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United Nations @ Nations Unies All Heads of Departments, Offices, Regional Commissions, sz 10 Octaber 2019 Offices away from Feadquarars and Special Political Missions (Gee Distribution Lis nino ower «A, Soon, ee, a Financial Situation ofthe Organization 1, Inmy letter dated 4 October 2019, I wrote to Member States to stress the ongoing precarious financial stuation being faced by the United Nations, resulting from the outstanding payments of assessed contributions and structural rigidities in budget ‘implementation with respect to the regular budget. The resulting liquidity crisis could disrupt operations glovelly and ultimately threaten the Organization's ability to fully implement its mandates, 2. On7 October 2019, I updated all staf via Broadcast onthe impact of the liquidity ‘crisis on regular budget operations and communicated the related measures that Ihave ‘decided to put into elect to protect, as fr as possible, salaries and entitlements ofall staff 0 that they are paid as usual 3. This memorandum is being issued to apprise all heads of entities of these emergency ‘measures which will lfect working conditions and operations, until futher notice. ‘Measures 4. Bifective immeciately, official travel willbe limited to the most essential activites. {In addition, it will be ncessury to reduce all other non-post expenses to the extent possible ‘Tis includes postpoang purchases of goods and services, implementing energy-seving and other measures toreduce uty bills and temporarily curtailing expenses on managing facies. 5. Events occurring before or aftr official meeting hours and during weekends will no longer be booked at all headquarters duty stations, effective 14 October 2019, Agreements for events that have alseady been booked will be reviewed to determine whether such events can be held 6, Managers are diected to explore avenues to further limit expenses during the lust quarter of 2019 and to curtail expenditures tothe extent possible in their areas of work. ‘This includes, but isnot limited fo, the postponement of conferences and meetings, ‘te postponement of or refraining from the engagement of eonsultants and individual contractors or temporery contractual personnel, cattng back on the use of overtime and seeking ways to reduc related expenses by adjusting services 7. Bxisting measure already in place, such as tims to hiring against vacant regular ‘buiget funded positions during the last quarter, remain in place, Serre cee 2 presen eae emotes oe teeta faeetrson geo 8. The Organization does not have sufficient financial resources to maintain services for conference seviess, facilities management, information technology services, and security and safety services at existing levels. Accordingly, staf, delegates and visitors ‘will inevitably experience a reduction or degradation of some services. Impacted Services at UNHQ 9. Below isa list ofthe impacted services at United Nations Headquarters. Offices away from Headquarters and Regional Commissions may issue their own local ‘Buidance applicable o their respective duty stations. These measures will enter into effect ‘on Monday, 14 October 2019 and, a a result, the following services wil be impacted: Conference Services 10. Meeting Services ‘+ Provision of interpretation and meeting services will be limited to meetings included in the official Calendar of Conferences and Mectings of the United Nations, 1s approved by the General Assembly. Among others, meetings of regional and other ‘major groupings of Member States will not be serviced. ‘Provision ofin-room services for meetings, such as water, documentation distribution, ushering and seating protocols may be curtailed or discontinued, ‘+ Flexibility o service parallel or additional meetings of intergoveramental bodies Will be reduced. There will be no provision of services to meetings above and beyond the entitlements of meeting bodies. There will be no provision of services to meetings of intergovernmental bodies ‘outside of normal official hours, wth or without interpretation, 11. Documentation Services The issuance of Verbatim Records of the Security Council, the General Assembly ‘and First Commitee, will be significantly delayed, withthe resulting accumulation of ‘backlogs, which ean become insuperable. ‘+ Summary resords for eniled bodies, including Main Committees f the General ‘Assembly will te significantly delayed. ‘= Member States communications wil be issued with significant delays. ‘All treaties nd publications wil be placed on hold and not issued. ‘© AILNGO statements wil be issued in the language ofthe original submission ‘only, without translation, loerren WATIONE -INTEROWYICE MEMORANDUM NATIONS UNIRE -AMORANBOM INTERIRUR PAO 3. 