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Issue 11.
November 2016
Table of Contents

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Sasha Hakyung Chung
Seobin Yoon

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Jeeah Shin

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school NEWS
Aug 16 – Start of the year 2016-2017
Another year has started at Branksome Hall Asia.
Hope everyone had a relaxing summer break, and
let’s make a great year together! Please warmly
welcome the new faculty and the students. Ap-
proach the new students and help them finding
their ways at school, have lunch together, and an-
swer their questions regarding schoolwork.
Jeeah Shin

through University tours. Furthermore the grade 9

girls worked with the Canadian girls in complet-
ing an interdisciplinary project, which was to come
up with a working solution to induce the people
of Toronto to possess a caring and understanding
mindset for public spaces through the Arts. Both
the BHA and BHC students were able to problem
solve through an Integrated Thinking approach
and thus learned to utilize different thinking tech-
Aug 22 – Clan Cross Country Event niques.
On August 22nd the Clan Cross Country Event
took place at Branksome, where all students as Oct 4-6 – Week Without Walls
well as the faculty members were required to run October 4th to October 6th was the “Week With-
an approximate of 3 to 4 kilometers dressed in out Walls” where each of the grade levels were
their clan colors and running shoes. Although the engaged in experiential learning opportunities out-
students seemed a little exhausted running under side of class to reflect and develop on one’s person-
the scorching hot sun, it was an amazing opportu- al strengths and self-awareness. It was also a key
nity for all to show off their clan spirits and bond opportunity for the students to form bonds with the
with one another. teachers and their fellow classmates whilst going
through the camp activities.
Sept 2 – Meet the Teachers Day
“Meet the Teachers Evening” was held on Septem- Oct 10 – Clan Speed Quiz
ber 2nd, where the students had an opportunity to On October 10th the Clan Speed Quiz took place
meet up with their parents in the MS Pod and travel at Branksome in which the participants had to ex-
with them to the teacher presentations for each of plain a specific vocabulary only using body ges-
their courses. It was a nice time for the parents to tures to the members of the same clan who then
enjoy time around the campus with their daughters had to guess it. The Clan Speed Quiz gave students
along with being introduced to the teachers and the the chance of getting along with others from differ-
subject courses. ent grade levels and thus improve in team building
and group working skills.
Sept 17-Oct 6 – Grade 9 Canadian Exchange
The ninth graders headed to Canada on September Upcoming Events
17th to be involved in the 2016-2017 BHA-BHC
Exchange. The students spent a great time ex- Oct 17 - Installation Ceremony
ploring new cultures, raising their risk-taking and Oct 28 - Term 1 Progress Reports
leadership skills at the ALIVE Camp, and going Nov 18-Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews

Persists :
Sehwa Ryu

On July of 2016, an unarmed black man, with his claimed, “Officers are supposed to be trained to
back on the floor, was shot by the police. Charles know the difference between a toy and a gun.”
Kinsey, a behavioral therapist of an autistic patient,
claimed that the police had fired despite the fact Kinsey was immediately sent to hospital to get
that he clearly showed his unarmed state. Kinsey treated. Luckily, his wounds were not serious, and
told the police before he shot, “Sir there’s no need was expected to return to his home. He was asked
for firearms”. However, with the three shots, he was the reason behind the officer’s shooting, and he
left with a gunshot wound on his leg. answered, “His words were, ‘I don’t know.’” Kinsey
believed that once he got his hands up, he would
The therapist was treating a 27-year-old African be safe from getting shot. Therefore he was more
American autistic patient when the incident worried about his autistic patient who didn’t comply
happened. Kinsey claimed that he was trying to with him. And then he added, “Wow, I was wrong.”
return his patient to the facility who ran away from
a group home. The only thing the patient had in his This shooting became another incident, which
hands was a toy truck. showed the fault lines of the police and the African
American communities in the US. Now a rash of
Thomas Matthews, a convenient store caretaker of violence between police and the public has torn
the district of where the shooting happened, was the country into two. In July, eight police officers
walking with a friend when a police car passed by were killed as a revenge for the police shootings of
him and stopped just a few feet away. Two officers black men in Dallas and Baton Rouge.
got out of the cars with an assault rifle and hid
behind a building. Matthews claimed that he saw In these widely-publicized incidents, none of the
Kinsey lying on his back with his hands up with cases had their victims guilty for any sorts; none
the autistic patient on his side. He was trying to of the African American men deserved to be shot
comply the patient, as he was concerned that the dead as they posed hardly any threat enough for
patient would get shot if he did not lie down. He the officers to make such radical decision.
said to the police officer “He has a toy. Don’t shoot
him.” Then, the cop warned him to ‘get back’ and According to the statistics of the US Police force,
also added that he will ‘not be telling him again to African Americans are more than twice as likely
get back again’. The cop fired three assault rifle than white Americans to be killed by police officers.
shot at Kinsey, hitting him once in the upper leg. Police violence becomes one of the central issues
He started to yell desperately “Help! Help! They that address racism in America. 84 percent of
shot me.” Matthews said that he has ‘never seen African Americans responded to a poll that the
anything like that in his life where they come up police treats African American unfairly, while
to a man and do to him like that.’ He also added only 50 percent of whites believe so. The reality
that even though he understands police officers is blunt; racism does become the central reason
may fear for his life, if he feels like he is in danger, behind police violence towards innocent African
police officers should wait and make logical Americans.
judgment on whether to fire or not. Matthews

Courage to be Hated
Jihyo Lee
Designed by Chaejeong Lim

- Kisimi Ichiro
In the old days, a certain form of writing had been used result; the idea granted to the cause decides the present
to deliver the knowledge and values through genera- as well as the result”. Therefore, he gives advice as fol-
tions; a Question-and-Answer form. Question-and-An- lows; “To achieve the purpose and change my lifestyle,
swer form is mostly written through the questioning of courage is needed”. While reading the chapter, I reflect-
the pupil and answering of the teacher, the great philos- ed myself whether I was blaming my failure to ‘trauma’
opher. The book adopts the unfamiliar but antique form rather than trying to change myself to achieve it. The
by progressing the story through the questioning of the answer was ‘yes’.
young man and the answering of an old philosopher,
even though their conversation stems from the idea of Till the end of the book, the philosopher gives the rea-
a rather recent philosopher and also a psychologist, Al- son why everyone is so different by its existence. He
fred Adler. also gives the idea why everyone feels anxious based
on the idea of inferiority. Many people try to overcome
Alfred Adler (1870-1937) was a philosopher and a psy- the inferiority due to the desire of recognition by others.
chologist, who focused more on the individuality rather However, the philosopher insists that humans don’t live
than the universality of psychology, the latter led by a to satisfy other people’s expectation which is the same
well-known psychologist Sigmund Freud. According to as living for other people. He says that true freedom
Alfred Adler’s psychological theory ‘Individual Psycholo- comes if the person has the courage to be hated from
gy’, the character of each person is formed through the the others and live the life only for him/herself. Further-
process of overcoming the inferiority caused by the en- more, the philosopher says that relationship around the
vironment around and gaining supremacy as a result. person would change if the one decides to live the life
He claimed that each individual has each different aims for him/herself. As the one chooses the
considering their own environment, and he/she achieves life for self, one can live a life aiming
it through a creative process of their own. for today being neither regretful nor
fearful about the past and the future.
This story, which stems from the theory, spreads out by
a conversation between an old philosopher and a young Lots of meaningful lessons are indicated
man. The philosopher convinces a cynical young man, in each chapter of this book. I think the
who rebuts the philosopher’s statement and ideas, by main message in the book is that “To be
talking about the topics based on Adler’s psychology. free and happy, you should have the cour-
The philosopher and the young man meet and talk about age to be hated and happy, and if
5 different topics week by week. The 5 topics are trau- you have both, your relationship
ma, a connection between anxiety and relationship, the between people will change in a
desire for recognition, community sentiment and the link moment.” Reading this book, which
between life and present. is based on Adler’s idea, the reader
will find a way to achieve a true freedom
Through the five days of discussion, the philosopher in one’s own life. I highly recommend this
gives his ideas about life and individual minds, and the life-lesson-giving book filled with solutions
young man keeps arguing about it. One of the most im- for people having concerns about the
pressive conversations is held in the first day. As they way their life is heading towards, and
are talking about the ‘trauma’ that people have, the phi- the relationship around them. I am cer-
losopher claims that it does not actually exist. The young tain that like the young man in the story,
man refutes about it quoting “Every consequence is fol- the readers will be more confident about
lowed by a cause”. At the point, the philosopher sug- their own life after reading this book.
gests ‘teleology’ which means “Causes don’t decide the

Seungwon Yang life. At 15, he came out to his parents and came out online later that
year. In his coming out video, Troye announced, “I am gay… This is
YouTube is an international platform widely used by Internet users not something I’m ashamed of, and it’s not something anyone should
everyday. It is also the home to a variety of creators that upload creative be ashamed of.” Troye continues to produce music and share a warm
content on the platform. Also, the LGBTQ+ community has been growing message to people around the world who are going through the same
immensely on the YouTube platform. The LGBTQ+ YouTube creators struggles as him.
open up about their unique yet genuine selves to the public. Here are the
top 5 LGBTQ+ youtubers in the industry. Connor Franta
YouTube’s sweetheart Connor Franta is well known for his beautiful
Tyler Oakley Instagram account and charming personality. Connor Franta hit headlines
“In creating my YouTube videos, I don’t want to speak for my audience all over the world in 2014 with his coming out video. Coming out for
and the people I represent; I want to amplify their voices.” Tyler Oakley, Connor was nerve racking and left him feeling vulnerable coming out to
known for his peppy personality has been on the YouTube platform now millions of Internet users. However, the world’s reaction was warm and
has over 8 million subscribers! Tyler’s openness about his sexuality received huge amounts of love from his subscribers. After his coming out
has inspired those out there struggling with their identity. Tyler once video, it was a series of big stepping-stones with a bright future ahead.
mentioned in an interview that once he realised the potential YouTube Connor released his memoir, A Work in Progress and became a New York
had, he started his work with the ‘Trevor Project’ in 2008. The ‘Trevor Times bestseller, was featured in the September issue of Entrepreneur
Project’ is an annual event to raise money to prevent suicide attempts Magazine with the headline “Young Millionaires: The Next Generation
among lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender. Tyler Oakley now has Has Arrived.” Connor continues to create YouTube content with almost
his own show as a segment on the Ellen Show and speaks out as an six million subscribers and at the age of twenty-four, Connor is currently
advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. working on his coffee brand and record label, Common Culture.

Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star is a huge icon in the makeup industry. Jeffree Star started
his YouTube channel in 2006 and now has almost 3 million subscribers. Gigi Gorgeous
His confidence shows in his passion for makeup and is not afraid to show Gigi Gorgeous, model, YouTube star has been on the YouTube platform
it. With his life out on the Internet he reviews cosmetic products and for eight years. Gigi first came out as gay at high school, a transgender
shows tips and tricks for a flawless look. Jeffree has his own cosmetic and recently made another coming out video as a lesbian. Gigi has set a
brand and strictly uses animal cruelty products. Jeffree now travels the mark in the cosmetics and fashion industry with her signature looks and
world to teach makeup classes while creating content for his YouTube makeup tricks on YouTube. She is an important individual in the LGBTQ+
channel. community where she states that gender identity and sexual identity are
two totally different things. Gigi advocates LGBTQ+ rights and speaks
Troye Sivan out to people that being confused with your own sexual identity is normal
Troye Sivan is a South-African born Australian youtuber, singer, and is something you should not be afraid of. Gigi shows that sexuality
songwriter and actor. Troye has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube. is something fluid. It does not matter if you have been dating men and
He is an influential individual touching millions around the world with his suddenly feel attracted to women, because your future is not determined
music and content on YouTube. Troye began making YouTube videos by your past. Gigi now works on multiple fashion projects while creating
at the age of 15, singing covers of famous songs and talking about his YouTube content with 2.4 million subscribers.

Ji In Lee

Roses are commonly given as gifts and can come in a The orange rose, which is a mix of the color yellow and the color
variety of colors and shades, including red, white, dark red, represents a bridge between friendship and romance. It
pink, light pink, yellow, orange, peach, coral, and lavender. symbolizes enthusiasm, fascination, and desire, and therefore
However, have you ever considered the meaning behind makes a fabulous gift for saying “congratulations!” Peach roses
each and every rose color? The image of the rose has been have a similar hue to orange roses, but represent different
associated with emotions throughout history. Even today, emotions. The peach rose symbolizes modesty, closing the
different rose colors symbolize different feelings, interests, and deal, sincerity, and gratitude. Pale peach roses are associated
affections. Let us explore what each rose color symbolizes. with the soft blush on a baby’s face and thus represent the
modesty and innocence of a baby. They are also used to
Red is undoubtedly the most common color of roses. “close the deal”, or celebrate a successful wrap-up of a project.
Red roses traditionally symbolize unconditional love, and They can be found in gifts that show sincerity and gratitude to
are used commonly for expressing unconditional love someone.
on romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day. Red
roses are also a symbol of beauty, passion, courage, and Coral roses remind us of the intense, vivid color of a sunset.
respect. It is important to note that red roses should only Thus, the coral rose has long been the symbol of burning
be shared within sincere relationships, as they represent desire. Although the coral rose is commonly mistaken as
feelings of deep love to a very special person. a light pink or peach rose, the meanings that
the three roses represent are completely
White roses are associated with purity, different from each other. They can
perfection, and chastity. Although be used to celebrate a new event
early tradition used to use the white that people are excited for or be
rose as a symbol of true love, this given to someone whom one is
symbol has been replaced with delighted to get to know.
the red nose. Because the color
white represents unity and The lavender rose holds
purity of a new relationship, one of the most unique
the white rose is used as symbolisms: love at first
the traditional wedding sight. People associate
flower and bridal rose. the lavender rose with
the idea of love at first
Roses are also often given sight because lavender
as gifts in expression of is a mystical and fairy-
gratitude. The dark pink tale like color; it represents
rose, which symbolizes the fantasy and magical
gratitude and appreciation, romances in fairy tales. In
is the perfect way to say thank addition, purple roses represent
you to someone. Dark pink roses royalty and can be given to people
can often be seen in thank-you- as a show of respect.
bouquets at parties and celebrations.
On the other hand, light pink roses represent Although many roses are single-colored, some
admiration and gentleness. Unlike the red rose, the have a mix of two or three different colors and shades.
light pink rose represents gentle emotions that have not yet Roses that are yellow with red tips on their petals symbolize
expanded into passionate love. These roses are often given falling in love. This is because yellow roses are a symbol of
within new relationships or to show interest in someone. friendship, while red roses are a symbol of love. The yellow
petals that are tipped with red create an illusion of the yellow
The yellow rose symbolizes friendship and new petals turning red, or friendship slowly developing into love.
beginnings. Unlike many other colors of roses,
yellow roses are given to friends and family members Overall, roses come in diverse shades of warm-tone colors.
without romantic subtext. Because of its brightness, Because of the significant meaning each rose color holds,
yellow roses also represent happiness and joy and different roses can be used for different gifts, events, and
are good for cheering people up. They can be given celebrations. Use this engaging bit of information to decide
to cheer up friends or to celebrate new friendships. which color to choose when buying your next bouquet of roses!

REVIEW Giver Ez Kim

The Giver is a story about a boy named Jonas living I think colour in this book is described as something
in a society which we can describe as a utopia. new and vital, showing the personality of the
Everything is ordered and everything in this society individuals and Jonas’s belief. Before Jonas found
is controlled. Pain, emotion, decision, feelings, out what colour is, his world seemed as if everything
memories, and colours are all eliminated. Jonas, a is the same. The people looked the same, buildings,
12-year-old boy, gets chosen as the “Receiver of nature, his friends, everything. However, when Jonas
Memories” due to his ability to see beyond, by which found out the colours one by one starting with red, I
his life gets flipped upside down. think he surely thought that the world looks different
according to this text:
“But suddenly, Jonas had noticed, following the path
of the apple through the air with his eyes, that the “ ‘I want to wake up in the morning and decide
fruit had – well, this was the part that he couldn’t things! A blue tunic, or a red one?’ He looked down
adequately understand – the apple had changed” at himself, at the colorless fabric of his clothing. ‘But
it's all the same, always.’ "
Jonas’s ability to foresee allows him to have an
intuition that he is going to receive the memory of As you can see, Jonas’s feelings towards the society
color from the Giver. It is during playtime with his have changed into anger. Jonas says the society is
friend, Asher, when Jonas sees an unfamiliar thing. ‘colorless’ by telling that he wants to have his own
Asher and Jonas tries throwing and catching an decision of choosing clothes. Now, you can see
apple to each other, and the apple “changed.” Since that Jonas is being independent, and reveals his
Jonas is unaware of the concept of color, the writer individuality by hoping to have his own decision.
describes that the apple “changed” when Jonas sees Color can also be Jonas’s belief, especially red
his apple in red in the black and white world of The because red demonstrates the vibrancy of emotions
Giver. Later on, colour is the first memory that Jonas that Jonas experiences once he has the memory of
receives from his Giver. Jonas experiences what sled riding shared to him by the Giver. Each colour is
colour is by receiving the memory of sliding through given its own meanings to Jonas while he receives
the snow in a red colored sled. Jonas beginning to the memories of them from the Giver.
see the colour red is the start of him becoming a
Receiver. However, Jonas also learns the concept of inequality
such as racism while becoming a Receiver. When
“The Giver sighed. ‘How to explain this? Once, back Jonas found out about colours, he would have
in the time of the memories, everything had a shape noticed that people do not have same skin colours,
and size, the way things still do, but they also had a which can lead to racism. I think this is why the
quality called color’ ” society of The Giver relinquished colours to make
people to feel like everyone is equal.
The Giver tries to explain what the concept of
colour is, but describing it worth a thousand words. Colour is one of the important and meaningful
Jonas slowly starts to understand what colour is memories for Jonas. It was colour that had Jonas to
by beginning to see them all in Giver’s memory take off his journey, and it symbolizes his decisions
and knowing all the names of the colours. After and feelings. The book The Giver does a successful
receiving some of the Giver’s memory, everything job in representing the controlled society by
gets shown in variety of colours including people’s expressing it in black and white. The novel also does
eyes, hairs, and even buildings in Jonas’s daily life, a great job in contrasting the depressing utopia with
not in black and white. the world of color, which is filled with intense feelings
and individuality.

Admin, By. "The Giver HD Wallpapers." HD Wallpapers Backgrounds of Your Choice. N.p., 2015. Web. 12 Oct. 2016.
Marie Claire
Korea Edition-
Fashion Magazine Review Ji Hyo Lee

September marks the beginning of clear skies, orange and brown The following section is the Bridal Week Report, which touches on
leaves and cool climates. This fall weather sets the perfect mood the 2017 S/S New York and Barcelona Bridal Walk. Diverse types
for a wedding. So, for the September edition of Marie Claire’s fash- of wedding dresses are displayed such as the refined and mod-
ion magazine, they focused on the theme of “Wedding” and aimed ern Clean & Clam style, the Mini-Mini style which emphasizes the
for the modern brides. The editor of this magazine, “Gi -Yeon Son” bride’s beautiful legs and the Beyond Retro style that is a vintage
communicated with the brides that are expecting a wedding by ask- style and having ruffles designed by broad designers. The most
ing about their wedding dresses, interiors, shopping for furniture eye-catching dress on the section is designed by Angel Sanches,
and more about, in their opinion, what an “efficient marriage” is. which was inspired by a number of traditional western dresses. The
She hopes to speak up about what it means to live wisely on top of simple silhouette and cut out detail of the dress creates a unique
their theme of marriage and weddings. structure and the dotted needlework with stone decorations help
complete an ingenious dress.

