Malone 7 The Minstrel Boy 10 + Wearing ofthe Green 3 ITALIAN + Tarantella 27 JAMAICAN Hill and Gully Rider 12 + Marianne & MEXICAN + LasMafianitas 13, PUERTO RICAN + LaRoca 9 SCOTTISH The Blue Bells ef Scotland 29 Loch Lomond 7 THAL + Thailand Lullaby 2 ‘TRADITIONAL HOLIDAY MUSIC + Good King Wenceslas 17 + OTannenbaum 17 + SVivon 17