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A MAKeEs me angry! smile | worried —__ Tes, noth snows) poe — The top one. bodes mere... Ahan the leokoasone.. _ _itheone.oa sme lef Shasss / has... lot the coe jim dhe ign is.. 7 __4's quite di¢ficuit to compace Mnem. 7 Tis picture. KEMAS Me oF. This One is Not as...asihe. Olfes one They ice both quite Smile... — ___ There ase, ae 2a meaner if _ _ Boln.of them hark gotiaanem = SPEAR HeRING renrarse, alejarse, eurtas wow. e Al aut 2 Comphmentas, CNedos 09 AOLLMEMD Fine’ cur? entecaxce, averiquas.— Gue away > cegolos. _ Guve back 2» devoluer |Grous Up 2 csecec ___ Keep auuay 5 aleyac se. cro nteNecse. AeA, —_ loxk after > coin de alone ______— - fae line LO recogec — a — ___ Take of f = despenas. so ___ANOrle Ou > Innes Efescicio, resciver , (esuttas algo nen teres eito algo. = ky pif te oti - Lae AANTROOICIR RESPOESTAS CORTAS SPEAKING | ees) WRMNG I Gi ea peer 9 eee es PW neat ackexoirt.s i= ocs oe oe nonest_| nate ot or — a Hosveiloss, the Soa. iS Saying een rine. Wires, LODO. senag aL enaEnee )_ FaesHy, Lam vey Pleased to jon in X Club bECCLUBSE ... OF course ,... Besides, Horeover 4 TIEHPOS VERGALES 7 wow.thenglishousgeom 4 = 4 Reseat Sinple> They hae. > Eilos -henea Reset Gahoucos» They are foaming > Estan Corriencto. - Rst Simple» They hed 2 Elles tenian ; Bos) Gonnac They Wee (unnigG> Estaban coriendo.! erent Rafects They hove had a Han tendo. —___, PRRxters Conhouos.> They have been conning Elics han estado carriendo- 4 Post Peslect » They hoc been > Elles habian estado —- (ee ee Desa coaMing Elics TOnta SsioQ© . - Restore. Simei, > They Will haves Ellostecctcain. _ Futoe_Coamnuicus > The, will be ssaning— Ellos estaccin cerciecdto es ere > Trey will nove lace j a ee Ellos hatan estado. 5 Future Reka Contiouns> They Lait Mue been rLAniNg Ellos hapran esto comerio. _ fare “be gap te» They ase going to be / ose Ellos van a. estarc/+enec. seomnunacl | | ; = Lom _ COMPLAINT FORMAL LETTER /E-HAIL’ WORT | 2 -— |Gaeenncs « Deas Hc|Nrs/Ns, /Deac Sit o¢ Nacdam, ANTRODOCTION + - «T+ has ecently Come to my atleshon re... eT nave secently become. awose OF... / Hod. eT nove. Ecently host +hor Twos (eceaty surprise 10 see rok. «Twoold live +0 toring 40 yoor aemtioa Yous ___daisappointect | om with Gacom) __# [wooed like to tonng to yooc alention NOW : Aiscopa mess Onn_toidttn 4ne fact +nod..