The magazine opens their September edition with “bridal essen-

tials.” Bridal essentials are categorized by different colors and the The last section of the magazine is divided to three parts with one
ambience each color provides the material: dresses, coats, bags, main theme of “Wedding Scenes and Bride’s Pictorials.” First part’s
watches and high-heels. Each color consists of a unique meaning sub theme is “the Moment” with two Korean actors, “Hye -Sun Ku”
and infuses a particular characteristic and vigor into the bridal with “Jae- Hyun Ahn,” posing in romantic sets. They are shown
essentials such as pure white, gorgeous yellow, graceful mint, wearing a more casual look than a traditional wedding outfit. There
romantic pink, and the elegant violet. On top of that, the magazine are multiple images that show both an indoor and outdoor back-
shows the things that are needed before, during, and after the ground, adding the warmth of nature to the detailed and fantastic
wedding, all sponsored by well-known brands such as Dolce & scenery. Despite this unorthodox fashion of the bride and groom,
Gabbana and Byredo. bridal items of the bride such as the bouquet and the high heels
still give the image a wedding vibe. These alternate ideas for bridal
themes can provide different options when deciding on clothes for
The second section of the magazine is named the “Wedding diary.” evening gowns. The second subsection’s theme is “Mystic Bride”
This section introduces unique honeymoon destinations, flower featuring one model trying out different versions of wedding dresses
shops for the bouquets and shows off romantic pictures of wedding in each image. Accessories such as necklaces and hairpieces are
scenes. The wide range of choices and destinations enable the emphasized in this shoot. The last part is the “Portrait of a Bride.”
brides a variety of options to choose from. For example, if the bride Although there is a limitation in the color they can use because
is interested in a wide, open and outdoor destination, “Grand Re- wedding dresses are traditionally white, the different designs of the
sort Lagonissi” is a perfect option for them. On the other hand, if the dresses highlight different parts of the bride’s body. For example,
bride prefers a place that is cozy and more indoor, “The Connaught” some designs emphasize the shoulder and the collarbones of the
is recommended to be their top choice. There are also unconven- bride using an open shoulder dress and a jeweled necklace. With
tional honeymoon destinations and wedding spots for brides who such variations, brides have a further variety of options to choose
may not have a clear idea of where they would like to go. what kind of look they want to go for.

The “Marie Claire Weddings Magazine” includes suggestions and

The third section of the magazine presents a number of designers examples to help brides decide the type of wedding they want to
that specialize in bridal couture. Jewelry, high heel and hairpiece have. Audiences of all ages and gender welcome this magazine
designers who all produce personalized products are interviewed. since the magazine also features some tips on how to style one’s
For instance, Jennifer Behr, a famous hairpiece designer, makes daily outfit, not just bridal couture. Not only can potential brides
hairpieces that match individual brides’ wedding dresses and can draw some inspiration from the dresses on the magazine, but the
even be worn daily. In her interview, she mentions that the hair ac- non-brides can also find colors that best suit their complexion or
cessory is able make even the dullest dress stand out above all. In outfits that can highlight their best physical feature. Marie Claire’s
addition to introducing such skilled craftsmen, there are also some magazine is a magazine that captivates and entertains their sub-
tips on how to pick the right jewelry depending the bride’s look. scribers from all generations.

Change in Olympic rules Chejin Lee

There has been a long controversy over the trans- When Chris joined the national team, he said that he
gender athletes participating in Olympics and inter- felt uncomfortable with his own physical structure at
national events as certain gender. Some argued that the beginning. He stated that he felt he was discrim-
it cannot be allowed due to the biological (hormon- inated and held violence from people. However, he
al) difference even for the transgender who went on soon saw how his body improved and started loving
a sex reassignment surgery. The other argued that his body. He said that the moment he was asked to
athletes who underwent the surgery can attend the be one of the models for the ‘Body Issue’, he felt it
event. Others claimed that it should be allowed re- as a reward for him. He commented “I felt this was
specting on the gender that one has decided. As if a real challenge for me and a great way to celebrate
wanting to end this long dispute, the International where I am at right now. It felt amazing, given that for
Olympics Committee (IOC) makes an announcement 29 years of my life I didn’t even like being in pictures.”
on an even further step.
Chris’s appearance in the ESPN magazine repre-
According to the new guidelines by IOC, transgender sented the acceptance of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisex-
athletes are now allowed to compete in the Olympics ual, and Transgender and gave courage to them to
and other international events without undergoing stand up. Chris also said, “While the contact I receive
sex reassignment surgery. Currently, the number of has been few and far between, I think it’s been real-
the transgender living in the United States is much ly cool because it’s been a lot of young high school
larger than the entire population of Washington D.C trans kids who gave up sport temporarily and saw
showing that the number of the transgender in the me and started to play again. That’s the reason I’m
society is far more than we expect, according to the out. That’s why I think it’s important to be public.” As
Williams Institute. IOC now seems to have consid- shown, Chris’s actions have been an important mo-
ered the number ‘considerable’. The rule was revised ment in sports history. He became a starting point for
on January 24th, 2016, under the title of adapting the LGBT community and encouraged many others
the current scientific, social, and legal attitudes on to follow his footsteps.
transgender issues, providing equal opportunities for
transgender athletes. One step at a time, the society has now started to
embrace LGBT and reform the wrong perceptions by
Under the previous IOC guidelines, approved in 2003, creating an environment where everyone- whether
athletes who transitioned from male to female or vice you are straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgen-
versa were required to have sex reassignment sur- der-gets the chance to be treated equally. Discrimi-
gery followed by at least two years of hormone thera- nation is bad. We learn in school. The textbook says
py in order to compete. However, from now on, none that no one should be treated differently by their race,
of these are required to any athletes. Chris Mosier gender, age, and religion; I want to add one more to
is one of the people who contributed to the change. the
He is a trans-athlete who transitioned from female category; sexuality.
to male and took part in the United States nation-
al team. As well as being the first openly competed
transgender athlete, Chris was also nominated as the
first transgender athlete in the ESPN’s ‘Body Issue’.
‘Body Issue’ of the ESPN Magazine makes a point
of featuring a wide range of body types in its annual
package of nude images of professional athletes.

Whether or not people are aware of their daily life, it disorders or emotional troubles, which is revealed
is true that colors take a significant role. There are by the training of a therapist.
many factors that connect the colors and us; the psy-
chological factor that is commonly called ‘the color “A therapist trained in color therapy applies to light
therapy’ works most importantly among all. and color in the form of tools, visualization, or verbal
suggestion to balance energy in the areas of our bod-
Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is a ies that are lacking vibrancy, be it physical, emotion-
type of healing that involves the visibility of light (an al, spiritual, or mental”
electromagnetic energy) to influence the physical
or mental health including the mood of an individu- Here are five major impacts of colors. First, the color
al. The color therapy works in a form of vibration to- is one of the languages for communication. Second,
wards our skin, which is an expansion of a universal it influences our mood and emotions. Third, both us-
idea that ‘light enters through our eyes’. Basically, the ing and avoiding certain colors is a way of self-ex-
color therapy heals our body as certain colors en- pression that shows the personality. Fourth, colors
tering the body and activating hormones by causing affect the human sense perception. Fifth, it directly
emotion changes. affects the flow of the energy in our bodies.

It was originated from ancient cultures that some Considering it has a significant impact on humans
countries believed the effect of color on physical and taking an action, the symbolism of the color is being
mental health. Egypt, Greece, and China are recog- used in very positive ways nowadays. Not only for
nized as the leader of the chromotherapy. the therapy but also businesses, hospitals, and pris-
ons are being aware and accepting the impact and
Examples are as followings: the use of colors after experiments on their people.
• Painting rooms with the belief of psychological The companies have noticed that their employees
treatment may be given a certain environment for the effec-
• Identifying various colors in nature tiveness of the work and certain colors do stimulate
- Blue from the sky patients and prisoners in a positive way respective-
- Green from the grass ly. Moreover, paint companies have introduced new
- Red from the rose color cards with the therapeutic aspects of color in
• ‘Healing rooms’ were partially built with crystals so mind. Cosmetic companies also have ‘color therapy’
that the sunlight can reach the inside ranges included in their products. Once again, color
offers us a different world and is found all around us
An effect of the color has gained popularity in nature.
throughout the years from early interests of an
ancient people is presented and developed by We need to expand our awareness of color through
numerous books being written by psychologists recognizing activities like ‘color therapy’, which is an
and artists. Though, many people have doubts on effective use of color and its influences so that we
the use of color for healing or therapy. The main can truly benefit ourselves and ‘color’ becomes a
point here is that it is proven colors have an effect way of life.
on people with their psychological state like brain

What would it be like to live in a world without color? Q: What type of colorblindness do you have: red-
People who are colorblind perceive colors differently green color blindness, blue-yellow color blindness,
from the common color vision used by most people. or total color blindness?
These people cannot differentiate between certain
colors due to abnormal photo pigments within the Mr. Newhook: I have red-green colorblindness. This
retina in their eyes. There are three different types of is a milder type colorblindness that I never knew that
colorblindness: red-green color blindness, blue-yel- I had during my school career! I did find out later that
low colorblindness, and total colorblindness. two of my other brothers also have the same.

Color blindness occurs more often in males due to Red-green colorblindness is the most common type
genetic reasons; approximately 8% of men and 0.5% as it makes up 99% of all people who are colorblind.
of women are affected by colorblindness. Although It includes deuteranopia (green-blindness), deuter-
genetics is the biggest cause behind colorblindness, anomaly (green-weakness), protanopia (red-blind-
other causes include diseases such as diabetes and ness), and protanomaly (red-greenness).
sclerosis. Colorblindness happens due to faulty
cones or errors in the pathway leading the cones to Q: When did you first find out that you were color-
the brain. Cones are light-sensitive cells in the retina blind, and how did you feel?
of the eye. The human eye has three different types
of cones, each sensitive to a specific wavelength of Mr. Newhook: I found out that I was colorblind in my
color: red, green and blue. In order to properly see last year of high school when I applied to college to
the full spectrum of colors, all three cones need to do a course in Nautical Sciences. Being able to fully
work together. Thus, colorblind people have at least see all colors was the qualification needed to captain
one cone in their retina that is malfunctioning or dam- a ship. I went for the eye exam and when they tested
aged. me on the ‘Circle Blot Test’, I found out my colorblind-
ness. This was confirmed when I did a light test, as
Most colorblind people cannot recognize red, blue, I could not distinguish a lot of the colors. They use
or green, and in rare cases, cannot perceive color red and green for navigation on ships. I was devas-
at all. Common effects of colorblindness on daily life tated... It was a dream that I felt was unfairly taken
are difficulty of reading traffic lights and inability to away. So, off to university I went.
distinguish between rare and well-done meat, green
and red tomatoes, ketchup and chocolate sauce, Q: How does color blindness affect your daily life?
and yellow ripe bananas and green unripe bananas.
People who are colorblind also have difficulty reading Mr. Newhook: Honestly, it doesn’t really affect me
color-coded charts and graphs and interpreting ad- too much in daily life. Traffic lights are not a problem,
vertisements and memes in the media. Most cases shades of color are. I do have to get my daughter
of colorblindness are quite mild, in which the individ- Ji-Eun to tell me the color sometimes when I color
ual only sees a dulled version of a color and can still things with her and her sister.
somewhat identify it.

