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What do Web Application Firewalls do that traditional edge firewalls do not?

Select one or more:
Block protocols.
Block port numbers.
Create a whitelist of applications over time.
Maintain a blacklist of dangerous web applications.
What is an application white list?
Select one:
A list of dangerous web applications.
A list of legitimate web applications.
A list of generic web applications.
A list of all existing web applications.
Why is the signature-based approach of defense obsolete when considering Web
Application Firewalls?
Select one:
Signature-based detection alone can generate many false positives.
Signatures can be forged.
Signatures are sometimes difficult to read.
Signatures are only valid on the day of issue.
How does machine learning help to make modern Web Application Firewalls more
effective? (Choose two.)
Select one or more:
Behaviour analysis can be done at machine speeds.
Search results are returned quicker than using traditional filtering methods.
They can adapt to the ever-changing attributes of the threat.
They can choose the most appropriate web application for a given task.
Which of the following can be integrated with FortiWeb? (Choose two.)
Select one or more:
What does a Web Application Firewall do? Select one:
It prevents applications from accessing the web at certain times of the day.
It allows applications to access online content.
It monitors and blocks HTTP traffic to and from a web application.
What was the precursor to the Web Application Firewall?
Select one:
Antivirus software
Web Firewall
Application Firewall
Internet Filt
It provides a means for businesses to monitor which web applications their users are