- __ 4 oy Uateng, +O _ComMPlCiA beat... a boy Zam Wwuhog 0 epress my dissaksfachon ooun.. Eee an | cr. 9 Tam weing to. exes Concenal nompnce. _ auoouk... a if. ; = -chssouis ies) (uit. SMe, ; "Geel shat tins densien is a grave ecror Lacey iy feel tot tins medsure. JS Utterly —— Unaceptolle pe eee f www.thenglishouse/com e —s [reget 40 say thot | co aot agree ct OM wth Ais measure. —SegeesnON © T Strongly (ecommendcded —__-— —2 T wovld nesefore soggesr Wat. = Hrs spgesticn Usootel be eed °F Lond Live a Solo partol teCurd a8 Sco, _O® eossinle say, 2Ty light Of 4s sitbadion, Luge yor (act) lo-- ss Nook Fousa.ced 40 G SUAth reschthas 10 Mis, _ _hssoe. eee Luiteipirma.e uneiatac hue lowice ce nite | —__ taken 1040 considescehen / account + Linope. thet you wail) deal Gotan dus See Imahoc Prom pty GS1i+ 1S Causing me —__ Consicesanle inconvemence . ._ — —— TOS.onsiy aioe 7 Hous foutn Folly, when the lelles stacks _ —___ Dear Sic/Hocam). 3 _# — Bours sincerely Gunen ahe letter stars —____|Deot Hej Hs Sores) sonentinangh « EXEHOLS FERMAL ENAILE Waiting 8 Deos Sic oc Macon, _ Twwoold hie +o bing +o your aethoa hous disappointed, Tom vith tne Fact tot... Thereroxe | cu Lacing ko express my Corcern about Shis_siteakon. Tam eeremely GANOYed Loith this decision, syvace. . Furthecmore.. Hordes, Leegre? +o sag, Mor 1 do nor ogee. ___ bein. S_in_ my view 1+: 45 fac +50... Jn_lgnr of 4nis_situcchoa, aoe J€ ts Propiem is nor swiftly tsave, | shall — _Newe no ophen bpuk to cancel My, MEMbESP. Si sincerely Nope +nad YOu Can _ restore ny __ confidern® ja ANE. CUS EB Mouss Counfolly 7H Ana Nokes = wow thenglishousg Som INFORMAL LEER) E-MAILY WeiniNe —__ AWfoxma)... xPfessionS.- * Have. You Weasc) cuocud...2 = Howe You seen Ine Neuss? © Guess vorcd? — - © Wheat do You dnink cuboid? __*) Siqpese You alieadty enc, leuk feelings: — — ____s Ths. mare me. feel reais eee = 2 T reckon t's Jemiple Jan conooe! 9 [Terry viie rete iY cpa pp, tra « Row can Mey do trot? : _ o Tf you ask me,..- t Tp agi i _« T+ moues my Viecd bot! ye Re Be = — Homeducnog o.oothes neansie poy: ail Aasinion AWeloe Steins ee + Dac If ano Weed _enoogh...__ Se 4 + \'m_sesiousiy Lninleing Gbou. °| Whe do Your Monle 2 « DO UU sANink WE Shove). > 4 - a * WOny dont you. * wony Aca we .. + WD Qhour -- Ging) + Let's... 2 Pesnaps, we Covid... — Powar +0... And, Para Wesed + encogh .-. T+ mexes my bicad boil | Tim sesiousty — Animng apous leaving Ye clu, Liniinenee the 1 AS Byer HS Bibl nt aed AM |. __(See. you ASAe) 5s Ang § Pe ee www thenglishousg som ——_ |NodALs” Gaannar 1) You must Fiasin tad regort by, Mordor , OMECOISE Ane boss Lill be mc. 2) The @xhitsrtion Lugs Free SO | chan Ne tS. PAY - 3) You shooleia). deine snes. T's not safe. 4)\we nove to be tere at Qo'clock OA it's U9 o'clock, we don hove te nny} S)In_scroots in England pupils must weas uniform % = 6) I smnk people Wo hyve arcade to 1eOsq, \eosq ane lonquoge to be alble to comamumCode 4) This_ meeting 1S Nok mamoskery 50 youcod+ Noe to oWeort re ___ tise a sth = ___ 8) This: clisth is (Polly Sec, fh a S:, > hn — = a : 9 Amy Eee go, sHes pag is snllan hec desi ee 4) 'm 00% 62 Usnere Weis Hut he. coust be iy | a AVS Nein Waser A SA _% PAST MODIS! GasHHae _ : 4 4) Nn really favagey dour Gnd Iynch is not van 2 Oo: — | shoud howe exten precast. ’ f www.thenglishouse‘com 2) Tuss axe \hoa my umbe\llia Wh me this Moxaing..