Let us find out more about what it is like to be color-

blind by interviewing Mr. Newhook, one of the color- Written by Jiin Lee
blind teachers at BHA. Designed by Yonjae Choi

Seoyoung Cho

RED Let’s begin with red. Red fruits and ORANGE & YELLOW Next is orange/yellow. Orange
vegetables are red due to a natural pigment or yellow fruits and vegetables have vibrant color. It’s
called ‘lycopene’. It is a strong antioxidant that can because of ‘carotenoids’. A well-known carotenoid called
help reduce the risk of cancer and keep our heart ‘Beta carotene’ can be easily found in sweet potatoes,
healthy. If you want to protect yourself from cancer pumpkins, and carrots. It is converted to vitamin A, which
or heart related disease: eat Tomato, Cranberries, helps maintain healthy mucous membranes and healthy
Red capsicum, Radishes, Strawberries, Rhubarb, eyes. Therefore, if you want to have healthy mucous
Cherries, Red grapes, Raspberries, Watermelon, or healthy eyes: eat Carrots, Rockmelon, Lemons,
and Red apples. Especially the cranberries are now Sweet potato, Pumpkin, Pineapples, Mangoes, Corn,
in season until December. So why don’t you go to the Oranges, Squash, Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots,
grocery store and Grapefruit. Also note that even just one orange
and grab one provides a range of vitamins and minerals. According
WHITE & BROWN Last but not right now? to the American Heart Association, eating higher
least, there’s brown/white. White amounts of a compound found in citrus
fruits and vegetables contain a range fruits like oranges may lower ischemic
of health-promoting phytochemicals These days, many people stroke risk for women.
such as allicin(found in garlic) have bad eating habits. This
which is known for its antiviral is because many people tend to
and antibacterial properties. eat fast and simple to save their time
Some members of the white in busy life. According to BBC, there are GREEN Green vegetables
group, such as bananas seven established factors that raise the risk of contain a range of
and potatoes, are also a health, which are measured by the Health Survey phytochemicals including
good source of potassium. for England. One of them is low fruit and vegetable carotenoids, indoles and
Cauliflower, Brown pears, consumption. In England, an incredible 93% have saponins, all of which have
Mushrooms, White peaches, at least one risk factor. Over a third have three anti-cancer properties. Leafy
Garlic, Bananas, Potatoes, or more. This article shows us recent people greens such as spinach and
Onions, Ginger, Parsnips, and are unhealthy by giving an example of broccoli are excellent sources
Turnip are also recommended for England. At this point, I would like of folate, which is one of the B
you. to suggest you to eat fruits and vitamins. Green vegetables are also
vegetables in a rainbow color. a major source of iron and calcium for
any diet. However, be careful when
BLUE & PURPLE The next is purple/blue. you’re eating green vegetables. Some
Blue/purple fruits have distinctive color, which is due green vegetables such as Swiss chard
to the plant pigment called ‘anthocyanin’. Anthocyanin are not considered good sources of calcium, due to their
also has antioxidant properties that protect cells from high content of oxalic acid. Oxalic Acid is a poisonous
damage and can help reduce the risk of cancer, stroke, crystalline acid with a sour taste, which are used for
and heart disease. The other benefits of consuming bleaching and cleansing. Still, green leafy vegetables are
anthocyanin are: they neutralize the agents of aging rich in beta-carotene, which can also be converted into
and disease, and keep you looking younger longer. vitamin A, and also improve immune function. So if you
Therefore, if you want to avoid the diseases want to protect yourself from cancer or problems with the
mentioned above or want to look younger for a digestive organs such as diarrhea or immune function: eat
long time: eat Beetroot, Red cabbage, Eggplant, Spinach, Asparagus, Avocados, Broccoli, Peas, Green apples,
Purple asparagus, Blackberries, Blueberries, Green grapes, Limes, Kiwifruit, Green beans, Lettuce, Cabbage,
Purple grapes, and Plums. Celery, Cucumber, and Green capsicum.

These 5 different categories of fruits and vegetables will enhance your health as you eat them
regularly and evenly. Why don’t you start packing them up for your snack on your way to school
or to work? Don’t you want to be healthy? Now is time to eat a rainbow! And remember what
Thomson said: Health is the vital principle of bliss.

Chejin Lee

3.2.1. Go! The annual 5km Color Run marathon begins. The In Color Run there are...
distance of 5 kilometers might daunt you, but this marathon
actually boasts one of the highest participation rates. The Obviously the first thing that you will meet is the FUN – lots
Color Run, also known as the “Happiest 5K on the planet”, of it too. Just imagine yourself beginning the race with a plain
was first founded in March 2011 as an event to promote white t-shirt running and completing the 5km dancing in a swirl
healthiness, happiness, and individuality by bringing the of colors. There will be fun all around, all day, all night
community together. Currently the single largest event in the
world, the Color run continues to grow exponentially with over You see, color run is not only about enjoying yourself, but also
200 cities and 30 countries hosting this event every year. about enjoying the time with others.

What exactly is Color Run? Different from usual marathons, 1. Health

the Color Run does not nominate winners or gives out prizes, While the events focuses on having fun, it primarily focuses on
but the runners are showered with colored powder made of promoting a healthy lifestyle. More than half of the participants
cornstarch. The runners are required to be dressed in clean are first-time 5km runners and this event will act as a catalyst
white T-shirts in the beginning of the race, and at every for the participants to live an active, healthy lifestyle as they
kilometer, there are color stations where volunteers blast capture positive memories on exercising. Without stressing
the runners with vibrant color powders. over the idea of ‘working out’, people will naturally learn to
After the runners complete the enjoy the thrill of running and exercising. The music and the
race, the fun continues with an colors is bound to excite and encourage the runners, providing
unforgettable Finish a memorable experience.
Festival. With loud
music, dancing 2. Happiness
and vivid colors This event emphasizes fun over competition. It is opened for
everywhere, all fitness levels, ages and backgrounds; that includes first-
the festival time runners as well as elders and children. It costs about $35
can be to participate and all of the money is donated to the people in
considered need. With this small philanthropic action, color run has now
the highlight currently raised donations for more than 80 local and national
of this event. charities since 2012.

within their school to raise

money for their school. The money raised
As a result, individuals is used in the school events and for educational resources
are able to build the idea that they can for current and future students. In the case of the children in
not only experience the happiness themselves, but also share need, free classes are provided by local charities as well as
it with others. In other words, you get to have a great time at this free breakfast. This event also financially supports the school
run, while taking part in making the world a better place. as well as education and encouraging physical activity. The
Color Run has become an annual event to certain schools,
3. Individuality with a high student and faculty participation along with
Reasons for participating in this event can vary from acknowledging the importance of giving care for the
celebrating healthy living and their accomplishments as a society near you.
capstone or to really small and personal reasons. With no
winners or official times, the Color Run is opened to all people. Now, are you ready to join Color Run? Don’t be scared, it is
going to be the happiest 5km run in your life. So what are
Currently many high Schools in the States hold Color Run you waiting for? Put a white t-shirt and let’s start running!

12 Years a Slave -
Book Review Hayun Koh

“I don’t want to survive. I want to live.” whenever the seller shows off the slaves he is
trying to sell, he always seem to hit the slaves as
Americans had enslaved thousands of Africans if he were trying to show how well the slaves can
in the 1600s. African slaves worked for their endure pain. Ejofor’s sorrowful and painful facial
‘masters’ day and night and on top of being a expressions effectively portrayed the agony the
slave, were treated no precious than farm an- slaves were going through.
imals. Fortunately, slave trade has now be-
come illegal. However, after of the abolishment 12 Years a Slave has a fairly happy ending since
of slavery, people began kidnapping Africans the protagonist is able to go back to his normal
and selling them as slaves. The film 12 Years a life in New York, the story simply shows the life
Slave takes a critical look into American slavery of one man. However, this movie fails to show
through a man who lived two different lives of a the other slaves, the men, women and children
musician and a slave. Thee protagonist’s brav- who maybe didn’t have a normal life to go back
ery and the portrayal of the real lives slaves in to, whom born and died as a slave. The major-
the past are a mere fraction of the movie that ity of the slaves in the industry fought for their
makes it so compelling. rights despite the discrimination and the disre-
spect they received. Many died while trying to
Solomon, played by Chiwetel Ejofor, is an edu- run away and while standing up for what was
cated, musically talented, and free black man. rightfully theirs.
He lives in New York during the 1840s, in which
slave trade has recently ruled illegal. Solomon 12 Years a Slave is not a feel-good type of movie
is well known for his musical talent, and is often since its main topic is slavery. It was no doubt
invited to special occasions to perform. One day, a grim past of America and there aren’t many
Solomon meets a guy who asks him to travel ways to make a light-hearted movie about such
with him to Washington and work as a musician a heavy topic. Slavery may be over, but there
there. However, Solomon is kidnapped on the is a new form of slavery that seems to torment
way to Washington and sold as a slave. Once he people till this very day - racism. The underly-
arrives at Washington, he is given a new name ing hatred towards people with color and white
called “Platt,” a runaway slave. supremacy still causes serious problems around
the world. So many people still live in terror and
Solomon experiences what it means to be a pain because of the scars created by such ha-
slave. He meets a kind master who respects him tred. However, the protagonist’s courage and
and his rights, but also meets a cruel master who will to live showed another side of humanity.
treats his slaves like animals. Even though Sol-
omon’s life goes through multiple obstacles that
turns his life around and leaves him as a slave,
he refuses to give up on his life. “I don’t want
to survive. I want to live.” Solomon repeats this
encouraging phrase to another slave who had
considered giving up on his life. After 12 years of
striving to escape slavery, he finally takes off the
shackles that bound him and goes home.