2. 13. ‘+ Publication ofthe PDF and paper versions of the Journal of the United Nations will be suspended. + Timely and simultaneous issuanes of partiamentary documents willbe negatively Jmpacte inthe mandated languages, resulting in non-compliance with the related mandates. + Word-Limit mandates willbe tcl enforced with respect tall prtiamentary documents processed by the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management. asltes Manarement ‘The fllowing services wil be impacted + Airconditioning and heating wil be reduced outside the hours of 8am. and 6 pam. on weekdays and thoughout weekends and oficial holiday, and the thermosta sete 70°F for heating during hours of occupancy. + Non-mandated events (for example receptions, catered events, ee.) may not be hold before 9 an. o after 6 pm. This includes activites inthe Delegates" Lounge ‘hich wil elose at 5 pan. + Nonew boosings wil be taken fr exhibits ‘© Catering faites will operate with reduced hours. Services in all ucts, including the Delegates Dining Room may be impacted. ‘+ No new furriture will be supplied. Only furniture that is beyond repair willbe replaced. ‘¢Fscalators with light usage, on floors already serviced with elevators, will be closed, ‘© Only the most essential renovation, electrical and other maintenance work will be provides. ‘= The Secretaiat fountain will be shut down with immediate effect. Information Technology Services ‘© Replacement of ICT equipment is suspended. Only very ertcal exceptions will bbe considered. ‘+ Services formeetings, especially tose provided by contract sound engineers and. other contract personnel, willbe restricted to normal United Nations working hours. ‘© Webcasting wll only be provided for formal meetings when strictly necessary, 14, Security and Saety Services ‘¢ Regular security operations for sereening and access control will be restricted to the hours of 8am. through 6 p.m, on weekdays (excluding official holidays), \ehicular traffic requiring access to the premises outside those hours, on official holidays and on weekends must use the duty station specific entrance for weekend vehicular traffic ‘© During closing hours and on weekends, pedestrian access to the premises is via the 43rd street main gate, while pedestrian egress from the premises is via the 42nd street revolving gate. However, vehicular access and egress during these same closing hours, for both delegation members and United Nations staf, is via the 43d street entrance, ‘The Visitors’ Entrance will operate between 8 a.m, and 6 pm. on weekdays (excluding official holidays). The premises will be closed to vistors on weekends and official holidays 15. Expenditure patterns will be carefully monitored by the Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance to ascertain whatever additional appropriate action may be required, depending onthe evolving liquidity situation, 16. Is lly recognize that these measures will hinder the work ofthe Organization. The understanding, cooperation and assistance of al staf is sought to continue operations despite the ongoing significant financil constants. ce: Deputy Secretary-General (Chef de Cabinet son & asec eee Distribution List Mr. Movses Abelian, Under-Secretary-General, Department for General Assembly and ‘Conference Management Ms, Olga Algayerova, Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Ms. Armida Salsiah Alisjahban, Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social ‘Commission for Asia and the Pacific Ms. Michéle Coninsx Barones, Executive Director, Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate Ms. Inger La Cour Andersen, Exocutive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme Ms. Flia Armstrong, Director, United Nations Fhies Office Ms. Michelle Bachele, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Ms. Alicia Bércena, Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean Ms. Jane Frances Connors, Victims’ Rights Advocate Ms. Rola A. A. H. Dashti, Executive Secretary for the Economic and Soci for Western Asia Mr. Miguel de Senpa Soares, UnderSceretary-General for Legal Affairs ‘Ms. Rosemary