| most hove..leFr Gs Nome. a) Hy ssier's eyssate Ga. She maint owe. ad Gn GsQpONet olin hes boyfaenct. - 4) 20c hos been Nee orany Mes. He Con’} Rose got lost. * __5)T feat ealttes tect. | snooicin + hove -sigyect —_ ve lose ecu mod bye meee one ypntentouy = 1a in Roce. - 9) Te too, Leeann et ne She ___ -Moreeer=to sche ne pozzle 2) You most Mme Fey4 i there's jost beeg A ade mt — 9) Gos necro’) hove camkees There's plenty, __(o@sGemcin Ge Puy ea es ir : 10) T_SNoIG Ove, stoned a Biness.I'c be acnec ___ est nl aero say Hp tn anata timo, We cao Coccecs www.thenglishousg —____ TEORIA > HopALS’ GRanihaa a Gant +o have. +he alot lrty = be. able +o. CANNOT 40 ask. oF give permissiOn = May, CAN>-WOX. a [COLLD! can in ane. past = wasiwee able +o. — Provenahty> — Covia)/ mey / might MUST: opigaznon hod nag must Nae COSk. -- Assumption = with sed sing will nove Cost... ; Lynegesnve: can thea sing can’ cost... >In the pests opligetion: hodto (4-) gsm biicg: ond te Ge cenidin’ +) To offer Yousef todo someting = sinca\/wity ieee Oe ocean o | BRS to ose toc permission scan _ Se emign, covet + ie enignt/may lerved coun lakec eds: Neayee, Loney go-cut/ Maybe, Il go U4 /Imgnt-go ook. = may, Covld : ey Covid/ may lmignt be lost + —ssimaybe. : www.thenglishouseom - - AUKARU! VeRwsd GRAMMAR __1) Anne didnt. goto she pasty ca nec ava, Sia she? __2) Lea's go 40 4ne Cinemor , Shay, we? 3) You ae Me AGEs, ores YOU? 4) Joon Nes poict for ane ieikets, basis he?. 5) t's Freezing, oursside, iSO bit ? 6) At ident ike sueets. B:Newnecdot Eo pas Theve never been +o Me usa gaa gaia tne ee ey | 8) A:T don't do sees" ens bo 8" Ov, Ido’ _ P. " ae 9) A: \ woulda} Like 40 be Sama’ conan ois \" as mys 3 a ii, Salty Yoin.| Gaish ony Project tenignt, ut also NAL So. you _chicud+ 99 40 your SEttt's biAnay party? B81 did gp tone pasty, bux | lets ecasty.” 12) Hy sist, hos seen sno movie. So hoe. \. ——_—— www.thenglishouse:co RELATIVE CLAUSES! GRANMAR 4) The necse Wnese door iS green iss My beowNec'S ___ 2) Tdon't lenove If 4nisis +ne ron 4ho goes 1© Doblin 3) Ru +5ic his pasents naa he has been siesying,— — duinich Was co complete We. 4) This 4ne Fim +he teconec WoStelking avout, ~ 5) Horeca, Wamch. is Stuoted ia the noc oF Afeice., — — AS fasmeass foc 4tS cogs Gxt caceers 6) De_ you ere tong +e. dertns nas por Soucek? ___ l Hy nepnecs, wn 12 vey toll, Goovidd Wie. to NA ae | ent ye rp Ml a pt gst _____ # Pode mos omiti¢ WHICH, WHO,WHAT Cuando hay Ln J ALYEFO PreMeumente: The doy WE_ MEA W309 TCAN IAG oD te eh em The. doy when bene we mes ib. |} AN POSeEMOS OmyAC WHERE WHOSE, WHAT. an 3 poe RE 4 pb, eS