In the movie, the audience can quickly spot who

the buyers and sellers are. The seller treats the
slaves as if he were getting rid of junk from his
garage; like mere possessions and objects. Also,

REVIEW Perfume
Jeeah Shin
Designed by Hye-yun Yun

Not many books succeed in stimulating the will simultaneously conceal the horrifying, ugly
olfactory senses of the audience. And yet, within inner man whose lacking of mother-love and
the colorful and gripping storyline of Perfume, every human relationships had been a blockade to the
flower bundles, every piece of fruit and hunk of establishment of personality.
rotting fish sends its essence straight to the readers’
nostrils. An acclaimed worldwide bestseller, Patrick The chief argument of Süskind’s novel is that no
Süskind’s Perfume is a projection of concerns one is innocent. Grenouille apparently is evil by
with personal identity and human nature onto the nature, and in addition those around him are not
characters of the book. necessarily any less evil. Circumstances simply
favor them, giving them the social position, money
Set in France of the eighteenth century, Perfume or background to exploit and have ultimate control
narrates the story of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, a over people just like Grenouille. For instance,
physically and emotionally abused orphan born in Grimal the tanner treats Grenouille no better than
the most fetid spot of Paris. Coming into the world a domestic animal and locks him to a closet to
unwanted yet born with an impeccable sense of make sure that he does not run away. Baldini also
smell, Grenouille himself is recognized as a genius possesses serious character deficiencies, viewing
of odors, however, has an absence of body odors. Grenouille only as a source for perfume invention.
Grenouille’s sole ambition is to become the greatest Madame Gaillard adequately raises Grenouille
perfumer of all time in order to conceal his own lack to the age of eight but gives him away as an
of scent. As he discovers his olfactory virtuosity, apprentice to Grimal as the parish stopped paying
Grenouille becomes increasingly obsessed with his room and board. Süskind intends to provide
inventing new fragrances, particularly his own that the most prominent lessons of evil by the portrayal
would provide him the magical essence of identity. of the dark side of human characteristics within
Then one day he catches a hint of scent that will Perfume.
drive him on an ever-more-terrifying quest to design
the “ultimate perfume” – the scent of a beautiful Perfume’s plot is unique; its execution is skillfully
young virgin – which leads to the creation of the done in Grenouille’s characterization and
essence of innocence lost. furthermore, is smoothly at ease with Süskind’s
depiction of the eighteenth century French mores
The theme of identity presented throughout the and the science of perfume. It is a book of “smells,”
novel is intimately linked with the character of sometimes captivating, sometimes awful yet always
Grenouille, which, from birth to death, is dogged by fascinating. Perfume is a slow-burning novel that
the language of anathema. As the narrative begins, takes its time to grab the attention of the readers,
Süskind’s omniscient yet cagey narrator openly and but one that lingers, turning out very dark and
immediately labels Grenouille as a monstrous being unsettling indeed.
clothed with the image of a frog never noticed,
valued and loved by anyone else. “He [Grenouille]
was an abomination from the start,” states the
narrator, who compares him to a tick that withdraws
from the world, waiting for its chance to “scratch
and bore and bite into that alien flesh.” Here the
word “alien” is key for the narrator’s construction
of Grenouille’s character. The absence of personal
odor precludes Grenouille’s possibility of identity,
since for him “the soul of being is their scent.”
Unconsciously hoping to gain for belongingness,
Grenouille covers himself with perfume that

Seoyoung Cho

I conducted a color test to interview some of the teachers and students in our school, BHA. Here is the procedure:

1. I present the test participants with 8 different colors of markers: Red, White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black.
2. Let the participants choose one color.
3. Once the participants have chosen their color, I read them about their personality.
4. Then let them decide whether the color reflects their personality or not.

Black: People who choose Green: Those who love

black as their favorite Purple: You are artistic and the color green are often Brown: You are a good friend
color are often artistic and unique. You have a great affectionate, loyal and frank. and try your best to be reliable
sensitive. While these people respect for people but at Green lovers are also aware and dependable. Flashy
are not introverts, they are times can be arrogant. of what others think of them objects are not something
careful with the details of and consider their reputation you desire; you just want a
their lives and do not share Blue: If blue is your favorite very important. stable life.
them easily with others. color you love harmony, are
reliable, sensitive and always White: People who like white Yellow: You enjoy learning
Red: Those who love red make an effort to think of are often organized and and sharing your knowledge
live life to the fullest and are others. You like to keep logical and do not have a with others. Finding
tenacious and determined in things clean and tidy and great deal of clutter in their happiness comes easy to you
their endeavors. feel that stability is the most lives. and others would compare
important aspect in life. you to sunshine.

G10 Youngwon Jo (she chose Purple): I think the color matches my personality.
G10 Juwon Kim (she chose Purple): I think that the color does not match with me. I guess I am not artistic and unique.
Mrs. Johansen (she chose Blue): Blue matches me pretty okay. But I think I am not always tidy and clean. My desk shows
a good example of this.
G10 Annette Kim (she chose Blue): I disagree with the part where it says ‘You like to keep things clean and tidy.’ Well, I like
being tidy and clean, but I’m not the one who keeps things clean and tidy.
G10 Somin Lee (she chose Green): Well, I don’t care about reputation much since I’m a student. However, I think the color
green pretty much matches me.
G10 Kyoungjin Lim (she chose Yellow): Ha ha, I’m not sure whether others compare me to sunshine, but yes, the color
matches me.
G10 Sol Lee (she chose White): I don’t think that the color matches me. I’m not sure about other things but I’m definitely
not organized.
Mr.Johansen (he chose Blue): It is generally quite accurate. I do value harmony and I do try to consider others. Cleanliness
and tidiness are important to me, to some extent, but I also don’t mind a bit of clutter. I value some amount of stability, but I
also appreciate and enjoy spontaneity and adventure.
G10 Soobin Paik (she chose Brown): Everything matches me.
G10 Wookyung Yoon (she chose Purple): Hmmm…. yes, the color matches me. I like to listen to music, play trombone, sing,
and do things that are related to arts when I have free time.
G10 Ha-Neul Yu (she chose Black): I think the color somewhat matches me. I’m not artistic at all, but I think I’m somewhat
sensitive to small things that occur in daily life.
G10 Eunjoo Jeon (she chose White): Yes, the color matches me, but I’m not sure whether I’m logical.
Mr.Young (he chose Purple): Oh wow, I like it. It’s so accurate. I’m artistic in my own way, there’s pretty much no one crazy
like me who loves castles after watching a movie titled El Cid starring Charlton Heston and Sophia Lauren when I was 14.
It was about this person named Don Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar and after that I began to study Spanish and read up on Castles.
I am so in awe of the multi talents of the students here and yes, I can be so arrogant!!

It turns out that the colors that the participants have chosen reflects much of their personality, and it is this instinctive choice
of a color that tells a lot about a person, how he or she functions and even the vulnerability and strengths within that person.
How about you take some time to go through this color test and find more about yourself?

Clan Seungwon
Sylvia Yang

1.What is your name?
Minkyoung Lee
2.What clan do you represent? What colour does your clan represent?
MacLean, Black
3.Why did you decide to become a chieftain?
I decided to become a chieftain because I wanted to get to know the students and
faculty better. Although I was a member of MacLean for two years and I always wanted to
become friends with new people from other grades, it was difficult to talk to every one of them.
That is why I wanted to become a chieftain, so that I can make more chances for the members
to get to know each other better.
4.What is your goal as a chieftain this year?
As I mentioned in the previous question, I want the team members to get to know
each other. So as one of the clan chieftains, I am currently planning exciting events for not only
MacLean, but for all the other clans to work in collaboration and enjoy being a part of the clan.
5.What do you think your clan colour says about your clan?
My clan colour, black, very well represents our clan. In my opinion, black symbolizes
power and strength. I believe our clan also has a great power, strength and ambition to keep
our position as number one clan at Branksome.
6.What does your clan colour mean to you?
My clan colour gives me motivation to work hard and enjoy being a part of MacLean
when doing clan activities. This colour may seem dark and too common; and I used to think that
way too. But after becoming a member of MacLean, I started to see black as a unique colour
with spirit filled inside it.
7.Anything you would like to say to your clan?
I am so excited to spend this year with all of you. I will try my best to make this clan
year as fun as it can be and as meaningful it can be to every one of you. Thank you for choosing
me as your clan chieftain.

1.What is your name?
HeeWon Yang
2.What clan do you represent? What colour does your clan represent?
3.Why did you decide to become a chieftain?
Last year’s chieftain leading our clan looked fabulous as she gathered our clan together as one team. Watching her
lead, made me hope to become a chieftain one day and contribute on bringing SCOTT together.
4.What is your goal as a chieftain this year?
As a chieftain this year, my goal is to make our clan members shout out to cheer each other in activities. Since clans are
there to provide an opportunity to form bonds with Branksome sisters across grades, I hope our clan could have more time to get
to know each other.
5.What do you think your clan colour says about your clan?
I would say that our clan color, BLUE represents the sea surrounding Jeju. Just like the powerful waves hitting Jeju, our
clan will bring powerful energy to Branksome!
6.What does your clan colour mean to you?
Blue means a fresh new start to me. This year, I am excited to meet new people and build new, priceless memories with
7.Anything you would like to say to your clan?
a.Let’s put our best effort to make SCOTT the winning clan!

1.What is your name?

My name is Stephanie Seoyeon Hyun.
2.What clan do you represent? What colour does your clan represent?
I am the clan chieftain of McAlpine and our clan colour is green.
3.Why did you decide to become a chieftain?
I decided to become a clan chieftain because I wanted to create a family like environment for all the students within our
clan by providing them opportunities to meet different students from different grade levels.
4.What is your goal as a chieftain this year?
My goal is to make students enjoy every single clan meeting and clan event by making a stronger bond in between each
and one of us within the clan.
5.What do you think your clan colour says about your clan?
Our clan is all green, environmentally friendly and very freshly minded.
6.What does your clan colour mean to you?
Personally, clan colour means our spirit. It means energy, liveliness, and happiness that are shown in every single person
within our clan.
7.Anything you would like to say to your clan?
Let’s make this a great year and I will work together with all of you to win the first place overall!

1.What is your name?
Sohee Chun
2.What clan do you represent? What colour does your clan represent?
I am the chieftain of Douglas, which is “PINK.”
3. Why did you decide to become a chieftain?
Clan events that are held at school are special because everyone from
different grades gathers and participates in various activities. I have
wanted to make the clan events more fun and exciting so that it becomes
a more memorable event for the students and that students develop a true
clan spirit in Branksome Hall Asia.
4.What is your goal as a chieftain this year?
I want to create many events that students are likely to enjoy, reflecting
their opinions and ideas as much as I can. I want everyone to feel like their
opinions and sayings matter when it comes to these suggestions about
the clan activities.
5.What do you think your clan colour says about you/your clan?
Pink is a combination of red and white. It contains the passion of the colour
red and the message of insight and hope of the colour white. People also
come up with feminine, affectionate, intimate, and caring when they think
of the colour pink. Pink makes Douglas including everyone and myself
come off as people that are warm and lively. Whenever I see people
wearing pink shirts on clan day, it brings out a sense of unity. So we all
should try hard to become more pink!
6.Anything you would like to say to your clan?

1.What is your name?