A. DiCarlo, Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding ‘Affairs ‘Ms. Simonetta Di Pippo, Director, Office for Outer Space Affairs Mr. Adama Dieng, United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide ‘Ms. Shizoen Dodson, Assistant Seoretary-General, United Nations Ombudaman ‘Ms. Renata Dvvan, Director United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research ‘Mr. Taoheed Olufemi Flas, Registrar, International Residual Mechanism for Criminal ‘Tribunals ‘Mr. Frangois Louncery Fall, Special Representative ofthe Secretary-General for Central Africa Mr. Yury Fedotov, Director-General, United Nations Office at Vienna and Executive Director, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ‘MBs. Melissa Ruth Flening, Under-Seeretary-General for Global Communications ‘Ms. Henrietta H, Fore, Executive Director of the United Nations Children's Fund ‘Ms. Alayne Frankson- Wallace, Executive Director, Office of Administration of Justice Ms. Virginia Gamba, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and ‘Armed Conflict Ms, Bienes Gawanas, Special Adviser on Africa Mr. Viadimir Goryayev, Representative of the Seeretary-General onthe Register of Damage Ms. Natalia Gherman, Special Representative ofthe Seeretary.General, Regional ‘Cenire for Preventiv: Diplomacy for Central Asia Mr. Fabrizio Hochschild, Special Adviser tothe Secretary-General on the Preparations for the Commemortion ofthe United Nations 75th Anniversary Me. David Kanja, Assistant Secretary-General and Officerin Charge, Office of Internal ‘Oversight Services ‘Commission Iva wAsioma -IWTENGPPIES MEboRamDONE RATIONS UNTEX« EMDKANDON MeraMaNUE Tan 6 “Mr. Karim Khan, Spoxisl Advise, United Nations Investigative Team to Promote “Accountability foe Crimes Committed by Daesslamie Stat n Taq and the Levant ‘Mr-Atul Khare, Under Secretary-Cenera for Operational Suppet "Mr: Mais Kituy, Seretary-General, United Nations Confrence on Trade and Development Ms. Shar Klugman, Executive Secretary ofthe Advisory Commits on Administrative and Biuletary Quesons ‘Mr Nicholas Kou, ntrational Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar “Mr Pier Krshenbi, Commissioner-General of the United Nations elit and ‘Works Agency for alestine Refugees inthe Near East ‘Mr. Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations Mr Lit Zhenmin, UnerSecretary-Ceneral for Economic and Social Affairs ‘Mr Mark Loweock, UnderScereary-Cnerl for Humanitarian Airs and Emergency Relief Coordinator ‘Ms. Jane Holl Lute, Special Coordinator on Improving United Nations Response to Sexual Exploitation nd Abuse ‘Ms. Naja Malla, Special Representative ofthe Seretary-Geneal on Violence ‘gins Children ‘Ms. Catherine Marchi Ue, Intemational impartial and Independent Mechanism for Syria Mr Gilles Micha, UnderSeeretary-General, Department of Safety and Security “Ms, Mami Mizutor, Special Representative ofthe Sersary-General fr Disaster, is Reduction ‘Ms. Phumazile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Executive Director, UN Women Mr Miguel Angel Meatnos, High Representative fr the Alliance of Mo.’ Nakao High Reporentative for Disarmament Affe “Ms. Pramila Patten, Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Confit ‘Ms. Regina Pawlik, Executive Secretary, Intemational Civil Service Committee Ms. Simona Petrova Director, Chief Executives Board for Coordination ‘Mr Uren Pillay, Exsctive Seerctary, Joint Inspection Unit Ms. Cathrine Pll, Under Secretary General for Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance Mr: Kut Roesandhaug, Coordinator, United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Tale ‘Ms. Maimunsh Mohd Sharif, Executive Director ofthe United Nations Haman SetlmentsProgmrme Ms. Vera Songwe, Exscutive Secretary United Nations Economic Commision fr Aftca ‘Ms. Elizabeth Spehar, Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on Cyprus Mr Achim Steiner, Adminstrator, United Nations Development Programme ‘Ms. AygeCihan Sultsogl, Representative tothe Geneva Intemational Discussions Ms. Hanna S. Tech, Special Representative tothe can Union and Head of the United Nations Oise tothe African Union Ms. Fektamoeloa Koa ‘Utoikamana, High Representative forthe Least Developed Counties, Landlocked Developing Counrcs and Small sland Developing States ‘Ms. Tatiana Valovaya Director-General, United Nations Offic st Geneva ‘Mi: Vladimie Ivanovich Voronkoy, Under Secretary-Cenerl of the United Nations fice of Counter eros vilzations