ston‘+ KN Lente You MECN, ” senacnunand & DEMPE POOEMCS WHICH , WHO ASE Se Une # WHOM = Goikn whom : trots ANE Sicl with Whom \ Wwentrto. = Net's Ane _Qyel Guo) | Went to. with . Conamais! G2 Ave 4) We woot get O Seok Ualess.Wwe book, 2) EE my sencher fads cur ined | copied iaane Exam, she Will be Foncus. corn - Dioaless you Finish upur Nome cot<, YOU Lunt bo MoWwesd 40 Op Cor ___ SJ TTrey W004 WeKe co bety UM they QenG betes job. _ __@ As s00n as dosh fnistes Schenk. he wall go atyrach os 9) TS ypu head water 04 ICO ceesees, + Bois = B)AP ny chile Cue Shi 1,1 went be. goung, 4 Worle tomers A) Te I ott hoe, ebony, lucuid go OL more OFfen AO) TE Lupere. you, | Useuidia’+ poy nek Cac. te you son “4 Waser nese Pas, Mex Cuil ae 12) 78 we cre uc y swe Will hove found a new ass ston by tom 18) P+ Wouicd.oe beter Fos me if you Come +o my NOSE 4) Sisee Mr€ine, | wourtel\nec tO Ca yor. — 14) A: "Do You enow why Garry is nok answedng +he pore? __ 8." T¥ i's Wnree Ocloe, she will be Working" 15) Tre Aiving 00M would looks bigges iF you pai med — _twniie f www. thenglishousg om ——— TEORTA > CONDITONALS! GRANMAX 8 FEF Gout wil Ane lOHe Ly ‘YOU Qe’ Cich = = Hou get Genie you Win ine lottery. —_ it¢ ypu dons Loves Ane Plans , Hey ae = ———= Plants che \f yor con+ Loces tem. = : Figsc: Resear simpid wil) © Unless A MENS Qe + TA Lwin she lottesy, , Vibe cicin = Ano sec Qe oN be Gen if Vuuin ane. NOM eens a dese el, © SE ypu Boo’ Stoay, you Wodt pos Ana excuns TF Leen ane lottecy . lWoyiel be tiene SE wound toe sian iP Len ane. Glemy EE A dicot stty, |usonidn’4 pass the, eOm = _ fa aT woctin’+ poss the exam if | cto Stty TE 1 studied lus c@) pass ne Gams me = Ludored pass tne Gam WP Istedieg _____ Tied: Past perfect would + Presens Pec rack. TE Wedd yon the lottery, |Wwov'ds hove got become cich= es Lunia rove got ich 1¢ 1 hod won tne. Loven IP nod Studied (usoddd howe posse Aine Axcumn =. — posseaitre Aco if hod Swaed _ f | www.thenglishouse:com _ We suTSee! Genannae A) Do you 4ninie i++ will snow, toMocraa 2 2) An" let's gp ans Locacn a. film artes Locie” _B:" Sorry, Loony. I'm playing, Footooll Woith Jue" 3) A: Ts ane tomnso a fro oc & Vegeranle2”.. _B" Ast dos. He | enous n]e nsw! A) anion \Wiboy a 9eLo compoier. This one js ten Slaw __5)-T'm oot anncing tomorous.We can GO Shopping AE you Worm 40. — 6) on raing, My Qi Cux -emotcorn, SO_| Late’ be ____ lode fos Chanes. A Ass otijo. mneecs GEN 2 a ies SO Bi" No thanks, | Haiaie | ‘ILwolte fora change. — 9). Hy grancy willbe oinery NE WICC‘ —_____ pti 9) The dooncetl nos just (ong. Shaul jer it? _\0) The plane taves of F cit 8.00 Am and i+ lars at __6.c0.1pm Emily \wiiloe Clyiag to Londen Gt 4 .copm . A) The lest Sa Ane. lost NOUS vil) NOR Nel 12) Ts He tomorro. Auuaeates ag nome 13) Wave. 0. Savings