Hyunwoo Kim
2.What clan do you represent? What colour does your clan represent?
Ross, red
3.Why did you decide to become a chieftain?
It looked cool when rainbow people led whole school
4.What is your goal as a chieftain this year?
My goal as a clan chieftain is to win 1st place in the clan cup and receive the clan
sprit award in the purple carpet at the end of the year.
5.What do you think your clan colour says about your clan?
The colour red often represents passion, love and strength; all the qualities I value as
a person and the qualities I believe our clan members have.
6.What does your clan colour mean to you?
Just like how the colour red reminds me of fire, the colour red means the passion and
empathy our clan members have for each other and for our common goal, which is to
win the clan cup.
7.Anything you would like to say to your clan?
First place is ours, let’s do it Ross.

1.What is your name?

Suhwoo Jung
2.What clan do you represent? What colour does your clan
I represent Campbell, the colour purple.
3.Why did you decide to become a chieftain?
Ever since the year I came to Branksome, I have always
been motivated in the clan activities going on throughout
the year and with my ongoing passion for the clan events, I
decided to become a clan chieftain of Campbell.

1.What is your name?
Seungwon (Sylvia) Yang
2.What clan do you represent? What colour does your clan represent?
I proudly represent the McLeod clan. The McLeod clan represents the orange colour.
3.Why did you decide to become a chieftain?
I consider myself as a person with cheerful spirit. Whenever it is clan day, I get excited and wear
my orange shirt proudly. I wanted to lead this clan. I want to be the person who gets the clan
sisters excited and pumped up when participating in clan events.
4.What is your goal as a chieftain this year?
My goal as a chieftain is to make sure our clan members bond to form a true team and to cherish
every moment while wearing their clan shirt with pride. My goal is not to win the clan cup in the
end of the year, but it is to allow our clan to acknowledge that they are part of a team.
5.What do you think your clan colour says about your clan?
First of all, what is Jeju famous for? Hallabong of course! I believe that my clan colour represents
Jeju. Also, when you think of orange, for most people, it is not your everyday colour; and that is
what makes our clan unique. Yes, our clan represent uniqueness.
6.What does your clan colour mean to you?
Since McLeod represents orange, I think of the sun and its warmness. I want my clan members
to always feel like they are part of a team and to have a sense of belonging.
7.Anything you would like to say to your clan?
Hello McLeod! As your 2016-2017 clan chieftain, I want to make sure you guys to enjoy every
moment of the clan events. I also want to encourage you to try your best in clan events. If you
have any concerns related to clan or anything else, please never hesitate to come talk to me. Add
me on Facebook to message me or shoot me an email.

1.What is your name?

Seung You Kim
2.What clan do you represent? What colour does your clan represent?
MacGregor, Yellow
3.Why did you decide to become a chieftain?
I wanted to become a chieftain because I always liked doing fun activities as a group and
working in collaboration. Also, the concept of “clan” was new to me until last year, so becoming
a clan chieftain is very meaningful to me since it gives me a chance to try something new.
4.What is your goal as a chieftain this year?
My goal as a chieftain is to get to know every single one of the members in our clan. Even
though a lot of us already spent years as a team MacGregor, we still don’t know people from
other grades. My goal is to get to know the students from other grades and also make an
environment so that other students can also do the same.
5.What do you think your clan colour says about your clan?
Our clan color is yellow and I believe yellow is a very cheerful color. It gives spirit to our clan
and shows how hardworking and happy we can be.
6.What does your clan colour mean to you?
Our clan color is not the color I used to wear or like before I became a member of MacGregor;
however, now that I have a big family named MacGregor, yellow means much more than just
the color yellow, but a color that makes me feel welcomed and at home.
7.Anything you would like to say to your clan?
Hello MacGregor, I am so glad to be your new clan chieftain and I want to spend the best time
of MacGregor with you guys this year. I can’t wait to get to know each one of you and I am
always open to you guys so please come talk to me! I am the leader of MacGregor as well as
your friend. Thank you and Go MacGregor!

4.What is your goal as a chieftain this year?

My goal as a clan chieftain this year is to tighten the bond between the students from grade 6 to 12.
5.What do you think your clan colour says about your clan?
I believe that our clan colour, purple, shows motivation and pride on being creative throughout the clan events during the
6.What does your clan colour mean to you?
The clan colour purple means joy to me because every time I wear purple under the name of Campbell there are always
interesting activities waiting for me.
7.Anything you would like to say to your clan?
Lets get the winning trophy this year! Go Campbell!

Gangnam Station Murder & Misogyny in Korea
Sehwa Ryu
On May 17 2016, a frightening news alarmed Therefore, attributing this crime to his mental
Korea. A 34-year-old man, identified as Kim, illness only emphasizes the seriousness of the
ruthlessly murdered a 23-year-old woman in a misogynistic climate of our society. If he did
public restroom in Gangnam street of Seoul. not live in a society where misogyny is preva-
He waited in the restroom with the intention of lent, he would’ve had other kinds of delusions
killing a woman, and after three men have used than the one of being belittled by women.”
the restroom, a woman came in. He stabbed
this complete stranger with a dagger multiple The fact that women could be the target for a
times and killed her. This deed itself was terrify- crime just because of their gender incited much
ing enough, but the suspect’s reason behind the emotion from women. After the incident, exit 10
crime was even more stunning. He claimed that of Gangnam station was filled with notes paying
he killed the woman because women tribute to the victim, as well as notes by
had always been ignorant of him. many women about the amount of mi-
sogyny they endure as a woman.
Despite the fact that the sus-
pect has clearly cited that
“I killed her These notes included

because I have
messages such as “To-
his hatred towards women day, I was lucky enough

always been ignored

spurred him to murder, to survive.”, “It could
the police brought up have been me”, and

his mental illness as the “We get killed be-
primary reason behind
this crime. According to
by cause we are women”.

the police, the incident -

However, the response
was not a hate crime, but Misogyny in Korea was perplexing. To-
a crime driven by his men-
tal illness, schizophrenic, a wards this incident, many
long term mental disorder that men have responded with
can cause mental breakdown. sarcastic and misogynistic re
marks both on-line and off-line which
Kim did have a history of schizophrenia; he had
only highlighted how misogyny deeply runs
been treated four times in hospitals since 2008.
in the society. Some men left notes that not
The police pointed out that Kim has neglect-
ed to take his medication for a while, which only jeered the victim of the incident, but that
made it hard for him to make logical decisions. had provocative remarks such as “Ugly wom-
en could use the public bathroom without
However, psychiatrist Suh Cheon-seok, saw being concerned since no one would ever
it in a different perspective. He claimed that set their hands on them.” Memorial websites
“Kim’s delusional thoughts were inadvertent- were flooded with comments on how wom-
ly affected by the society that is hostile to- en are overreacting, and how “they are as
wards women. Since the social climate is al- helpless as they let themselves to be”. Su-
ready misogynistic, his mental illness would perficially, the society seems as if men and
have been affected by the atmosphere. women are sharing the same rights. However,
incidents above clearly show that we do not.

On the surface, South Korea seems as if it has gained its ENE
floor for women equality with the first female president be-
ing elected and many policies for women rights. Howev- CS
er, the reality remains stark for women in South Korea.
According to police data, women made up 87 percent of violent crime victim in 2015,
most of it being sexual crime. It has been recorded that increasing number of women
suffer from violence by their husbands. In addition, according to the UNODC, Korea
was reported one of the highest homicide rates for women in the world with 52.5% of
homicide victims being women. In the world, there
are only six other countries where the female ho-
micide rate exceeds 50%, one of it being Japan,
the country being infamous for low female rights.

It’s not a surprise that South Korea ranks 115th

out of 145 countries in gender equality. Ac-
cording to Ministry of Employment and Labor,
women get paid only two-thirds of what men
get paid. Also, only 2.3 percent of women made
up corporate executives at 348 of the largest
500 companies in South Korea in 2015. In ad-
dition, the culture of misogyny and gender in-
equality is reflected in the recent population
collapse of Korea. According to a research,
developed countries with low fertility rate shows the society’s current status of female gender
roles. South Korea is now recorded as the country with one of the lowest birth rate in the world.

Gangnam Station murder has brought up much attention to sexism and misogyny in
our society. Misogyny is a pervasive social problem, which is deeply rooted from the
very fabric and the fundamental base of the society. These kind of social problems
never get solved overnight; it takes time. The increased awareness of the so-
ciety’s misogynistic climate will become a huge progress of solv-
ing it. The awareness itself is something that we need
when the society wants to make an initial step.
TE Designed by Chaejeong Lim
Photo Credit:
by means of Color
Soyeon Min
It is true that colors plays a vitally important role in people’s daily lives, whether or not we are aware of
it. Color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate
or soothe your eyes. There are many factors that connect colors and us, and the psychological factor
that is commonly termed ‘color therapy’ is the most important among all.

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is the type of healing that has the visibility of light (an
electromagnetic energy) to influence the physical or mental health of an individual including mood. In
practicing color therapy, color vibrations are applied on bare skin. Basically, color therapy heals our
body as certain colors entering the body activate hormones, causing emotion changes.

Color therapy originated from ancient cultures that believed the effect of color on physical and mental
health. Egypt, Greece, and China are recognized as the beginners of color therapy. The examples of
color therapy include painting rooms with different colors, and meditating in ‘healing rooms,’ which is
partially built with crystals so that sunlight can flow inside.

The history of color therapy spans the ages. Color effectively supported healing as far back as ancient
Egypt, and there are numerous books written by psychologists and artists on the benefits of color ther-
apy. Nevertheless, many people have doubts on the use of color for healing or therapy. However, it is
proven by therapists that colors can heal people with brain disorders or emotional troubles.

To briefly talk about the advantages color has on our lives, the following are the five major impacts of
colors. First, color is one of the languages for communication. Next, color influences our mood and
emotions, and both using and avoiding certain colors is a way of self-expression that shows our per-
sonal traits. In addition, colors affect our sensory perceptions. Last but not least, color directly affects
the flow of energy in our bodies.

As color has a significant impact on the moods of people, color is becoming more and more important
in our lives. For instance, businesses, hospitals, and prisons are being aware of the benefits of color
therapy. Companies have noticed that certain colors stimulate employees to work more effectively, and
color therapy is proven to have a positive effect on prisoners. Moreover, paint companies have intro-
duced new color cards with color therapy in mind. Cosmetic companies also have ‘color therapy’ ranges
included in their products.

To sum up, we need to expand our awareness of color through recognizing studies like ‘color therapy’,
so that color can truly become a way of life and many others can benefit from color psychology. Indeed,
color psychology is what gives insights to your life to help you understand yourself better.
For Written by JEEAH SHIN
A man in a mask, black and white, with a smiling face. Beneath it, a man identified by the code name
“V” ravaged by a corrupt political system he cannot forget or forgive. Based on the political thrill-
er graphic novel written by Alan Moore, V for Vendetta shares a narrative focusing on the main charac-
ter V, provoking the viewers to speak up for their ideal society. A visually sumptuous concoction com-
bining symbolic character and plot choices, political allegory, and stunning cinematic moments into
a solid piece of entertainment, the film arguably remains the most phenomenal of all dystopian genres.

In the late 2020s, the world is in turmoil and warfare with the United States fractured as a result of pro-
longed civil war and a pandemic of the “St. Mary’s Virus” ravaging Europe. Britain is ruled as a fascist
police state under the control of the authoritative high chancellor Adam Sutler. However, in the midst of
all such chaos a masked vigilante known only as V plots to dismantle the established yet corrupt gov-
ernment allying with a mild-mannered young woman named Evey Hammond. Incomparably charismat-
ic and ferociously skilled in the art of combat and deception, V ignites a revolution when he detonates
two of London’s landmarks and takes over the government-controlled airwaves, urging his fellow citizens
to rise up against tyranny and oppression. Though V may appear charismatic and to possess a pas-
sion for justice, he also has his share bit of bitterness due to personal hatred towards the government.

The most intriguing aspect of the movie is V’s decidedly ambiguous status. V is neither a hero nor an
anti-hero; he is more of a mono-focused human revenge mixed with anarchism. The world fell apart
around Britain. The citizens, scared and insecure, sought refuge in racism and homophobia, and in
performing such actions have ceded control to a fascist government that provides an illusion of security
and control. The British government presented throughout V for Vendetta is extremely intrusive, mak-
ing extensive use of video surveillance and wiretapping to watch the citizens. Such a control is built
on a vast computer that is used as a symbol to the populace of reliable central control, down to the
radio broadcasts. Within this futuristic world, V, wearing his Guy Fawkes mask and the 1600s tall hat, is
much like the suppressed subconscious of the people. He represents adventure, danger, resistance,
individuality, and comfort with chaos and disorder from which the country has fled and now misses.

Non-stop, sloppy action is portrayed throughout the entire running time of the movie just as most films
deriving from graphical novels. Nevertheless, V for Vendetta’s cinematography techniques invite the
viewers to decode the character and various messages. One prominent example is
the depiction of Evey Hammond where she emerges in a downpour
of the roof on a tall building. Despite being illustrated as an inno-
cent woman disgusted by the ruling of the government, Evey is held
back by fear and thus behaves obedient to the society. Yet, Evey
undergoes a dramatic change in her behavior, as she is reminded
of the tragic death and firm resolve of Valerie Page. The scene in
which Evey embraces her newfound courage appears to be juxta-
posed to reiterated shots of the scorched and faceless V emerg-
ing from the flaming ruins of Larkhill. The rain and fire suggest cre-
ation and destruction respectively, and hints of the rebirth of Evey.

In its eerie depiction of totalitarian Britain, V for Vendetta pres-

ents a lesson that one should strive to protect and express their
true identity and color within his or her community. It is a film
of verifiable value, vetted by viewers both venerable and vernal.

Designed by Chaejeong Lim

How many colors exist in the world? Google this and you may Q: What was your favorite section of the show?
come up with numerous answers responding the same: “infinity.”
These answers are not entirely true, however, when it comes to A: My favorite was the photographs of people taken by Angelica
the counting of the colors we encounter in everyday lives. In the Dass in the first section of the show, titled Humanae. This
summer of 2016, Daelim Museum (as known as ‘D Museum’) was placed on the first section, Color is Everywhere, where a
opened this discussion to the public with an exhibition titled Color collection of photographs by six artists (Alison Anselot, Angelica
Your Life. I have met three of the students who have attended Dass, Fanni Williams, Joan Carreras, Maxim Nilov, and Victor
the exhibition. Wagner) were displayed. The subject matters included objects,
people, scenery, and food. Dass took photographs of 90 people
Q: What could be one (or more) factor(s) that drawn you to of diverse ethnic groups, age, and gender, then labeled each
this exhibition of all? Is there anything particular that was photo with a matching Pantone color. I thought it was very clever
interesting from the preview? of her to criticize the issues such as skin-based prejudices and
racial discrimination through what it was created upon - color and
A: I think I chose the exhibition partly because of the venue. I shade.
often visited Daelim Museum for many other exhibitions, including
How To Make A Book with Steidl, Troika: Persistent Illusions, and B: Personally, what intrigued me the most was sections titled
Linda McCartney photograph exhibition. (That actually is a lot.) ‘Color Challenges Design’ and ‘Color Completes Furniture.’
Yeah, now that I think about it... Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed They presented some works by seven international interior
every single one of them, and I think that is what made me trust designers and companies. I’m no art student, but looking at the
their choices of exhibition more. Even before even considering variety of furniture and their designs, I realized that art could be
what it is, I find myself being interested in them. incorporated into parts of our lifestyle. The best design was a
Cradle armchair by Moroso. Very utilitarian.
B: My friend asked me to join her in attending Color Your Life.
Actually, it was my second time visiting an art exhibition, so I was C: Oh, I just remembered something. There is one design that
very excited. I also have seen many 4 to 5 star rated reviews of I remember: It was a series of chair design by Fredrik Paulsen
the exhibition on SNS. in a gradation of colors, which was done with a simple scientific
method where the color dye was absorbed from the edge of the
C: Since the other two already mentioned about the venue and raw wood, and it gradually spread out by capillary actions. I loved
reviews, I would add onto them. One thing that captured my eyes the idea of incorporating science into design. Also, I enjoyed the
was the cost for entrance ticket was very, very cheap compared high quality of gift shop they prepared for the visitors.
to the other exhibitions I’ve been to. (How much was the ticket?)
I think it was only about 5,000 won for adults and 3,000 won for Q: Any criticism that you would like to say?
students, without discount. I also got a discount of 1,000 won
because I had the membership. Other than the affordability, I A: I would say that some elements of the exhibition were only
liked its uniqueness. It was a kind of exhibition that you would not inclined to decorative characteristics - to attract the audience
regularly see in Seoul. and not inform them. Also, even though I could see they were
attempting to experiment with materials and different themes,
Q: What is one or more feature(s) that distinguishes this the attempt was not always successful. I would like to see more
exhibition out of all others? variety in designers and brands next time.

A: I think it was a very well-organized exhibition. Of all, its way Q: Could you tell me one phrase or sentence that may
of presentation was particularly interesting to me. The exhibition summarize your experience at Color Your Life?
was divided into four sections: Color is Everywhere, Color Meets
Material, Color Challenges Design, Color Completes Furniture, A: I will lay out some keywords: experimental, engaging, and
and Color Paints Space. Each section demonstrated different delightful.
themes like: “experimentation of colors on different medium”
or “re-discovery of the aesthetic values of the colors found in B: It was one of the best exhibitions I have seen. I enjoyed it very
our everyday lives.” And who would think of doing these types much.
of experiments with just one theme - color? I thought it was an
inventive idea. C: A colorful bliss!

B: The exhibition demonstrated some very inspiring interior and

furniture designs. I’ve never seen an exhibition in Korea that
specifically emphasized interior design, so I guess that was an Irene Shin
extra point they could get.

2016 Colour of the season:
Irene Eunbyul Shin
Designed by Yeonji Song

It’s twins! connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of or-

der and peace. Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of
Pantone Color Institute, the worldwide-recognized color Pantone Color Institute, describes in more detail how the
authority, has publicized their famous Color of the Year for two colors attach to each other:
2016. What is even exciting: for the first time, it is the blend-
ing of two shades: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Rose Quartz is a warm, gentle, and embracing rose tone,
which brings an instant pleasure to our eyes, conveying
Color of the Year announcement is an annual event, which compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity is a cool,
happens every December; it is a symbolic color selection tranquil blue with weightless, airy quality; like the expanse
for expression of mood and attitude. Every year, its result of the blue sky above us, it brings feelings of respite and
is closely monitored by fashion and design industry around relaxation. Together they are believed to demonstrate an
the world. This relates to the names of national and world- inherent balance between the contrasting characteristics of
class companies, from cosmetic brands such as Sephora, each other to reflect connection and wellness, mollifying the
NARS, VDL, and Innisfree to fashion and accessories such turbulent society.
as Dior, Gucci, and Swatch. For instance, in 2015, when
Pantone selected ‘Marsala (A dark, toned-down shade of Color pairings for Rose Quartz & Serenity
bloody red)’ as the Color of the Year, Korean cosmetics
brands were bombarded with the customer demands for The pairing of Rose
‘Marsala’ colored lipsticks. Looking at the trends from last Quartz and Serenity
few years, which strictly followed the Colors of the Year, it works with both soft
became even clearer how significant a color is in forming and hard surface ma-
individuals, groups, as well as our global community as a terial to bring calm
whole. And of course, it is just more than a color matching. and relaxation. Ap-
pealing in all finishes,
The selection criteria for this matte, metallic and
year’s Color of the Year is glossy, the engaging
to promote ‘relaxation.’ combo joins easily
As consumers seek with other mid-tones
mindfulness and well including greens and
being as an anti- purples, rich browns,
dote to modern day and all shades of yel-
stresses, the need low and pink. Add in
for psychologi- silver or hot brights
cal fulfilling for for more splash and
reassurance sparkle.
and security
are becoming more The combination of contrasting tones of cooler blue and
prominent, re- warmer rose colors also challenges traditional perceptions
flecting of color association. In many parts of the world, we are ex-
periencing a gender blur as it relates to fashion, which has in
turn impacted color trends throughout all other areas of de-
sign. Rose Quartz and Serenity, therefore, is a more unilat-
eral approach to color, which coincides with societal move-
ments toward gender equality and fluidity. The selection also
considered today’s consumers who show an increased
comfort with using color as a form of expression; a gen-
eration that has less concern about being typecast
or judged and an open exchange of digital infor-
mation that has opened our eyes to different ap-
proaches to color usage.