Gccount. By, ME ad oF 4re Yeas | “wath WWE Stvei 2Ocoe - “") By ane eca ee ee __ Ot COocse _ 4 | won thenglishoug som | —__ TeorRTA > THE FUTORE:. onan ——__— ITOLO ——— plans < Snes. smcath i TO Sy “Where cre You Going 2° L WEES CEO Goang, TO NCLPPEN = passer conmmvets |} +omorolu 2 Forace nee esigee Next oie i. Coe Geese Cone = | = i <—T'm sore. you’ I)... —___ : : T'N prdocwly GO -- ZN detinely Go tt Im mediore reacnens / decision — ‘m dhitsiy oN. : k oan ee Musit (lee de) ~ nest nos will be. / must be | E 2 Age : Nex week, I'Ibe SO e = Scud \ x 2 www. seat __ COMPARISONS EXSHPLES Geraumag ® teeta — SSNS els — —* Good /weil> better + ile 5 fess 2 Bos / bodily > worse + Few > Fewer 2 fas Forver __¢ nauch > more _ = tne ‘Scone, the betec _. The more, +e higher _ Whe Salen siveutnite possivilities - —9The Cawec, Aye mnce 9 MGxKe. Gn More 4 fewer anc Ferer - people aaa tless Gna less 2 dre some “salike «similac «live * uae ediffecens sunalike »noralike -dissimilac f www.thenglishousecom — Teoria REPORTED SPEECH.) GRANMAL “ —— DRECT SPEECH REPORTED SPEECH. — a He seus, "“lwantto watch He seus: Gnoa) he wamect _ — a Fim”. _ Ae wasch a Gm ‘Presear Comhnves PS Contino _ 4 a He Scuct,” Janos sieeping! He sacs Canas ) Tone. was _ a cal Eee ___ sleeping — ese _ ask Rete ____ = __ She soua,' TK nore bought _ She _snuica (hat) She ea, p JO New ccs eagint neu cress ___ wns _Wovte. _ se _soiics," \ will always She said Gnot) She Jove Tom”. would olucys love Tem ae —_ “Cooid ms He soe" leoa corey esas neat) he comic _ E 50k". Ha Cary BOK ee B She sod," + may run __She Said Gow} c+ might fou 9 Pe series, “You must obey __ He Said (thas) ne hes to Ane wis ey Ne oes Bre said “\naeto n* She scurtlthod) she heck to con www.thenglishouse / TEORIAS REPORTED SPEECH GRoMAa e- Teco Hheckdoy 9 NON > then ¢ ANese > Inoes _stonigits Heck might ¢ last... the before ne prey, = Yesterday 2 We doy before °.. .AQO> ...refore isloStweek » the weer before» here> 4nere Next yeas dhe Following yeas ¢ tis > +ro4 2 TOME 9 the Next day / Le Coy —_ WORTH = TEDRiA! GQoMHAR — 2 WorthwIMie.> adienvo- Aire ee ace 2 WOStn > Sustaamc . MErto > has. a loLo® wach —+ WOrsh > Susie : Veuler > the worth of... * be Worth 2Ver0o: Vale?» this hovse 1s worth 2millio + Be Woah + SUB O genneiO : mestcer = Shes wen on Os PANS 1S NOY LoSe4h Worrying ° joe wsecin ds Ole 1a Pend. >it Worth i+ _ — —+ Be uioerny = sespetable..nesitoi® hes awothy — Mmembec. —* Sea OG BRE ligne Cee he is Wiosthy oF a e + Foc wot it's unctin: 6i sitve de algo | ; s www.thenglishouse! —_____ TEORTA S ENOUGH @To5y_ Gan or + Teo + Oni)-9 I'm to young to... ge . TOO HOCH + singullos NOUN = LnaXe teo much Food. fo bob ue ogu > nove ten mony —tocks. $+ | + Ady + ENCOQH > I'm NOt Young eNdYgh_/1've Nac encugh + Ve5}b+ ENOUGH > | nqved+ Studie Enougn — + BOG" + NOUN bhave Enough Friends / Food —___ t 8 Too Gale / 400 Few a Rane fo fers — — wv Vv vu | Peco Poss. bn poco __unds_pooes/ccomtos OF : MENTONE, cle. os (ens cl on i Se ts S3h “much: Mucho [Ses res PEON NIG OXI came ee werent Wei Se ye The infowmertien 1 Gon gue yous The news & heosa is... - This istne fyocaituce | bouginr —— Tiwi (aoe) =p www.thenglishou: f “Teoria > GEM Grannag “A Se 40 Country, oy, village) I got +o Hoduct Yesterday sar Cplace.: aie port, Scho, (nema...) Tgorto 4e pode Ors : Ere, AMES, MOME.> |. Go home ct 4 ae Byyicompac 9 1 ges4nis Jacket od # BGI Gre tegalos-s | ger anis fer Constmos + Receve. > | ger you ever A002 1 96% Gyco. +> 1ger ct. —* Pickup} collect I'l get you ak S ie hos —__# Pick up she phone./.opea she door oh a Ane. Phone_| I'll ge+ tne dos + Ortesn/ Achieve | Accson As he gor A great mare. ‘becca. >-| fool, ort f chm ee fe Zz Toke Igiab-» ge*+ Seme Coord. ‘ foss/feacin> Con you get me the sols 2 + Become.,.ge++ac\)> Im cethag hungry hed aenk + Ger» Pfachciole. ( she's. geting dressca . 4 +To%o. (se)> Hy house is. geting, foumed _ = gpg ame Wore Ger Somenming cco > I'm gethag ony howe ct 4 Ger Oalofe > Sune /pojasce. exco pr < SSS. -; Seman ACOs, 40x1 / house, clossroomn 6 SUS, cost f www.thenglishousecom PAST SMPE. / PRESEKIT PERFECT! GRANMAR ~ SHY COUSIN did a lot in his short Ufe = dead New - «My cousin has done @ lor 10 his short WEE = aluve ou oT Wea Cacia tor GQ yeors — 2 Eve wed in Sewtle Fer 20 yess = I've bee Wwitg = FoRs docante —e ALREADY > Ve already finiened = I've Finishect Glieocly Sites \ sini hovena Mnisned = | hmven'+ fishes yer a + YET: aged. Have you aieodigs Smienes? — ‘ POLE YAL Hmisred alreocty jue? 2 elreockss fimshed: a |. | a ou: \sa\ haven Cinishect =| noxend finished yet. 3 CH) 1m shilweedeing, as EVER: nove you Cres made a CoKe? — a ose YOu ever been to Loreen? LS I've never beet 46 Tash — — Tinaveo’+ been to lexmearcc + gust: I've just SEEN put Sister! HE'S just coaen St 2 Pecwle Came. * HOW Lome. rove you Uved in Madd? been hung in Mocks? — # FOR +NHe: Ve tivedin Sevilla for Boyes _ SING. 2009/8 OC lorie / Mondo) lost ure Laos. 4 J | —20yesss050 0 DERIN oy : ) _ VOCARDLARY PARE SIMILAR MEANING /DEFINIFIONS . | big, = lasge 0 CXPELNS: IMKICGSE. 1 + Study= Plan feQVIEde: Gonrea\ + receive = Ger + MOREE = Qrow) ! + Stoc+= begin «beneGcic: nelpfol) se tO\K= Speake * Coins desnoy | + Picie= cheese + Ailigent= Yoraworicng, | « AmeAO DIE = scnedvle. savemer=try | “C2 Ward= Price sweeuy=> Hrecd/Wurecvedk Qeue = Line * PeSVOBE= Convince. « pPNASE= STAGE ‘ *_gsonnnle = Complain st essore misteakce -examine= taspect /check. —_tlasque> cisogree spoadec= +k _ screck = Gamne/imspect +» aids help is P+. 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