Soyeon Min

The worldwide fashion brand ‘Benetton’ has a col- How can I become a colorist? Which qualities
orful logo, which works to reflect its meaning of are required?
Uniqueness. Benetton’s marketing skill through col-
or was one of the biggest influencing factors of the It is advantageous for people with an inborn aes-
global business. Likewise, color has been such a thetic sense and creativity to be a colorist. As color-
significant element of design, advertisement, and ists should be able to analyze thousands of colors
furthermore in improving the quality of the product. and imply it to real-life situations, they should know
According to the color research organization in the how to classify each color and suggest it different-
United States (ICR), it only takes about a minute ly case by case. Moreover, to introduce the trend
and a half for the customers to decide to buy or not of the color, it is important to have insight and ob-
to buy a product depending on its color. servation skills to recognize the flow of the political,
social, economical, and cultural state within our so-
Color has been having a huge impact in branding ciety.
and marketing. As a result, in terms of jobs, over
100 new color-related and aesthetic-related careers The future of the colorist career is very bright, as
have been created in recent 5 years. In this article, people have noticed the importance of color. The
I would like to introduce you an interesting new job: image of a certain brand and even products are in-
a colorist. fluenced by colors. As not only creating a product
but also making the consumers buy the product is
What is a ‘colorist’? the stage for successful consumption and produc-
tion of the product, it can be said that the connect-
A colorist is an artist who focuses on color than any ing element of consumers, producers, and product
other artistic factors. Colorists research colors and is color.
lead color trends in the global community. For ex-
ample, the company like Pantone has colorists who Another instance that shows that the bright future
announce the color of the year annually. of the colorist career is the regulation of color within
jobs that no longer exists. In the past, with stereo-
What are the specific roles of a colorist? types associated with certain jobs, some people
were regulated with their clothing. A politician would
In the 1900s, colorists were only supposed to work wear simple white, black, and tone-downed colors
within the fashion department. They were meant to be shown as an intellectual individual.
to analyze the collected data on color and create
a new trend of arts. However, colorists contribute But now our common sense has changed to wear
to our community more than we expect nowadays, clothes that suit well with each one of us rather than
as color has an impact on product design, graph- to have restrictions in our clothing influenced by
ic, film, aesthetics, product development, company stereotypes. Correspondingly, with people having
consulting, and so on. In terms of product design distinct individuality, our culture and community are
and marketing, colorists choose the color to be building a stronger bond with color. The colorist ca-
applied to a certain product by its function and im- reer would be an area that will grow simultaneously
prove the value of the product and plan for a better with the quality of human life.
profit. For film, the usage of color sets the atmo-
sphere of the movie. The consideration of skin tone
color, seasons, age, and color trend are the roles of
colorists in aesthetics and beauty.

Ha-Neul Yu

Everyday, we view all the different objects, people, and The cone cells have a protein called rhodopsin, which sends
environment. When we observe these things, colors play a each stimulus and signals to the cerebrum. For example, when
crucial role in helping us to distinguish between the objects. the yellow color, with 570nm of wavelength, enters our eyes,
Within the various species of mammals, only the humans and the R and G cells react with similar sensitivity. Then, those
monkeys have ability to distinguish the different colors we see. cells produce the same magnitude of electric signals that the
brain recognizes as yellow. When the tree cone cells receive
Within the different cells of our eyes, cone cell and the rod similar stimulus, the brain recognizes as white. Like this, the
cell play an important role in reacting and processing the brain recognizes different colors from the different stimulus that
lights and colors. Inside the retina of our eyes, the visual each cone cells receive. Furthermore, the rod cells help us to
cells, which receive the stimulus from the lights, are spread recognize the objects. The rod cells perceive tones (light and
out. And these visual cells contain cone cells that are shades) and allow us to view objects with small lights or in dark
cognitive especially to the colors and the rod cells that places.
are cognitive to the tone of the objects. When the
lights are reflected from the objects, they travel Additionally, there is a reason why the red color stands out the
through the lens of the eyes and the cone most to our eyes. Inside the cone cells, there is a rho (ρ) cell
cells located in the middle of the retina. receiving long wavelength that sees red regions, gamma (γ)
cell receiving medium wavelength that sees green and yellow
The cone cells only receive regions, and beta (β) cell receiving short wavelength that sees
red, green, and blue blue regions. These cells, rho, gamma, and beta cells are each
lights. The lights spread out in a ration of 40:20:1. Since there is the most rho
that cone cell that sees red colors well, this is the reason why our eyes
cells received recognize the red easily.
go through chemical
reactions and the signals are Our eyes work similarly with the camera on how they receive
sent to the brain, which the brain and view the objects or pictures. As the lights passing in our
processes different colors to recognize eyes through the pupils refract in lens and shape in the retina,
various colors. camera allows the light coming from diaphragm to refract in
the lens and shape the image in the CCD. Then the CCD
Depending on the types of the cone cells, the wavelengths recognizes the signals being received. CCD means ‘Charged
of colors that they recognize are different like the Coupled Device,’ that when CCD receives light, it transform
chloroplast in the plants for photosynthesis. Looking at into electrical signal. Then, this signal is transformed into digital
the graph, each near 440nm, 545nm, 580nm, the cone information, enabling to create a digital image.
cells show the highest sensitivity and each of these are B
(Blue), G (Green), and R (Red) cone cells. The sensitive CCD is composed of tiny pixels. Each of the pixel recognize
range of these RGB cone cells is about 400~700nm, only one signal that as the number of pixels increase, it can
which is also known as the ranges of visible lights. Then record more information. For example, in the ten million pixeled
how do these cells help us to distinguish the colors? digital camera, there are ten million pixels, so that they can
It works by the degree of excitation of these RGB cells. record ten million information. CCD itself can’t classify the
Depending on the excitation of the cells, the magnitude colors, but can only record the amount of light, so the people
of the electric signals that they send varies and the brain stick color filter on the CCD to measure the amount of light of
synthesizes these signals together to decide the colors. the certain colored filter to distinguish between the colors.


Colour itself is something might be interesting for you guys to think

about. Depending on what you see and where you see it you can give WHITE
optical illusions with colour Because of how they are coloured. Even
Though it’s actually different colours but it looks something is bleeding
through the other depending on how you have it. Even though two colours
Ms Siew
look the same, depending on where you have it next to depending on your
perception. I took a colour class in college and it was the hardest classes
that I had in my third grade. Because when you think about colour you Ms Ochs
think about it in these absolutes but actually colours change depending on BLACK
what you put them next to and some colours stand out more than others.

What is your favorite color? If you can teach anywhere in Korea, not Jeju, where
Purple. would you prefer to teach?
I like white because it’s a colour that you can use for Of course, Seoul because I used to teach in Seoul
anything in design and it can also be a highlight. foreign school.
I would rather be in Jeju because this is where it’s
If you have to express yourself in one colour, what the most relaxing place I guess.
do you think it is, and why?
Red because Siew is passionate about everything, When do you want to go to your homeland the most?
you know, you were a Siew Student! And Siew I have many homelands but generally Christmas-
sometimes has anger issues and people have to be- time, and I do go home then so it’s cool.
ware. Probably the Christmas time to see my family.
So I would have to say kind of muted grey kind of
colours. If you look at it, it looks like a one colour When do you feel most lonely?
but then in another context there’s another colour. I Um, I’m never lonely ‘cause I enjoy being lonely. I
think that kind of the grey is me because depending guess I’m most lonely if there’s no music available.
where I am depends on what colour it looks like. So When I’m alone:)
my personality changes.
What do you think are the one biggest advantage and
What colour do you want to be for your life? one disadvantage that Koreans have?
Yellow because it’s happy This is quite a vague question because a nation com-
Maybe like a turquoise because it looks nice. prises many different people and those differences
are present all over the world.
What do you think is the colour of Jeju and colour of I think it’s kind of like the advantage and disadvan-
Korea? tage is how much your parents care about your edu-
The colour of Jeju is damn green. I’ve never seen so cation. Because in one sense it’s really good to have
much greenery. parents who care but at the same time, sometimes
I know the official colours of Korea are very bright they care too much and then they try to tell you what
primary colours like red, yellow, blue, black and your life should be instead of letting you choosing
white and you know they are very bright? Then yourself, so I don’t know I think you have to still
when I think about Jeju I think it’s a lot more natural make your own life even though your parents care
like much softer blue or dark green. These colours a lot about you wanted it. My mom checked in with
make me think about nature. me but she never tried to do things for me. She did it
to just support me in what I was doing.

No Such Thing as Color
Color, a matter of perception by Jiyoon Kim

Color is not an universal language that can be accepted No Such Thing As Color allowed me to think in the
by everyone ― it’s an “artifact of perception”, mere- perspective of people who are not fully accepted by
ly a concept developed by human beings. No Such the society. Until now, I was self-centered; I thought
Thing As Color, a short nine-minute documentary film that the colourblind simply views object in a toned-
featuring Evans Forde, delineates the challenges the down color or black and white. The consequenc-
colorblind faces each day. Forde has been diagnosed es of being colourblind was more of a issue than I
with a typical red and green colour-blindness (deuter- expected. It breaks the connection between people.
anopia). He cannot, for instance, differentiate purple Color is in some ways like an agreement between
from blue since the cone cells in his eyes are unable to people but it’s hard to agree on for some people
sense the shades of red. Nevertheless, his kindergarten since you simply see a different color. It makes you
teacher thought that he had problems with his mental- feel kind of stupid. Things that seem so obvious to
ity, “miscoloring” the drawings. The colors used in most people can be hard to understand for the others.
his drawings were different from what was expected.
Moreover, I have realised that our society is indeed
Occasionally he would find himself feeling foolish built in favor of the majority. Opinions of the mi-
and isolated since he is incapable of viewing the world norities such as the colorblind often gets neglected.
in the same way as most of the people do. As he com- People should learn to embrace different viewpoints,
pares the keys of the piano to the spectrum of colors, not restricting themselves to one stream of thought.
he mentions that being colorblind is similar to have Those who deviate from the norm also has the right to
missing keys on the keyboard. Therefore, for him, be respected. Understanding the differences between
color is definitely not one of the elements to consider each other and sharing the ways they perceive the
when making connections between objects. Instead, world would help decrease misconceptions on them.
he tend to focus on the shape or the texture. That’s
probably why he chose the path of a musician; music Identifying colors does not really matter to me any-
seems to act as a medium of communication for him. more because colors do not exist in the world, they
exist in the minds of people. Everyone has their
Color-blindness sets limitations in every piece of own way of viewing the world; therefore, the col-
people’s daily lives. Since the colorblinds cannot ors that most of them see should not be standard-
differentiate red, yellow, and green distinctively, ized or used as one of the criterias to judge oth-
they struggle to read traffic lights, which makes it er people. There’s no reason for the colorblind
a huge disadvantage when earning driver’s license. to be treated as if they are lacking intelligence.
Furthermore, most of the companies consider col-
or-blindness as a disability, causing difficulties to
join a career. They don’t have a wide range of choic-
es provided to start from. When creating artworks,
they would occasionally have to get support from
their peers to get on the same page with the audience.

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